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Unexpected painful symptom in stomach
  • ljunljun
    Posts: 5

    I am an experienced aneros user and have been using Aneros for about 2 years and 6 months.
    But some unexpected symptom was also started to appear from about 1 years ago and I'm worrying about it.
    The symptom is a stinging sharp pain in the right-bottom side of the stomach(similar place where the appendix is) and is appeared irregulary(especially when lying down).

    I don't feel this pain in normal or during working somthing else but can feel it if I concentrate on the right-bottom side of the stomach. When I concentrate on it, the pain suddenly hurt me after few seconds.
    And when I lie on my back stretching two legs, stronger stinging pain is appeared easier, so it makes me can't sleep stretching two legs.
    I have to bend my right knee to sleep avoiding pain(or lie on my side).

    At first I thought that it might be a symptom of appendicitis, but it's not fully same with it because I have this symptom for a long time and the pain also seems to be not as strong as appendicitis
    (I know of that the pain of appendicitis is so strong that it's impossible to suppress it above a week).
    I have been having this symptom for 1 year and 6 month, and it didn't become worse nor better.
    I am wondering what this is and why this symptom lasts till now without recovery.
    I didn't receive medical examination yet, but have received medical counsel(although I said about the symptom only, didn't said about aneros).
    And doctor said(assumed),
    "It is a symptom of connecting piece of the small intestines and large intestines, it is also the similar place where apenndix is.
    Some people complain of the pain in that spot, and this symptom is appeared well to whom is working sitting on a chair for a long time."
    It is right that I also spend much time sitting on a chair(+10 hours per day, computer work) but it is also true that this symptom is started to appear using aneros
    and can be felt easier when using aneros.
    Recently I can hardly use aneros because stinging pain is appeared suddenly and it makes me painful and fearful.

    I think that the method I use aneros isn't wrong.
    My body type is normal or slim, aneros model is SGX and have been using it everyday or every two days.
    I lie on my back bending two knees and then relax as much as possible.
    I even don't use sphincter but just breathe deep and slowly so that slightly moving from stomach can control rectal to rub aneros or vice versa.
    I use aneros for 1~2 hours, and sometimes sleep with it inserted(I already cut the handle of aneros).

    I also searched aneros forum then found the thread that is related to my symptom but there were not enough and exact informations in there.

    So I tried to post here hoping to receive some help.
    If there is anyone who know about this, please give me some help.:)

  • My personal (unprofessional) belief is that it has to do with the way you sit.
    A poor posture can put pressure on you that can over time build to a large irritation such as the one you describe.
    If you are the type of person that keeps your wallet in your back pocket 100% of the time I advise you to leave it elsewhere.
    Even a very small difference in the height of one side of your seat can over time build into large discomfort and pain.
    It is perhaps even possible that some portion of your internal organs have gotten twisted or pinched in a way that is causing this pain.

    I highly doubt it is aneros that is the root cause of this pain you have, tho it could be contributing to making it worse.
    Hopefully someone with more information than I have will come along and have more useful info than I have for you.

    Look long and hard at your seating and posture is my advice, I personally believe that is likely the root cause of your pains.
  • ljunljun
    Posts: 5
    Thanks for the advice.
    Actually there is a little difference pressure between left and right side of the rear when I lie on my back to use aneros.
    Left side always has bigger pressure than right side so I always feel uncomfortable on the left side if I still lie on my back without moving longer than 30minutes and this might be because of not-parallel pelvis by seating for a long time with wrong posture.
    As you said, although it is left side as the pain in stomach is right-bottom, this might be a cause.
    I will try to pay attention to my posture, thanks.

    But I'm still wondering about this symptom. It is not a predictable pain so that I can't ready for it,
    it just stings my stomach suddenly and sometimes the twinge reaches to the right foot. it startles me and I just become nervous. :-(
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    For most individuals, appendicitis is an acutely and rapidly worsening illness that you don't sit around "wondering if you could have it or not". Usually within a few hours it's so bad you will have been at an emergency room already. As to other etiologies for right lower quadrant abdominal pain, there's about nothing else that can occur there of serious nature except for a malignancy of the colon but this is unlikely in younger individuals. For those around 50 or above, your routine screening colonoscopy will rule out that kind of concern.

    You likely have a muscular or body wall cause for the pain and not something internal. But being a real life doc I don't mind if you want to PM me to ask more about it.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Irritable Bowel Syndrome perhaps ?

    I have this condition.
    I thought it was my appendix when it first appeared.

