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Long drive with helix?
  • NewtohelixNewtohelix
    Posts: 8
    I have a long drive coming up like 5 hours + could I ride with my helix inserted for that long or would that be a problem?
  • Bobby OBobby O
    Posts: 20
    I suppose it would depend upon what kind of response you are getting from the aneros (how intense) and, also, whether sitting on the tab for 5 hours would be irritating. One thing for sure, you wouldn't have to worry about falling asleep ;)
  • NewtohelixNewtohelix
    Posts: 8
    Not getting a lot of intensity with the helix right now.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I've taken mine out in public...well no one else knew, but me. I've even driven short distances. What I've found is that I don't get anything out of doing this...other then my little secret. However pleasure wise you're not able to relax and focus enough to get any enjoyment out of it. However in the off chance you might be to much to handle while driving.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,443

    IMHO, it is NOT a good idea to use your Aneros massager whilst driving. This has been pointed out in a couple of other threads such as this one and this one. I think there is too great a chance for you to be distracted by sudden P-wave surges which can be just enough to put yourself or others in danger for an accident.
    [center]image says :

  • mikejensenmikejensen
    Posts: 35
    I'd recommend being careful too. I drove for about 20 minutes and it took all I had to keep from spasming out a few times. :)