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Testosterone: Necessary?
  • Used the Aneros again last night and I decided to go for a Super T - I got pretty impatient. Felt pretty damn good, but now I've hit a typical problem. All that drive was used up in the orgy and now the testosterone is back down to 0%. Movement of the muscles gives little to no pleasure and I feel almost completely desensitised. Is testosterone - and the build up of it for that matter - important for use of the Aneros and getting pleasure as a whole? I'd debate using it still just for the hell of it because some people remark hitting the Super O when they least expected it.

    (I'd put this in with my other topic but the question sticks out enough that it warrants it's own topic.)

    Thanks all!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    The Testosterone hormone levels in your bloodstream do influence sex drive over the long period. And, effect both the mental and physical aspects of arousal including penile erection.

    The lab that measures mine every few years only draws blood for the test between the time it opens (7 a.m.) and 10 a.m., claiming that our 'T' levels drop during the day and are restored during deep sleep. -- The Effect of Diurnal Variation on Clinical Measurement of Serum Testosterone and Other Sex Hormone Levels in Men --

    My bod seems to follow that pattern and assuming a good night's sleep, I feel my testosterone maximum between three and five in the morning and am usually 'hottest' for a good sexual or Aneros session at that time.

    I think though that what you are feeling is the effect of Oxytocin and Prolactin which are released into the bloodstream during ejaculation. Both tend to attenuate sex drive assuming that you aren't in the company of a partner to keep you 'pumped.' It's this effect that has led many Forum members to recommend not ejaculating for an hour or so after the end of an Aneros session so that your brain can savor the Aneros experience and add it to your sensual memory.
  • Rook
    Thank you for that explanation of a reason not to end an Aneros session with ejaculation. However, I seem to see forums where some men end with ejaculation with a partner, in or out of an oriface, but get the impression it isn't good with traditional masturbation by oneself(?)
  • priapusonepriapusone
    Posts: 257
    partnering is fun, man!
  • rumelrumel
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    DarkEngine, DarkEngine said:Is testosterone - and the build up of it for that matter - important for use of the Aneros and getting pleasure as a whole?IMHO, the answer is a complicated Yes and NO. While the hormone testosterone has powerful effects on the male body, including its effects on the male sex drive (libido), it role as a pleasure inducing compound is indirect at best. It can be said that reduced levels of testosterone lead to lower levels of sexual desire and thus impetus for seeking sexually arousing stimuli. This in turn would make the journey toward high arousal and the Super-O problematic.

    The Wikipedia article Human sexual response cycle gives a rather sterile description of the four phases - Excitement (arousal), Plateau, Orgasmic & Resolution. As has been frequently mentioned in this Forum high arousal levels are greatly beneficial to achieving a Super-O. Avoiding the ejaculatory orgasmic response is essential to getting to the Super-O level of sensation and pleasure. Gradually increasing levels of arousal stimulate production of dopamine, this is what leads to the pleasurable interpretation of sensory stimuli in the brain. It is the increased build-up of dopamine and oxytocin which leads to pleasure and pair bonding in humans and other mammals. Ejaculatory orgasms trigger the release of prolactin which neutralizes the dopamine and oxytocin effects thus leading to the "post orgasmic blues" and loss of arousal both physically and psychologically (see Dopamine and Oxytocin).

    Since arousal is such an important facet of the Aneros journey toward the Super-O, much of this Forum is dedicated to discussions of methods for promoting and sustaining arousal toward that end. Hence the admonition for avoiding penile stimulation as this is, normally, a direct route toward inducing the ejaculatory orgasmic response with the corresponding prolactin release and subsequent arousal crash.

    Couples practicing male chastity games have already learned the value of maintaining high arousal levels whilst minimizing the negative impact of ejaculatory orgasms. The Tease & Denial techniques employed seek to maximize the pleasure level associated with sustained high arousal levels. If you read Control of the Male Orgasm - Phases of the male sexual response cycle you will see how the male response cycle is actually longer than one might infer from the Wikipedia description. Now I am not proposing that Aneros users put themselves into chastity (unless you really want to) but I do encourage you to read up and understand a little better the hormonal mechanisms at work which affect your arousal levels as discussed in the blog post Male Chastity - Pleasure and Devotion, The Science Behind It.

    In Tantric and Taoist practices it is believed that too frequent ejaculations are life debilitating and that voluntary self control of seminal emissions leads to a longer, healthier and happy life. Whether that is scientifically provable is a moot point for Aneros users but there is little doubt that some self restraint in limiting your ejaculatory orgasms will increase your arousal levels and hence your likelihood of obtaining a Super-O.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    Hey guys...I've actually been meaning to post on this exact subject. I've been treated for low T for about a year now, however my numbers weren't going up, in fact they were going down. One year ago my test levels were at 325, my dr had me coming in for test injections every 2-3 weeks. At last check my test was 209...that is incredibly low for a 38 year old that exercises everyday, and eats relatively well. So I stopped the injections and made an appt with a specialists. Unfortunately I had to go without the injections for about 6 weeks. Let me tell you that sucked bad. I noticed I had started to get depressed, having anxiety attacks and my aneros was rendered useless...maybe a chicken or the egg effect...not really sure. Last week I got to see the specialist, and he told me that my previous dr was under dosing me, so I'm doing weekly injections myself now. Haven't had a chance to use my Aneros since my first round, but will this morning once the family is out. So I'll let you know, a well as how it goes over the new few weeks/months.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I haven't had a chance to post since this last one...but I had an amazing session on Tuesday morning. Trying to finish up a few things then going to take her for a spin. Just took my second self injection of testosterone...not sure if it would have an immediate impact...but just sticking to my schedule.
  • Are there any negative side effects of testosterone injections, especially long term use? Will it have to be continued the rest of life? Is it costly? Will insurance pay? I suppose that depends on what insurance.
  • DarkEngineDarkEngine
    Posts: 250
    Something clicked moments ago - do pleasure waves feel like adrenaline?
    Once again my progress happened the most without the Aneros but I noticed that when focusing really hard on erotic stuff, eventually adrenaline begins to build - it'll often fade away. The result of this is often sexual energy and rubbing of the nipples. My dick tenses to the point where it feels like it's ejaculating - and it is, just without any kind of fluids and does so multiple times.

    As mentioned, focusing on erotic stuff leads to this. I never break my focus on it and until now I typically would (such as glancing away for a quick second) because the building sensations would be overbearing for me - but correct me if I'm wrong - I think this is how Super-Os occur and why they're quite literally mind-blowing.

    Still, this might just be a red herring and not a mini-o or dry-o of that sort. I didn't pre-cum asides from a single drop that very gradually came out. Moreover, most of the sensations was placed towards the PC muscles. This was all done minus the Aneros though.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    My test injections are prescribed and managed by a Dr for medical reasons. There are side, just as worth anything else, but taken as prescribed the side effects are minimal. The long term effects of low T by far out weigh the side effects, you're talking heart disease, low bone density and many more. My insurance covers the dr's appt and prescription injections are $15 for 4 (a month supply). Also it is likely that I'll be taking them for the rest of my life..unless they are able to identify a cause, other then age. I'm only on my 2nd consecutive week and I just feel better all around.

    Dark could be right. I get them often just sitting watching tv, or like now kicking back on my patio. I also get the minor trembling in the glans...if I focus on either they become strong and I feel my heart begin to race and shortness of breath. Don't really get erections from them...but as above I have been having some trouble in that arena until now, but haven't tried Aneroless since mt last soot on Friday.