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  • WalnutWalnut
    Posts: 19
    First of all, I'd just like to say hello to everyone. I've been reading the forum for the last few weeks. I receive my MGX a couple of weeks ago when the forums were disrupted so it felt like I had nobody to share the initial moment with, but it's saved you having to read a couple of overly eager posts.

    How am I getting along with my new toy I hear you ask. Pleasant enough feelings. At first it was difficult to remain calm when new sensations occurred but now I can focus more easily and I know what to expect - at least that's how it seems until another new sensation occurs and then it's still a surprise and I have to actively try to relax down there.

    Yesterday I had my first encounter with a sensation that I would call 'exciting'. My position was slightly different, the usual feelings of the aneros making a kind of swirling movement were occuring, which always leads shortly after to a more direct feeling. It feels like a part of the aneros touches somewhere for the first time and it's an almost sharper feeling. Not that the toy is sharp, but the sensation itself is more sudden. It's neither pleasant nor unpleasant. I continued to breath and wait, and a bit later another such sudden new sensation occurred. This lead to me becoming erect and feeling a pulsing feeling which was nice. There was some more swirling sensations which occasionally lead to a deeper, slightly warming feeling and affected my breathing, just for a second. It made me tense my stomach slightly. It was this single sensation that made me think there is more to be enjoyed. It gave me a little hint that this is the direction I am hoping to travel and this feeling could be built upon.

    I'd also like to thank B Mayfied for moving my forum account along at last and giving me the ability to post.

  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 71
    A very warm welcome to you, walnut! It sounds as though your mgx has already started to settle in --- good choice. After 3 years, my mgx STILL delivers some wonderfully intense sessions. As I'm sure you've read already, take your time --- your journey has just begun. When I started mine, I didn't expect anything and rejoiced at everything. At 62, I am still learning what an amazing I've been blessed with --- fearful and awesome in every way. I wish you the VERY best, walnut --- I'll stay tuned to your postings of progress!
  • WalnutWalnut
    Posts: 19
    Thank you for the welcome. From what I read, the MGX seems to be quite the all rounder and can cut it with the big boys so I'm excited to see what's in store. Whilst I can't say that I don't expect anything, I obviously bought it having read what it's capable of and inherently want to feel fabulous feelings in my own way, I'm not at the moment gauging it against anyone or their experiences. I am in a way because I'd say I'm only at the beginning of my journey, but I'm not actively chasing those big sensations that people talk of, if that makes sense. Like yourself, I'm seeing what happens at the time, and whilst some sessions yield nothing new in the way of sensations, when they do, that's still a small success in my mind.

    I had a session after I wrote my introduction. Not quite on a par as yesterday's peak. For some reason I wasn't able to relax down there quite as much and had difficulty at times realising that fact so couldn't adapt properly. I'm not sure but I think I'll avoid consecutive days of use.
  • Hello Walnut. Like you, I'm new to this myself. I introduced myself here about four weeks ago, but my initial posts got lost in the flood. Anyway, a lot of lube under the bridge and I've learned an awful lot.One thing I just learned and it might be significant, having to do with the prelube. B's keys suggests about a teaspoon, or 4-5 ml, inserted by injection. The Aneros website suggests twice that much. I've been putting a little puddle into my hand, no more than 1-1.5 ml into my hand and pushing it into my rectum, much getting lost in the process. My sense now is that Lucille (my MGX) and Stella (the Helix) have been having mobility issues.I started with the MGX and for the first few sessions felt nothing. Nothing pleasant, nothing unpleasant, nothing, nada, zilch. Except the strong desire to do it again within half an hour of removing Lucille. So, thinking Lucille might be a bit small, I ordered Stella. I found her uncomfortable and went back to Lucille and during week two felt significant progress, checking off item after item on the milestone checklist. By the middle of week two, I was experiencing what I can only imagine are P-waves and quite a bit of leaking.The second weekend I enjoyed the company of a female friend and she suggested that she take me from the front, while Lucille took me from behind. She went at me hand and mouth for the next 45 minutes. Within the first five, I turned into one giant nerve ending and remained at a peak of arousal, on the edge of ejaculation for half an hour, before I stopped her so I could catch my breath. Having caught my breath, she went at me for another 15 minutes or so before I finally experienced the most intense traditional orgasm I've ever experienced in my 63 years on this planet. After the convulsions ceased, I lay my head down and relaxed, still gasping for breath and let my heartbeat return to normal. This event has repeated a couple of times since with quite similar results. Now I've a question for the veterans. Since using Lucille as a toy to be used in a traditional boy-girl setting, I've been unable to replicate the P-waves that I experienced some weeks back. A little bit early today, but nothing like before. Am I thwarting the re-wiring process by using Lucille in this manner? Could I, having experienced some success on the pathway, be trying too hard to replicate something that I should just let happen by itself?And another thing. Last night I tried sleeping with Lucille, the so-called "do nothing" approach. I fell asleep with Lucille in place and woke several hours later, having felt nothing. Lucille was dry at the sphincter and required a little work to remove. I re-lubed her and put her back in, went to sleep, and awoke several hours later, again having felt nothing. All for now. I'll be interested to follow your progress, Walnut, and to share, as appropriate, what I learn along the way myself.
  • Hello, Walnut, and welcome from another Aneros fan. You will find in the various forums that most recommend not having a session everyday, but rather at least a day in-between. Some even say that even a longer abstinance tends to make for a stronger session. What is also rightly said frequently is that each of us is different and will find our own way, without comparison to others. I think there is much agreement that relaxation and breathing are always important, as well as sufficient lubrication. There are forums with differing ideas on how much lube and what kind. I find the forums are a wealth of info. I will have to look up a reference to a blog of one user that has much info, one of the latest regarding having a partner give a massage.Paul
  • LennyThis is the reference to a blog I mentioned to Walnut about, but it is really more directed to you re: your live lady friend. I can't give advice on when to use the Aneros in the back and a live oriface or hand (other than my own) in the front since I am somewhat celibate, but there are many references in that regard in many forums.
  • WalnutWalnut
    Posts: 19
    I had another session today. Very interesting :)

