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aneros vs other brands?
  • tokentoken
    Posts: 11
    i have just placed the order for my first aneros (progasm ice) having used other brands of massagers for about 2/3 years with great results. i was just wondering if any other members had tried toys from other brands and how they feel they compare to aneros and also if anyone has used the ice vs regular progasm how much of a difference the finish made? as this was the main reason for me plumping for the ice and if its as good as i expect it to be i will probably have a helix, maximus and eupho by this time next week hehe...
  • I've used a couple other dildos, but nothing ever came close to what Aneros does with it's self-moving action. I would probably never use the others again.
  • waveriderwaverider
    Posts: 51
    I've used quite a few other brands, and I've basically found that those who clearly put some thought into the device and are careful with their design create toys that will reward you with great orgasms. Cheap, poorly made and ill conceived toys are a waste of money. Glass dildos and plugs are great, as are metal ones. Aneros massagers are made from Acetal, which is pretty unique in the sex toy business, and I think the material is a good one.
  • I started with Aneros devices and now have three - Helix, Progasm Ice, and MGX. I find the finish on the Progasm Ice to be as effective as the others, but do not need to modify them - thee size and shape is more important as a difference and each has a unique pleasure profile.

    I'd like one that can be used while sitting, and have tried some off-brand plugs. None have yet hit the mark for me. The off-brand prostate massagers appear either too aggressive (rude boy, for instance), and others just look like an Aneros knock-off or copy.

    I'm saving my pennies for the Vice next.
  • The_BishopThe_Bishop
    Posts: 853
    When you have the best, there is no reason for the rest IMHO! :)
  • [QUOTE=The_Bishop;103794]When you have the best, there is no reason for the rest IMHO! :)

    And that is exactly what I thought
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Well said Rigel_O and The Bishop,

    Sorry for the length but I think the question begs the most complete answer I can provide. Perhaps guys can glean some information from these observations to help them select and perhaps repair their anal toys.

    I do have some anal toys from other manufacturers that are quite good however my faves are usually by Aneros and are made here in the United States.

    In any toy, I look at the materials, product design, pattern making, molding design, molding precision and detail finish. It's difficult or impossible for a customer to judge Quality Control but I think it must be a major line item in HIH's production budget. I think this is particularly true for 'advanced' toys like Eupho which have some very small features.

    The above qualities tend to be visual; however, other subtle qualities like weight, drag and mass balance come into play during a session and those require detail testing and far more knowledge and anal experience than I possess.

    A couple of times a year I've bought an unbranded anal/prostate toy just to give it a try. Most of these came from our local leather shop where I can look the toy over. So, I've avoided most potential failures. While the dollar investment has been rather small, the value received has been close to zero as most have never seen use in more than one or two sessions. Four or five of these hang around in the toy box as candidates for modification into something that might be "interesting." (perhaps as a probe for e-stim.) Others have been trashed after the first trial.

    One rather poor Aneros imitation was so poorly designed that it mattered not whether it was inserted facing forward or backward. Same discomfort either way and no change in pleasure.

    One Aneros counterfeit, after a trip through the dishwasher, exuded fumes that I didn't want inside my body. Suitable for use only with a condom.

    Most of these non-Aneros, non-HIH toys have needed over an hour of work to sand down and polish molding marks (painful to my sensitive ass). Some toys had surface blemishes. Those looked like the result of foreign material or molding scrap having been either in the mold or in the release agent. Others have had bubbles hidden below the surface and attempts to repair those were difficult.

    In some cases sharp edges on the perineum contact (like a p-tab) or abutment arm showed little appreciation for how the toy would feel during an extended session. (rounded edges are good. squared edges aren't) One 're-engineering' job went beyond simple sanding and polishing and I had to break out my Dremel.

    I'm very fussy about anal and sphincter canal comfort during a session. I've found that Aneros' toys, out of the package, are not 100% perfect; however, the few surface imperfections I've encountered were quick to repair and the end product was a pleasure to use. The patterns used to produce Aneros toys are well designed and carefully produced.

    Finally, of the eight models of Aneros toys I own, each has a unique personality. It's been clear that there was a unique design objective behind each Aneros. With some toys it wasn't instantly apparent what the designer was attempting to do. But with time, I figured each out. Seven of the eight models I own serve a definite role in my anal play and are a pleasure to use.

    A battering average of 0.875 isn't too shoddy !
  • tokentoken
    Posts: 11
    thanks for all the replies guys i have had my progasm just over a week now and WOW what a week i havnt got time to go into details here so i will try and explain better later in the week but i knew as soon as i opened the box and compared it to my other toys just how much better it was going to be for starters it is much bigger than even the largest of my other massagers which kinda surprised me because having checked/compared girth, insertable length etc i expected them to be a similar size now all of my other toys are hands free devices but they are a lot more hands on if you get what i mean where as the aneros is just effortless pop it in lie back and within minutes i was enjoying my first ever aneros educed dry-o god knows how many orgasms i had in that next 4 1/2 to 5 hours (yes i know im a very greedy boy lol) but i am 100% converted and will most probably be working my way through the entire range over the next month or two i have had four sessions with it now and it just gets better everytime the only comparison i can think of is mac/ios devices to just about everything else on the market as steve jobs would of said "it just works"