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Chat Room Log
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 6am EST 2/10/12 through 7pm EST 2/10/12

    [11:09:39] twlltin: Morning!
    [11:18:20] macca89: Hey man, just sat down at my computer
    [11:18:24] macca89: hows it going
    [11:18:36] twlltin: Good.
    [11:18:38] twlltin: And you?
    [11:21:24] macca89: not bad thanks, was expecting my aneros to arrive today, but the postie has just been, and no joy
    [11:21:32] twlltin: Aw!
    [11:21:44] twlltin: Where in the world are you?
    [11:22:11] twlltin: I'm guessing UK
    [11:22:34] twlltin: You using the word "postie" and the time of delivery.
    [11:22:50] twlltin: Mine doesn't come until about 2.30-3pm.
    [11:25:51] macca89: haha yeh England
    [11:26:09] twlltin: I'm near Manchester
    [11:26:20] macca89: oh right cool
    [11:26:46] twlltin: Damp with snow that fell last Saturday.
    [11:26:51] macca89: ive just checked the website and it says out of stock now, so i might get a refund and buy it from another site if they...
    [11:26:53] twlltin: Not currently freezing.
    [11:26:56] macca89: arent getting it in stock soon
    [11:27:12] twlltin: Which website did you use?
    [11:27:12] macca89: we just got a dose of snow overnight down south
    [11:27:30] macca89:
    [11:28:00] twlltin: I've used for ordering Aneros stuff.
    [11:28:19] twlltin: Though, since the new year, they've put prices up across the board by about 5%.
    [11:28:32] macca89: yeh i used lovehoney for the lube
    [11:29:29] macca89: love honey is out of stock too, but seems they are getting it back in on the 17th feb
    [11:29:54] twlltin: which model?
    [11:30:14] macca89: the helix
    [11:30:28] twlltin: Right. Interesting.
    [11:30:43] twlltin: It suggests that these places don't carry a huge amount of stock of these things.
    [11:32:25] macca89: or that maybe the demand for them is increasing more than usual :D
    [11:33:01] twlltin: Well, that might be a good thing
    [11:33:08] macca89: all the wives treating their partners for valentines day (wishful thinking)
    [11:34:12] twlltin: Somehow, I have trouble believing that.
    [11:35:23] twlltin: No session for me yesterday. Too much to do.
    [11:35:33] macca89: today hopefully?
    [11:35:50] twlltin: More likely on Saturday.
    [11:36:11] twlltin: I'll probably go visiting some friends this evening.
    [11:37:31] macca89: sounds good
    [11:38:37] macca89: im gonna go chase up about my order, should be on later, take it easy
    [11:38:51] twlltin: Good luck!
    [14:02:05] twlltin: hi silky
    [14:02:48] silkyhoselover: Hi -- sorry it took so long to respond. First time here...
    [14:03:01] twlltin: Welcome.
    [14:03:31] twlltin: This place is usually quiet until the evening in the USA.
    [14:03:48] silkyhoselover: Thanks. New Aneros user. Haven't even tried it yet...
    [14:04:04] twlltin: Oh! Which model have you chosen?
    [14:04:33] silkyhoselover: But looking forward to it. Are you an experienced user. (I bought the MGX...)
    [14:04:58] twlltin: I've been using Aneros for six months now.
    [14:05:08] twlltin: My first one was the Helix.
    [14:05:24] silkyhoselover: I've seen that one recommended for first-timers, too.
    [14:05:27] twlltin: Hi rook!
    [14:05:41] rook: hey twll & silky
    [14:06:05] silkyhoselover: Hello, rook... Are you a 'rookie'?
    [14:06:26] rook: no, chess piece
    [14:06:33] twlltin: silky: I suppose you've read all about Aneros, eg. the wiki.
    [14:06:50] silkyhoselover: Ah -- makes sense. The cerebral type...
    [14:07:01] silkyhoselover: I've read the Wiki and most of the forum stickies.
    [14:07:32] twlltin: So you'll have a reasonable idea of how these things work, then.
    [14:07:35] silkyhoselover: Like to take advantage of others' experiences before jumping in with both feet...
    [14:07:54] silkyhoselover: Yep -- just have to set aside time for my first session.
    [14:07:58] twlltin: It's no substitute for experiencing it for yourself.
    [14:08:03] silkyhoselover: Will be doing it with my wife, I imagine.
    [14:08:36] twlltin: Don't expect fireworks on your first attempt. It's very rare for that to happen.
    [14:08:41] silkyhoselover: Yes, but I wanted to check up on things like rectal cleansing, etc., before trying it out.
    [14:09:02] silkyhoselover: So I've read. But anything worth doing is worth the effort to get it right!
    [14:09:30] silkyhoselover: So I'm prepared to give it a good, long evaluation period.
    [14:09:31] twlltin: I have a rubber bulb douche. I don't do enemas.
    [14:10:03] silkyhoselover: I've not done anything with that, yet. But bought a bag last week. Arrived the same day with the MGX.
    [14:10:19] silkyhoselover: Do you cleanse everytime? Shower beforehand?
    [14:10:25] twlltin: the idea is to clean out anything in the rectum that might interfere.
    [14:11:10] twlltin: I don't tend to shower. And if I've had a good "movement" recently, I might not douche.
    [14:11:15] silkyhoselover: Yep. I've played with inserting things before, and it was sometimes painful, probably because of feces present in the rectum.
    [14:11:30] silkyhoselover: I see...
    [14:11:48] twlltin: I always douche with the larger tool (ie. progasm)
    [14:12:11] silkyhoselover: Had you experimented with anal play prior to trying the Aneros?
    [14:12:23] twlltin: Yes, a little.
    [14:12:36] silkyhoselover: Same here.
    [14:12:44] silkyhoselover: Wife is very into it.
    [14:12:51] twlltin: Things like exploring with a toothbrush handle.
    [14:13:21] twlltin: I did get a large vibrating toy (Big Boy) but that was painful to insert.
    [14:13:23] silkyhoselover: That's pretty small! I've tried butt plugs and vibrator sleeves.
    [14:13:50] twlltin: I eventually chopped it up into little bits and threw it away.
    [14:14:05] twlltin: It put me off anal play for 18 months.
    [14:14:23] silkyhoselover: First time with the butt plug was a shocker. That last second where the device suddenly sucks in all the way was quite painfu
    [14:14:37] twlltin: I've never tried a butt plug.
    [14:14:46] silkyhoselover: A learning experience, to say the least...
    [14:15:03] twlltin: You should find the MGX a doddle. It's much smaller than any butt plug.
    [14:15:23] silkyhoselover: Mine wasn't a large butt plug, but it sure felt like it!
    [14:15:48] silkyhoselover: I've not had anything that contacted the prostate. Looking forward to it.
    [14:16:10] twlltin: You might feel nothing to start with. You might feel an urge to pee.
    [14:18:11] twlltin: I'm sure you've read this already... but the key is to relax and let it do its own thing.
    [14:18:54] silkyhoselover: Sorry -- interrupted by a phone call.
    [14:19:11] twlltin: I think rook's gone off to get some coffee, too.
    [14:19:17] silkyhoselover: Yep. I plan to bear in mind all the things I've read on the forum.
    [14:19:31] rook: going to get coffee and newspaper now --- bbl
    [14:20:34] twlltin: It took me six weeks before my first decent prostate orgasm. It takes some much longer.
    [14:28:07] rook: back --
    [14:28:20] twlltin: welcome back
    [14:31:05] twlltin: What's the betting that if I go to the loo now, the postman will ring the doorbell?
    [14:34:47] twlltin: well, I went, and it didn't happen.
    [14:35:02] rook: silky: a thread you might look at:
    [14:35:32] twlltin: Silky disappeared 20 mins ago.
    [14:36:10] twlltin: Doorbell here is AC type, with a bell push with lamp across the switch contacts.
    [14:36:12] rook: tks: was searching for Brine's description of a sensual shower
    [14:37:18] twlltin: It drives two bells. In order that the lamp gets right current, they're wired in series, but with a diode across each.
    [14:37:34] twlltin: So that one bell fires on one half cycle, and the other on the other.
    [14:38:18] twlltin: The bells are struck 25 times per second rather than the expected 50.
    [14:38:57] twlltin: and the lamp's not been changed in 20 years...
    [14:40:50] twlltin: I did a more complicated arrangement for my grandfather:
    [14:41:03] twlltin: He needed a telephone bell repeater as well.
    [14:41:41] twlltin: So constant current drives into opto-isolators, triacs, etc.
    [14:42:07] twlltin: Of course, the silver bible (Horowitz and Hill) has very little to say about triacs.
    [14:46:10] rook: shud send you my junkbox of assorted solid state devices
    [14:46:28] twlltin: I've got a small junkbox myself.
    [14:47:02] rook: the t43 project moves forward slowly - should wrap it up today
    [14:47:27] twlltin: Breadboarding my grandfather's bell circuit, I let the magic smoke out of a 1N4148. In a moment of insanity, I touched the...
    [14:47:34] twlltin: molten signal diode.
    [14:47:50] twlltin: That caused a deep burn which took over a month to heal.
    [14:48:25] rook: ugly, pointy burns are ugly
    [14:48:46] twlltin: yeah. Index finger of my dominant hand, too.
    [14:50:05] twlltin: Postman's just been.
    [14:57:29] rook: door bells aren't overly sophisticated here. Main objective is to keep circuit voltage below the point where the electrical
    [14:57:49] rook: code will force an inspection of the wiring.
    [14:58:24] twlltin: They're either battery or low voltage AC (12V or less) here.
    [14:58:27] rook: Each additional circuit that falls under inspection costs an extra $ 10 to secure the building permit
    [14:58:38] twlltin: Wireless doorbells are popular too.
    [14:58:51] twlltin: We used to have a clockwork doorbell.
    [14:59:37] rook: hmm, step toward the 'networked home'
    [14:59:54] twlltin: It's not impossible now.
    [15:01:19] rook: we've made several attempts at the networked home over the last two decades but few have really 'stuck'
    [15:01:33] twlltin: The wireless doorbells usually operate in an exempt radio band.
    [15:02:04] twlltin: We also have wireless alarm systems. I don't trust them myself.
    [15:02:18] rook: we would not do well with that -- our exempt bands are cluttered with trivia
    [15:02:29] rook: or military noise
    [15:03:11] twlltin: I think they use the same band as used by car key fobs.
    [15:03:25] rook: the security system on my wife's car usually doesn't work when we park it at the airport
    [15:04:18] twlltin: You mean the little chip transponder in the key's handle can't talk to the engine management unit?
    [15:05:35] rook: usually the door has to be manually unlocked with the key. Start button won't start the engine and fob has to be placed in
    [15:05:59] rook: the center console 'energizer' to communicate with engine management
    [15:06:58] twlltin: I've heard about that happening over here, too.
    [15:07:00] rook: sometimes happens in other areas of town. Always a surprise since the symptoms are the same as having a dead battery
    [15:07:21] twlltin: Because of the engine immobilizer
    [15:07:48] rook: fob just isn't recognized
    [15:09:02] twlltin: Good luck in getting a car manufactured in the last 10 years that doesn't have that "feature".
    [15:09:14] twlltin: It does stop hot-wiring, though.
    [15:10:01] rook: car thieves have reverted to just rolling the car onto a flatbed and driving away with it.
    [15:10:57] twlltin: Some here have used fishing rods through letterboxes to get people's keys off the hall table where some people tend to leave
    [15:10:59] twlltin: their keys.
    [15:12:00] twlltin: My car keys rarely leave my trouser pocket.
    [15:12:25] twlltin: The spare set is well hidden.
    [15:13:43] rook: I laundered a fob for my 'vette about 5 years ago. Since then we have a key board near the garage door where everyone's
    [15:13:47] rook: keys hang
    [15:19:04] twlltin: No session for me yesterday, not even a 'less at bedtime.
    [15:19:25] rook: ... that was a late bed-time for you last night
    [15:20:06] rook: did another 'less / inserted session early this morning.
    [15:20:10] twlltin: yeah, I nodded off in the office chair until 2am.
    [15:20:31] rook: the 'less session makes a great foreplay to the real thing.
    [15:20:36] twlltin: I'm planning a lie-in tomorrow.
    [15:20:57] rook: good start for your weekend
    [15:20:59] rook: !
    [15:24:10] rook: .... just sipped my cup of tea. horrid flavor --- tastes like Alfalfa, not tea.
    [15:24:39] twlltin: I've never tasted alfalfa
    [15:25:10] rook: think stale
    [15:25:57] rook: store shelves had no Salada or Grey's so I bought Lipton
    [15:26:22] twlltin: ah. Not the good stuff, then
    [15:27:06] twlltin: Twinings has a good name here for specialist tea.
    [15:27:42] rook: we see that brand in the import area sometimes.
    [15:28:40] rook: Just checked the Lipton box. They are now owned by Unilever --- good outfit for toothpaste, barsoap and body wash !
    [15:29:30] twlltin: They also own PG Tips.
    [15:30:50] twlltin: Lever... built Birkenhead and surrounding area on the profits of soap, etc.
    [15:31:47] rook: I like their Dove body wash -- nice sensual stuff !
    [15:32:13] twlltin:
    [15:33:43] rook: We didn't see the Unilever name here until the last 15-20 years. Until then it was always "Lever Brothers"
    [15:34:02] twlltin: A cousin got married at Thornton Manor last year, which is where Lever senior lived.
    [15:36:15] rook: Many good brands: Pepsodent, Swan, Spry, They positioned their products against Proctor & Gamble -- the giant over here.
    [15:37:25] twlltin: yes, they're the two giants of that sector
    [15:39:56] rook: ... WebOS is now doing a good job on Aneros Chat, presentation wise. Am lurking chat when on the Treadmill in the
    [15:39:59] rook: afternoon.
    [15:40:54] rook: Am not great though with the virtual keyboard and edtiing on the data entry line is difficult.
    [15:41:46] rook: it will be interesting to see what Apple does with the iPad3.
    [15:42:35] rook: particularly if Apple succumbs to the demand for Flash.
    [15:44:30] muscleman: hi all. late getting up
    [15:44:41] twlltin: hi mm
    [15:44:49] rook: hey mjuscle
    [15:47:47] rook: fone ....
    [15:48:16] muscleman: yo want to call me on thephone?
    [15:51:49] rook: ... back now.... sorry for confusion, client called with some work that she needs done.
    [15:52:39] rook: ... have to put together a proposal and statement of work .... c u guys later today.
    [15:52:57] muscleman: ok
    [15:56:48] twlltin: wb macca
    [15:57:05] macca89: thanks
    [15:57:28] macca89: just been on a helix hunt, seems noone in the UK has any in stock
    [15:57:48] twlltin: That's curious.
    [15:58:07] macca89: all the other models in stock
    [15:58:17] macca89: just not the helix, which is a good sign i guess
    [15:58:39] macca89: love honey says they are getting some in on 17th feb though, so fingers crossed
    [15:58:43] muscleman: try ordering from
    [15:59:04] macca89: cheers ill check now
    [15:59:06] twlltin: The problem then is import duty.
    [15:59:14] twlltin: macca is in the UK, like me.
    [15:59:58] muscleman: yeah use to shop mens underwear etc and UK has a stiff duty, use to use catagory "gift"
    [16:00:12] twlltin: Plus postage cost.
    [16:00:34] twlltin: If duty and VAT (sales tax) are added by UK customs, that adds 25% to the price.
    [16:00:37] macca89: yeh ive just noticed that, postage is more than the actual product
    [16:00:49] muscleman: wow
    [16:01:00] macca89: got to love out government
    [16:01:03] macca89: *our
    [16:01:12] twlltin: low value goods don't usually get touched by customs
    [16:01:14] macca89: there is a cheaper copy though
    [16:01:21] macca89: it does look very similar
    [16:01:40] twlltin: There's a copy of the Aneros Classic, called the "PS-NEW"
    [16:01:49] twlltin: by a different supplier (and it's not HIH)
    [16:02:16] macca89: Rhinios Prostate massager: Kitchen & Home
    [16:02:31] macca89: hih?
    [16:02:52] twlltin: High Island Health, the parent company of Aneros.
    [16:03:02] macca89: i wouldnt stray from an official aneros product though
    [16:03:09] macca89: oh yeh thanks
    [16:03:32] twlltin: They market identical prostate massagers with a purely medical purpose.
    [16:03:34] macca89: especially as im a beginner, and i know aneros is derived from health professionals
    [16:04:17] twlltin: That Rhinios looks like a clone of the Maximus.
    [16:04:23] macca89: that link i sent does look a hell of a lot like the helix though, and for 11.99
    [16:04:26] muscleman: have 3 progasms, 1 is a copy, works as well as the others
    [16:04:32] macca89: oh right
    [16:04:52] macca89: cant find the dimensions on that amazon one though
    [16:05:01] macca89: ta da
    [16:05:13] macca89: testing
    [16:05:17] macca89: thats better
    [16:05:37] twlltin: The question is what it's made of. It could be cheap polystyrene.
    [16:07:29] macca89: true
    [16:07:46] macca89: i think ill stick to the official helix, just for peace of mind, seeing as its my first one
    [16:08:03] muscleman: ok
    [16:10:33] macca89: i might of got that cheaper one if it had the dimensions
    [16:10:41] macca89: i want something relatively smaller at first
    [16:17:46] twlltin: My first was helix, and my body still likes it.
    [16:19:13] twlltin: I must admit that my first super-O (not the shaking type, but "calm seas") was with Maximus.
    [16:20:19] twlltin: but I could probably have done the same with Helix.
    [16:27:52] macca89: had you had anal stimulation before though?
    [16:29:37] twlltin: not good stuff, no.
    [16:30:02] twlltin: A little fumbling with household devices, like toothbrush handles
    [16:30:29] macca89: ive only ever had once, and it was my girlfriend using a very thin clitoral stimulator
    [16:30:38] macca89: and it felt really great to me
    [16:31:13] macca89: just ordered a copy, seeing as i cant find the helix anywhere, after days of looking
    [16:32:57] macca89: i will aim to get one though, just bought a MGX copy for about £15 for now, im kinda glad actually because its one of the...
    [16:33:05] macca89: smallest ones
    [16:33:40] twlltin: I've never tried the MGX. That's got ribs at the base.
    [16:33:51] macca89: im a nervous beginner, so i think i will be more relaxed with this for now
    [16:33:56] macca89: yeh thats the one
    [16:35:05] macca89: the dimensions are the same, and made from medical grade plastic
    [16:35:21] twlltin: Worth a try, then.
    [16:35:22] macca89: looks exactly the same
    [16:35:35] macca89: just to break me in nicely
    [16:36:01] macca89: then i think a helix, or even a maximus as my long term one
    [16:36:39] twlltin: They have different characters.
    [16:36:48] twlltin: ..because of the different shapes.
    [16:37:01] twlltin: I graduated to a progasm in December.
    [16:37:13] twlltin: It took my body over a month to "get it".
    [16:37:47] twlltin: Definitely an advanced model.
    [16:38:13] macca89: yeh it does look quite big in comparison
    [16:38:25] twlltin: It's huge in comparison.
    [16:38:59] twlltin: I can feel comfortable with it in, but I never forget it's there. With the smaller ones, you can.
    [16:39:48] macca89: yeh this one is 15/16 diameter at its biggest
    [16:40:02] macca89: and 3 3/4 insertable
    [16:40:11] macca89: got to start somewhere
    [16:40:24] twlltin: Oh, yes. Starting small is good.
    [16:43:51] twlltin: hi rob
    [16:44:09] robabrue: hey
    [16:44:33] twlltin: I noticed you popping in and out over the last few days.
    [16:44:40] robabrue: oh
    [16:44:42] robabrue: haha
    [16:44:43] twlltin: Browser problems?
    [16:44:53] robabrue: no
    [16:44:59] robabrue: just waitin for some people
    [16:45:09] twlltin: Ah. I see.
    [16:45:23] twlltin: You do know you can see the list of participants in the "lobby"?
    [16:45:37] robabrue: yeh
    [16:45:38] robabrue: i know
    [16:46:04] macca89: back in an hour, got to pop to the shop
    [16:46:31] twlltin: I've just been doing some laundry. It never ends.
    [16:47:03] robabrue: anyone riding?
    [16:47:56] twlltin: not at the moment.
    [16:48:11] twlltin: I didn't get chance yesterday, and it looks like I won't today either
    [16:50:01] robabrue: oh
    [16:50:50] twlltin: But I'm doing well with sessions at the moment.
    [16:50:57] twlltin: Wednesday evening's was great.
    [16:51:42] twlltin: How are you doing yourself?
    [16:53:33] robabrue: im doing well
    [16:53:44] robabrue: and u
    [16:54:00] robabrue: are u able to do aneroless super os?
    [16:54:33] twlltin: yes
    [16:54:42] twlltin: They need more time
    [16:55:38] robabrue: i find it easier and more pleasurable to have aneroless super Os
    [16:56:29] twlltin: It's something I'm planning for tomorrow, giving myself time to do it.
    [16:56:56] robabrue: u ever have a hands free wet o aneroless
    [16:57:43] twlltin: No. I only seem to get "calm seas" so far.
    [16:58:09] robabrue: calm seas is more desirable then wet Os...
    [16:58:44] twlltin: It's an amazing feeling.
    [16:59:11] robabrue: ure not into coaching sessions rite?
    [17:02:47] twlltin: Not really.
    [17:04:36] twlltin: I've done a little text-only coaching of some tantric tricks, but that's it.
    [17:04:52] twlltin: Stuff that I picked up from chuckjo
    [17:04:59] robabrue: why aren't u into coaching session
    [17:05:28] twlltin: I'm not really into that sort of thing.
    [17:10:11] robabrue: who else is coming on the chat today
    [17:10:39] twlltin: I never know.
    [17:14:21] twlltin: I'm currently wondering if I can have a session this evening.
    [17:14:49] twlltin: I'd forgotten... I have an early start tomorrow.
    [17:17:40] twlltin: So no lie-in.
    [17:17:53] twlltin: Therefore a session tonight might be good.
    [17:17:54] robabrue: im confused
    [17:17:58] robabrue: wahtfs going on
    [17:18:31] twlltin: I'm talking to myself, I think.
    [19:54:00] twlltin: welcome back rob
    [19:54:11] twlltin: I disappeared off for a 'less session.
    [19:54:18] twlltin: Not sure what to make of it.
    [19:54:29] robabrue: how was it
    [19:54:50] robabrue: voice coaching is the way to go man
    [19:54:59] twlltin: Many sensations, but it didn't become orgasmic.
    [19:55:09] twlltin: or not in the normal sense.
    [19:55:22] twlltin: It seemed to be more head-centred
    [19:55:56] robabrue: artform has taken me to a new level
    [19:56:08] twlltin: oh?
    [19:57:21] robabrue: yeh
    [20:00:57] twlltin: How has he done that?
    [20:04:26] robabrue: via voice coaching
    [20:10:10] robabrue: whre is everybody
    [20:11:23] twlltin: I dont know.
    [20:25:55] twlltin: hi mm
    [20:26:04] muscleman: hi al
    [20:26:11] muscleman: all
    [20:29:30] twlltin: hi nev
    [20:29:35] nevado: hello guys
    [20:29:42] nevado: hi twlltin
    [20:29:45] muscleman: hi nevado
    [20:29:48] nevado: hi mm
    [20:29:53] nevado: hi rob
    [20:30:26] twlltin: rob: you asked where is everyone...
    [20:30:35] twlltin: well, I think they're starting to arrive.
    [20:30:54] nevado: smile
    [20:31:02] nevado: how was your week guys?
    [20:31:18] muscleman: loved the giants game
    [20:31:55] nevado: loved madonna
    [20:32:08] muscleman: lik them younger
    [20:32:20] nevado: L O L
    [20:32:34] twlltin: I was driving or sleeping when superbowl was on.
    [20:32:47] twlltin: Yes, it did get shown in the UK.
    [20:33:00] muscleman: I was riding progasm some of the time
    [20:33:01] nevado: big event in the US
    [20:33:22] muscleman: big event around the world actually
    [20:34:26] nevado: anybody riding this weekend
    [20:34:28] nevado: ?
    [20:34:46] twlltin: I had a 'less a couple of hours ago.
    [20:35:05] nevado: nice
    [20:35:14] nevado: just started warming up here
    [20:35:51] muscleman: had a nice session in gym suana this am
    [20:35:54] twlltin: I might play with progasm later.
    [20:36:06] nevado: great
    [20:37:53] muscleman: had some prostate stimulation from a finger
    [20:38:05] nevado: in sauna?
    [20:38:11] muscleman: yup
    [20:38:27] nevado: were you alone?
    [20:38:47] robabrue: did u or someone else stimulate ur prostate
    [20:39:25] muscleman: someone else he was sitting on lower level facing me
    [20:40:00] robabrue: how did u convince him to finger u
    [20:41:06] muscleman: well it wasn't the first time, met him a year ago, nice getting fingered plus he was an early bird so he got the worm too
    [20:41:35] nevado: nice
    [20:42:41] muscleman: yes it is
    [20:43:08] nevado: did you finger him?
    [20:44:17] muscleman: yes we took turns
    [20:44:42] nevado: nice exchange man
    [20:44:52] muscleman: close friend I bought him a progasm for christmas
    [20:45:07] robabrue: is he also gay
    [20:45:10] nevado: good friend
    [20:45:54] muscleman: nope we are both happlily married, he's same age as my oldest son and his son is friends with my 19yo grandson
    [20:47:51] muscleman: I don't get hung up onlabels
    [20:49:22] nevado: nice having a mate to finger with
    [20:53:56] muscleman: very nice mate
    [21:14:02] NonAnon: Hi guys.
    [21:20:31] NonAnon: Sure is quiet. What are you guys up to?
    [21:20:39] twlltin: Eating.
    [21:21:00] nevado: hi non
    [21:21:17] NonAnon: Hi Nevado!
    [21:21:29] NonAnon: Hi Twil.
    [21:22:09] nevado: what's new?
    [21:22:43] twlltin: Not much for me. Still having good progasm sessions.
    [21:23:35] NonAnon: Bought a Vice and I've only used it once so far. Can't wait to try it again.
    [21:25:07] NonAnon: Nevado, How about you?
    [21:25:09] nevado: how was it?
    [21:25:37] nevado: have had only less sessions
    [21:25:48] nevado: have not ejaculated in ten days
    [21:26:22] twlltin: wow
    [21:26:36] nevado: saving my load
    [21:27:08] NonAnon: Vice is Super comfortable!
    [21:28:07] artform: indeed NonAnon!!
    [21:28:09] nevado: i never tried
    [21:28:14] nevado: hi Art
    [21:28:23] NonAnon: Hi Art!
    [21:28:27] twlltin: Hi artform.
    [21:28:33] artform: Great build Nevado!!!
    [21:28:34] twlltin: (I was eating earlier)
    [21:28:38] artform: Hi T!
    [21:28:49] artform: bigtongue biggrin laugh
    [21:28:55] robabrue: hey y'all
    [21:29:03] twlltin: wb rob
    [21:29:12] artform: Hi rob!
    [21:29:35] artform: How are you doing?
    [21:29:36] robabrue: hey
    [21:29:51] robabrue: i'm doing well
    [21:29:58] nevado: very well , you?
    [21:30:25] twlltin: I had an interesting but more head-centred 'less session earlier.
    [21:30:37] artform: Very well thanks, and still getting better every day!!!
    [21:30:42] nevado: nice
    [21:30:50] nevado: great Art
    [21:31:58] artform: ah! Crown-centred Orgasms in sight... always being careful to have that while circulating energies through head, not allowing
    [21:32:24] artform: ...energies to build up in head! That is dangerous.
    [21:34:14] twlltin: Yeah. I was also dozing slightly at one point.
    [21:34:45] nevado: hey
    [21:34:55] twlltin: I was trying to get the sensations to concentrate in the lower body.
    [21:35:27] nevado: I just try to circulate sensations all over body
    [21:35:38] twlltin: But at one point, I found myself experiencing the sensation of looking at a white screen.
    [21:35:47] twlltin: That was odd, but didn't last too long.
    [21:35:58] artform: For a healthy CCO, you need to be in a Microcosmic Orbit, circulating energies up your back through the chakras and into your
    [21:36:21] twlltin: Not sure I'm able to do that reliably yet.
    [21:37:15] artform: ...head. circulating within, particularly around your pineal gland, and with tongue on roof of mouth behind upper front teeth
    [21:37:39] twlltin: My tongue position tends to be that anyway.
    [21:38:28] artform: feel the energies descend through tongue/throat chakra and down your front channel and chakras around heart, stomach into low
    [21:39:04] NonAnon: Nice chatting with everyone. I'm on a break and I need to go.
    [21:39:20] nevado: Have to go too, take care guys
    [21:39:51] artform: abs, and down into perineum and inner thighs then back up through all your pelvic basin organs root chakra and on up your bac
    [21:43:55] artform: Oh Oh scared too many away!
    [21:44:04] twlltin:
    [21:44:53] twlltin: I'm not sure I have developed the fine control yet to be able to sense all the locations, and also to control the flows.
    [21:45:10] twlltin: More practice needed, obviously.
    [21:46:05] twlltin: In the meantime, I'm washing down my meal with 500ml of 4.5% ABV.
    [21:47:02] artform:L O L
    [21:47:40] twlltin: A bottle from one of the few remaining Manchester breweries.
    [21:52:24] artform: heritage savouring
    [21:53:19] artform: I have to leave now too. Heading out for a double birthdays celebration soon!!
    [21:55:02] twlltin: bye for now
    [22:57:44] ExploringReality: Hey twll, you here?
    [23:24:06] twlltin: Just about.
    [23:24:18] twlltin: My laptop's running slow for some reaon
    [23:24:22] twlltin: reason
    [23:28:43] twlltin: Hi MOM
    [23:28:57] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi guys
    [23:29:24] MultiOrgasmMan: What's up?
    [23:31:15] twlltin: Not much at the moment. I'm about to go to bed.
    [23:44:25] twlltin: And so to bed... [Samuel Pepys]
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 7pm EST 2/10/12 through 9:10pm EST 2/10/12

    [00:16:52] ExploringReality: hey cj you here?
    [00:17:58] cj187: Hi
    [00:18:06] ExploringReality: Do you own a progasm?
    [00:18:32] cj187: Yes, and a helix
    [00:18:56] ExploringReality: Have you ever had the progasm slip out of your butt? I think its because i dont have the muscle tone for it
    [00:19:01] ExploringReality: odd question
    [00:19:23] cj187: Not at all, used to have the same issue
    [00:19:37] cj187: and have asked same question on ere before
    [00:20:23] cj187: solution was to not lube as much down the stem of the progasm, and/or wear boxer briefs
    [00:24:53] ExploringReality: alright. i use silicone lube
    [00:25:00] ExploringReality: so it was probably really slick
    [00:26:40] cj187: maybe, i found relaxing more helped too
    [00:26:47] ExploringReality: when it starts getting good, does it feel like electricity?
    [00:26:58] ExploringReality: I relaxed when i started feeling electricity and it slipped out
    [00:27:34] ExploringReality: hi guest you should register or check bug me not
    [00:28:40] cj187: i just get really spaced out, like everything in magnified
    [00:29:47] slimjm: just getting logged on here. How's everything going?
    [00:29:56] ExploringReality: good. yourself?
    [00:30:00] cj187: hi slim
    [00:30:07] slimjm: hi
    [00:30:07] cj187: great, you?
    [00:30:18] slimjm: good
    [00:31:00] slimjm: so you felt electricity and it slipped out?
    [00:31:11] ExploringReality: yes.
    [00:31:35] slimjm: sorry just coming on here. what model you using
    [00:31:45] ExploringReality: i also feel weird slips. Like an anal muscle pulses, but not in an erotic way or anything, like "oop, that doesn't feel right
    [00:31:50] ExploringReality: progasm
    [00:31:57] ExploringReality: i have a helix which stays in fine
    [00:32:09] slimjm: you experienced with this or just starting?
    [00:32:34] ExploringReality: ive had the helix for a few months prior to getting the progasm
    [00:33:00] slimjm: okay. the progasm tends to do that.
    [00:33:27] slimjm: the helix stays in really well due to the large difference between the end and the stem
    [00:33:49] slimjm: ie, it's a steep angle from the part at your anus to the bulb part inside
    [00:34:14] slimjm: the progasm is large with a gentle slope between those two parts and so it tends to slide out
    [00:34:24] ExploringReality: i also feel like the bottom half slides out after a bit
    [00:34:31] ExploringReality: theres the two bulbs then the stem
    [00:34:46] slimjm: yes there are two "bulbs"
    [00:34:51] ExploringReality: i dont have the anal tone to keep it in but i have enough to have it 'do the dance' if it can
    [00:34:58] slimjm: on most of the models, just really pronouced on the progasm
    [00:35:31] slimjm: I have a progasm but don't use it much
    [00:35:59] slimjm: I have a helix too but it doesn't "reach the spot" like the eupho does
    [00:36:35] slimjm: the eupho wiggles and wobbles all over me inside but the progasm moves very little
    [00:36:48] slimjm: mainly my rectum just grips down hard on the progasm during an involuntary
    [00:37:22] ExploringReality: yeah i just gen anxiety that if i just relax and let it do its thing itll damage me. on any model.
    [00:37:30] ExploringReality: like when it clamps
    [00:37:41] cj187: yeah i don't feel like helix hits the spot
    [00:37:43] slimjm: it won't damage anything
    [00:37:52] cj187: i tend to clamp too much
    [00:38:13] slimjm: its involuntary when you do that, right?
    [00:38:43] cj187: yep
    [00:38:44] ExploringReality: yeah i tend to do some pc muscle contractions but none too hard
    [00:38:53] ExploringReality: it starts fluttering but i dont feel anything
    [00:39:11] slimjm: I do little in the way of pc contractions and just to get things started
    [00:39:51] slimjm: does your anus flutter or wiggle when you hold gentle pc contractions?
    [00:39:58] bsmith14: hi guys
    [00:40:06] ExploringReality: yes.
    [00:40:09] cj187: hi bsmith
    [00:40:27] bsmith14: the fluttering is a good sign. It didn't always feel that good to me either...
    [00:40:31] slimjm: do you get a warm feeling filling your pelvis like an orgasm wants to come on when you do that
    [00:40:50] cj187: yes for me too, weak long contractions just to get going, no warming feeling tho
    [00:41:03] ExploringReality: no it happens when i release it and it slides out and everything relaxes
    [00:41:07] slimjm: how long you been at it, cj
    [00:41:11] ExploringReality: then everything around my anus gets warm
    [00:41:20] slimjm: good, exp
    [00:41:59] cj187: a year or so, but usually once a week is all i get to practice
    [00:42:24] slimjm: ok, you should be making some headway at that point if even only once a week
    [00:43:04] slimjm: i practiced about 3 times a week for about 8 months before my first super o came
    [00:43:43] cj187: i am making progress, just very slowly
    [00:44:21] slimjm: I'm assuming you do the gentle long PC contractions, like holding your urine in, cj
    [00:44:48] cj187: yes initially then let the involuntaries take over
    [00:45:03] slimjm: good, thats good.
    [00:45:16] ExploringReality: whenever i let the involuntaries take over they stop
    [00:45:25] ExploringReality: like ill relax all the muscles
    [00:45:27] slimjm: when they start does your rectum grip the massager really tightly for a minute or so?
    [00:45:31] ExploringReality: and it slides out a bit and its really warm
    [00:45:40] ExploringReality: not really
    [00:45:47] ExploringReality: well sometiems
    [00:45:55] ExploringReality: should i let it do that? Thats whun i get nervous
    [00:46:08] cj187: tends to be later it really grips
    [00:46:14] slimjm: relax and don't get nervous. nothings going to "take over"
    [00:46:46] slimjm: i made my best progress holding gentle PC contractions and tickling my nipples lightly
    [00:47:08] slimjm: it sent electric feelings to my prostate and really brought on the involuntaries.
    [00:47:58] slimjm: when you do that you should feel your anus wiggle and then your rectum really grip the massager hard
    [00:48:10] slimjm: for about a minute or so then the involuntary contraction will slowly relax
    [00:48:43] slimjm: during that time its gripping it though you should over time start to feel warm pelvic feelings
    [00:49:20] brine: Hey gents.
    [00:49:32] slimjm: hey brine
    [00:49:37] cj187: ahhhh ok, perhaps maybe i panic at the gripping and try to stop it then, will just let it ride out in tonights sesh
    [00:49:38] brine: Hi!
    [00:49:41] cj187: hi brine
    [00:49:49] brine: Hi cj
    [00:49:58] slimjm: you ride it out cj when that gripping feeling starts
    [00:50:20] slimjm: it will get really intense and good feeling, nothing scary and usually last about a minute or so
    [00:50:52] slimjm: its during that phase of the process that the orgasm comes though you may not be there quite yet
    [00:50:57] cj187: wasn't so much scared as wondering if it was the right reaction
    [00:51:09] slimjm: yes its the right reaction.
    [00:51:40] cj187: good
    [00:51:41] slimjm: you relax, hold gentle pc contraction, tickle your nipples and this involuntary fluttering of your anus and then
    [00:52:00] slimjm: a tight gripping of the massager by your rectum occurs. ride it out and it will last about a minute or so
    [00:52:28] slimjm: this gripping sucks the massager into the nerves over the back of the prostate and massages them
    [00:52:39] slimjm: like massaging your penis brings on a traditional orgasm
    [00:52:49] cj187: k
    [00:53:00] slimjm: only the orgasm produced from rubbing the nerves on the inside is dry, that is uncoupled from the ejaculatory process
    [00:53:35] slimjm: the orgasm is really hot and intense, lasts a minute or two and you can hardly stand it its so good
    [00:54:22] bsmith14: the prostate orgasm can be wet too, I had one that lasted 2-3 minutes the other day, not sure how much of that time...
    [00:54:28] bsmith14: It was wet vs dry
    [00:54:40] slimjm: during a typical session, these involuntary contractions with concommitant orgasms will come about every 2 to 3 minutes
    [00:54:53] slimjm: i've had as many as 10 over about a half hour
    [00:55:14] slimjm: the only wetness i get is pre-ejaculate drooling out
    [00:55:20] slimjm: no semen
    [00:55:35] bsmith14: @slim, I have a similar experiecnce, but every once in a while I do go over the edge into a wet one
    [00:56:08] slimjm: I never ejac traditionally with it. I of course leave my penis totally out of the picture, never touch it
    [00:56:38] bsmith14: my wet orgasms are different then normal orgasms, they feel like a warm stream oozing out, not hard contractions
    [00:57:04] slimjm: do you get clear preejaculate or a thin semen like fluid
    [00:57:16] bsmith14: I only touch nipples during a session, never tough the penis
    [00:57:26] slimjm: you're doing it right then
    [00:58:01] bsmith14: hard to describe, but it feels and smells different then what a traditional orgasm produces
    [00:58:28] slimjm: i know of some guys that drain a thin like seminal vesicle fluid, but not the thick consistency of semen
    [00:58:40] slimjm: i've never done anything like that
    [00:58:52] bsmith14: this doesn't happen every session, seems to build up over a couple of session or don't have a traditional one over several da
    [00:58:54] bsmith14: days
    [00:59:09] slimjm: no difference irrespective of how long it wait
    [00:59:14] bsmith14: its not thick like semen
    [00:59:26] slimjm: but it's cloudy like
    [01:00:24] slimjm: now i do get the thin cloudy like stuff drain out if its been a long time since sex and I take pseudafed
    [01:00:54] slimjm: right at the end of peeing i'll feel it come, no orgasm just uh-oh I'm about to wet and there it comes
    [01:01:14] bsmith14: never had any precum
    [01:01:20] ExploringReality: so show often do you guys use yourn?
    [01:01:24] ExploringReality: *yours
    [01:01:41] slimjm: no clear stuff?
    [01:01:47] brine: Four or five times a month.
    [01:01:50] bsmith14: I do a mixture of aneroless, helix and peridise sessions, but about 3 -4 a week
    [01:01:50] slimjm: about 2 to 3 times a week exp
    [01:02:43] bsmith14: never had precum ever in my life, not even during sex
    [01:03:08] slimjm: not even before, like you're really horny?
    [01:03:25] bsmith14: nope
    [01:03:48] slimjm: I mean, some guys make none to very little. I make a little. Some guys wet their pants with it
    [01:04:04] slimjm: i don't focus on it, just the feelings
    [01:04:04] bsmith14: I can get cowpers gland secretion if I used a vibe to press against my prostate
    [01:04:05] brine: I make an embarrassing amount of precum.
    [01:04:25] slimjm: yeah, you wet your pants with it, huh?
    [01:04:26] cj187: i get a little on occasion
    [01:04:45] cj187: not as much as i'd like however
    [01:04:53] brine: I have to be careful when I get aroused. It sometimes spots my jeans.
    [01:05:12] slimjm: if i have a long session, i'll make a little, but i feel no particular sensation with it
    [01:05:20] bsmith14: fascinating
    [01:05:54] slimjm: its totally irrelevant to me
    [01:06:08] darwin: hi guys only have a minute
    [01:06:43] slimjm: like some guys get carried away with how big their load is and I could care less, its the orgasm i like to tweak and prolong
    [01:06:50] ExploringReality: sup darwdn?
    [01:06:59] darwin: hey guys
    [01:07:22] darwin: i have been all kinds of busy updating my new account on
    [01:07:29] brine: Hey darwin!!
    [01:07:42] darwin: its fun to make photos of oneself
    [01:08:02] bsmith14: been there done that. it is fun
    [01:08:09] slimjm: never cared to show mine off
    [01:08:38] darwin: bs, do you have an account over there?
    [01:08:52] bsmith14: no, but have visited
    [01:09:04] bsmith14: well, maybe I did create one, let me see
    [01:10:14] bsmith14: no, no account
    [01:11:01] darwin: bs, too bad
    [01:12:57] bsmith14: maybe I will create one. I have one on
    [01:13:48] darwin: oh, what's
    [01:14:02] bsmith14: similar site
    [01:19:09] slimjm: @exploring: back to the internal sensations, what do you feel inside during an involuntary contraction?
    [01:24:45] darwin: guys, i have to go, family calls
    [01:25:21] brine: Bye darwin.
    [01:26:04] slimjm: you running on that treadmill brine?
    [01:26:21] brine: Not yet. Will be on it in a few hours.
    [01:26:50] brine: I have a meeting in 30 minutes.
    [01:27:17] slimjm: how many minutes a day you running now?
    [01:27:56] brine: I'm in the walking phase...about 35 minutes. But I'm slowly increasing the incline and the speed.
    [01:28:27] brine: I have a weak right knee. It is getting stronger, but not quite confident enough for running yet.
    [01:28:41] slimjm: it helping with weight, tone, cardio and stuff?
    [01:28:52] brine: I'm also being careful watching carbs.
    [01:29:11] brine: Yes, I've lost 17 pounds since January 2nd.
    [01:29:39] slimjm: good night, man. that's incredible
    [01:29:46] brine: I feel as if I have more endurance. My heart rate is better too. I'm looking forward to my next blood draw to see how it has
    [01:29:56] brine: effected my blood sugar level.
    [01:30:29] brine: And, walking down stairs, I can tell my right knee is getting stronger.
    [01:30:37] slimjm: getting centripetal fat off is one of the biggest keys to lowering blood glucose
    [01:31:07] brine: Yes, and I'm glad with my progress. Is centripetal fat the outer layer on the body?
    [01:31:41] slimjm: its the belly fat around your middle both under your skin and inside your abdomen
    [01:32:17] brine: Ah, that's where I feel it. In fact today someone notice that I looked like I had lost weight.
    [01:32:31] slimjm: makes you feel good doesn't it
    [01:32:49] brine: While the numbers are important to gauge progress, my best indicator is my higher sense of well-being.
    [01:33:21] brine: Yes, and I don't like it when I can't work out or if I eat improperly.
    [01:33:24] slimjm: that fat around a guy's middle (hips and thighs on a girl) blocks the effect of your body's insulin
    [01:33:50] slimjm: yeah, going without regular exercise is almost as bad as going without sex
    [01:34:06] brine: My jeans are much looser and I bought new ones that are 2" smaller around the waist.
    [01:34:18] brine: ALMOST as bad!!!
    [01:34:37] slimjm: wow, you'll have a butt your wife can see again
    [01:35:06] brine: Funny, my butt is one of my best ASSests!!!
    [01:35:28] slimjm: just kidding, but it's that fat around your middle that makes your butt go away that blocks glucose utilization
    [01:35:42] slimjm: Yeah, I like keeping my butt trim too.
    [01:36:01] slimjm: gravity takes it's toll. butt and penis are the worst
    [01:36:47] slimjm: you know, the butt sags and the penis won't overcome gravity when you want it to
    [01:37:55] slimjm: I can still wear a 32 x 34 levis though. I'm tall though, 6'2"
    [01:38:17] brine: I'm a big creature of habit and I know I have found a practice that I WILL continue on.
    [01:38:37] brine: Okay, now I have to hate you slim!!!
    [01:39:04] brine: I'm only 5'9".
    [01:39:29] slimjm: 5'9" is a good medium height
    [01:39:56] brine: I know.
    [01:40:07] brine: My wife is exactly my same height!
    [01:40:30] slimjm: that's a problem for us because I'm tall and she's very petite
    [01:40:33] brine: One of the reasons she gave me when she said "no" to my first marriage proposal was that I was too short!!!
    [01:40:54] brine: She wanted to wear heels at her wedding.
    [01:41:11] brine: Well, she wore flat slippers and the rest is history!
    [01:41:18] slimjm: I'm sure it's only a smile now to remember. probably seemed so important then
    [01:41:36] slimjm: seriously though, that's great you can be matched in height for sex
    [01:41:45] brine: Oh, yes.
    [01:41:48] slimjm: it's a little tough for us
    [01:42:22] brine: The funny thing is when we stand, we are exactly the same height. When we sit, I'm about 3" taller. She has wonderful, long
    [01:42:29] brine: legs and I have a long torso.
    [01:42:52] slimjm: in front to front sex her face is about my upper chest
    [01:43:04] brine: Well, now there is LESS of that torso!!
    [01:43:38] brine: Interesting image. I've never thought about the size similarity being an asset for sex!!! Yea us!!!
    [01:44:02] brine: Hey bud, I've got to go to a meeting. I'll be back on later, probably. As always, fun chatting!
    [01:44:04] brine: Bye.
    [01:44:05] slimjm: when we first got married I thought you did long deep strokes and with her petite and me kindof a big guy, it hurt her
    [01:44:36] slimjm: it took a while
    [01:45:15] cj187: hear u there slim i'm about 6'4, a good ft taller than the fiance
    [01:45:32] cj187: have to take it easy
    [01:45:36] brine: That's a drag. I'm average in that category too, so no problem. HOWEVER, sense Anerosing, I feel like a horse!!!
    [01:45:43] brine: See ya all later guys.
    [01:46:06] slimjm: see ya brine. have a good meeting. I might catch you later on when you're treadmilling
    [01:46:17] cj187: bye brine
    [01:46:52] slimjm: 6'4" puts you 2 inches taller than me cj
    [01:47:32] cj187: but a lot bigger in the waist at present ;)
    [01:47:51] slimjm: I haven't measing exactly our height difference but we may be close to a foot difference.
    [01:48:10] slimjm: I've been blessed with the waist size. I don't really eat too heavy though either
    [01:49:28] slimjm: so did you say cj that you get involuntary contractions but not lots of internal feelings yet?
    [01:49:37] cj187: yeah haven't been that waist since uni, may not ever get back in that jean size given the muscle i've put on
    [01:50:13] cj187: yeah thats right slim, just a feelng of clamping
    [01:50:28] cj187: but i know what i'm looking for now
    [01:50:35] slimjm: how long does it last when it comes
    [01:51:27] cj187: not really sure it varies
    [01:51:58] slimjm: does it come for a while and then let up a bit then cycle back over again?
    [01:52:24] cj187: yeah
    [01:52:45] slimjm: let me describe this and maybe it will help as you look for the feelings.
    [01:53:05] slimjm: I relax with it in and hold gentle pc contractions while tickling my nipples
    [01:53:12] cj187: ok sounds useful, thanks
    [01:53:36] slimjm: soon my anus will quiver and rather rapidly this involuntary contraction where my rectum grips the massager and sucks it in
    [01:54:15] slimjm: will come. this continues about a minute or two with that ptab really punching into my perineum
    [01:54:39] slimjm: and while this happens this warm feeling builds in my pelvis and surges out into my penis
    [01:54:55] cj187: yeah i get that with the ptab
    [01:55:07] cj187: but no warm feeling, is it subtle?
    [01:55:23] slimjm: it's suble at first, yes
    [01:55:41] cj187: also your contractions, are they constant?
    [01:55:54] slimjm: while i was rewiring it was very subtle and wouldn't go very far but with continued practice it became more noticeable
    [01:56:15] slimjm: when an involuntary comes on it's intense and constant for about a minute or so
    [01:56:42] slimjm: if you mean pc contractions, I hold them gently and consistently.
    [01:57:01] cj187: ah ok that was what i meant
    [01:57:05] slimjm: but i don't pull in with my anus, just that gentle "cutting off your pee midstream" effort
    [01:57:19] slimjm: kind of concentrated toward the "front"
    [01:58:25] cj187: k
    [01:58:42] slimjm: at the first I "concentrated" more on how I did the pc contraction. Now things just come rather automatically
    [02:00:02] cj187: any warm up pc contractions or just stright into holding after relaxing?
    [02:00:20] slimjm: what I'd look for next time is to let an involuntary come and tickle your nipples while it comes and see what you feel
    [02:00:32] cj187: ok
    [02:00:45] slimjm: I don't warm up, just warm the massager and slip it in and lie on my back a few minutes relaxing
    [02:01:13] slimjm: then start tickling my belly and thighs and then center on my nipples and the involuntary and feelings start
    [02:01:45] slimjm: its like a surge of warmth pouring out of your pelvis into your penis and then you'll feeling like you're
    [02:02:08] slimjm: ejaculating as hard as you could ever do it, but it's dry. as the surge pours out into your penis you'll harden up
    [02:02:30] slimjm: really hard and the orgasm will come and last for a couple minutes, then kind of like relax away for a bit
    [02:02:49] slimjm: I just keep tickling my nipples and relaxing and soon another one will come and they'll come one like on
    [02:03:15] slimjm: top of another several times like this. My penis will harden super hard right as they come on, then soften a bit as
    [02:03:39] slimjm: they fade, then harden again with the next. This goes over and over about 5 to 10 times
    [02:03:58] slimjm: then they just don't come as intensely and I'll feel super relaxed, calm seas like
    [02:04:23] slimjm: sorry that's so much, but it may give you an idea
    [02:04:49] cj187: not at all, thanks for sharing
    [02:05:21] cj187: given me some ideas as to what to look for
    [02:05:52] slimjm: you married or have a relationship you can see any difference this is making for you in that dept?
    [02:07:16] cj187: if anything,more that i'm more tolerant of our different sex drives
    [02:08:01] slimjm: I've been married 20+ years. its a nice way to relax and stimulate your sexual function between times
    [02:08:13] slimjm: with her but without masturbating and killing the "desire"
    [02:08:56] slimjm: Kind of keeps that "glow" inside where you feel warmed up for sex whenever she's "ready"
    [02:09:26] cj187: yep
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 9:10pm EST 2/10/12 through 1:33am EST 2/11/12

