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Bit of a breakthrough
  • Hey guys,

    I'm posting this as much to share as to imbed this concept into my own head.

    I've used the aneros for going on about a year now. My first was the Progasm, then the helix, and finally
    the eupho. They're all really great in their own ways. It just happened I was using the helix (I detailed it
    about a month ago... it's a good mod). Lately I've been experimenting with contractions and there's
    a few things that I've come across that have gotten me to a new level tonight.

    1. When I get an involuntary, I hadn't noticed until now but I would tend to try to "grasp" it and
    keep it going. I think it's far better to let it return to the level you were at before it happened or
    even a little bit softer of a squeeze.

    2. More importantly, I realized that (at least for me) I would tend to contract until I felt the end of the aneros press
    up again the rectal wall. For me (i've just discovered) that is TOO MUCH. I was equating that pressure to doing a "decent"
    contraction and, although I've had spotty success, I've not reached the level I did doing contractions that feel almost
    as if they do not move the aneros at all. Also as an added note i found that my thighs and stomach tend to tense up
    and I've tried releasing this tension to good effect.
  • BartmanBartman
    Posts: 1
    Thanks for that, doctormabuse. I've only been riding for three weeks so far and I find myself doing the exact same things.
    I'm going to try your ideas out during my next session.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 850
    I think what you are discovering is the "Do nothing" method works best for you.