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Paradise ... lost?
  • After four years, I can count on one hand the number of times I've reached the Super O. And while I'm happy to have experienced the Super O at all, I haven't had anything close to one in just about three years.

    I've used the Helix pretty consistently since I started. I know I have the ability to achieve the Super O -- or even something approaching the Super O -- but it just hasn't happened in this three-year deep freeze. Maybe I sound dramatic putting it that way, but I have to admit I can't help be a little envious when I read other guys' posts about their amazing experiences. Don't get me wrong -- I'm completely cheering you all on and happy for you when I read your posts -- but sometimes I wonder if anything close to the Super O will ever happen to me again.

    I feel like I've tried everything: different positions, different breathing patterns, watching porn, listening to music. I've tried "not trying," and I've tried the opposite where I tell myself I "know" it will happen. At one point recently, I even removed the handle.

    So, any advice? I feel like it's a mental block. I often get close, but then nothing. I definitely plan to buy a different model, but I wanted to see the responses before I did so. On that note, I've read a lot about them, but I am not sure how to select a model.
  • I'm not sure I know what all the names given to various Aneros experiences mean. I just take what I get without knowing which one it is. I started a year and a half ago with MGX, and had some nice feelings, but with what I've experienced with others later, I would be willing to part with it. I think I got my Progasm next, and I like the smoothness of it and the full feeling. Then I got the Helix, and really like what I get from it. Then I got all 4 Peridise, and all work swell, but I really use the 2 smaller, and again would not mind parting with the beginner's 2 larger ones. In reading what some others thought of the Eupho I got one just last week at a nice reduced price at Amazon. Well, the first time I used it I got thrills that I haven't had with the others, and I got a lot from all of them. I can't imagine anything possibly better than I get from it. This is the first one that I got contractions in the perineum like in a traditional penis masturbation, but about 20 repetitions, and I thought (and wished) I could keep it up forever, but alas I do have other things to do in my life. It seems to fit me just perfectly. The tab hits the sweet spot just right, and the pleasure at the anus are like nothing before. Now I haven't used any other since, and it just may be that it is a continuation of what I have been experiencing--that each session is better than the one before, and any of the others may have been just as good. I'm thinking of using maybe the Helix next, because up to now that has been my favorite,to see if it is more or less like the Eupho experience, although I maybe like Peridise next. If it proves that I don't get from another what I got from Eupho, that will definitely be my favorite.
  • pnomanpnoman
    Posts: 145
    Steve- the Aneros line is not expensive by any means. You've used the helix for years and years. You'll probably use it for decades to come. Figure in the cost of around $70 per model, and why wouldn't you get another one? I've been using Aneros products for about 3 years now and I currently have almost all of them- except the SGX and the Tempo. To tell you the truth, they all feel different.

    My suggestion would be to go with either the Eupho as "paulsp" suggested or the Maximus. They both resemble the Helix in shape and motion. I personally think the Maximus is great- even better than the Progasm IMHO. It will give you a "fuller" feeing and may provide slightly more aggressive contact with your prostate than the Helix. On the other hand, the Eupho is more mobile because it's smaller, which could be beneficial if you've good at controlling the contractions. That being said- more mobility means nothing if you have no control... (I'm not very good at controlling the contractions- most of the time the Eupho will just pop out when I get too excited!)

    At any rate- get another can start building your ARSEnal of toys.
  • Thank you, Paulsp and Pnoman. Points well taken.
  • Something for you taller men out there, I am 6' 2" and was having trouble reaching the level of pleasure I used to.I got the ps-new it seems to reach out and touch an area that I hadn't before with the helix and mgx. I also got the eupho when it was 25% off.I just finished a 90 min session starting with the helix then the eupho both of them were great but when I put the ps-new in it was pure bliss.When it starts vaselating on its own the extra high ridges by the stem are truly sublime.I think it is also called the classic.I also have to credit my Beloved who came and sat next to me so I could caress and suck her beautiful breasts.Another thing I thnk helps is to cut a session to 30 min [this is really hard for me to do] and then start another one 6-8 hours later.If you were feeling really good for that first one you wiil be rarin to go later.Kudos to the designers of these products they are not only fun to use but a boon to our health.I am told I look way younger then my 63 years.Before I started prostate massage I could easy clean up my ejaculate with a kleenex now we use a paper towel.I grind 2 tbl spoons of flax on my oat meal,take a vit. that has zink.Also take 4 grams of arginine at bed time. GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME!!! Later Evergreen