    [02:09:27] darwin: hi again guys
    [02:09:36] slimjm: hi
    [02:09:57] ten_s_nut: Hello, gents
    [02:10:00] cj187: hi
    [02:10:07] slimjm: hey, ten
    [02:10:07] cj187: hi ten
    [02:11:03] ten_s_nut: What are you guys talking about?
    [02:11:25] darwin: i just joined
    [02:11:31] slimjm: 'bout being married for years and keeping sex drive and function going with help of aneros
    [02:12:07] slimjm: was taking cj through how prostate orgasms come on with use of the aneros
    [02:12:10] ten_s_nut: Aneros supercharged our sex life, for sure.
    [02:12:34] slimjm: i don't use it during sex, but its really helped my erectile function
    [02:12:36] cj187: some good tips for sure
    [02:13:00] slimjm: been blessed with good function in that department but with time you have to use it or lose it
    [02:13:31] slimjm: and you can "use" it with dry aneros induced orgasms without going into a refractory and losing "desire" that day or so later
    [02:13:52] ten_s_nut: Yeah, that's one of the big features.
    [02:14:01] cj187: not something i've eve had an issue with, but as i've not hit 30 yet....
    [02:14:17] slimjm: give yourself about 20 years cj
    [02:14:47] slimjm: its actually interesting to me to see young guys try this
    [02:14:56] ten_s_nut: darwin; Are your pelvic region health issues all fixed now?
    [02:15:10] slimjm: seems it's easier for us guys a bit older to explore ways to improve sexual function
    [02:15:20] slimjm: when you're young all's you wanna do is point it and shoot
    [02:15:27] darwin: ten they will probably never be fixed
    [02:15:36] darwin: they come and go
    [02:15:40] ten_s_nut: frown
    [02:16:16] cj187: yeah i think a lot of my peers are worried abut the incorrect ***sexual connetations they associate with anal play
    [02:16:46] slimjm: definitely something you don't feel comfortable telling your best buddy about
    [02:17:11] ten_s_nut: cj; That's still the general consensus
    [02:17:13] darwin: we are brothers in lovin our holes to be loved
    [02:17:16] slimjm: but I read somewhere at least half of all guys would or do enjoy anal play with sex
    [02:17:48] slimjm: and by the time you're in your 40's and you're getting rectal exams and all you overcome some of the shyness
    [02:17:56] cj187: no, sad really, but its def more prevalent than ever so at least attitudes are changing
    [02:18:05] ten_s_nut: slim; I told my brothers and some friends and in-laws about Aneros, but only the ones I felt could deal w/ it.
    [02:18:38] darwin: how old were you guys when you started seriuosly playing w/ your ass?
    [02:18:40] slimjm: I actually told my urologist I was using one for the prostate congestion pain I'd been seeing him about
    [02:18:55] cj187: yeah had a few trips to the GUM clinic so not really that shy anymore
    [02:19:23] cj187: @darwin prob around 15-16
    [02:19:33] ten_s_nut: darwin; My GFs started giving me anal stim from when I was 25.
    [02:19:33] slimjm: by the time you've had a colonoscopy and had all the girls in the room look at your butt hole and your
    [02:19:42] slimjm: insides on the tv screen, you just get over some of it
    [02:20:05] darwin: cj, did you masturbate your ass?
    [02:20:43] slimjm: and we actually have a female urologist in our area and the guys like her small fingers
    [02:20:45] cj187: haha i had a kidney scan the other year,turned over and my junk fell out of my boxers
    [02:21:19] cj187: darwin, only wth my finger
    [02:21:33] slimjm: at least with my colonoscopy they let me lie on my side and I tucked my equip up front out of view
    [02:22:03] darwin: cj, was it rare you did it? or a lot?
    [02:22:20] slimjm: Ok, haven't all you guys at least at some point in your life MB'd with a finger up inside to feel what it was like?
    [02:22:21] darwin: i didn't discover it in my teens that's why i am asking
    [02:22:22] ten_s_nut: I don't have any shyness about nudity. Maybe I'm a closet flasher?
    [02:22:45] cj187: then there was the time i passed out in front of the nurse after a minor op
    [02:22:49] slimjm: I'll walk around naked at the house but my wife kind of frowns
    [02:23:18] cj187: quite a bit if i remember correctly
    [02:24:01] slimjm: i tried masturbating and orgasming with my finger up inside to see what went on on the inside when I was young
    [02:24:01] darwin: cj, when i was a teen i felt pretty guilty about masturbating
    [02:24:15] darwin: like ashamed
    [02:24:25] slimjm: it didn't feel that great so I didn't really revisit the issue
    [02:24:28] darwin: how did you feel about it involving your ass?
    [02:24:58] slimjm: everyone feels guilty as a teen over masturbating, right?
    [02:25:29] cj187: wasn't an issue really, obv there was the whole gay thing, but was mainly worried about getting caught
    [02:25:39] ten_s_nut: slim; No. My Mom was a Planned Parenthood social worker and taught us it was OK.
    [02:26:05] darwin: well, i wish i had discovered my hole earlier
    [02:26:11] slimjm: I was like most guys i guess, self discovered it and thought it was sinful
    [02:26:46] slimjm: then some Christian friends I had got to talking about it one day and I realized I was normal like them
    [02:27:00] slimjm: wow, maybe that was about age 14???
    [02:27:00] cj187: i guess i liked it was taboo
    [02:27:17] darwin: cj, that is very cool
    [02:27:44] slimjm: yeah, it felt more intense thinking about it being a private thing
    [02:28:29] ten_s_nut: I was lucky to have sexually "liberated" parents
    [02:28:56] slimjm: At appropriate times I talk with my young teenaged guys in our church Bible study group I lead about it
    [02:28:58] darwin: and, ten, you are still on the vanguard
    [02:29:25] ten_s_nut: maybe
    [02:29:26] cj187: then at uni, a girl i was seeing introduced me to rimming and i figured that actually it was fine
    [02:29:32] slimjm: I don't want them to go through the guilt thing and to realize their bodies are normal
    [02:30:13] ten_s_nut: Glad to hear you're doing that, slim. Hope none of their parents freak out
    [02:30:20] darwin: cj, you mean she rimmed you, or vice versa?
    [02:30:49] cj187: she rimmed me, was unbelievable
    [02:30:53] slimjm: I've actually had enormously relieved parents speak to me and say they were so glad we covered something
    [02:31:00] darwin: oh man am i jealous
    [02:31:01] slimjm: they felt they couldn't bring themselves to do
    [02:31:20] ten_s_nut: That's pathetic, slim
    [02:31:52] darwin: i gave my 15 yo nephew a sex ed talk
    [02:32:17] darwin: told him that everybody jerks off, and that probably half the guys imagine there is something wrong w/ their body
    [02:32:24] slimjm: Well, they were just glad that area had been covered. I remember how hard it was for me to explain to my young teen son
    [02:32:45] darwin: and, i told him that sex w/ a girl should be taken seriously, and done for her, not as a conquest
    [02:32:49] slimjm: and I knew everything to explain medically and otherwise about it
    [02:32:51] ExploringReality: i wish sexuality wasn't demonized in this society
    [02:32:59] cj187: great work slim
    [02:33:21] darwin: and that he should learn to jerk off slowly so he can hang in there during real sex
    [02:33:23] ten_s_nut: I think I embarrassed the hell out of my 2 sons w/ "The Talk"
    [02:33:52] slimjm: we've just let it become so taboo that even married folks have real hangups
    [02:34:39] slimjm: Yeah, I finally dealt with the topic with my son and right as I started he says, dad, I already know about all that
    [02:35:00] ten_s_nut: My sons said the same, but I forged ahead
    [02:35:24] ten_s_nut: ...I quizzed them and they didn't know as much as they thought they knew.
    [02:35:27] darwin: ten, how old were they?
    [02:35:28] slimjm: I did too, not to dwell on the physical aspect but the right attitudes to sex
    [02:35:53] ten_s_nut: I gave 'em the pitch at 13
    [02:35:55] darwin: yeah, with my nephew, the first thing i asked him was "what do you think it is girls want?"
    [02:36:17] darwin: are they twins?
    [02:36:46] ten_s_nut: No. The same talk was delivered to each at that age. They are 2 years apart.
    [02:36:46] cj187: never had one, but i just sort of knew to hold out for the right girl, being in love etc
    [02:37:04] darwin: ah
    [02:37:23] darwin: when i was 13 i went through a phase of jerking off w/ my friends
    [02:37:44] slimjm: I never did that
    [02:37:51] darwin: it was *very* exciting
    [02:37:56] ten_s_nut: darwin; same here "Circle Jerks"
    [02:38:01] cj187: me neither
    [02:38:07] darwin: we did it to each other
    [02:38:24] slimjm: I think its common though, like when you go off to camp and there's no privacy
    [02:38:31] ten_s_nut: darwin; we didn't.
    [02:39:50] darwin: i never completely grew out of it, kind of like i found out early that it is fun to have male-male interactions
    [02:39:52] eastcoast1: good evening folks
    [02:40:02] darwin: but i didn't get much of a chance after that
    [02:40:10] ten_s_nut: Hey, ec1
    [02:40:30] eastcoast1: busy in here tnight
    [02:40:40] eastcoast1: gotta love it
    [02:40:49] ten_s_nut: darwin; I "discovered" girls shortly thereafter, and that was the end of it
    [02:41:08] slimjm: let me go walk the dog. I may be back later.
    [02:41:16] darwin: yeah, i did too, but it wasn't the end of it
    [02:42:12] cj187: never experimented like that, prob could;ve done but wasn't interested
    [02:44:04] ten_s_nut: These days, the closest I can imagine getting to male-male sex is a shemale, if she was really cute
    [02:44:16] eastcoast1: haha ten
    [02:44:35] eastcoast1: some of them are really somehting
    [02:44:51] cj187: agreed east
    [02:45:23] eastcoast1: my wife loves watching gay porn
    [02:45:32] darwin: really, east!
    [02:45:32] eastcoast1: it makes her horny as fuck
    [02:45:36] darwin: do tell
    [02:45:51] eastcoast1: so I am like whatever works!
    [02:45:51] cj187: lucky guy
    [02:46:01] darwin: east: three way!
    [02:46:32] eastcoast1: no she is pretty conservative but she likes her gay porn
    [02:46:42] eastcoast1: and it is male
    [02:46:47] darwin: that is really pretty funny
    [02:47:02] eastcoast1: and she never asked if I mind
    [02:47:18] eastcoast1: ya it is kinda funny
    [02:47:23] cj187: always the quiet ones
    [02:48:23] eastcoast1: I am always asking her how far she would go as far as 3 somes and things but she just doesnt say much
    [02:48:25] eastcoast1:L O L
    [02:48:37] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [02:48:43] eastcoast1: cant push it
    [02:48:58] darwin: nah, like you said, whatever works
    [02:49:04] ten_s_nut: get her drunk and try again
    [02:49:05] eastcoast1: prob never happen but it is nice to dream
    [02:49:24] eastcoast1: I always tell her tha I want to take to HEDONIM and she says she would go
    [02:49:32] eastcoast1: hedonism
    [02:49:42] cj187: my ex always wanted MFF, which was fine but she didn;t want me to play with the extra girl
    [02:49:42] ExploringReality: please don't call them shemales
    [02:49:45] ExploringReality: its derogatory
    [02:49:52] ExploringReality: transwomen if they're MtF
    [02:49:56] eastcoast1: well thats just it , she is not a drinker so I will wait until the time is right
    [02:50:01] ExploringReality: you wouldn't say the n word
    [02:50:04] ten_s_nut: sorry, T-Girls
    [02:50:23] ten_s_nut: OK?
    [02:50:53] eastcoast1: ex reality, we strike a nerve?
    [02:51:20] ExploringReality: its not about striking a nerve, its about trying to meet minimum standards of decent human
    [02:51:35] eastcoast1: gotta call a spade a spade and this is not even close to being compared to the N word,
    [02:51:42] ten_s_nut: Got it. My apologies.
    [02:51:51] eastcoast1: sorry
    [02:52:11] ExploringReality: Eastcoast please have some empathy. I'm not going to play the oppression olympics but discrimination is discrimination
    [02:52:28] eastcoast1: ya ok
    [02:52:34] darwin: i think "shemale" is a term from pornogrophy
    [02:53:06] darwin: where as real people are like ER says
    [02:53:06] ten_s_nut: darwin; it is, and we were talking about porn. Nonetheless...
    [02:53:27] eastcoast1: I am not discriminating anyone, for heaven sakes I just said my wife loves to watch gay porn
    [02:53:59] darwin: ok, guys,let's drop this
    [02:54:02] ExploringReality: yeah eastcoast I'm just saying words hurt and shemale is a hurtful word. Thanks. =)
    [02:54:04] eastcoast1: explor , sorry if I offended
    [02:54:06] darwin: its not going anywhere
    [02:54:24] eastcoast1: next topic please
    [02:54:37] ExploringReality: its alright i dont get offended if poeple don't realize the words hurtful. Yeah next topic
    [02:54:44] ExploringReality: i got my progasm
    [02:54:50] eastcoast1:L O L
    [02:54:50] ExploringReality: and it did feel like electricity for a minute
    [02:55:14] eastcoast1: ya I have a pro but it always seems to be my last choice
    [02:55:48] eastcoast1: cant get the movement required to get the pleasure compared to smaller tools
    [02:56:04] eastcoast1: I am not going to give up though.
    [02:57:24] ten_s_nut: I have a Vice, about the same size as Progasm, and it works just fine.
    [02:58:01] eastcoast1: I was going to go grab one of them and get started and now you got me thinking
    [02:58:23] eastcoast1: I get the best results from the MGX
    [02:58:33] eastcoast1: and max
    [02:58:56] eastcoast1: I can always start with the pro and see what happens
    [02:59:05] eastcoast1: maybe downsize if needed
    [02:59:26] cj187: using my pro later
    [02:59:55] cj187: thinking eupho may have to be bought soon
    [02:59:59] ten_s_nut: Eupho, later
    [03:00:06] eastcoast1: I want a helix
    [03:00:26] ten_s_nut: I don't use my Helix at all anymore
    [03:00:41] eastcoast1: really ten?? how come
    [03:00:47] eastcoast1: just not doing it
    [03:00:56] cj187: mines not been used for awhile
    [03:01:07] eastcoast1: hmm ok
    [03:01:10] ten_s_nut: For some odd reason, it blocks ejaculation, which is frustrating.
    [03:01:13] eastcoast1: thats not reassuring
    [03:01:32] eastcoast1: ya thats sucks
    [03:01:40] eastcoast1: think I will go prepare for my pro
    [03:01:50] ten_s_nut: Have fun
    [03:02:15] eastcoast1: my pro was my first one and i only bought it because of all the rave
    [03:02:29] eastcoast1: however I will keep trying
    [03:02:39] eastcoast1: be back in a few
    [03:03:08] ten_s_nut: Hello, jj and Spo
    [03:03:20] jjaneros: hi guys
    [03:04:17] ten_s_nut: What's new, jj?
    [03:05:56] cj187: hi all
    [03:06:02] jjaneros: not much really just same ol
    [03:06:17] rumel: Hi Guys, It's Friday night is this where the Party is at?
    [03:06:29] ten_s_nut: Hey, rumel
    [03:06:58] ten_s_nut: We learned never to say "Shemale" here. Use "T-Girl" instead.
    [03:07:12] rumel: Hey darwin, I'm glad to see you here!
    [03:07:16] ExploringReality: or trans woman
    [03:07:44] ten_s_nut: ER; hadn't seen that term
    [03:08:14] rumel: I guess the term should generically be transgendered person
    [03:08:14] ExploringReality: Yeah, I have trans* frieds. Transgender, transwoman, Trans*, etc.
    [03:08:35] ten_s_nut: Is saying "Trans" OK?
    [03:08:52] ten_s_nut: Too close to "Trannie?"
    [03:09:04] ExploringReality: yeah. they put an asterisk to cover all the males, females, non identifiers
    [03:09:59] rumel: I think the best thing to do would be to ask the transgendered person how they would like to be referred to as?
    [03:10:14] ten_s_nut: Good idea (duh)
    [03:10:26] ExploringReality: well usually they prefer to be called what they identify as. MtF are women
    [03:10:56] ExploringReality: but when discussing gender identity they are transgendered as opposed to us, who are cisgendered
    [03:11:28] ten_s_nut: ...complicated. Now my head is starting to hurt
    [03:12:49] rumel: I beleieve I'll just think of them as people with emotions and feelings very similar to my own.
    [03:12:50] ExploringReality: yeah that why i usually don't get into it. gender is complicated and why i only tell people to please not use those words
    [03:12:54] ExploringReality: and not get into discussions
    [03:15:37] ten_s_nut: I work in San Francisco part of the time and have met several women who still have their "equipment."
    [03:16:14] ten_s_nut: male parts, that is.
    [03:16:59] ten_s_nut: Otherwise, they are perfectly ordinary middle-aged women.
    [03:24:07] ten_s_nut: awfully quiet around here...
    [03:24:42] ExploringReality:L O L sorry for killing it. rumel you still here?
    [03:26:21] ten_s_nut: looks like everyone fell asleep
    [03:26:24] rumel: Yes
    [03:27:38] ExploringReality: Would you know any reason other than muscle tone why the progasm would slip out of my anus
    [03:29:50] ExploringReality: sorry if that's kind of random
    [03:29:58] rumel: ER, I've had the same problem on occasion, I think it has to do with the fact the girth of the Progasm dilates the anus
    [03:30:10] rumel: sufficiently to fool your system into believing it is passing a stool, so it helps it along with rectal contractions.
    [03:31:04] ten_s_nut: ER; does it happen when you are laying down flat?
    [03:31:30] ExploringReality: yeah
    [03:32:05] ten_s_nut: then rumel's hypothesis is probably correct
    [03:35:44] rumel: I reshaped my Progasm to a narrower profile at the sphincter location and no longer experience "pop outs".
    [03:36:07] ExploringReality: how did you do that?
    [03:36:59] rumel: I used a Dremel Moto-tool to grind it down then sanded it smooth.
    [03:37:59] ten_s_nut: Time to walk the dog -- I'll be back
    [03:50:33] strongone: hi guys
    [03:50:46] ExploringReality: hey man
    [03:51:11] strongone: how is it going in here?
    [03:52:25] rumel: hi so
    [03:52:57] rumel: How goes your journey?
    [03:53:06] strongone: hirumel
    [03:53:34] strongone: great here Rumel
    [03:53:52] rumel: Super
    [03:53:55] strongone: absolutely fantastic
    [03:54:49] strongone: very quiet in here
    [03:56:17] rumel: I'm multitasking but willing to offer what information I can to any discussion which may arise.
    [04:07:20] Scotty69: yo
    [04:08:03] Scotty69: anybody chatting tonight?
    [04:08:09] rumel: Hi Scotty
    [04:08:15] Scotty69: hey rumel
    [04:08:57] rumel: How goes your journey?
    [04:09:08] Scotty69: well, listen to this
    [04:09:26] Scotty69: all along i've been promoting the helix, because that is what i asked for at the porn shop
    [04:09:37] Scotty69: works good, no super O or anything
    [04:09:43] Scotty69: but enjoyable
    [04:23:05] artform: Hi R!
    [04:23:14] artform: Hi ER!
    [04:23:25] rumel: Hi 'a'
    [04:23:38] artform: How are you?
    [04:24:28] rumel: I'm good, how about yourself?
    [04:29:50] artform: Tired after a great party with live music; two 50th Birthdays for a lesbian couple of very good friends of ours!!
    [04:30:05] artform: Hi Self!
    [04:30:09] Self Stimulator: Hey Guys
    [04:30:37] artform: How are you tonight?
    [04:30:50] rumel: "Pardy Hardy" and have fun!
    [04:31:17] Self Stimulator: Doing well
    [04:33:19] Self Stimulator: Sorry I haven't been around for a bit. Had a terrible case of food poisoning that lasted 2 days and took 4 days to recover
    [04:33:23] Self Stimulator: from dehydration
    [04:34:18] Self Stimulator: What's the topic for this evening, or is there one yet?
    [04:34:35] artform: We ate very well and enjoyed some great wine, and many great friends!!!
    [04:35:18] rumel: There's no need to apologize, youve spent numerous hours on here helping others on their journey, we appreciate your help.
    [04:35:54] artform: just catching up for the moment Self. Shame about your bout!! Mrs. a and I both had that horribly one night years ago while
    [04:37:05] artform: staying with friends, having dined at a fine restaurant on seafood!!
    [04:37:44] Self Stimulator: Unfortunately my partner then picked it up from me just as I began to recover.
    [04:38:23] artform: That is unfortunate!!
    [04:38:40] artform: Is he recovering now??
    [04:38:46] Self Stimulator: Luckily he had gone to the store to buy Pedialyte & fruit juice to get me rehydrated
    [04:38:55] Self Stimulator: 6 hours later he started w/ it
    [04:39:12] Self Stimulator: I wasn't able to drink or keep anything down for 36 hours.
    [04:39:28] Self Stimulator: He waned to take me to the ER, but I refused. I was stupid
    [04:39:47] Self Stimulator: so as I began to recover, I had to then take care of him
    [04:39:51] artform: sorry guys... now fading fast here... Good Night Al!!!
    [04:40:09] artform: Chat again soon
    [04:40:13] Self Stimulator: we had our own little vomitorium here.
    [04:40:17] Self Stimulator: bye art
    [04:40:37] rumel: 'nite 'a'
    [04:40:46] Self Stimulator: Hello Exp, good to meet you.
    [04:45:45] ExploringReality: hi there
    [04:46:49] Self Stimulator: are you new to the forum?
    [04:52:34] Self Stimulator: hey rik
    [04:52:54] rikaaim: Evening SS, ER, Rumel. How goes it?
    [04:53:04] ExploringReality: Pretty good
    [04:53:07] ExploringReality: yeah im new
    [04:53:12] Self Stimulator: just arrived a few min. ago
    [04:53:34] rumel: Hi rika, Are you fully recovered from your sugery now?
    [04:53:52] rikaaim: I hope everyone is having a good night. ER, what's your experience so far?
    [04:53:54] rumel:
    [04:54:16] rikaaim: Rumel, what's going on? I was unaware. I hope all is alright.
    [04:55:12] rumel: rika, I was asking about YOUR surgery.
    [04:55:41] rikaaim: Oh. Mine was so long ago now, even though it's only been about 6 weeks ago, that I don't
    [04:55:47] rikaaim: even think about it. Everything is better than before.
    [04:56:21] rumel: That's great to hear.
    [04:57:21] rikaaim: I've bee more hormonally balance too, at least I think. I have less of a daily struggle
    [04:57:24] ten_s_nut: I'm back
    [04:57:29] rikaaim: of male vs female feelings and tendencies.
    [04:57:36] rikaaim: Welcome back and good evening Ten.
    [04:57:45] ten_s_nut: Hi, Rika

    12:00 am EST 2/11/12

    [05:00:28] ten_s_nut: Nothing to talk about?
    [05:00:49] rikaaim: I was asking ER what his experience has been so far. He said he was new.
    [05:01:40] ten_s_nut: Is he still here? (name is on list)
    [05:03:00] ten_s_nut: Learned from ER earlier this evening that "Shemale" is a highly derogatory term. Use "Trans" instead
    [05:03:01] rikaaim: Not sure.
    [05:03:24] rikaaim: I had this discussion before. I have a close friend who said she prefers tgirl most of all.
    [05:03:26] ExploringReality: yeah i am
    [05:03:56] ExploringReality: just doing other things
    [05:03:57] rikaaim: Because she is a girl, just not a ggirl, (genetic girl). She's a tgril (trans girl). So, I can see using trans.
    [05:03:57] ten_s_nut: Hello, again, ER
    [05:04:20] rikaaim: I'm actually excited because I'll have the place all to myself tomorrow!
    [05:04:34] rikaaim: No 7 kids, no sister, no brother in-law...I unpacked the Aneros!
    [05:04:39] ten_s_nut: Time for a big Aneros sesh?
    [05:05:07] rikaaim: It's only been about...4 months? At least...well over a year since I could have a true full go.
    [05:05:10] ExploringReality: my experience has been alright. didnt know that you're supposed to encourage when your butt clamps on the aneros
    [05:05:17] ten_s_nut: Hell, you could invite a friend and get out the ropes, too.
    [05:05:30] rikaaim: She might be coming over.
    [05:06:57] rumel: Well rika, I DO hope you have a very very enjoyable Anerosession.
    [05:07:30] rikaaim: Yeah, that's the catch 22 Rumel, if I expect it, then I try too hard, which is counter productive.
    [05:10:56] ten_s_nut: Rika; It's possible to "not try at all" and still expect something good to happen.
    [05:11:13] rumel: Of course NO EXPECTATIONS but you can focus on setting up your environment in as hospitable manner as possible....
    [05:11:32] rikaaim: I tend to do alright Ten. It's like riding a very orgasmic bike.
    [05:11:37] rumel: then let your self go, Just LET GO !
    [05:11:51] ten_s_nut: Sorry, rumel, I don't buy the "No Expectations" business.
    [05:12:29] rumel: To each his own 'ten'
    [05:12:35] ten_s_nut: smile
    [05:13:00] rikaaim: I've found a delicate balance between expectations, relaxation, and letting go.
    [05:15:19] ten_s_nut: perfect
    [05:16:47] rikaaim: Gents, I'm tired. I'm heading off to bed. Take care guys.
    [05:17:05] Self Stimulator: night rik
    [05:17:29] rumel: 'nite rika
    [05:24:25] ten_s_nut: I've gotta go -- wife calling. Goodnight, all.
    [05:24:50] Self Stimulator: night ten
    [05:25:03] Self Stimulator: turning in here also, good night all.
    [05:25:18] rumel: 'nite guys
    [05:26:45] brine: Hey gents!
    [05:26:56] ExploringReality: hey man
    [05:27:35] brine: Hi, ER!
    [05:29:12] brine: Hi rumel.
    [05:35:41] rumel: Hi brine
    [05:35:54] brine: Hey buddy, how are things?
    [05:37:46] rumel: Good
    [05:38:17] brine: So glad it is Friday, sleeping in with my honey!!!!
    [06:28:58] RipTheJacker: hey guys .. any substantial chat ongoing?
    [06:31:41] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi rip
    [06:32:10] MultiOrgasmMan: What's up?
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 1:26pm EST 2/11/12 through 7pm EST 2/11/12

    [18:27:40] ten_s_nut: Hey, sea
    [18:27:56] searawcatcher: hey ten.. what's up?
    [18:28:20] ten_s_nut: Not much -- just got back from a hike w/ my dog
    [18:28:25] ten_s_nut: You?
    [18:28:49] searawcatcher: a little on the horny side so trying out my toy
    [18:29:02] ten_s_nut: Which toy?
    [18:29:15] searawcatcher: aneros mgx
    [18:29:16] ten_s_nut: Hey, bear
    [18:29:30] ten_s_nut: sea; using it right now?
    [18:29:49] hapticbear: hey tens - been out in nature I see
    [18:30:13] ten_s_nut: Yes. ...still sweating it off
    [18:30:41] hapticbear: mmm jogger's high tens?
    [18:30:54] ten_s_nut: kinda
    [18:30:58] hapticbear: sea are you about to ride the waves?
    [18:31:18] searawcatcher: yup.... just slid it in...
    [18:31:39] searawcatcher: still pretty new at this so haven't yet ridden the waves yet... just enjoy tensing and relaxing with it in.
    [18:31:45] hapticbear: ah my arse just twitched in sympathy then
    [18:31:46] ten_s_nut: sea; good luck multitasking w/ chat. I can't make that work.
    [18:32:49] searawcatcher:L O L... i'll work something out... between the chat and porn, I'm doing well.
    [18:32:58] ten_s_nut:L O L
    [18:33:04] hapticbear: Aneros gives a new meaning to P.O.R.N.
    [18:33:14] ten_s_nut: ??
    [18:33:17] hapticbear: Persistent Orgasmic Response Nurturing
    [18:33:26] searawcatcher:L O L sorry.. porn.
    [18:33:30] ten_s_nut: Good one, bear
    [18:34:17] searawcatcher: lol yea.. that's it...
    [18:34:38] hapticbear: I just sent rook a vidoe link to a sufferer of persistent genital arousal
    [18:34:55] hapticbear: I couldn't ge to to his video link about whole body orgasm, found this one instead
    [18:35:00] ten_s_nut: Priapism?
    [18:36:07] hapticbear: Strange Sex: Constant Arousal : Video : Discovery Health
    [18:36:49] ten_s_nut: thanks
    [18:38:10] hapticbear: so how are the contractions sea?
    [18:38:54] searawcatcher: just slowly tightening and relaxing... haven't had my aneros but a couple of weeks and still trying to figure it out...
    [18:38:56] searawcatcher: any tips?
    [18:39:15] hapticbear: well try matching breathing to squeezing
    [18:39:40] searawcatcher: ok.. will try that for a bit
    [18:39:42] brine: Hey gents.
    [18:39:56] ten_s_nut: I had zero luck with active contractions.
    [18:40:03] ten_s_nut: Hey, Brian
    [18:40:09] hapticbear: inhale slowly from belly and as you exhale contract anus, then on next inhale relax and then tighten on exhale
    [18:40:38] hapticbear: repeat for 10 cycles and then relax and focus on imagining your anal canal rippling
    [18:40:38] brine: Hey tens.
    [18:40:42] ten_s_nut: ...but they work for many other guys here
    [18:40:50] brine: and hap and searawcatcher.
    [18:41:22] hapticbear: oh salty one, so many metaphoric ocean yoyagers today!
    [18:41:25] searawcatcher: ok cool.. will try that.. am laying on my back.. that OK? or other positions?
    [18:41:54] hapticbear: back fine - is your laptop floating in space somehow LOL
    [18:42:05] ten_s_nut: I favor flat on back, feet slightly spread.
    [18:42:08] searawcatcher: at my side...
    [18:42:27] brine: back, feet flat, legs slightly spread here.
    [18:42:54] hapticbear: gee tens we got to of them at it
    [18:43:46] brine: That how I position myself during a session.
    [18:43:50] muscleman: hands and knees nice too
    [18:43:56] hapticbear: may be multi-tasking is for the younger gents!
    [18:44:45] searawcatcher: inhale, tighten.. exhale, relax...
    [18:44:51] searawcatcher: right?
    [18:45:11] ten_s_nut: * gotta go show one of my sons how to change a flat tire -- will return later *
    [18:45:22] hapticbear: inhale fully into belly and then only when you begin exhaling start tightening anus
    [18:46:04] hapticbear: then as you begin inhaling completely relax anus, almost push out even
    [18:46:11] brine: Just checking in. Have a great day guys.
    [18:46:27] hapticbear: ok Brine you too
    [18:46:35] muscleman: got my progasm in
    [18:46:39] hapticbear: go tyre go, tens
    [18:47:28] hapticbear: I've got nothing in, but it's beginning to feel very nice this end
    [18:47:54] searawcatcher: wish there were cams here to watch and learn.
    [19:06:22] muscleman: good day for fucking
    [19:08:42] twlltin: Hi everyone
    [19:11:25] twlltin: hi brine
    [19:11:27] brine: Hey gents.
    [19:11:33] brine: Hey twll.
    [19:11:39] brine: and hap and muscle.
    [19:11:58] brine: @muscle...been there done that already!!
    [19:12:00] hapticbear: the brine returns, the tide has turned!
    [19:12:03] muscleman: hi brine
    [19:12:15] searawcatcher: sorry got bumped.
    [19:12:35] brine: was fantastic!!!
    [19:12:38] twlltin: hi watcher... I don't think we've met on chat before.
    [19:13:13] brine: sea raw catcher?
    [19:13:14] searawcatcher: hi twlltin. pretty new here..... just got my first aneros a couple of weeks ago and still learning how to use it.
    [19:13:27] twlltin: Great stuff.
    [19:13:34] brine: I'm intrigued by your screen name, sea.
    [19:14:35] brine: What does it mean?
    [19:23:12] macca89: evening gents
    [19:23:54] twlltin: Hi macca
    [19:24:34] macca89: hey mate
    [19:25:25] macca89: aneros need to sort out their UK distribution supplies
    [19:25:44] twlltin: Yeah. There seems to be a dearth of Helixes.
    [19:26:10] macca89: had to settle for a mgx copy, (or sgx, i dont know the difference)
    [19:26:28] twlltin: size, mainly
    [19:26:37] twlltin: sgx is smaller
    [19:26:43] macca89: 3/4 inch at its biggest
    [19:26:52] macca89: im a beginner though, so i dont mind
    [19:27:07] macca89: hows you man?
    [19:27:31] twlltin: Good. A little tired.
    [19:27:51] macca89: aneros knocked you out?
    [19:27:57] twlltin: I had progasm in for four hours last night, two of which I was asleep.
    [19:27:57] macca89: :P
    [19:28:03] macca89: wow!
    [19:28:05] ten_s_nut: I'm back
    [19:28:10] twlltin: I had to take it out to get a little quality sleep.
    [19:28:13] twlltin: Hi ten_s
    [19:28:16] macca89: hey ten
    [19:28:34] hapticbear: did you wake in pleasure tw?
    [19:28:47] ten_s_nut: Halfway to an all-nighter, twll?
    [19:29:20] twlltin: yeah. It was getting mildly uncomfortable by that point.
    [19:29:47] twlltin: I had some pleasure, but I think it was the wrong time of day to be doing it.
    [19:29:51] hapticbear: you're a mean tyre fitter tens! That was quick!
    [19:30:24] ten_s_nut: bear; we failed. car fell off jack and jammed wheel in wheel well. Help is on the way.
    [19:30:32] bsmith14: hi guys
    [19:30:42] ten_s_nut: Hey, David
    [19:30:43] twlltin: Hi bsmith
    [19:30:44] macca89: hey bsmith
    [19:30:58] hapticbear: blimey tens - nasty! glad no one was underneath!
    [19:31:36] ten_s_nut: I NEVER get under a car on a jack.
    [19:33:15] hapticbear: and never get in a car with an Aneros!
    [19:33:37] ten_s_nut: Oh yeah, that too
    [19:33:43] twlltin: cruel, haptic, cruel!
    [19:34:15] macca89: imagine trying to drive with it in
    [19:34:36] ten_s_nut: I used to do that a lot, macca
    [19:34:45] macca89: wow
    [19:35:55] macca89: might sound random, but i wonder if aneros is good for depression
    [19:36:52] hapticbear: well oxytocin is good for depression and the orgasms induced by Aneros will release that in th ebody naturally
    [19:37:15] macca89: yeh i was just thinking about the good endorphines in the brain it releases
    [19:37:42] Scotty69: hey guys
    [19:37:49] twlltin: Hi Scotty
    [19:37:52] macca89: hey scotty
    [19:38:03] Scotty69: macca...did your helix arrive?
    [19:38:08] ten_s_nut: Hello, Scotty
    [19:38:20] hapticbear: go British, go!
    [19:38:29] Scotty69: you guys want to hear what happened to "helix"?
    [19:38:31] macca89: was a slight hitch, impossible to get one in the UK due to the fact everywhere has ran out of stock
    [19:38:35] twlltin: Larry Niven had his wireheads. Welcome to the wirebutts.
    [19:38:46] macca89: i had to get a MGX copy in the end, which hasnt arrived yet
    [19:39:01] Scotty69: well, I have the MGX, not the helix
    [19:39:29] Scotty69: I thought I had the helix. i was at the porn shop and the guy got one for me, but got the wrong one!
    [19:39:31] macca89: oh ok cool, i dont mind really because im a beginner anyway, so it being a bit smaller is cool with me
    [19:39:42] Scotty69: I was looking at the diagram of the helix online and was like "that isn't mine!"
    [19:39:46] macca89: blessing in disguise then L O L
    [19:40:14] Scotty69: well, now my question is this....who has used both?? and should i invest in the helix?
    [19:41:29] Scotty69: any thoughts?
    [19:42:50] ten_s_nut: Tow truck is here -- gotta go -- will return
    [19:44:07] muscleman: thought you were changing a tire ten?
    [19:44:38] macca89: couldnt comment sorry scotty
    [19:44:49] bsmith14: macca, I have both, mgx was a great starter model, but have enjoyed the helix a lot more
    [19:45:10] macca89: yeh i think it will be perfect for me
    [19:45:31] macca89: i think scorry is wondering if the helix is a lot more pleasurable than the mgx?
    [19:45:35] macca89: *scotty
    [19:45:41] bsmith14: sorry, that was meant for Scotty
    [19:46:03] macca89: i got a bit nervous the other day when a package arrived in the post (thinking it was my aneros)...
    [19:46:07] Scotty69: i think i am going to buy the helix.
    [19:46:15] macca89: i was feeling the packet as i was walking upstairs and it felt really big
    [19:46:21] macca89: then i opened it and it was just the lube haha
    [19:46:30] Scotty69: honestly, i was thinking Progasm because my "helix" wasn't working...that would have been huge!
    [19:46:44] macca89: yeh people have advised me its better than the mgx, and good for beginners
    [19:46:47] Scotty69: macca, it'll come soon, right?
    [19:47:04] macca89: well its from america, so could take a couple of weeks
    [19:47:24] bsmith14: I also have the progasm, it feels much bigger then the mgx/helix
    [19:47:32] Scotty69: but it will be quality!
    [19:47:34] macca89: but its a really good deal
    [19:47:37] macca89: £10
    [19:47:47] Scotty69: you dont want a crappy one arriving in 2 days only to have it snap off into your butt
    [19:47:50] macca89: yeh nothing wrong with a bit of teasey apprehension haha
    [19:47:56] macca89: haha so true
    [19:48:07] Scotty69: 10 EUROs?
    [19:48:17] macca89: £
    [19:48:33] macca89: was about £16 all in all with postage
    [19:48:43] muscleman: progasm has a feeling of fullness for sure
    [19:48:51] macca89: but it wasnt price that defined my decision, was the fact everywhere was sold out here
    [19:48:55] macca89: so had to get a copy
    [19:49:06] macca89: looks exactly the same, and is made from the same material
    [19:49:29] macca89: i only aim to use it for a month or so before the helix is in stock here and i upgrade anyway
    [19:49:45] twlltin: You can get used to the presence of the progasm, but I doubt if you could ever forget you had it in.
    [19:53:25] muscleman: ditto that about progasm
    [19:54:19] Scotty69: the head on the helix looks much better than the mgx!
    [19:55:32] twlltin: Another thing from last night. I suspect that even one bottle of beer was enough to dull the sensations.
    [19:55:43] twlltin: ...even a few hours after consumption.
    [19:56:41] macca89: god im aching thinking about it haha
    [19:56:47] macca89: cant wait
    [19:57:13] macca89: helix seems the more logical shape, having the curved bigger bit at the end, where the mgx has its biggest bit in the middle
    [19:57:30] macca89: so im looking forward to upgrading once i get used to the mgx
    [20:01:07] twlltin: MGX and Maximus are roughly similar shapes.
    [20:01:46] twlltin: It appears that they're meant to touch above and below the prostate, whereas the helix tends to touch bang on centre.
    [20:02:01] macca89: ah i see
    [20:02:04] muscleman: progasm?
    [20:02:18] twlltin: off the map.
    [20:02:45] macca89: haha
    [20:04:11] macca89: vibrating one?
    [20:05:01] twlltin: It's similar in size to the progasm
    [20:06:15] macca89: bet its an intense sensation
    [20:06:42] twlltin: I don't have that model, so I can't say.
    [20:34:19] ten_s_nut: I'm back. Car is on a temp tire
    [20:34:57] ten_s_nut: Anybody here?
    [20:42:06] muscleman: here
    [20:46:09] ten_s_nut: Hey,mm
    [20:47:16] muscleman: need a new tire?
    [20:48:02] ten_s_nut: I just ordered a set of 4 from Tirerack
    [20:51:14] muscleman: never heard of them
    [20:54:06] ten_s_nut: Kumho tires
    [20:55:00] muscleman: never heard of them
    [20:55:37] ten_s_nut: Tire Rack - Your performance experts for tires and wheels best tire prices
    [20:56:27] groovin: ah, tire chat... this must be the place
    [20:56:33] groovin: hey guys
    [20:56:50] groovin: Los Angeles, 48, here
    [20:58:41] ten_s_nut: Hey, groovin. 63, NorCal
    [20:58:53] groovin: hey Tens
    [21:00:02] ten_s_nut: What's up?
    [21:01:20] groovin: What's up? Hmm well Helix, shortly. Yourself?
    [21:01:43] ten_s_nut: Probably Vice, tonight.
    [21:01:57] ten_s_nut: Last night was Duke
    [21:02:13] groovin: "Duke?" what's that, a new model?
    [21:02:51] ten_s_nut: Fun Factory Duke; Vice's big German cousin
    [21:03:28] groovin: I'll have to check it out. I take it you recommend it?
    [21:03:49] ten_s_nut: here: FUN FACTORY Vibratoren | Dildos | Smartballs - Kategorien
    [21:04:10] ten_s_nut: For advanced Aneros users only.
    [21:04:45] groovin: looks nice...
    [21:04:51] groovin: looks like it would feel good
    [21:05:07] groovin: the egg-shaped head especially
    [21:05:19] ten_s_nut: It feels great, but it's a messy bastard to insert.
    [21:06:46] ten_s_nut: Vice delivers same number of Super-Os per session, and easy to insert.
    [21:08:05] groovin: sweet
    [21:08:53] ten_s_nut: If you only get one prostate vibe, I'd suggest Vice, not Duke.
    [21:11:40] groovin: yeah guess i will start with the vice.
    [21:12:04] ten_s_nut: The Vice is comfy to sit on. Duke is not.
    [21:12:37] groovin: that is important, yes
    [21:12:41] ten_s_nut: On the other hand, Duke is a lot less expensive.
    [21:13:12] groovin: cost is less a consideration
    [21:13:34] groovin: quality is worth paying for, especially with sex toys
    [21:13:44] groovin: there is so much corner cutting these days
    [21:13:50] ten_s_nut: agreed, which is why I have both
    [21:14:09] ten_s_nut: therapy no matter what you compare it to.
    [21:14:10] groovin: i bought my g/f like five pear rabbit type vibes in a row and she broke them all
    [21:14:17] groovin: motor failure
    [21:14:27] groovin: they are making that stuff too cheap now
    [21:14:50] ten_s_nut: My wife is on hers second Rabbit (a $40 one)
    [21:14:51] groovin: they are pretty much disposable but at 30-70$ a pop
    [21:16:02] ten_s_nut: It's been nice chatting, groovin, but I gotta go. Will be back later. Cheers!
    [21:16:20] groovin: later
    [21:35:14] groovin: hey Macca what's up
    [21:53:08] groovin: hey ck
    [21:53:12] groovin: oops CJ
    [21:53:14] groovin: pardon
    [21:54:56] cj187: hi groovin
    [21:55:21] groovin: hey from Los Angeles
    [21:56:49] cj187: UK, Leeds
    [21:57:37] groovin: cool. 45, helix user here
    [21:58:33] cj187: 28, helix and progasm
    [21:59:08] groovin: cool. hows the progasm compare
    [21:59:40] cj187: much bigger, not as subtle, prefer it length-wise
    [22:00:16] groovin: i should try that one out
    [22:00:51] cj187: i get better movement out of it
    [22:01:27] groovin: the length sounfs good, i could use a bit more prostrate contact than the helix provides
    [22:02:11] cj187: yeah i didn't find it was long enough, like i didn't get much contact
    [22:04:02] groovin: when you hit it just right, that's the ticket to bliss
    [22:05:52] cj187: agree
    [22:06:27] groovin: i guess you haven't tried to vibrating model?
    [22:06:31] groovin: should be good
    [22:07:28] groovin: have used vibes before and enjoyed them... so the aneros must be worthwhile as well
    [22:07:37] cj187: no would like to tho, guys on here rave about it
    [22:08:54] groovin: i had a thing called a "doc johnson prostate cradle" that was really awesome as well
    [22:09:03] groovin: need to find another
    [22:09:23] groovin: could kind of sit on it and rock/grind
    [22:10:02] cj187: sounds intriguing
    [22:10:37] groovin: yes, a pretty awesome toy. Have to look and see if it is still manufactured
    [22:16:41] cj187: easier for handfree?
    [22:16:51] groovin: yeah
    [22:17:00] groovin: was looking but can't find it
    [22:17:21] groovin: it had an insertable part and a rounded base
    [22:17:34] groovin: and you could squat on it and rock
    [22:18:03] groovin: it could be too intense
    [22:18:12] groovin: but if you hit it right it was incredible
    [22:18:32] cj187: i bet
    [22:19:13] groovin: so yeah it could leave your hands free for other tasks
    [22:19:27] groovin: like nipple play
    [22:41:51] twlltin: I return.
    [22:42:46] twlltin: I've just had a two hour 'less session. It's given me hints that I've not been approaching 'less the right way so far.
    [22:42:54] twlltin: ...and further study is required..
    [22:45:02] cj187: do tell twll
    [22:45:37] twlltin: OK. Will do. Just brewing some tea.
    [22:46:31] twlltin: I get the feeling that in a 'less, I've got to somehow gently stimulate the same area that an aneros would
    [22:46:38] twlltin: but that's difficult.
    [22:47:06] twlltin: I've been trying various visualisation techniques, like for instance
    [22:47:33] twlltin: imagining the prostate as a small lump of kindling material that you're trying to get to
    [22:47:36] twlltin: catch light.
    [22:47:50] twlltin: Blow too hard on the spark, and it'll go out.
    [22:48:13] twlltin: Don't blow enough, and it'll never go from smouldering into full flame.
    [22:48:50] twlltin: Anyway, I think I got close to *something* towards the end. Don't know what yet.
    [22:50:05] cj187: wahoo, getting there
    [22:50:58] twlltin: It's a different skill than when you have an Aneros inserted.
    [22:51:12] twlltin: that's the source of the stimulation.
    [22:51:59] cj187: would guess its much more focused
    [22:52:24] cj187: i'm gonna have a real try when i go abroad for a business trip in a couple of months
    [22:52:25] twlltin: I wouldn't say "focussed", but more "anchored".
    [22:52:34] cj187: *weeks
    [22:53:21] twlltin: I also get the feeling that my body already knows what to do, but it needs to be shepherded in the right direction
    [22:54:35] cj187: hahaha mines clueless in that case
    [22:55:42] twlltin: I'm doing reasonably well with the devices. Some excellent sessions, some not quite as good.
    [22:56:12] cj187: on and off, last nites was great, lots and lots of buzzing
    [22:56:37] cj187: but last one was a dud
    [22:56:58] groovin: yes, it can be hit and miss
    [22:57:02] twlltin: I slept with progasm last night. Well... half of last night.
    [22:58:07] twlltin: Not the best move... quality of sleep was reduced... and the "high" wasn't as good as it had been in sessions where
    [22:58:13] twlltin: I wasn't as tired.
    [22:58:19] cj187: i've tried sleeping with it in, just ends up keeping me up
    [22:58:39] twlltin: I did have a weird, non-erotic dream in the middle of it
    [22:59:38] twlltin: Something about walking along a road, encountering an oncoming storm, but turning around and walking back out of it.
    [22:59:54] twlltin: I don't remember much more detail than that.
    [22:59:58] twlltin: Hi aneros_user
    [23:00:23] aneros_user353817: hey how are you
    [23:00:32] aneros_user353817: interesting dream
    [23:00:33] twlltin: I'm fine, and you?
    [23:00:51] aneros_user353817: sounds like youre walking out of the aneros orgasm
    [23:00:52] twlltin: I don't think I'd put much significance on it.
    [23:01:24] aneros_user353817: no, i never have put much into dreams, but they're interesting nonetheless
    [23:01:32] aneros_user353817: im taking a break from taxes
    [23:02:30] cj187: yeah the other nite my fiance gave birth to twin cats
    [23:02:43] cj187: dreams are weird
    [23:02:54] twlltin: In the UK, the mad rush to complete tax returns happened at the end of January.
    [23:03:45] aneros_user353817: your fiance had kittens coming out of her .....
    [23:03:53] aneros_user353817: interesting again
    [23:04:56] cj187: no no birth scene just being back at my parents with them, good job tho, she's got a cat allergy
    [23:05:42] aneros_user353817: ha ha
    [23:06:33] aneros_user353817: how lo9ng have you all been using your aneros's
    [23:07:00] twlltin: 6 months
    [23:07:13] aneros_user353817: do you get much of a response
    [23:07:15] twlltin: how about you?
    [23:07:40] twlltin: I didn't at first, but now I'm consistently getting "calm seas" supers.
    [23:07:47] aneros_user353817: i've had it about a year, but I don't get to use it much and just get mild twitches
    [23:08:02] aneros_user353817: how long did it take
    [23:08:21] twlltin: Six weeks of almost daily sessions.
    [23:08:49] aneros_user353817: holy crap...i'd love to try that....wish i had the opportunity
    [23:09:20] twlltin: It helped to be single.
    [23:09:33] aneros_user353817: yeah, im not
    [23:09:52] aneros_user353817: and my wife's not big on me sticking anymore things up my ass
    [23:10:26] aneros_user353817: so i've got to use it when she's gone
    [23:11:22] twlltin: If you can get the "rewiring" started, I'm sure she'll reap benefits too.
    [23:11:35] cj187: tend to be a weekend warrior but been using over a year
    [23:11:59] aneros_user353817: im a weekend guy to allthough it's been since before christmas
    [23:12:13] aneros_user353817: how did you're wife reap benefits
    [23:12:23] aneros_user353817: more control?
    [23:13:02] twlltin: I'm still single, but I have noticed more perception of what's going on...
    [23:13:18] aneros_user353817: really? in what way
    [23:14:07] aneros_user353817: i have helix and prograsm
    [23:14:09] aneros_user353817: too
    [23:14:20] aneros_user353817: which one do you like better
    [23:14:21] twlltin: It takes longer to reach the point of ejaculation.
    [23:14:56] twlltin: My body changes its affections for the different devices over time.
    [23:15:08] twlltin: At the moment it's liking progasm (and it didn't at first)
    [23:15:37] aneros_user353817: mine tended to gravitate to progasm too
    [23:15:46] aneros_user353817: i like the fullness
    [23:15:54] aneros_user353817: it might reach better too
    [23:16:22] twlltin: However, the helix does have a more delicate caress.
    [23:16:31] cj187: yeah i'm prefering the progasm
    [23:16:51] aneros_user353817: have either of you tried the vibrating one? think you will?
    [23:17:22] twlltin: Not got the Vice. It's a bit expensive.
    [23:17:53] aneros_user353817: i notice they were having a sale before christmas. I should have gotten one then
    [23:18:26] twlltin: It wouldn't have made much difference for me. Importing from the USA costs extra in shipping
    [23:18:46] twlltin: and if import duties are levied, an extra 25% on the item's price.
    [23:18:58] aneros_user353817: bummer
    [23:19:16] aneros_user353817: maybe you could start an aneros smuggling business
    [23:19:18] twlltin: It would have still been cheaper to buy from a local stockist.
    [23:19:32] twlltin: Now... where would you hide it?
    [23:19:46] aneros_user353817: hehe
    [23:21:11] Buster: Hi Guys!
    [23:21:31] cj187: Hi
    [23:21:45] aneros_user353817: hi
    [23:21:48] twlltin: Hi Buster
    [23:22:05] Buster: I hope everyone is having a great evening
    [23:22:29] aneros_user353817: still afternoon here. where are you?
    [23:22:39] Buster: Michigan USA
    [23:22:48] aneros_user353817: ah
    [23:22:52] twlltin: UK
    [23:22:58] aneros_user353817: washington state
    [23:23:20] Buster: So, I imagine you all didn't get 6 inches of snow last night then?
    [23:23:57] aneros_user353817: nope
    [23:24:48] Buster: I don't want to interrupt, anybody have any success stories?
    [23:25:23] aneros_user353817: i'm still looking for success
    [23:26:11] Buster: Keep at it, there is such a huge amount of pleasure to be had.
    [23:26:15] cj187: still looking too
    [23:26:21] twlltin: I agree, Buster.
    [23:26:49] aneros_user353817: so tell me about your success stories
    [23:26:59] Buster: I am into my 6th year (I think) and there are still heights that I have not seen. What a ride though.
    [23:27:37] twlltin: I'm getting deep "calm seas" with progasm. I reach a plateau initially, and dip into a deeper euphoria for many minutes
    [23:27:51] Buster: Last night is probably a good place to start. It was unbelievable how intense the orgasms were.
    [23:27:53] twlltin: returning to plateau, and then deeper again.
    [23:28:07] aneros_user353817: i'd love to just watch someone, see how it happens
    [23:28:20] Buster: Hey twlltin, explain your "calm seas" if you can.
    [23:28:25] twlltin: You'd not see much with me.
    [23:29:03] Buster: a_u you really can't see much I would think except for a bunch of moaning and wiggling around.
    [23:29:12] aneros_user353817: yeah i'd liket o hear about calm seas too
    [23:29:34] twlltin: It's a non-spasming sense of whole body euphoria that lasts for tens of minutes.
    [23:29:37] aneros_user353817: ok then maybe have a coach
    [23:29:46] aneros_user353817: see what i'm doing or not doing that they are
    [23:29:58] aneros_user353817: could be im impatient, too
    [23:30:00] twlltin: Sometimes there's sensations on the skin.
    [23:30:20] twlltin: Or very fine trembling movement in the major muscles.
    [23:30:29] Buster: You know a_u I have had a couple of great opportunities to work with people on this chat format. I don't think that
    [23:30:41] Buster: everyone appreciates it, but I thought it was great.
    [23:31:07] Buster: Twlltin, so there is no issues with breathing in "calm seas"?
    [23:31:11] twlltin: It's like the feeling of euphoria that you get just after ejaculation, but much prolonged.
    [23:31:20] twlltin: None whatsoever.
    [23:31:45] aneros_user353817: well i've never turned down coaching for ANYTHING
    [23:31:54] cj187: had a few shared/guided experiences on here two, went very well
    [23:32:01] Buster: Guys, the breathing for me was a HUGE thing to get passed. When the sensations started, I would hold my breath.
    [23:32:30] Buster: CJ, didn't it help you to see the possibilities with that kind of experience?
    [23:32:36] twlltin: I use even belly breathing.
    [23:33:03] aneros_user353817: well i'm open to it
    [23:34:33] twlltin: I can usually tell that the orgasm is approaching, as my sinuses tend to pop and crackle.
    [23:35:30] aneros_user353817: that must be from blood flowing
    [23:35:56] twlltin: I do think my blood pressure goes up during the start of a session
    [23:36:26] aneros_user353817: i would think so
    [23:36:34] Buster: Sorry guys, my computer went haywire for a minute, I am back now.
    [23:36:35] aneros_user353817: it does when you orgasm naturually
    [23:39:04] Buster: Hey Twlltin, have you ever used the "fire breath" approach?
    [23:40:02] twlltin: Yes. Not got it to work for me. Just leaves me light-headed.
    [23:40:27] cj187: sorry had to help a guy get out of the carpark
    [23:40:32] Buster: Yes, the fire breath is a tough one to do long term.
    [23:40:44] cj187: yeah it helped massively buster
    [23:40:47] aneros_user353817: what is it
    [23:41:38] Buster: I think what it does is let you realize how important the transference of this sexual energy is. It helps you move it within
    [23:41:41] Buster: yourself
    [23:43:31] twlltin: That said, I've just tried a 10 second burst, and as a result I felt as if my prostate was effervescing for about 30s after
    [23:44:31] twlltin: breath of fire is a rapid outward breath, repeated as quickly as possible, with only the relaxation of the diaphragm drawing
    [23:44:34] Buster: You have to keep trying different stuff. Last night I was doing the Key Sounds for part of the session and it tripped things
    [23:44:37] Buster: nicely.
    [23:44:39] twlltin: in the breath.
    [23:45:14] twlltin: Buster: I agree on mixing techniques -- it's a good way to kill a sessin.
    [23:45:39] twlltin: ...but sometimes it isn't.
    [23:46:06] twlltin: Something that didn't work a few months before might be just the thing now.
    [23:46:57] Buster: .....and positions! Never discount one completely, keep going back because it seems to change.
    [23:47:51] aneros_user353817: is there some place you can go to find different techniques
    [23:48:04] twlltin: wiki?
    [23:48:31] Buster: I was going to say that. I have not been to the wiki in a while, but I am sure it is there.
    [23:48:54] aneros_user353817: under aneros?
    [23:49:10] twlltin: yes, Aneros website has a wiki section.
    [23:49:22] aneros_user353817: ah
    [23:49:28] twlltin: Aneros Main Page - Aneros Wiki
    [23:50:04] Buster: Geez, I remember when I started out trying all the different positions thinking that one of them would hold the secret
    [23:50:08] Buster: combination for me.
    [23:50:16] Buster: It was never a position, it was me.
    [23:51:00] twlltin: My favourite position is completely flat on back, legs only slightly apart, arms loosely at side.
    [23:51:23] twlltin: It allows me to completely relax my body.
    [23:52:06] twlltin: Other positions didn't work.
    [23:52:32] twlltin: However a couple of days ago, I thought I'd stop a session by turning to my side.
    [23:52:47] Buster: You know it is funny, I always gravitate to laying on my stomach. Been that way since the first few months.
    [23:52:50] twlltin: It surprised me that the session continued almost as well in that position too.
    [23:55:56] Buster: If I could find a long term position on my back with my legs bent that was comfortable, things would be great.
    [23:56:51] cj187: i like being between being on my back and my side with knees at 90 degrees
    [23:57:06] twlltin: I changed my mattress. That helped a bit too.
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 7pm EST 2/11/12 through 11pm EST 2/11/12

    [00:41:28] bsmith14: anybody home?
    [00:42:14] cj187: still here
    [00:42:19] pulse42a: hi guys!
    [00:42:36] cj187: hi pulse
    [00:42:44] pulse42a: whats going on?
    [00:42:53] bsmith14: h cj and pulse
    [00:43:08] slimjm: I'm halfway here, eating
    [00:43:43] pulse42a: bsmith, cj
    [00:43:57] pulse42a: everybody just checking in?
    [00:44:38] slimjm: yep
    [00:44:38] groovin: hanging round here too
    [00:44:47] bsmith14: ye[
    [00:44:49] bsmith14: yep
    [00:45:09] cj187: yeah
    [00:46:57] envivo: hows evryone
    [00:47:07] slimjm: ok
    [00:47:23] cj187: good envivo, u?
    [00:47:54] groovin: good here too... real good
    [00:48:00] envivo: question? i have a helix, would the progasm be a good next choice
    [00:49:23] pulse42a: i have only ever had a progasm
    [00:49:33] envivo: do u like
    [00:49:51] envivo: im still in search of the big o
    [00:49:55] slimjm: how much progress with your helix envivo?
    [00:50:05] cj187: love my progasm, prefer it to my helix
    [00:50:08] Billoz: key question slim
    [00:50:46] envivo: lots of progress, ive had many little o's
    [00:51:16] slimjm: ok
    [00:51:38] slimjm: what do you feel during these "little o's"
    [00:51:39] bsmith14: the progasm will feel much bigger and filling. If you think you would like that, then its a good next model
    [00:52:25] envivo: leg s shaking, dry o's and some wet ones
    [00:52:59] slimjm: great, so you feel an orgasm just like you're ejaculating, but you're dry?
    [00:54:14] envivo: yea, lots of times. i usually have one major dry and then i dont stay hard, i want them to continue
    [00:54:24] twlltin: Something odd just happened
    [00:54:42] slimjm: mine cycle, about every 3 minutes for about 10 of them with sessions
    [00:54:47] bsmith14: hi twll, what ahppened?
    [00:55:00] twlltin: the aneros site disappeared off the net for me
    [00:55:16] slimjm: don't worry about how hard you are
    [00:55:31] envivo: then maybe i need to let it just happen
    [00:55:38] bsmith14: Yes, I get dry and wet o's without an erection
    [00:56:05] slimjm: i harden as they come on, then soften during the minute or so inbetween them
    [00:58:17] envivo: most times it comes on so hard that i cant back off, then cum and cant go on. i nneed to resist this
    [00:58:48] slimjm: do you wet o without touching yourself, as in not touching your penis?
    [00:59:45] envivo: i dont touch me penis, i do wear a cockring though
    [01:00:14] bsmith14: why the cockring?
    [01:00:30] slimjm: interesting
    [01:00:38] envivo: just like it and it gets me super hard
    [01:00:39] groovin: to keep hard probably
    [01:01:16] slimjm: nothing wrong with the ring but it may provide enough stimulation you wet o
    [01:01:20] twlltin: Forget the cock ring at the moment, I'd suggest.
    [01:01:37] twlltin: You don't want to stimulate the penis at all.
    [01:01:42] slimjm: and when you wet o, it's just like sex, you're "satisfied" i.e., in the refractory afterward
    [01:01:43] bsmith14: honestly, take the penis out of the equation. focus on your prostate
    [01:01:48] envivo: that is what im thinkin and then bring in the progasm
    [01:02:09] twlltin: Think of it like lightning brewing.
    [01:02:20] twlltin: You don't want to provide a lightning conductor.
    [01:02:25] slimjm: Progasm is okay, everyone I guess wants to feel what it's like but it's too uncomfortable
    [01:02:26] envivo: ok
    [01:02:43] bsmith14: some of my most intense pleasure occurs when I am 100% limp
    [01:02:45] envivo: why u say that
    [01:02:47] slimjm: nothing wrong with getting one. Smaller does more for me
    [01:02:59] twlltin: If you stimulate the penis, it becomes the most prominent feature on the landscape, and that's where the lightning will
    [01:03:00] twlltin: strike.
    [01:03:24] slimjm: the nerves an aneros stimulates on the inside are the ones that go to your penis
    [01:03:37] twlltin: I have a progasm, but it took a full month for it to work for me.
    [01:03:47] bsmith14: I vote for smaller is better too, the progam is my least favorite model
    [01:03:51] slimjm: just the stimulation on the inside produces the orgasm but uncouples the ejaculatory process from it
    [01:04:15] slimjm: when you stimulate those nerves in any manner at the penile level, the ejaculation is coupled with the orgasm
    [01:04:38] envivo: so if u have a helix, what would be ur next aneros item
    [01:04:53] slimjm: it's not truly your prostate you stimulate with an aneros, it's the nerve bundles that overlie it at the front of the rectum
    [01:05:01] bsmith14: my next model will be the eupho.
    [01:05:20] twlltin: I went Helix → Maximus → Progasm
    [01:05:21] slimjm: I have a eupho and it will tear me up more than any other model with orgasms
    [01:05:24] cj187: mine too
    [01:05:24] envivo: why eupho
    [01:05:41] slimjm: it's thin and it wiggles and massages you like crazy
    [01:05:59] groovin: sounds good, that
    [01:06:07] slimjm: the progasm just sits there and your rectum squeezes it during involuntaries.
    [01:06:11] bsmith14: its thinner then helix, but same length
    [01:06:11] twlltin: I might try eupho next. But not for a few more months. I want to learn the others properly first.
    [01:06:14] envivo: dang, decisions then
    [01:06:35] slimjm: during an involuntary with the eupho it's sliding in and out and wiggling from side to side like crazy
    [01:06:45] bsmith14: I also recently got the advanced peridise set. this gives a different type of sensations
    [01:07:03] slimjm: agree, twl. don't get a eupho until you at least know how to produce the sensations
    [01:07:06] envivo: what types of sensations
    [01:07:29] slimjm: getting an involuntary and the sensations that come with it
    [01:07:57] twlltin: I'm doing very well with the "calm seas" at the moment.
    [01:08:11] bsmith14: focus on anal opening, nice tickling sensations and then deep anal contractions
    [01:08:15] envivo: twl, u like the max or pro better
    [01:08:32] twlltin: I'm following a path that very few seem to be treading. I don't get the big shakes.
    [01:08:36] slimjm: i get those at the end of a romping session of super0s
    [01:08:45] slimjm: i don't shake much either
    [01:09:03] envivo: i want to shake and scream
    [01:09:04] twlltin: Helix was good in early January. From late January, Progasm started to work.
    [01:09:09] cj187: position dependant for me
    [01:09:18] slimjm: i do best on my back knees up
    [01:09:21] twlltin: I have never had dry-Os nor HFWO.
    [01:09:34] slimjm: I want to scream but i shake little
    [01:09:42] bsmith14: twll, sounds like you went to calm seas pretty quickly
    [01:09:56] slimjm: don't worry about a hfwo twl. it ends the session for most
    [01:10:12] twlltin: It's the only type I've had so far. Took me six weeks to get there.
    [01:10:13] bsmith14: I got the shakes pretty early on and just recently am starting to get more frequent calm seas
    [01:10:17] slimjm: it's the dry or prostate centered o's you're after with this stuff
    [01:10:21] envivo: when does this room get the most traffic
    [01:10:33] twlltin: I did have mini-Os during the first six weeks.
    [01:10:37] slimjm: i dunno. I don't visit that often
    [01:10:56] bsmith14: weekend evening/nights Easter USA time
    [01:10:59] twlltin: most traffic is when it's evening in the USA.
    [01:11:13] slimjm: I agree with more than one model
    [01:11:35] slimjm: it's like working out at the gym, changing up the routine from time to time brings more results
    [01:11:41] bsmith14: @slim, I do have times where I am very vocal, even have screamed at the top of my lungs
    [01:12:00] slimjm: when I'm alone in the house I'll let the moans and yells out
    [01:12:09] slimjm: but when the wife's asleep, I have to hold it in
    [01:12:09] envivo: nice!
    [01:12:14] envivo: me too
    [01:12:24] twlltin: I've not yet felt the desire to moan or yell
    [01:12:33] bsmith14: me too with the wife. I will moan, but supress any other noise
    [01:12:43] slimjm: when you have an orgasm powerful enough,you will
    [01:13:11] envivo: do u ever smoke weed during a session
    [01:13:24] twlltin: enviro: never
    [01:13:33] slimjm: never.
    [01:13:45] bsmith14: some guys have reported using weed as a great help
    [01:13:56] slimjm: I'm a traditional straight married conservative guy. Nothing like that for me
    [01:14:08] twlltin: I honestly wouldn't know where to get it.
    [01:14:35] envivo: ive gotten the medical stuff and had an amazin session
    [01:14:55] slimjm: i wouldn't consider it as a real assistive measure to reaching the orgasm stage though
    [01:14:58] bsmith14: never tried it before
    [01:16:19] twlltin: Alcohol, even in small amounts seems to dull sensations.
    [01:16:43] slimjm: little poll here. For how many of you guys is erection an inevitable part of the prostate o's?
    [01:17:27] slimjm: I've had good o's soft but never like the ones that come when I get a spontaneous erection
    [01:17:34] twlltin: It can happen during the build, but I've had it with and without.
    [01:17:37] slimjm: I don't try, it just comes
    [01:18:29] slimjm: I mean when a serious prostate orgasm comes, it feels like I've taken a massive dose of viagra
    [01:18:56] twlltin: I wouldn't know what that was like.
    [01:19:02] twlltin: (Viagra, I mean)
    [01:19:26] slimjm: I've tried it just to see what it's like, not worth the bad headache it gives you
    [01:20:24] slimjm: we get medical samples at our office and my curiousity got away with me
    [01:21:10] slimjm: but the clarify, when the orgasm eases off, my erection softens
    [01:21:37] slimjm: so it's not truly like viagra which keeps you hard and you can't get it to relax and go down awhile
    [01:34:27] groovin: how long does that viagra headache last Slim?
    [01:34:34] groovin: and how about the headache
    [01:34:44] groovin: probably raises blood pressure too huh?
    [01:35:11] groovin: damn, whitney houston just died!
    [01:35:19] twlltin: I often get a whistling in my ears as a part of a session.
    [01:35:40] slimjm: The headache is hours afterward, like into the next day
    [01:35:55] twlltin: So young, too.
    [01:35:55] slimjm: i think it mildly lowers blood pressure though
    [01:36:10] twlltin: BBC News - Whitney Houston, US singer and actress, dies aged 48
    [01:37:02] slimjm: so far i'm blessed with good erectile function and use the aneros to keep it stimulated in between sex with my wife
    [01:37:03] groovin: lowers it, huh? interesting.. and counter-intuitive
    [01:37:40] slimjm: it opens blood vessels, especially in the penis and opening blood vessels lowers pressure
    [01:56:36] twlltin: It looks like Ms Houston has been ill for a while. The fact that the BBC had an obit tape ready at this time of night
    [01:56:39] twlltin: suggests that.
    [01:57:11] bsmith14: she is a known drug user
    [01:57:17] bsmith14: or was
    [01:58:07] slimjm: shame
    [02:01:33] groovin: yes, as predictable as amy winehouse i suppose - but like Amy, nevertheless a shock
    [02:13:28] twlltin: This is what annoys me about 24 hour news channels. They run the same 2 min video segment over and over, under the
    [02:13:35] twlltin: journos interviewing each other.
    [02:14:08] slimjm: they have to fill in the time with something
    [02:14:26] twlltin: aye
    [02:14:39] groovin: i kinda like the news loop
    [02:14:53] groovin: it reminds me of falling asleep in hotels.
    [02:15:05] slimjm: its true you can watch anytime and catch up on the news
    [02:15:08] groovin: to that repetitive litany of current tragedies
    [02:15:21] twlltin: They've shown the same video pictures for 15 minutes so far, with various interviews in audio only
    [02:15:39] slimjm: probably the only video they have for now
    [02:15:47] ten_s_nut: I'm back, again.
    [02:15:55] twlltin: hi ten_s
    [02:16:02] twlltin: I know it's late.
    [02:16:03] slimjm: hi ten
    [02:16:29] ten_s_nut: Don't worry, twll. I don't nag on weekends.
    [02:16:57] ten_s_nut: Good evening, slim
    [02:18:04] slimjm: sorry I had to leave suddenly last night, ten. the dog had to walk and then my wife came in from an evening out with friends
    [02:18:24] slimjm: so we spent some time visiting and getting a snack to eat
    [02:18:28] ten_s_nut: np
    [02:18:55] slimjm: I left a good discussion so it seemed about counseling young guys on sex
    [02:19:32] ten_s_nut: There wasn't much more to it after you left.
    [02:19:41] ten_s_nut: ...and then I had to walk the dog, etc.
    [02:19:41] slimjm: oh well then.
    [02:20:16] slimjm: i'm always amazed at young guys having success with an aneros
    [02:20:37] slimjm: I can't remember anything from those years except uncontrollable urge to point and shoot it
    [02:21:09] ten_s_nut: slim, Aneros works well as am orgasm enhancer during sex, solo or partnered.
    [02:21:30] ten_s_nut: any age guy can enjoy it
    [02:21:36] slimjm: yeah it definitely has its role for plug and play
    [02:22:02] slimjm: i think younger guys with only getting it off on their minds can at least enjoy that
    [02:22:25] ten_s_nut: agreed
    [02:23:03] slimjm: I just find it unusual for younger guys to do the "penis NOT" approach it takes
    [02:23:17] slimjm: I couldn't have at that age if we'd had such a thing then, I don't think
    [02:24:19] slimjm: I've only used my aneros a few times with traditional orgasm.
    [02:24:46] slimjm: I think the best results are to have a good super o session, then a few hours later traditional sex
    [02:24:58] slimjm: wow, is the ejaculation and orgasm wonderful that way
    [02:25:13] slimjm: much more fun than just plugging it in and having traditional orgasm
    [02:25:19] ten_s_nut: True, and it works vice versa as well
    [02:25:48] slimjm: how soon after good sex can you use an aneros and get a super o?
    [02:26:01] slimjm: It's best if I wait a day or so
    [02:26:30] ten_s_nut: slim; I leave the Aneros inside me during and after sex w/ wife. The Super-O hits about 30 minutes later
    [02:26:31] groovin: i agree it is a great enhancer during sex
    [02:26:54] slimjm: you leave it in during sex, groov
    [02:27:12] groovin: yes i do
    [02:27:31] groovin: just a few nights ago
    [02:27:44] groovin: adds another level ovbviously
    [02:28:04] slimjm: interesting. I've done it a few times, but it doesn't seem to add much outside of interesting contractions back there
    [02:29:03] ten_s_nut: Dry-Os during partnered sex are a new thing for me, since Aneros
    [02:29:15] slimjm: kind of like we were talking about here not long ago about trying sticking your finger inside as a teen while masturbating
    [02:29:34] groovin: i did that too
    [02:29:47] slimjm: I tried it once to see if anything interesting went on in there but it was uncomfortable and had to slip it out to finish
    [02:29:50] groovin: started early with such stim
    [02:29:56] ten_s_nut: slim; that never worked for me -- can't reach my prostate no matter how I try
    [02:30:20] slimjm: most guys can't feel their own prostate due to the angle involved with your finger
    [02:30:35] ten_s_nut: ...even when I was young and limber
    [02:30:44] slimjm: especially if you have a healthy young gland
    [02:31:04] twlltin: I have long fingers.
    [02:31:13] ten_s_nut:L O L
    [02:31:15] groovin: haha me too!
    [02:31:18] twlltin: I can touch the prostate area and feel its shape.
    [02:31:27] slimjm: I do too and I can actually feel mine, but it's subtle
    [02:31:43] slimjm: I don't feel any great sensations when I touch it tho
    [02:31:45] twlltin: It's like a strawberry that's been flattened against the rectum wall.
    [02:31:57] slimjm: yeah, that's about right
    [02:31:59] twlltin: No great sensations when I touch it, either.
    [02:32:13] ten_s_nut: My wife can barely reach it.
    [02:32:33] slimjm: unless she has really short fingers she should be able to
    [02:32:40] twlltin: hi derek
    [02:32:50] derek1975: hi guys
    [02:32:54] derek1975: hello twlltin
    [02:32:59] ten_s_nut: Hey, derek
    [02:33:12] derek1975: hi ten_s!
    [02:33:26] derek1975: how is everyone tonight?
    [02:33:29] slimjm: Hey, guys. I'm gonna have to run.
    [02:33:42] slimjm: great derek, but gotta leave you
    [02:33:44] ten_s_nut: slim; as nearly as I can tell, my prostate is 4 inches inside, which is unusual.
    [02:34:08] derek1975: have a good weekend slimjm
    [02:34:09] ten_s_nut: TTFN, slim
    [02:34:19] slimjm: that's way too far. just inside the internal sphincter where you rectum opens up, maybe about an inch
    [02:34:36] ten_s_nut: slim; yeah, i know.
    [02:34:58] slimjm: I've measured and compared to the various models and it's about that length
    [02:35:29] slimjm: Been great talking guys. I may get back later. Will see.
    [02:38:52] derek1975: brb guys
    [02:39:17] groovin: starting a helix sesh here
    [02:39:40] ten_s_nut: Whitney Houston died today at age 48. Sad
    [02:39:51] ten_s_nut: Have fun, groovin
    [02:41:10] groovin: yeah, ten, due to the ever more rapid news cycle, we already discussed, feted and said goodbye to whitney
    [02:41:19] groovin: as for the well wishes, thanks
    [02:48:17] derek1975: groovin - cool about the helix...i may need to pick me up one of those when i graduate from the mx
    [02:48:20] derek1975: mgx
    [02:48:56] ten_s_nut: derek; I suggest moving up to Eupho.
    [02:49:14] derek1975: ten - why's that?
    [02:50:10] ten_s_nut: Helix is kinda "pushy" due to the size of the "head"
    [02:50:45] groovin: derek, why not try em both and decide ;)
    [02:50:56] derek1975: ahhh...thanks...esp given my challenges inserting the mgx
    [02:50:57] twlltin: eupho takes lots more skill to use, I've heard
    [02:51:26] darwin: hey gang
    [02:51:51] derek1975: hi darwin
    [02:52:06] ten_s_nut: twll; skill? I don't think so. It seems to work on its own -- no effort at all.
    [02:52:07] darwin: just saying a quick hi
    [02:52:16] ten_s_nut: Hey, darwin
    [02:53:39] darwin: i've been tinkering with a webcam so that i can be webcam ready
    [02:54:00] darwin: in case i find guys who want to do visual energy exchange
    [02:54:00] ten_s_nut: video chat w/ Aneros?
    [02:54:14] darwin: yeah, never done it
    [02:54:15] derek1975: webcam ready for what?
    [02:54:27] darwin: but seems like it could be promsing
    [02:55:07] derek1975: cool
    [02:55:32] darwin: i have done a few energy exchanges by text chat and even that medium can be really effective
    [02:55:50] darwin: ten, you are probably sick of hearing about this
    [02:56:16] ten_s_nut: darwin; no, I'm not. Good topic.
    [02:56:29] darwin: you are in the strict minority that has a wife who is anal-interested
    [02:57:33] darwin: i hope to learn more and more about combining forces
    [02:58:06] darwin: so far what i have gathered is that there is a right way and a wrong way
    [02:58:34] ten_s_nut: darwin; there are no stats on how many wives are want to top. Could be more than you think.
    [02:58:55] darwin: the right way involves initiall deep relaxation and getting in touch with inner self
    [02:59:12] darwin: then slowly finding energy to exchange until it builds and builds
    [02:59:34] darwin: the wrong way is more of a 'sex' thing
    [03:00:12] darwin: ten, i am just judging by the prevelance on this forum of guys who say their partners are only marginally interested
    [03:00:45] darwin: i guess it takes a pretty ideal partner to really understand what we are doing
    [03:00:47] ten_s_nut: agreed
    [03:01:00] darwin: and i think that is certainly a minority
    [03:01:02] derek1975: very true
    [03:02:54] darwin: so i'll keep everybody posted as i learn more
    [03:03:35] darwin: the only other thing i have noticed in my limited experience is that it might turn out that one person is more of a leader
    [03:03:53] darwin: and in that sense, it could have hints of coaching
    [03:03:55] darwin: but,...
    [03:04:17] darwin: i don't think that coaching has to be a more experienced to less experiemced
    [03:04:27] darwin: anybody would benefit from coaching
    [03:04:29] derek1975: i'd love to find a coach..
    [03:05:02] darwin: kind of like listening to, gee what is her name? on the hypnaeros cd
    [03:05:26] darwin: but a live person who is responding
    [03:05:43] darwin: derek, how far along are u?
    [03:06:11] derek1975: darwin - about 4 weeks now
    [03:06:29] darwin: ok, newbie...
    [03:06:43] derek1975: yup
    [03:07:02] darwin: i think if you come onto this chat, or even on the forum, and let folks know you are looking for coaching
    [03:07:09] darwin: you'd be able to find some pretty easily
    [03:07:23] darwin: so in your case its "newbie coaching"
    [03:07:27] darwin: which is a fine thing
    [03:07:40] derek1975: yeah...everyone has been really friendly and helpful
    [03:07:59] darwin: i could probably give it a try, we'd have to set up a time
    [03:08:03] derek1975: have gotten lots of great advice
    [03:08:03] darwin: though i am kinda new to it
    [03:08:12] darwin: there are more experienced guys
    [03:08:30] darwin: but, if you don't find somebody better, drop me a PM or mail...
    [03:08:48] derek1975: any help is much appreciated here
    [03:09:14] darwin: a coaching session would be like an hour or so focused on you
    [03:09:19] groovin: i can't coach, derek, but put me down for cheerleading
    [03:09:44] derek1975: thanks guys =)
    [03:10:17] darwin: also, if you have the $$ then rumel's hypnaerosession cd is really good
    [03:10:26] twlltin: Rah rah rah! Go Derek!
    [03:10:47] derek1975: yeah...i'm hoping he comes out with a male version too
    [03:11:26] darwin: that would be great, but i am not sure its very close on the horizon
    [03:21:28] derek1975: anyone still here?
    [03:22:14] groovin: still here derek
    [03:23:24] ten_s_nut: I'm here
    [03:23:33] envivo: hello all
    [03:23:48] ten_s_nut: Welcome, env
    [03:24:10] envivo: I have a helix with pretty good success, should i go for eupho or progasm
    [03:25:38] ten_s_nut: I love my Eupho and my Vice -- don't have a Progasm
    [03:25:47] darwin: time to hit the sack, guys,
    [03:26:01] darwin: g'night
    [03:26:05] ten_s_nut: Nite-nite, darwin
    [03:26:17] envivo: what u like about the eupho
    [03:27:57] ten_s_nut: Eupho is a bit longer than the others and thinner. It moves around a lot.
    [03:29:03] envivo: sounds nice, maybe i should get one
    [03:34:30] ten_s_nut: * taking a break -- will return later *
    [03:38:45] derek1975: groovin - how's your session going?
    [03:50:43] groovin: well, its not really a series of tricks so much as about figuring out your own pleasure spots
    [03:54:47] brine: Good evening, gents.
    [03:54:57] derek1975: hey brine
    [03:55:05] rikaaim: Evening
    [03:55:59] brine: Hi derek and rika.
    [03:56:09] brine: Color change.
    [03:57:43] rikaaim: I had the house all to myself tonight. Finally, got to enjoy my Progasm and Eupho.
    [03:57:53] brine: YEA!!!
    [03:57:58] brine: And?
    [03:58:10] derek1975: rika, how was it?
    [03:58:26] rikaaim: Oh, it's was a deep, all surrounding, beautiful trance of orgasmic bliss.
    [03:59:14] rikaaim: My mind went to a deep state of trance that my hypnosis files take me to with only sexual energy.
    [03:59:31] rikaaim: The stronger the energy, the deeper the trance, leading to a melting of sensations into one
    [03:59:39] rikaaim: form that surrouned all.
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 11pm EST 2/11/12 through 7am EST 2/12/12