    All prepped and packing, I hopped onto the bed and adopted the position - for me, it's on my right, legs with knees bent at around 45 degrees. A minute or so later, I started to feel the swirling sensation as the Aneros moves around inside me. On this occasion though, I did happen to note though, that whilst it wasn't constant, it was occuring much more than previously. I didn't think too much more of it, but I did think that it was a nice bonus. This happened for maybe fifteen minutes or so, I happened to have my eyes closed at the time and I think my mind had wandered a bit because I can't recall what I was thinking about when suddenly I felt this bizarre rushing sensation flood from down there, through my body, into my head and even felt a tingly feeling on my scalp. My eyes popped open and I remember think, "Woah, what the fuck!?". It came on within 2 seconds, lasted about 3 and went away after I instinctively contracted. Fascinating feeling, like a very high frequency buzz. Pleasure wave by any chance?

    About 10 seconds after the first, another one came, I did pretty much the same including the contraction and it faded away. Another one came another 10 seconds or so afterward that, same drill. After 45 minutes of desperately trying to relax and over-thinking everything that I had been doing prior to it, I knew it was time to call it a day.

    Such a brief, brief glimmer, ruined by the initial shock of the sensation. It was so intense for a feeling that came on so quickly, it was startling. Ruined isn't the right word, but the surprise of such a strong and new sensation ultimately dominated the situation. I will however, be able to recognise it in the future, although I imagine it will still be some time before I am able to relax through it.

    Hugely encouraging stuff indeed. Noticing the small changes in sensations is one thing, but this came on a bit quick! :)
  • WalnutWalnut
    Posts: 19
    I couldn't help mysef, I thought I'd have another go after the progress of yesterday.

    The tickly, swirling feelings were nowhere near as common, fairly rare in fact but after about 30 minutes I was able to identify the trigger sensation just before the onset of the buzzing I experienced. I never felt the buzzing itself because I ended up contracting each time. One of those times I caught myself mid-contraction and tried to relax. I'm not entirely sure how successful I was thought because even though I felt as though I was actively relaxing the muscle, some slight tension was still there, like it had become involuntarily locked at that point.

    I tried to chase the sensation by pivoting my hips like I was using the world's smallest Hula Hoop and was surprised by the result. I'm guessing that was what more direct stimulation of the prostate feels like. Each movement seemed to cause an even stronger erection and a pleasurable feeling (although the memory of it seems to have faded fast) from the prostate area. It also felt things were tensing up down there and I was very much more aware of the feeling of the Aneros in place. I didn't get much further than that for a few minutes and I decided to call the session to a close. Ending on a semi-high as it were.

    I'm not sure if assisting the Aneros by moving the way I did is counter productive. I'm tempted to think possibly it is, so in a few days I'll go back to just laying there and see if I encounter the buzzing. By the way, is this buzzing what you call a P-Wave or just a general sensation that can happen?
  • WalnutWalnut
    Posts: 19
    Hello. This next session was the best yet. With considerable face pulling and much making of 'oooh' and 'ahh' mouthings, this is probably the first time I have terminated a session myself instead of feeling it being dictated to me. I was still feeling good after about 90 minutes and this was the first time that contracting moderately to hard actually felt good. Not ok, not a bit unsure and can't decide, I know for certain that this session provided me some pleasure.

    I was at first under the impression that because it was helpful, and fun, for me to read someone's progress on here, that other people may also find it the same. But there are already such posts. That said, I have decided to stop this flow of (annoying?) updates because I realise this isn't a personal blog.
  • [QUOTE=Walnut;47199]I was at first under the impression that because it was helpful, and fun, for me to read someone's progress on here, that other people may also find it the same. But there are already such posts. That said, I have decided to stop this flow of (annoying?) updates because I realise this isn't a personal blog.
    A. Actually, it can be helpful.
    B. Nobody is forcing anyone to read your posts.

    I've found this group of people to be remarkably helpful. I can't imagine that there is anyone annoyed at your posting.
  • WalnutWalnut
    Posts: 19
    Thank you. I appreciate that. Anyone not interested can avoid the thread, but it may help other newcomers to the Aneros.

    Hopefully it will chronical the successful adventures of a newbie Anerosist :)
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    When the Blogs on this site are working again, you might like to use that for your chronicle.