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Can we discuss Anerosless feelings?
  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    I dont seem to see much discussion about these feelings on the forum, so i thought maybe the more experienced users could enlighten us all. What are they, can you control them to an orgasm? I have been having them for a couple of months now. they seem to be best in a sitting position, if i concentrate on the feelings they do seem to intensify, build up, then fall back down and really never seem get close to an orgasm. They mostly feel like waves of pleasure almost like very light stroking of the prostate area and then they expand out from there. Sometimes it feels as my prostate is swelling/breathing, expanding and contracting. Sometimes it feels as though its spasming. The thing that is the most weird is that it almost feels as if there is something in there massaging my prostate although there really isnt :-P. I do know that after about an hour of concentrating on these feelings i have quite the mess in my shorts lol, so something is going on the with prostate for sure. I also know that these feelings can show up at the most unopportune time, and i find the best way to make those feelings go away is by just concentrating on something else or just get really busy. So if anyone else has any thoughts, please share. Thanks.
  • Ineverknew
    I'm glad you gave me the opportunity to say something I have been thinking time-to-time. Without aneros in I have become very sensitive to the touch anywhere in my genital and rear area, even my nipples and armpits. Touching my body during a shower can become almost painfully pleasureable, like the ambiquity of "stop, it is too much, but please don't stop. The other thing is that sometimes when I wake up and lie in bed, especially when my upper body is raised, and knees are raised (I have a hospital bed I got when I had cerical spine surgery a couple years ago) I get a lot of the same feelings, especially when simply stretching, as I do in aneros sessions. Soon after I finally get up I might have a BM. I think a turd (or is it terd?) rubbing against the prostrate area can act like aneros. Sorry to use such blunt language if it offends anyone.
  • XilehXileh
    Posts: 390
    I was going to post a similar thread as well. I kind of hit a dry spell so decided to take some time off to let things regenerate. I tend to be reminded all day long by a pretty strong electric like, buzzing in my prostate area. Often, it will extend to my legs and encompass everything below my waist. It makes it difficult to concentrate at work in meetings.

    Yesterday morning, lying in bed, it really took off. I went through some mild tremors, then for the first time ever, I started having sensations above my waist. It was like the path to my nipples reversed and my prostate was causing them to tingle. I went through a couple of dry o's, then everything stopped. Very quiet. Then this full-body calmness took over. My mucles were semi-ridged, but I was very calm. Almost empty like. I was able to recreate the same thing this morning.

    To date, six months into the journey, I have not had a super o, I think. Almost everything else including; squirting, milking, pre-cum, dry o's, violent shakes, mild tremors, pulsing, involuntaries, and full body muscle contractions to the point of not being able to breath. This has been fun. The anerosless thing is new and interesting. Developed, it should save a fortune on lube!

  • ineverknewineverknew
    Posts: 1,209
    you know its funny you mention nipples. I have noticed how extremely sensitive my nipples have become since using the progasm. I have played around with nipple stimulation from time to time, it does seem to affect my prostate, but never really gets me anywhere as of yet. Once in a while i will notice out of the blue my nipples get kinda a stimulated feeling. Weird, i guess, lol. But i think its important to discuss these things. Thanks for the replies :-)
  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 71
    ineverknew --- you do well describing what I've come to know as "chairgasms" and in an expanded form "anerosless" sessions. Mine started a month or two into my journey nearly three years ago. I first noticed them riding to work; and, then they would accompany my daily breakfasts sitting on our couch. They are never far away; and, provide ongoing enjoyment most days when I need to spend time in my office sitting. Usually, I follow an every other day routine with an aneros session one morning and an anerosless session the next morning. I'll often start a "less" session lying in bed, first lightly massaging my nips, then I'll move down to the area just over my bush and use a couple of fingers to move slowly back and forth. As the fullness and tingles start to radiate up through my scrotum and cock, I'll move to the area along my perineum and apply gentle pressure to the spot at the base of my scrotum. Then I'll move my fingers back to my sweet spot AND finish up with some fingering. By that time, my "less" session is in full gear and can go on for a considerable length of time. During such sessions, precum will usually flow just as it does during a regular aneros session and the waves will reach full body orgasmic heights. Throughout my chairgasm and less sessions, I have the distinct feeling of pulsating or the massaging of my prostate like you describe. It is also an amazing experience to have mutual coaching with a fellow aneros user as a "less" session unfolds. The "less" sessions can compare to regular aneros sessions as time goes on AND they are much easier to experience where ever you may be! Enjoy them and count them as a blessing my friend!!! The residue of precum left as evidence of each "less" session reminds me of the awesome and fearful way in which us guys have been created. For an aging man like myself, it reminds me the golden years might still have some satisfaction in store afterall!
  • varmintvarmint
    Posts: 94
    Great thread!! I'd had some nice "less" feelings, but not much until one time while going down path of traditional O my ass awoke and I let it ride. Didn't quite make it to orgasm, dry or otherwise. Got my attention and I've been working on it ever since. As I get aroused I can feel the deep sensation welling inside. I seize on this and like during normal session do ass contractions while relaxing and letting it build. Sometimes it'll get so intense, if I didn't know better I'd swear my Helix is in my ass!! So far only some mini-Os, but I can definitely see the big super-O "less" light at the end of the tunnel!!
  • Talk about "less," you should try riding a bike. Hoo-boy.