    [04:00:34] ten_s_nut: I'm back, again.
    [04:00:40] ten_s_nut: Hey, Rika.
    [04:00:53] derek1975: welcom back ten
    [04:01:00] rikaaim: Evening Ten. Just telling the guys about my enjoyment in an empty house.
    [04:01:22] brine: GREAT place to be, rika!!!
    [04:01:26] ten_s_nut: Sounds like it was great, Rika
    [04:01:34] brine: Hey tens.
    [04:01:53] rikaaim: It's like a sexual high, without the groggy after effects.
    [04:01:55] ten_s_nut: Good evening. Brian
    [04:02:28] brine: Fantastic, rika!!
    [04:04:04] rikaaim: What about everyone else? How goes it?
    [04:04:28] derek1975: rika - have the house to myself here too
    [04:04:51] brine: Had a lovely -less session this afternoon. Alone time+awakened prostate=floating bliss
    [04:04:59] rikaaim: Enjoy it! I live with my sister, her husband, and their 7 kids. By fortunate circumstance, I'm all alone!
    [04:05:04] ten_s_nut: Rika; had a great sesh last night -- nothing new
    [04:05:08] brine: Derek, are you taking advantage of the time!!!???
    [04:05:10] derek1975: nice brine
    [04:05:18] derek1975: brine - you betcha
    [04:05:25] brine: Awesome.
    [04:05:39] rikaaim: I even turned down my girl coming over just to have a few hours of session time! I normally wouldn't do so, but
    [04:05:47] rikaaim: I've literally spent the last 5 days in a row at her place.
    [04:05:51] derek1975: been chillin with the mgx for about an hour now
    [04:06:27] brine: Enjoy the moment, derek!!
    [04:07:09] rikaaim: Ten, it's nice to have that reliable time that you know you can enjoy. Derek, Carpe Nocturn my friend!
    [04:07:52] derek1975: most definitely. thanks!
    [04:09:01] brine: We expect a FULL report, derek
    [04:09:39] derek1975: i could give a live play by play
    [04:10:04] derek1975: hahah
    [04:10:04] brine: Sure!!
    [04:14:51] derek1975: brine - i'm having an easier go of getting things in these days
    [04:15:15] ten_s_nut: Rika; Your and your GF into ropes these days?
    [04:15:38] brine: Excellent, derek!
    [04:16:04] rikaaim: We're both too busy with school and work right now. Maybe over the summer when we get free time.
    [04:16:38] brine: Ropes?
    [04:16:58] rikaaim: Yeah, I'm learning rope bondage.
    [04:17:09] rikaaim: I will say that she's becoming more submissive, which is nice.
    [04:17:32] brine: Ah, cool!!
    [04:18:16] rikaaim: I've been lurking on the pegging board. Thinking about getting one of the dildo's that Ruby mentions.
    [04:18:30] rikaaim: I'd like to get a nice dildo and harness and see if I can't convince my girl.
    [04:19:14] brine: Love that idea, rika.
    [04:20:05] rikaaim: She wants one where she can feel something too, which is why we were looking at a Share.
    [04:21:59] groovin: been pegged a couple times, it was great, but -
    [04:22:25] groovin: it is kinda clumsy for most women so unless they have a fetish, it is kind of a novelty thing for them
    [04:22:54] rikaaim: She had a strap-on before we even met. She meant to use it on a girl though.
    [04:23:58] groovin: well i don't mean to dissuade you in any case!
    [04:24:04] groovin: just an observation
    [04:24:21] groovin: anything is possible of course
    [04:24:27] groovin: i only generalize
    [04:24:56] rikaaim: I'm glad you got to have your experience Groovin. She did use it on me one time, but we weren't well
    [04:25:11] rikaaim: prepared. It was a rather large phallus too. So, we've been looking into it together.
    [04:25:36] groovin: i dated another girl who offered
    [04:25:54] groovin: but the problem there is that she really wanted to DOMINATE
    [04:26:05] groovin: like fully, the relationship
    [04:26:21] groovin: so i had to decline for power balance reasons!
    [04:26:39] rikaaim: Groovin, I do love the look of a man snuggled up submissively against his mistress. :P
    [04:26:57] groovin: yeah i hear you
    [04:27:01] rikaaim: Of course, I always imagine that situation playing out where the mistress is dishing out some fine pleasure
    [04:27:08] rikaaim: mixed in with the bits of punishment/control.
    [04:27:30] brine: Exciting thoughts, guys!
    [04:28:16] groovin: well it is awesome when a woman finds her inner guy and really gives it to you with her hips
    [04:28:32] groovin: hot to fully submit to that and be on that end of the equation
    [04:30:06] rikaaim: My girl has a tendencie to top with or without a strap-on. She'll get on top of me and work those hips
    [04:30:23] rikaaim: like no other. She can pound me hard. Plenty of times I wrapped my legs around her and just
    [04:30:36] rikaaim: sat back and enjoyed what she was giving. She knows I'm into guys, and has me suck on her
    [04:30:57] rikaaim: nipples and imagine I'm sucking a cock. A few days ago she had me come on her vagina and
    [04:31:07] rikaaim: then lick it all up and give her some nice oral.
    [04:31:26] rikaaim: Which is kind of what lead me to wanting tonight all to myself anyway. I've had some nice quality time.
    [04:31:47] groovin: very hot
    [04:34:12] rikaaim: I may have to leave soon to practice some rope knots while I have the place and the space.
    [04:35:06] brine: Keep us in the loop on your roping progess, rika.
    [04:36:57] groovin: rope knots huh>
    [04:37:03] groovin: what's up with that
    [04:37:19] rikaaim: Yeah, I'm learning the basic knots now, however, one quick tie came in very handy not too long ago.
    [04:37:33] groovin: how so
    [04:37:40] rikaaim: It's called a quick tie actually too. It was a simple three loop tie that quickly looped around the wrist or
    [04:37:57] rikaaim: ankle, of which I used both, and then to the bed post. Nothing keeps the goods spread open like rope.
    [04:38:16] groovin: what kind of rope do you recommend
    [04:38:25] rikaaim: I want to get good enough to do some rigging and then maybe a photo spread. I like the artistic aspect as well
    [04:38:39] groovin: i use a looped belt on my girl's ankle or wrist sometimes
    [04:38:41] rikaaim: as the BDSM side. I use a nylon rope for now.
    [04:38:44] groovin: she likes that stuff
    [04:38:59] rikaaim: My girl is spoiled and likes the Chinese silk rope, but it's too expensive at long lengths.
    [04:39:05] rikaaim: The most common is hemp and nylon.
    [04:40:51] groovin: how pricey is the silk?
    [04:42:19] rikaaim: I only have two silk pieces, one is about 5 feet of solid rope, maybe 30 bucks? The other piece is pre-made cuffs.
    [04:42:40] rikaaim: I don't use those cuffs often because I have a pair of 90 dollar leather cuffs that are fur lined.
    [04:43:04] rikaaim: Which, of course, she says are uncomfortable. How adjustable strap, fur lined, leather cuffs are uncomfortable is beyond me.
    [04:43:40] groovin: we have cuffs too and they are just standard issue metal ones. she never complains
    [04:45:48] rikaaim: Well, I think we're getting to a point where more things can be explored.
    [04:46:03] rikaaim: We both work full time and go to school, so anything extensive play wise is very limited.
    [04:47:17] groovin: cool that you are on the same page, you two
    [04:48:16] rikaaim: We've been together a long time, so we've gone down this road together.
    [04:48:30] rikaaim: To be honest, she's not a submissive person by nature, which is why we have some conflict.
    [04:48:47] rikaaim: I want to be in charge and so does she, but some things are changing.
    [04:49:01] rikaaim: Oh, by the way, are you interested in learning rope bondage?
    [04:49:07] groovin: that sounds like a good game
    [04:49:11] groovin: yes, i am
    [04:49:19] groovin: can you recommend a site?
    [04:49:37] rikaaim: Looke up Two Knotty Boys. All of their vids are free. They suggest you download them. It's their contribution
    [04:49:48] rikaaim: to safe bondage and the lifestyle. They want to share their passion.
    [04:50:23] groovin: great
    [04:50:32] groovin: i will check it out
    [04:50:40] groovin: thanks for the tip
    [04:50:46] ten_s_nut: Rika; Is this the same GF you broke up with a month or two ago?
    [04:50:54] rikaaim: You're welcome.
    [04:51:16] rikaaim: Ten....yes...don't talk about it! I'm over it!'s just know...
    [04:51:19] rikaaim: L O L
    [04:51:56] ten_s_nut: I know, Rika I asked because I know you guys had a pegging experience that didn't go too well.
    [04:52:16] derek1975: gnite all!
    [04:52:26] rikaaim: Well, that was close to 5 years ago, which I'm hoping our research will lead to better times.
    [04:52:29] ten_s_nut: Nite-nite, derek
    [04:52:33] rikaaim: Goodnight Derek...thanks for sticking around!
    [04:53:03] ten_s_nut: Rika; Yeah, enough time has gone by that you can laugh about the 1st time and try again
    [04:54:36] rikaaim: Gents, I'm off as well. Gonna study and maybe practice some knots.
    [04:54:40] rikaaim: Have a good night all.
    [04:54:52] groovin: two knotty boys
    [04:54:56] groovin: thanks again
    [04:55:00] groovin: and g'night

    12:00 am EST 2/12/12

    [05:05:26] ten_s_nut: Anybody still here?
    [05:13:54] groovin: hey
    [05:14:18] ten_s_nut: Seems like everybody went to bed
    [05:14:54] groovin: yeah
    [05:14:57] groovin: they cashed out
    [05:16:30] groovin: except for maybe -- the candy? nice screen name there
    [05:16:52] thecandy: yeah haha
    [05:16:57] imperium: yo
    [05:16:59] thecandy: i just made it off the top of my head randomly
    [05:17:05] thecandy: its been a while since i entered chat
    [05:17:07] thecandy: months
    [05:17:15] groovin: nice one
    [05:17:18] groovin: well welcome back
    [05:17:27] ten_s_nut: Yes, welcome
    [05:17:38] ten_s_nut: Hey, imp. What's happnin'
    [05:18:15] imperium: not much just got home from snowboarding trip.
    [05:18:23] imperium: checking email etc now.
    [05:18:36] ten_s_nut: In Cali? We got no snow.
    [05:19:26] imperium: nah
    [05:19:47] groovin: playing bow wow wow in your honor
    [05:19:56] imperium: CA doesn't even have hills let alone snow on them lol
    [05:20:22] ten_s_nut: Utah?
    [05:21:00] imperium: bingo
    [05:21:39] ten_s_nut: Yeah, I love skiing Park City
    [05:22:07] imperium: O.0 someone"s loaed lol
    [05:23:04] imperium: Ne who.
    [05:23:22] imperium: whats new with every 1 else?
    [05:24:28] ten_s_nut: Not much. Nightly Aneros as usual, interspersed with partnered sex.
    [05:25:17] imperium: cool cool
    [05:25:45] imperium: def having session tomorow or maybe tonight.
    [05:26:37] imperium: 14 hour drive then board my ass off for 6 days then 14 hour drive..... sleep sounds nice lol
    [05:26:57] ten_s_nut: for sure, dude
    [05:37:46] ten_s_nut: Hey, Multi. Welcome to a VERY quiet chat room
    [05:38:09] ten_s_nut: Wow, he bailed fast
    [05:38:32] ten_s_nut: Well, I'm outta here, too. Cheers!
    [05:40:46] MultiOrgasmMan: Ten
    [05:41:19] MultiOrgasmMan: Evening all
    [05:41:46] MultiOrgasmMan: Wherever you are
    [05:42:00] MultiOrgasmMan: Bank soon
    [05:44:33] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi all
    [05:45:32] MultiOrgasmMan: Note
    [06:36:08] groovin: wow great ongoing helix session tonight
    [06:42:24] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi guys
    [06:43:05] MultiOrgasmMan: Anybody here?
    [06:44:00] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi guys
    [06:45:11] MultiOrgasmMan: Back in a few
    [06:56:08] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi guys
    [06:56:36] MultiOrgasmMan: Be back soon
    [06:59:15] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi
    [06:59:28] groovin: hey
    [06:59:52] MultiOrgasmMan: Hey to you . What's up?
    [07:00:16] groovin: helix session. yourself?
    [07:00:52] MultiOrgasmMan: Just starting the aneros evening
    [07:01:13] MultiOrgasmMan: You riding now?
    [07:01:30] groovin: yeah
    [07:01:46] MultiOrgasmMan: How long tonite?
    [07:02:05] groovin: hours
    [07:02:28] MultiOrgasmMan: What's it been like?
    [07:02:58] groovin: super hot
    [07:03:13] MultiOrgasmMan: How hot?
    [07:04:51] MultiOrgasmMan: What are you feeling now?
    [07:07:42] MultiOrgasmMan: Still here groovin?
    [07:12:35] MultiOrgasmMan: Anybody here?
    [07:12:59] brine: Evening gents.
    [07:13:13] MultiOrgasmMan: Hey brine
    [07:13:32] brine: Hey, mom.
    [07:13:47] MultiOrgasmMan: You're red you must be hot!!!
    [07:14:03] brine: (blush)
    [07:14:23] MultiOrgasmMan:
    [07:14:37] MultiOrgasmMan: What's up?
    [07:14:49] brine: Getting warmer by the moment. On the treadmlll!
    [07:16:16] MultiOrgasmMan: I'm very horny!!!!!!!
    [07:16:33] brine: Uh oh!!!
    [07:16:49] MultiOrgasmMan: Oh yeah
    [07:18:02] MultiOrgasmMan: And I'm just getting started!!!!
    [07:18:22] brine: You gonna ride?
    [07:18:44] MultiOrgasmMan: Yep
    [07:19:10] brine: Soon?
    [07:20:24] MultiOrgasmMan: I feel like getting very much getting it on so I'm gonna go to my fave, my Mgx
    [07:20:35] MultiOrgasmMan: Very soon
    [07:21:05] brine: Anticipation is part of the pleasure!
    [07:21:45] MultiOrgasmMan: Im having lots of less o's as we are chatting
    [07:22:14] MultiOrgasmMan: Life is good!!!!
    [07:22:38] brine: Big smile here!
    [07:24:17] MultiOrgasmMan: I'll keep my ym and this site open if you want to join me later
    [07:24:56] brine: Would love to. Not sure if I can.
    [07:25:04] brine: Opened YM.
    [07:25:38] MultiOrgasmMan: If so, I'll be here. If not, I'll still. Be here
    [07:27:01] brine: About 5 minutes of treadmill left.
    [07:27:13] brine: I'll see what I can do.
    [07:27:59] MultiOrgasmMan: You know where I am
    [07:28:17] MultiOrgasmMan: And how horny I am
    [07:28:18] brine: Yes.
    [07:28:36] brine: Are you alone?
    [07:28:47] MultiOrgasmMan: Yep
    [07:29:03] MultiOrgasmMan: Gonna go start riding now
    [07:29:18] MultiOrgasmMan: Might cya later
    [07:29:23] brine: Okay. Fun, fun, fun!!
    [07:40:18] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi there
    [07:40:38] PleasureSeeker: Hi all
    [07:40:53] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi ps
    [07:41:06] MultiOrgasmMan: Whatcha soon
    [07:41:14] MultiOrgasmMan: Doing
    [07:41:17] PleasureSeeker: Hi multi, how are you?
    [07:41:44] MultiOrgasmMan: Just started
    [07:42:02] MultiOrgasmMan: You?
    [07:45:10] MultiOrgasmMan: How long u been riding tonite?
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 7am EST 2/12/12 through 5:12pm EST 2/12/12

    [12:24:31] twlltin: Hi chatguest.
    [12:25:10] twlltin: I know you can't respond, but that doesn't mean I can't be polite, does it?
    [15:11:44] eddie528: hi
    [15:18:14] carla_IL: hello
    [17:17:10] ten_s_nut: Good afternoon, twll.
    [17:17:18] twlltin: Hiya
    [17:17:46] ten_s_nut: Did you go for another extended sesh?
    [17:18:06] twlltin: No. I needed the sleep.
    [17:18:18] ten_s_nut:L O L
    [17:18:58] ten_s_nut: I think once you get to the cathartic O stage, you'll be able to sleep well, after
    [17:19:19] twlltin: cathartic O?
    [17:19:55] ten_s_nut: Super-O, Full-body O, whatever you want to call the ones that leave you "shot."
    [17:20:15] twlltin: I get what you mean
    [17:21:01] ten_s_nut: Then, the Aneros leaves you alone even though it's still inside you.
    [17:22:29] twlltin: the "leaves you exhausted" O?
    [17:23:04] ten_s_nut: Precisely
    [17:23:36] ten_s_nut: I can count on 7 hours of sleep before the Aneros wants attention.
    [17:30:21] twlltin: hi rob
    [17:31:17] ten_s_nut: Hit and run?
    [17:31:25] twlltin: Often does.
    [17:33:20] twlltin: Hiya carla! Long time.
    [17:33:28] twlltin: Hi ec and martwick
    [17:33:38] eastcoast1: good day everyone
    [17:33:55] ten_s_nut: Hey, carla, ec1, and mart.
    [17:33:56] eastcoast1: hows everyone today
    [17:34:05] martwick: Hi there, new to the chat room, excuse my silence for a min.
    [17:34:10] twlltin: Been busy
    [17:34:11] eastcoast1: hey ten
    [17:34:22] twlltin: Welcome martwick. Pull up a comfy chair.
    [17:34:24] ten_s_nut: I'm doing great. You?
    [17:34:39] martwick: Thanks, believe I will
    [17:35:04] carla_IL: hello
    [17:35:04] eastcoast1: so far enjoying a lazy sunday
    [17:36:02] eastcoast1: martwick you new to all this?
    [17:36:03] martwick: Lots of ways to enjoy it
    [17:36:21] martwick: Yes, fairly new, how about you?
    [17:36:41] eastcoast1: over a year
    [17:36:54] ten_s_nut: Been doing Aneros for 15 months.
    [17:37:00] eastcoast1: it is amazing
    [17:37:20] eastcoast1: I have owned an aneros for 13 months
    [17:37:36] eastcoast1: but i had another prostate toy before that for a year
    [17:37:41] martwick: Well, new to the forum and stuff. I have tried a couple of things., one is the MGX
    [17:37:57] eastcoast1: called the pleasure wand. thats what got me started
    [17:38:15] eastcoast1: MGX could be my fav
    [17:38:20] ten_s_nut: mart; FYI, the text colors are in the wheel at the top of this page. Light colors work best.
    [17:38:41] martwick: It is really a good one for me. I have not reached the pinnacle yet though.
    [17:39:10] eastcoast1: how long were you at it?
    [17:40:29] martwick: I have only gotten to use it occasionally. I have tried a few others, but the aneros is the best. Been with the Aneros about
    [17:40:39] martwick: a year
    [17:41:39] martwick: Just ordered the Peridise Advanced
    [17:41:54] eastcoast1: oh ya
    [17:42:11] eastcoast1: well good luck on your journey. I try to use it 3 times a week or so
    [17:42:53] martwick: I am going to increase my use too, any advice from anyone?
    [17:43:09] ten_s_nut: mart; I have the Peridise Advanced Set. The smallest, 16mm, is really good.
    [17:43:56] martwick: Does it take any getting used to? I tried it Fri night and could not feel much with it.
    [17:45:39] ten_s_nut: mart; Your body has to figure out how to benefit from it. ...could take a few tries.
    [17:45:56] martwick: Maybe I expect too much after enjoying the MGX
    [17:46:41] ten_s_nut: Each model provokes a different response. They all "work."
    [17:46:52] martwick: I had better go now, thanks to all for the welcome
    [17:46:55] bsmith14: hi guys
    [17:47:02] eastcoast1: I feel the same way towards my progasm. I just cant make much headway with it
    [17:47:13] ten_s_nut: TTFN, mart. Nice meeting you.
    [17:47:34] twlltin: Any time, martwick
    [17:47:45] ten_s_nut: Hey, David. Still being the ideal hubby?
    [17:48:33] bsmith14: trying
    [17:48:45] bsmith14: helped with laundry and dishes again
    [17:48:55] twlltin: Back in a bit.
    [17:49:37] ten_s_nut: David; That's the spirit.
    [17:51:25] ten_s_nut: carla; anything new with you?
    [17:56:11] carla_IL: not much ...
    [17:58:02] ten_s_nut: carla; I guess you're still too shy to post anything in the Pegging thread?
    [18:00:25] carla_IL: mix of being shy and lazy ... L O L
    [18:00:25] nevado: hello , good afternoon
    [18:00:48] ten_s_nut: @ carla:L O L
    [18:01:19] ten_s_nut: Hey, nev. I was just giving carla a hard time about not posting in the Pegging thread.
    [18:01:53] nevado: never being pegged, but i would enjoy it for sure
    [18:01:58] twlltin: There's nothing wrong with shy.
    [18:01:58] ten_s_nut: (we don't get much in the way of female perspective)
    [18:02:20] robabrue: is pegging and traditional anal sex very different?
    [18:02:22] twlltin: Outside this forum, I'm very shy.
    [18:03:10] ten_s_nut: rob; not sure what you mean by traditional. Dildos have been in use since prehistoric times.
    [18:04:04] robabrue: well
    [18:04:33] robabrue: what i meant pegging more about domination or about traditional receptive pleasure
    [18:04:55] carla_IL: it's not so much about domination for us
    [18:05:13] ten_s_nut: rob; depends on the couple. For my wife and I, it's about pleasure.
    [18:05:22] robabrue: how is pegging pleasure for the female?
    [18:06:22] ten_s_nut: rob; we use a double-ended dil, My wife gets off.
    [18:06:34] carla_IL: same here
    [18:07:27] twlltin: There's also the perspective of "to give is better than to receive"
    [18:07:27] robabrue: i see
    [18:07:56] robabrue: carla...was it difficult initially to bring pegging into the bed
    [18:08:07] twlltin: It's possible to take pride in getting your partner into a state of orgasm
    [18:08:27] twlltin: and that can be a pleasure in itself.
    [18:09:21] carla_IL: @robabrue: no, not really. My bf had been playing with the aneros helix for a while. I had some previous strapon experiene
    [18:09:25] carla_IL: with girls
    [18:09:30] brine: Morning gents.
    [18:09:48] nevado: hi Brian
    [18:10:02] twlltin: Good evening Brian
    [18:10:38] brine: Okay, EVENING, Mr. UK!!! :)
    [18:11:06] twlltin: :P
    [18:11:26] brine: :grin:
    [18:11:42] twlltin: Good [local time of day]
    [18:12:27] twlltin: You know what pedantry is. A pedantry is something you hang a pedant from.
    [18:12:54] ten_s_nut: * going to get more coffee -- will be back in a minute *
    [18:13:34] twlltin: I'm popping out for about an hour. I hope to see some of you on my return.
    [18:13:42] twlltin: Bye for now.
    [18:14:12] brine: Two sugars, easy cream, please twll.
    [18:14:31] brine: BRB
    [18:16:53] ten_s_nut: I'm back.
    [18:17:23] brine: So am I. Great coffee, twll!
    [18:18:01] ten_s_nut: carla; you ever been on the receiving end of a strap-on?
    [18:19:19] carla_IL: yep
    [18:19:56] ten_s_nut: vaginal, anal, both?
    [18:20:13] carla_IL: both
    [18:20:25] ten_s_nut: cool
    [18:20:59] carla_IL: yep, it was fun
    [18:21:11] robabrue: whats more pleasurable...real vs. strap on?
    [18:21:27] muscleman: hi all
    [18:21:39] brine: Hey muscle.
    [18:21:49] carla_IL: uhm... they're different... both can be fun
    [18:21:55] muscleman: I love it when wife uses strapon myself
    [18:22:04] muscleman: hi brine
    [18:22:14] ten_s_nut: me, too, obviously
    [18:23:01] muscleman: plus I enjoy my slower building orgasms
    [18:23:05] brine: Yea tens!!!
    [18:23:36] brine: Going to have to go for a while. Will probably be back on later today.
    [18:26:24] muscleman [»] chatguest: do you still do your gf's with strapon or just boyfriend?
    [18:28:00] bsmith14: man, my sex life is so boring compared to you guys
    [18:28:47] ten_s_nut: David; After a few months of "Perfect Hubby" you'll get your reward
    [18:29:00] muscleman: been married over 40 years we honestly communicate better
    [18:29:24] bsmith14: I may get more sex, but it will be boring
    [18:34:40] ten_s_nut: David; Try to think positively; it's contagious.
    [18:36:18] bsmith14: well, she is just not into sex. I don't know how to overcome that.
    [18:36:53] ten_s_nut: David; Just stay the course. She will respond.
    [18:42:39] artform: Sounds right tens.
    [18:42:49] artform: Hi All
    [18:42:56] artform: Hi b14!
    [18:43:01] bsmith14: hi art
    [18:43:07] ten_s_nut: Hey, Art
    [18:43:32] artform: Hi nevando!
    [18:43:45] robabrue: hey art
    [18:43:53] artform: Hi robabrue!
    [18:44:04] artform: Hi carla_IL!
    [18:44:19] nevado: hi Art
    [18:44:23] artform: Hi mm!
    [18:44:48] muscleman: you can cuuudle and kiis, hold hands without having sex bsmith14
    [18:44:55] muscleman: hi artform
    [18:45:11] artform: Carry on with your topic!!
    [18:45:19] bsmith14: we do that mm
    [18:45:46] bsmith14: I would just once in my life want to feel like she is into it
    [18:46:07] muscleman: are best friends?
    [18:47:02] muscleman: my urologist is jealous I get pegged, he suggested my wife use a soft dildo if her fingers cramped from massaging my prosttat
    [18:47:43] bsmith14: we are affectionate, we cuddle and kiss in bed and outside of sex
    [18:47:43] artform: Finding what unique key will awaken her further is an "unknown unknown" to borrow that one and you cannot torture yourself...
    [18:48:15] bsmith14: its becoming a turn off for me
    [18:48:57] bsmith14: she won't make an effort to be sexual
    [18:49:13] artform: about it; only in loving patience follow your own intuition and encourage whatever cracks of light happen in her behaviours..
    [18:49:28] artform: ...and comments...~~~
    [18:50:44] artform: imho
    [18:52:45] artform: b14, try reading the David Abram book, "The Spell of the Sensuous" and have it lying around in your house.
    [18:52:58] muscleman: wife and I both were married before, we know to communicate
    [18:53:46] artform: I have turned on dozens of women as a friend and bookclub member with this book. Made it a local bestseller!!
    [18:56:46] ten_s_nut: Hey, rumel
    [18:57:08] artform: Great for self revelations for all, female and male!!
    [18:57:13] artform: Hi R!
    [18:57:21] rumel: Hi Guys & Gal, How's everyone this fine Sunday?
    [18:57:50] ten_s_nut: Doing great here, rumel. You?
    [18:58:11] rumel: I'm OK myself.
    [19:00:54] rumel: @carla, How's your boyfriend getting along with his Aneros?
    [19:02:10] rumel: @robabrue, niow that you have more extended practice time with your Aneros, how goes your journey?
    [19:02:44] rumel:
    [19:02:52] robabrue: i'm having good success
    [19:02:59] robabrue: with the help of many
    [19:03:26] rumel: Good, I'm glad to hear that.
    [19:03:51] robabrue: how are ur sessions going as of late
    [19:04:33] rumel: Hi Buster, I haven't talked with you in a long while.
    [19:04:42] Buster: Hi Guys! (and gal)
    [19:04:54] artform: Hi Buster!
    [19:04:55] Buster: It has been a while, I trust all is well
    [19:05:02] ten_s_nut: Hey, Buster
    [19:05:02] Buster: Hi Arty
    [19:06:15] Buster: I stopped by hoping to hear some good success stories today.
    [19:07:30] ten_s_nut: I don't have much of a story; had easy success w/ Aneros.
    [19:08:00] ten_s_nut: (worked like magic)
    [19:08:01] Buster: Well, that is a success story
    [19:08:31] Buster: I had probably my best session ever on Friday night using Darwin's updated condom method
    [19:08:49] ten_s_nut: I read that in the Forum. Congrats!!
    [19:09:04] artform: WOW Buater!!
    [19:09:22] Buster: This really a journey that takes many turns.
    [19:09:38] Buster: That one caught me off guard.
    [19:09:50] Buster: Probably why it was so good.
    [19:10:03] artform: indeed
    [19:10:37] artform: this endless journey never becomes "same old"~~~imho
    [19:13:30] artform: How did you feel and what sensations new or old man??
    [19:14:16] Buster: I got myself on this circular cycle or orgasms that just knocked me out......
    [19:14:29] Buster: ...and my nipples were ON FIRE!
    [19:14:54] rumel: @Buster, do you think it was the 'condom method' or other factors which made it a good Anerosession?
    [19:15:01] Buster: I had myself in a spot where I could touch about anywhere on my body and get response.
    [19:15:14] artform: Keeping warm with the return of winter eh man!!
    [19:16:00] Buster: Actually Rumel, that is a good point, there were other factors...namely your audio which I listened to during the process
    [19:16:28] Buster: The waves.....the moaning.....
    [19:16:36] rumel:Cool, always glad to hear that.
    [19:17:04] Buster: It had been a while since I had listened to it, it was great to listen to again.
    [19:17:55] Buster: @arty, you are right, it was cold, but as you can imagine, I was plenty warm.
    [19:18:21] rumel: An occasional re-listening helps to get the anchor words reinforced.
    [19:19:29] Buster: I just wish I has more time
    [19:19:56] artform:L O L
    [19:21:00] ten_s_nut: Buster; Don't we all?
    [19:22:07] Buster: I have sessions like that and I think that I could spend 2 hours every day in that state of euphoria.
    [19:22:33] ten_s_nut: One hour seems to be my limit.
    [19:22:42] rumel: THAT would be nice , yes!
    [19:23:33] artform: It is wonderful and it sounds like you are on your way there Buster!!
    [19:23:35] Buster: One of the things that was so great about it was that in the end, I was so satiated with what I was feeling that there....
    [19:23:59] Buster: was no thinking about ending in a more "traditional" way. Just good all around.
    [19:24:17] ten_s_nut: cool
    [19:25:21] artform: excellent
    [19:25:37] twlltin: I return. Hi all
    [19:25:48] ten_s_nut: wb, twll
    [19:26:00] Buster: Hi
    [19:26:11] artform: Hi T!
    [19:26:26] rumel: The UK contingent has re-arrived
    [19:26:37] twlltin: [giggle]
    [19:30:08] twlltin: All these people, and nothing being said.
    [19:31:00] Buster: I am fighting off a nap, and I am losing.
    [19:31:18] artform:L O L
    [19:31:25] twlltin: That's how I was feeling at this time yesterday.
    [19:31:28] ten_s_nut: OK, say something.
    [19:31:44] twlltin: Then had I lie down, which turned into a 'less.
    [19:34:58] ten_s_nut: I thnk the reason chat talk stalls is, everybody knows the others' story already.
    [19:35:10] twlltin: There is that.
    [19:36:37] Buster: I'll try and check back later, I have got to see this nap thing through to it's completion.
    [19:36:52] Buster: Laying in the sun doesn't help.
    [19:37:16] muscleman: we have sun here but not warm enough
    [19:37:23] ten_s_nut: TTFN, Buster
    [19:37:30] twlltin: Sun? You've got sun? We've got near-freezing fog here.
    [19:37:49] Buster: Adios.
    [19:38:03] muscleman: ony 36 degrees now with sun tonight 22
    [19:38:37] twlltin: With the fog here, it won't go below freezing.
    [19:38:41] ten_s_nut: 54 and overcast, here in NorCal
    [19:38:45] artform: sun and cold
    [19:39:43] brine: Hey friends!!
    [19:39:59] muscleman: hi brine
    [19:40:02] ten_s_nut: wb, Brian
    [19:40:10] twlltin: Hi again brine
    [19:40:27] brine: Nice to see you all here!
    [19:41:19] brine: Overnight temp in the low 20s.
    [19:41:29] artform: Hi brine!
    [19:41:42] brine: Hi all!!
    [19:43:39] ten_s_nut: Time for me to attack the "Honey-Do" list. I'll be back later. Cheers!
    [19:43:54] brine: Bye, tens.
    [19:43:57] artform: best tens
    [19:46:28] brine: Hoping you all are enjoying the blissful blessing of a newly rewired life.
    [19:46:53] artform: OH YES MAN!!!
    [19:47:02] twlltin: I don't think the rewiring ever stops
    [19:47:17] artform: exactly
    [19:47:39] brine: New connections of wires being made all the time.
    [19:48:05] brine: New places, new perspectives, new paths.
    [19:49:07] brine: If you haven't read this post (, I suggest you do. The last part nicely
    [19:49:24] brine: presents the human-ness of what we are enjoying.
    [19:50:06] brine: And interestingly enough, the post-er's screen name is "Human Being."
    [19:51:08] twlltin: He's pretty amazing in having got the hang of 'less without ever experiencing "with".
    [19:51:24] brine: Agreed.
    [19:52:44] rumel: Yes I think 'Human Being' is going to find being human with an Aneros is wonderous indeed.
    [19:54:26] rumel: 'a' have you given any more thought to experimenting with the "God Helmet"?
    [19:56:58] twlltin: (Thinks... Terry Ptratchett's "Strata")
    [20:01:08] twlltin: OK, rumel. What's this "God Helmet?"
    [20:01:22] brine: So, is anyone going to explain the "God Helmet?"
    [20:01:26] artform: Yes, indeed R! Just working out computer software compatibilites and related technical issues before investing.
    [20:02:08] twlltin: Is it some sort of stimulation device?
    [20:02:41] artform: Even more interested since my amygdala brushing has returned well and triggered (apparently) some direct temporal lobe orgasm
    [20:02:59] artform: orgasmssssss!!!!!! Completely unique!!
    [20:04:06] artform: It is a programmable multi-point/sensor electromagnetic stimulator of the temporal lobes used in university research.
    [20:04:27] artform: Google Dr. Persinger at Laurentian University.
    [20:04:27] brine: Yeow!!
    [20:04:48] rumel: @twlltin, see -> God helmet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    [20:05:09] artform: The helmet is made and sold bt an American graduate student associate.
    [20:07:06] rumel: I'd be interested in testing it out myself, but I don't have the funds for such an endeavor at this time.
    [20:07:37] artform: The God Helmet - How it works.
    [20:08:03] artform: There is the link, with new models since my previous investigations too.
    [20:08:50] twlltin: Curious device.
    [20:09:08] brine: Interesting. Gotta jet guys, catch you later!!
    [20:09:34] artform: Best brine!!
    [20:09:35] rumel: Ciao brine
    [20:10:06] artform: Her is the core company link with many resources and downloadable papers of interest: Persinger and the New Brain Sciences of Neurotheology and Magnetic Neurotechnology.
    [20:11:43] aneros_user353817: hi guys
    [20:12:34] rumel: I wonder what the effect would be with a God Helmet on and an Aneros in situ?
    [20:13:02] artform: Hi au817!
    [20:13:10] artform: Indeed R!
    [20:14:11] artform: As you know, I think we need a sensor equipped aneros to pick up a wide range of signals inside and from the prostate as well
    [20:19:09] rumel: 'a', I have a feeling HIH is not willing to invest in such a limited application product, they would need a major financial
    [20:19:20] rumel: grant to pursue that angle.
    [20:31:33] twlltin: hi 353817
    [20:31:49] aneros_user353817: hi again twillin
    [20:31:59] aneros_user353817: i'm working on getting my username changed
    [20:32:14] aneros_user353817: if anyone can tell me how I'd appreciate it
    [20:32:31] twlltin: Contact [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] perhaps?
    [20:32:31] aneros_user353817: twiltin, sorry
    [20:32:40] bsmith14: hi guys again
    [20:32:52] aneros_user353817: yeah, i did that, cuz I couldn't see an obvious way to do that
    [20:32:59] aneros_user353817: hi b
    [20:33:37] aneros_user353817: a friend is coming over in an hour or so to deliver a tool then I"m going for my first ride in a couple of months.
    [20:34:33] rumel: a_u, probably the easiest thing to do is just re-register under a different name.
    [20:35:12] aneros_user353817: yeah, but then i have to use set up another email account too cuz you can't use the same one...already tried
    [20:35:57] aneros_user353817: i don't know where this username came from or how i got it. That is certainly nothing i would have given mysefl
    [20:36:35] rumel: yes but email accounts through or hotmail are free and easy to establish as well.
    [20:36:50] aneros_user353817: true
    [20:37:39] aneros_user353817: going to ride for the first time in a couple months this afternoon...think i ought to use the helix or the progasm?
    [20:37:40] rumel: I think if you bought something from the website you automatically get assigned a membership to the Forum.
    [20:38:36] bsmith14: love my helix, so that is my choice
    [20:39:12] aneros_user353817: do you have others, b?
    [20:39:44] bsmith14: yes, progasm, mgx, helix, advanced peridise set
    [20:41:35] aneros_user353817: quite a collection there
    [20:42:01] bsmith14: yep, several years worth, peridise is my most recent and I really like them
    [20:42:18] bsmith14: just wish I could have more sessions
    [20:42:36] aneros_user353817: i hear you. im pretty limited in my privacy
    [20:42:50] bsmith14: me too
    [20:57:51] ten_s_nut: Anybody really here?
    [20:58:01] bsmith14: me me
    [20:58:02] twlltin: Don't know.
    [20:58:12] bsmith14: just did the dishes
    [20:58:25] twlltin: I'm just cooking
    [20:58:38] ten_s_nut: Yay, David
    [21:04:29] bigguy: Hey guys
    [21:04:48] bsmith14: hi bigguy
    [21:05:04] bigguy: How are u David?
    [21:05:41] bsmith14: good, but really wanted to have a helix up my ass right now
    [21:05:50] bigguy: Ha ha
    [21:08:11] bigguy: Go to it then
    [21:08:43] bigguy: Used my tempo for the first time last friday
    [21:08:55] bsmith14: to many kids around the house
    [21:09:02] bsmith14: how did that go?
    [21:09:25] bigguy: Been there cept my kids are BIG
    [21:09:41] bigguy: Really really nice
    [21:10:01] bigguy: Very subtle just the way I like it
    [21:10:03] bsmith14: do you have peridse to compare to?
    [21:10:26] bigguy: Yes
    [21:11:08] bsmith14: how did it compare?
    [21:11:21] bigguy: Better
    [21:11:38] twlltin: tempo is better than peridise?
    [21:12:04] bigguy: Tempo is better
    [21:12:39] twlltin: How does it compare in size?
    [21:13:02] bigguy: Tiny bit bigger
    [21:13:28] twlltin: I thought that smaller was better?
    [21:13:28] bsmith14: is that possible?
    [21:14:13] bigguy: I think the weight has something to do with it
    [21:14:44] bigguy: Because my njoys are also good and they are also stainless steel
    [21:15:03] bigguy: I like the small size and the weight
    [21:15:22] bsmith14: I do want to try one
    [21:15:34] bigguy: I am pleased
    [21:15:51] bsmith14: I will probably end up with every model at some point
    [21:16:08] bigguy: Tempo,peri dishes and eupho are the sole ones I use out of them all
    [21:16:19] bigguy: And I have every model
    [21:16:28] bigguy: Plus every n joy
    [21:17:32] bigguy: Ha ha my iPad changed Peridises to peri dishes
    [21:17:54] bigguy: And I just erased Pericles
    [21:17:58] bsmith14: what do you think of the n joy toys? did you get them before aneros?
    [21:17:59] bigguy: Ha ha
    [21:18:08] bigguy: Stupid autocorrect
    [21:18:16] bigguy: Same time
    [21:18:25] bigguy: They are nice
    [21:18:52] bigguy: I am waiting for aneros to make every model in stainless
    [21:19:40] bigguy: The weight adds a lot
    [21:20:39] twlltin: interesting
    [21:20:50] bigguy: Hey Twll
    [21:21:25] aneros_user353817: what are njoy toys?
    [21:22:12] bigguy: They are stainless steel massagers
    [21:23:13] bigguy: This. Ay lighter ?
    [21:23:20] aneros_user353817: ah...seems they would be heavier and probably warmer
    [21:23:24] bigguy: Nope
    [21:25:53] bigguy: There that's more readable
    [21:26:19] bigguy: No one using that color?
    [21:28:08] bigguy: I'll be back later guys
    [21:28:23] twlltin: bye for now
    [21:31:07] bsmith14: bye
    [21:33:19] twlltin: wb 353817
    [21:33:39] aneros_user353817: thx
    [21:53:28] artform: well worth having every model imho b14!L O L
    [21:53:34] twlltin: (I watch "Top Gear" from two weeks ago)
    [21:53:45] artform: best bigguy!
    [21:54:11] artform: We watch Top Gear vids T!!
    [21:54:27] bigguy: Hey art
    [21:54:28] twlltin: This is the BBC version, not the USA remake.
    [21:54:45] artform: Hi bigguy!!
    [21:54:52] bigguy: And Twll
    [21:54:53] twlltin: The USA version is slightly sensible.
    [21:54:56] artform: Yes we watch BBC DVDs
    [21:55:22] artform: noit as much "man sausage" talk either in all likelihood!!
    [21:55:24] twlltin: Three overgrown kids get to play with fast cars.
    [21:55:40] artform: INDEED!!!
    [21:56:11] twlltin: One of the best comedies on TV.
    [21:56:18] bsmith14: I think the eupho will be my next model
    [21:56:34] twlltin: Might be mine.
    [21:56:34] artform: Had a great Afternoon Tea here! Great tall cup of Horny Goat Weed Tea!!!
    [21:56:36] twlltin: too
    [21:56:50] artform: you are both ready for Eupho imho!!
    [21:57:19] twlltin: I think I'll wait until next month.
    [21:57:27] twlltin: I want to consolidate.
    [21:57:33] artform:L O L
    [21:57:57] artform: follow your intuition
    [21:58:13] bigguy: I do not think that this horny old goat needs any more inspiration
    [21:58:17] twlltin: I wasn't ready for progasm in December.
    [21:58:25] artform:laugh
    [21:58:25] bigguy: The goat being me LOL
    [21:59:04] bigguy: Snowing on the other side of the lake art?
    [21:59:06] artform: just a delightful tonic and tasty tea!!
    [21:59:15] bigguy: It is here
    [21:59:22] twlltin: bigguy: your relating your 'less experience suggests that I'm doing it wrong.
    [21:59:34] artform: Yes from gree grass to about 6"!
    [21:59:45] bigguy: No such thing as wrong Twll
    [21:59:55] artform: *green grass..
    [21:59:57] bigguy: Same here art
    [22:00:03] twlltin: Well, maybe
    [22:00:04] artform: exactly bigguy!
    [22:00:39] twlltin: Maybe I should say that a different approach would be better than the one I've been trying.
    [22:00:49] bigguy: I was driving over the green mt national forest Friday and it was bare and 55 degrees
    [22:00:58] artform: Just to keep up the pretense that this is winter bigguy!
    [22:01:18] artform: Lovely bigg!
    [22:02:09] bigguy: Only another 4 or 5 weeks LOL
    [22:07:39] bigguy: Sure art
    [22:08:07] artform: Got to go for a bit and back later men. All the very best All!!!
    [22:08:24] twlltin: see you later maybe, art
    [22:09:26] bigguy: Cool
    [22:09:49] bigguy: Ha ha
    [22:10:35] bigguy: Well gents I will be back later
    [22:10:51] bigguy: Bye for now
    [22:10:59] twlltin: bye
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 5:12pm EST 2/12/12 through 7am EST 2/13/12