    Go see your Doctor
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    I.B.S. is a possibility with more of the pain component than the other symptoms often related to bowel activity. Certainly it should be evaluated by a physician, especially if accompanied by a change in bowel habits, seeing blood, or if in an older age group.
  • ljunljun
    Posts: 5
    Voyager, slimjm//
    Thanks for the informations.
    It seems hardly that my symptom is malignancy of the colon or I.B.S because
    I'm in my late 20s, and I don't have trouble with diarrhea(I searched Wiki for symptoms of I.B.S).
    (but I think it's possible to say that I have a constipation because I use to take a dump every five days in average although there is no pain to take a dump.. I'm sorry to say unnecessary things.)
    And the symptom is appeared very easily when abdominal is relaxed(like when lying on my back for a long time).
    More abdominal is relaxed, more the symptom is appeared.

    Anyway, I'm receiving good advice and help here aneros forum.
    I'm just considering to try yoga exercise.
  • Sorry to jump in and rehash a bit but I would think your best bet would be to ask your physician and perhaps they can help you by taking a look up there.

    Having a bowel movement every 5 days, although not painful sounds like something isn't right up there. You may just need to cleanse though so don't jump to the worst conclusion.

    Personally, I have bowel movements several times a day so to go several days without one is definitely a symptom of constipation or something alike.

    Good luck!
  • I "hear" Voyager, Slimjim and Imperium's comments and agree that it might be any of those. Years ago a Chiropractor removed my wallet from my hip pocket to treat a pinched nerve in my spine. It had been causing Sciatic pain symptoms; but, those radiated down my leg. Perhaps worth considering.

    I.B.S. comes in three flavors: IBS-C, constipation that is hurtful and causes hard stools moved onward with a lot of mucus. The other types of IBS are "D" for Diarrhea and "A" for Alternating. The later form cycles back and forth between constipation and diarrhea once or twice a week. I was "successful" in triggering a two week IBS-A attack early in my journey when I used large quantities of glycerin lube for a couple of weeks. So a lube change might be worthwhile if you are using something like K-Y, Astroglide or I.D. Glide. Consider an oily or buttery lube -- Shea Butter, Olive Oil or perhaps Walnut Oil. (remember to avoid any specific allergy to Peanuts or Tree nuts). If you want a water-based lube, several guys here like Slippery Stuff (gel) since it has no glycerin content.

    I have a few crossed nerves in my body that cause referred pain. One of those 'wiring errors' causes sharp pain in my lower left abdominal quadrant when I trim one of the toenails on my left foot. I also get sharp pain referred to that spot when I insert an anal toy that has a sharp molding seam. Interestingly, another gent in this forum has the same issue. If your SGX or other toys have nicks or seams that might irritate, polish out the offending area.

    While one bowel movement every five days makes for regular Aneros sessions without the nuisance of cleaning out very often, you might look at speeding things up with more dietary fiber (fruit, etc.), more fluids and increased exercise to break up those 10 hour work sessions. Also consider that you might have some form of IBS-C because your system isn't sweeping out lingering lube as often as might be good.

    all the best in licking this issue... nube
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Being in just your twenties with no other symptoms than infrequent stooling, which you say is not particularly symptomatic for you, would fairly well rule out malignancy or other serious colon problem. As newbie2009 suggests, trying a diet with more fiber might be helpful for you. Everyone's bowel regularity is somewhat different but once each 5 days suggests you may not be getting enough roughage to move things along more normally.

    Still, I don't think that would relate to discomfort on the right side as the stool you'd retain with that infrequent stooling would be more on the left side of your colon. I still tend to think musculo-skeletal or referred pain from your spine could be the case.

    Try the dietary changes and see how you do and let us know.
  • Sigh...
    Along with others, I recommend a visit to a physician.
    The differential diagnosis here, the list of possible problems, is very long. It can be a simple strain in your abdominal muscles, a strain in your psoas muscles, or a problem with any of the organs in between. First and foremost, you need a proper history and physical from someone that knows what they're doing; that will go a long long way in limiting the possibilities for further evaluation. Otherwise, you will end up on endless chases, based on what people say in good faith, or what you read in unreviewed articles, but in ignorance.
    Please, just see a medical professional.
  • ljunljun
    Posts: 5
    Thanks for the reply and help.
    It seems to be clear that there is some problem with my rectal.
    At first, I will try to exercise yoga and change the dietary ,sitting posture, and observe if the symptom goes better or not before I see medical professional.
  • VoyagerVoyager
    Posts: 199
    Procrastination is the thief of time and life.
    Nip it in the bud and see your Doc TODAY!!!!!!!!!