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  • Hey, been a while since i've posted anything, glad to see the forum is back safe and running. About three weeks ago I have noticed a a change (for the better) in my sessions where in that my body would become more active around the legs and hip region all on their own, coupled with significantly stronger involuntary contractions. The amounts pleasure this produces is fantastic, mostly with my helix but also with the progasm. After a long period of uncertainty I finally decided to cut the tail of the helix entirely and smooth the nub out. Great decision. As I had assumed, I suppose the tail had the tendency to "keep the helix aligned" for others through the force exerted by the butt cheeks...which is entirely irrelevant in my case anyway. I only had one session since I removed the tail but it was extremely good and markedly better. There was no difference in the frequency of the p-tab moving off-center (which unfortunately occurs quite a bit anyway), but I feel the ability for my body to lay flat on the bed was both more comfortable and allowed significantly more contact with the prostate. That session quickly got very intense for over two hours and at one point some prostatic fluid shot out, yet that did nothing to subdue my erection or the fact it just got better. The contractions were incredibly strong causing the helix to shoot out on three occasions and become off-center on multiple, but all-in-all worth the brief distraction of correcting it. I suppose I will have to pay more attention to actively tightening the sphincter muscle to prevent this. Very much looking forward to more time spent during this new period of development. The results of these recent developments is a very quick ascension to please as opposed to the slow rise that took place after much silence and relaxation, in addition to a desire for much longer sessions (about 45-60 mins above the usual average of 60-75). Also, I think I will cut the tail off the maximus which I never use as well, perhaps a change like that is needed for it to work better for me.
  • stumpystumpy
    Posts: 140
    I cut the tail off of my MGX (best thing I ever did with a Dremel). Before I could never keep the PTab in place, it would always slipt to one side or the other, after I took the pig tail off it seemed to sink in further and stay still. This has done wonders for me, cause I can where the MGX around in the morning...and after a few hours put my Vice in and have a nice session.And this might sound a little childish...but I think "Level Up" is a great description. Sort of like when you're a kid and playing video games and leveling up, or a mid/late 20's EQ Nerd and always trying to "DING", which is level up.
  • Update on the tailless Maximus - it provides more prostate contact like the modification to the helix did, but the same issue of the p-tab being way too hard for comfort remains. My helix tab lightly touches and pressures my perineum, the progasm comfortably spreads out the pressure due to the spherical end, but the maximus is just wayyy to "pointy" and becomes uncomfortable fast.
  • I use a folded tissue with my MGX to lighten the pressure of the P-tab.