    [22:13:15] twlltin: hi silky
    [22:13:35] silkyhoselover: Hello
    [22:13:56] silkyhoselover: Just seeing what's going on in here...
    [22:14:11] twlltin: it's a bit quiet at the moment
    [22:14:21] silkyhoselover: So it would seem...
    [22:14:27] silkyhoselover: Are you an experienced user?
    [22:14:38] twlltin: It'll probably pick up in the US's evening.
    [22:14:43] twlltin: Possibly, yes.
    [22:15:05] twlltin: I've been using for 6 months. Got my first super-O (the calm seas type) at six weeks.
    [22:15:27] silkyhoselover: Possibly? Well, I've just received my MGX and haven't yet tried it.
    [22:15:47] silkyhoselover: Do use it alone or with a partner?
    [22:15:59] twlltin: I'm single, so alone.
    [22:16:05] silkyhoselover: Ah...
    [22:16:11] silkyhoselover: Young man?
    [22:16:16] twlltin: 43.
    [22:16:35] silkyhoselover: 61 here. And married.
    [22:16:55] silkyhoselover: Wife is into anal, and I'm interested...
    [22:17:06] twlltin: More guys here are over 50.
    [22:17:15] twlltin: ...and many are married.
    [22:17:40] silkyhoselover: have had some insertions in the past, but don't care for the in & out motions. Aneros sounds like just the thing for me.
    [22:18:13] twlltin: I take it you've read the Aneros wiki from end to end?
    [22:18:22] silkyhoselover: I've been reading a lot of forum posts. Trying to absorb the knowledge of those who have gone before.
    [22:18:35] twlltin: Good idea.
    [22:19:17] silkyhoselover: Although I'm looking forward to the first experience, I'm still a little hesitant to do it with my wife around.
    [22:19:35] twlltin: Does she know about it?
    [22:19:56] silkyhoselover: Silly, I guess. I'm kinky as all get-out, but still a little shy about it. Yes, she knows that I bought it.
    [22:20:17] silkyhoselover: But we haven't tried it out yet. Valentine's Day might be a good time to start.
    [22:20:45] twlltin: Starting out is probably best as a solo activity.
    [22:20:50] silkyhoselover: We used to celebrate Valentine's Day by buying sex toys from a place called...
    [22:20:56] silkyhoselover: Valentine Products.
    [22:21:11] silkyhoselover: Probably out of busines by now. That was back in the 70s...
    [22:21:32] twlltin: It takes time to learn this funny shaped piece of plastic's effect.
    [22:22:10] silkyhoselover: From what I've read, there are a wide range of results, and 'nothing' is a distinct possibility.
    [22:22:20] silkyhoselover: Would be very disappointed with that.
    [22:22:32] twlltin: Yes. My first few sessions got nothing more than a mildly pleasant buzz.
    [22:22:45] twlltin: I thought I'd been conned.
    [22:23:20] silkyhoselover: A pleasant buzz is better than a big zero. If I can get enough to be encouraged to keep trying, I'll keep trying!
    [22:23:59] bsmith14: 38, married here
    [22:24:17] silkyhoselover: Hello, bsmith. 61, married here.
    [22:24:29] twlltin: Don't be surprised if nothing happens. It takes time.
    [22:24:33] silkyhoselover: new to this -- haven't tried my new toy yet.
    [22:24:37] bsmith14: silky, took me 3 years to show the wife the aneros
    [22:25:00] bsmith14: but, I had used butt plugs and she knew I like anal play
    [22:25:11] silkyhoselover: We're quite open, so I'm not afraid to show it to her. I'd love for us to have great sessions together.
    [22:25:38] twlltin: To start out, you want to limit distractions, I think.
    [22:25:47] silkyhoselover: I've used butt plugs and dildo sleeves. But only as 'inserts'. No in & out motion. Don't care for that.
    [22:25:53] bsmith14: do you think she would be able to let you totally focus on yourself during your sessions?
    [22:26:14] bsmith14: in and out don't do much for me either
    [22:26:17] silkyhoselover: Guess I'll have to explain that to her. Or have her read on here.
    [22:26:25] twlltin: Maybe disappear for a couple of hours into the spare bedroom?
    [22:26:33] silkyhoselover: Since we're both retired, there's not a lot of 'alone' time.
    [22:27:11] silkyhoselover: Hope she'll understand that part of it.
    [22:27:21] bsmith14: have her run some errands for you
    [22:27:38] silkyhoselover: I want this to be an enhancement for both of us. Heck, I want her to insert it for me!
    [22:27:40] bsmith14: or go to a guest room for a "nap"
    [22:28:03] bsmith14: that is a good thing, but having some alone time to learn is also helpful
    [22:28:08] silkyhoselover: LOL -- she'd know something was up. I nap sitting here in the computer chair...
    [22:28:20] twlltin: No need to hide it.
    [22:28:35] bsmith14: ok, then showing her the site andn the wiki and forum info so she can understand
    [22:28:37] twlltin: You're taking time to learn a new skill.
    [22:28:49] silkyhoselover: Hope she'll see it that way!
    [22:29:01] ten_s_nut: I'm back, again. Oh, a new person. Hello, silky
    [22:29:03] bsmith14: and that you want to learn how this thing works so it can enhance your relationship
    [22:29:22] silkyhoselover: Hi, ten -- have read lots of your words in the forum...
    [22:29:38] bsmith14: get here a peridise set and she can join you in solo sessions laying together
    [22:29:49] ten_s_nut: Thanks, I do tend to run at the mouth, or keyboard
    [22:30:10] silkyhoselover: Haven't read up on that device yet... will check it out. She's very into toys...
    [22:30:55] silkyhoselover: Ten_s -- you just have a lot to say. Nothing wrong with that. And it's very beneficial to us newbs!
    [22:31:03] bsmith14: lucky you
    [22:31:13] ten_s_nut: Glad to hear that, silky
    [22:31:39] bsmith14: the peridise is a unisex toy for anal pleasure
    [22:31:47] ten_s_nut: The only toy my wife really likes for herself is a big "Rabbit."
    [22:32:12] silkyhoselover: I've never been very good at reinventing wheels... but I can steal from the best like nobody's business.
    [22:32:22] bsmith14: and good for hemorrhoids
    [22:32:22] ten_s_nut: lol
    [22:32:26] silkyhoselover: My wife's favorite is the Hitachi Magic Wand.
    [22:32:51] silkyhoselover: We went through too many batteries before going 'electric'...
    [22:33:09] silkyhoselover: Had to have a 20 amp breaker installed just for her... (kidding)
    [22:33:16] ten_s_nut:
    [22:33:28] twlltin: single phase or dual?
    [22:33:41] bsmith14: my wife will not touch a sex toy
    [22:33:44] silkyhoselover: 480Vac, delta configuration...
    [22:33:55] ten_s_nut: silky; BTW, you can pick a text color from the wheel at the top of this page. Light colors are best.
    [22:34:08] silkyhoselover: Sure --- let me see...
    [22:34:37] twlltin: Over this side of the pond it's 240V single phase and 415V three phase.
    [22:34:37] silkyhoselover: How's this? Mmmmm... a little dark...
    [22:35:17] twlltin: (cue the joke in Top Secret
    [22:35:19] twlltin: )
    [22:35:43] silkyhoselover: Too bad that your wife doesn't like toys. My biggest joy is at having a wife who's as kinky as I am!
    [22:36:08] ten_s_nut: My wife is ALMOST as kinky as I am, which is close enough.
    [22:36:31] bsmith14: we are on opposite ends of the spectrum
    [22:36:47] ten_s_nut: slky; lighter blue maybe?
    [22:37:04] silkyhoselover: That's kind of sad. But if your marriage is otherwise strong, it's a good thing.
    [22:37:18] silkyhoselover: How's this?
    [22:37:24] ten_s_nut: nice!
    [22:37:28] bsmith14: unfortunately, didn't really open up sexually until after the relationship was in serious mode (marriage and kids)
    [22:37:52] silkyhoselover: Why the color sensitivity, Ten_s? They all look ok to me.
    [22:38:03] silkyhoselover: Is is a screen issue on your end?
    [22:38:03] bsmith14: marriage is strong, but weakend by the lack of her sexuality
    [22:38:19] silkyhoselover: Yep -- that'll do it.
    [22:38:20] bsmith14: ten is in charge of colors lol
    [22:38:47] ten_s_nut: your blue is fine, silky
    [22:39:17] ten_s_nut: (It's the Fine Arts degree in action)
    [22:39:33] silkyhoselover: Oh, ok....
    [22:40:11] silkyhoselover: I'm from the engineering discipline. But a rare one, who can write complete sentences and spell...
    [22:40:48] twlltin: I'm a computer science graduate. I similarly can write in complete sentences
    [22:41:42] silkyhoselover: Oh, gawd --- can you write software manuals that actually have some relevance to the product?
    [22:41:59] twlltin: I don't do documentation.
    [22:42:12] silkyhoselover: Seems nobody does...
    [22:42:18] bsmith14: documentation is for suckers
    [22:42:43] silkyhoselover: Well, gentlemen. Thanks for the conversation. I'm off to investigate the peridise!
    [22:42:58] twlltin: Have fun!
    [22:43:06] ten_s_nut: TTFN, silky. Nice meeting you.
    [23:03:52] twlltin: hi gm501
    [23:04:12] ten_s_nut: gone?
    [23:04:31] twlltin: only popped in for a few seconds
    [23:04:44] gm501: howdy all
    [23:04:44] ten_s_nut: Hey,gm
    [23:05:01] ten_s_nut: New here?
    [23:05:14] gm501: No, just haven't been by for a while
    [23:05:24] ten_s_nut: In any case, welcome.
    [23:05:32] gm501: tnx
    [23:06:06] ten_s_nut: Feel free to talk about anything. We've exhausted our own topics
    [23:06:38] gm501: jus feeling kinda horny here
    [23:06:50] ten_s_nut: Join the club
    [23:06:54] ten_s_nut: lol
    [23:07:26] gm501: gotta do something about it
    [23:07:52] ten_s_nut: Have a partner or Aneros to work with?
    [23:08:09] gm501: Aneros, and my hand
    [23:08:45] ten_s_nut: We all know Merry Palma
    [23:39:54] ten_s_nut: TTFN, guys.
    [23:40:11] twlltin: Bye for now, ten
    [01:28:53] ten_s_nut: Hello, agaiin
    [01:29:42] bsmith14: hey
    [01:29:58] ten_s_nut: Kinda slow in chat today, huh?
    [01:30:19] bsmith14: yep
    [01:35:18] bsmith14: gotta go
    [01:35:33] ten_s_nut: TTFN, David
    [01:53:17] brine: Hey, gents.
    [02:14:48] bigguy: I am back!
    [02:15:01] brine: Wahoo!!!!
    [02:15:26] bigguy: Haha
    [02:16:36] bigguy: So how is everyone?
    [02:18:50] jebamg: Hey
    [02:18:54] bigguy: still awake?
    [02:19:05] brine: Doing well. Tomorrow is a day off for me!!! Yea!!!
    [02:19:28] bigguy: Hey Jeb
    [02:19:43] bigguy: Hooray brine
    [02:21:30] brine: Hi, jeb.
    [02:25:44] jebamg: whats everyone up to tonight?
    [02:26:05] brine: Watching the Grammys, chatting, relaxing!
    [02:26:11] bigguy: Just listened to the Beach Boys. Like being 13 again
    [02:26:31] bigguy: Same here brine LOL
    [02:26:58] jebamg: yeah..that was cool...bruuuce was an awesome opening...jersey boy here
    [02:27:38] bigguy: Mc carney is next
    [02:27:47] brine: I loved Bruno Mars.
    [02:27:58] bigguy: Mc Cartney
    [02:28:34] brine: I was impressed by the Beach Bouys.
    [02:28:38] brine: Boys.
    [02:28:56] brine: I saw them in concert in the mid 70s. They were terrific.
    [02:29:05] bigguy: I know brine
    [02:31:40] bigguy: I am gonna leave now guys. See ya tomorrow maybe
    [02:32:04] bigguy: Have fun day brine
    [02:32:11] brine: It was "A Day on the Green" at the Oakland Colesium. Eight hour concert with The Beach Boys, Chicago, Linda Ronstadt, and
    [02:32:17] brine: Dolly Parton.
    [02:32:21] brine: Pretty great day.
    [02:34:05] jebamg: gonna have a session tonight?
    [02:35:00] brine: Probably not. But I'm sure the wife and I will have some form of FUN!!!!
    [02:35:14] jebamg: good for you!
    [02:35:39] brine: How about you, jeb?
    [02:36:06] jebamg: not sure yet...they take a lot out of me...and take a long time...
    [03:02:53] brine: wb, jeb.
    [03:06:06] jebamg: yup
    [03:08:01] artform: Hi All!
    [03:08:11] jebamg: hi art
    [03:08:35] artform: How are you jeb?
    [03:09:49] jebamg: i am good...i am contemplating a session
    [03:10:09] artform: ah!
    [03:10:18] artform: less or inserted?
    [03:10:47] jebamg: less....its actually been a long time since inserted
    [03:11:01] artform: very good
    [03:11:43] jebamg: yeah wild stuff...i just don't always get by breathing right after the session and i get headaches the next day
    [03:12:06] jebamg: I know its the kundalini...i wish i could spend time on a retreat just learning more about it all
    [03:12:14] artform: that is not good and unnecessary
    [03:12:29] artform: ah, OK
    [03:12:55] jebamg: understand what i am saying yes?
    [03:13:09] artform: You definitely do NOT want energies accumulating unresolved in your head.
    [03:13:35] brine: Hey art. Sorry. Helping my son with some iTunes stuff.
    [03:13:35] jebamg: so...what do you recomend breathing meditating wise?
    [03:13:54] artform: I can speak only from my own experience and the advice of mentors, direct and through reading.
    [03:14:20] jebamg: ok
    [03:14:27] artform: And only things they said that bore out in my experiences.
    [03:14:37] jebamg: such as?
    [03:15:26] artform: Such as energies not circulating but bunching up in the head.
    [03:15:57] jebamg: so how long do you take after a session to let it all lose?
    [03:16:02] artform: And helping numbers of others get out of or avoiding that problem.
    [03:16:27] jebamg: can you help me?
    [03:16:33] brine: Should I be concerned about energy congestion?
    [03:17:26] artform: I don't "let it all lose". We can transmute these energies positively, and store them.
    [03:17:49] jebamg: ok..that would be awesome
    [03:19:35] artform: Because of early life serious injuries and scar tissues, my body pushed me away from Active-Body Super-Os and toward/into...
    [03:21:06] artform: Still-Body Super-Os such as the Calm Seas Orgasms, spiritual orgasms, and beyond. Once you experience them, you often get...
    [03:22:02] artform: there almost automatically as your varied session winds down, and a bit of gentle intent can assist if necessary.
    [03:22:42] jebamg: i am going to have to read up on this
    [03:23:20] artform: Excess energies in the head can usually be drained, and even reccirculated by placing your tongue on the roof of your mouth..
    [03:24:40] artform: ...and freeing the energies to flow through your tongue and throat and into your chest, around your heart, around you stomach
    [03:24:52] artform: and into your lower abs.
    [03:25:53] jebamg: wow art...just made my night...i am going to try this tonight
    [03:26:16] artform: We store yang energies in the lower abs, yin in the perineum and inner thighs. Hovering your hands over any part of your body
    [03:27:00] artform: from the neck down will with gentle intent enable you to move those energies into your lower abs and perineum/thighs
    [03:27:25] brine: What are symptoms of energy congestion?
    [03:28:01] artform: where they will rest and be available as positive qi/chi and transformable into orgasmic eneries at almost any level.
    [03:28:54] artform: Mantak Chia's MultiOrgasmic Man may be helpful mapping this; the Micro-Cosmic Orbit is the core technique.
    [03:29:53] brine: I wish I had more knowledge to work from with all of this.
    [03:30:08] artform: Energies balance becomes another matter once you are sharing energies with a partner by physical contacts, by heartgasms, and
    [03:30:27] artform: by energies sharing at-a-distance.
    [03:31:49] jebamg: yup..this is good stuff...just on th journey by myself and wish i had more time to give to it
    [03:32:16] artform: Once partcipating in these energies sharings, one's balance is moderated by incoming energies from/to the universal
    [03:32:28] artform: background energies.
    [03:32:44] artform: Key is not allowing head congestion.
    [03:33:07] jebamg: yup...i usually end a session with a traditional O which definetely releases energies
    [03:34:19] artform: With good flow-through, one can have Crown-centred orgasms out the top of your head for example, but that cannot be forced to
    [03:34:25] artform: clear your head.
    [03:35:08] artform: It releases some jeb and causes the refractory period. It does not necessarily clear your head.
    [03:36:04] jebamg: that is fair and i think i new that i just like the intensity of it...i think after that i need to spend some time meditating
    [03:36:13] jebamg: like you said
    [03:37:26] artform: In one case, a young man here spent two years getting sorted out by medical doctors after not clearly head energiescongestion
    [03:39:07] artform: Great jeb!!
    [03:40:18] artform: How old are you jeb?
    [03:41:22] jebamg: 47..finished my doctorate last year and after that relief of stress and pressure began a crazy fast ride through all steps of
    [03:41:27] artform: Hi darwin!
    [03:41:30] jebamg: the rewiring process
    [03:41:43] jebamg: incredible stuff over the last 6 months
    [03:41:49] brine: Hey darwin.
    [03:41:59] artform: There is a great life story to date!!
    [03:42:18] artform: Congratulations on your doctorate!
    [03:42:39] jebamg: ed leadership
    [03:43:06] artform: that is certainly needed!!
    [03:43:22] jebamg: lol..your telling me...
    [03:43:31] brine: Ed Leadership? Cool, from what Uni?
    [03:44:14] jebamg: east cost
    [03:45:21] brine: What was your dissertation topic?
    [03:47:20] brine: Anyone watching the Grammys?
    [03:47:49] brine: Jennifer Hudson knocked it out of the park!!!
    [03:51:04] rikaaim: Evening gents.
    [03:51:48] brine: Hey rika!
    [03:52:00] artform: Hi Rika!
    [03:52:22] rikaaim: Evening Brian. How goes it? I liked your support and encouragement towards Xileh.
    [03:52:37] rikaaim: Evening Art. The symphony was quite nice last weekend. I thought of you.
    [03:52:42] brine: Welcome. Thanks.
    [03:52:56] brine: What did you see, rika?
    [03:53:25] artform: Great Rika! :biggrin: :biggrin:
    [03:53:54] rikaaim: Beethoven's 3rd symphony, Eroica.
    [03:54:06] artform: passion!!
    [03:54:13] artform: power!!
    [03:54:43] rikaaim: It was both Art. Very nice performance, well done too.
    [03:55:24] artform: a fabulous experience when done very well!
    [03:55:45] brine: One of my very favorites. I was listening to it on Friday after school. Musical catharsis!!!
    [03:55:49] rikaaim: We had center row seats, half way back, on the floor, for 12 dollars each.
    [03:56:15] rikaaim: That it is Brian. After the performance, all the college students had a party/social gathering at
    [03:56:21] artform: Wow!!
    [03:56:25] brine: Sounds perfect.
    [03:56:33] rikaaim: the top of the theater. It was a free perk for students with a catered dinner and all, and a local
    [03:56:47] artform: excellent
    [03:56:48] rikaaim: student band playing upstairs A great evening, and at a great price! Can't beat it.
    [03:57:06] rikaaim: I'll always remember my 30th birthday as doing something I've always wanted to do.
    [03:57:19] brine: When I was in college I used to take advantage of the student rush tickets all the time for the LA Phil and LA Opera.
    [03:57:44] brine: Happy birthday, rika!
    [03:58:23] artform: Great memories indeed, and Many Happy Returns of The Day Rika!!! :biggrin: :biggrin:
    [03:58:26] rikaaim: I might just miss being a student because of that Brian. Thanks for the wishes too!
    [03:58:43] rikaaim: Art, I actually got to enjoy the night to myself yesterday. I had the house all alone.
    [03:58:47] brine: Understood!
    [03:58:57] rikaaim: My Progasm and Eupho got to come out and play. It was very nice.
    [03:59:09] artform: exploring inward...
    [03:59:17] rikaaim: I almost forget how great things are when each session is months apart. Almost forget...
    [03:59:19] artform: lovely
    [03:59:28] brine: Wow, all the senses satisfied today, rika!!!
    [04:00:31] rikaaim: It's been a good week overall.
    [04:00:37] brine: Sounds like it!
    [04:00:43] rikaaim: I'm sad to see that Darwin disappeared.
    [04:00:58] brine: Maybe the next session for me should include some Beethoven!!??
    [04:01:00] artform: Are you finished your full program now Rika?
    [04:01:09] rikaaim: I noticed he started an energy exchange conversation last night, but it was in history.
    [04:01:21] rikaaim: It was last night Art. Tonight everyone's home agani.
    [04:01:38] rikaaim: *again. I did. I switched it up this time, started Progasm then went Eupho.
    [04:02:02] rikaaim: I usually use Eupho to warm up for the Progasm.
    [04:02:05] artform: The Ode to Joy is the compleat orgasmic finale!!
    [04:02:32] brine: Now THERE'S a suggestion!!!
    [04:03:29] artform: I was referring to your academic program :biggrin: are you graduating?
    [04:03:34] rikaaim: I might have to look into adding some music. Usually I keep a very silent environment.
    [04:03:50] artform: :biggrin:
    [04:03:56] rikaaim: Hah! I read that as Progasm Art. :happy:
    [04:03:59] brine: I have a mix of some mellow jazz I usually use.
    [04:04:16] artform: :laugh:
    [04:04:18] rikaaim: I'm not sure if I am getting into the second year or not to be honest. I won't know until the end of'
    [04:04:19] brine: Progasm Program!!!! What university offers that!?
    [04:04:37] rikaaim: next quarter. This quarter I'm replacing some classes. A drastic switch from the medical classes...
    [04:04:49] artform: soon brine, soon.... :laugh: :biggrin:
    [04:04:56] rikaaim: I'm taking Social Deviance and Ethical Theory and Business. They sorta go hand in hand really.
    [04:05:12] brine: If it were up to you, art, we could register for classes this spring!!!
    [04:05:30] artform: yes, very interesting Rika!
    [04:05:47] artform: funding pending brine :laugh:
    [04:06:04] brine: Excellent, where do I send my application?
    [04:06:18] rikaaim: It has to be accredited. I need a Master's in orgasms.
    [04:06:28] artform: The registrar isn't up on this yet...
    [04:07:29] artform: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: and now Good Night friends...
    [04:07:45] rikaaim: Good night Art. Take care. Sleep well.
    [04:07:45] artform: this old man is rolling home to bed
    [04:08:06] artform: Thanks and All the Best All!!!
    [04:09:22] brine: Bye art.
    [04:09:38] twlltin: [YAWN]
    [04:09:48] twlltin: Drat! Fallen asleep in chair again.
    [04:10:02] twlltin: Better get myself to bed
    [04:10:29] rikaaim: Good night Twll! I was wondering if you were really around.
    [04:10:30] brine: Welcome and good bye, twll.
    [04:11:04] twlltin: A good feed and a single bottle of beer does this to me.
    [04:11:38] rikaaim: Ah, it's a sated rest then. Those are the best kind.
    [04:12:06] brine: Good job, twll!!
    [04:13:08] rikaaim: I'm not too far behind the sleeping crowd. Somehow, 30 pages of social deviance does not excite me now.
    [04:13:40] brine: I can see why that wouldn't be terribly exciting!
    [04:14:05] rikaaim: Well, it's more that I worked 8 hours today and am just tired.
    [04:14:25] twlltin: I have some dry textbooks I can use as a soporific too.
    [04:14:28] brine: That may have a lot to do with it.
    [04:15:08] rikaaim: Actually, the various perspectives to social deviance is interesting. I'm just too tired right now.
    [04:16:17] brine: What is your degree program?
    [04:16:32] rikaaim: Radiation Therapy
    [04:16:56] brine: Ah.
    [04:18:12] rikaaim: Okay, I'm off to bed Brian. Have a good night.
    [04:18:25] twlltin: Good night
    [04:18:38] brine: Bye, twll.
    [04:18:54] brine: Oops. Good night, rika.
    [04:25:03] brine: Bye twll. Sleep well.
    [04:25:17] twlltin: Good night Brian
    [04:54:46] taran: hi
    [04:56:23] legace: hey
    [04:57:47] taran: how are you doing?
    [04:58:40] legace: goog good, you taran?
    [04:58:52] legace: just making a thread asking for advice right
    [04:59:02] legace: about aneros and milking
    [04:59:20] taran: im doing fine
    [04:59:59] taran: are new to prostate stimulation?

    12:00 am EST 2/13/2012

    [05:00:45] legace: kinda
    [05:00:50] legace: about 6 months
    [05:00:58] legace: only used mgx like 10 times
    [05:02:06] taran: i see
    [05:02:25] taran: ive been using aneros for a little over 3 years
    [05:02:36] legace: super o?
    [05:02:53] taran: yes i can get them now
    [05:03:21] taran: i had my first super o last year
    [05:03:33] legace: nice, hope i can get anything soon
    [05:04:06] taran: just be patient and it will happen
    [05:04:34] legace: do you do any contrations? or just relax
    [05:06:05] taran: i used to contract a lot but now i relax let the contractions work on their own
    [05:08:08] legace: i`ve been just laying back doing nothing, trying to "feel" it. No luck
    [05:13:36] taran: try contracting
    [05:14:49] brine: Hey, gents.
    [05:16:01] legace: hey brine
    [05:16:24] taran: hi brine
    [05:17:01] brine: Hi legace and taran.
    [05:22:09] legace: bedtime... night fellas
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 7am EST 2/13/12 through 7pm EST 2/13/12

    [12:23:48] twlltin: Hello rook
    [12:23:59] twlltin: I think we've got an invisible rumel here too.
    [12:24:20] rook: good morning
    [12:24:33] rook: noted his handle in the 'lobby"
    [12:26:05] rook: was just greeted by Firefox's new Ustream advertising this morning -
    [12:26:31] twlltin: Not seen that.
    [12:26:46] rook: issue appears to have been fixed though with an upgrade from v10.0.0 to 10.0.1
    [12:27:25] rook: Opened a client's page (which has some flash content) on my business laptop
    [12:27:47] twlltin: I'm using an 11 beta.
    [12:27:54] rook: and at the bottom of the page, up popped an ad for AXE, a small animation of a man and woman
    [12:28:14] rook: and advert for a couples sexual lubricant
    [12:28:16] twlltin: 11b2 is crashing every now and then.
    [12:29:00] artform: on firefox here too
    [12:29:13] artform: Good morning gentlemen
    [12:29:19] rook: upgrade arrived and installed and the undesired advert line is gone
    [12:29:26] artform: Or how's lunch T?
    [12:29:27] rook: good morning art
    [12:29:37] twlltin: Not started on it yet.
    [12:30:00] twlltin: Just having a mug of coffee.
    [12:30:14] artform: Didn't mean to push your day!
    [12:30:28] rook:laugh
    [12:31:10] artform: curious about your version numbers
    [12:31:37] artform: i'm on 3.6.26 on my mac G5
    [12:31:43] twlltin: I'm using one of the Firefox betas (actually Debian's iceweasel).
    [12:32:02] artform: ???
    [12:32:08] twlltin: At one point Mozilla said, "We shall use big numbers"
    [12:32:20] twlltin: I'm not on Windows but using Linux.
    [12:32:26] rook: version 3.5 in the PC and Mac world appears equivalent to 10.0 in the Linux world
    [12:32:27] artform: interesting...
    [12:32:39] twlltin: Firefox can't be distributed without the branding under the name "Firefox".
    [12:32:56] artform: Thanks rook!!
    [12:33:27] artform: Thanks T!!
    [12:33:57] rook: brb -- lemme check that out on the download site
    [12:34:30] artform: Have a great day men!! Off for a hot tub therapy session soon!
    [12:35:04] twlltin: Have a good relax, art.
    [12:36:21] artform: thanks T! bad knot in upper spine just below neck – freezing lots of other related :sad:[12:36:49] artform: Chat again soon.
    [12:37:18] twlltin: I need to think about some food soon.
    [12:37:29] twlltin: and then do something more than just think about it.
    [12:37:29] artform: Oh T! Do you know of David Eagleman, the neuroscientist and author??
    [12:37:46] twlltin: The name doesn't ring bells.
    [12:38:13] artform: rook, have you seen his work or vids??
    [12:38:36] artform: Take a look! Fascinating thinker and doer!!
    [12:39:07] rook: hmm, firefox download site as 9.0 as latest version for all platforms
    [12:39:15] rook: art: No I haven't
    [12:39:53] artform:
    [12:41:01] artform: His work on perception channele signalling time lag variations great and relevent here imho!
    [12:41:03] rook: will withhold comment until day after tomorrow -- if it does turn out "Indigo Blue" then will travel to the
    [12:41:19] rook: local library and give the gent a run. laugh
    [12:41:22] artform: *channels, too early and no breakfast yet....
    [12:42:03] rook: bkfst was a large bowl of cereal, a handful of pills and a cup of coffee
    [12:42:49] rook: took a pass at a 'less session upon awakening but the buzz wasn't quite there
    [12:43:15] artform: He is also the co-author of a great book on synaesthesia; title soemthing like "wednesdays are blue"
    [12:44:36] artform: Here's to more "less" for you soon rook!!
    [12:44:43] artform: bye for now
    [12:44:48] artform: Chat again soon.
    [12:44:51] rook: tks
    [12:45:12] rook: Eagleman doens't yet publish for Kindle -- will see what the library has
    [12:46:47] rook: --- he's not alone though ... suspect Amazon may be flexing it's financial muscle with print houses
    [12:47:19] rook: making Kindle unattractive to many contemporary writers
    [12:48:14] twlltin: The problem is perhaps that they're trying to replace an existing production and distribution system.
    [12:48:31] twlltin: A printed hardback costs probably 50 cents to make.
    [12:49:10] twlltin: The rest is the people who nurture talent, proofread and edit, and the distribution to shops.
    [12:49:26] twlltin: and maybe 10% to the author.
    [12:50:14] twlltin: With an ebook, you're changing the method of distribution, and removing the ink-on-paper object.
    [12:50:34] twlltin: The physical book is probably one of the least expensive parts of the whole thing.
    [12:51:44] rook: yes --- occasionally the Kindle version is within pennies of the hardcover price and above the paperback price on Amazon
    [12:52:31] twlltin: I don't have a Kindle, but both my parents do... on my Amazon account.
    [12:52:59] rook: I'm in that age group that still values the 'feel' of a book and enjoys handing it on to someone else when I've liked it
    [12:53:34] twlltin: My mum's not able to handle or read a normal book anymore.
    [12:53:54] rook: thumbing back to re-read a passage remains more 'natural' than implementing search in the Kiindle environment
    [12:55:16] rook: ... Kindle also has to support cellular connectivity and that must add some recurrent operating cost
    [12:55:22] twlltin: I had the Kindle app on my phone until the New Year, when they bloated it so much that it would no longer fit.
    [12:55:53] twlltin: The cell network version has a £50 premium here over the wifi-only one.
    [12:56:15] rook: about the same dollar cost here.
    [12:57:11] rook: I downloaded the kindle app for my tablet, took a look at a pair of short stories -- WebOS presentation didn't
    [12:57:29] rook: measure up to that of the native Kindle so have removed the app
    [12:57:34] twlltin: Over here, they ship them with a built-in SIM for the Vodafone network.
    [12:58:42] rook: no clue what network mine works on -- however it's clearly superior to AT&T in the vicinity of my home
    [12:59:21] twlltin: It'll probably be printed somewhere on the box the Kindle came in.
    [12:59:31] twlltin: on the serial number label.
    [12:59:42] twlltin: Might be in an abbreviated form.
    [13:00:54] rook: whoops --- mine is now out of warranty and the box is long gone.
    [13:01:27] twlltin: Isn't there usually a 2 year warranty?
    [13:01:33] rook: I normally have wireless connection disabled to conserve battery
    [13:01:49] twlltin: Amazon UK are pretty good about replacements, even after end of warranty.
    [13:01:52] rook: think this one was one year.
    [13:02:45] rook: Mine was part of a brief production run of something between the gen-one and gen-two Kindles
    [13:03:21] rook: Rather outrageously priced version.
    [13:03:21] twlltin: I see. Both my parents' ones are Kindle 3.
    [13:04:14] rook: Those, over here, were superior and better priced than mine.
    [13:05:10] rook: My Kindle batt life is less than that of my TouchPad, even when wireless is turned off.
    [13:06:01] rook: Aside from the superior legibility and light weight, it's less than impressive.
    [13:06:26] twlltin: The K3s tend to last a week with wireless turned off.
    [13:06:55] rook: ... .pdf page presentation on the Touchpad is far better.
    [13:08:43] rook: I can approach a week with wireless turned off if I don't do much reading. If I do a lot of paging and re-orientation to
    [13:09:18] rook: accommodate images or zoom in on small font material then it's only two or three days.
    [13:09:19] twlltin: Looks like Wednesday is the only evening this week I'm going to have "to myself". All the others have activities planned.
    [13:09:34] rook: rehearsals ?
    [13:10:00] twlltin: Rehearsal tonight and Thursday
    [13:10:19] rook: did your group's 'governance' issues achieve some resolution
    [13:10:25] rook: ?
    [13:10:27] twlltin: "Interim committee" meeting for the wrecked drama group on Tuesday.
    [13:10:55] twlltin: The EGM was suspended as the committee resigned and walked out.
    [13:10:58] rook: only caught the last couple of lines of that discussion in Chat
    [13:11:49] twlltin: A clique had formed, and the committee was blinkered.
    [13:12:15] twlltin: Many of the long-standing members had been driven away.
    [13:13:18] rook: Shame. "Volunteers" sometimes tend toward self-inflation of their importance.
    [13:13:36] twlltin: Had things gone on as they were, there were possibilities that the parish priest would have closed the church hall to all
    [13:13:41] twlltin: users, not just the drama lot.
    [13:16:36] rook: We are fortunate in having excellent support by the community and people seem to display a nice balance between
    [13:17:00] rook: expressing opinions and demonstrating a willingness to perform manual labor.
    [13:17:50] twlltin: The meeting's end (after the committee had stormed out) was curious. There were 20 of us standing in a circle.
    [13:18:00] twlltin: Almost like a round table discussion, but without the table.
    [13:18:35] twlltin: At the end, my hands were blue and trembling slightly. A pint and a half of bitter cured that.
    [13:20:13] twlltin: Not an easy atmosphere.
    [13:20:38] twlltin: One of the guys there (who had been a trade union rep) said that it was bad, but he'd been to worse.
    [13:21:59] rook: Hope the rehearsals go well this week and you find some stable support.
    [13:22:15] twlltin: Rehearsals are with a different group.
    [13:22:54] twlltin: I only joined them because the first lot were doing a show that had no possibility of me being involved.
    [13:23:11] twlltin: For about 5 years, I've auditioned and not got a part.
    [13:23:15] rook: Oh. Missed that point. should have realized that the venues were different.
    [13:24:01] twlltin: I go to another group, as a new member, and they welcome me in and give me a minor principal role.
    [13:24:09] twlltin: Odd that...
    [13:24:39] twlltin: Anyway, we've got a chance to fix things now.
    [13:25:57] rook: wow 5 years. You are indeed persistent (of perhaps you handle rejection quite nicely!)
    [13:26:09] rook: and gracefully !
    [13:26:33] twlltin: I'd been refused parts in the musicals, but was consistently getting parts in the plays.
    [13:27:17] twlltin: They also did concerts which I've enjoyed performing in.
    [13:27:45] twlltin: We'll probably do an "old-time music hall" concert next.
    [13:28:07] twlltin: Something that will allow anyone to perform their party piece.
    [13:28:08] rook: along the lines of London vaudeville ??
    [13:28:32] twlltin: yes
    [13:28:46] rook: grand stuff !
    [13:33:42] twlltin: Hi critta
    [13:33:45] thecritta: Hi guys
    [13:34:58] thecritta: i am really annoyed someone smashed into my brothers done up 1967 chev impala he had it parked on the street
    [13:35:13] thecritta: its destroyed
    [13:35:21] thecritta: anyway
    [13:35:25] rook: hey critta
    [13:35:46] twlltin: I was planning a lunchtime session, but my gut is unsettled at the moment.
    [13:36:19] thecritta: bad news havent heard from chuck in like three and a half weeks
    [13:36:38] rook: shame 'bout the car -- damage that insurance can't repair
    [13:37:28] thecritta: they guys doesnt have insurance my brother has a solicitor he saw on oncoming car didnt slow down swerved to advoid a head on
    [13:37:35] twlltin: Chuck's not been on the Aneros site for a few months.
    [13:38:02] thecritta: yep thats right swerve into a parked car no insurnace
    [13:39:29] thecritta: my brother has to chase the guy up the street he tried to drive of in his VY Commodore didnt get very far
    [13:40:07] thecritta: my brother though as he looked like the guy was on drugs
    [13:41:14] thecritta: was Rumel in here?
    [13:41:28] twlltin: I think he's invisible.
    [13:41:40] thecritta:L O L
    [13:41:44] twlltin: Probably forgotten to close the browser window.
    [13:41:52] rook: rumel might not be awake yet
    [13:42:16] twlltin: Hopefully, the solicitor will give your brother some good advice.
    [13:42:31] thecritta: maybe he was looking at porn and fell asleep infront of the computer screen and forgot to close it lol
    [13:42:44] twlltin: It's possible that the driver-at-fault was driving illegally too.
    [13:46:41] rook: sorry 'bout the belly issue
    [13:47:33] twlltin: It happens. I'm sensitive to certain foods, and I'm also on these antibiotics that can "speed the passage"
    [13:48:02] thecritta: has anyone seen what the new aneros syn looks like?
    [13:48:26] twlltin: I haven't no.
    [13:48:35] twlltin: Just rumours.
    [13:49:02] rook: anxious to see it. Description by someone who had see a sample at a showindicated it was a new
    [13:49:40] rook: toy -- perhaps a bit smaller than Helix, silicone and with a cavity that could accommodate a
    [13:50:10] rook: red plastic stiffener.
    [13:51:45] rook: ... wud be interesting to see what else might fit into that cavity
    [13:55:32] rook: brb -- must get coffee and newspaper
    [14:02:32] rook: back now
    [14:05:18] twlltin: I clean the laptop screen with a touch of windolene. At the social gathering on Saturday, someone was pointing at stuff on
    [14:05:25] twlltin: the screen, and left grease marks.
    [14:09:36] rook: have been using antiseptic hand-wipes on my laptops, cellfone and tablet.
    [14:09:59] rook: Always handy as my wife carries a pack in her purse.
    [14:10:25] rook: L O L
    [14:10:31] twlltin: Non-smear glass cleaner is better for the screen, I find. And much less harsh than using alcohol.
    [14:12:06] rook: I'd not been overly fussy about screen cleanliness until touchscreens entered my life.
    [14:12:36] rook: Hadn't realized until then that I'm a rather 'greasy' character. laugh
    [14:14:11] twlltin: I'm very greasy. Hence the adult acne.
    [14:15:59] rook: Patience twll --- somewhere after age 70 you'll develop dry skin
    [14:17:04] rook: I'm not sure though if that's a natural phenomenon or the result of cholesterol lowering drugs
    [14:19:13] rook: Occasionally I've felt that raising my blood lipids might help with dry skin and boost my Testosterone level a bit.
    [14:20:23] rook: I've run that one past my doc who usually offers that "things are going well for you so don't mess with success."
    [14:21:40] twlltin: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    [14:21:44] twlltin: Hi taran.
    [14:21:53] rook: hey taran
    [14:22:05] taran: hey twll
    [14:22:08] taran: hey rook
    [14:23:23] twlltin: brb... bathroom visit urgently needed
    [14:24:14] rook: taran: twll is bemoaning a session destroying case of the 'trots'
    [14:24:43] taran: oh
    [14:24:56] rook: taran: any grand weekend sessions for you ?
    [14:25:46] taran: i had a progasm session on saturday morning
    [14:25:58] taran: 1st time using it in months
    [14:26:10] rook: filling ? laugh
    [14:26:45] twlltin: back
    [14:27:01] rook: I'd have had to do some 'stretching' exericises if I'd been away from Pro for that length of time.
    [14:27:46] taran: it worked fine, i just used a different lube
    [14:27:51] rook: Self's lube routine has been a real help though.
    [14:28:08] rook: which lube ??
    [14:28:24] twlltin: Yes, that lube technique was a factor in my body enjoying the progasm
    [14:28:54] taran: jo
    [14:29:13] rook: ah --- natural agent !
    [14:32:10] taran: it was a good session, it seemed to hold in place this time
    [14:32:47] rook: the prolactin rush would be a session killer for me though
    [14:33:45] taran: prolactin?
    [14:33:46] rook: I've been using Xochi's pellets for internal lube for over a week now.
    [14:33:54] rook: ... winner!
    [14:36:25] rook: taran: assume jo=semen ??
    [14:36:59] twlltin: I think it might not be.
    [14:37:16] twlltin: I seem to remember a product with that name: JO.
    [14:37:34] rook: ah
    [14:39:48] rook: grand memory twll ..... Buy System JO H2O Lubricant 16 oz At
    [14:41:18] taran: probably the best lube ive used to date
    [14:42:06] rook: should have a nice texture with that mix of ingredients
    [14:44:20] twlltin: Looks similar in composition to the Maximus lube I have.
    [14:46:05] rook: one of the first I've seen with glycol, parabens AND glycerin all in one formula
    [14:47:12] rook: sort of like having Slippery Stuff and K-Y together in one bottle
    [14:50:21] rook: spent the weekend doing paperwork so have misplaced the lust I had last week.
    [14:50:47] rook: .... lost my full-moon headhorns
    [14:53:58] rook: rain is forecast for today so will give my bod some time on the treadmill, offer it a nap in the afternoon
    [14:54:14] rook: and see if Dame Aneros will visit her blessings upon me tonight
    [14:56:24] rook: -- I'll offer my brain the choice of an orgasm or organizing tax information for my bookeeper.
    [14:56:32] rook: biggrin
    [14:58:50] rook: ... time to produce a second pot of coffee, exercise and get on with the day .... away
    [15:00:21] thecritta: alright i am off later
    [18:45:58] Human Being: hey rumel, twittin
    [18:52:11] twlltin: Hi there
    [18:52:22] twlltin: sorry for delayed response
    [18:52:29] twlltin: ...was having a shower
    [18:52:34] hapticbear: where are u Human Being?
    [18:53:31] twlltin: No inserted sessions for me so far today. I've got the trots.
    [18:53:49] twlltin: hi nev
    [18:54:10] nevado: hello
    [18:54:18] hapticbear: evening nevado!
    [18:54:23] nevado: hi
    [18:54:27] Human Being: im in my room, in the u.k
    [18:54:40] twlltin: We have three brits in here. Wow!
    [18:54:42] Human Being: hey everyone
    [18:54:44] nevado: just stopping by quickly to say hi
    [18:54:57] Human Being: hi nevado
    [18:55:28] twlltin: It's the British invasion all over again.
    [18:55:46] nevado: hi every one hope every body is doing well
    [18:55:54] Human Being: every heres british ey? i thought most of these guys were americans L O L
    [18:56:26] hapticbear: LOL depends on the time of day Human Being
    [18:56:36] nevado: have to go, hope to chat again later
    [18:56:47] twlltin: I'm from UK.
    [18:56:48] Human Being: bye ma
    [18:56:49] hapticbear: take care nevado
    [18:56:51] nevado: bye
    [18:56:51] twlltin: I think haptic is too.
    [18:57:01] nevado: thanks
    [18:57:09] hapticbear: I can confirm I'm British
    [18:57:12] twlltin: Bye for now nevado.
    [18:59:02] twlltin: I liked Human Being's post of a couple of days ago. I think he'll "get it" fairly quickly.
    [18:59:56] hapticbear: Yes had an amazing philosophical depth
    [19:00:58] twlltin: welcome back HB
    [19:01:00] hapticbear: Sorry you've got trots tw - something you ate?
    [19:01:24] twlltin: It could be the antibiotics I'm on..
    [19:01:35] twlltin: Erythromycin does that.
    [19:02:43] twlltin: As I was saying, HB, your forum post was really interesting.
    [19:03:31] Human Being: thanx, my tinternet was going a little haywire, just got back, thanks for the coments guys
    [19:04:11] twlltin: t'internet? You must be on Yorkshire's finest... plusnet.
    [19:07:33] Human Being: nah 3 dongle, though i am yorkshire born and bred
    [19:07:45] twlltin: I'm on beardy cable.
    [19:07:57] twlltin: Lancastrian, born, bred and buttered.
    [19:08:11] Human Being:L O L
    [19:08:14] hapticbear: 3 Dongle for me too! In Portsmouth
    [19:08:48] Human Being: i hope yours is working out better for u than it is me
    [19:09:27] Human Being: whats your thoughts on post twittin? i actually have no idea what happend to me
    [19:09:45] twlltin: I think you initiated what we call a 'less session. (Anerosless)
    [19:09:59] twlltin: That's something very advanced.
    [19:10:36] Human Being: i've been getting on well with my sgx actually
    [19:11:11] twlltin: How do you mean? What sort of things are you experiencing with it?
    [19:13:04] twlltin: Obviously 3 is flaky where he is.
    [19:14:54] Human Being: it would probably be easier to give you what i wrote earlier, it's a bit of reading, but it shares some stuff that i've done
    [19:15:10] Human Being: though not all my experiences
    [19:15:27] Human Being: i'll send you private mssge
    [19:15:44] twlltin: OK. I'm fine with that.
    [19:16:19] twlltin: It's extremely rare for a new user to get what you're experiencing. You're lucky.
    [19:17:17] twlltin: The feeling of well-being and good will to the world is good too. That's possibly an oxytocin release.
    [19:18:22] Human Being: the huggy one
    [19:18:25] twlltin: That's the hormone that is partially responsible for the pair-bonding between sexual partners.
    [19:18:33] twlltin: yeah
    [19:19:10] Human Being: i had another on today, it felt like i was on ecstasy, i had the guerning sensation
    [19:19:30] Human Being: dopamine?
    [19:19:30] twlltin: Wow! I'm jealous.
    [19:19:58] Human Being: it was only mild
    [19:20:27] Human Being: oh ive sent that message
    [19:20:40] twlltin: I'm reading it
    [19:21:40] twlltin: A blog is a good idea. I've got one on the Aneros site too.
    [19:22:02] Human Being: i know iv've read a bit
    [19:22:51] twlltin: When I got my first super (they're always "calm seas" with me at the moment0 I wasn't sure what had happened.
    [19:23:14] Human Being: i think the reason i'm feeling this ***nal, is cause it's been so long without
    [19:23:22] Human Being: in a good way?
    [19:23:39] Human Being: h ormanal*
    [19:23:50] twlltin: hormonal
    [19:23:59] Human Being: yup
    [19:24:20] twlltin: Possibly.
    [19:24:59] Human Being: i'v not had any happiness without drugs in a long time
    [19:25:20] twlltin: I've never taken drugs.
    [19:25:47] Human Being: i haven't taken drugs in a long time, but i think they fucked up my health
    [19:26:05] twlltin: That might explain it a little -- if your hormone receptors are depleted from drug use.
    [19:26:27] Human Being: i think all this may kick starting it all again
    [19:26:48] twlltin: Try not to think negatively.
    [19:26:49] Human Being: i feel good for a change
    [19:27:07] twlltin: Perhaps this will allow your body to balance itself out.
    [19:28:25] twlltin: A natural high.
    [19:28:44] Human Being: yup thats exactly what i'm thinking
    [19:28:53] Human Being: thy way my body should be
    [19:29:16] twlltin: needs more research.
    [19:29:38] Human Being: don't take drugs, thats all i will say to anyone
    [19:30:44] Human Being: what is a calm seas super o
    [19:31:31] twlltin: Think of the euphoria you get just after ejaculation. It lasts maybe a few seconds, doesn't it?
    [19:31:44] twlltin: Imagine that spread out over several tens of minutes.
    [19:31:45] Human Being: yup
    [19:32:02] Human Being: can't
    [19:32:14] twlltin: That's close to what a "calm seas" super is like.
    [19:32:48] twlltin: No shaking. Maybe a little trembling in large muscles.
    [19:33:07] Human Being: simply can't, then again i could never imagine what happend a few days ago
    [19:33:29] twlltin: It's a very peaceful feeling.
    [19:33:49] Human Being: intense peacefull?
    [19:34:14] Human Being: i only ever remember feeling very peacefull once
    [19:34:36] twlltin: You might not lose track of time, but the time doesn't seem important.
    [19:35:40] Human Being: i remeber once thinking i was goinng to die, but felt such peace that it didn't matter
    [19:35:49] Human Being: strange
    [19:36:10] twlltin: It's probably a similar sort of mechanism.
    [19:39:06] Human Being: just gonna grag nother beer
    [19:41:55] twlltin: I'm going to have to leave now. Got to go to a rehearsal. (Amateur musical production)
    [19:42:03] twlltin: I'll be back later on.
    [19:42:19] Human Being: ok coolz, ttfn
    [19:42:27] twlltin: The guys from the USA tend to arrive around 9pm our time.
    [19:42:35] twlltin: (in chat that is)
    [19:42:43] twlltin: Be for now.
    [19:42:47] twlltin: Bye for now.
    [19:42:54] Human Being: coolz, i'll check it out, bye
    [21:58:51] Billoz: hello
    [22:03:44] nevado: hi
    [22:03:57] nevado: how's it going?
    [22:05:29] nevado: hi Billoz
    [22:07:05] steveg2611: afternoon gents...
    [22:07:11] nevado: hello steve
    [22:07:20] Billoz: hi buds
    [22:07:38] Billoz: had a great hour session earlier
    [22:07:43] Billoz: but new here
    [22:07:48] nevado: great
    [22:07:55] nevado: welcome Billoz
    [22:08:35] Billoz: you experienced
    [22:08:48] nevado: sort of
    [22:09:15] nevado: have been riding aneros for a few years and also practice less as well
    [22:09:57] Billoz: so where you at on the say Wiki progress list
    [22:10:07] Billoz: o's super o's?
    [22:10:31] nevado: yeah i'm lucky to say that i experience super o's, you?
    [22:10:42] Billoz: not sure
    [22:11:10] Billoz: do have very strong involuntary contractions
    [22:11:14] Billoz: that go on and on
    [22:11:19] Billoz: realy pleasurable
    [22:11:25] nevado: that's amazing
    [22:11:31] nevado: congratulations
    [22:11:42] Billoz: prostate sort of hums and swells
    [22:11:44] nevado: how long have you been riding?
    [22:11:59] Billoz: and can really get the muscles working in fine tune
    [22:12:05] Billoz: 3 months
    [22:12:19] nevado: very cool man
    [22:12:41] Billoz: sort of can have the anal muscles dancing with the pee muscles
    [22:12:45] nevado: i can get involuntary contractions without aneros
    [22:12:59] Billoz: yes
    [22:13:07] Billoz: being doing that for about three weeks
    [22:13:28] nevado: how long are your session?that's great progress
    [22:13:37] Billoz: standing at the sink washing up i can bring them on
    [22:13:40] nevado: did you have any anal play experince before?
    [22:13:53] nevado: cool
    [22:14:03] nevado: i'm sitting a having contractionsnow
    [22:14:15] Billoz: so good
    [22:14:28] Billoz: have anal experience as bi, married, with a long term bi bud
    [22:14:36] nevado: i see
    [22:14:48] nevado: how old are you?
    [22:14:52] nevado: i'm 50
    [22:14:59] Billoz: but nothing like what the aneros is doing to me as I rewire
    [22:15:02] Billoz: 54
    [22:15:35] nevado: yeah aneros is amazing
    [22:15:42] nevado: i'm pulsing really good man
    [22:15:55] Billoz: far out
    [22:15:57] Billoz: mmm
    [22:16:02] Billoz: you have cam?
    [22:16:09] nevado: thanks
    [22:16:28] Billoz: yes
    [22:16:37] Billoz: currently electo stimming with a mate on cam
    [22:17:22] Billoz: yahoo is another way to cam
    [22:50:35] brine: Hey, gents.
    [22:55:31] twlltin: Hi brine and invisible rumel
    [22:55:44] brine:L O L
    [22:59:28] brine: Sorry, twll. A bit under the weather here. I've got a touch of the flu.
    [22:59:40] twlltin: I had the trots this afternoon.
    [23:00:10] brine: Not fun. No stomach or intestinal problems here. Mostly total body aches, headache, feverish.
    [23:00:28] twlltin: Sounds like flu.
    [23:01:15] brine: Yep. The funny thing is that wifey and I had a rockus time last night, total of three hours of pretty physical pleasure. So
    [23:01:34] brine: when I woke up aching, I thought it was due to that!!! But no...
    [23:01:47] twlltin: Aw!
    [23:01:52] brine: She rimmed me again. Wahoo!!!!
    [23:02:23] brine: Usually, I'm the instigator, but last night, I barely got in bed and she jumped all over me! LOVE THAT!!!
    [23:04:05] twlltin: wow
    [23:04:30] brine: Pretty cool. We both had some pretty major orgasmic episodes. Wild.
    [23:05:03] twlltin: again... wow!
    [23:05:16] brine: The fun part was that when we were having intercourse, pumping away on each other, I never came. So the orgams continued afte
    [23:05:17] twlltin: Hi beginner
    [23:05:18] brine: after that!
    [23:05:22] brine: Hi beginner.
    [23:07:40] twlltin: How are you, beginner?
    [23:09:29] brine: Hey beginner, what's up?
    [23:11:34] brine: Are you feeling okay, now, twll?
    [23:12:03] twlltin: Yes, my guts have calmed down now. I might even try a Maximus session at bedtime.
    [23:12:48] brine: Nice!!
    [23:24:03] brine: Sorry, twll. Fading into body aches and head aches here.
    [23:24:21] twlltin: No problem. You need rest.
    [23:24:57] brine: Thanks, pal. I'm going to sign off for a while.
    [23:27:17] twlltin: Is there anything you'd like to talk about, beginner63?
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 7pm EST 2/13/12 through 8am EST 2/14/12

    [00:34:57] bsmith14: hello?
    [00:35:17] twlltin: hi bs
    [00:35:27] twlltin: hi Lollerskates
    [00:35:52] lollerskates: hey guys
    [00:37:49] twlltin: beginner63 hasn't said anything since joining.
    [00:38:08] bsmith14: @beginner, you have any questions?
    [00:39:07] twlltin: Time for me to go to bed. Goodnight all.
    [00:39:13] lollerskates: by
    [00:39:16] lollerskates: bye*
    [00:39:16] bsmith14: nite
    [01:01:24] pwmachineman: hey guys...or gals
    [01:01:35] bsmith14: hi pwm
    [01:01:57] pwmachineman: r u a user...?
    [01:02:10] bsmith14: long time user, 3 years
    [01:02:48] pwmachineman: had one for maybe a yr....but only used coupletimes
    [01:03:06] bsmith14: why not more?
    [01:03:25] pwmachineman: not sure all the rules for this chat room
    [01:03:50] pwmachineman: just hasn't done some of things i read it does for others
    [01:03:58] bsmith14: just don't be rude, but be as open as you want
    [01:04:20] bsmith14: for most guys it takes some time
    [01:04:21] pwmachineman: can u ask age?
    [01:04:26] pwmachineman: can i
    [01:04:35] bsmith14: sure, I am 38, married with 3 kids
    [01:04:38] bsmith14: how about you?
    [01:04:48] pwmachineman: 53 here
    [01:04:57] pwmachineman: 2 kids...
    [01:05:07] pwmachineman: but out of house now
    [01:05:09] pwmachineman:L O L
    [01:05:26] bsmith14: my oldes is 11, so its a full house here
    [01:05:37] pwmachineman: sounds like it
    [01:06:00] pwmachineman: wife is gone for a might try on my own tonight
    [01:06:37] pwmachineman: u ever use it aloan or just with wife too
    [01:07:05] bsmith14: alone
    [01:07:13] bsmith14: wife is not into it
    [01:07:13] pwmachineman: ok
    [01:07:17] pwmachineman: ic
    [01:07:31] pwmachineman: only used it once with mine
    [01:07:34] bsmith14: she knows about it
    [01:07:48] pwmachineman: u all use other toys
    [01:07:57] pwmachineman: same here
    [01:08:22] bsmith14: I have not used any other toys since I started with aneros. I have prograsm, mgx, helix and advanced peridise set
    [01:08:57] pwmachineman: i meant any for her?
    [01:09:19] bsmith14: no, I have tried to introduce her to toys, but she won't try anything
    [01:09:34] pwmachineman: ohh ok...
    [01:09:47] bsmith14: how about your wife?
    [01:09:52] pwmachineman: wife here loves her vibrator"s"...
    [01:10:04] pwmachineman: only way she comes
    [01:10:06] pwmachineman: now
    [01:10:15] bsmith14: I am open to let her try anything, she is a bit up tight
    [01:10:38] pwmachineman: oh well....u still make her come?
    [01:11:03] bsmith14: she does orgasm, not every time though
    [01:11:17] bsmith14: she has a hard time letting go
    [01:11:19] pwmachineman: kinda here too
    [01:12:11] pwmachineman: so the 2 u have and the set....u uses them all or enjoy serten ones more
    [01:13:34] bsmith14: mostly the helix, the peridise is new
    [01:13:34] pwmachineman: so have u experience the super O?
    [01:14:26] pwmachineman: does/will it make u cum...?
    [01:15:21] bsmith14: oh yeah
    [01:15:30] bsmith14: both dry-o and hands free wet orgasms
    [01:15:38] pwmachineman: how long does it take for u
    [01:16:30] bsmith14: do you mean in a single sesssion or how long before the first time?
    [01:16:58] pwmachineman: might be single session
    [01:17:34] bsmith14: usually 5 - 10 minutes before I get some real nice pleasure
    [01:17:39] pwmachineman: or 1st time too...u had to work at it a while?
    [01:17:49] pwmachineman: learn how
    [01:17:51] pwmachineman: /
    [01:17:53] pwmachineman: ?
    [01:18:27] pwmachineman: might be off base question....
    [01:18:39] pwmachineman: r u bi or just str8?
    [01:18:56] bsmith14: yes, about 4 months of sessions before it started getting pleasurable
    [01:19:01] bsmith14: bi curious
    [01:19:11] pwmachineman: ok...then i got some work
    [01:19:21] pwmachineman: that me too..cuirous
    [01:20:38] pwmachineman: u enjoy the bigger ones...? teven sure which one i have..know it not real big
    [01:21:50] pwmachineman: u sue it home aloan....guess that might be hard with 3kids and wife.....or when
    [01:22:04] pwmachineman: u use
    [01:22:15] pwmachineman: sorry can't type or spell
    [01:23:00] bsmith14: smaller the better for me
    [01:23:17] pwmachineman: ic
    [01:24:20] pwmachineman: ok well thx for chatting with me....
    [01:25:30] pwmachineman:bye
    [01:39:18] ten_s_nut: Anybody home?
    [01:51:33] ten_s_nut: Bye!
    [03:28:33] artform: Well chatguest, just you and me and you are mute...
    [03:28:38] artform: ...pity...
    [03:45:28] rikaaim: Evening Art!
    [03:46:09] rikaaim: I was telling Darwin that two or three nights ago the history actually worked! I was amazed.
    [03:46:17] rikaaim: Sad to say, I've not seen it function the same way since.
    [03:48:11] rikaaim: This seems to be the simultaneous gift and curse of unlimited chat.
    [03:48:23] rikaaim: On the one hand, everyone is free to pop in when they have time.
    [03:48:44] rikaaim: On the other hand, chat tends to stay mostly vacant and unused. Which is why I think it stays
    [03:48:53] rikaaim: limited, because then it becomes more valuable.
    [03:53:50] rikaaim: You still around Art?
    [04:02:18] brine: Hey gents.
    [04:04:07] brine: Color change.
    [04:07:06] brine: Hello, hello?
    [04:21:48] artform: Hello, hello.
    [04:27:06] imperium: Evening
    [04:27:16] brine: Hey imp.
    [04:27:51] imperium: how goes it?
    [04:28:23] artform: Hi imperium, was just saying good night, hope all is well with you!
    [04:28:33] brine: Dealing with a touch of the flu!!! Bleh.
    [04:28:57] artform: Chat again soon.
    [04:29:05] brine: Good night, art.
    [04:29:10] imperium: take care
    [04:30:06] imperium: Brine, a super hot steamy shower always helps me feel beter when ill \
    [04:30:23] brine: Going to do that right before bed.
    [04:30:26] imperium: i get mad sore lymph nodes on neck & hot water helps release tension there
    [04:30:36] brine: Ah.
    [04:30:57] brine: This is a head cold/flu thing. No nausea, thank goodness!!
    [04:31:11] brine: The cough is the bad part.
    [04:31:35] imperium: Got that tempo from the movember contest today. definatly going to give it a whirl tonight
    [04:31:52] brine: Cool.
    [04:31:58] imperium: so unfourtanate last night i smoked the last of my bud for a session if only i had waited off 1 more day
    [04:32:03] brine: Have you used the peridses before?
    [04:32:14] imperium: nope
    [04:32:18] imperium: pro & mgx
    [04:32:37] imperium: Honnestluy it seems quite small & i pictured it buing longer in my head
    [04:32:42] brine: Let us know how that goes.
    [04:33:08] brine: How did you get it?
    [04:33:11] imperium: Strikingly heavy also
    [04:33:22] imperium: Lucky win
    [04:33:22] brine: Metal, right?
    [04:33:23] imperium:
    [04:33:34] imperium: Stainless steel, yes
    [04:34:03] brine: Oh, yes, I remember.
    [04:35:37] imperium: I need to go cook dinner, be back on later, take care.
    [04:35:45] brine: Okay, have fun!!!

