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Some minor issues
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    I've been using my MGX for about 16months and have only had what I think is a super-O once. And that was back on boxing day. I'm beginning to feel disheartened, although I'm still continuing with my regular once a week session. It's still enjoyable but I feel like I'm never going to get back the intense super-O like sensations.

    I've been using the HypnAnerosession for about a 6 weeks which has spiced things up a lot until the phone rings or I get an intense need to pee.

    Any advice etc would be welcome.

    many thanks

  • twlltintwlltin
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    As regards "needing to pee", this might just be a sensation in the prostate and not a signal that your bladder is full. The only way to be sure is to empty your bladder before starting a session.
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    I always have a pee before. It's all part of the "getting ready for a session" ritual. I guess I just have to stay focused and work through the needing a pee feeling.

    My main concern is that my super-O-like thing was just a one off.
  • mikejensenmikejensen
    Posts: 35
    It might be a matter of getting another model. I've only had my Helix for about four months but it's given me fantastic sensations. I haven't had a Super O yet but you might want to consider getting a more aggressive model.
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    Thanks for the tip re:helix. What happens when I have 2 models? Do I abandon my old MGX or is there a way of incorporating more than one aneros into a session?
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    Personally, I alternate between each of my Aneros from session to session, as my desire dictates. Some people swap them out during a session. To each his own.
  • mikejensenmikejensen
    Posts: 35
    Yeah hywel, feel free to use whichever model you want to use. Just because you have one, it doesn't mean you have to get rid of the other. Variety can be an awesome friend :)
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    I am now just over a week away from experiencing the Helix. :) I'm trying not to be full of expectation. I can't imagine technique varying that much when using one aneros model to another. Any tips though?