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Aneros and an older male
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    (First Post Sorry if this shows strangely or is too much Information it can be edited or removed from the Forum if not appropriate)
    Background as suggested by the Forum instructions.

    Oldies need to come out of the closet. I am 73 and blessed with an enthusiastic partner (wife) and have never wanted for intimacy. I have used Viagra or Levitra for ten years and have titrated the V dose to 1/6 - 1/4 of a 100gm tab, and the L dose to 1/4 of 20mg tab so cost-wise it works out okay in 'au'(Australia). My GP has prescribed a supplement of Testosterone cream.

    Three years ago I got an unexpected increase in my sex drive which was more than encouraged. I believe it was associated with our joining a gym for regular 50 minute workouts and light Kegels at home. I am able to isolate the BC* muscles from the PC* and feel that the toned up BCs extend back to the Prostrate (pure guess work). In the last six months my orgasms changed and became extremely intense - so much so I felt I needed more information as the physical intensity was a worry. The gym regime probably saved my life - well sort of!

    I was greatly helped by a website (not sure if I am permitted to say which) which brilliantly clarified and isolated in detail the 4 stages of male orgasm and how they shift dramatically in function and duration with age and how sadly many older men (and their partners) think they are 'past it' when actually if they could understand and use the shift in the stages to their advantage they could extend their enjoyment (and dare I say longevity). This certainly matches my experience. Sex can get better with age! I would never have believed this was possible. I guess sometime there will be a ease off point - but for me not yet.

    I began to look for more information on the Prostate. It was not long before Prostate Massage, Massagers and Aneros site crossed my screen. The back passage has not been on our intimacy horizon but the prostate is. I am told I have BHP. Curiosity simply got the better of me - so if there is no front door … I tried to locate this 'large thing' (BHP) but to no avail. Every website placed the P in a different location! In the Aneros site I found my way to the forums which I have followed for the last month or so.

    This recent answer by slimjim (au3/2/12) to What does the Prostate feel like? by DarkEngine was exactly what I was looking for (my brackets):
    ……Okay,(re) trying to feel the gland. Don't try and don't worry about it. If you're trying to find and feel of it with your finger you probably won't be able to, especially if you have a small healthy gland because of the angle involved in getting one's finger positioned over his own gland. If you mean trying to feel of your gland as in sensing when the Aneros is touching it, don't worry at this point if you can't specifically tell that either. (however) Human male anatomy is very consistent in this area …..
    (The continuing information that is being added daily to this post is unbelievably helpful - thank you all so much)

    In west 'au' the shops that sell Aneros products are non existent. I was, however, able to locate an east coast 'au' supplier who stocks HIH and two Aneros products (Vice & P-Ice). I was looking at some means to massage the prostate and improve, with the Kegels', the general health in prostate and pelvic floor area. I was able to purchase a PS-X (aka Helix) and also purchased a MGX from US. I used the MGX daily for two weeks to get used to the idea and the feel. For the next two week I used the Helix each day (it felt snugger). I have just moved back to the MGX as it provides a more direct stimulating internal pressure. This maybe due to my BHP. The P Tab and the narrow MGX stem seem to create a more acute angle between the P and the P-Tab. I keep the Aneros sessions quite separate from our intimacy.

    My experience to date (a novice)
    Once the Aneros is in place, as I relax I feel a swelling or light pressure against the Aneros inside and pressure against the P tab outside. I do not take any 'V or L' so I am not looking for an erection. (Ref Forum: Penis, NOT! - excellent). If I use any local muscles (PC or BC) the swelling sensation changes to pressure then returns when I let go (it is much stronger with the MGX). It a really nice satisfying sensation with 'potential'. I have found there are a number of 'small muscles' associated with the BC muscle complex and for my amusement making various very small adjustments and contractions can create interesting enhancing sensations. Relaxing with deeper breathing is also very, very good. There is a spot at the back of the BC/prostate that seems to have a potential to trigger some sort of pulsing but this has not developed into anything (yet?). I am guessing the prostate is responding. Currently and more so with the MGX, there is a growing awareness (no other way to describe it) that this pressure may release. My current normal 'Os' are fuller and less intense (more heart friendly - thank heavens). Unexpectedly my Aneros experience makes me even more affectionate/caring/protective/appreciative with and of my partner - Partners please note this, this is so important.)

    This was supposed to be a short comment but seems to have grown. I am very grateful for this site, forum and the products. The detail is as suggested but also to encourage any older readers that there is information available that can be very life affirming for the ageing male but I suggest it needs to be a whole person self-care programme as mentioned in other posts on in this forum.

    (*I know most folk refer in generalisation to the PC muscles but discovering the BC muscle complex is quite special for external use (normal) and also for internal (prostate) use.)
  • I hope that I have as much vitality as you at your age! Great post.

    Peace Human
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    It's encouraging to have guys like you openly share the stage of life you're at and how you're keeping your sexual relationship with your wife physically active and vibrant. I do believe that with age we learn more about our sexual responsiveness and function and how to keep it active and "up" and going so thank you for your comments.

    Probably more than any one thing, training yourself to experience prostate orgasms helps keep your sexual function healthy and active and, as you've probably been able to read already, the "re-wiring" process to experience prostate orgasms with an Aneros can take some time. I may not however be catching the distinction you're making with the "BC" muscles as compared to the "PC" muscles. Light contractions of the muscles you'd use to cut off urine flow midstream (and you can practice this sitting on the toilet with a full bladder), not a pulling "in" contraction with your anus, are the ones that usually help sensations get started as you're training yourself during the re-wiring process and I learned that lightly tickling your nipples while relaxing and doing this really helped.