    12:00 am EST 2/14/2012

    [05:50:01] taran: hey imperium
    [05:50:15] imperium: Evening, how goes it?
    [05:50:45] taran: fine, a little bit tired.
    [05:51:02] imperium: Busy lately?
    [05:52:47] taran: well, i worked from noon - 9 at night today
    [05:53:19] taran: im fatigued but not really sleepy. you know
    [05:53:25] imperium: make that $$
    [05:55:16] taran: how have you been?
    [05:55:17] imperium: Anything else new?
    [05:55:37] imperium: I just received a Temop today, definately ghoing to give it a whirl tonight
    [05:56:11] taran: not really havent had much session time last week
    [05:56:33] taran: thats great, i dont have a tempo but i hope you have fun
    [05:58:02] imperium: Its a lot smaller & heavier than i expected.
    [05:58:15] imperium: going to be interesting to see how that plays out.
    [05:58:20] imperium: also no Ptab gonna be new.
    [05:59:22] taran: no ptab?
    [05:59:33] taran: whats it made out of?
    [05:59:54] imperium: Stainless steel.
    [06:00:07] imperium: Prostate Massage, Sex Toys for Men, Male G-Spot, Prostate Stimulators Stimulation, Anal Toys
    [06:00:35] imperium: MUCH MUCH shorter length than the pictures & my imagination lead me to belive
    [06:01:22] imperium: It's the length of a very short pen & i was expecting to be the length of a new un-sharpened pencil.
    [06:01:26] taran: ooohhh. i can only imagine what that would feel like inserted
    [06:02:10] taran: judging by the specifics it does appear smaller
    [06:03:35] imperium: Yeah i guess i have the tendency to not really read the measuments of things & just imagine what i want
    [06:04:47] taran: it looks similar to the peridise
    [06:05:11] taran: i havent tried that type of model
    [06:05:36] imperium: Me either. only the mgx & pro before today.
    [06:06:02] taran: what made you want to buy this one?
    [06:07:09] imperium: Techincally, nothing. i got lucky & won it.
    [06:07:09] imperium:
    [06:07:22] taran: oh i see
    [06:07:30] imperium: but when it HAD come time to look into another aneros the 4 choices i was weighing on were.
    [06:07:44] imperium: tempo, eupho, helix & vice
    [06:08:06] taran: those are the 4 i have
    [06:08:28] taran: make that 3
    [06:08:40] taran: i have a eupho, helix, and vice
    [06:08:42] imperium: Cool cool.
    [06:09:14] imperium: well i'm a long way off from having $100+ to spend on this hobby any way.
    [06:09:32] imperium: i don;t have the willpower to not spend entertainment $$ on bud
    [06:11:39] taran: yeah, it took me awhile to get the helix and eupho.
    [06:12:01] taran: i will admit the vice was an absolute impulse buy
    [06:12:08] taran:L O L
    [06:12:57] imperium: Evening Multi.
    [06:13:16] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi. Guys
    [06:13:43] taran: hey multi
    [06:13:49] MultiOrgasmMan: What's up?
    [06:14:10] imperium: Nothing much.
    [06:15:40] taran: imperium just got a tempo
    [06:15:44] MultiOrgasmMan: What hAve you guys been chatting about?
    [06:16:05] imperium: ^^ what he just said ^^
    [06:16:11] MultiOrgasmMan: What's a tempo?
    [06:16:22] imperium: Aneros Chat Center
    [06:16:31] imperium: lAAAAME dumb ass link
    [06:16:40] imperium: Prostate Massage, Sex Toys for Men, Male G-Spot, Prostate Stimulators Stimulation, Anal Toys
    [06:16:45] imperium: ^^ that ^^
    [06:19:04] MultiOrgasmMan: Cool!!!!
    [06:19:26] MultiOrgasmMan: Does it reach the prostate?
    [06:20:22] imperium: Haven't used it yet.
    [06:20:49] MultiOrgasmMan: Not yet? When did you get it?
    [06:21:06] imperium: Big guy did a "review" on his blog Linghamans Log
    [06:21:26] imperium: Just opened the package today & then had to take off for class then dinner when i got back.
    [06:21:31] imperium: 1st use here in a while.
    [06:27:01] taran: great review/testimonial. bigguy's blog is a great read
    [06:27:47] imperium: Indeed.
    [06:29:31] MultiOrgasmMan: Wow!! What a review!!
    [06:30:04] taran: kinda makes me want one
    [06:30:27] imperium: L O L
    [06:30:38] MultiOrgasmMan: He's the best erotic authors I've ever read
    [06:30:51] imperium: Reading a review of any aneros, coming from an expereinced used would definatly make me want it also
    [06:31:24] MultiOrgasmMan: So when did you get it?
    [06:32:22] imperium: Just this afternoon, going to get preped for a session here shortly.
    [06:33:37] MultiOrgasmMan: I want one too:-)
    [06:34:09] imperium: L O L
    [06:34:38] MultiOrgasmMan: You'll have to tell us in detail what it's like.
    [06:37:27] imperium: I will, most definately
    [06:37:39] MultiOrgasmMan: Taran, remember an energy exchange we had with 6 of us from all over the world sharing mutual orgasmic experiences and then
    [06:38:05] MultiOrgasmMan: Art came in later and joined in?
    [06:38:17] brine: Hey gents.
    [06:38:31] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi brine
    [06:38:39] imperium: evening
    [06:38:45] brine: Hey MOM and imp
    [06:38:48] taran: @multi. yes that was delightful
    [06:38:55] taran: hey brine
    [06:39:04] brine: Just checking in quickly before hitting the hay.
    [06:39:06] brine: Hi taran.
    [06:39:28] MultiOrgasmMan: Art brought that might up a couple of days ago
    [06:39:45] MultiOrgasmMan: Night
    [06:39:48] brine: That was a great night.
    [06:39:52] taran: cool. what did he say about it?
    [06:40:37] MultiOrgasmMan: He was saying what a great experience it was for all of us !!
    [06:41:06] taran: it was
    [06:42:26] brine: Well, hope you guys are all well. Gotta get some sleep, been under the weather all day.
    [06:42:26] MultiOrgasmMan: Hey imp, when are you going to start playing with your new toy?
    [06:42:40] brine: Bye!
    [06:42:54] imperium: About to go start preping now.
    [06:42:55] imperium: take care brine
    [06:43:05] MultiOrgasmMan: How long from now, approximately?
    [06:43:09] brine: Good night all.
    [06:43:24] MultiOrgasmMan: Nite brine
    [06:43:48] imperium: Hard to say, when i'm cleaned & finished my drink
    [06:43:52] taran: nite brine
    [06:43:58] imperium: be starting in less than an hour tho.
    [06:46:08] MultiOrgasmMan: Some of might be here to let us know what you're experiencing at your first try at a new experience
    [06:46:25] MultiOrgasmMan: If you're interested
    [06:46:36] MultiOrgasmMan: In sharing
    [06:47:17] MultiOrgasmMan: Hey taran, how goes your journey?
    [06:48:00] taran: good, although i didnt get much of an opportunity to ride this last week
    [06:48:59] MultiOrgasmMan: Time, alone time, other distractions, other sex, etc?
    [06:49:59] MultiOrgasmMan: Or just because
    [06:50:09] taran: all of the above basically
    [06:50:27] imperium: I'll be araopund for now multi. but you should know i'm not one to get anywhere without focus so.
    [06:50:27] MultiOrgasmMan: I know the feeling
    [06:50:46] imperium: anthing i state may be wildly different form my actual results alone & focused.
    [06:51:17] imperium: other sex eh? got some juicy stories JK
    [06:51:25] MultiOrgasmMan: Cool especially the first time:-)
    [06:52:19] imperium: Stepping to the other room, feel free to ask me questions ETC, just expect a slow response from me.
    [06:52:25] MultiOrgasmMan: Focus, baby, focus!!!!!!!
    [06:56:56] MultiOrgasmMan: I don't want to break up your focus imp so you can get into it for the total experience and tell us about it another day soo
    [06:58:48] MultiOrgasmMan: Soon. Enjoy and enjoy every lovely feeling and sensation and maybe a few o's will come. And come, and come again
    [06:59:49] MultiOrgasmMan: Nite imp
    [07:01:12] MultiOrgasmMan: Taran, what models do you usually use?
    [07:02:12] MultiOrgasmMan: I guess you're gone
    [07:02:46] MultiOrgasmMan: Nite all
    [07:24:25] MultiOrgasmMan: Evening all
    [07:25:08] MultiOrgasmMan: Will check back later
    [07:25:18] MultiOrgasmMan: P
    [07:25:24] taran: im back
    [07:25:39] MultiOrgasmMan: Hey taran
    [07:25:58] taran: internet shut off for a couple of mins
    [07:26:08] MultiOrgasmMan: I thought you left for the nite
    [07:26:20] taran: naw not yet
    [07:26:43] MultiOrgasmMan: I hate when that happens
    [07:27:26] taran: yeah its a pain in the ass
    [07:28:01] MultiOrgasmMan: What models do you normally use?
    [07:28:16] taran: helix eupho and vice
    [07:28:51] taran: what about you?
    [07:29:10] MultiOrgasmMan: I shortened the tail on my helix and it finally is working for me
    [07:29:28] taran: great
    [07:29:52] MultiOrgasmMan: Mgx, progasm ice and the Duke
    [07:30:18] MultiOrgasmMan: And now my helix
    [07:30:36] taran: i have a progasm ice too but i dont use it as much
    [07:31:01] MultiOrgasmMan: It's really big !!!!!
    [07:31:26] taran: yeah it is
    [07:32:44] MultiOrgasmMan: If I want to fill filled up and have a different type of nonstop o's I'll use that, butt I can't use it too long
    [07:33:38] taran: progasm sessions are usually short
    [07:33:38] MultiOrgasmMan: I use it occasionally
    [07:33:54] MultiOrgasmMan: I agree
    [07:34:00] taran: which is your fav?
    [07:34:23] MultiOrgasmMan: Short but very full filling
    [07:34:36] MultiOrgasmMan: Mgx
    [07:35:09] MultiOrgasmMan: I've been using it for about 10 years
    [07:35:20] taran: cool
    [07:35:35] MultiOrgasmMan: It was initially called the classi
    [07:35:44] MultiOrgasmMan: Classic
    [07:36:52] MultiOrgasmMan: How long have uyou been playing with your toys?
    [07:37:03] taran: 3 years
    [07:37:45] MultiOrgasmMan: Cool. What's your fave?
    [07:38:06] taran: vice
    [07:38:41] taran: first model that made me cum hands free more than once
    [07:40:12] MultiOrgasmMan: Awesome!! How many times have you cum in one session?
    [07:40:35] taran: twice
    [07:41:00] MultiOrgasmMan: With your vice. Or how long are your sessions
    [07:41:22] MultiOrgasmMan: How many o's I meant
    [07:41:23] taran: about 2 hours
    [07:41:42] taran: i lose count to be honest
    [07:41:48] MultiOrgasmMan: Great!!!!
    [07:42:13] MultiOrgasmMan: Me too
    [07:42:51] MultiOrgasmMan: Once I hit that zone they can be nonstop
    [07:43:10] taran: great!!
    [07:43:22] taran: you lose focus of all time
    [07:43:48] MultiOrgasmMan: I tried something new the other night
    [07:44:01] taran: what/
    [07:44:05] taran: ?
    [07:46:26] MultiOrgasmMan: I was touching myself and started playing with my nipples. I had read from bigguy's blog that he would flick his nipple and
    [07:46:55] MultiOrgasmMan: Get a sudden series of very strong o's
    [07:47:22] MultiOrgasmMan: It was a GREAT feeling
    [07:47:29] taran: nice
    [07:47:43] taran: my nipples are sensitive too
    [07:48:43] MultiOrgasmMan: Then I would go around and around the arreolas slowly and enjoy the sensations then flick it again
    [07:49:03] taran: yes
    [07:49:50] MultiOrgasmMan: And a sudden burst of orgasmic energy would come stay and then slowly fade away
    [07:50:36] MultiOrgasmMan: Know the feeling?
    [07:51:07] taran: i do. once you rewire your nips you get hooked
    [07:51:39] taran: i was actually doing some of that now, it felt good
    [07:52:17] MultiOrgasmMan: What else do you do with your sensitive nipples?
    [07:52:30] MultiOrgasmMan: I'm kind of new at it
    [07:52:37] taran: pinch and flick them
    [07:53:21] MultiOrgasmMan: That does feel nice
    [07:53:50] MultiOrgasmMan: Pinch then flick?
    [07:54:01] taran: yup
    [07:54:44] MultiOrgasmMan: How long or how hard do you pinch them?
    [07:56:03] taran: just a quick pinch
    [07:56:24] MultiOrgasmMan: WOW!!! That is wild!!!!!
    [07:57:11] taran: what is?
    [07:58:48] MultiOrgasmMan: The intense orgasm I get from A quick pinch and a flick
    [07:59:17] taran: you just tried it?!
    [07:59:34] MultiOrgasmMan: Yep
    [07:59:48] MultiOrgasmMan: And again
    [08:00:34] MultiOrgasmMan: Any other tips for the nips?
    [08:01:01] taran: keep doing what your doing
    [08:01:15] taran: sounds enjoyable
    [08:02:16] MultiOrgasmMan: Does it keep the orgasm going on and on?
    [08:02:37] taran: it can
    [08:03:02] MultiOrgasmMan: When you do it again and again and again?
    [08:03:28] MultiOrgasmMan: Which do you like better?
    [08:04:23] taran: i try to continually do it
    [08:04:38] taran: it works most of the time
    [08:05:04] MultiOrgasmMan: How long can it last?
    [08:05:45] taran: i dont know
    [08:06:18] MultiOrgasmMan: I'll try that
    [08:06:44] taran: im gonna be heading to bed soon
    [08:06:45] MultiOrgasmMan: Thanks a lot
    [08:07:02] taran: its 1 am here so good nite
    [08:07:13] taran: great chatting
    [08:07:35] MultiOrgasmMan: U2 nite taran
    [08:59:14] twlltin: # I talk to machines... but they don't listen to me... #
    [09:20:27] twlltin: Good morning from UK.
    [09:20:39] lotuslover: Hello!
    [09:20:46] lotuslover: How are you?
    [09:21:06] twlltin: Not bad. Still waiting for the coffee to kick in. And you?
    [09:22:30] lotuslover: I am well. I should be sleep but experiments with aneros has me geeked tonight.
    [09:22:53] twlltin: Ooh! What have you been up to?
    [09:23:17] lotuslover: Just reading for now. Still an aneros newbie.
    [09:23:32] twlltin: Ah. Nothing wrong with that.
    [09:23:43] twlltin: Do you have an Aneros device yet?
    [09:24:06] lotuslover: Yup, a Helix. I've had it for almost a month now.
    [09:24:50] twlltin: I started with a Helix.
    [09:24:56] lotuslover: I've had some good feelings, but I think that's mostly coming the stimulation of the anal nerves.
    [09:25:02] lotuslover: Nice
    [09:25:11] lotuslover: I'm not sure if its hitting my prostate or not
    [09:25:32] lotuslover: But I'll contiue to learn the device and tune my body.
    [09:25:37] twlltin: Have you tried the trick of getting the skin of the perineum to "push" it?
    [09:26:03] twlltin: It's in one of my recent forum posts.
    [09:27:04] lotuslover: You mean pull the skin towards the scrotum?
    [09:27:16] lotuslover: Yes, I have tried that one.
    [09:27:28] twlltin: Did it help?
    [09:28:29] lotuslover: Not really, but that could be due to my ignorance of having my prostate stimulated.
    [09:28:32] lotuslover: I'm just not sure what am I supposed to feel.
    [09:29:29] twlltin: OK. What are you doing in sessions with your Helix?
    [09:31:07] lotuslover: Well before I begin, I take a BM if need followed by use of a rectal syringe. I lube up the Helix, lie on my back
    [09:31:23] lotuslover: and postion a pillow under my bum.
    [09:31:40] lotuslover: Sometimes I lay on my stomach, which produces some great feelings.
    [09:32:04] lotuslover: Like very lite orgasms.
    [09:32:32] lotuslover: I do think it's doing something, I tend to become impatient after the lite orgasmic feelings.
    [09:32:33] twlltin: I'd suggest using your finger to lube up your anus too. As far as your finger can reach, and spread it around up there.
    [09:33:01] lotuslover: Noted, will definitely try that tonight.
    [09:33:15] twlltin: Relaxation (physical and mental) helps a lot.
    [09:33:36] twlltin: I start my sessions (usually on my back) like a rag doll. Everything relaxed.
    [09:34:03] twlltin: I don't do voluntary contractions. (I'm a "do nothing" type.)
    [09:34:03] lotuslover: Have experienced a super-o yet?
    [09:34:18] twlltin: Yes, of the "calm seas" type.
    [09:34:22] lotuslover: So you just let it sit there?
    [09:34:30] lotuslover: Very nice.
    [09:34:32] twlltin: Do you know how to do belly breathing?
    [09:34:50] lotuslover: Not really, no.
    [09:35:11] twlltin: OK. Many people breathe in by inflating their chests.
    [09:35:31] twlltin: There's another way, which moves the air deeper. That's to try to inflate the stomach.
    [09:35:53] twlltin: The ribs don't move much, if at all, when doing that type of breathing.
    [09:35:58] lotuslover: Ah, I think I understand. I usually breathe from the belly when I'm jogging.
    [09:36:44] twlltin: Belly breathing causes tiny movements in the whole abdomen area, which transfer to the rectum. This gives the aneros a tiny
    [09:36:49] twlltin: movement against the prostate.
    [09:37:14] twlltin: It takes a while to build, but you might feel an urge to pee, or something much nicer.
    [09:37:40] twlltin: Also, pushing down with your stomach on the "out" breath and intensify the movement.
    [09:38:06] lotuslover: Alright
    [09:38:07] twlltin: Another thing is to use the PC muscle (the one that controls the flow of pee).
    [09:38:44] twlltin: A gentle tensing of that (as if you're stopping a flow of pee) can cause slight movement of the Helix.
    [09:39:06] lotuslover: Yeah, usally I get better sensation with the gentle tensing
    [09:39:12] twlltin: (I don't use the PC contractions myself, but it might work for you.)
    [09:39:24] twlltin: There's lots of advice out there.
    [09:39:33] twlltin: Mostly guys saying "This worked for me."
    [09:39:44] lotuslover: Yeah, I see. It's amazing.
    [09:39:46] twlltin: You need to experiment and find out what actually works for YOU.
    [09:40:20] lotuslover: Indeed.
    [09:40:26] twlltin: When you get a pleasant sensation, don't push to intensify it, just appreciate it, and maybe keep doing what it is that
    [09:40:29] twlltin: is causing it.
    [09:40:35] twlltin: It'll grow on its own.
    [09:41:08] lotuslover: Will do.
    [09:41:33] twlltin: If you try to force things, they'll run away.
    [09:41:46] twlltin: That's why this takes a lot of patience.
    [09:42:47] lotuslover: Yes, I've come to notice. I try to approach it in a zen like fashion.
    [09:43:17] twlltin: Sounds like you're doing the right things. It's now just a matter of time.
    [09:43:39] twlltin: It took me six weeks of almost daily sessions to get to my first "calm seas".
    [09:44:04] lotuslover: I hope hehe. I have to say it has been an experience so far.
    [09:44:15] twlltin: Some guys get it instantly (lucky sods) and some take years.
    [09:44:31] lotuslover: Yeah, my sessions are about 4 times per week.
    [09:44:44] twlltin: That seems reasonable.
    [09:44:48] lotuslover: I'm a bit worried because I read about how too much anal douching is bad.
    [09:45:16] twlltin: Allow plenty of time -- an hour minimum.
    [09:46:39] lotuslover: OK, I think I'm going to have a session. Thanks for the helpful advice!
    [09:46:59] twlltin: You're welcome.
    [09:47:23] twlltin: I'd be interested to know how you progress.
    [09:47:39] lotuslover: Thanks, will certainly come back more often.
    [09:47:46] lotuslover: I love the community
    [09:47:56] lotuslover: Such warmth and openess
    [09:48:03] twlltin: I was surprised myself how friendly everyone is.
    [09:48:16] lotuslover: I wish everyone in the world could be like this hehe.
    [09:48:59] twlltin: Yeah. There are a few to be careful of.
    [09:49:33] twlltin: I don't go for webcam activities. Some want to "share" that way.
    [09:49:46] twlltin: Looking at another guy's tackle isn't my scene.
    [09:50:08] lotuslover: Haha, I hear ya.
    [09:51:08] lotuslover: Alright I'm off. Hope you day goes awesome.
    [09:51:16] lotuslover: Take care.
    [09:51:32] twlltin: Bye for now.
    [09:51:35] twlltin: Have fun.
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 8am EST 2/14/12 through 10:49am EST 2/14/12

    [13:46:04] Human Being: aright dude?
    [13:47:13] bsmith14: hi
    [13:47:25] Human Being: alright bs
    [13:47:38] Human Being: i think twittins away
    [13:48:28] bsmith14: how are you?
    [13:49:34] Human Being: i'm good thnx, bit miffed i have to go to work tonight, wrong shift
    [13:49:47] Human Being: u?
    [13:50:07] bsmith14: good, just starting my work day, but working from home allows me to have some fun too
    [13:51:05] Human Being: wicked, i was comin on to chat to twittin, we had good convo yesterday evening
    [13:51:27] Human Being: boot my experience so far
    [13:51:30] bsmith14: you in the UK?
    [13:51:40] Human Being: yup
    [13:51:58] bsmith14: eastern US here
    [13:52:24] Human Being: what time there?
    [13:52:42] bsmith14: 8:52 AM
    [13:53:06] Human Being: it 2.52 here
    [13:53:14] Human Being: pm
    [13:53:45] Human Being: you experienced user?
    [13:54:53] bsmith14: yes, about 3 years
    [13:54:57] Human Being: i swear i've seen some of your posts
    [13:55:14] Human Being: me, err since sat
    [13:55:38] bsmith14: cool, I have a few posts in the forum
    [13:55:51] bsmith14: what are your thoughts so far?
    [13:55:55] Human Being: maybe you could impart some of your thoughts?
    [13:56:12] Human Being: first
    [13:56:50] bsmith14: well, its a amazing journey. its really hard to describe what you can get to somebody that hasn't experienced it yet
    [13:57:06] Human Being: read in forum general discussions 'help to shed light' and it'll give you the start
    [13:57:26] Human Being: pretty cool so far
    [13:58:04] bsmith14: ok, I did read that post the other day. pretty amazing experience
    [13:58:35] Human Being: yup i'm not sure what happend, but felt brilliant
    [13:58:37] bsmith14: our bodies are capable of much more then we think
    [13:58:51] bsmith14: the aneros will help unlock those abilities
    [13:59:52] Human Being: i've only tried it twice so far, but both pretty good, and some unexpected benifits
    [14:00:37] bsmith14: for me, the journey continues to amaze me even after 3 years. I still get new sensations on occassion
    [14:01:11] bsmith14: hey, I will be back in a few minutes
    [14:01:21] Human Being: k
    [14:05:28] bsmith14: I am back
    [14:06:36] Human Being: want to know how i've been getting on sor far?
    [14:07:42] Human Being: i've written something, it's only part of what has happend, i'll send u PM f u like
    [14:09:53] twlltin: I'm back
    [14:09:59] bsmith14: you could tell me here. but really I hope you are enjoying your toy
    [14:10:25] Human Being: tis a bit long for here
    [14:10:49] Human Being: allright twittin, got a little update for u
    [14:11:27] twlltin: OK. Was having a short session with the progasm in my lunch hour.
    [14:11:40] Human Being: nice
    [14:12:10] twlltin: it was.
    [14:13:46] Human Being: ok sent
    [14:14:02] bsmith14: hoping to have a 'less session during morning break, then a helix session during lunch
    [14:14:35] Human Being: how are you gonna get any work done
    [14:15:07] twlltin: It was only 45 mins long. I have a bit of discipline.
    [14:15:07] Human Being: gonna go do some food, back in a bit
    [14:17:28] bsmith14: plenty of time for work
    [14:24:49] Human Being: a badabing a badaboom, just gonna make coffee
    [14:34:05] twlltin: biiig bada boom!
    [15:18:42] twlltin: welcome back HB
    [15:19:02] Human Being: wode if anybody has used the username johnny cum lately?
    [15:19:13] Human Being: wonder?
    [15:19:24] twlltin: Not to my knowledge.
    [15:19:29] Human Being: twood be a cool name
    [15:19:33] Human Being:L O L
    [15:19:58] Human Being: a bit happy, and mouth on fire
    [15:20:10] twlltin: Mine's sort of rude in Welsh... If I'd got the grammar right.
    [15:20:27] Human Being: whats it mean?
    [15:20:44] twlltin: twll is "hole"
    [15:21:29] Human Being:L O L
    [15:21:56] twlltin: and tin is "bottom, rump, tail"
    [15:22:21] Human Being: i think rooks, might be to do with chess, apparently personaity pays a big part
    [15:22:34] Human Being: he's the rook
    [15:22:40] Human Being: maybe
    [15:22:41] twlltin: rook is a great guy
    [15:22:55] twlltin: He's also one of the older members of the forum.
    [15:23:16] Human Being: never chatted to him, maybe i should sometime
    [15:23:45] twlltin: He's often on chat at this time of the day. Must be busy.
    [15:23:52] Human Being: maybe a little too much chilli and paprika
    [15:24:23] Human Being: yup must be
    [15:24:59] Human Being: i had another breakthrough this morning, i think very healthy
    [15:25:16] twlltin: Oh? How did it go?
    [15:25:36] Human Being: i didn't use the aneros
    [15:26:01] Human Being: i woke up this morning, feeling pretty good, and then
    [15:26:02] twlltin: hmm?
    [15:26:21] Human Being: stretched and it felt really good
    [15:27:24] Human Being: and i sorted rubbed my legs together and played with my feet, and i'd begun to really enjoy it, it felt warm and very comfort
    [15:27:30] Human Being: ing
    [15:27:37] twlltin: nice
    [15:27:45] Human Being: also a bit like i'd had it in
    [15:28:44] Human Being: i kind of imagined myself as a baby having a sortof comfort blanket
    [15:29:09] Human Being: then i stopped as i'd come to reality
    [15:29:21] twlltin: aw!
    [15:30:20] Human Being: my mind as i woke up, just blocked the 'me part i think' and i wasn't aware of anything, my mind i think justed suppressed me
    [15:30:28] Human Being: to enjoy it
    [15:31:15] Human Being: it was a definate surprise
    [15:31:23] twlltin: WOW!
    [15:31:28] Human Being: maybe i should have continued?
    [15:31:38] twlltin: I would.
    [15:31:54] twlltin: This is advanced stuff you're doing here.
    [15:31:59] twlltin: Hi annnrs
    [15:32:08] twlltin: ...and it's coming naturally to you.
    [15:32:09] annnrs: hi
    [15:32:16] twlltin: I'm *really* jealous.
    [15:32:33] Human Being: if i was with a partner i think she would have really appreciated this side if me
    [15:32:37] twlltin: It's been a while since I've seen you on chat annnrs
    [15:32:57] Human Being: alright annners
    [15:32:58] annnrs: yes that's right
    [15:33:07] Human Being: how you doing
    [15:33:21] annnrs: fine thanks. and you?
    [15:33:46] Human Being: pretty good, happy, chillin
    [15:34:03] annnrs:
    [15:34:58] twlltin: I had a short session with progasm at lunchtime. I'd have liked it to be longer. It was good, though.
    [15:34:59] Human Being: just feels natural twll, like how a normal person feels, makes sense?
    [15:35:19] Human Being: any super o?
    [15:35:39] twlltin: Yes, I had a "calm seas" period in it.
    [15:36:01] twlltin: Each one is slightly different in character.
    [15:36:34] Human Being: like ones a bob and ones a jane?
    [15:36:36] twlltin: wb bsmith14
    [15:36:55] twlltin: No. Subtle differences in how it feels.
    [15:36:56] bsmith14: hi
    [15:37:15] bsmith14: still vibrating from my session
    [15:37:20] Human Being: alright bsmith welcome back
    [15:37:55] Human Being: thats good. vibrate for us all man!
    [15:38:20] twlltin: Hmm... Nice, but too short. I just had a little bit of twitching in the anal sphincter area. Aftershocks of the session.
    [15:39:11] Human Being: i haven't had aftershocks yet
    [15:39:36] Human Being: though saying that i have only used it twice, no session today
    [15:39:58] twlltin: It's sometimes just a little shudder like if you've had a good yawn.
    [15:40:31] twlltin: Oh dear! I wrote the word "yawn" and started yawning.
    [15:40:40] Human Being: mmm s hounds good L O L
    [15:40:51] Human Being: its the mirror effect
    [15:41:14] Human Being: as you wrote yawn i felt like yawning
    [15:41:32] Human Being: it happens to everyone i think
    [15:42:15] twlltin: If you ever see the film "Tom Thumb" there's an animated song sequence, "The Yawning Man".
    [15:42:42] Human Being: yup
    [15:43:06] Human Being: never seen it myself...
    [15:43:06] bsmith14: just had a nice long slow anal orgasm, whew
    [15:43:25] Human Being: ha
    [15:43:43] Human Being: nice keep goin here man L O L
    [15:44:48] bsmith14: think I am done for now, I have a conference call in 15 minutes
    [15:45:15] Human Being: oh okies
    [15:45:41] twlltin: hi rob
    [15:45:49] robabrue: hey
    [15:45:53] robabrue: anyone riding
    [15:46:28] twlltin: I was about 90 mins ago.
    [15:47:59] twlltin: annnrs: how are your sessions going nowadays?
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 10:49am EST 2/14/12 through 1:13pm EST 2/14/12

    [15:49:16] snipetownsam: hi everyone
    [15:49:20] twlltin: Hi snipetownsam
    [15:49:34] twlltin: I don't think we've chatted before.
    [15:49:45] snipetownsam: just purchased my first aneros about 30 mins ago
    [15:49:54] Human Being: hey snipe
    [15:50:01] twlltin: Which type?
    [15:50:01] bsmith14: great news!!
    [15:50:15] Human Being: yeah?
    [15:50:37] snipetownsam: I've never had anything up there besides a finger but im curious for the Super-O so I got a progasm
    [15:50:58] snipetownsam: was the progasm a mistake for a newbie?
    [15:51:01] twlltin: You started with the biggest.
    [15:51:19] twlltin: If you've had nothing other than a finger up there, then maybe it's a bit of a stretch.
    [15:51:22] snipetownsam: go big or go home L O L
    [15:51:26] twlltin: It is *big*.
    [15:51:35] Human Being: stretch L O L
    [15:51:36] snipetownsam: you have one?
    [15:51:47] bsmith14: just be extra slow and take your time
    [15:51:52] Human Being: couldn't help laughing
    [15:51:57] twlltin: It is considered an advanced model. Yes, I have one, but I didn't start with it.
    [15:52:17] snipetownsam: is it gonna be weird for me? will i be shocked when i see it?
    [15:52:20] bsmith14: it was my first, but I had some anal experience
    [15:52:20] twlltin: You *must* lube. What have you got for lube?
    [15:52:44] snipetownsam: I have lube i got with my fleshlight
    [15:53:06] twlltin: Do you have any Vaseline in the house?
    [15:53:14] bsmith14: while your waiting for it to arrive, I would practice using a finger or something
    [15:53:27] Human Being: when i first saw ,y first the SGX i thought it was tiny, but it's absolutely perfect
    [15:53:38] Human Being: my*
    [15:53:40] twlltin: My first was Helix.
    [15:53:51] snipetownsam: am i dumb? L O L
    [15:54:02] Human Being: nope
    [15:54:05] twlltin: No.
    [15:54:16] snipetownsam: think i can do it guys?
    [15:54:17] Human Being: just try and enjoy it
    [15:54:30] twlltin: it's just that you'll probably have to take things very gently.
    [15:54:31] Human Being: yep, go for it
    [15:54:43] bsmith14: it may be perfect for you, or maybe not, I have 4 models
    [15:54:47] twlltin: You've probably passed bigger stools.
    [15:54:49] snipetownsam: im nervous now L O L
    [15:55:25] snipetownsam: ill be on here for first time
    [15:55:34] twlltin: Don't be nervous.
    [15:55:46] snipetownsam: you guys can talk me through it L O L
    [15:56:06] Human Being: yeah no wus wus mate
    [15:56:28] Human Being: i struggled a bit with mine but just took it slow
    [15:56:31] twlltin: The progasm will stretch you when it's going in. Use plenty of lube. Take your time inserting it. Don't force it.
    [15:57:00] snipetownsam: is it true once you get half in it just goes in on its own?
    [15:57:20] twlltin: More like three quarters in.
    [15:57:54] snipetownsam: i cant even picture how big it is gonna be haha
    [15:57:57] Human Being: gets sucked right in then, easy from there
    [15:58:41] Human Being: set a tape measure for 4 and half inches
    [15:58:59] snipetownsam: wow L O L
    [15:59:07] Human Being: it might give u some idea
    [15:59:21] twlltin: If you have any vaseline in the house, use that to coat the progasm. Water based lubes can dry out and cause it to stick to
    [15:59:26] twlltin: the surface of the rectum.
    [15:59:38] snipetownsam: will i get stretched permanently?
    [16:00:07] twlltin: No, as I said, you've probably passed larger "motions".
    [16:00:12] snipetownsam: have any of you just started with the progasm or am i the first
    [16:00:21] twlltin: No, plenty start with progasm.
    [16:00:33] Human Being: nope, like twlltin says, you pass bigger stools
    [16:00:48] snipetownsam: does it give you a "full" feeling?
    [16:01:16] twlltin: VERY
    [16:01:38] snipetownsam: im shaking haha
    [16:01:43] twlltin: Once it's in, just relax and let it settle.
    [16:01:45] Human Being: mine does and mines the small one
    [16:02:06] Human Being: BUT IT FEELS GOOD
    [16:02:14] twlltin: With time you'll find you're comfortable with it in... but you never forget it's there.
    [16:02:28] twlltin: With the smaller models, you can sometimes forget they're there.
    [16:02:49] snipetownsam: i imagine you'll contract a lot the first time
    [16:03:05] Human Being: i don't with mine, though i myself am very small, 5ft L O L
    [16:03:47] Human Being: i always know its there
    [16:04:10] snipetownsam: how wide is this progasm?
    [16:04:38] twlltin: Don't try to contract with the progasm. Just let it sit there. At least for your first session.
    [16:04:54] twlltin: I think it's about an inch in diameter at its widest.
    [16:05:19] snipetownsam: thats not bad but 4.5 inches is like WOW
    [16:05:31] twlltin: It goes deep, yes.
    [16:05:51] twlltin: I can feel the tip of it.
    [16:06:30] Human Being: it's more like 1.3 inches at its widest
    [16:06:47] snipetownsam: does your butt feel beat after?
    [16:06:51] Human Being: just checked website, don't be put off though
    [16:07:25] twlltin: You do have sensation of it having been there, which lasts for a while.
    [16:07:38] snipetownsam: i paid almost 70 for it so its goin up my butt L O L
    [16:07:48] twlltin: $70?
    [16:07:53] Human Being: nice sentiment L O L
    [16:07:59] snipetownsam: ya
    [16:08:41] twlltin: Advice: be gentle with yourself. If you hurt yourself whilst inserting it, you're not going to get any enjoyment in the sessi
    [16:08:43] twlltin: session
    [16:08:46] snipetownsam: i might put it up there and just watch tv
    [16:08:56] snipetownsam: im not gonna enjoy first time??
    [16:09:24] Human Being: i think t.v would be distracting too much
    [16:09:27] twlltin: Don't sit on it. You might enjoy first time... a lot. I can't say.
    [16:09:50] snipetownsam: im thinkin ill lay on my back with legs up
    [16:10:02] Human Being: diverting your senses away from the sensations
    [16:10:32] twlltin: that's a classic position -- on back, feet on bed, knees raised.
    [16:10:35] Human Being: good one to try, try experimenting with different positions
    [16:10:38] snipetownsam: ya
    [16:11:22] Human Being: i've found i end up in diferent positions without realising it
    [16:11:27] snipetownsam: cant wait for it to get here...probably thursday
    [16:11:57] Human Being: i'll be here to here about first time
    [16:12:10] Human Being: or around
    [16:12:26] Human Being: you can always PM me
    [16:12:40] snipetownsam: ok you guys gotta talk me through this L O L
    [16:12:59] Human Being: you wory too much L O L
    [16:13:30] snipetownsam: i didnt know the thing goin up my butt was this big L O L
    [16:13:53] Human Being: go for it, send me a message telling me when your gonna be on
    [16:13:57] twlltin: Between now and Thursday, get yourself some vaseline.
    [16:14:03] snipetownsam: alright
    [16:14:06] Human Being: twlltin might help too?
    [16:14:07] snipetownsam: ok
    [16:14:19] twlltin: I'm usually around at this time of day.
    [16:14:23] Human Being: i think it might be a good idea for me
    [16:14:34] snipetownsam: all depends on when ups gets here
    [16:14:35] Human Being: only used water based lube
    [16:15:08] snipetownsam: there any videos online of someone using progasm?
    [16:15:26] Human Being: do u use it on it's own, or use it with the water lube?
    [16:16:22] Human Being: sorry twll, u gettin bombarded with questions
    [16:17:08] twlltin: I have used it with a water-based lube, but lately, I've just been using vaseline.
    [16:17:30] twlltin: It has just the right consistency to allow the progasm to slowly slither around.
    [16:17:31] snipetownsam: what should i do about my bowels before using it?
    [16:17:45] twlltin: With the smaller devices, I do use other lubes.
    [16:18:07] twlltin: snipe: yes, it's advised you do clean out before using progasm.
    [16:18:21] snipetownsam: how just have a movement?
    [16:18:56] twlltin: I do an anal douche.
    [16:19:08] snipetownsam: i dont have that
    [16:19:28] twlltin: OK. Probably best having a good solid movement, then.
    [16:19:47] twlltin: You want to be as empty as possible up there.
    [16:19:48] snipetownsam: will do
    [16:20:29] snipetownsam: wish aneros had vids on site
    [16:20:45] twlltin: A vid of me would be extremely boding.
    [16:20:56] twlltin: I'm lying there almost as still as a rag doll.
    [16:20:57] snipetownsam: hehe
    [16:21:11] snipetownsam: how do u think id look? L O L
    [16:21:31] twlltin: no idea
    [16:21:40] snipetownsam: terrified
    [16:21:41] twlltin: extremely boring
    [16:22:29] snipetownsam: my butt has no idea the attack that it will face in two days L O L
    [16:22:32] Human Being: don't be, if your not enjoying it just stop and try again later
    [16:23:01] twlltin: Rule 1: If it hurts, stop.
    [16:23:04] snipetownsam: ok but i want to try it bad
    [16:23:08] twlltin: That's pretty much the only rule.
    [16:23:25] snipetownsam: how awesome are progasm orgasms?
    [16:24:05] Human Being: thnx twll
    [16:24:06] twlltin: Well, the type I get (not the typical one guys get from Aneros) is like the sense of euphoria you get just after ejaculation
    [16:24:20] twlltin: but... it lasts for tens of minutes rather than just a few seconds.
    [16:24:29] snipetownsam: wow
    [16:25:00] twlltin: Other guys get the "shakin' all over" experience.
    [16:25:06] twlltin: I've not had that yet.
    [16:25:13] snipetownsam: you jerk off or hands free?
    [16:25:13] Human Being: yup me
    [16:25:16] twlltin: Some get dry ejaculations.
    [16:25:27] twlltin: Don't touch that penis.
    [16:25:44] Human Being: first time i treid anyways i flipped out
    [16:26:10] Human Being: i agree
    [16:26:31] snipetownsam: dont touch your penis?
    [16:26:45] twlltin: Nope. If you get a wet orgasm, that's GAME OVER.
    [16:27:05] twlltin: And the best way to a wet orgasm is to touch your penis.
    [16:27:10] snipetownsam: wait you have orgasms with this thing without cumming?
    [16:27:18] twlltin: exactly
    [16:27:33] snipetownsam: no way
    [16:27:36] Human Being: yup, oh yeah
    [16:27:49] snipetownsam: you dont cum at all?
    [16:27:50] twlltin: and because you don't cum, there's no recovery (refactory) period
    [16:28:04] twlltin: ...and nothing to stop the orgasm
    [16:28:24] Human Being: i've come close (i think) but it's much better than a tradition penile orgasm
    [16:28:27] snipetownsam: you guarantee this?
    [16:28:45] Human Being: i can't yet
    [16:29:09] twlltin: No guarantees. It takes time to learn.
    [16:29:11] snipetownsam: seems pretty unbelievable
    [16:29:20] twlltin: My first session was a total failure.
    [16:30:21] snipetownsam: oh ya?
    [16:30:57] twlltin: It took me a couple of weeks before I could get mini-Os reliably, and then at the end of week six I had my first "calm seas"
    [16:31:03] bsmith14: hi, been following the chat, and wanted to weigh in
    [16:31:16] twlltin: The floor's yours bsmith
    [16:31:55] bsmith14: it took my about 4 months to start getting a lot of pleasure...currently, I get the body shakes, the dry-o's...
    [16:32:18] bsmith14: involuntary contraction, anal contractions and hands free prostate wet orgasms
    [16:32:37] bsmith14: but, the dry-o's took over 2 years to occur
    [16:32:59] bsmith14: I sometimes get the calms seas too, and some times get full body contractions
    [16:33:52] Human Being: i did get a full body contraction once and the thing flew out my ass
    [16:33:58] Human Being: ol
    [16:34:01] Human Being: L O L
    [16:34:01] bsmith14: on a hand full of occassions I get to the beginning of what I think is the super-o, but it fizzles out after 10 - 15 seconds
    [16:34:11] twlltin: HB: I had that in the first week.
    [16:35:00] snipetownsam: every site i read says you guys know what you're talking about...what is calm seas??
    [16:35:16] Human Being: yeah i think to a more calmer aproach now
    [16:35:22] twlltin: A non-shaking super-O. It's in the Wiki glossary somewhere.
    [16:35:33] bsmith14: its a calm body feeling of full bliss or euphoria
    [16:35:41] snipetownsam: it says you make involuntary noise
    [16:36:06] bsmith14: I am very vocal, sometimes to the point of screaming at the top of my lungs
    [16:36:17] Human Being: i do, though don't think it applies to everone
    [16:36:23] snipetownsam: i want this thing in my butt
    [16:36:32] twlltin: As bsmith is saying, every guy has a different tale to tell, and each takes different times to get to different experiences.
    [16:36:36] snipetownsam: so the K-tab touches your spine?
    [16:36:55] taran: tailbone
    [16:37:02] twlltin: I've not really noticed where the K-tab has been touching.
    [16:37:04] twlltin: hi taran
    [16:37:16] taran: i removed mine
    [16:37:18] Human Being: hey taran
    [16:37:20] taran: hey twll
    [16:37:24] snipetownsam: so basically sounds like this is going to be lifechanging
    [16:37:26] bsmith14: k-tab doesn't do anything for me
    [16:37:26] taran: hi hb
    [16:37:39] twlltin: I've kept mine. Otherwise I feel it would get sucked in too deeply.
    [16:37:56] twlltin: It can be life changing, yes.
    [16:38:00] Human Being: it has been for me, but on;y inwardly
    [16:38:09] Human Being: only*
    [16:38:47] twlltin: Be patient. Very few (HB excepted) have rapid progress.
    [16:39:36] snipetownsam: basically getting it in and becoming used to it being in there is the goal for my first time right?
    [16:39:58] bsmith14: I would say it sexual life changing for me
    [16:40:11] twlltin: I would say that's probably a good target for a first session with such a big tool.
    [16:40:26] twlltin: Who knows? Other nice stuff might happen in that first session.
    [16:40:29] snipetownsam: thanks for reminding me its big again L O L
    [16:40:36] Human Being: i'm just feeling different, normal
    [16:40:59] Human Being: like a normal person should feel
    [16:41:28] Human Being: yup big
    [16:41:34] twlltin: So, HB, you're saying it's helped with your mood.
    [16:41:39] Human Being: whoops did it again L O L
    [16:41:43] snipetownsam: L O L
    [16:42:15] Human Being: yeah alot, feeling new things, but are actually old
    [16:42:35] Human Being: things iv'e lost by getting older
    [16:42:36] snipetownsam: what is a good target for time to keep it in?
    [16:42:38] snipetownsam: first time
    [16:42:54] taran: 30 minutes
    [16:42:59] Human Being: and experimenting with drugs (i think)
    [16:43:12] snipetownsam: ok 30 mins
    [16:44:21] snipetownsam: what color progasm u guys have?
    [16:45:25] snipetownsam: mine will be black
    [16:45:59] taran: blue
    [16:46:04] twlltin: If you're having fun with it, don't stick to timetables.
    [16:46:11] twlltin: Mine's white.
    [16:47:22] snipetownsam: i want a dry-o
    [16:47:50] snipetownsam: i hate ejaculating
    [16:48:46] Human Being: ha look at you gettin all exited L O L
    [16:49:10] snipetownsam: ill be all gung ho until the tip goes in then ill be all slowed down L O L
    [16:50:31] Human Being: you know i had a strange experience this morning...
    [16:51:00] Human Being: i dreamt last night that i was eating a giant marsmallow
    [16:51:23] Human Being: woke up this morning and my pillows were gone L O L
    [16:51:32] snipetownsam: gotta go guys can't wait for thursday thank you
    [16:51:47] Human Being: bye dude
    [16:52:35] Human Being: iv'e got to go now for work, bye dudes
    [16:53:13] twlltin: bye for now both of you
    [16:53:17] snipetownsam: holy crap the head on the thing is an inch and a quarter across
    [16:53:42] twlltin: Take it very gently, and you'll be OK.
    [16:53:53] twlltin: Angle it for best comfort.
    [16:53:57] snipetownsam: thats like a penis
    [16:55:27] snipetownsam: im in for it
    [16:57:55] snipetownsam: ill need to be here on thursday L O L
    [16:58:34] twlltin:
    [16:58:58] snipetownsam: goodbye tight butthole L O L
    [17:00:09] snipetownsam: i wanna have dry-o's the first time...ill start the contractions
    [17:01:10] twlltin: Less is more, and be careful. You can hurt yourself if you overdo it.
    [17:01:30] snipetownsam: ok ok L O L
    [17:01:33] snipetownsam: ttyl
    [17:01:50] twlltin: bye for now
    [17:03:35] bsmith14: I actually think its a bad idea for new users to come here first, they should have a few sessions first
    [17:03:59] bsmith14: I think we give them unreasonable expectations for there first few sessions
    [17:04:37] twlltin: I did try to say "nothing happened for me first time"
    [17:04:56] twlltin: Ah well.
    [17:05:08] bsmith14: yeah, but that might get lost in the excitement of the other chatter
    [17:05:23] bsmith14: I could be wron
    [17:05:25] bsmith14: wrong
    [17:06:09] twlltin: Oh, well. I'll just have to be round on Thursday when he comes back and says "I'm sore and nothing happened."
    [17:06:21] bsmith14: L O L
    [17:06:28] bsmith14: he may not be able to get it in at all
    [17:09:34] twlltin: Indeed
    [17:10:09] bsmith14: took me a few tries the first time just to get my finger in
    [17:10:20] bsmith14: but it did feel good so I kept tyring
    [17:10:44] twlltin: If I'd not worked up from Helix to Maximus and then to Progasm, I'd have struggled too.
    [17:11:35] bsmith14: my first model was progasm, but by then I had had as much as an 8 inch dildo in me, so it wasn't to hard to get in
    [17:17:45] twlltin: welcome back snipetownsam
    [17:17:47] snipetownsam: i have a couple more questions L O L
    [17:18:11] twlltin: That's to be expected. Go on...
    [17:18:11] bsmith14: ok, go for it
    [17:18:26] snipetownsam: im watching an aneros video and the guy is having like uncontrollable had that?
    [17:18:46] twlltin: No, but others have.
    [17:18:51] bsmith14: not on that level, but have had full body spasms/shaking
    [17:19:09] snipetownsam: you've had spasms? can you control it at all?
    [17:19:16] bsmith14: and they are not uncontrollable
    [17:19:36] snipetownsam: but you feel like you have to?
    [17:19:39] bsmith14: I could stop it at will, or let it build up
    [17:19:57] snipetownsam: ok
    [17:20:23] bsmith14: its a weird dynamic, the first time it happens it is quite unreal, and may or may not feel that pleasurable, but mostl...
    [17:20:35] bsmith14: interesting. over time they have become very pleasurable
    [17:21:16] snipetownsam: which one do you have? progasm?
    [17:21:50] bsmith14: started with progasm, then mgx, then helix. I have also recently recieved the advanced peridise set
    [17:22:08] twlltin: But as bsmith and I were discussing when you weren't here... please be careful. "Nothing happened and I'm really sore." isn't
    [17:22:17] twlltin: what you want to be saying on Thursday.
    [17:22:34] twlltin: I went from Helix to Maximus to Progasm.
    [17:22:42] bsmith14: if you have never had anything in your ass, you may struggle to get even your finger in there
    [17:22:51] bsmith14: on the first try
    [17:23:23] snipetownsam: ill go easy
    [17:23:37] snipetownsam: how was sticking the progasm in the first time?
    [17:24:04] bsmith14: just felt like a piece of plastic up my ass
    [17:24:15] snipetownsam: hurt or discomfort?
    [17:24:17] bsmith14: but I had had many other toys there as well
    [17:24:32] twlltin: It was uncomfortable the first time.
    [17:25:06] bsmith14: use a good lube, silicone is great, water based dries out, avoid the ingredient glycerin
    [17:25:16] snipetownsam: i have silicone lube
    [17:25:26] snipetownsam: is progasm ultimately worth the price tho?
    [17:25:45] bsmith14: I used water base lubes for the first 2 years, and I think it may have caused some issues
    [17:26:10] bsmith14: the journey is worth the price, even if you have to try another model
    [17:26:32] bsmith14: what made you decide to try? are you into anal play?
    [17:26:59] snipetownsam: idk i just wanted to try it...always been curious and finally made a move
    [17:27:06] snipetownsam: always been curious about anal play but never tried
    [17:27:11] snipetownsam: didnt know it could be so pleasurable
    [17:27:36] bsmith14: I didn't either until I got into anal play with my wife
    [17:27:43] snipetownsam: how long before you got spasms and shaking?
    [17:27:50] bsmith14: the first time she touched me down there was unbelievable
    [17:28:14] bsmith14: 4 montsh? give or take a month
    [17:28:42] snipetownsam: can you walk around with progasm up there?
    [17:29:00] bsmith14: sure, but sitting may be difficult
    [17:29:50] snipetownsam: i want this thing in my butt so bad
    [17:30:00] snipetownsam: did you have an orgasm the first time?
    [17:30:13] bsmith14: nope
    [17:30:21] twlltin: No. That's relatively rare.
    [17:30:28] snipetownsam: contractions?
    [17:30:38] twlltin: So don't be discouraged if nothing happens.
    [17:30:40] bsmith14: actually, the progasm was kind of a dud for me, I ended up doing
    [17:30:55] bsmith14: "aneroless" sessions for a year before trying a new model
    [17:31:05] bsmith14: during this year is when I started getting the body shaking
    [17:31:18] bsmith14: no on the contractions too
    [17:31:25] snipetownsam: hope i picked the right model
    [17:31:42] bsmith14: I practiced manual pc/kegel contractions for severel months before the involuntary contractions started
    [17:32:51] bsmith14: and the only body position I have had success with is on my back, knees up and feet flat on bed with my legs spread out a bit
    [17:33:15] snipetownsam: thats what i plan on doing
    [17:33:16] twlltin: Don't worry. Take things very gently and see what happens.
    [17:33:36] twlltin: None of us can guess how your body will react.
    [17:33:47] bsmith14: but you should try other ones too. I tried all of them and setlle on the one I use now
    [17:34:17] snipetownsam: this thing is huge L O L its practically a cock
    [17:34:58] bsmith14: its has more girth then all the other models
    [17:35:13] twlltin: except perhaps the Vice.
    [17:35:20] snipetownsam: which isnt good for someone who has had next to nothing in their butt
    [17:35:40] bsmith14: you should try some fingers tonight
    [17:36:16] snipetownsam: no i wanna be tight and get the real experience L O L
    [17:36:32] snipetownsam: one finger would hurt me
    [17:36:40] bsmith14: trust me, start with a finger
    [17:37:10] snipetownsam: i cant handle it without fingering?
    [17:37:52] bsmith14: I don't know, I do know that in my first anal experiences, getting a finger in there was not simple
    [17:38:17] bsmith14: but maybe I am a wuss
    [17:38:44] bsmith14: how old are you?
    [17:38:47] snipetownsam: 19
    [17:39:14] bsmith14: straight? gay? bi?
    [17:39:15] twlltin: 43
    [17:39:28] bsmith14: I was around 25 my first time
    [17:39:36] snipetownsam: straight
    [17:39:43] bsmith14: first time for anal anyways
    [17:40:10] snipetownsam: im just a novice L O L
    [17:42:21] snipetownsam: how long does it take to get used to this thing?
    [17:42:38] snipetownsam: being in there
    [17:43:43] bsmith14: a while
    [17:43:54] twlltin: hi darwin
    [17:44:21] darwin: hey
    [17:44:37] darwin: hey snipe, so you are a novice
    [17:44:45] snipetownsam: ya
    [17:44:50] darwin: welcome to assholes rule!
    [17:44:52] snipetownsam: mine is still in the mail
    [17:45:02] darwin: ah
    [17:45:13] darwin: i agree you can get started with some practice
    [17:45:17] snipetownsam: starting with the progasm
    [17:45:27] darwin: the first most important thing to do is get over the ass taboo
    [17:45:56] darwin: so, i agree that while its in the mail, you should learn to stim yourself down there w/ a finger
    [17:46:22] darwin: pretend its your own private clit/pussy
    [17:46:29] darwin: that you can do whatever you want to
    [17:46:48] darwin: if you approach it that way you'll have some instincts on how to pleasure it
    [17:47:10] snipetownsam: sounds good
    [17:47:24] darwin: so, you have homework
    [17:47:56] darwin: here it is: next time you get a chance (now is allowed), spend 15 minutes playing with your hole
    [17:48:06] darwin: WITHOUT TOUCHING YOUR COCK
    [17:49:07] darwin: you can also tantalize your crack and cheeks
    [17:49:21] bsmith14: your getting me all excited
    [17:49:39] snipetownsam: ok
    [17:50:15] darwin: by the way, snipe, you'll discover that this crowd on chat and on the forum is very relaxed about sharing sexual tips etc
    [17:50:32] darwin: ultimately its anonymous, so people feel free to do what they want
    [17:50:37] snipetownsam: i appreciate that...ill be here as soon as my UPS package gets here Thursday
    [17:50:57] darwin: now... listen... the progasm is big
    [17:51:11] darwin: you sound like an anal virgin, is that right?
    [17:51:33] snipetownsam: yes i am
    [17:52:00] darwin: given that you are gonna use the progasm, you have even more homework
    [17:52:19] darwin: do you have anything that can suffice as a dildo?
    [17:52:28] darwin: including lets say a beer bottle neck?
    [17:52:33] snipetownsam: fingers
    [17:52:43] bsmith14: I am off for a helix ride. you are in good hands with Darwin
    [17:52:54] snipetownsam: thanks
    [17:53:01] darwin: because its VERY IMPORTANT that your hole gets relaxed
    [17:53:06] darwin: by bs!!!
    [17:53:27] snipetownsam: by bs?
    [17:53:41] darwin: sorry i meant bye bs
    [17:54:14] darwin: and when you get that progasm, you need to take your time getting it in
    [17:54:19] darwin: at least 10 minutes
    [17:54:31] snipetownsam: ok
    [17:54:36] darwin: by then you'll have done your homework and learned what a finger feels like on your hole
    [17:54:51] darwin: and your hole will respond by learning that feels good and relaxing
    [17:55:27] darwin: then, with the progasm, spend 10 or 15 minutes using it to tantalize your hole before inserting
    [17:55:33] snipetownsam: should i leave it in a long time after its in?
    [17:55:53] darwin: make love to your hole w/ the progasm, like its a partner's tongue
    [17:56:01] darwin: have you ever been rimmed?
    [17:56:09] snipetownsam: no
    [17:56:18] darwin: ok
    [17:56:23] darwin: well its exquisite
    [17:56:44] darwin: so that is what you are gonna do to yourself w/ a lubed progasm, give yourself a very sexy rimming
    [17:56:53] snipetownsam: ok
    [17:56:59] darwin: the thing you don't want to do is shove that baby through a tense hole
    [17:57:11] darwin: that will introduce pain and maybe even little cuts
    [17:57:29] darwin: using the aneros is the opposite of jerking off
    [17:57:37] snipetownsam: ok
    [17:57:56] darwin: are you a virgin, or an experience lover?
    [17:58:15] snipetownsam: ive been with a girl
    [17:58:32] darwin: ok
    [17:58:52] darwin: well you are young so you might not have learned yet how to really make love
    [17:59:08] darwin: which is a slow, caring and attentive process
    [17:59:20] snipetownsam: yes
    [17:59:28] darwin: resulting in bliss
    [17:59:33] darwin: that is what you are going for
    [17:59:46] snipetownsam: how long should i keep it fully in the first time?
    [18:00:10] darwin: oops, sorry, didnt answer that question yet
    [18:00:14] darwin: half hour
    [18:00:24] darwin: if you feel pain take it out
    [18:00:32] snipetownsam: should i do any contractions?
    [18:00:39] darwin: the problem is that young guys often are super charged and try to hard
    [18:00:45] darwin: i recommend against contractions
    [18:01:09] darwin: if you do any, they should be as gentle as possible
    [18:01:13] snipetownsam: i wanna have a dry o and super o
    [18:01:15] darwin: big mistake: hard contractions
    [18:01:26] darwin: snipe, of course you do
    [18:01:33] darwin: but wanting and having are very different
    [18:01:47] darwin: there is almost no chance you will at first
    [18:02:03] darwin: when you jerk off you have an orgasm
    [18:02:10] snipetownsam: yes
    [18:02:40] snipetownsam: will the progasm eventually give me hands-free dry orgasms?
    [18:02:49] darwin: probably
    [18:02:54] darwin: no guarantees
    [18:03:03] darwin: some guys have it the first time (rare)
    [18:03:12] snipetownsam: you have them?
    [18:03:18] darwin: some guys get it in weeks, some in months, some in years
    [18:03:21] darwin: yes i do
    [18:03:33] snipetownsam: i cant imagine an orgasm without ejaculating
    [18:04:22] darwin: so when you first get it, spend lots of time teasing and easing it in
    [18:04:29] darwin: then, just totally relax
    [18:04:32] snipetownsam: ok
    [18:04:33] darwin: do deep breathing
    [18:04:38] darwin: try to forget its in there
    [18:04:58] darwin: and if you feel even the slightest unusual sensation
    [18:05:05] darwin: just focus on that
    [18:05:21] snipetownsam: ok
    [18:05:24] darwin: when you breath, make your belly go up and down
    [18:05:41] darwin: accept right now that you will not have an orgasm the first time
    [18:05:44] darwin: you won't
    [18:05:47] snipetownsam: yes
    [18:05:57] darwin: and keep your hands off your cock
    [18:05:59] snipetownsam: i assumed that
    [18:06:05] snipetownsam: why?
    [18:06:15] darwin: if you have privacey, try moaning
    [18:06:33] darwin: because your cock stimulates a different set of muscles and responses
    [18:06:37] darwin: they lead to cumming
    [18:06:37] snipetownsam: why cant i rub my cock?
    [18:06:42] snipetownsam: ok
    [18:06:43] darwin: the usual way
    [18:07:06] darwin: what you are going for is for your rectal, prostate and anal muscles to start *automatically* clenching
    [18:07:10] snipetownsam: hey i gotta go now...thank you so much for the help ill be here thursday
    [18:07:16] darwin: sure
    [18:07:18] darwin: bye
    [18:07:19] twlltin: Don't rub your cock, as all you'll get is the usual ejaculatory orgasm, and that's the end of the session.
    [18:07:29] twlltin: bye for now, snipetownsam
    [18:07:32] snipetownsam: ok thank you both
    [18:07:35] snipetownsam: bye!!
    [18:11:19] darwin: ok, i am gonna sign off now
    [18:12:09] twlltin: OK. Have a great day, and thanks for coaching snipetownsam
    [18:12:44] darwin: sure
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 1:13pm EST 2/14/12 through 12am EST 2/15/12

