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Ever lose it in the toilet?
  • 53lowt53lowt
    Posts: 3
    Middle of my second ride I had to urinate. Sat instead of standing as I wanted to continue thing I know I had to fish it out. Any one else or am I just so inexperienced I had to fish and sterilize alone?
  • Interesting you should say this. My very last session 2 days ago, and a great session it was, first with smallest Peridise, and the Helix, as I sat on toilet, as I always do to remove, the Helix shot out with some poop. That was a first, and I had to put on a rubber glove to remove it. Be sure I sterilized it really good. Awful experience. I hope I don't have it again.
  • 53lowt53lowt
    Posts: 3
    Definitely a downer to a very good session prior. Thanks for posting. I couldn't find any prior threads and as a newb I needed some reassurance.
  • All the sharing that goes on in this website can certainly help us feel normal. The pleasure I have experienced with Aneros surpasses anything I had exerienced before. It is well worth any accidents. It seems like we are a sort of club, and can talk about our experiences here that we probably couldn't talk about with many or any others. It seems to me like being on an adventurous journey. It is my experience that it just keeps getting better and better. I feel bad when fellas give up on it too soon. I could have mentioned in my last reply that I almost always urinate standing with the Aneros in, so I put a hand back to hold it is so it doesn't pop out. I'm sure glad I was sitting when it popped out that last time. It certainly saved me from a nasty cleaning job on the floor.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 777
    I've not had poop follow, but a great amount of gas, twice expelling both my Progasm and Tempo before I could get my hand on them. I was kind of scary hearing that stainless smack into the porcelain bowl, but fortunately, no damage done (whew!!).
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    A "Chamber Pot" (-- Chamber pot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia --) at bedside can be your friend. Consider also a jug of Clorox and a small cut-off mop/swab in your shower or bathtub. There's really no point in carrying a handful of toys while you are contracting to hang onto a tool in your butt. Try to think of fecal cleanup as just a normal order of doing things rather than allowing it to become a National Emergency.

    Our "chamber pot" is just a small plastic bucket containing a couple of inches to water and liquid detergent. When my session is done I carry the bucket, containing the lube shooter, all of our used toys and any other accessories into the shower and leave it there until it's clean-up time. I'm the 'Czar of Cleanup and have been so appointed by my wife, who is our "Supervisor of General Sanitation." Holding a degree in Public Health she takes this job, "quite seriously."

    As far as gloving is concerned -- once you get your Fatherhood ticket punched you'll not sweat poop. Assuming you have no major skin breaks or abrasions, a good scrub with soap and a soft fingernail brush is all that's really needed. A houseful of kids can deposit all matter of items in the toilet and many times elbow length gloves aren't up to the task. As the bumper sticker says, "shit happens."