    It's good you're not focusing on your penis or an erection as that's key to getting the feelings going. You may notice changes in erectile state through sessions (some guys experience more than others) but that's not a key component and it's important to not get hung up on it. Though regular Aneros use may not necessarily reduce prostate size in BPH it will reduce symptoms and greatly increase your awareness of prostate health. Glad to see you on the way to experiencing the benefits this provides.
  • TurnrowTurnrow
    Posts: 176
    Thanks Aussie for the report. I am another older guy in my mid sixties and appreciate your posting you journey and what you are doing to stay younger in all the sexual aspects of you life. You are a fighter and I applaud you. So many guys just throw in the towel and let themselves go in their senior years. The gym, as you say, is a life changer for older guys.

    I would like to know the website you make reference to on four stages of male orgasm in older males. Just yesterday in a moment of frustration, I had to admit that the aging male body is not for the feint of heart in sexual matters---------especially knowing how our bodies and units reacted during our teen years and early adullthood.

    Keep us posted on your journey, your findings, and you are correct: Slimjm is a great help to many on these boards.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    Hello Isvara and welcome to the Forum,

    Slimjim did a nice job conveying most of what I would say. I'm about 5 years further along the path of enjoying the 'golden' years.

    I'm also a member in good standing with the BPH gang (my last check up estimated it's size at about 45-50 grams). Now, just over 3 years into my Aneros journey, the growth rate is throttled back to almost nil and the total size isn't much larger than it was three years ago. PSA is very stable as well. Further good news is that my Uro has been able to cut my alfa-blocker dose in half from where it was when I first started with the Aneros tools. The 'bad news' is that the smaller dose costs a bit more :) .

    I use the entire range of Aneros toys including Vice and Progasm however stick to the smaller toys like SGX and Peridise during foreplay.

    Although the time zone may offer some challenges please join us in Chat.

    blessings to you guy ... rook
  • [QUOTE=Human Being;103614]I hope that I have as much vitality as you at your age! Great post.

    Peace Humanimage

    That's for damn sure. It's really quite inspiring... many people's lives become flat and stagnant when their older, and that obviously isn't the case with you. :)
  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    Hi Turnrow

    In reply to your "I would like to know the website you make reference to on four stages of male orgasm in older males." Please find the web page reference below.
    Aging male sex

    I am not sure why the link is duplicated, perhaps it will be okay when posted. You may have to copy and paste it.

    Sexually Impaired at 50
    ……… (text)……..

    (I have broken up the critical paragraph as follows

    For sake of discussion, the four phases of the sexual response cycle:
    1. excitement,
    2. plateau,
    3. orgasm, and
    4. resolution will be employed to establish a descriptive framework.

    Also for descriptive purposes, the term older man will be used in reference to the male population from 50 to 70 years of age and the term younger man used to describe the 20 to 40 year age group.

    It is a massive site. I have referenced the section
    Some of the information is very good It is I think translated from an Asian culture and maybe language. So allowance needs to be made.

  • isvaraisvara
    Posts: 1,035
    The journey continues.
    I have found that with the MGX in place and very relaxed contracting the internal and external 'sphincter' muscles and sort of rolling to contracting the BC (bulbocavernosus) muscle (as per Quick and Dirty Path to the Super-O) I can reach the nearly same orgasmic plateau (Stage 2) feeling without an erection. Sounds a contradiction in terms. I almost spontaneously increase the contraction - it is just short of my normal Plateau begging for release - but it is NOT frustrating just new, different and satisfying. This plateau stage can last a long time it seems to be natures way of rewarding the aging male and keeping him interested and responsive.
    I wonder if the super 'O' stages will parallel the external orgasm stages. I feel the whole orgasm will happen to me in time and that will be amazing. The journey is fantastic. Contracting the BC to Plateau may just be something I do as 'an aside' on the way to the whole person experience. I am careful give the rewiring the priority and not to 'push' the rewiring 'my way' as that would negate it.
    I add this to the post because it makes me (the ageing male) less dependent on any of the Viagra type additives required for erection orgasm (to plateau at least).
    For an older person this is so utterly comforting and life affirming - that I can be independent and in a new way generate 'orgasmic energy' when I feel like it - like most younger folk! So many oldies throw in the towel when things don't work the way they expect. All this said the intimacy with my wife is enhanced with now being more 'alert' person. I am very grateful for the guidance and wisdom found all over theis forum.

    (Re BC and PC etc I personally find it easier to identify these muscles with initials in this way. The inner and outer sphincter muscles get complicated sort of part of the PC complex I think.)
  • Hey Isvara:
    Welcome. No need to apologize for posts of any length. All commentary is welcome here as long as it aims to inform and express serious inquiry. Certainly that was a great first post; it explained your context perfectly. This forum is a great group of guys (and some girls) all of whom are on an orgasmic journey. Like you I am one of the silverbacks around here at 61. Like you my sex drive and sex life have been amazing in my 4 sucessful Aneros years.

    Although my sex life has been enhanced, my sensual life has been as well. Like most of us who have learned the skills to have prostate orgasms, sper o's or mmo's (or whatever you want to call them) I have been rewired. Soon you will be too. As a result of rewiring my sexual enhancement has been accompanied by mental changes. I am a more sensual man now. My outlook on life has become more erotic and in touch with my emotions and my appreciation of beauty and sensuality. The way I treat women has been changed, my attitude towards daily life is different. My Aneros experience has literally altered my perspective. You can read more about it on my blog: Linghamans Log on wordpress.

    It has amazed me that at my age I am at my sexual prime. I never would have guessed it. I am impressed that you have learned the muscular control that you have. That will be hugely beneficial. It will also help you advance quickly.

    Keep in touch thru the threads here and never be afraid to ask advice. Also stop in Chat ...there is nothing like immediate one on one respond to your questions.

    Good luck and stay in touch.

    Bigguy / Linghaman