    [18:13:10] twlltin: hi mm
    [18:13:16] muscleman: hi all
    [18:13:36] muscleman: hi twlltin
    [18:13:41] twlltin: We just had a newbie in here, 19, who's ordered himself a progasm as his first tool.
    [18:14:12] muscleman: wow just 19
    [18:14:13] twlltin: Lots of expectation management and suggestions that he doesn't hurt himself.
    [18:14:25] twlltin: yeah.
    [18:14:35] muscleman: he has the progasm already
    [18:15:41] muscleman: depends if he's had some finger massage already
    [18:16:14] twlltin: Completely new to it. Progasm arriving on Thursday.
    [18:17:55] muscleman: does he have any anal play prior?
    [18:18:10] twlltin: nope. Completely new to it.
    [18:18:39] twlltin: We've made lots of suggestions to take it very gently.
    [18:19:10] muscleman: wonder how he got interested in anal and prostate massage
    [18:19:25] twlltin: I personally can handle the progasm, but it's still a little uncomfortable when the first bit goes in.
    [18:19:38] twlltin: Came across it on a website somewhere, I think.
    [18:20:10] twlltin: At 19, I hadn't even thought about sticking anything up my fundament.
    [18:20:38] muscleman: I clean myself out with one or two enemas than vasoline on a finger
    [18:22:10] twlltin: Yeah. Douche thoroughly, then vaseline on a finger and vaseline on the tool.
    [18:22:52] muscleman: same before pegging too
    [18:28:37] muscleman: guys today seem to be starting early
    [18:28:49] twlltin: Yeah.
    [18:32:22] muscleman: more into themselves
    [18:32:50] twlltin: easier access to this stuff, too
    [18:33:41] muscleman: that's very trues, able to experiment more before losing virginity
    [18:35:47] darwin: hey back again for a little bit
    [18:35:47] twlltin: wb darwin
    [18:35:57] muscleman: hi darwin
    [18:36:48] darwin: have u guys tried supple nips?
    [18:37:01] twlltin: no
    [18:37:01] darwin: i had a supple nip session the other night that was super
    [18:37:07] muscleman: no I haven't
    [18:37:19] darwin: little suction cups for your nips
    [18:37:31] darwin: turns out that the suction creates p-waves
    [18:37:35] twlltin: I've tried nip stim, can get really excited, but no further.
    [18:37:59] darwin: so muscleman, are you muscular? or is that your name?
    [18:38:23] muscleman: bodybuilder, no longer competing
    [18:38:29] darwin: ah
    [18:39:01] darwin: i do strength training but on a minor basis compared to that
    [18:39:03] muscleman: still lifting to stay young
    [18:39:22] darwin: our gym just got these crazy machines called x-force
    [18:39:27] darwin: but i don't use em
    [18:39:41] darwin: super expensive
    [18:39:50] darwin: all about negative training
    [18:40:07] muscleman: I believe in free weights, walking and diet
    [18:40:14] darwin: yeah
    [18:40:37] darwin: everybody has their own angle
    [18:40:44] muscleman: I don't smoke, drink, dope or eat any red meat
    [18:41:11] muscleman: chicken samon, veggies ( a lot raw)
    [18:41:18] muscleman: salmon
    [18:42:15] muscleman: started with aneros for prostate health
    [18:43:52] twlltin: I started out of curiosity.
    [18:44:37] muscleman: my doctor doesn't know how it works but he said for me it has, I have a prostate the size of a healthy 40yo
    [18:45:21] darwin: hasn't helped mine one bit
    [18:45:46] darwin: i have bph
    [18:48:29] muscleman: sorry to hear
    [18:51:59] darwin: bs, you back?
    [18:52:02] darwin: how was your session?
    [18:52:45] bsmith14: hi, it was interesting
    [18:52:51] darwin: done?
    [18:52:58] muscleman: surprised to hear a 19yo ordered a progasm too
    [18:53:02] bsmith14: yes, my wife kind of sped it up
    [18:53:13] darwin: ah!
    [18:53:20] darwin: nice for a tuesday
    [18:53:44] bsmith14: but that is why its interesting...I was having a session, and she joined me without any prompting from me
    [18:54:18] bsmith14: she laid down next to me and rub my nipples until I blew a hands free orgam
    [18:54:56] darwin: sweeet
    [18:55:09] darwin: very nice
    [18:55:16] darwin: v-day
    [18:55:39] bsmith14: yes,, but its a first for her
    [18:55:57] darwin: excellent!!!!
    [19:04:53] muscleman: mine sometimes gives me oral during progasm session
    [19:07:56] bsmith14: well, sharing with the wife is a new step, we did have sex about 2 weeks ago after I started a session...
    [19:08:48] bsmith14: but I had to ask her to join me
    [19:13:35] muscleman: point is she did join
    [19:14:06] twlltin: hi awr
    [19:14:23] awr600: Hi twlltin
    [19:14:28] awr600: Hi All
    [19:16:20] awr600: Please don't let me stop the converstation.
    [19:17:06] bsmith14: it was already dead
    [19:17:18] awr600: Bummer
    [19:18:33] bsmith14: but if you have something to add we would like to chat
    [19:20:25] awr600: I have an MDX. Not getting any real pleasureable sensations from it. Feel filled up but that's about all.
    [19:23:31] bsmith14: how long?
    [19:23:46] awr600: 20 minutes or so
    [19:24:13] muscleman: progasm might work better
    [19:25:24] awr600: Some time ago I had a guy I knew real well slide his not very big cock in me and it felt great.
    [19:25:55] awr600: By the way, I'm Bi
    [19:26:04] bsmith14: how long have you been using your aneros?
    [19:26:21] awr600: Couple of weeks
    [19:26:33] bsmith14: I am sure a nice warm cock would feel better the a piece of platic
    [19:26:39] bsmith14: plastic
    [19:26:48] awr600: It did.
    [19:28:42] bsmith14: my short answer to you mgx issue is that it takes time and you have to learn to pick up on very subtle sensations
    [19:28:59] bsmith14: was that your first cock in your ass?
    [19:29:28] awr600: Yes
    [19:29:37] awr600: I've been a top before that.
    [19:34:37] awr600: Well I'll keep trying it for awhile longer.
    [19:35:49] awr600: Got to go. See ya all later. Bye.
    [19:35:56] bsmith14: bye
    [19:52:11] twlltin: Bye for now.
    [23:57:48] twlltin: quiet...
    [00:14:54] Benji: hi
    [00:14:57] twlltin: Hi Benji
    [00:15:07] Benji: pretty empty
    [00:15:28] twlltin: Surprisingly empty, yes
    [00:15:32] Benji: how are you today?
    [00:15:42] twlltin: Not bad at all. And yourself?
    [00:15:59] Benji: pretty good
    [00:17:01] twlltin: Been around long?
    [00:17:09] Benji: not really
    [00:17:18] Benji: im pretty new
    [00:17:27] Benji: how about u?
    [00:17:34] twlltin: Oh? That's fine. Welcome to chat.
    [00:17:48] twlltin: I've been around this community for about six months.
    [00:17:52] Benji: thanks
    [00:17:58] Benji: cool
    [00:18:07] Benji: are you new to prostate stimulation
    [00:18:25] twlltin: Well, I was six months ago, yes.
    [00:18:48] twlltin: How about you?
    [00:19:19] Benji: im pretty new its been a few months
    [00:19:31] twlltin: So, what have you tried so far?
    [00:20:09] Benji: the tempo
    [00:20:17] twlltin: Welcome to the chatguest. I know you can't contribute, but you're still welcome.
    [00:20:19] Benji: what about u?
    [00:20:32] twlltin: Interesting choice, the tempo. I started with a Helix.
    [00:20:42] Benji: welcome chatguest
    [00:20:56] Benji: is that the first thing you eber tryed
    [00:21:00] Benji: ever
    [00:21:09] twlltin: I don't have a tempo. After the helix, I got a maximus, and in December I braved the progasm.
    [00:21:18] twlltin: No, I started with other things.
    [00:21:37] Benji: oh cool
    [00:21:40] twlltin: Two years ago, I got an oversized toy which really hurt.
    [00:21:42] Benji: yeah i use other things too
    [00:22:05] Benji: i just got a dildo '
    [00:22:20] Benji: and i have so many dry o's
    [00:22:21] twlltin: The "Bad Boy", I think it was. It was painful to try to get in. Put me off the whole idea of anal play for over a year.
    [00:22:26] Benji: it feels amazing
    [00:22:46] Benji: yeah
    [00:22:48] twlltin: I've never had a dry ejaculation from an Aneros device yet.
    [00:23:03] twlltin: I have had regular "calm seas" type of super-Os.
    [00:23:16] twlltin: That's where there's no shaking, but just the euphoria.
    [00:24:04] Benji: yeah i am so close to actually ejaculating when i come
    [00:24:19] Benji: for some reason it just hasnt happen
    [00:24:31] twlltin: Just relax into it. There's good stuff ahead.
    [00:24:38] Benji: yeah
    [00:25:26] Benji: but whats wierd is
    [00:25:27] Benji: L O L
    [00:25:36] Benji: that now i am like always horny
    [00:25:37] Benji: L O L
    [00:26:02] twlltin: I know what you mean. It's a different sort of horny, isn't it?
    [00:26:27] Benji: yeah L O L
    [00:28:18] twlltin: I had a progasm session today. Too short a time unfortunately.
    [00:28:19] Benji: like i had a sesson rignt before i logged on and now i feel like im horny again
    [00:28:19] Benji: L O L
    [00:28:31] Benji: yeah i have limited time
    [00:28:36] Benji: but doesnt take me long
    [00:29:17] twlltin: This one was only 45 mins, but it was good. I could have gone on longer.
    [00:29:48] twlltin: Perhaps tomorrow will allow me time to get a proper session.
    [00:31:27] Benji: yeah
    [00:31:41] Benji: mine was about a hour
    [00:34:40] twlltin: I usually like to give sessions about two hours or so.
    [00:35:03] twlltin: If nothing's happening by the end of the first hour, then I can abandon it and do something else.
    [00:35:13] Benji: wow i have never had one that long
    [00:35:20] Benji: yeah
    [00:35:24] twlltin: But if it's going well, I don't like to put a cramp on the timing.
    [00:35:51] twlltin: A few days ago, I had an excellent session of just about 2 hours, and I was in bliss for most of it.
    [00:35:52] Benji: yeah i know what u mean
    [00:36:21] Benji: yeah once i start about after 15 mins im like floating L O L'
    [00:36:55] twlltin: Some sessions take longer to get going than others.
    [00:37:11] Benji: yeah some times
    [00:38:07] twlltin: Do you have just the Tempo?
    [00:38:34] Benji: yeah and the dildo i just bought
    [00:39:08] twlltin: I've been thinking of getting either Tempo or the Peridise set at some point.
    [00:39:40] Benji: yeah it feels amazing
    [00:41:44] Benji: do you watch porn when you use your aneros
    [00:41:51] Benji: that helps me alot
    [00:42:03] twlltin: No, I just lie there in a quiet darkened room.
    [00:42:24] Benji: oh ok
    [00:45:47] twlltin: I'm going to be heading for bed soon. Getting late here in the UK.
    [00:46:15] twlltin: I don't want to fall asleep in the chair (again).
    [00:46:42] Benji: oh ok
    [00:46:52] Benji: yeah its pretty early here
    [00:46:57] Benji: 7:47 pm
    [00:47:30] twlltin: You must be in Eastern time zone.
    [00:47:47] Benji: yeah
    [00:51:41] Benji: well im going to go to and i hope to talk to you another time
    [00:51:46] Benji: u have a good night
    [00:51:52] Benji: bye
    [00:51:59] twlltin: You have a good evening.
    [02:14:03] rikaaim: What up Twll?
    [02:14:04] twlltin: Hi rikaaim
    [02:14:19] twlltin: Not much. Just getting ready for bed.
    [02:14:34] twlltin: Had an all-too-brief progasm session earlier.
    [02:14:50] twlltin: Only 45 mins. I could have gone longer, but had other committments.
    [02:14:53] rikaaim: I might try to sneak in a session, not sure. Still working.
    [02:15:14] rikaaim: I fully understand that. I got a steamy text from my girl earlier. I was basically...get here and get some.
    [02:15:15] twlltin: that was in my lunch hour (I work from home a lot)
    [02:15:19] rikaaim: Sadly, I have too much to do!
    [02:15:37] rikaaim: Sounds like a nice work break. Wish I could take a few of those. ;)
    [02:15:43] twlltin: Ah! She Who Must Be Obeyed.
    [02:15:57] rikaaim: Well, she lives about an hour away and I had too much to take care of at home.
    [02:16:46] twlltin: poor you.
    [02:17:05] rikaaim: I'm doing it all today so I can spend the weekend there.
    [02:17:15] twlltin: good plan
    [02:17:36] rikaaim: Yeah. I think I won't use an Aneros tonight. I think tonight will be a hypnosession.
    [02:19:39] twlltin: I've never got self hypnosis to work
    [02:20:08] rikaaim: It's just very relaxing for me. Like a deep meditation. I sleep so good after, but I'm also horny as can be, which is nice.
    [02:20:42] twlltin: I tried it for a few weeks once. No effects. The relaxation was OK though.
    [02:21:07] twlltin: ...and knowing how to relax like that is useful in Aneros sessions.
    [02:21:08] rikaaim: It's been several weeks for me since I've tried. Just looking for a quite night tonight.
    [02:22:11] rikaaim: Anytime I get a night where I don't have to study is quiet night though. I take advantage of those nigths.
    [02:51:27] imperium: yo
    [02:52:00] rikaaim: What up?
    [02:52:44] imperium: Not much & you?
    [02:53:15] rikaaim: Same. Not much. Which for me is a good thing. A night's break from studying.
    [02:57:54] rikaaim: BRB...gonna grab a drink.
    [02:58:25] imperium: No class for the week or what?
    [03:07:26] cj187: Gents, how goes it?
    [03:07:50] imperium: Going Ok for me
    [03:07:57] imperium: &you cj?
    [03:09:03] cj187: Good thanks
    [03:13:10] imperium: Whats new in life?
    [03:15:31] ten_s_nut: Anybody home?
    [03:27:15] bigguy: hey guys
    [03:27:38] bigguy: everyone napping?
    [03:27:42] bigguy: L O L
    [03:37:22] artform: Hi Rika!
    [03:40:32] artform: ...not here?
    [03:49:01] rikaaim: I'm back guys.
    [03:49:22] rikaaim: What's going on?
    [03:49:31] rikaaim: Oh, everyone else left. Ha!
    [03:50:55] rikaaim: Well, I'm here if anyone else comes around.
    [03:53:49] rikaaim: You here Art?
    [03:54:50] nevado: hi!
    [03:55:02] rikaaim: Eening Nevado.
    [03:55:24] nevado: good it is, thanks
    [03:55:37] rikaaim: Nice.
    [03:55:39] nevado: you?
    [03:55:55] nevado: nice colors
    [03:56:04] rikaaim: Good. I get to relax tonight. I have a few days break from classes.
    [03:56:28] rikaaim: I agree with the colors.
    [03:56:38] nevado: great, are you having a ride soon?
    [03:57:01] rikaaim: Not tonight. I live with my sister and her husband right now. They have a ton of kid.s
    [03:57:02] nevado: how old are you? 50 here
    [03:57:05] rikaaim: It's not really feasible.
    [03:57:19] rikaaim: What I will do is have a hypnosession with some MP3 files tonight before bed.
    [03:57:24] rikaaim: They are very relaxing and arousing.
    [03:57:43] nevado: nice
    [03:58:10] nevado: is this the aneros hynosession?
    [03:58:16] rikaaim: They haven't induced a hands free wet orgasm, but certainly some strong arousal sensations!
    [03:58:21] rikaaim: No, different ones I found online.
    [03:58:39] nevado: i see
    [03:59:08] nevado: do yo get hands free wet orgasms with aneros
    [03:59:18] rikaaim: I do have a room to myself here. I like to lock the door, get naked, get under my blanket, and drift away to the files.
    [03:59:30] rikaaim: I never have gotten a HFWO despite my best efforst.
    [03:59:34] rikaaim: That's still one of my goals.
    [04:00:02] rikaaim: Even with my own room, the reason I don't use Aneros is that I am far too vocal, and even if I stayed quite, the strong
    [04:00:07] rikaaim: movement of the bed would be too suspicious.
    [04:00:15] nevado: i do most of the times i ride
    [04:01:21] nevado: have you try riding anerosless?
    [04:01:44] rikaaim: I do that quite often and get very similar responses. I've had "sessions" where I've been in an hour long
    [04:01:58] rikaaim: deep pleasure state. Not full on orgasm, but right at the edge.
    [04:02:02] nevado: nice
    [04:02:12] rikaaim: I've had full body pulses of pleasure and waves that wash over me repeatedly.
    [04:02:27] nevado: i can get full body orgasms
    [04:02:38] rikaaim: I've learned to stay in that deep pleasure zone and let my mind and body meld into the total sensations of sex and bliss.
    [04:02:43] rikaaim: Same here, I love it.
    [04:02:46] nevado: and wet ones too
    [04:02:56] rikaaim: HFWO?
    [04:03:05] nevado: my goal is to control the wet orgasms
    [04:03:14] nevado: yeah
    [04:03:32] rikaaim: Any tips on how to start them? I thought I had it once, but it was urine instead...not exactly my goal...
    [04:03:41] artform: Hi Rika!
    [04:03:50] rikaaim: Evening Art!
    [04:03:51] artform: Hi Nevado!
    [04:03:57] nevado: hi art
    [04:04:20] rikaaim: I was sharing a death metal mix CD with my brother in law that I made. We we're jamming to that for a while.
    [04:04:48] nevado: cool
    [04:04:51] artform: no problem
    [04:05:21] rikaaim: Darwin and I have been exchanging PMs on energy sharing.
    [04:05:33] nevado: feeling very relaxed and perineum pulsing
    [04:05:44] nevado: great
    [04:05:51] rikaaim: Very nice.
    [04:06:25] nevado: energy sharing is poserful
    [04:06:33] nevado: bp
    [04:06:39] nevado: powerful
    [04:07:06] rikaaim: Darwin was thinking it was a Dominant/submissive method, but I suggest a generator/receiver setup.
    [04:07:26] artform: indeed rika!
    [04:07:47] artform: Or cogeneration!!
    [04:07:56] rikaaim: I explained to Darwin that energy is universally existing. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, but transformed.
    [04:08:08] artform: yes
    [04:08:18] rikaaim: I suggested that a D/s relationship is one created by two people where boundaries and rules are estbaslihed.
    [04:08:23] rikaaim: *established
    [04:08:25] nevado: it's an energy exchange, the goal is to supporteach other in reaching higher states of consciousnes
    [04:08:51] rikaaim: Right. I feel that some are more natural receivers or generators though.
    [04:09:05] rikaaim: I think I receive better than I can send.
    [04:09:51] nevado: sending you some energy
    [04:10:11] artform: indeed nevado!!
    [04:10:59] nevado: i'm almost ready to go to sleep and my p is buzzi g
    [04:11:07] nevado: buzzing
    [04:11:13] artform: biggrin
    [04:11:18] rikaaim: That's a nice sensation to have heading to bed.
    [04:11:37] rikaaim: Nevado, I feel a good sense of peace. Thanks.
    [04:11:45] nevado: will go into dream state with a glowing jew
    [04:12:00] nevado: jewel
    [04:12:02] rikaaim: Last time several of use were on sharing energy. I told someone that the next day I felt such peace and calm.
    [04:12:07] artform: I think rika you may be underestimating your generative capacity.
    [04:12:25] rikaaim: Perhaps Art.
    [04:12:32] rikaaim: I think I underestimate a lot about myself.
    [04:13:00] artform: Yes, great Calm Seas orgasms...~~~~~~~~
    [04:13:24] nevado: you can give so much Rikkaim i can feel it
    [04:13:40] artform: agree nevado
    [04:13:50] nevado: great Art
    [04:14:26] rikaaim: I would love to learn Reiki healing. I can always feel intense energy gathering in my hands.
    [04:14:39] rikaaim: Do you guys sense anything from me?
    [04:14:43] artform: perineum pulsating gently firmly
    [04:15:16] nevado: you don't have to learn much, just have the intent to do it and it will work
    [04:15:37] artform: biggrin
    [04:15:38] nevado: very beautiful Art
    [04:16:29] nevado: yes Rikka i already told you, my p is pulsing L O L
    [04:16:32] rikaaim: I love the total body washing of joy and pleasure mixed.
    [04:16:51] rikaaim: Thought that was from before
    [04:17:09] artform: holding one hand of each of you/your energy bodies
    [04:17:16] nevado: pulsing getting more intens
    [04:17:35] nevado: that's lovely Art
    [04:17:40] artform: powerful buzz flow from/to both of you
    [04:17:53] nevado: triangle
    [04:18:36] rikaaim: I can feel my magnetic poles differentiated like a calm seas O. I'm always amazed that my left side is postive
    [04:18:56] rikaaim: and the right side is negative. In reality, Left side has a North pole charge, right a South pole charge.
    [04:19:06] rikaaim: I could feel that very strongly.
    [04:19:20] nevado: great
    [04:19:38] nevado: i'm slowly withdrawing
    [04:20:13] nevado: but your vibes will stay with me and will snd mine to you duri g sleep
    [04:20:24] artform: likewise
    [04:21:05] nevado: great connecting with you rikkaim
    [04:21:14] nevado: and Art of course
    [04:21:29] rikaaim: Same here Nevado. We don't get a chance to interact often.
    [04:21:48] nevado: you can PM if you like to share more Rikka
    [04:22:13] artform: from "as if" powerful throbbing hands and the sense of two counter-rotating currents to hot hands and sense of communion and
    [04:22:16] rikaaim: Certainly. When I'm less sleepy myself, and can think more clearly, I'd love to ask some questions.
    [04:22:31] nevado: sure
    [04:22:45] artform: blissful calm and deep peace~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    [04:22:46] nevado: lovely dreams
    [04:22:57] nevado: to you too Art
    [04:23:05] nevado: and to you Rikka
    [04:23:06] rikaaim: I tune in to the counter-rotating magnetic currents of my body until I narrow in on the sweet spot where they combine.
    [04:23:18] rikaaim: Same to you both, filled with peace and pleasure.
    [04:23:30] artform: thanks men of the circle
    [04:23:33] nevado: bye gentlemen
    [04:23:47] nevado: bye dear Art
    [04:23:52] artform: good night – chat again soon
    [04:23:54] rikaaim: It's this right here that is my "aneros to me" moment.
    [04:23:57] nevado: by Rikka
    [04:23:59] rikaaim: Good night Nevado.
    [04:24:04] artform: hugs all round
    [04:24:18] nevado: Soon
    [04:24:24] rikaaim: Much warmth and open companionship to you both.
    [04:24:30] artform: biggrin
    [04:24:44] rikaaim: Art, you heading to bed too?
    [04:24:58] nevado: really lovely triangle connection
    [04:25:14] rikaaim: Indeed Nevado.
    [04:25:31] Egoshtm: Hello
    [04:25:37] nevado: big hug , good night
    [04:25:47] rikaaim: Goodnight.
    [04:25:50] rikaaim: Evening Ego
    [04:25:56] rikaaim: Evening Xileh.
    [04:26:02] rikaaim: Glad to see you both in chat.
    [04:26:09] Egoshtm: Evening
    [04:26:29] Xileh: Hi!
    [04:26:31] Egoshtm: just trying the new chat
    [04:26:33] Egoshtm:smile
    [04:26:40] Xileh: No lurking here!
    [04:27:05] rikaaim: You can change your text color by clicking the wheel at the top next to the smiley icon.
    [04:27:36] Egoshtm: oh thank ;)
    [04:27:43] Xileh: this is the first time I've gotten in on my iPad..
    [04:27:47] rikaaim: No problem.
    [04:28:02] rikaaim: Nice Xileh. I'm not cool enough to have an iPad.
    [04:28:27] rikaaim: I'm so not cool I want to capitilize the I and not the p to may Ipad...
    [04:28:57] Egoshtm: yeah, it's really cool, but i can't wait for the new one
    [04:29:00] Xileh: Love it. I donated my other computers.
    [04:29:20] rikaaim: I honestly can't see myself without a real computer though.
    [04:29:44] Xileh: Real computers mean real work.
    [04:30:04] Egoshtm: do you know if the chat will remain open 24/7 for long ?
    [04:30:42] rikaaim: Not sure Ego.
    [04:30:52] rikaaim: I'm also a gamer. I can't do hardcore gaming on an iPad.
    [04:31:01] rikaaim: How much memory does it have for storage?
    [04:31:10] Xileh: True.
    [04:31:13] rikaaim: Is there portable storage that's not iCloud?
    [04:31:25] Xileh: 128 gb
    [04:31:38] rikaaim: Whoa. That's pretty good actually.
    [04:31:58] Xileh: haven't needed it yet.
    [04:32:52] rikaaim: So, anyway, I are you guys doing?
    [04:32:52] Egoshtm: good night everybody ;)
    [04:32:56] Egoshtm: see you later
    [04:32:58] rikaaim: Any questions I might be able to answer?
    [04:33:04] rikaaim: Oh, good night Ego!
    [04:33:08] rikaaim: Thanks for dropping in.
    [04:33:21] Egoshtm: good night rik
    [04:33:46] rikaaim: Rika please...It's just what I prefer.
    [04:33:47] Egoshtm: yeah its nice , i will come from time to time
    [04:34:00] Egoshtm: oh ok rika
    [04:34:13] rikaaim: I know it's a weird break.
    [04:34:58] Xileh: I have no idea what to ask yet. 5 months and it changes every session.
    [04:35:56] rikaaim: That's good Xileh. Each session no matter how long you've been doing this is different and unique.
    [04:36:45] Xileh: The only exposure to the prostate prior to this was a biopsy and man did that hurt.
    [04:37:06] rikaaim: I would imagine so! That's not the fun kind of prostate stimulation at all.
    [04:37:37] Xileh: Kind of found that out by accident.
    [04:37:57] rikaaim: I was into anal way more than prostate.
    [04:38:14] rikaaim: I started doing anal masturbation around 13 or so. I don't even remember how I started.
    [04:38:28] rikaaim: I just remember my hairbrush had a big, thick wooden handle that I used.
    [04:38:30] Xileh: There should be a prostate user manual ritten by this forum.
    [04:38:42] rikaaim: I was having anal orgasms as a young teenage.
    [04:39:05] rikaaim: HIH has some very good information out. They have medical papers published I now.
    [04:39:07] rikaaim: *know
    [04:40:12] Xileh: Every 18 year old should get one with thier drivers license.
    [04:40:39] rikaaim: Let's face it, 18 year olds aren't even reading and doing what they should be doing.
    [04:41:09] rikaaim: Although, a hot nurse given an 18 year old lad his "physical" check up for his clearance for sports might make
    [04:41:16] rikaaim: for a nice story. Hmmm...
    [04:41:22] Xileh: Of course then they wouldn't care about girls, video games or anything else...
    [04:41:38] rikaaim: I think video games still trumps all to be honest.
    [04:41:55] rikaaim: Which is why Aneros is hands free. You can still play video games.
    [04:42:05] Xileh: That would be a good poll.
    [04:43:30] rikaaim: Well, I'm heading off to bed.
    [04:43:47] rikaaim: It was good that you stopped in to check things out. Hope to see you more often.
    [04:43:56] rikaaim: If you have questions, always feel free to ask.
    [04:44:00] Xileh: me too. see you later, 10-4
    [04:44:16] Xileh: I will!
    [04:44:22] Xileh: Thanks.

    12:00am 2/15/12
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 12am EST 2/15/12 through 12pm EST 2/15/12

    12:00am 2/15/12

    [09:36:00] twlltin: Good morning!
    [09:45:19] guppiel: Hello guys
    [09:45:20] twlltin: Hi there guppiel
    [09:45:39] twlltin: Chatguest can't say anything. They're not logged in.
    [09:45:52] guppiel: need some advice
    [09:45:56] guppiel: oke
    [09:46:10] twlltin: You're new? That's fine.
    [09:46:15] twlltin: What's the problem>
    [09:46:16] twlltin: ?
    [09:46:27] guppiel: yes i am new
    [09:47:09] twlltin: Welcome. Pull up a comfy chair. The regulars don't tend to pop in until later on in the day.
    [09:47:49] guppiel: i bought a aneros spin off and that touched my prostate then i bought the progasm ice and i do not feel anything should i mod
    [09:48:05] guppiel: modifie it
    [09:48:29] twlltin: First off, I don't think the progasm needs modification.
    [09:48:49] twlltin: Which model is the "spin off" closest in shape to?
    [09:49:11] guppiel: it does not touch the prostate
    [09:49:41] guppiel: wait i look
    [09:50:15] guppiel: Power Plug Prostate Stimulator Red*::*Anaal Butt Plug*::*Anaal toys*::*Sexshop - Bestel je sextoys en lingerie voordelig bij
    [09:50:28] twlltin: Progasm is the pretty much the biggest model in Aneros's range.
    [09:51:08] twlltin: I've not seen that one before.
    [09:51:17] guppiel: i know but i do alot af assplay
    [09:51:48] twlltin: OK. Does the Progasm give you a sensation of "being full"?
    [09:52:11] guppiel: a bit
    [09:52:32] twlltin: The Aneros devices are less aggressive than you might be accustomed to. The sensations can be subtle.
    [09:52:56] varmint: Evening.
    [09:53:09] guppiel: hello
    [09:53:25] twlltin: Hi varmint
    [09:54:19] guppiel: just started last week probalbly want it to fast
    [09:54:23] varmint: Twitlin - How go the Super-Os?
    [09:54:58] twlltin: varmint: not much change for me. Only slight differences. I'm still using Progasm.
    [09:55:37] twlltin: guppiel: It takes time for your body to learn how to get these devices to work.
    [09:56:07] twlltin: Can you describe how you're using it at the moment?
    [09:56:57] guppiel: i bed relaxing on my back breating control and contractions
    [09:57:28] twlltin: OK. Do you know how to do "belly breathing" (diaphragm breathing)?
    [09:57:50] guppiel: well maybe not
    [09:58:34] twlltin: That's fine. Have you noticed that there are two ways you can breathe in?
    [09:58:59] guppiel: breast and belly?
    [09:58:59] twlltin: One causes your chest to expand and the other causes your stomach to fill out.
    [09:59:14] twlltin: If you're doing belly breathing, your ribs don't move much.
    [09:59:52] guppiel: oke eager to learn
    [09:59:54] twlltin: Now, the trick is that belly breathing also gently moves the internal organs around a little, and when it does that
    [10:00:18] twlltin: it also causes the Aneros device to rub gently on the prostate.
    [10:00:42] twlltin: With the progasm, you don't want that much movement to start with.
    [10:01:24] varmint: I'll second the belly breathing
    [10:01:38] guppiel: maybe buy the helix to its more curved
    [10:02:25] twlltin: The helix has *less* contact than the progasm, but it does have more room to wiggle about.
    [10:03:59] twlltin: I've both models.
    [10:04:21] twlltin: I can forget that I have Helix in sometimes. Progasm never lets me forget it's there.
    [10:05:14] guppiel: i wiil search the net voor belly breating techniques
    [10:05:33] twlltin: Are you from NL? I'm in UK.
    [10:05:54] guppiel: yes how did you know??
    [10:06:17] twlltin: The website you linked to, and you using "voor" instead of "for" just now.
    [10:06:49] guppiel: sharp guy
    [10:06:58] twlltin: Elementary, my dear guppiel.
    [10:08:27] guppiel: oke thanks for the advice and maybe till later
    [10:08:57] twlltin: OK. There's usually a crowd here in the late evening (EU time).
    [10:10:15] twlltin: varmint's in the USA, so he's up late (or early).
    [10:10:46] varmint: Up late, working weird hours this week
    [10:14:20] varmint: Getting some relaxtion with Progasm
    [10:14:55] twlltin: I'm not going to ride until much later on.
    [10:18:36] varmint: Enjoying very much and getting the frustration out
    [10:28:06] varmint: Lately Progasm usage has gone to next level. My latest blog: Aneros
    [10:32:48] twlltin: One moment. I'll have a look at that.
    [10:37:55] twlltin: Yeah, I tend to forget what my penis is doing too.
    [10:41:14] varmint: Forgetting about my cock was big step to getting to Super-O
    [12:39:19] twlltin: Hi again Benji
    [12:40:08] Benji: hey
    [12:41:32] twlltin: Anything new since last night?
    [12:42:16] Benji: I did another session before I went to sleep L O L
    [12:42:35] twlltin: a good one?
    [12:43:20] Benji: Yeah it was great
    [12:44:26] Benji: it was very sensitive didnt take much time
    [12:44:39] twlltin: I'd have one now, but I'm expecting the postman at any time
    [12:46:04] Benji: Oh ok u can after he leaves
    [12:46:25] twlltin: Not sure when that will be, though.
    [12:46:33] twlltin: I'm planning an evening session.
    [12:48:54] Benji: Oh ok sounds good
    [13:19:33] twlltin: Hi snipetownsam
    [13:19:41] twlltin: One more day to wait?
    [13:19:42] snipetownsam: hi
    [13:19:46] snipetownsam: yes L O L
    [13:20:31] snipetownsam: hi Benji
    [13:21:38] twlltin: You remember everything the guys were saying yesterday?
    [13:21:56] snipetownsam: yea
    [13:22:12] twlltin: Be careful. You're new to this. If you do things to quickly, you might hurt yourself.
    [13:22:31] snipetownsam: I understand
    [13:22:54] twlltin: When you see the progasm in the flesh so-to-speak, you'll see why we're urging caution.
    [13:23:08] snipetownsam: will i be surprised at the size? L O L
    [13:23:16] twlltin: Hiya rook!
    [13:23:30] snipetownsam: haha
    [13:23:34] twlltin: You might say to yourself, "No way is that going to fit up there!"
    [13:23:42] rook: hey twll & snipTS
    [13:23:52] snipetownsam: hi rook
    [13:24:13] rook: good morning from SoCal
    [13:24:30] twlltin: snipetownsam is a rookie to anal, and has ordered a progasm (delivery tomorrow).
    [13:25:06] twlltin: He's also relatively young and very enthusiastic.
    [13:25:44] snipetownsam: yes!!
    [13:25:49] rook: as twll notes, the size is "impressive"
    [13:26:02] snipetownsam: you have one rook?
    [13:26:15] rook: Oh yeah !
    [13:26:55] snipetownsam: it wasn't your first Aneros though was it?
    [13:27:10] rook: "Everyone's toybox needs a Progasm
    [13:27:25] rook: I started with a Helix and it's still my
    [13:27:30] rook: fall-back toy
    [13:28:08] snipetownsam: i forget what the original beginnner one is called but i was like thats too small L O L go for the progasm
    [13:28:50] rook: Usually we encourage guys to start with MGX or Helix
    [13:28:55] twlltin: As I said yesterday, lube your anal passage with your finger before you start. That'll make things so much easier.
    [13:29:13] rook: grand advice
    [13:29:29] twlltin: Take your time inserting it. Slowly. If it's uncomfortable, back off a little, wait a bit, then try again.
    [13:29:54] twlltin: It *will* be uncomfortable to insert.
    [13:30:09] snipetownsam: i was playing with my hole like darwin said yesterday and less than 30 seconds my finger was going in....i rubbed around the
    [13:30:15] snipetownsam: hole and i just opened up
    [13:30:19] twlltin: There's a point when I'm inserting it where it's very uncomfortable, but beyond that, it's OK.
    [13:30:44] twlltin: And once it's in, I can be comfortable with it.
    [13:31:02] twlltin: I can never ignore it, but it's not a problem that it's there.
    [13:31:08] snipetownsam: after a while can you slide it in like its nothing?
    [13:31:19] twlltin: I doubt you could do that.
    [13:31:23] rook: agree
    [13:31:34] twlltin: But inserting for me takes only a few seconds now.
    [13:31:45] snipetownsam: but i mean its not always going to be uncomfortable right?
    [13:32:15] rook: every toy poses some discomfort
    [13:32:18] twlltin: Incidentally, if the muscles aren't strong enough to grip it, when you stand up, it might just fall out.
    [13:32:26] rook: the best of toys also provide pleasure
    [13:32:47] twlltin: So, be careful if you're doing it in a room with a hard floor.
    [13:32:53] rook: rumel and I joke about there being a discomfort to pleasure ratio
    [13:32:56] snipetownsam: the progasm is almost like a small penis in size isnt it?
    [13:33:22] rook: shape is the big difference
    [13:33:30] twlltin: yeah
    [13:33:50] rook: early on you may have more discomfort than pleasure
    [13:33:58] rook: as you 'get with
    [13:34:15] rook: a particular toy, pleasure will increase and discomfort will decrease
    [13:34:33] snipetownsam: is it hard to clean? i think ill take it in the shower with me to clean
    [13:34:44] rook: good plan
    [13:35:15] twlltin: Don't drop it. They have been known to shatter.
    [13:35:29] snipetownsam: i want it sooooooooooooooooo bad
    [13:35:36] twlltin: I use antibacterial hand soap on mine.
    [13:35:37] rook: just soap up the toy and give it a good hand scrubbing --
    [13:35:47] snipetownsam: good idea
    [13:36:17] rook: snipeTS: are you in the U.S. or Europe ??
    [13:36:26] snipetownsam: U.S.
    [13:36:53] rook: I keep a squeeze bottle of Dawn antiseptic dishwashing detergent in the shower
    [13:36:53] twlltin: wb Benji
    [13:37:19] rook: great for cutting through residue from Vaseline or oil based lubes
    [13:37:36] rook: hey benji
    [13:37:51] snipetownsam: everybody says how big this thing is idk i cant even imagine
    [13:38:01] Benji: Hey everyone thanks
    [13:38:37] rook: hate to be gross --- but remember that you've passed larger chunks of feces than the size of the Progasm
    [13:38:54] twlltin: I said that yesterday.
    [13:39:25] rook: and, you'll be better lubed when you play with Pro
    [13:39:42] snipetownsam: RealSize
    [13:40:32] snipetownsam: wow...all i can say....but I can do it!!!!!!!!!
    [13:41:15] rook: I usually make inserting the Progasm a game in itself
    [13:41:37] snipetownsam: ya?
    [13:42:12] rook: first the head, wobble it fore and aft a bit, remove it then back in again. then onward to the next mid-line bump
    [13:42:33] rook: and remove it, then in again and rock it on inward all the wahy
    [13:43:23] snipetownsam: is the full feeling enjoyable?
    [13:43:37] twlltin: it can be
    [13:44:02] rook: It may take a few sessions before you can fully relax with Progasm, then the pleasure beging to emerge
    [13:44:09] rook: ^begins
    [13:44:23] rook: Relaxing is the key
    [13:44:49] snipetownsam: hehe
    [13:45:10] rook: There's a temptation to really suck it in further -- grand game of pulling it inward while fighting that temptation to relax
    [13:45:15] twlltin: Relax. Let it squish around of its own... find its own level. Don't try any contractions to start with.
    [13:45:28] snipetownsam: ok
    [13:45:32] twlltin: If it's sucked in, it doesn't hit the right places.
    [13:46:12] twlltin: It took me half a dozen sessions to work that one out.
    [13:46:15] rook: Work on relaxing -- all the way upward to the muscles that move your eyeballs and all the way down to your toes
    [13:47:25] snipetownsam: a video said the Progasm is not for beginners unless you are VERY adventurous L O L sounds like me
    [13:48:26] rook: part of that is outright hype.
    [13:49:17] rook: OTOH, being 'easy' with the prep involved in anal play is very helpful.
    [13:49:25] snipetownsam: im gonna try to meditate with it in
    [13:49:57] rook: am very big on meditation with Aneros or 'less sessions
    [13:50:02] twlltin: Good idea.
    [13:50:23] rook: any form of meditation you like SnipeTS ?
    [13:50:39] snipetownsam: really deep breathing and relaxation
    [13:50:58] rook: great --- simple and effective
    [13:51:12] snipetownsam: ive heard some ppl sleep with them in to get used to them
    [13:51:35] twlltin: You can certainly sleep with the smaller models.
    [13:51:45] snipetownsam: not progasm?
    [13:51:47] rook: I'd not recommend that except for the occasional novelty that it offers
    [13:52:02] rook: what kind of lube are you going to use?
    [13:52:05] twlltin: I've tried with progasm. I've slept with it. I had some very weird dreams, and not much rest.
    [13:52:08] snipetownsam: silicone
    [13:52:42] snipetownsam: my goal is to be so comfortable with it in i can walk around and eat dinner with my parents with it in L O L
    [13:52:55] rook: good choice --- vaseline on the sphincters and silicone over vaseline on the toy.
    [13:53:09] twlltin: You can't sit on a progasm. Not comfortably.
    [13:53:46] snipetownsam: progasm really is a big boy isnt it? L O L im gonna keep asking til it comes L O L
    [13:54:05] rook: agree --- save the dinner-party plan for about session #47
    [13:54:46] snipetownsam: ok
    [13:54:56] rook: OK, here's the 'lecture' on manners ..... it's totally out of order to be so anxious that you tackle the mail person when
    [13:54:59] snipetownsam: i gotta get dressed and head to more day!!
    [13:55:17] rook: he/she comes up the driveway with the package :laugh:
    [13:55:34] snipetownsam: hehe cant wait
    [13:55:53] rook: we gotta get you cool with this
    [13:56:16] snipetownsam: how u gonna do that?
    [13:57:51] snipetownsam: gotta go guys ttyl
    [13:57:52] rook: ice cold douche hmy: :wub:
    [13:58:15] snipetownsam: is on all 4's a good position for insertion?
    [13:58:45] rook: you'll be more relaxed on your back or side
    [13:58:51] twlltin: I'm just standing with one foot raised.
    [13:59:05] snipetownsam: ok
    [13:59:12] snipetownsam: ttyl guys see ya tomorrow!!!
    [13:59:36] twlltin: Ask for an opinion in here, and you'll get at least one more than the number of people in chat.
    [14:00:36] rook: yup :laugh:
    [14:03:24] rook: hey benji --- what brings you to Chat this morning ?
    [14:04:17] Benji: Sorry so quiet L O L working too
    [14:04:42] Benji: Nothing always looking to learn something new
    [14:05:07] Benji: Try to get over this next hurdle
    [14:05:25] rook: U must be well East from here -- sunrise is yet to happen
    [14:05:42] rook: Hurdle?
    [14:05:54] Benji: Its 9:00 am here
    [14:06:28] rook: ah
    [14:07:04] Benji: Im really close to handsfree ejaculation
    [14:07:20] Benji: I have dry os now
    [14:07:34] rook: nice
    [14:07:39] Benji: Tons of pre cum L O L
    [14:09:28] twlltin: I'm still waiting for anything like that to visit me.
    [14:09:30] Benji: But when Im about to cum im shakes and it this spinning head rush it does happen just precum
    [14:09:49] twlltin: I've had the spinning head rush.
    [14:10:49] Benji: Feels likes ur whole bodys orgasming
    [14:11:17] rook: nice --- yup on the disorientation and rushing sounds
    [14:11:45] rook: TWLL: I assume that snipeTS got your 'standard' pitch for getting cleaned out for that Progasm session
    [14:13:02] rook: good morning Carla
    [14:13:19] carla_IL: good morning
    [14:13:47] Benji: Hi carla
    [14:14:13] twlltin: Hiya carla
    [14:15:18] carla_IL: hey
    [14:15:28] rook: gotta run folks -- must haul a package to airport. Be back later today
    [14:19:12] twlltin: How are you Carla?
    [14:20:04] carla_IL: fine thanks, you?
    [14:20:19] twlltin: Great.
    [14:20:50] twlltin: I'm waiting for a delivery driver to come and pick up a parcel. All I know is that they're coming today some time.
    [14:21:13] carla_IL: so you're stuck there waiting?
    [14:21:36] twlltin: Yeah. I'm working from home today.
    [14:22:04] twlltin: But I've this niggling feeling that the doorbell will ring the moment I go to the bathroom, or similar.
    [14:22:25] carla_IL: that'd suck
    [14:31:51] twlltin: Anyway, I'm hoping to give myself some "me" time this evening.
    [14:32:03] twlltin: Possibly another go with the progasm.
    [14:32:29] carla_IL: uhm... maybe you can have some "you" time now while you're waiting
    [14:32:41] carla_IL: or right after your parcel has been picked up
    [14:41:45] twlltin: I'm working at the moment.
    [14:42:11] carla_IL: oh ok
    [14:43:43] cj187: hi all
    [14:44:05] twlltin: hi cj
    [15:06:29] twlltin: Anything new to report, cj?
    [15:09:59] cj187: had a few weeks off, but back make progress i think, you?
    [15:10:31] twlltin: Sorry, could you say that a different way?
    [15:11:18] cj187: sorry just meant had a couple of weeks off with aneros sessions
    [15:12:00] twlltin: You've had a couple of weeks without using the Aneros? I did that over Christmas/New Year.
    [15:12:14] twlltin: It took me about a week to get back into the swing of things.
    [15:13:12] cj187: yeah had first session back using on fri/sat, was ok
    [15:14:34] cj187: noticed chat-room has been opened indefinitely, wish it had logs like yours did tho
    [15:20:02] twlltin: yeah
    [15:34:19] twlltin: wb Benji.
    [15:34:33] twlltin: I think I just triggered a low level chairgasm
    [15:34:40] Benji: thanks
    [15:35:24] Benji: Did ur package come
    [15:35:45] twlltin: It was a collection, and no, it's not happened yet.
    [15:36:58] Benji: Im thinking about ordering something called the duke
    [15:37:22] twlltin: ten_s has one
    [15:38:29] Benji: Did he say it was good
    [15:38:48] twlltin: yeah
    [15:40:09] Benji: I want to get it from what I read its great
    [15:40:25] twlltin: it's also about half the price of the vice
    [15:41:12] Benji: Vice?
    [15:41:53] twlltin: the Aneros's equivalent -- silicone, similar shape to Progasm, with a vibe
    [15:42:25] Benji: Oh ok
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 12pm EST 2/15/12 through 2:36pm EST 2/15/12

    [17:07:46] twlltin: Hi legace
    [17:07:49] legace: hey
    [17:08:06] legace: chat open all month eh
    [17:08:39] twlltin: for FOUR YEARS
    [17:09:50] twlltin: End date: 2016-03-01 15:00:00 EST
    [17:09:59] legace: L O L
    [17:11:05] twlltin: So how are you?
    [17:11:20] legace: i finally started a regular mgx routine
    [17:11:38] legace: b4 i used it like once a month, now i started using it 3-4 times a week
    [17:11:42] legace: lets see what happens
    [17:11:51] twlltin: Good idea
    [17:12:18] legace: i just hated douching/prelube. too much time spent preping
    [17:12:46] legace: but now i find that i`m able to have a session with douching or pre lube
    [17:12:57] legace: without*
    [17:13:31] twlltin: Tip: lube your anal passage using a blob of lube on your finger... spread it about as far as you can reach.
    [17:13:51] twlltin: If you encounter any matter in there, you probably need to douche.
    [17:14:02] legace: sometimes i have a burning sensation, thats why i douched and prelubed. Dont know if it was from fecal matter or not enough
    [17:14:03] legace: lube
    [17:14:21] twlltin: That's the technique I've been using recently with my Helix.
    [17:14:55] twlltin: Oil-type lubes don't seem to cause stinging for me.
    [17:15:09] twlltin: Water based lubes do sometimes.
    [17:15:13] legace: i just dip the mgx in a bag of oil, insert it for about 5 seconds. Then repeat about 3-5 times
    [17:15:30] legace: yeah, sometimes it happens sometimes it doesnt, not sure what it is
    [17:15:41] twlltin: Today's breakthrough for me was a chairgasm.
    [17:15:56] legace: no aneros?
    [17:16:05] twlltin: nope
    [17:16:12] legace: nice
    [17:16:15] twlltin: Just sat on office chair.
    [17:16:54] twlltin: What I did (and I didn't realise I was doing it to start with) was to contract the PC muscle in a sequence
    [17:17:07] twlltin: I can feel three different areas where it can contract.
    [17:17:32] twlltin: There's the area under the scrotum, then there's an area on the perineum, and also an area near the anus.
    [17:17:53] twlltin: So passing a gentle contraction up and down the areas felt nice
    [17:18:11] twlltin: and eventually my body started to take over and
    [17:18:40] twlltin: the area around the perineum started to clench involuntarily
    [17:18:57] twlltin: ...and then it felt like there was a knot behind it.
    [17:19:06] twlltin: This is the area the p-tab touches.
    [17:19:15] twlltin: And things built from there.
    [17:20:01] twlltin: Just relaxing into it and letting things happen naturally seemed to work.
    [17:20:14] legace: cool. i have a hard time differentiated between pc and anus. let alone 3 seperate pc locations
    [17:20:28] twlltin: There wasn't a noticeable endorphin release, but it felt really nice.
    [17:20:40] twlltin: It'll come with practice.
    [17:20:57] twlltin: Don't go looking for it.
    [17:21:14] twlltin: Suddenly one day you'll realise that you can tell the difference.
    [17:21:43] legace: i just contract my anus, so the naeros move
    [17:22:15] twlltin: I don't do any contractions with the aneros in. I just let it start them on its own.
    [17:22:28] legace: i usually just do nothing. i focus on the prosate and hope it builds
    [17:22:30] twlltin: I'm a "do nothing" follower.
    [17:22:53] legace: when you do nothing, do you really mean nothing at all
    [17:23:52] twlltin: I breathe (belly breathing). Maybe a push of the diaphragm downwards on the outward breath.
    [17:24:00] twlltin: That's pretty much it.
    [17:24:52] twlltin: and relax lots
    [17:25:14] legace: well, i hope this new routine works. i`m doing 2 days on 1 day off
    [17:25:25] legace: excessive?
    [17:25:57] twlltin: Nope. During my initial period, I was having sessions every day.
    [17:26:28] twlltin: I've cut back a little nowadays.
    [17:26:35] twlltin: Other commitments
    [17:26:55] legace: do you think the the sgx would have been better for me? i`m only 5'7" 130 lbs
    [17:27:00] legace: i hear ya
    [17:27:37] brine: Hey, gents.
    [17:27:44] legace: hey brine
    [17:27:51] twlltin: Don't know. If you're getting something from it, keep going.
    [17:27:55] twlltin: Hi brine.
    [17:28:18] twlltin: brine: I had what I think was a proper chairgasm this afternoon.
    [17:28:18] brine: Hi twll and legace.
    [17:28:39] brine: Wow, twll. Awesome. Haven't experienced that yet.
    [17:28:55] twlltin: briine: it should still be in the "History" of this chat
    [17:29:42] legace: well, i havnt gotten much out of the mgx. but i guess i havnt used it often
    [17:30:01] brine: Just read it, nice!!!
    [17:30:25] legace: thinking of cutting the handle off, annoying always having to put a pillow under my back.
    [17:31:04] twlltin: Don't take it all off. Start with removing just the loop bit, then nibble it back until it no longer touches.
    [17:31:19] twlltin: You need the tail to help with alignment.
    [17:31:57] legace: yeah, but i dont got much meat back there, so i`m thinking i`ll have to cut alot off
    [17:32:14] twlltin: I'm fairly skinny too.
    [17:32:27] legace: if i mess up, its a good excuse to buy another model
    [17:32:32] brine: I'm lucky, lots of "meat" back there. My cheeks swallow the whole thing.
    [17:32:39] legace: L O L
    [17:33:02] twlltin: Don't take off more than 5mm at a time (fifth of an inch)
    [17:33:28] twlltin: It took me about 3-4 sessions before I got the right length.
    [17:33:39] legace: how much is left
    [17:33:53] twlltin: About an inch and a half on mine.
    [17:34:22] legace: did you just sand it down? heat?
    [17:34:28] twlltin: Start by cutting off the loop, then work back. Smooth using sandpaper.
    [17:34:43] twlltin: Don't heat it.
    [17:35:07] legace: i`ll do it tomorrow, see what happens.
    [17:35:42] twlltin: I used a dremel type tool to cut it and smooth the cut end.
    [17:38:37] legace: I hope the ability to lay down comfortably will help get better results
    [17:39:33] twlltin: It helped me.
    [17:41:56] legace: so that chairgasm was the first dry orgasm you have had without the aneros?
    [17:42:17] brine: Sorry guys, I'm slow on the responses. Still fighting this flu bug. But I'm here.
    [17:42:34] twlltin: I've done 'less sessions before.
    [17:43:04] twlltin: But they've usually been done in the same position as an inserted session.
    [17:43:24] legace: i see.
    [17:43:32] brine: legace, so you have 'less sessions?
    [17:44:41] legace: alright fellas, gotta eat. Thanks for your help. cya twll
    [17:44:45] legace: get well brine
    [17:44:53] brine: Thanks.
    [17:44:58] brine: Bye.
    [17:48:52] twlltin: My body is still trying to stimulate itself in the way that the chairgasm session started.
    [17:49:04] twlltin: ...subconsciously.
    [17:49:18] brine: Awesome. And you are doing nothing to make that happen?
    [17:49:50] twlltin: Not that I'm aware of.
    [17:49:58] brine: Fun.
    [17:51:08] twlltin: Occasionally, it'll calm down. Then I forget about it and find it starting again.
    [17:51:13] brine: Just let it take you!!
    [17:51:37] brine: If you're in a place where that's appropriate.
    [17:51:59] twlltin: I'm at home in the office chair.
    [17:52:22] brine: Okay, then let it happen!
    [17:52:33] brine: What does it feel like?
    [17:52:53] twlltin: The session killer is coming... I need to pee.
    [17:53:04] brine: Darn.
    [17:53:22] twlltin: When it happened earlier, I'd started brewing a cup of tea.
    [17:53:45] twlltin: It was nearly an hour later that I got back to the tea. I had to microwave it...
    [17:54:02] brine: uhg.
    [17:54:04] brine: ugh/
    [17:54:51] brine: Aneros-less sessions, chair or otherwise, are great, I think.
    [17:55:53] twlltin: Yeah. I lost my way with them a few weeks back.
    [17:56:04] brine: Ah.
    [17:56:06] twlltin: This is a pleasant return to them.
    [17:56:15] brine: Yes.
    [17:56:40] brine: I always have them when I'm with my wife. Always.
    [17:56:58] brine: When I stimulate her, they come on super strong.
    [17:57:04] twlltin: I'd been put off them in recent weeks as they'd gone into my head.
    [17:57:23] brine: How so?
    [17:57:42] twlltin: I'm told head-orgasms can be dangerous.
    [17:58:06] twlltin: Plus, the progasm has been distracting me.
    [17:59:07] brine: I've heard about the head orgasm thing too.
    [17:59:39] twlltin: Artform urged caution.
    [17:59:50] brine: Dame Aneros is a seducer.
    [18:00:03] brine: Yes, art and I have chatted some about it too.
    [18:00:11] twlltin: Aneros helps anchor the sensations.
    [18:00:12] brine: I want to learn more.
    [18:00:22] twlltin: Me too.
    [18:03:48] twlltin: Time for a pee and a shower (not at same time).
    [18:04:11] brine: Okay, sounds good. I'm going to take another healing nap.
    [18:04:22] brine: Bye. Take care, twll.
    [18:04:37] twlltin: I know what real flu's like. You have my sympathies.
    [18:04:49] brine:
    [18:32:27] rook: hi
    [18:34:28] snipetownsam: man twll you're always on
    [18:38:27] snipetownsam: hi guest
    [18:41:34] snipetownsam: hello anyone?
    [18:43:05] rook: hey snipeTS: how's it going -- mail person get there yet ??
    [18:44:14] rook: twll headed for the shower some time ago. No clue whether the shower was prelim to a session.
    [18:44:58] snipetownsam: package comes tomorrow
    [18:45:13] rook: ah
    [18:45:53] rook: which progasm did you opt for ??
    [18:46:20] snipetownsam: which color?
    [18:46:36] rook: color ? surface ?
    [18:46:47] snipetownsam: i got the plastic one not ice and its black
    [18:47:18] rook: U can't go wrong with 'basic black' in style anywhere !
    [18:47:59] snipetownsam: i know right!
    [18:48:35] rook: my first progasm was plain black. I made some changes to it's shape --- my real issue was lube though.
    [18:48:59] rook: So, Valentine's day of 2010 my wonderful wife gave me a red progasm.
    [18:49:48] rook: I have polished it though so it's a bit more reflective than it was when it was on the store shelf.
    [18:49:50] twlltin: Out of shower.
    [18:49:56] snipetownsam: you made changes to its shape?
    [18:50:17] rook: yup -- just on the black one though
    [18:50:22] twlltin: The progasms have a slight matte finish.
    [18:50:52] twlltin: except for the ice models
    [18:51:03] snipetownsam: ya
    [18:51:08] rook: matte is supposedly good so that the coating of lube adheres to the surface.
    [18:51:10] snipetownsam: glass or plastic? the ice
    [18:51:26] twlltin: They're all plastic of one kind or another.
    [18:51:45] twlltin: The only exception is the Vice, which is silicone
    [18:51:47] rook: Ice model is more like a slick Lucite or Polycarbonate surface
    [18:51:47] snipetownsam: just the ice is clear
    [18:52:00] rook: yes
    [18:52:07] snipetownsam: hope UPS comes early tomorrow L O L
    [18:52:15] snipetownsam: their site is down so i cant check tracking
    [18:52:23] twlltin: rook: I had what I think was a chairgasm earlier.
    [18:52:23] rook: however there is a progasm called "Black Ice" i've not seen that one
    [18:52:44] rook: nice twll.
    [18:53:16] twlltin: It didn't get as far as endorphin release, but that might happen next time.
    [18:53:25] rook: twll: U still have a buzz going ?
    [18:53:53] twlltin: Shower was sufficient distraction to quieten the buzz.
    [18:53:56] rook: color
    [18:54:59] twlltin: Blasted delivery company didn't do the collection.
    [18:55:00] rook: twll: have you tried any of the body wash for men with embedded bath micro-beads ??
    [18:55:47] rook: twll: as in FedEx or UPS ?
    [18:56:35] twlltin: Not either of those, but similar.
    [18:57:02] twlltin: Not tried such a body wash. I use plain bar soap.
    [18:57:02] rook: I did a drive to the airport this morning for a package to NYC.
    [18:57:46] rook: I've always been a bar-soap guy -- usually an anti-bacterial like Dial
    [18:58:11] rook: Body wash stuff in the gym or the hotel have been a turn-off.
    [18:58:59] rook: However the skin doc recommended I try Dove -- bought their Deep Clean Body wash, Care for men. (the Man-Hide commercial on
    [18:59:34] twlltin: as I've a greasy skin, I find bar soap better than washes
    [18:59:50] rook: TV caught my eye.) The body wash is a nice finish after bar soap. Quite sensual.
    [19:01:15] rook: ---- so what do you do now. go to a package drop-point or call for another pick-up ??
    [19:01:22] twlltin: Ugh! Collection could be as late as 9pm!
    [19:01:48] twlltin: That puts a dampener on my evening.
    [19:02:08] snipetownsam: what are you sending out?
    [19:02:58] twlltin: It's a return to Amazon. A pair of shoes that are the wrong size.
    [19:03:23] twlltin: In the UK, if Amazon ship it, clothing and footwear can be returned for free.
    [19:03:37] twlltin: they even pay return postage.
    [19:03:39] twlltin: Hi mm
    [19:03:48] rook: hey muscle
    [19:04:12] muscleman: hi all, shopping for a 2008 chevy trail blazer
    [19:05:11] muscleman: my 1999 suburban is getting too expensive 454 engine 8 mpg
    [19:05:13] rook: muscle: was that a question or a statement ?
    [19:05:27] rook: .... understand
    [19:05:32] muscleman: statement
    [19:06:15] muscleman: car shopping cutting into my aneros time
    [19:06:51] rook: anything on Craigslist or AutoTrader ?
    [19:07:16] muscleman: private individual
    [19:08:13] rook: we just hit $ 4/gal for premium
    [19:08:40] rook: not as bad as last year though when we hit $ 4.95.
    [19:08:50] muscleman: sams club had regular at 3.38
    [19:09:20] rook: ... understand though that's pretty tame when compared with what twll pays in the U.K.
    [19:09:20] snipetownsam: which aneros do you have muscleman?
    [19:10:00] muscleman: I actually have 4 bought my first 12-14 years ago, My favorite ismy progasm
    [19:10:03] rook: .... just hit bottom of coffee mug --- have to make more .... brb
    [19:10:22] snipetownsam: was it tough using progasm at first?
    [19:10:44] muscleman: not for me
    [19:10:50] snipetownsam: as in getting it in
    [19:11:00] snipetownsam: is it really big?
    [19:11:02] questions: I have some questions for you guys
    [19:11:42] questions: how was your overall purchasing experience with this website/ where did you buy it other than here
    [19:12:21] twlltin: Parcel collected!
    [19:13:30] twlltin: Hi questions
    [19:13:34] questions: hi
    [19:13:42] questions: I have questions L O L
    [19:13:42] snipetownsam: hi
    [19:13:45] snipetownsam: ask away
    [19:14:06] questions: how was your overall purchasing experience with this site?
    [19:14:22] snipetownsam: very good
    [19:14:30] twlltin: snipetownsam's expecting delivery tomorrow
    [19:14:40] twlltin: I bought from a local reseller
    [19:14:43] questions: how long did it take to get it delievered?
    [19:15:16] snipetownsam: 2 days ups
    [19:16:11] questions: you dont have to answer, but in what state do you live? (I want to get a general idea. I want to have one get here on sat.)
    [19:16:31] snipetownsam: PA
    [19:16:48] questions: and it ships from TX? Right
    [19:17:10] snipetownsam: i believe so
    [19:17:17] snipetownsam: i got mine from another site tho
    [19:17:26] questions: What site?
    [19:17:48] snipetownsam:
    [19:18:06] snipetownsam: which model are you looking at getting?
    [19:18:11] questions: do they sell all of the models?
    [19:18:26] snipetownsam: yea i believe so
    [19:19:10] questions: well their prices are not any better so I think I will stick to this site.
    [19:19:26] questions: was your delivered to your front door or mailbox?
    [19:19:49] snipetownsam: depends on the shipper
    [19:19:55] snipetownsam: usps goes to mailbox ups goes to door
    [19:20:31] snipetownsam: which model you wanna get?
    [19:20:40] questions: the helix
    [19:20:57] snipetownsam: i ordered the progasm...hope it wasnt a mistake due to its large size
    [19:20:57] questions: what day should I order and with what shipping speed?
    [19:21:07] questions: (to get it here on saturday)
    [19:21:18] snipetownsam: asap
    [19:21:34] snipetownsam: today or first thing tomorrow
    [19:21:37] questions: I can pay for 2 day though
    [19:21:47] questions: but go with regular?
    [19:22:03] snipetownsam: regular was 2 day for me
    [19:22:17] muscleman: usually takes 2-3 days, ups doesn't deliver normally on saturday
    [19:22:21] rook: now back
    [19:22:27] questions: cool. is it a box or envelope?
    [19:22:43] rook: box from Aneros store
    [19:22:45] muscleman: most ship a a regular box
    [19:22:56] rook: return address is "HIH"
    [19:23:05] questions: but small enough to fit in the mailbox?
    [19:23:53] snipetownsam: PROGASM GET HERE FASTER L O L
    [19:24:01] snipetownsam: i can let you know tomorrow questions
    [19:24:31] rook: questions: they used to get a helix in the smallest of the Priority mail boxes which will fit in most mailboxes ....
    [19:24:45] questions: ok well if I go and order it now with usps it is pretty much certain it will arrive on saturday?
    [19:25:03] twlltin: Back in a bit. Got to do a bit of Costco shopping.
    [19:25:10] rook: hurry
    [19:26:01] rook: it's coming up on 2 p.m. in Houston --- were I you, I'd phone in the order and specify usps priority
    [19:26:43] rook: Both my Tempo and Vice were slow cleariing out of the Houston mail sorting center
    [19:27:23] questions: I would prefer to just order online. If I do that though then it might not get out in time?
    [19:27:28] snipetownsam: sucks ups doesnt work...cant use tracking
    [19:27:50] snipetownsam: site is down
    [19:28:59] rook: snipeTS: with this much anxiety, U aren't going to need the Progasm to have an orgasm ! :laugh:
    [19:29:07] questions: if I order from FedEx would they be able to hold it and then I go pick it up from them (privacy reasons)
    [19:29:18] snipetownsam: hahahahaha
    [19:30:31] questions: does anyone know?
    [19:30:42] snipetownsam: I should be a spokesperson for Aneros Im in love with the product and its not even here yet
    [19:30:53] rook: If it's not high value or 'signature required,' I'd not count on them holding it at a distribution center
    [19:31:10] muscleman: Fedex usually leaves packages at my door
    [19:31:37] rook: same here
    [19:32:03] snipetownsam: PROGASM = AWESOME L O L
    [19:32:17] muscleman: you afraid someone will open the box?
    [19:32:20] questions: so back to the initial question which is should I order today and risk it not getting here or should I order tomorrow and
    [19:32:22] questions: choose 2 day
    [19:32:31] rook: if it's ordered from Aneros, the box doesn't have any clues as or originator or content
    [19:32:37] questions: yes muscleman I am
    [19:33:47] rook: understand your concerns --- order today and spedify two day --- when it arrives, it's just some new "computer batteries"
    [19:33:52] muscleman: Had a few friends send them to my house, their wives were too nosey
    [19:34:32] questions: and is the helix a good starter model that will still be just as good even when I become experienced?
    [19:35:12] rook: IMO, Helix is a good way to start and it will serve you well over the years even though you might
    [19:35:25] rook: occasionally try or settle on another model.
    [19:35:30] muscleman: catch you guys later
    [19:35:36] rook: later MM
    [19:35:53] muscleman: pegging time
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 2:36pm EST 2/15/12 through 9:30pm EST 2/15/12

