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Question- Need advice!
  • rjns187rjns187
    Posts: 3
    I have a question or am looking for some advice/insight... Anyways, a few months ago, after nearly a year long break from using my MGX, I experienced my first and only super-O. When I had that Super-O, I would describe my mental state as distracted, not thinking about the Aneros at all. I was using the "do nothing method" and my thoughts were wandering when it suddenly hit me and it was a wild ride from there.

    Since that time, I have been more interested and increased my use and experimentation with my MGX. I have had some interesting experiences that have been very pleasurable---but not super-O good. Within the past week, I found that all of a sudden my legs started spasming. Now, I have experienced trembling before, but this was like a full out spasm. The spasm spread from my legs to my arms to my torso and I basically broke down into a full body spasm that included my torso thrusting and my limbs flailing. I was concentrating on relaxing and was trying to detach my mind from my body when this was happening. I would describe it as focusing on getting my mind out of my body's way and letting it run its course. These full and partial body spasms have repeated themselves for up to two hours, to the point where I was physically exhausted.

    Now, here is the weird part. For the most part, when I am having these crazy full body spasms, I don't feel anything. Its like my body is freaking out having an orgasm, but I don't feel like anything. I have tried to calm down and focus on my prostate and have had some success. A few times I felt some amazing sensations, but it seems like once I get to a certain point of relaxation -boom!- my body takes over and starts going nuts and I lose the sensations that were building.

    Does anyone have any advice? Should I try to control the spasms, or should I just continue riding them out and see if at some point the sensations come back or take over? It is frustrating because there is obviously something going on that is causing my body to frantically spasm, but I am not getting anything close to the super-O I experienced before. I would appreciate any advise or pointers!!!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    I try not to give in to trembling or spasm like movements but relax more and see what will facilitate involuntary movements of the massager inside as these are the movements that more consistently bring about orgasm. Also don't sweat over whether O's seem close or not. They'll sweep over you when they're ready.
  • newguy8762newguy8762
    Posts: 198
    I agree with SlimJim...relax into it. I've had these very unusual, quivering shakes in my legs from time to time. I enjoy them, note them and move on by breathing and relaxing. You might try nipple stimulation at the point the spasms come on, using a oil-based lube on your nipples to prevent chaffing. The nipple stim seems to activate nerves directly connected to the prostate. You might also vary your body position at the point the spasms start coming on. I wouldn't be too freaked out about it. It seems like a pretty common reaction. The Aneros seems to short-circuit the body's natural stimulation-cum cycle, allowing you to extend what normally is a stroke/orgasm/squirt process into a long string of orgasms without the squirting and ultimate letdown at the end.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    Well stated, newguy8762. The real brief "squirt-squirt-ahhh" experience of traditional orgasm is replaced by a very long-lasting series of orgasms uncoupled from the ejaculatory process and resultant "let-down" that follows when you use an Aneros to replace traditional penile stimulation with direct stimulation of the nerves lying over the back of the prostate that go to the penis.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 862
    Shaking with no pleasure is part of the re-wiring process.
    Shaking with pleasure should come soon.
  • rjns187rjns187
    Posts: 3
    Thanks for all responses. I will try some trial and error using your suggestions to just relax more and work through the shaking. I did notice that there is a ton of pre-cum during sessions that the shaking is more intense.

    As a side note, I got a helix and during the only session I have had with it, which was all too short due to time constraints, I noticed that the same muscle groups were contracting, but not as intensely or as violently. I am not sure if it is the different model that made the difference, re-wiring, or me concentrating on relaxing more. Anyways, thanks for the responses and I will try to update to let you guys know what worked for me when I finally get there.