    [19:35:56] rook: I started with a Helix, have a full toybox and revisit Helix regularly
    [19:36:12] snipetownsam: im starting with progasm but im an idiot L O L
    [19:36:23] questions: good to know. Ok another final question
    [19:36:31] rook: gol
    [19:37:15] questions: if I order with fedex can I change the delivery date? (in case it arrives friday)
    [19:38:08] rook: Call the local FedEx center (with the tracking number) and ask them what to do -- put a note on the front door etc.
    [19:39:52] questions: ok because the minute that door bell is rung that package will be opened if I am not home.
    [19:40:17] rook: questions: do you have a local adult store / sex toy shop ?
    [19:40:37] questions: and also (sorry I have wayyyyy to many questions) does aneros just provide good feelings or actual orgasm strength sensations
    [19:40:46] questions: yes but they dont have aneros
    [19:41:20] rook: this changes over time --- are you anally experienced ?
    [19:41:38] rook: have you fingered your prostate yet?
    [19:41:46] snipetownsam: ttyl guys!!
    [19:42:07] rook: cul snipetownsam --- have a good one !
    [19:42:22] questions: yes I have fingered my prostate, no I am not experienced
    [19:47:35] rook: without getting nosy about details, will your privacy concerns continue once you get your aneros ?
    [20:17:13] bigguy: just checking in mid day
    [20:17:22] bigguy: hey rook
    [20:17:49] bigguy: oops you may not be here
    [20:17:59] bigguy: just saw the time log
    [20:18:37] bigguy: i am going to stay logged on but am leaving for a little bit
    [20:20:12] rook: hey
    [20:20:14] rook: BG
    [20:20:39] rook: sorry --- was out brewing some coffee to accompany a rainy afternoon
    [20:21:49] rook: have been working the last five days so have been paying just brief visits to Aneros Chat
    [20:30:14] rook: .... gotta get busy and make a bit of money b back later
    [20:51:50] questions: I have more questions!!!
    [21:01:19] twlltin: Back!
    [21:29:02] muscleman: back too
    [21:29:17] muscleman: that guy get his progasm ordered?
    [21:29:34] muscleman: two anxious individuals earlier
    [21:30:24] twlltin: Hi mm
    [21:30:38] twlltin: I don't know what he did. I was out shopping.
    [21:30:39] muscleman: hi twlltin
    [21:36:09] muscleman: quiet now
    [21:36:19] twlltin: I know.
    [21:36:31] twlltin: I'm going to fix up a meal now.
    [21:36:40] muscleman: ok
    [22:00:24] twlltin: G'day Billoz
    [22:01:22] Billoz: Hi
    [22:01:39] Billoz: Just been reading your blog
    [22:02:02] Billoz: Interesting
    [22:03:05] twlltin: I really ought to write up today's experience too.
    [22:03:06] Billoz: Blogs get me going and wanting to start a session
    [22:03:23] Billoz: Yes do.
    [22:04:07] twlltin: I had what I think was a chairgasm today.
    [22:04:32] Billoz: I use both the Helix and Eupho in my sessions. The tails do restrict the positions I can lie in
    [22:04:47] Billoz: Ok
    [22:08:53] Billoz: Sounds good
    [22:09:16] twlltin: I have docked the tails of both my Helix and Maximus. I've not touched the Progasm.
    [22:10:21] Billoz: Yes I read. You seem happy with the outcome.
    [22:11:06] Billoz: I am thinking of getting a Prograsm. Works for you?
    [22:11:47] twlltin: Yes, but it took over a month for my body to understand it.
    [22:16:41] Billoz: Well going to get ready for a session. Talk again.
    [22:16:57] twlltin: Good luck!
    [22:29:18] Benji: Hi everyone
    [22:29:19] twlltin: wb Benji
    [22:29:40] Benji: thanks
    [22:47:25] twlltin: Time to eat.
    [23:36:12] twlltin: Back
    [23:56:50] twlltin: wb rook
    [23:57:03] rook: good to be back
    [23:57:11] rook: tks
    [23:58:22] rook: thot you mentioned that the parcel service finally did the deed for you
    [23:58:46] twlltin: pick up was just after 7pm
    [23:59:01] twlltin: So I could then go out and do the shopping at Costco for my dad.
    [23:59:04] rook: would that shipment move by air within the U.K. or by ground ?
    [23:59:21] twlltin: probably not by air
    [23:59:52] rook: just renewed by Costco card last week
    [00:00:01] rook: ^my card
    [00:00:02] twlltin: Some stuff does move by air.
    [00:00:41] twlltin: But that's usually Royal Mail special delivery.
    [00:01:18] twlltin: Don't know what UPS do for internal UK parcels.
    [00:02:12] rook: in the U.S. UPS has a very 'blended' structure so there's no marketed air service or ground service
    [00:02:35] twlltin: Same here. There are no specific "by air" services.
    [00:03:14] twlltin: All there are are "same day", "next day by 9am" and "next day by 1pm" types of services
    [00:03:29] twlltin: Other carriers than Royal Mail have different bands.
    [00:04:18] rook: that 'blend' is also extending to UPS use of the U.S. Mail for some deliveries. UPS handles the long-haul part then farms
    [00:04:34] twlltin: That's happened in the UK too.
    [00:04:40] rook: out some small envelope or parcel delivery to the U.S. postal service
    [00:05:17] twlltin: By government fiat, the final delivery of some post is handled by Royal Mail at below cost price.
    [00:05:37] rook: and there some small upstart firms that get into the act on local deliveries in the larger metro regions
    [00:06:43] rook: I suspect as well that the government mail service contracts bulk space on FedEx and UPS airplanes
    [00:07:52] rook: Earlier, was trying to nail down a firm delivery time for an Aneros order -- very difficult to do!
    [00:08:26] bsmith14: whats up guys
    [00:08:39] twlltin: hi bsmith
    [00:08:40] rook: About the only service that might do that would be the U.S. Mail's General Delivery service
    [00:08:45] rook: .... hey David
    [00:09:11] rook: we are drifting for a gud Aneros topic -- can you offer one ?
    [00:10:10] rook: I ran out of ideas early this morning and wondered what a session would be like if I divided it up into
    [00:10:20] bsmith14: no, but I can say I had my first helix session with the wife rubbing my nipples to a wet prostate orgasm
    [00:10:50] rook: U are getting pretty good at going HFWO from nip work !!
    [00:11:45] bsmith14: that is good and bad I guess
    [00:12:05] rook: what's bad ?
    [00:12:34] rook: if one does not mind a bit of refractory
    [00:13:03] bsmith14: well, actually, I end up with a shorter and short refactory period, plus nice sensations the rest of the day
    [00:13:23] rook: cool
    [00:13:24] bsmith14: but it does end the session and keeps me from getting to a higher level of pleasure
    [00:13:39] rook: got it
    [00:14:28] rook: I've been toying with the thot of dividing my sessions into 5 min. slots ---- 5 min. inserted and 5 min. empty but in a
    [00:14:37] rook: an Anerosless mode.
    [00:15:22] rook: sort of alternating between stim and denial.
    [00:15:39] rook: got the idea from my wife playing with the remote on the vibe in my Vice.
    [00:17:04] rook: ... we toyed with that last weekend. Watching the dog show the last two nights took us away from that tame
    [00:17:15] rook: ^game
    [00:17:44] bsmith14: thats bool. I would like to get my wife more involved in my sessions. maybe a vice with the remote is an optio
    [00:17:56] bsmith14: option. she does seem to like playing with my nips sometimes
    [00:18:14] rook: women understand nips
    [00:18:23] bsmith14: If I could get her to try remote vibrating toy for her I would be in heaven
    [00:18:56] rook: has she ever tried just a simple bullet with a remote ?
    [00:19:09] rook: or 'egg' with a remote ?
    [00:20:42] rook: --- we've got a couple of old egg shaped vibes in the bottom of our toybox. I've been curious about
    [00:20:48] bsmith14: no, she has never tried a toy of any kind, at least with me anyways. I have tried in the past
    [00:21:42] rook: my wife is very selective about toys --- tends to judge them by the initial impression of their appearance.
    [00:21:52] rook: color seems to be very important with her.
    [00:22:38] bsmith14: my wife has a handup with sex toys
    [00:22:58] bsmith14: L O L, I mean she has a hangup with sex toys, she won't try them
    [00:23:12] rook: we have two 'pocket rocket' vibes one red and one white. She likes the white one but is adverse to the red one
    [00:24:00] bsmith14: why would color matter?
    [00:24:23] rook: ............... it's a 'wife' thing ..............
    [00:25:13] rook: my wife tends to relate material objects to personal experiences and past relationships to what may
    [00:25:15] bsmith14: I call that "ovarian logic"
    [00:25:40] rook: yeah verily David ------- U UNDERSTAND !!!
    [00:26:19] rook: it can get into her relationship with her Mother, old friends who turned into non-friends and the color of
    [00:26:28] rook: the curtains in the room when something went wrong
    [00:26:51] bsmith14: women be crazy
    [00:29:02] rook: .... this is a otherwise wonderful woman who is a licensed R.N. and was magna cum laude when she got her MBA.
    [00:30:12] rook: she does like to place 100%
    [00:30:28] rook: faith in the integrity of any material object within her realm.
    [00:31:08] rook: When anything fails to deliver as expected she tends to shun that object in favor of something else.
    [00:31:55] rook: Generally, things here don't get repaired -- they get replaced.
    [00:32:19] rook: If a battery in her car fails, I make sure she doesn't know about the replacement.
    [00:32:32] rook: else, the car's days are numbered.
    [00:32:42] bsmith14: L O L
    [00:34:10] rook: back to toys ---
    [00:34:46] rook: has she ever read any of the modern female sexuality books, like those by Dr. Berman ??
    [00:35:43] rook: Love and Sex with Dr. Laura Berman
    [00:36:37] rook: however, if you have her working your nips with a Helix inserted, perhaps it's best to let well enuf alone for a month or two
    [00:36:59] rook: :biggrin:
    [00:37:38] bsmith14: yes, I will gradually start having more sessions while she is around
    [00:38:05] rook:
    [00:56:57] rook: hey benji wb
    [00:58:14] Benji: hey thanks
    [00:58:50] Benji: how are you rook?
    [00:59:33] rook: doing great --- cold rainstorm guarantees it will be snug in bed tonite
    [01:00:03] bsmith14: hi benji
    [01:00:17] Benji: Hi bsmith14
    [01:00:29] rook: must checkout my mate though and see if she desires to extend St. Valentine's for another nite
    [01:00:31] Benji: yeah i love when it rains
    [01:00:34] Benji: helps me sleep
    [01:00:48] Benji: yeah
    [01:02:12] rumel: How y'all doin'?
    [01:02:33] rook: bit hung --- last night was more affected by Champagne than we would ideally have planned
    [01:02:45] rook: otherwise, Grand tks
    [01:03:05] Benji: im good how are you?
    [01:04:21] rumel: twlltin, I swear you must be wearing your computer, you seem to be online everytime I look at the name list... :huh:
    [01:05:14] bsmith14: I don't think he ever closes the browser
    [01:05:25] rumel: I'm fine, I just stopped by to see if anyone has any questions I might be able to help them with.
    [01:05:57] Benji: oh ok
    [01:05:58] snipetownsam: hello!!
    [01:06:13] rook: hey snipeTS
    [01:06:35] bsmith14: hi
    [01:06:57] snipetownsam: Hey I dumb for buying the Progasm as my first massager?
    [01:07:02] rumel: Welcome to the Forums snipetownsam
    [01:07:12] snipetownsam: thank you!
    [01:07:46] rumel: No not dumb, maybe over optimistic though :laugh:
    [01:08:03] snipetownsam: you have a progasm?
    [01:08:14] snipetownsam: UPS website still is down so i can't check tracking info
    [01:09:08] rumel: snipe, a great many users have purchased the Progasm as their first model, I think they believe that "bigger is better" but
    [01:09:23] rumel: that just isn't necessarily so in this case.
    [01:09:29] snipetownsam: I felt like I wouldnt need another one if i started at the top
    [01:10:42] rumel: IMHO, that thought line is flawed logic, the other models have their advantages too...
    [01:11:16] snipetownsam: i hear this progasm is huge L O L
    [01:11:19] bsmith14: what I found for me was that the smaller the better
    [01:11:28] snipetownsam: oh ya?
    [01:11:57] snipetownsam: I probably should have chatted here before making a purchase ll
    [01:11:59] snipetownsam: L O L
    [01:12:03] rumel: I still prefer my MGX over my Progasm, though I have to say I really like the comfort of my silicone VICE.
    [01:12:19] snipetownsam: why's that?
    [01:13:53] rumel: snipes, don't get yourself in a tizzy worrying about the Progasm size, it's not something you can't accomodate. It's smaller
    [01:15:01] snipetownsam: it will be here by the end of the work day tomorrow
    [01:15:02] rumel: than most dildos so that shouldn't be a factor. The reason I like my MGX is it is more mobile than the Progasm and reponds to
    [01:15:14] rumel: muscle movement easier.
    [01:15:39] rook: guys --- I have K.P. duty this evening so will be 'away' for about 15 min.
    [01:15:57] rumel: Ciao rook
    [01:17:02] snipetownsam: im just worried cause ive never had anything up there besides one finger
    [01:17:21] rumel: snipe, also I like the MGX because it doesn't feel so 'filling' and stretches my anus less than the Progasm.
    [01:17:42] snipetownsam: great so my anus is gonna get stretched???
    [01:18:40] bsmith14: I would add a second finger in your pre progasm training
    [01:19:08] rumel: First, learn to relax well, your anus will easily accomodate a Progasm, your stools are naturally much larger in diameter
    [01:20:18] rumel: than the Progasm, just take your time, make sure you have plenty of lube on your Progasm, in your rectum and around
    [01:20:37] snipetownsam: lube IN my rectum too?
    [01:21:15] rumel: your anus. I would also recommend beginners to pre-warm their Aneros in a cup of hot water prior to attempting
    [01:21:30] rumel: insertion.
    [01:21:47] rumel: Did you read my PM to you?
    [01:22:15] snipetownsam: with directions or the address for UPS?
    [01:24:51] rumel: snipe, click here ->
    [01:24:53] nevado: hello guys
    [01:25:51] snipetownsam: yes i did read this im sorry for forgetting what you were talking much info
    [01:25:54] snipetownsam: learned a lot
    [01:26:19] snipetownsam: thank you very much
    [01:27:16] rumel: snipe you really need to read this -> Getting Started - Aneros Wiki
    [01:29:31] rumel: I know there is a lot of info in that PM which actually links you to even more info, but it will save you frustration IF
    [01:29:52] rumel: YOU check it out and read up.
    [01:30:38] snipetownsam: ok
    [01:31:27] rumel: Since you haven't even received your Aneros yet, this
    [01:32:12] rumel: gives you a chance to start off with a lot more knowledge than most men do, you will be able to avoid a lot
    [01:32:59] rumel: of the pitfalls many uninformed men had to stumble through on their way to finding blissful Anerosessions.
    [01:34:21] rook: am back ... hey nevado
    [01:34:48] rumel: Ciao rook
    [01:35:25] nevado: hi rook
    [01:35:31] snipetownsam: i think im ready for it
    [01:35:41] nevado: hi rumel
    [01:35:47] rumel: Good attitude!
    [01:36:01] rumel: Hi nevado
    [01:36:21] nevado: having a great less session
    [01:36:36] snipetownsam: how many of us have Progasms???
    [01:36:46] nevado: i do
    [01:37:06] snipetownsam: i will tomorrow L O L
    [01:37:08] rook: yup
    [01:37:27] snipetownsam: mine's black
    [01:37:40] nevado: mine's purple
    [01:38:49] rumel: I've got a white one and the clear 'ICE' model
    [01:39:03] rook: one red one. one black one with copper foil trim :blink:
    [01:39:27] snipetownsam: im so excited!!! im gonna use it all the time
    [01:39:52] rumel: :laugh: for those electrifying Anerosessions I'll bet... :laugh:
    [01:40:18] snipetownsam: what do you think about using condoms on it?
    [01:41:03] nevado: i enjoy a session with condom as well
    [01:41:06] rook: check out Darwin's posts regarding the "Condom method, Improved"
    [01:41:17] rumel: snipe, I would caution to go easy early on until your anus gets well inured to your new massager, it is easy to get sore from
    [01:41:54] snipetownsam: but im excited :P L O L
    [01:41:59] rumel: too frequent use in the early days of practice, try to wait at tleast a day between uses.
    [01:42:58] rumel: I am not proponent of the condom method, it is not more effective for me.
    [01:42:58] snipetownsam: ok L O L
    [01:43:24] snipetownsam: will it affect my bowel movements...stretching my hole and stuff?
    [01:44:07] rook: if you leave it in 24 hours a day, it's guaranteed to interfere ..... :laugh:
    [01:44:42] rumel: snipe , NO, in fact in time your sphincters will become stronger and more toned you will actually gain more control.
    [01:44:42] rook: seriously.... no effect on bowel habits
    [01:44:52] snipetownsam: good
    [01:45:01] snipetownsam: im trying for an hour the first time
    [01:45:03] nevado: indeed
    [01:45:09] snipetownsam: just to get used to the feeling of being penetrated
    [01:45:15] rook: assuming you have a fair amount of fiber in your diet, you will probably fall into a very predictable schedule
    [01:46:33] snipetownsam: cant wait!!!!!
    [01:46:37] rumel: snipe, remember to RELAX, Relax and then relax until you r e l a x some more...
    [01:47:19] snipetownsam: my hole is very relaxed and ready
    [01:47:28] snipetownsam: i cant wait til i get to the part of insertion when i pull it in by myself
    [01:48:05] snipetownsam: hope it gets here early enough that i can use it before my class
    [01:48:22] rumel: :blink: oooo another Aneros Addict in the making... :tongue:
    [01:48:33] snipetownsam: hehe you know it
    [01:50:08] snipetownsam: its sad i cant remember the last time i was this excited L O L
    [01:50:23] nevado: nice
    [01:51:21] snipetownsam: how many guys r gonna be here when i use it for the first time?
    [01:52:04] rumel: Excitement is nice just try to keep from having great expectations, most users are surprised and usually somewhat
    [01:52:42] nevado: the key is to relax as Rumel says
    [01:53:14] rumel: disappointed that their initial sessions are not fireworks and bomb blasts, it really is about tuning into the subtle
    [01:53:32] rumel: sensations and allowing them to grow unforced.
    [01:54:02] snipetownsam: ya i kno
    [01:54:17] snipetownsam: ohhhhhh...i thought 4" was the circumference not the diameter...what was i thinking L O L
    [01:54:33] snipetownsam: i mean an inch and a half
    [01:54:38] snipetownsam: 4" is the circumference
    [01:55:00] snipetownsam: still my anus is going to stretch an inch and a half L O L
    [01:55:00] rumel: you may think you know.....but it really is a whole new way of appreciating your body and what it is capable of.
    [01:56:44] snipetownsam: i thought inch and a half around isnt bad....inch and a half across is much different...holy cow L O L
    [01:57:06] nevado: but it feels amazing
    [01:57:25] snipetownsam: but thats big its literally a ock L O L
    [01:57:27] snipetownsam: cock
    [01:57:53] rook: the contours are key. much easier and nicer than just a cylinder that size !
    [01:58:18] snipetownsam: ya i bet
    [01:58:47] snipetownsam: 4.5 inch insertion length wow haha
    [01:59:06] rook: hey ten
    [01:59:08] ten_s_nut: Hello, gents.
    [01:59:25] nevado: hi ten
    [01:59:39] darwin: snipey my boy,
    [01:59:53] darwin: you have all the signs of being over-eager
    [02:00:08] ten_s_nut: 4.5 inches isn't that much. My wife's biggest dildo goes in over 7 inches.
    [02:00:10] snipetownsam: haha thanks! I know
    [02:00:18] snipetownsam: shes a woman and ive never had anything in there
    [02:00:20] darwin: yeah, but you are not hearing us
    [02:00:25] darwin: you can HURT YOURSELF
    [02:00:36] darwin: do you know what it is like to hurt AN ORGAN
    [02:00:39] rumel: It's actually only 1.3" in diam. MAX and about 7/8" diameter at the anus, so you'll be OK
    [02:01:22] darwin: or tear yourself a new asshole?
    [02:01:40] rumel: Hi darwin, I'm glad you could join us.
    [02:01:44] snipetownsam: no im listening ill go easy
    [02:01:48] darwin: hey
    [02:01:50] darwin: ok
    [02:01:59] darwin: have you done your homework?
    [02:01:59] ten_s_nut: darwin; hurt yourself with what? A big Zucchini?
    [02:02:26] snipetownsam: yes i have
    [02:02:39] darwin: excellent
    [02:02:58] darwin: next assignment: see if you can get two fingers in there GENTLY
    [02:03:01] snipetownsam: will be deliverd tomorrow for sure
    [02:03:05] rumel: You can hurt yourself with an Aneros by trying to manually manipulate it.
    [02:03:12] darwin: so that it wants them in there
    [02:03:33] ten_s_nut: The only anal pain I've experienced was when my wife tried to insert her Rabbit in my butt.
    [02:04:03] ten_s_nut: ...that thing is almost 2 inches in diameter and over 9 inches long
    [02:05:32] rumel: 'ten' you are a very anally experienced Anerosian now, please consider the first time you did anything up your ass! :tongue:
    [02:05:51] snipetownsam: im gonna have progasm up my ass hehe hehe
    [02:05:55] snipetownsam: sorry i excited
    [02:06:18] darwin: ok, snipe now you have me chuckling!
    [02:06:35] rumel: We are trying to make it as easy and pleasurable for new member 'snipetownsam' as we can.
    [02:06:36] ten_s_nut: rumel; good point. I remember the first time my GF put her finger in me; felt like a Polish Sausgae
    [02:06:39] darwin: let's all do the "i'm gonna have a progasm up my ass dance!!"
    [02:06:45] ten_s_nut: Sausage
    [02:06:55] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [02:07:00] snipetownsam: hehe
    [02:07:19] snipetownsam: ill be all smiles til i see the thing then its like uh oh L O L
    [02:07:33] ten_s_nut: (lube, lube and more lube. Use a towel.)
    [02:07:42] darwin: snipe, has anybody told you how to angle it in?
    [02:07:48] darwin: the progasm requires angling
    [02:08:01] darwin: but listen.... you might not even be able to get it in the first day
    [02:08:04] snipetownsam: ok...just said easiest angle...move it around til you're comfy
    [02:08:07] snipetownsam: ok
    [02:08:11] darwin: please please please don't force it
    [02:08:23] darwin: that would be RAPE
    [02:08:27] snipetownsam: i wont
    [02:08:42] ten_s_nut: sam; Is your wife on board w/ this stuff? If so, she can assist.
    [02:08:50] ten_s_nut: ...or GF or BF
    [02:09:08] rumel: Yes DON'T EVER FORCE it in!!!!
    [02:09:44] snipetownsam: dont worry i dont wanna feel pain L O L
    [02:09:54] darwin: can somebody describe to snipe the angling of the P?
    [02:09:57] darwin: i forget
    [02:10:00] darwin: its been a while
    [02:10:22] ten_s_nut: "Scooping motion to insert"
    [02:10:34] darwin: (gentle!)
    [02:11:14] rook: Once douched and lubed, I aim the head toward my navel, push outward to open my anus then insert just the head.
    [02:11:43] rumel: snipe, it is called a spooning manuever, where the tip is angled to go in along the tips central axis, then when the tip has
    [02:11:55] rook: Then angle the toy toward my head and gently start it inward. -- during that change in angle, I can feel it open my inner
    [02:12:05] rook: sphincter and slide into my rectum.
    [02:12:29] rumel: cleared the inner sphincter you straighten the body to ease it in the rest of the way.
    [02:12:31] snipetownsam: oh ok
    [02:13:02] darwin: snipe, rumel reminds me of an important anatomy lesson
    [02:13:10] darwin: do you know what a sphincter is?
    [02:13:18] snipetownsam: muscle that contracts the anus
    [02:13:33] darwin: in general its a circular muscle
    [02:13:44] darwin: there are two in your anus
    [02:13:48] darwin: external and internal
    [02:13:57] darwin: the external you can control.
    [02:13:57] ten_s_nut: (my college math prof was a sphincter)
    [02:14:06] snipetownsam: haha
    [02:14:16] darwin: try it now... contract it, like holding in a fart
    [02:15:00] darwin: and the opposite is you can open it a little, by pretending to push out a turd
    [02:15:19] snipetownsam: wow it does open L O L
    [02:15:23] darwin: when inserting, do that
    [02:15:42] darwin: in addition to all the relaxing you can do
    [02:15:52] darwin: but... now... the INTERNAL one is NOT IN YOUR CONTROL
    [02:16:06] darwin: that is the one you can hurt or tear
    [02:16:16] ten_s_nut: (Once it's open, it will try to teach you how to calculate the area under a curve)
    [02:16:18] darwin: it has to open of its own volition
    [02:16:48] snipetownsam: it seems like it would be fairly easy if i push like that
    [02:17:06] darwin: and the only way to do that is to tempt it to open by being relaxed and gently stimulating it
    [02:17:19] darwin: so that it starts really relaxing on its own
    [02:17:25] ten_s_nut: sam; as long as you and the tool are really lubed well, it will be do-able.
    [02:17:36] snipetownsam: okay
    [02:17:56] darwin: ten, i am not so sure
    [02:18:02] twlltin: ten_s: You talking about integrating it into your life?
    [02:18:04] darwin: it depends on how tight his hole is
    [02:18:07] rumel: It is easy after a few tries but you need to consciously relax to make it go easily the first few times.
    [02:18:17] ten_s_nut: Hey, twll.
    [02:18:30] darwin: i can tell you the first time i put in the P i was almost crying
    [02:18:45] ten_s_nut: sam; if you have a sex partner to work with, it will go easier.
    [02:19:01] snipetownsam: very tight L O L
    [02:19:07] snipetownsam: gf but she would think im gay i know
    [02:19:12] twlltin: A combination of a late meal, a comfy chair and a bottle of ale => falling asleep in chair. I'll now repair to bed.
    [02:19:15] rook: most important -- if it hurts STOP, take several breaths, relax, REALLY relax and start over.
    [02:19:39] darwin: and, snipe, like i told you the other day
    [02:19:40] ten_s_nut: sam; Educate your GF. It will be VERY worth it.
    [02:20:01] darwin: take 15 minutes to tease the hole open w/ the progasm, like its a tongue
    [02:20:12] snipetownsam: i will buddy
    [02:20:18] rook: well said Darwin !
    [02:20:19] ten_s_nut: Nite-nite, twll.
    [02:20:31] darwin: by the way, i know we are all pounding this in to you
    [02:20:44] rook: nite twll ---- manana
    [02:20:53] darwin: but, don't fear, after a few times you'll get the hang of it, and it'll go in nice and easy
    [02:21:02] twlltin: sam: These guys know what they're talking about. They only have your best interests at heart.
    [02:21:03] snipetownsam: i hope so
    [02:21:10] snipetownsam: thanks guys
    [02:21:13] snipetownsam: i appreciate it
    [02:21:40] ten_s_nut: The "anal play is gay" business is pure nonsense.
    [02:21:50] twlltin: ten_s: agreed
    [02:22:24] snipetownsam: this is gonna be fun
    [02:22:34] snipetownsam: im using so much lube its gonna be gross L O L
    [02:22:40] ten_s_nut: sam; your GF has a G-spot. You have a P-spot. Equal time, equal play, etc.
    [02:22:46] snipetownsam: hehe
    [02:22:48] twlltin: Don't drop it.
    [02:22:51] rumel: It's worse than nonsense it limits men ever trying to reach their full sensual potentials.
    [02:22:55] snipetownsam: she doesnt want me to want stuff in my butt more than pussy
    [02:23:27] darwin: ok, snipey, great good luck, and i look forward to hearing all bout it.
    [02:23:41] ten_s_nut: sam; Once you try sex with her while the Aneros is in your ass, you'll "Get it."
    [02:23:49] darwin: may the gods of dripping erotic pleasure embrace you
    [02:23:56] snipetownsam: dont want her to know i have it
    [02:24:30] rumel: snipe that might be a mistake
    [02:24:36] ten_s_nut: sam; I understand your reluctance.
    [02:24:47] twlltin: At some point you do need to get her on board.
    [02:25:04] darwin: you know, guys, snipe is only 19, its not like this GF is his wife
    [02:25:13] snipetownsam: i know but i think shes the one
    [02:25:18] ten_s_nut: sam; Send her to the HIH website. It's all health aspects, no sex.
    [02:25:25] rook: understand sam --- that communicaion will be appropriate when your mutual trust with her exceeds the mutual
    [02:25:28] darwin: snipe, that is great!
    [02:25:30] rumel: It is better that she know now even if she doesn't want to participate, it's your body to do with as you please.
    [02:25:35] rook: trust she shares with her other friends
    [02:25:53] ten_s_nut: sam; Here: Prostate Massage, Prostate Massagers, Prostatitis BPH Treatment
    [02:25:57] darwin: yeah, if she's a keeper, snipe, then getting her on board would be a good idea
    [02:26:07] darwin: but i don't think you have to rush it
    [02:26:10] snipetownsam: L O L you guys are funny
    [02:26:30] ten_s_nut: Every woman wants her man to be healthy, period.
    [02:26:33] rook: we've just been around the block a few times --
    [02:26:49] ten_s_nut: ...and retreaded more than twice
    [02:27:12] darwin: snipey, its true that there are lots of stories in the forum of guys finally telling their woman, and it turning out peachy
    [02:27:26] snipetownsam: she was pissed when she found out i had a fleshlight
    [02:27:29] ten_s_nut: sam; Tune her in to the health aspects and leave the pleasure part for later.
    [02:27:39] snipetownsam: she fingered me once and was glad i didnt like it cause she thought id be gay
    [02:27:42] darwin: ok i am gonna sign off
    [02:27:46] darwin: g'night all!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [02:27:52] snipetownsam: goodnight darwin
    [02:27:56] ten_s_nut: TTFN, darwin
    [02:28:03] twlltin: Good night darwin. Nos da!
    [02:28:15] rook: nite darwin
    [02:28:19] darwin: hey twil you're supposed to be snoozing already
    [02:28:20] snipetownsam: anybody using their aneros now??
    [02:28:33] twlltin: darwin: yes, mother.
    [02:28:34] rumel: Yeah, the health aspect/angle is a good introduction point, just leave it at that for now.
    [02:28:36] ten_s_nut: No. Will do, later.
    [02:28:51] rumel: 'nit darwin
    [02:29:12] darwin: i'm not
    [02:29:24] darwin: but snipe i'll tune in tomorrow night this time
    [02:29:31] twlltin: I'm not, and I'm not planning to tonight. Dratted late collection by courier completely screwed up my plans.
    [02:29:35] snipetownsam: ok buddy
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 9:30pm EST 2/15/12 through 1am EST 2/16/12

    [02:30:22] rumel: I'm currently not riding my massager, it is just too distracting to orgasm and try to type at the same time :laugh:
    [02:30:32] ten_s_nut: sam; I'm at the extreme end of the Aneros user spectrum. Most guys here are moderate.
    [02:30:37] twlltin: rumel: that's my attitude too.
    [02:30:47] ten_s_nut: rumel; agreed
    [02:31:26] snipetownsam: how so?
    [02:31:53] ten_s_nut: I use Aneros every night. Most guys use it once or twice a week.
    [02:33:13] snipetownsam: i want to maybe 3-4 times a week
    [02:33:32] rook: good pace to begin with !
    [02:33:36] snipetownsam: ya
    [02:33:55] ten_s_nut: The main reason for getting your GF to accept it is to avoid secrecy, so you can use it anytime.
    [02:34:04] snipetownsam: anyone ever use it in the shower?
    [02:34:13] rook: yup
    [02:34:30] ten_s_nut: Doesn't work for me standing up.
    [02:34:37] snipetownsam: anyone ever sleep with progasm in?
    [02:34:46] rook: I'm a bit of an anywhere, anytime person though --- also like a Peridise during Tai Chi
    [02:34:51] ten_s_nut: Yes, every night
    [02:34:52] twlltin: I don't. I've tried it. I'm also afraid of it falling out onto the hard shower basin and damaging it or itself.
    [02:35:22] twlltin: I've tried sleeping with it, yes. Not much rest and some odd (non-sexual) dreams.
    [02:35:38] ten_s_nut: (actually, I sleep with Eupho or Vice -- don't have a Progasm)
    [02:35:38] rook: A Tempo fall-out in the shower causes a loud clank --- my wife always kids me about it :laugh:
    [02:35:49] twlltin: Certainly not recommended on the first session.
    [02:36:12] snipetownsam: ill keep it in all night tomorrow to get used to it
    [02:36:30] ten_s_nut: sam; probably NOT a good idea
    [02:36:37] twlltin: I wouldn't suggest that.
    [02:36:40] snipetownsam: why not?
    [02:36:43] rumel: I don't recommend that snipe!
    [02:37:03] rook: get a good idea of how long your lube is good for
    [02:37:04] snipetownsam: can i keep it in for an hour?
    [02:37:22] ten_s_nut: It's an entirely new thing for your bosy and mind --- takes some gardual conditioning
    [02:37:24] rook: sure -- 60-90 min is great to begin with
    [02:37:24] twlltin: I'd suggest an hour as the limit for the first go.
    [02:37:27] ten_s_nut: body
    [02:37:42] twlltin: Just get your body familiar with it.
    [02:37:48] snipetownsam: ok guys
    [02:37:49] ten_s_nut: gradual (sorry about the typos)
    [02:38:19] ten_s_nut: I started out with 1 hour per day, every day. That worked well.
    [02:38:21] snipetownsam: in less than 24 hours ill have it in my hands hahahahaha yeeesssss
    [02:38:22] rumel: snipe, at the first signs of irritation you should pull it out, there is no point in trying to be 'macho' and push through
    [02:38:40] rumel: any discomfort, it won't work that way.
    [02:38:57] ten_s_nut: sam; Please be prepared to be underwhelmed.
    [02:38:58] snipetownsam: i understand bud ill be safe
    [02:38:58] rook: although you are using silicone lube, really have a good grasp on lube and bowel habits before doing an 'all-nighter'
    [02:39:12] snipetownsam: ok
    [02:39:26] twlltin: As rumel's just said, you need to be able to relax for this thing to work.
    [02:39:42] snipetownsam: yes
    [02:39:45] ten_s_nut: sam; I got exactly zero effects from Aneros for the first 3 sessions.
    [02:40:07] twlltin: My bowel habits are to pass two large movements in the morning. Sleeping with a device in can disrupt that.
    [02:40:09] snipetownsam: how about after that?
    [02:40:40] ten_s_nut: 4th sesh, I felt like I had to pee. By the 7th sesh, it started to feel "nice"
    [02:40:43] twlltin: Ditto. Nothing for me the first few times. Then gradually some pleasant feelings started to happen.
    [02:40:54] snipetownsam: hehe cant wait
    [02:41:06] rumel: Your rectum should be empty about an hour after a bowel movement.
    [02:41:27] twlltin: There was one early session where I got the shakes and my helix shot out of my bum like a bullet from a gun.
    [02:41:38] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [02:41:39] snipetownsam: i had a nice movement today hopefully im good for tomorrow
    [02:42:13] twlltin: Progasm being the size it is needs an empty rectum.
    [02:42:14] ten_s_nut: sam; If you feel anything in the 1st sesh, you're ahead of the game.
    [02:42:28] snipetownsam: i hope i do but i dont expect it
    [02:42:55] ten_s_nut: Some guys here said it took them YEARS to get to a Super-O!
    [02:42:58] snipetownsam: thanks TWL again with the size hahahaa
    [02:43:21] rook: took me till the 6th session --- got unexpected shaking --- then it was about 20-25 more sessions till any other feelings
    [02:43:38] snipetownsam: can you control the shaking?
    [02:43:49] rook: relax, then relax more
    [02:44:22] ten_s_nut: sam; It takes some Jedi mind tricks to get past the spasms
    [02:44:43] ten_s_nut: ...though some guys love 'em.
    [02:44:52] rumel: This is what you may experience : 1.) Stange sense of discomfort due to foreign object inserted. 2.) Feeling the need to
    [02:45:15] snipetownsam: i wanna twitch
    [02:45:43] ten_s_nut: sam; you may flop around like a fish out of water
    [02:45:57] snipetownsam: really?????
    [02:46:02] snipetownsam: have you?
    [02:46:38] ten_s_nut: I did, a few times early on, then learned how to redirect the energy more productively
    [02:46:39] rumel: have a bowel movement 3.) Intermittent urge to urinate 4.) Anxiety that you aren't feeling sensational pleasure
    [02:46:52] snipetownsam: i wouldnt be surprised rumel
    [02:47:05] snipetownsam: how many sessions does it usually take to twitch?
    [02:47:21] ten_s_nut: varies from person to person
    [02:47:22] twlltin: It depends on your body.
    [02:47:26] rook: some guys never do
    [02:47:47] rook: and every man changes over time
    [02:48:06] rumel: Varies some men experience extreme shakes some almost none (me for one)
    [02:48:10] ten_s_nut: sam; personally, I can't stand the spasms, and they wake up my wife
    [02:48:16] twlltin: I'm not a twitcher (here that's usually someone who is a bird spotter -- the feathered kind).
    [02:49:37] rook: it varies with my body position -- usually none on my side --- occasional twitches in my quads when on my back
    [02:49:54] rumel: The spasms also tend to startle your pets :tongue:
    [02:50:00] snipetownsam: why cant you stand them?
    [02:50:08] snipetownsam: is it scary at first?
    [02:50:14] rook: they distract from pleasure
    [02:50:32] ten_s_nut: sam; I guess I'm a control freak. I don't like being out of control.
    [02:50:33] rook: they mask subtle feelings and orgamic echos
    [02:50:39] twlltin: It's not so much that I can't stand them -- they're a distraction, as rook's just said.
    [02:50:44] snipetownsam: you can't control them at first?
    [02:51:22] twlltin: You can't control them, period. However, you can relax further so that they don't happen as much.
    [02:51:22] ten_s_nut: sam; the spasms still occur randomly if I'm not vigilant
    [02:51:44] snipetownsam: AWESOME I Want that L O L
    [02:52:02] ten_s_nut: have at it, then
    [02:52:05] rook: the brain is experimenting with your body.
    [02:52:13] rumel: I find even the small spasms I've gotten distracting as well, it's like there is energy being disapated throeugh muscular
    [02:52:14] snipetownsam: must feel amazing if you start spasming
    [02:52:34] rook: if something random works or increases pleasure it might repeat that in the future.
    [02:52:38] rumel: movement that could better be utilized bringing pleasure waves.
    [02:52:44] snipetownsam: ya i suppose
    [02:52:47] twlltin: The spasms don't necessarily feel good.
    [02:53:08] rook: agree
    [02:53:09] ten_s_nut: sam; I'd rather have the energy generate orgasms as opposed to flailing around.
    [02:53:11] snipetownsam: i just like losing control
    [02:53:38] twlltin: Having your body do something that you're not expecting can feel weird or scary at first.
    [02:53:49] snipetownsam: i just wanna know what thats like
    [02:54:28] twlltin: Go into the session with the thought that you're going to experience something new and possibly fun, and allow yourself to be
    [02:54:33] twlltin: open that anything might happen.
    [02:54:44] twlltin: Or nothing.
    [02:54:47] snipetownsam: of course
    [02:54:47] rook: YES !
    [02:54:53] snipetownsam: either way its all new
    [02:54:57] ten_s_nut: agreed
    [02:55:00] rumel: The more you can relax the more your body will take the lead and control the course of an Anerosession.
    [02:55:17] artform: Good Evening Gentlemen! Agree R!
    [02:55:27] rook: hey art
    [02:55:28] twlltin: Hi artform
    [02:55:31] ten_s_nut: In this context, relaxing is DIFFICULT
    [02:55:44] rumel: Hi 'a'
    [02:55:51] ten_s_nut: Hello, Art
    [02:56:07] artform: Reading the History , which is working remarkably tonight, this is a great conversation about starting this practice.
    [02:56:16] twlltin: artform: snipetownsam is expecting to receive a progasm tomorrow. He's young, new to ass play, but very enthusiastic.
    [02:56:37] artform: I gathered, thanks T!
    [02:56:49] ten_s_nut: (sam is very brave to be starting w/ Progasm)
    [02:56:53] artform: and has a girlfriend
    [02:57:01] artform: agree tens!!
    [02:57:53] artform: I wonder if the smaller delicate involuntaries will be as readily able to appear with progasm as the starter model.
    [02:58:01] snipetownsam: brave??? or stupid?? L O L not a fine line between the two
    [02:58:05] ten_s_nut: good point
    [02:58:19] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [02:58:29] artform: However, it is well worth the experiment snipetownsam!
    [02:58:39] snipetownsam: i agree artform
    [02:58:49] ten_s_nut: You can always back off to something small
    [02:59:10] rook: "Testing is Fun," ... rook
    [02:59:13] artform: You must have an eager anus!
    [02:59:30] snipetownsam: i have a tight anus
    [02:59:44] ten_s_nut: (uh, oh...)
    [02:59:45] snipetownsam: hehe
    [02:59:59] snipetownsam: not for long hahahaha
    [03:00:00] artform: not mutually exclusive!! :laugh:
    [03:00:39] snipetownsam: wow thanks for bringing me back to Statistics class with that one artform haha
    [03:01:02] artform: I have a tight anus and have been going in there for over 50 years! :biggrin: :laugh:
    [03:01:13] ten_s_nut: My Stat prof was also a sphincter)
    [03:01:21] snipetownsam: hahahaha
    [03:01:46] snipetownsam: you have a progasm Art?
    [03:01:47] artform: good exercise keeps it tight
    [03:02:00] twlltin: One word of warning: when you take the device out, be sure to have something below you to catch any drips.
    [03:02:12] snipetownsam: of lube?
    [03:02:17] artform: Yes, a progasm Ice: super slick!!
    [03:02:19] ten_s_nut: ...or an easy to clean floor
    [03:02:21] twlltin: Of anything.
    [03:02:29] snipetownsam: ewww L O L
    [03:02:36] ten_s_nut: Santorum!!!
    [03:02:47] artform: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    [03:02:49] snipetownsam: haha
    [03:02:55] snipetownsam: i agree and im from PA L O L
    [03:03:12] twlltin: eg. an old towel, or do it over the toilet bowl.
    [03:03:50] snipetownsam: ok buddy thanks
    [03:04:04] twlltin: Experience teaches you these things.
    [03:04:18] snipetownsam: glad i didnt have to learn the hard way L O L
    [03:04:43] ten_s_nut: The main benefit of this chat is learning
    [03:04:50] snipetownsam: yea definitely
    [03:04:56] snipetownsam: am i the youngest here?
    [03:05:08] ten_s_nut: no doubt
    [03:05:14] twlltin: Tonight, by a good margin. I'm second youngest at 43.
    [03:05:23] rook: in this particular chat session, Yes
    [03:05:31] snipetownsam: you guys are like anal father figures L O L
    [03:05:41] artform: You can also adjust your diet and/or use acidopholus supplements to minimize anything unwanted being present in your rectum
    [03:05:42] ten_s_nut: Rocketman10 is 23, I think
    [03:05:54] artform: ...between defecations.
    [03:06:18] artform: 65 soon here
    [03:06:30] ten_s_nut: 63, here
    [03:06:40] rook: hmm chat's loaded with young studs tonite
    [03:06:57] ten_s_nut: (rook remember when dirt was invented)
    [03:07:01] snipetownsam: hahahaa
    [03:07:06] snipetownsam: nice
    [03:07:14] snipetownsam: you could all be my father haha
    [03:07:25] ten_s_nut: grandfather
    [03:07:31] snipetownsam: awesome haha
    [03:07:36] snipetownsam: even better
    [03:07:52] ten_s_nut: dirty old uncles
    [03:08:00] twlltin: I could be,yes. The others could be MY father too.
    [03:08:01] snipetownsam: yea
    [03:08:05] snipetownsam: haha
    [03:08:18] ten_s_nut: I learned a lot from my granduncles
    [03:08:21] artform: 2 sons around 30 and 9 months old granddaughter here
    [03:08:24] rook: Didn't discover sex early enough to be ten's father --- however, one year later...... :laugh:
    [03:08:33] snipetownsam: haha
    [03:08:40] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [03:08:55] snipetownsam: you guys all know eachother pretty well??
    [03:09:13] ten_s_nut: via chat and the Forum, yes
    [03:09:16] rook: we kid a lot ---
    [03:09:20] twlltin: Only through chat and the forums.
    [03:09:29] artform: great cyber-friends!
    [03:10:02] rook: most of us struggled a lot when we started our journeys
    [03:10:03] snipetownsam: hopefully i stay a while
    [03:10:18] snipetownsam: anyone here have a super o?
    [03:10:24] ten_s_nut: I hope you are a quick learner on Aneros, sam.
    [03:10:32] snipetownsam: me too L O L
    [03:10:33] rook: so we leaned a lot on those before us, to our left and to our right.
    [03:10:40] ten_s_nut: Super-Os, Yes, every night.
    [03:10:53] snipetownsam: no way every night?
    [03:11:04] rook: first super-O took about 13 months.
    [03:11:08] rumel: snipe, you will find this is a pretty unique online community of very helpful and caring men who want to share this
    [03:11:22] rumel: great gift of nature to other men.
    [03:11:26] twlltin: Most times for me. Took six weeks. As you see, it varies.
    [03:11:42] snipetownsam: aww
    [03:12:19] ten_s_nut: sam; Yes, Super-Os are more reliable for me than AmTrak.
    [03:12:27] artform: The aneros is about learning the separation of orgasmic response from the ejaculatory response. Once adept at this, one can..
    [03:12:52] snipetownsam: i love orgasms and hate ejaculating this is perfect
    [03:13:13] rook: hang onto that thought ....
    [03:13:28] artform: ...orgasm at many levels without an aneros in: "less" sessions. It has been said the Our Aneros is Our Tantric Training Wheel
    [03:13:35] artform: Wheels!!
    [03:13:39] rumel: Well you're going to really love this little tool then...
    [03:14:02] artform: you'll likely end up with more than one model!! :biggrin:
    [03:14:04] rook: allow the orgasms to wash over you. Never seek them.
    [03:14:32] twlltin: I think we might be getting ahead of ourselves now.
    [03:14:45] twlltin: Baby steps.
    [03:14:48] artform: :laugh: TENS on AMTRAK :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
    [03:14:48] rook: yes .... agree...
    [03:15:06] ten_s_nut: Yeah, the chances of sam feeling anything at all in the early sessions are low.
    [03:15:08] twlltin: First goal is to get it in without hurting yourself.
    [03:16:17] artform: Sorry guys, not rushing you sam, just a quick overview to put things in the broader perspective. I, (and many here) can...
    [03:16:42] ten_s_nut: ...the eventual results make the effort worthwhile.
    [03:16:43] twlltin: Bear in mind that silicone lube is really slippery. Also it's difficult to get out of fabrics.
    [03:16:59] artform: ...orgasm at will in many widely varying ways, anyrtime it is publically acceptable!!! :biggrin: :laugh: :biggrin:
    [03:17:40] twlltin: Some of us can do it in public places without anyone being any the wiser.
    [03:17:58] artform: Indeed!!
    [03:18:26] rumel: snipe, most men find the Aneros is not the simple 'plug-n-play' toy they thought they were getting, it may be a key to a much
    [03:18:43] artform: People just start returning your broader smile without knowing why!
    [03:18:45] rumel: fuller sensual experience than they ever imagined.
    [03:19:04] artform: indeed
    [03:19:34] twlltin: ie. It's not a quick fix, but boy does it pay off if you're patient.
    [03:20:17] snipetownsam: what the butt L O L
    [03:20:35] ten_s_nut: Nice chatting, guys. And nice meeting you, sam. I've gotta go. Cheers!
    [03:20:53] rumel: Ciao 'ten'
    [03:21:06] snipetownsam: later buddy
    [03:21:25] artform: Infinite patience; deeply relaxed, open to anything your body/mind whispers or shouts, allowing yourself to be overwhelmed...
    [03:21:34] rook: time for rook to paddle off to the shower, Tempo in hand (as a talisman), and a helix to grease up for the session ahead.
    [03:21:36] rook: nite.
    [03:21:45] artform: and never reaching for attempted control.
    [03:21:52] rumel: 'nite rook
    [03:22:00] snipetownsam: night
    [03:22:00] twlltin: As you'll notice, artform is our philosopher in residence.
    [03:22:04] snipetownsam: the herd is thinning
    [03:22:16] artform: Best rook and Mrs. rook!!
    [03:23:07] snipetownsam: its gonna be in my bum tomorrow haha haha
    [03:23:23] artform: I've seen that same vid sam; "what the butt"!! :laugh:
    [03:23:36] snipetownsam: haha
    [03:23:57] snipetownsam: hope you can be here when i do it for first time lose my aneros virginity
    [03:24:23] twlltin: I'll be here from your morning to your afternoon (approx 2pm EST).
    [03:24:42] snipetownsam: ok
    [03:24:43] artform: "live on aneros chat...."
    [03:25:03] twlltin: Don't get lube all over the keyboard.
    [03:25:13] snipetownsam: prolly will L O L
    [03:25:19] artform: :laugh:
    [03:25:23] twlltin: Silicone is a pig to get off surfaces.
    [03:25:39] snipetownsam: ahhh...gotta go boys talk to ya tomorrow!
    [03:25:54] rumel: 'nite snipe
    [03:25:55] twlltin: Good luck, sam.
    [03:26:02] snipetownsam: thanks
    [03:26:03] snipetownsam: goodnight all
    [03:26:05] artform: All the very best launching of your journey sam!!!
    [03:26:45] rumel: I'm gonna head out as well, 'nite guys, have fun.
    [03:26:57] twlltin: Bye rumel.
    [03:27:14] twlltin: And then there were two... and a half.
    [03:27:19] artform: All the very best to you rumel and your good wife!!!
    [03:28:12] artform: Good Night T and Good Morning anytime now!!! Get some sleep man!!
    [03:28:35] artform: I too am off and away 'til the morrow here...
    [03:28:36] twlltin: I really should learn my lesson... a good feed, a bit of beer, a chair 'less session... all contribute to falling asleep.
    [03:28:51] twlltin: I'm just getting ready for bed now.
    [03:28:57] artform: :laugh: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
    [03:29:11] twlltin: Should get 5 hours of decent sleep before the alarm goes off.
    [03:30:23] artform: That only a little more than half of my needed sleep! Temporal athlete eh!!?!!
    [03:30:54] artform: bye for now – chat again soon
    [03:31:00] twlltin: I've aleady had about 3
    [03:31:18] twlltin: Nos da. Cysg yn dda!
    [03:31:29] twlltin: Good night. Sleep well!
    [04:01:15] brine: Hey, Tim.
    [04:05:43] timmymao: Hi, Brine. I was catching up on the history and didn't notice your greeting
    [04:06:23] brine: No problem. Distracted by TV show.
    [04:07:43] brine: How are you?
    [04:07:46] timmymao: It's just past 6pm here and I'm still at the office. thought I'd get a bit of reading in before heading home soon
    [04:08:02] brine: Where are you?
    [04:08:13] timmymao: Hawaii
    [04:08:20] brine: Thought so.
    [04:08:32] brine: So Cal here.
    [04:09:21] timmymao: Going to give the Helix another try later tonight; still my favorite after more than 5 years
    [04:10:09] brine: That was my first Aneros, it took me a LONG way.
    [04:11:32] timmymao: My first was the SGX/MGX 2-pack. They never reallly hit the spot the way the H does
    [04:12:02] brine: I've only gotten one more since starting 20 months ago, the Eupho.
    [04:13:16] timmymao: The Eupho's the only one that I haven't removed the tail from. It did less for me than the MGX so it just gathers dust
    [04:14:13] brine: I do like how subtle the Eupho is and that it moves a lot more for me.
    [04:15:22] timmymao: I've heard many say that, maybe I'll have to give it another try. The sun is setting so I'll be heading home now... C Ya
    [04:15:40] brine: Bye, safe drive home!
    [04:17:40] snipetownsam: hi guest

    12:00 am EST 2/16/2012

    [05:08:09] MultiOrgasmMan: Evening guys
    [05:09:24] MultiOrgasmMan: Be back in a few
    [05:15:00] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi guys
    [05:15:23] MultiOrgasmMan: Be back soon
    [05:27:15] MultiOrgasmMan: Anybody here?
    [05:47:16] MultiOrgasmMan: Note
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 1am EST 2/16/12 through 2pm EST 2/16/12

    [06:30:39] groovin: hey room
    [09:08:03] groovin: hey Human
    [09:08:40] Human Being: hey dude,
    [09:09:01] Human Being: wern't expecting anyone on this early
    [09:09:05] groovin: pretty quiet
    [09:09:16] groovin: los angeles 45 here - helix user
    [09:09:52] Human Being: warwickshire 22 SGX
    [09:10:01] Human Being: u.k
    [09:10:12] Human Being: was just falling asleep
    [09:10:21] Human Being: then laptop beeped
    [09:10:34] groovin: sorry to wake you man
    [09:11:02] Human Being: it's my fault for leaving it on, you gonna be on later?
    [09:11:19] groovin: yeah
    [09:11:28] groovin: i can catch you later
    [09:12:02] groovin: i check my mailbox too
    [09:12:08] groovin: sweet dreams to ya
    [09:12:26] Human Being: yeah that would be a bit better, I think i maybe on in about 5-6 hours
    [09:12:37] Human Being: seeya dude
    [10:59:24] rook: hi
    [10:59:32] twlltin: morning
    [11:00:19] rook: early to bed ...early to rise
    [11:00:45] twlltin: aye
    [11:01:23] rook: revisited Tempo last nite
    [11:02:20] twlltin: I must try one of those or the peridise
    [11:02:34] twlltin: ...but not this month.
    [11:15:15] twlltin: wb rook. net roblems?
    [11:15:17] rook: hi again,.... perhaps
    [11:15:53] rook: Dlooks like it -- connected now via next door neighbor/'s DSL
    [11:17:40] rook: ISP usually does maintenance on the 1st and 15th of the month
    [11:18:10] rook: looks like they picked the 16th -- or they have issues
    [11:18:21] twlltin: In the early hours of the morning?
    [11:18:40] rook: yup --- usualy between one and two a.m.
    [11:19:15] rook: we will probably have a new IP address here
    [11:20:10] twlltin: My IP address seems static so long as the ethernet MAC stays the same.
    [11:20:46] rook: ... did a nice, Pommie-style Tempo session last night. Hadn't done one in almost a year. Nice refresher !
    [11:20:59] twlltin: pommie style?
    [11:21:17] rook: ah -- so your ISP does a sort of re-proisioning when the MAC changes
    [11:21:29] rook: re-provisioning
    [11:22:27] twlltin: It's probably a DHCP server thing.
    [11:23:21] rook: Pommie (in Australia) was one of the first gents here to exploit the Tempo, following the instructions from Aneros.
    [11:23:47] rook: he got a lot more out of it than did most of us.
    [11:25:10] rook: The published instructions start with a series of Kegels to build a lot of anal energy.
    [11:25:24] twlltin: right
    [11:28:40] rook: That precipitates anal fluttrers and some deep facia leg tremor. After three or four of those series I start getting anal
    [11:28:44] rook: mini-Os
    [11:30:27] rook: Introdeuced a different twist last nite -- on my back, my penis erected between my thighs and the brain figured out that the
    [11:31:22] rook: leg twitches were very stimulating! .... opening and closing my legs developed a cool edging routine.
    [11:31:41] rook: .... proved what rumel says -- the body and brain are an amazing combo
    [11:32:44] twlltin: Yeah!
    [11:33:34] rook: Fell asleep with the Tempo.
    [11:34:04] twlltin: It's probably small enough that it's comfortable to sleep with.
    [11:34:25] twlltin: I await the return of our excited newbie.
    [11:34:42] rook: Definitely feels rigid
    [11:35:27] rook: Sam will probably be up, bright and early this moring.... .... well, early anyway
    [11:35:59] rook: gonna shut down for a few minutes and see if I can get back on my own network again.
    [11:36:03] rook: brb ---
    [11:36:09] twlltin: OK. Good luck!
    [11:37:24] twlltin: wb
    [11:37:31] rook: Voila
    [11:37:54] twlltin: I can do that with an accent: voilà
    [11:38:22] rook: French affectation
    [11:38:43] twlltin: Or in Latin: Ecce!
    [11:39:21] rook: con't have the characdgter map on this user --- however with my 1000+ command book, it will get done
    [11:39:25] rook: don't
    [11:39:41] twlltin: The compose key is useful. Map one on your keyboard.
    [11:39:49] twlltin: I have "pause" mapped as compose.
    [11:40:09] twlltin: Though I now have a windows key, and could perhaps use that.
    [11:41:32] twlltin: so for the grave accent on the letter a, it's COMPOSE, `, a
    [11:41:53] rook: this is the old t43
    [11:42:12] rook: will get to it -- along with the tilde
    [11:42:33] twlltin: My $HOME/.Xmodmap contains
    [11:42:37] twlltin: ! Make Pause into Compose
    [11:42:41] twlltin: keycode 127 = Multi_key
    [11:42:53] twlltin: ! Thinkpad right page button
    [11:42:56] twlltin: keycode 233 = XF86Forward XF86Forward XF86Forward XF86Forward
    [11:43:00] twlltin: ! Thinkpad left page button
    [11:43:04] twlltin: keycode 234 = XF86Back XF86Back XF86Back XF86Back
    [11:43:24] twlltin: Those are the keys just above left and right cursor.
    [11:44:35] rook: captured... tks
    [11:44:59] rook: ah --- finaly an use for those nuisance keys
    [11:45:31] twlltin: I use them to change workspaces on the screen.
    [11:45:53] rook: Aneros has made some changes in their CSS and scripts though. those keys used to create havoc when replying to a forum post
    [11:52:21] twlltin: I have UK keyboard, so have an extra key next to Z.
    [11:53:31] rook: is that like the Canadian letter, "zed"
    [11:53:44] twlltin: We call it Zed too.
    [12:02:22] rook: early morning snack has finally settled in -- am going to 'less-off into a nap.
    [12:02:39] twlltin: ok. Have fun.
    [12:02:48] rook: Will see if the Tempo session produced any prostate buzz -- doubtful.
    [12:02:50] rook: cul
    [12:14:21] twlltin: good morning Darwin
    [12:23:58] darwin: hey
    [12:24:15] darwin: about to do my workout
    [12:24:37] twlltin: OK. I'm just about to have lunch.
    [12:25:30] darwin: just waking up here
    [12:25:35] darwin: c u later
    [13:21:33] twlltin: Hi sam
    [13:22:18] twlltin: Has it come yet?
    [13:22:46] snipetownsam: no ups site says its out for delivery
    [13:23:27] twlltin: As rook said, taking down the postman in a football tackle is considered bad form.
    [13:23:39] snipetownsam: haha
    [13:27:21] snipetownsam: progasm is gonna make a man out of me
    [13:27:55] twlltin: Do remember all the advice to be careful you got yesterday.
    [13:28:29] snipetownsam: of course
    [13:29:30] darwin: hey snipe did u get it yet
    [13:29:38] twlltin: Good workout darwin?
    [13:29:47] darwin: yeah
    [13:29:56] darwin: i am starting to train for dragon boating
    [13:30:11] twlltin: What's dragon boating?
    [13:30:31] snipetownsam: no its on its way very soon
    [13:30:36] darwin: its a kind of crazy canoeing w/ 22 guys in a boat w/ a dragon head
    [13:30:44] darwin: philly is a big dragon boating city
    [13:31:09] twlltin: OK. I can imagine it.
    [13:31:11] darwin: snipe did ups tracking come back online?
    [13:31:26] snipetownsam: yes it did late evening yesterday
    [13:31:40] snipetownsam: says package out for delivery
    [13:31:48] darwin: ah, great
    [13:31:55] darwin: where r u physically
    [13:32:03] darwin: i mean geographically
    [13:32:15] snipetownsam: wonder ifit will come with samples
    [13:32:22] snipetownsam: near pittsburgh
    [13:32:36] darwin: dude, PA!!
    [13:32:51] snipetownsam: yaaa!!!
    [13:33:00] darwin: uh oh, gotta go,,, family calls
    [13:33:03] darwin: bye
    [13:33:10] snipetownsam: bye
    [13:37:11] twlltin: I'm still here... grabbing lunch.
    [13:37:34] snipetownsam: its cool
    [13:37:52] snipetownsam: wish i would have ordered some marksman lube
    [13:38:59] twlltin: Do you have Vaseline in the house?
    [13:39:11] snipetownsam: yes
    [13:39:32] twlltin: OK. Coat the progasm with that, lightly, before you add the silicone lube
    [13:39:54] twlltin: That'll help with its slipperiness.
    [13:40:21] twlltin: Try not to get any of the silicone lube on your fingers, otherwise you'll find it difficult to grip things.
    [13:40:46] snipetownsam: i was gonna say bothh???? but ill need it L O L
    [13:41:51] twlltin: You might want to massage a little vaseline into your anus too. That might help it open up.
    [13:42:27] twlltin: There is such a thing as too much lube too.
    [13:43:23] twlltin: Hi bsmith/David
    [13:43:30] bsmith14: hi
    [13:46:54] snipetownsam: hi
    [13:49:52] bsmith14: @snipe. did you get your progasm?
    [13:53:40] twlltin: I don't think so.
    [13:54:56] snipetownsam: not yet
    [13:55:13] snipetownsam: says out for delivery
    [13:58:59] bsmith14: thats a good sign you will get it today
    [14:01:28] Human Being: not got it yet sam?
    [14:01:43] snipetownsam: very soon
    [14:01:52] twlltin: Hi HB
    [14:02:05] Human Being: hey dude
    [14:02:29] Human Being: just woke up
    [14:02:55] Human Being: need orange juice, back in a min
    [14:06:44] snipetownsam: think i might leave and do some homework before it comes
    [14:07:33] snipetownsam: see ya guys
    [14:07:36] Human Being: o.k next thing, anyone got a ***?
    [14:07:51] Human Being: cigarette*
    [14:08:09] snipetownsam: L O L
    [14:08:10] Human Being: send it in the post, i'm gagging
    [14:08:28] twlltin: I don't smoke, sorry.
    [14:08:35] Human Being: L O L
    [14:09:40] snipetownsam: later
    [14:09:41] Human Being: i read this morning the hisory from last night, with you guys and the old timers
    [14:10:00] Human Being: history*
    [14:10:04] twlltin: Wow! History works again?
    [14:10:20] twlltin: It used to be totally broken.
    [14:10:31] Human Being: yeah, been using al week
    [14:11:09] Human Being: those old guys are funny, but really informative, i actually learnt something
    [14:12:30] twlltin: rook, ten_s_nut, rumel and artform. I know. They're great.
    [14:13:09] Human Being: yeah i especaily like ten_s_nut
    [14:13:28] Human Being: his math teacher was a sphincter L O L
    [14:14:12] Human Being: his name also reads to me like tens a nut, for some reason
    [14:15:16] twlltin: "Tennis nut"
    [14:15:37] Human Being: r
    [14:15:41] Human Being: u
    [14:15:52] Human Being: makes sense now
    [14:16:04] Human Being: still prefer tens a nut
    [14:17:06] Human Being: i had my third sesh this morning
    [14:17:59] bsmith14: how did it go
    [14:19:07] Human Being: after i took it out i thought it was a bit of a dud, it didn't go aswell as the last time
    [14:19:49] Human Being: but on reflection i realise that it wasn't, i did learn new things
    [14:20:37] Human Being: and even in my very worst drumming sessions, i still find i can take something from it
    [14:21:28] Human Being: usually though, it's just don't get so drunk and think your keith moon
    [14:21:34] Human Being: L O L
    [14:22:42] Human Being: i think i'm somewhat lucky
    [14:23:09] twlltin: I think you are, too.
    [14:23:57] Human Being: aby steps when learning a new skill for th first time
    [14:24:21] twlltin: yes. I agree with that
    [14:24:45] Human Being: i've found that alot of this is analogous to learning an insrument
    [14:27:10] twlltin: t learn it properly, you've got to put in the hours
    [14:27:47] Human Being: like my legs are about 80 to 95 invuluntaries, as in i can just sit back and forget about them
    [14:28:44] Human Being: the rewiring you talk of, simply sounds like muscle memory
    [14:29:46] Human Being: yup i agree, same with an instrument
    [14:30:18] Human Being: i've played the drums for a long time
    [14:30:55] Human Being: but only played guitar for a year, can't play the latter brilliantly
    [14:31:18] Human Being: alright, i'm not very good at it
    [14:32:26] Human Being: but, paino seems to work for me, perhaps it's crossing of skills
    [14:32:36] twlltin: It's not just muscle memory, but training for responses.
    [14:32:50] Human Being: go on
    [14:33:30] twlltin: You're opening up less-used neural pathways, and setting up feedbacks.
    [14:34:44] Human Being: sounds pretty natural and self perpetuating, when you put the hours in
    [14:36:23] Human Being: muscle memory is srtof same theory to me, me mucles create a feedback that, bypasses my brain
    [14:37:00] Human Being: therefore, it can feel like you could time an atomic clock by me
    [14:37:36] Human Being: it's a strange feeling to describe
    [14:38:05] Human Being: if i'm going really fast it can feel like i'm shivering
    [14:38:34] Human Being: but i'm not cold, but these shivers are axactly timed
    [14:39:02] Human Being: shivering, can be an involuntary action and usually is
    [14:39:38] Human Being: what kind of neural pathways?
    [14:42:20] Human Being: if i don't answer i may have fallen asleep
    [14:43:37] Human Being: when sam comes back on, could somebody kindly get the train here and knock on my door and wake me up?
    [14:44:38] twlltin: My guess is that
    [14:45:04] twlltin: the nerves and their responses are the same in both male and female
    [14:45:41] twlltin: but that in a male some are rarely stimulated, so they don't get to produce the same response as in a female
    [14:46:07] twlltin: However, what we're doing with prostate stimulation is giving them something to work with.
    [14:46:32] Human Being: so if the nerves and responses are the same, both male and female it means
    [14:46:34] twlltin: Which is why you get an orgasm response that's similar to what a female gets.
    [14:46:54] twlltin: It would explain why guys suddenly find their nipples are sensitive.
    [14:47:07] Human Being: just what i was goona say
    [14:47:23] Human Being: my nips are not sensitive at all
    [14:47:27] bsmith14: I love my femail orgasms
    [14:47:28] twlltin: That's just my guess.
    [14:47:46] Human Being: actually i take that back
    [14:48:09] Human Being: they are, but only when a lady knows what shes doing
    [14:48:48] Human Being: i was about to say, i love the female orgasm too
    [14:49:02] twlltin: Tickling my nipples causes an echo of that tickle to be felt in the groin area.
    [14:49:18] Human Being: but then i just realised that you where talkin about your own L O L
    [14:49:51] Human Being: yeah like i have with a girlfriend
    [14:50:00] twlltin:smile
    [14:50:13] Human Being: when she spends enough time over them it's electric
    [14:50:59] Human Being: though i havent had that in a while, i still remember the feeling
    [14:52:32] Human Being: i'm not too rushed about thing, i made definate progress today, though i could've made more, but was too scared of it ending
    [14:52:41] Human Being: things*
    [14:53:38] twlltin: I think you did the right thing. Just go with the flow. Enjoy what you're getting in the now.
    [14:53:57] bsmith14: my nipples are instant orgasm produceers
    [14:53:57] twlltin: Progress will happen when your body wants it to happen.
    [14:55:10] Human Being: yeah but, i had one point where i thought i was gonna have a wet orgasm with thing inside, but didn't want to stop, so i
    [14:55:18] Human Being: stopped that feeling
    [14:55:39] Human Being: now i'l not know till next time
    [14:56:22] Human Being: if it was gonna be, i should've just got it over with
    [14:56:36] bsmith14: I know that feeling all too well
    [14:56:39] Human Being: so that i would know for next time
    [14:57:42] Human Being: but thing is smith, that i don't know the difference, i had the oppertunity to find out and passed it up
    [14:58:25] bsmith14: I have been having some amazing hands free prostate orgasm latelty
    [14:58:35] bsmith14: they go on for minutes
    [14:59:00] Human Being: with or without aneros?
    [14:59:48] bsmith14: both
    [14:59:49] Human Being: sorry really tired, you two chat for a while, be back on in an hour or so
    [15:00:19] twlltin: Up late last night?
    [15:00:56] Human Being: yup i was working 12 hr 6pm till 6am
    [15:01:10] twlltin: ugh! Get some kip.
    [15:01:11] Human Being: good shift though
    [16:42:35] snipetownsam: still not here yet
    [16:42:43] twlltin: Aw!
    [16:43:02] bsmith14: patience
    [16:43:04] snipetownsam: i know
    [16:43:49] twlltin: Chasing after UPS trucks is also bad form.
    [16:44:05] snipetownsam: i wont L O L
    [16:44:31] snipetownsam: come on progasm L O L get here
    [16:45:39] darwin: hi guys
    [16:45:51] darwin: in boring meeting
    [16:46:18] twlltin: Are there any other types?
    [16:46:23] snipetownsam: hi
    [16:46:25] darwin: bs, any more discussion w/ wife about the big development
    [16:47:08] bsmith14: nope
    [16:48:02] twlltin: wb rook
    [16:48:16] rook: gud to return
    [16:48:17] rook: tks
    [16:52:20] rook: topic(s) ?
    [16:52:41] darwin: (sorry, in meeting at work, just lurking a little)
    [16:52:43] twlltin: chocolate candy with hazelnuts
    [16:52:49] snipetownsam: anyone gonna join me today?
    [16:53:59] darwin: snipe, i don't think it would look so good, me quaking and moaning here at work
    [16:54:12] snipetownsam: L O L
    [16:54:49] rook: time ? --- any pre-ordaned restrictions on participation ?
    [16:54:59] twlltin: ten_s_nut had that happen once, and had to plead that he had acid reflux.
    [16:56:03] twlltin: I might have a session late on, but it's looking impossible at the moment.
    [16:56:30] bsmith14: me too, maybe this evening
    [16:57:02] rook: anything is possible --- just a matter of setting priorities .....
    [16:57:04] darwin: i can aim for around 9:30 EST
    [16:57:46] darwin: but snipe's initiiation is gonna before that i assume
    [16:58:01] snipetownsam: when you're waiting for a progasm everything outside sounds like a UPS truck L O L
    [16:58:38] darwin: snipe, by the way, i remember being in your same situation
    [16:58:58] bsmith14: I can remember eagerly tracking my packages too
    [16:59:01] darwin: ii was so incredibly excited waiting for it to arrive
    [16:59:12] twlltin: same here
    [16:59:33] rook: several times of pre-delivery anxiety as well.
    [16:59:47] twlltin: I was also very disappointed when fireworks didn't happen on the first session.
    [17:00:30] bsmith14: I also remember trying to make sure I was home when it was delivered so my wife wouldn't find out
    [17:00:35] rook: snipe --- know you've had a lot of 'rudder commands' the last few days....
    [17:00:57] snipetownsam: rudder commands?
    [17:01:09] rook: did anyone mention that it's a good idea to give that Progasm a good scrub before it's initiation ???
    [17:01:24] twlltin: Oh, yes! Forgot that!
    [17:01:29] rook: (rudder commands = do this, do that, etc.)
    [17:01:40] snipetownsam: L O L
    [17:02:01] twlltin: "Left hand down a bit."
    [17:02:11] twlltin: "Full ahead both."
    [17:02:26] rook: hate to suggest another delay
    [17:02:45] bsmith14: @snipe, on your first session, I would set up some quiet alone time for at least 30 - 60 minutes. Don't be on chat
    [17:02:51] rook: [actually the term is 'rudder orders' --- sorry ]
    [17:03:26] snipetownsam: ok ill talk til i get it then private time then ill tell ya how it went
    [17:03:30] bsmith14: come to the chat room to ask questions about your experience
    [17:03:43] bsmith14: afterwards
    [17:03:48] snipetownsam: ok
    [17:06:26] snipetownsam: hope it comes b4 i gotta go to school
    [17:06:39] darwin: yeah, i agree that quiet relaxed meditative time alone with your new friend, getting to know it sllwly is the wayt o go
    [17:06:50] rook: snipe: U make it to Stat this morning ??
    [17:07:14] snipetownsam: dont have that class anymore
    [17:08:44] Human Being: hi guys, hi darwin, rook
    [17:08:56] twlltin: Hi HB.
    [17:09:03] rook: hey HB!
    [17:09:36] Human Being: aah 'big yawn'
    [17:10:13] Human Being: anything happen whilst i was in the land of nod?
    [17:10:40] twlltin: Not much. sam's still keeping an eye out for the UPS van.
    [17:11:50] Human Being: he's not going out chasing them i hope
    [17:11:57] Human Being: L O L
    [17:12:11] rook: he knows that's 'poor form'
    [17:12:31] Human Being: good
    [17:12:59] Human Being: need some food
    [17:13:17] snipetownsam: me too
    [17:13:31] Human Being: anyone got a cigarette
    [17:13:45] Human Being: mail it in the post
    [17:14:03] Human Being: i'm gagging again
    [17:14:29] snipetownsam: ill leave chat up ill go invisible tho when i do it
    [17:16:21] Human Being: might try for another sesh again tonight
    [17:17:00] Human Being: if i'm not workin that is
    [17:21:32] Human Being: hey rook, don't think i've chatted to you yet?
    [17:22:43] rook: U also form U.K. ??
    [17:23:03] Human Being: yup
    [17:23:37] Human Being: american?
    [17:23:48] rook: So Cal here, married, 3+ years with Aneros, pretty full toybox
    [17:24:24] rook: and U ?
    [17:24:58] Human Being: chris, single, 5 days with aneros, don't need a toybox
    [17:25:30] twlltin: So Cal = South California.
    [17:25:37] Human Being: kind of a noob here
    [17:26:26] rook: great --- welcome to the crowd -- adding more to the extended timezones is always appreciated
    [17:26:29] Human Being: i though you meant as in name cal, So Cal means nothing to an english dude
    [17:27:10] Human Being: yeah i guess it keeps it somewhat busy
    [17:27:51] rook: our Southeast Asia and Australian guys haven't been very active of late
    [17:28:21] rook: sorry for the geographic slang
    [17:29:00] Human Being: it's ok, wanna know about my experience so far?
    [17:29:27] rook: sure --- tool of choice ?
    [17:30:27] Human Being: o.k first go to the forums, general discussions and click 'help to shed light' and
    [17:30:51] Human Being: it'll give you the start, other than that i'm using the SGX
    [17:31:07] rook: on the way ....
    [17:31:12] Human Being: IT'S PERFECT
    [17:51:20] rook: cool post describing a grand experience HB!
    [17:52:31] Human Being: yes it was grand, i'm having a hard time relating this to my, 'normal'state of mind
    [17:52:54] Human Being: i mean things like this just don't happen
    [17:53:25] rook: as you move onward in this journey, just incorporate this into your every day being.
    [17:53:48] Human Being: thats what i would love to do
    [17:54:14] Human Being: i liked being that person
    [17:54:43] rook: cherish the peace. set your priorities as you would like them and take pride in your own accomplishments.
    [17:54:44] Human Being: well i am that person, only less so if you know what i mean
    [17:55:08] twlltin: HB may be dopamine deficient.
    [17:55:41] rook:smile
    [17:55:58] Human Being: yup, i think i am, i had it again the other day where i felt like i was on ecstasy
    [17:56:12] Human Being: only more mild
    [17:56:43] Human Being: i think it is just the dopamine, and being aware of it being there
    [17:57:23] rook: as that inner peace grows, nourish it and know that your spirit has the capacity to enrich the lives of others
    [17:58:00] Human Being: that's what being a human being is about
    [17:58:50] Human Being: thats why i felt so happy, because i had realised that i could be a human being
    [17:59:02] rook: quietly, yet assuredly, grant your blessing to others about you.
    [17:59:07] Human Being: or as twlltin says, oxytocin
    [17:59:36] Human Being: get to check my food, back in a min
    [18:01:32] rook: hey snipe: wb
    [18:02:28] snipetownsam: thanks L O L
    [18:03:09] snipetownsam: i get oxytocin from cuddling
    [18:04:51] snipetownsam: i gotta do a lil homework soon
    [18:05:42] twlltin: still no mailman?
    [18:07:55] snipetownsam: nope says it could come as late as last shipment from them came at 10:30 am
    [18:09:14] Human Being: hey snipe
    [18:09:39] Human Being: i'm eating so may take a while for me to reply
    [18:09:42] snipetownsam: hey hb
    [18:09:49] snipetownsam: i understand i just finished eating
    [18:11:30] rook: guys -- have to make a post office & grocery run. Shall plan on a celebratory party as Darwin suggested -- for 21:30 EST
    [18:12:14] rook: however, can attend a dress rehearsal earlier to avoid keeping the U.K. brethern up late :laugh:
    [18:12:39] snipetownsam: celebratory party???
    [18:12:44] snipetownsam: for what?
    [18:13:13] twlltin: You losing your cherry to the progasm.
    [18:13:23] snipetownsam: we're having a party?
    [18:14:00] snipetownsam:smile
    [18:14:10] muscleman: hi all?
    [18:14:43] twlltin: hi mm
    [18:16:09] muscleman: hi twlltin
    [18:17:10] Human Being: hey muscle man
    [18:17:20] Human Being: like the name
    [18:17:49] muscleman: old bodybuilder with favorite muscle
    [18:18:12] Human Being: if it wern't my name it would have been johnny cum lately
    [18:18:16] Human Being: L O L
    [18:18:25] Human Being: you still big?
    [18:18:38] muscleman:wink
    [18:18:51] muscleman: about 8" hard
    [18:19:03] muscleman: or do you mean 6-2 224
    [18:19:16] muscleman: use to bee 279 with 52 chest 19 arms
    [18:19:16] Human Being: L O L not what i meant and yes
    [18:19:25] snipetownsam: my PP Loves Vagina :D
    [18:20:50] Human Being: i've thought about trying a bit of body building, i've got good definition and am quite muscly, but
    [18:21:15] Human Being: the problem would be that i would look freakishly big
    [18:21:27] Human Being: i'm only 5ft tall
    [18:21:30] muscleman: I lift with light weights now
    [18:22:16] muscleman: yeak had a lifting partner 5-4 he looked awesome but was a lot smaller than me
    [18:23:24] Human Being: i look pretty cool, though i used to be ripped, used to gym 5 times a week, i don't lift at all now
    [18:23:47] Human Being: though i do run on occasion
    [18:24:22] muscleman: whats your age now
    [18:24:22] Human Being: what weght are you doing bicep curls at the mo?
    [18:25:48] muscleman: I have one of the first nautilus bi and tricep machine, Arnold trained on it in New York City, so did Louie
    [18:27:54] muscleman: everything lift , had two hernia operations right side 2004, left side 2005, had surgical mesh put in so I could keep liftin
    [18:30:25] Human Being: browser went a bit kooky, and thats nuts, but if its what you love doing
    [18:30:44] twlltin: same here
    [18:31:48] steveg2611: and how are all you sexy guys doing today?
    [18:32:02] snipetownsam: i gotta do homework ill talk to you guys later
    [18:32:19] Human Being: good steve, hi
    [18:33:05] muscleman: speaking of happy endings, how are you doingf Steve
    [18:33:25] steveg2611: excellent. Been away from chat for a few.. glad to be back....
    [18:33:27] steveg2611: I'm great.. hehehe
    [18:34:50] muscleman: Right now have a chunky 19yo female massage therapist
    [18:35:11] muscleman: tries the best to get the kinks and knots out of my muscles
    [18:35:28] Human Being: she any good?
    [18:36:02] muscleman: getting better for deep tissue massage and is mastering a good 2 hand handjob
    [18:36:24] steveg2611: I was about to ask the same question... hehehe
    [18:36:25] Human Being: L O L nice
    [18:37:00] muscleman: she said she wasn't sure if she'd want her husband this big
    [18:37:43] steveg2611: hhmmm grin
    [18:38:12] muscleman: for sure I wouldn't want my wife that chunky
    [18:38:19] Human Being: well a big can be quite imposing, i'll geuss you'll juat have to do something to take her mind off it
    [18:38:37] Human Being: guy*
    [18:39:12] steveg2611: him big and hard.. what a concept
    [18:40:10] Human Being: i've been with one slightly rotund girl, it was cool, she put alot of effort in
    [18:40:39] Human Being: don't knock it, thats what i say
    [18:40:56] steveg2611: do I dare ask where the effort was applied? L O L
    [18:41:01] muscleman: she's a sweetie but always running her mouth
    [18:41:15] Human Being: all over L O L
    [18:41:39] steveg2611: works for me.. hehehe
    [18:42:07] muscleman:smile
    [18:43:04] muscleman: really miss my male masseur
    [18:43:24] Human Being: just gonna mek a cuppa
    [18:44:17] steveg2611: when i was going through massage school i always felt as if the woman were not able to apply the needed force.
    [18:44:45] muscleman: how true, no deep tissue massage for sure
    [18:44:47] steveg2611: not that they weren't about to understand just that they didn't have the power..
    [18:44:59] steveg2611: no offense
    [18:45:53] muscleman: plus many don't work the glutes enough or at all
    [18:46:20] steveg2611: I always prefer man hands..
    [18:46:49] muscleman: same but right now a home massage is hard to get
    [18:47:40] steveg2611: agree Muscle. too much stigma with bodywork..
    [18:48:40] steveg2611: In school i always felt i was getting half a massage. L O L
    [18:49:54] muscleman: the half missing you liked massaged more
    [18:50:42] steveg2611: well that too, di was just trying to be discreet... L O L
    [18:52:53] steveg2611: :laugh: and you know thats not exactly my style...
    [18:52:57] snipetownsam: really hoping this package gets here before 2:45 when mom gets home
    [18:53:47] muscleman: you think your mom would open the package?
    [18:53:53] snipetownsam: hi Jls
    [18:53:58] snipetownsam: no i dont but i think she'd ask about it
    [18:54:46] Human Being: she might surprise you
    [18:54:58] snipetownsam: i doubt it
    [18:55:09] snipetownsam: she didnt before...ive ordered condoms online
    [18:55:13] Human Being: i had a couple of times like that with my mom
    [18:55:26] snipetownsam: what did she open? haha
    [18:56:33] Human Being: thats beside the point L O L, i think you might find out as you get older, your parents aren't as conservative as you think
    [18:56:47] snipetownsam: oh ya?
    [18:56:56] snipetownsam: how so?
    [18:57:12] steveg2611: isn't that the truth!!!!
    [18:57:32] Human Being: i certainly found that out, and you ain't getting any out of me snipe
    [18:57:46] Human Being: L O L
    [18:57:51] snipetownsam: how did you find out?
    [18:58:21] muscleman: daughter still had her house key and walked in on my wife riding her sybian
    [18:58:36] Human Being: ha ha nice
    [18:58:51] Human Being: that'll work
    [18:59:07] muscleman: daughter confided she road her friends at college
    [18:59:54] Human Being: i found out after my dad left, my mum started being a bit more honest and open, especaily as i got older
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 2pm EST 2/16/12 through 9:35pm EST 2/16/12

    [19:00:03] muscleman: sound proof your bedroom so mom won't hear you moaning from your progasm
    [19:00:23] snipetownsam: i wont moan will i?
    [19:00:45] Human Being: probably
    [19:00:59] Human Being: though maybe not first time
    [19:01:03] muscleman: you will if you relax and let it work
    [19:01:40] Human Being: i was moaning away at it this morning
    [19:02:04] Human Being: kinda makes me wanna have another go
    [19:02:07] steveg2611: hell yeah... moan all you want... if you hold back. you miss half the enjoyment...
    [19:02:15] muscleman: I use to moan when geting enemas as a kid
    [19:03:35] steveg2611: HAHA bet that was interesting.. heheh
    [19:03:55] snipetownsam: gonna shower be back in a lil bit
    [19:04:10] Human Being: okies
    [19:04:27] muscleman: clean that butt incase your progasm arrives
    [19:05:23] Human Being: make sure it's a nice shower and you feel good after!
    [19:06:09] Human Being: definately helps
    [19:07:03] steveg2611: absolutely. a deep cleaning is always good... hehehe
    [19:07:21] twlltin: Time for me to shower too
    [19:07:39] Human Being: i'm gonna hit the hey for an hour guys, feelin tired again
    [19:07:50] steveg2611: hehe.. everyone is getting clean.. i wonder what that means.. ??
    [19:08:15] twlltin: I'm out in about 20 mins.
    [19:08:20] Human Being: as usual i'm the exception
    [19:08:20] muscleman: no telling, but I have a chrome nozzle just in case
    [19:08:29] Human Being: zzzZZZ
    [19:09:45] steveg2611: well i'm not showering .. if that helps.... not till later.. I have a massage to do and i always shower before..
    [19:10:11] muscleman: lucky guy a repeat Steve?
    [19:11:24] steveg2611: yes i only have repeats... haven't added any new clients for a while now..
    [19:12:29] steveg2611: although this guy hasn't been here since before christmas.. so it will be nice to have him back..
    [19:15:31] snipetownsam: i back
    [19:16:16] steveg2611: wow quick shower... grin
    [19:16:44] snipetownsam: yep...idk usually i stay for the hot water but it wasnt overly impressive
    [19:17:10] muscleman: not too paranoid about mom seeing your progasm are you
    [19:17:38] snipetownsam: no i dont think she'll open it L O L if she does ill be like that will teach you not to open my stuff wont it? L O L
    [19:17:55] steveg2611: as you said... she may have a few secrets of her own...
    [19:18:11] snipetownsam: like what now? L O L
    [19:18:48] steveg2611: snipe, will this be your first experience with aneros?
    [19:18:53] snipetownsam: yes, sir
    [19:20:14] steveg2611: can I ask how you found out about the aneros????
    [19:20:36] snipetownsam: other chat sites ppl said they were using them and I was like what are Aneros??? so I checked it out
    [19:20:54] snipetownsam: i was like OOOOOHHHHH!! haha
    [19:21:28] snipetownsam: party tonight at 21:30!!
    [19:21:57] steveg2611: >L O L
    [19:23:11] snipetownsam: I hope anal stimulation catches on more
    [19:23:28] snipetownsam: its one of sexuality's best kept secrets i believe
    [19:23:56] steveg2611: it sure can be...
    [19:24:44] muscleman: it's taboo to speak of but more caught on then most know
    [19:25:25] snipetownsam: whats so taboo about shoving medical grade plastic up your pooper? L O L hahahaha
    [19:26:31] bsmith14: male + anal = taboo
    [19:27:15] hapticbear: access to unlimited pleasure = taboo
    [19:27:23] steveg2611: HAHA... taboo doesn't have to be a bad thing... L O L
    [19:27:31] muscleman: pegging is taboo, love it
    [19:27:46] snipetownsam: forgive my ignorance but what is pegging?
    [19:28:46] snipetownsam: oh i googled it L O L
    [19:28:47] muscleman: when a women fucks a man with a strapon
    [19:28:59] snipetownsam: cool
    [19:29:04] muscleman: some of is are luclkier than others
    [19:29:19] snipetownsam: I'm gonna be pissed if there's a progasm XL that comes out next week or something L O L
    [19:30:02] steveg2611: L O L.... take the progasm for a while before getting anything bigger.... hehehe
    [19:30:08] hapticbear: you may be surprised to find you want a Progasm XS, i.e. a Peridise
    [19:31:18] snipetownsam: Peridise is so tiny haha
    [19:32:03] bsmith14: but its a fun device too
    [19:32:06] muscleman: I know a 19yo that has a progasm and stared with maximus
    [19:32:36] snipetownsam: do ya?
    [19:32:47] muscleman: yup
    [19:32:52] snipetownsam: you?
    [19:33:00] muscleman: but he's 5-5 130 only
    [19:33:14] snipetownsam: ok
    [19:33:37] muscleman: he only had a doctors finger in his ass before that
    [19:34:03] snipetownsam: who was that?
    [19:34:22] muscleman: depends on the doctor
    [19:35:57] muscleman: use to see young recruits getting induction physical
    [19:36:25] muscleman: bet over getting hard when doctor did a prostate exam
    [19:37:35] muscleman: 1 out of 3 men in United States will get prostate cancer
    [19:38:23] muscleman: still men refuse a prostate check or even morea coloscopy
    [19:39:02] twlltin: bye for now!
    [19:39:13] snipetownsam: bye
    [19:39:43] maxpowerca81: hello everyone ;o)
    [19:40:02] snipetownsam: hello
    [19:40:07] maxpowerca81: is that darwin from xtube???
    [19:40:11] snipetownsam: listening to chicago
    [19:40:34] hapticbear: evening max
    [19:41:09] maxpowerca81: I have a progasm,,, and gonna try for the super o again in a few hours ;o)
    [19:41:46] maxpowerca81: any tips from anyone? L O L,,, i know i probably went a little big for the first one,,, but still need to try
    [19:42:25] darwin: hey, maxpower, i am on xtube, what did you see?
    [19:43:07] maxpowerca81: I just recognize the name,,, the multiple orgasms with an aneros on xtube ;o) I'm a fan! L O L
    [19:44:08] muscleman: sweet
    [19:44:45] artform: Hi guys!!
    [19:45:39] bsmith14: hi
    [19:45:52] snipetownsam: hi art
    [19:48:17] snipetownsam: i was just watching that
    [19:48:42] muscleman: could be you tonight snipe
    [19:48:49] snipetownsam: i hope
    [19:48:56] snipetownsam: my goal is to get the thing in L O L
    [19:49:11] darwin: snipe, that is a good goal
    [19:49:13] darwin: stick to it
    [19:49:18] darwin: don't get hasty
    [19:49:25] snipetownsam: i kno
    [19:49:35] artform: slowly gently savouring each moment!!
    [19:49:59] artform: biggrin
    [19:50:13] snipetownsam: more like :O
    [19:50:20] snipetownsam: when i see the thing L O L
    [19:50:57] artform: laugh
    [19:51:59] steveg2611: i admit the first few times were definitely interesting... the different feelings...
    [19:53:32] steveg2611: I've only been at this myself for a little over 2 years.. so even now there are still new experiences ..
    [19:54:32] steveg2611: Hi art.. i didn't even see you logon.... sorry
    [19:56:34] artform: n/p man!!
    [19:56:45] artform: How are you??
    [20:00:27] maxpowerca81: anyone have good tips for a super o with a progasm? ive had 5 or so sessions without much luck
    [20:00:48] maxpowerca81: i have started to feel the beginnings,,, but they fade
    [20:01:10] snipetownsam: Hey max did you have any other toys before the Progasm?
    [20:01:37] maxpowerca81: fingers and dildos,,, i know it'd be better to have an aneros that would move around inside more,,, so that was my mistake,,,
    [20:02:03] snipetownsam: i ordered the progasm and it will be here shortly....its my first anal experience
    [20:02:10] maxpowerca81: and its kind of a lot of money for a sex toy, L O L,,, so im sticking with it
    [20:03:04] snipetownsam: ttyl guys
    [20:03:39] muscleman: progasm arrive Snipe?
    [20:04:48] steveg2611: yes snipe... keep us informed....
    [20:05:13] steveg2611: max, do i dare ask who's fingers...?????
    [20:06:09] maxpowerca81: L O L, i do
    [20:06:59] artform: Started with my own 52 years ago!! Now my wife has found they amazing range of activities she can feel and stimulate with her
    [20:07:24] maxpowerca81: my wife isnt into it much...
    [20:07:26] artform: finger(s)!! up inside my alimantary canal!!
    [20:08:52] artform: Another thing to keep in mind; Aneros bagan as a medically designed prostate therapy device, and yes, it is a great sex toy;
    [20:09:05] steveg2611: i only asked because i do massage and i offer deep P massage for my clients that want it using my fingers.. hehe
    [20:09:12] maxpowerca81: i know,,, i was hoping nobody would take offense to the sex toy reference
    [20:09:17] maxpowerca81: for me its that, L O L
    [20:09:57] maxpowerca81: wow! lucky clients!
    [20:10:09] artform: butt it is also a fantastic key to your whole energies spectrum as understood in the Taoist sexual kung fu tradition and into
    [20:10:13] steveg2611: call it whatever you want. there shouldn't be any derogatory connotation... if its therapeutic for you great. if its a sex
    [20:10:19] steveg2611: toy then great too..
    [20:11:10] artform: Qigong and personal full health benefits that you can share/assist with others!!!
    [20:11:37] artform: Agree steve!!... and beyond!!
    [20:12:07] steveg2611: exactly, make it what it is for you....
    [20:12:30] steveg2611: took me a while at the beginning to realize its wasn't what anyone else thought it should be...
    [20:12:33] maxpowerca81: so where is your client base located?
    [20:12:34] artform: Numbers of us have found we can share orgasmic energies here up to extremely high levels at-a-distance, just like Taoist...
    [20:12:41] steveg2611: it should be what you want it to be for you..
    [20:12:42] artform: ...healing energies!!!
    [20:13:15] steveg2611: Me? i'm up in Northern cal.... Chico.... middle sized college town...
    [20:13:42] maxpowerca81: L O L, I'm only about 3 hours away,,,
    [20:13:56] maxpowerca81:
    [20:14:16] maxpowerca81: bay area here
    [20:14:35] artform: Now if only we can teleport....
    [20:14:42] artform: laugh
    [20:14:52] maxpowerca81: so you are a professional massuse?
    [20:15:03] steveg2611: wouldn't that be fun....??????
    [20:15:48] steveg2611: yes.. licensed and certified a long time ago..... but i also have my studio in my home so i don't have to worry about all
    [20:15:59] cyrez: ohnoes, only 35399 hour left to chat...bummer
    [20:16:08] steveg2611: the negative stuff that unfortunately surrounds the image of massage..
    [20:16:34] artform: Butt major progress cyrez!! Great to see you here again!
    [20:16:50] maxpowerca81: yeah,,, im not that into getting massages,, but a deep p massage sounds amazing,,, especially if the person knows how
    [20:17:26] cyrez: thnx, very nice to see you too =)
    [20:17:51] artform: indeed max!!
    [20:20:42] cyrez: got any cool trixx to share? =)
    [20:21:20] artform: Until WWII, Japanese wives were trained in prostate massage for their husbands and that was part of their relationship, so...
    [20:21:46] artform: cultural change should be possible world-wide starting here!
    [20:22:12] cyrez: nice, never knew that
    [20:22:57] cyrez: no more p massage for the guys after the war?
    [20:23:07] bsmith14: nice trivia Art, that is interesting
    [20:23:19] artform: Steveg, could you do courses for women to learn the techniques??
    [20:23:51] artform: Abandonned in all the new peacetime adjustments in Japan.
    [20:24:46] cyrez: yea, puritanical american virtues... pffft
    [20:27:59] brine: Hey gents.
    [20:33:35] steveg2611: sorry art.. i missed your question... i used to teach at a local school where we had mixed attendance..
    [20:33:41] artform: Hi brine!
    [20:34:11] brine: Hi.
    [20:35:36] cyrez: hi brine
    [20:35:37] steveg2611: it just got a little weird with the questions.. not that i'm any kind of prude... just that it got to be
    [20:36:02] steveg2611: a lot more sexual than should be in a classroom setting..
    [20:36:14] brine: Hi cyrez
    [20:44:11] bigguy: hey guys
    [20:44:23] brine: Hi bigguy!
    [20:44:32] bigguy: yo brine!!!
    [20:46:40] artform: Hi bigguy!!
    [20:47:25] artform: Very interesting steveg!
    [20:50:32] brine: So, what was so interesting?
    [20:52:39] artform: steveg has left the building...
    [20:52:51] brine: I see.
    [20:54:57] artform: we were discussing training for wives to finger massage their husband's prostate
    [20:55:10] brine: Ah, nice.
    [20:55:11] artform: courses
    [20:57:26] artform: by masseurs like steveg
    [20:58:17] artform: btw, thx b14 for your comment earlier
    [20:58:19] brine: Cool idea.
    [20:58:47] bigguy: back guys ....sorry just checking emails
    [20:59:00] bigguy: ooops i will change colors L O L
    [20:59:04] brine: No problem, bigguy.
    [20:59:09] bsmith14: np art, I wish p massage was more mainstream
    [20:59:13] rumel: Hi Guys
    [20:59:24] brine: Hello rumel.
    [20:59:46] bigguy: how about pink L O L?
    [20:59:56] brine: Lovely.
    [21:11:44] artform: indeed b14
    [21:12:23] artform: sorry guys been on an extended call with on/off holds
    [21:12:44] rumel: Human Being - Are you still with us?
    [21:13:52] rumel: Hi 'J'
    [21:14:04] brine: Hello jls.
    [21:14:54] rumel: Bye 'J'
    [21:23:52] artform: still negotiating............................................................
    [21:26:41] cyrez: negotiating what?
    [21:49:31] bigguy: ok i am back again ...emails flying all over the place L O L
    [21:50:48] bigguy: ooops heres another one. gotta go be back on later
    [22:10:03] artform: Long days journey into mega-corporate incompetence....
    [22:10:24] brine: Doesn't sound like much fun!
    [22:10:30] artform: Back, anyone else still here....?
    [22:10:37] artform: Hi brine!!!
    [22:10:58] brine: Watching Discovery Channel.
    [22:11:05] cj187: Just joined, hi guys
    [22:11:18] brine: Hi cj.
    [22:11:31] artform: NO FUN at all my friend. Bit some satisfaction in escalating the critique up tp senior management...
    [22:11:53] artform: And at least now a coherent plan to solve the problems.
    [22:12:04] artform: Hi cj!
    [22:12:09] brine: Good.
    [22:12:20] cj187: Hi brine, artform
    [22:14:40] rumel: Hey 'a', wouldn't you think that the top CEO's of the world would be the best prospects for Aneros?
    [22:15:03] rumel: after all they are the world's biggest "A**holes"
    [22:15:38] artform: laugh
    [22:16:52] artform: Somehow, rumel my friend, we have to turn Ahole into a positive, life-giving, ecstatically positive term!
    [22:16:56] brine: Progasm potentials!!!
    [22:18:14] artform: That is our challenge to overcome this huge negative mental problem particularly in North Am culture. Many other cultures...
    [22:18:31] rumel: 'a' I think that's an even tougher 'sell' than prostate massage, the term is so engrained in world culture it is probably
    [22:18:40] artform: are not so hyper-negative about the anus!!
    [22:18:49] rumel: unrealistic to even try to alter that understanding.
    [22:19:05] artform: You may be right.
    [22:21:04] rumel: I think promoting prostate massage, honors the "Ahole" in a subtler manner without being overt praise.
    [22:23:38] rumel: Hi darwin, it's nice to see you participating on the Forum more regularly again.
    [22:25:32] darwin: rumel, thanks
    [22:25:39] darwin: i was on a long workaholic binge
    [22:25:56] darwin: i guess my hormones were on hold, and now they are back
    [22:26:10] brine: Hey darwin.
    [22:26:37] cj187: know that feeling darwin,working non-stop at the mo
    [22:26:51] rumel:Maybe somebody should start a recovery program called "WORKAHOLICS ANONYMOUS"?
    [22:27:48] rumel: Every new male member gets issued their very own Aneros!
    [22:28:30] cj187: haha but finding the time and inclination to use them is the issue
    [22:28:48] artform: Great R!
    [22:29:38] rumel: cj can you use a lighter blue color, you text is hard for these old eyes to read, not enough contrast.
    [22:29:42] artform: Yes, great having darwin here and chatting!!!
    [22:31:03] cj187: this any better Rumel?
    [22:31:51] rumel: Part of "WORKAHOLICS ANONYMOUS" recovery practice would be setting aside at least an hour each week for an Anerosession.
    [22:32:19] rumel: cj, yes much better Thank You!
    [22:32:30] cj187: np
    [22:32:50] artform: Ahhhhh! Commitment to contentment...
    [22:33:03] rumel: Exactly 'a'
    [22:34:36] artform: AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ just feeling cumming onnnnnnnnn~
    [22:35:02] artform: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    [22:35:53] brine: What's going on, art?
    [22:36:38] rumel:Me thinks 'a' is having a 'chairgasm' at his keyboard.
    [22:36:54] brine: I guess so!!!
    [22:39:36] artform~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    [22:40:51] rumel: OK guys I think you better hold on to your keyboards, 'a' could be vibrating the world soon
    [22:41:09] brine: True. Hold on tight!!
    [22:43:10] artform: just delightful when chatting amiably with friends like this can open the universe connection directly into one's heart, soul
    [22:44:07] artform: and prostate and the union and soaring withal with all just simple happens~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    [22:44:08] brine: Yea art!!
    [22:48:40] artform: Mrs. a just called "supper"!! Bye guys!! Chat later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    [22:48:54] brine: Bye
    [22:49:04] rumel: Ciao for chow!
    [23:23:37] twlltin: Any news of sam?
    [23:24:13] rumel: No twlltin, but I see that he is logged onto the site.
    [23:29:21] rumel: Hi taran, How's it going?
    [23:30:59] taran: hey rumel
    [23:33:48] taran: im fine. how are you?
    [23:35:13] rumel: A OK, All systems funtioning normally, (at least as normally as they can for this aged body)
    [23:35:55] taran: thats good
    [23:50:29] rumel: Hi carla, how's your boyfriend doing with his Aneros?
    [23:50:52] rook: hi everyone
    [23:51:50] rumel: Hi rook
    [23:52:09] rook: Hey rumel ...color
    [23:52:53] carla_IL: hello
    [23:52:58] carla_IL: he's doing fine with it
    [23:53:16] rook: hey carla
    [23:54:18] brine: Hey, gents. Back for a while.
    [23:54:38] rook: wb brine --- that flu getting better ??
    [23:54:51] brine: Sort of.
    [23:55:35] brine: Went to the doctor. It is a tough one to beat. She's concerned about it going into pneumonia.
    [23:56:35] rook: ugh --- they used to say that pneumonia was easier to cure than flu -- not sure that's the case now
    [23:56:45] brine: I've got some meds. The cough is the worst part. Hurts a lot.
    [23:57:11] rook: sorry to hear that guy.
    [23:57:24] rook: I take it you are not out shoveling snow today
    [23:58:38] brine: NO! In fact trying to find someone I can pay to do it for me.
    [23:59:06] rook: how much on the ground up there now ?
    [23:59:10] brine: We got a lot of snow yesterday and last night.
    [23:59:58] rook: snow level got down to 2500 ft here which is about 1000 lower than the aveage winter storm
    [00:00:00] brine: At our house, at least 12" maybe more. We're at about 7500'.
    [00:02:46] rook: time to get under the covers and keep warm --- son is 15 now -- rite ?
    [00:03:15] brine: Yep.
    [00:04:00] twlltin: Back on in about half an hour...
    [00:06:00] rook: shoveling snow builds both character and muscle
    [00:21:59] brine: And aggravates my cough!!
    [00:23:31] brine: I'm going to take off. Got to rest some more. Bye, ya'll.
    [00:23:56] rumel: Get well brine
    [00:24:15] legace: hey guys
    [00:24:36] rumel: Hi legace
    [00:25:10] legace: just chopped the mgx handle 2 minutes ago
    [00:25:19] legace: gonna give it ago soon
    [00:26:05] rumel: Cool, I think you'll enjoy the increased mobility that mod provides.
    [00:26:36] legace: yeah, i hate having to put a pillow under my back
    [00:27:31] legace: does the aneros only move with anal contactions? or will pc contaction also move it a bit
    [00:28:42] legace: contractions*
    [00:28:43] rumel: I prefer to use PC muscles for movement although anal sphincter and rectal muscles also will provide movement.
    [00:29:49] legace: oh. i`m trying to differentiate between the two. was hoping that aneros movement would give me an idea of which muscle ..
    [00:29:56] legace: im using.
    [00:31:27] rumel: To a certain extent anal sphinter and PC can be separated but in strong contractions they act simultaneously, especially
    [00:31:35] rumel: during orgasm.
    [00:32:54] rumel: You can separate their use in the lower gentler contraction phases these provide exquisite delicate movements and
    [00:33:06] rumel: generate lovely P-waves.
    [00:35:35] legace: is it important to be able to differentiate bewteen anal/pc , in order to have success?
    [00:35:54] twlltin: Possibly, helpful.
    [00:36:10] legace: hey twll
    [00:36:41] legace: any more chairgasms?
    [00:36:50] rumel: Not really necessary but I think it helps to learn which ones work best for you so you can get some consistency.
    [00:37:26] twlltin: Not as good as that one yesterday.
    [00:37:35] twlltin: But then I haven't really been trying.
    [00:37:49] twlltin: That one took an hour out of what was supposed to be work time.
    [00:38:13] legace: hehe
    [00:38:16] twlltin: Is everyone here waiting to see sam appear?
    [00:39:08] rumel: No, I'm just hanging out here to help whomever wants to hear my spiel.
    [00:39:39] rikaaim: W
    [00:39:45] rikaaim: Ugh...Who is Sam?
    [00:39:49] rumel: Hi rika
    [00:40:01] twlltin: A 19 year old newbie who ordered a Progasm
    [00:40:15] twlltin: and has been asking for advice these last couple of days.
    [00:40:20] rikaaim: Ah...good evening to you too Rumel. Good evening to everyone else.
    [00:40:20] rook: hey rika
    [00:40:22] twlltin: It should have arrived today.
    [00:40:24] rumel: sam is newbie 'snipetownsam'
    [00:40:46] twlltin: thanks, rumel. I couldn't remember the whole nickname
    [00:40:57] legace: is he suppose to be here?
    [00:41:30] rumel: He said he would return when he had a chance to use his new massager.
    [00:42:05] legace: i see. was this in chat or did he make a thread?
    [00:42:07] rook: had a horrid case of checking the UP
    [00:42:25] rook: S website for delivery satus
    [00:42:37] twlltin: It was in chat.
    [00:43:02] rumel: In chat, he hasn't posted any threads yet.
    [00:43:33] legace: he didnt mind getting the largest model?
    [00:43:43] rook: not at all
    [00:43:53] rumel: He was concerned about it.
    [00:44:01] rook: very, "objective oriented"
    [00:44:42] rikaaim: What's new with everyone else?
    [00:45:08] rook: nice Tempo session last night -- hadn't done a 'formal' one of those in nearly a year
    [00:46:16] legace: i remember when i first bought my mgx. I was worried about fitting it in, so i bought the peridise set too.
    [00:46:29] legace: Now i wouldnt even worry about getting a progasm
    [00:47:04] rook: .... my, how we change as we journey ..
    [00:47:28] legace: yeah, that was 5 months ago and only 15 uses
    [00:47:59] rumel: "... Oh what a long strange trip it's been..."
    [00:48:16] rikaaim: I remember getting Eupho first because it said it was an "advanced" model.
    [00:49:13] legace: how do you thnik aneros size effects progress?
    [00:49:38] legace: is the progasm too much for a newb?
    [00:49:40] twlltin: Not sure how it affects it.
    [00:49:50] rikaaim: I can't really comment on "progress". I hit it right from the start. I will say that Progasm take less "warming up."
    [00:50:18] rikaaim: Progasm does require a little more opening up. It's more direct and immediate. IMO.
    [00:51:01] rumel: I think that's hard to judge legace, everybody's different.
    [00:51:25] rook: at the other extreme, I had most of my 'leaps forward' with the Helix and SGX.
    [00:51:51] legace: True, i guess its more "what does the prostate like"
    [00:52:12] rumel: I think you learn muscle control and movement techniques better with the smaller models.
    [00:53:36] legace: i have the mgx right now, this is the first time i have a strict routine. Before it was 1-2 /month
    [00:53:43] legace: now its 4 times a week
    [00:54:07] legace: i`m on my first week. I havnt gotten anywhere yet
    [00:54:45] legace: the only change would be pleasure from nip stim, which i learned outside of aneros
    [00:54:56] rikaaim: If you're having new sensations, and are changing your focus to learning about prostate stim and what your body feels, that's
    [00:55:10] rikaaim: progress. Evening just feeling small changes in your body is progress.
    [00:55:38] legace: i find that nip stim multiplies the pleasure, no matter what body part. As long as you focus
    [00:56:05] twlltin: Now that's interesting... I think I've just found out that there's a left and a right side to the PC muscle.
    [00:56:25] twlltin: as well as fore, mid and aft sections to it
    [00:57:01] twlltin: ...for muscle control
    [00:57:19] rikaaim: Interesting indeed Twll.
    [01:00:35] rook: hence the tendency for the p-tab to find a sweet spot or occasionally fall into a rut on either side of the road
    [01:01:06] legace: im going to go give this mgx mod a try, cya guys
    [01:01:18] rook: enjoy
    [01:01:32] rumel: Have fun
    [01:02:21] rook: what mod did legace do -- tail-ectomy ?
    [01:02:49] rumel: Yes he has a bobcat now.
    [01:03:06] rook: :laugh:
    [01:03:40] rikaaim: Gents, I'm heading out early. The beautiful thing about open chat is I can always pop back on later.
    [01:04:01] rumel: 'nite rika
    [01:04:20] rook: rika: do you wish your color reserved ?
    [01:08:14] rumel: rook, perhaps I should have said that 'legace' has a ManGX in lieu of a bobcat now .
    [01:15:55] rook: be back in awhile --- shud Sam reappear from deep cover give him a round of applause!
    [01:16:16] rumel: OK will do.
    [01:45:27] snipetownsam: hello everybody
    [01:47:16] snipetownsam: hi!
    [01:47:20] snipetownsam: package here!
    [01:48:13] snipetownsam: im waiting to open it for you guys
    [01:49:21] snipetownsam: hello??
    [01:49:49] rumel: Hi snipe
    [01:49:56] snipetownsam: hi rumel
    [01:52:20] snipetownsam: whats everybody up to?
    [01:54:03] snipetownsam: why so quiet?
    [01:54:06] rumel: 'twlltin' is waiting for your report
    [01:54:48] snipetownsam: i have the package you guys think i should open it??
    [01:54:53] rumel: 'darwin' stoppedin earlier and also asked about you.
    [01:55:13] snipetownsam: ya i just got home from class and the box is here
    [01:55:16] snipetownsam: still sealed
    [01:55:47] rumel: What do you want to do?
    [01:56:02] snipetownsam: should i open it guys?
    [01:56:11] snipetownsam: ??
    [01:56:49] rumel: You know you will eventually so......
    [01:57:13] rumel: just choose the time you feel is right for you.
    [01:58:18] snipetownsam: right now!!
    [01:58:49] rumel: Applause
    [01:59:31] snipetownsam: drum roll L O L
    [02:00:04] snipetownsam: need to get a knife L O L
    [02:07:17] snipetownsam: its huge L O L
    [02:08:01] snipetownsam: wow...
    [02:08:46] snipetownsam: Guys...why u so quiet??
    [02:09:07] nevado: good evening
    [02:09:16] snipetownsam: good evening
    [02:09:39] nevado: hi snipetownsam
    [02:09:43] rumel: Size is relative to one's perceptions, what is "huge" today will be quite normal in the future.
    [02:09:46] snipetownsam: hi nevado
    [02:10:12] snipetownsam: do i have to wash it first?
    [02:10:24] rumel: Yes
    [02:10:31] snipetownsam: why? L O L i will but why?
    [02:11:06] snipetownsam: i love the case it came in very stylish
    [02:11:50] rumel: Just in case there is attached micro-debris from manufacturing/handling.
    [02:11:57] snipetownsam: ok ok
    [02:12:06] snipetownsam: what do u have nevado?
    [02:13:24] nevado: Helix which is my favorite, progasm, SGX, , Eupho and peridise
    [02:14:05] snipetownsam: i just opened the box i got a progasm and im gonna attempt to insert it
    [02:14:48] nevado: great
    [02:14:55] nevado: fisrt time with aneros
    [02:14:56] nevado: ?
    [02:15:04] snipetownsam: yes
    [02:15:23] nevado: I wish you an amazing ride
    [02:15:33] snipetownsam: thank you
    [02:15:39] nevado: the only advice for now is to relax
    [02:15:41] snipetownsam: first time with more than one finger in my anus
    [02:15:51] nevado: and no expectations
    [02:16:08] snipetownsam: my expectations are no expectations L O L
    [02:16:19] nevado: cool
    [02:16:30] nevado: when are you going to insert?
    [02:16:38] snipetownsam: im gonna keep it in for about an hour
    [02:16:43] snipetownsam: probably like 10 mins
    [02:16:57] nevado: wow
    [02:17:09] nevado: i'll send you good vibes
    [02:17:15] snipetownsam: yep hehe
    [02:17:18] snipetownsam: thank you
    [02:17:40] nevado: would love to hear tomorrow how was your experience
    [02:20:30] nevado: do you have everything ready?
    [02:23:04] nevado: anybody still here?
    [02:23:16] rumel: Yes
    [02:23:42] nevado: hey Rumel
    [02:23:50] nevado: how are you?
    [02:24:32] rumel: Good
    [02:24:41] rumel: and you?
    [02:25:06] nevado: I am well thank you. Planning a ride this week end
    [02:25:58] nevado: have been riding less for the longest time
    [02:27:23] rumel: Why do you suppose that is?
    [02:28:37] nevado: have been improving my less sessions they have become really powerful
    [02:29:24] rumel: Cool, I'm envious.
    [02:30:02] nevado: last night when i went to bed i was pulsing strongly and when i woke up same thing
    [02:30:43] nevado: i guess snipetownsam is having his first ride
    [02:32:00] rumel: It sounds like you are really allowing you natural orgasmic energy to express itself, I believe our bodies are
    [02:32:43] rumel: capable of sustained low level orgasms if we allow them to occur.
    [02:33:01] nevado: it's really amazing
    [02:34:38] nevado: I have to go Rumel, nice chatting with you
    [02:35:06] rumel: OK 'nite nev likewise
    [02:35:32] nevado: take care, bye
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 9:35pm EST 2/16/12 through 12:30am EST 2/17/12

    [02:35:54] darwin: hey guys
    [02:35:58] darwin: i am back for a bit
    [02:36:36] snipetownsam: hi darwin
    [02:36:52] darwin: i am finally in my private den
    [02:36:56] darwin: hey snip
    [02:37:02] darwin: snipe
    [02:37:06] rumel: Just in time 'darwin' snipe just got his new Progasm washed and is ready to begin his big adventure.
    [02:37:06] darwin: did u get get it?
    [02:37:14] snipetownsam: ya its in
    [02:37:18] darwin: ok!!!
    [02:37:26] darwin: ok snipe!!!!!!!!!!!
    [02:37:43] darwin: give a report
    [02:37:55] snipetownsam: so full
    [02:38:02] darwin: comfort or discomfort
    [02:38:13] rumel: Cheers snipe you've just passed the biggest hurdle!
    [02:38:18] snipetownsam: just odd
    [02:38:32] darwin: u on your side or belly or what?
    [02:40:12] darwin: ok, well i guess snipe is doing some experimenting
    [02:41:16] snipetownsam: on back
    [02:41:33] darwin: ok
    [02:41:50] darwin: have you done some relaxing breathing
    [02:41:56] snipetownsam: took like 15 mins to get it in its rather large
    [02:41:57] snipetownsam: im calm now
    [02:42:06] darwin: good man!!
    [02:42:13] darwin: i told you... 15 min
    [02:42:22] darwin: good
    [02:42:31] darwin: do some deep belly breathing
    [02:42:41] snipetownsam: ok
    [02:42:56] darwin: let your body feel heavy against your bed
    [02:43:34] darwin: when you do your belly breathing
    [02:44:00] snipetownsam: i dont have any towels under me lol
    [02:44:18] darwin: you can breath right down to the depth of your crotch
    [02:44:54] darwin: that's ok, you can laundry if you need to
    [02:46:10] snipetownsam: i feel proud just gettin that thing in there
    [02:46:53] darwin: yeah, thats good
    [02:47:19] darwin: see if you can feel the rear tab touching you
    [02:48:22] snipetownsam: on tailbone?
    [02:48:38] darwin: back there
    [02:48:40] darwin: yeah
    [02:48:40] snipetownsam: my lube is water base
    [02:48:45] snipetownsam: its touching lightly
    [02:49:16] darwin: that is an erotic energy spot
    [02:49:28] snipetownsam: im gonna meditate for a bit
    [02:49:35] darwin: ok good
    [02:52:39] rumel: Take all the time you like... time to tune into the sensations... time to absorb your emotions.... time to let go...
    [02:52:40] bigguy: wow nice full room
    [02:53:20] darwin: hey bigguy
    [02:53:26] bigguy: and twll is still awake LOL
    [02:53:33] bigguy: hey darwin
    [02:53:45] bigguy: at least he might be awake LOL
    [02:54:02] bigguy: HEY TWLL!!!!!!
    [02:54:02] rumel: Hi bigguy we're coaching 'snipetownsam' on his 'Cherry Popping' Anerosession
    [02:54:02] snipetownsam: im so hard
    [02:54:07] darwin: well, at least hs computer is awake
    [02:54:18] darwin: snipe, that is excellent
    [02:54:20] bigguy: oooohhexciting!
    [02:54:23] darwin: just relax into that
    [02:54:30] snipetownsam: im getting small contractions
    [02:54:47] bigguy: right out of the gate thats amazing
    [02:55:08] snipetownsam: head of it didnt wanna go in at first but after i passed that with comfort it pulled right in
    [02:55:14] darwin: snipe notice the feeling of the tabs
    [02:55:38] snipetownsam: ya the back one when u push lightly is weird
    [02:56:25] darwin: let the back one send erotic energy up your spine
    [02:56:50] bigguy: and catch that energy in your brain and savor it
    [02:57:16] bigguy: mix it with the sexiest thoughts you can muster
    [02:58:08] bigguy: then once you feel the tingles of pleasure breathe deeply and imagine the air going in you is fanning embers
    [02:58:23] bigguy: of pleasure and making them burst into flame
    [02:58:25] rook: back now -- congrats snipe --
    [02:58:43] bigguy: and relax
    [02:58:58] bigguy: and savor the sensations trhat result
    [03:00:08] darwin: i don;t know about snipe, but i am doing that
    [03:00:21] darwin: imaginary progasm inside
    [03:00:25] snipetownsam: its in my butt
    [03:01:05] snipetownsam: just got a tingle in my penis
    [03:01:55] bigguy: its a delicate dance of what is happening inside your anus and what is happening inside your head
    [03:02:12] bigguy: and breathing to fuel them both
    [03:02:16] snipetownsam: why is it for advanced it went in fairly easy
    [03:02:18] darwin: snipe one more thing to notice
    [03:02:42] darwin: your hole itself should feel good
    [03:03:03] darwin: you can try a really gentle little squeeze of it with your hole
    [03:03:54] darwin: its for advanced because it takes more developed muscles to get it really moving
    [03:04:03] darwin: (involuntarily)
    [03:04:18] snipetownsam: OMG I SQUEEZED I LOVE SQUEEZING IT
    [03:04:29] darwin: GENTLE
    [03:04:37] snipetownsam: instantly got hard...i was gentle
    [03:04:38] rook: be ever so gentle
    [03:04:57] snipetownsam: cant squeeze any less gentle
    [03:05:13] rook: nice
    [03:05:28] rumel: Yes gentle so you don't squish the emerging sensations
    [03:06:19] Human Being: hey guys, didn't realise i was so tired
    [03:06:55] rook: just the most tenderness of your breath
    [03:06:57] Human Being: hey snipes got his toy, whoop!
    [03:07:24] rook: drink-in and savor
    [03:09:17] rook: relax and allow the pleasure to swell in your bosom
    [03:10:40] Human Being: sorry i missed the start snipes, my body just shut down...
    [03:13:20] Human Being: you guys are awesome for doing this
    [03:14:12] Human Being: helping him out, and omg its past 3 in the morning
    [03:14:32] darwin: not here in philly its not
    [03:16:59] Human Being: thats o.k then, i always kinda feel like i'm bein a bit naughty stayin up at this time, though i do work nights
    [03:17:37] rumel: It's fun to be naughty isn't it?
    [03:17:58] Human Being: yup, you got hat right
    [03:18:09] Human Being: that*
    [03:19:25] Human Being: i think snipe might be quite enjoying himself now?
    [03:19:51] bigguy: when peeple get quiet they are usually busy L O L
    [03:20:02] rumel: and what is "naughty" anyway? It's just doing something that breaks with traditionally accepted social behaviors,
    [03:20:35] rumel: it's not like you are harming anybody or anything by what you choose to enjoy.
    [03:20:52] bigguy: agreed rumel
    [03:29:15] ten_s_nut: Good evening, gents.
    [03:29:34] rumel: Hi ten
    [03:30:06] bigguy: hey tens
    [03:30:10] Human Being: agreed also, hi tens a nut
    [03:30:38] bigguy: he is indeed!!
    [03:31:04] ten_s_nut: Did sam get his Progasm?
    [03:31:22] bigguy: yep
    [03:31:32] bigguy: we are hearing all about it
    [03:32:02] Human Being: just so you know, i read yesterdays history, you guys crack me up
    [03:32:04] ten_s_nut: He's getting some results on the 1st try?
    [03:32:32] Human Being: ha tens math teacher was a sphincter L O L
    [03:32:54] ten_s_nut: HB; so was my stat prof
    [03:33:16] Human Being: L O L, my german teacher too
    [03:33:20] ten_s_nut: ...something about numbers guys, I guess
    [03:33:46] ten_s_nut: ...and Germans
    [03:34:10] Human Being: possible, needs more research
    [03:35:05] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [03:35:27] Human Being: i thought it might be a good time to get on here with snipes as i'm a bit of a noob also
    [03:35:50] ten_s_nut: so... what is happening w/ sam?
    [03:35:56] artform: Great group and convo underway again tonight!!
    [03:36:10] Human Being: i thought i could help but you guys have got it well covered
    [03:36:25] artform: How are things going with Human Being??
    [03:37:58] artform: Read the History here now...: and here we were trying rehabilitate the poor rep of ass holes!
    [03:38:17] ten_s_nut: I was here for part of that last night,
    [03:40:13] artform: and earlier today tens!!
    [03:40:56] artform: What else in on minds while we await sam?...
    [03:41:19] artform: *is on minds...
    [03:42:45] artform: quiet....pensive crowd....
    [03:43:00] rumel: 'a' 'snipe' is already here or he may actually be in another universe currently, I'm sure he'll return when the mood moves...
    [03:43:30] artform: waiting for the gleaming balls to fall.....................
    [03:43:45] artform: and.....
    [03:45:22] artform: (understand rum ...just thought we could relieve the focus and pressure on him)..........
    [03:46:48] artform: ...and carry on hearing from each other on other ideas, experiences and questions....
    [03:47:31] ten_s_nut: Not much new here, Art. Same old, same old, which is good. I know, I'm boring.
    [03:47:53] artform: Never boring Dave!!
    [03:48:53] ten_s_nut:
    [03:48:59] artform: "Same old" at your house Dave is an inspiration to the world!!
    [03:49:35] ten_s_nut: Things get to be routine -- still fun, but routine.
    [03:51:29] artform: Indeed Dave, and important to find fresh fizz to recharge the core practices from time to time!!
    [03:52:07] ten_s_nut: agreed
    [03:54:18] Human Being: sorry, artform. wasn't trying to be rude, my comp shutdown for updates
    [03:54:59] Human Being: and evryone, now that i have an great sandwich in my hand, i'm happy
    [03:55:08] artform: Hi again HB, no problem, thanks.
    [03:56:02] twlltin: Argh! I sit down, thinking I'll wait a little for snipetwnsam to arrive
    [03:56:08] bigguy: ok i am back again
    [03:56:09] twlltin: I do a chair 'less
    [03:56:16] twlltin: I fall asleep in office chair.
    [03:56:20] bigguy: bet ya didnt even know i was gone L O L
    [03:56:24] twlltin: I really ought to know better.
    [03:56:28] bigguy: hey its twll
    [03:56:32] artform: Great T!!!
    [03:56:35] snipetownsam: 11:30 update
    [03:56:36] twlltin: Hi big
    [03:56:38] bigguy: good morning twll!!!!
    [03:56:51] Human Being: hey twll!
    [03:56:55] ten_s_nut: Hey, twll.
    [03:56:58] artform: Thanks bigguy!
    [03:57:04] ten_s_nut: Hey, sam. wassup?
    [03:57:09] bigguy: twll is my rock
    [03:57:14] twlltin: artform: I think I've found out that I have some sort of left-right muscle control on the mid section of the PC muscle
    [03:57:20] imperium: Wowza, full room tonight.
    [03:57:28] bigguy: hey imp
    [03:57:29] Human Being: hey artform, just read history, i believe i can provide you with some entertainment
    [03:57:38] artform: Ah T!!!
    [03:57:57] artform: Please do HB!! :laugh:
    [03:58:16] twlltin: It's a bunch of favourite uncles waiting in next room to hear of nephew's Aneros cherry being broken.
    [03:58:32] artform: How did it manifest twlltin??
    [03:58:38] bigguy: squish squish
    [03:59:07] Human Being: o.k first go to forum general discussion, 'help to shed light', and i'll also send PM
    [03:59:12] twlltin: art: I seem to be able to rock the PC squeeze from side to side
    [03:59:20] imperium: Hah twill when u put it that way, it sounds creepy L O L, but yes people get excited to hear other's starting out, it reminds
    [03:59:23] ten_s_nut: sam? Hello?
    [03:59:26] imperium: them of when they were starting out.
    [03:59:26] artform: excellent
    [03:59:36] artform: sureHB, will do
    [04:00:21] Human Being: i only just found out how to contract my p.c muscles this morning
    [04:00:48] Human Being: see, my sesh was not a dud after all
    [04:00:57] Human Being: L O L
    [04:01:12] rook: bb: congragts on taking control of he PCs -- nice work
    [04:01:45] imperium: A "dud" is only in your mind, trust the fact that your body is learning, even if you are not yet.
    [04:01:57] twlltin: I think I got 95% of the way to a full chairgasm, with the sensations spreading out all over body, when I zonked out.
    [04:02:46] snipetownsam: more time
    [04:02:50] twlltin: I do remember them starting to spread.
    [04:02:54] ten_s_nut: twll; close counts in horseshoes, but Aneros? Maybe.
    [04:02:55] twlltin: Hi sam
    [04:03:28] bigguy: sam i am
    [04:03:31] twlltin: "More research needed."
    [04:03:40] snipetownsam: 1130
    [04:03:42] rook: :laugh:
    [04:03:48] bigguy: green eggs and ham
    [04:03:56] Human Being: yeah i get the same feeling when i seem to have bad drumming sessions
    [04:03:59] imperium: Close, tho it may not "count" by definitions people set, but fun nontheless..
    [04:04:09] Human Being: i invariably learn something
    [04:04:19] rook: snipe: granted, then we'll send in the rescue divers :biggrin:
    [04:04:37] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [04:05:05] rook: this is a total immersion drill !
    [04:08:32] rook: 13 people on a weeknite --- this place has more folk than my shower has ants (speck of shea butter under attack) :blushin:
    [04:11:06] Human Being: were just lucky i guess
    [04:11:44] Human Being: i'm runnin up and down the stairs at the mo, don't mind me!
    [04:12:47] imperium: Rook, the godamn ants are all over my shower also, they have some pathway from outside & thats thier entrance...
    [04:13:10] imperium: every time you turn the hot water on expect a bunch of them to get pissed off & come swarming out.
    [04:13:19] artform: rook :laugh:
    [04:14:03] artform: Another guy and I on here used to refer to "scrotum ants" during some energies experiments!!
    [04:15:02] ten_s_nut: (we call 'em "crabs")
    [04:15:12] artform: Human Being, have you tried running up and down stairs with your aneros in??? I really get off doing that!! ZZZZOOOOOOMMMMMMM
    [04:15:28] Human Being: nope
    [04:15:31] taran: :laugh:
    [04:16:00] artform: Ours were not corporeal Dave!! :laugh: :laugh:
    [04:16:03] Human Being: can't though, i live with other people, actaully ones fro new england
    [04:16:30] Human Being: L O L
    [04:17:48] Human Being: any thoughts artform?
    [04:18:17] artform: a dilemma indeed, though you can get the effects even if fully clothed. I have worn my Vice in while driving to and from...
    [04:18:39] artform: and strolling through the mall!!! Smiling all the way!!!
    [04:18:51] Human Being: L O L
    [04:19:14] Human Being: kooky guys, brilliant
    [04:20:07] rook: Vice went to the grocery a couple of weeks ago -- did disconnect the remote for the vibe and left it at home --
    [04:20:44] artform: spoilsport :biggrin: :laugh:
    [04:20:48] Human Being: what i actually meant was on my own experience so far
    [04:21:35] twlltin: Maximus has visited my local Sainsburys (supermarket).
    [04:21:36] ten_s_nut: I caution against driving a car with Aneros inside you. It's distracting, to say the least.
    [04:21:53] Human Being: and dudes, may try it myself one day
    [04:22:13] imperium: Art reminds me of the post ( i forget the user) that used his eupho at a hotel & went and made freinds @ the hot-tub,
    [04:22:39] imperium: eventuallt secretly telling one of the toehr hotel patrons in the end, it was a interesting post to read, no doubt.
    [04:24:23] artform: Tens, I would only do it with my soft, conforming, flexible, adaptable, pliant Vice for such an adventure and I do not get...
    [04:24:46] artform: distracted, just abstracted!! :laugh:
    [04:25:43] artform: Great twlltin at Sainsbury's!!
    [04:26:11] artform: I like the one Lord Fsoter did for them!!
    [04:26:30] Human Being: i don't think i'm as brave as you guys
    [04:26:32] twlltin: I got nothing more than a few p-waves from the outing with Maximus.
    [04:27:50] artform: Interesting T; that is what I got primarily while driving, yet walking set up a flow of energies and a microcosmic...
    [04:28:01] Human Being: we sending out the rescue divers yet?
    [04:28:10] rook: multitasking is a matter of mindfulness --
    [04:28:15] artform: orbit that was sustainable back home.
    [04:28:36] bsmith14: twll, why are you still awake?
    [04:28:51] artform: indeed rook
    [04:28:59] snipetownsam: 1130
    [04:29:12] Human Being: yeah why are we three u.k guys still awake?
    [04:29:17] Human Being: L O L
    [04:29:58] twlltin: I'm still awake as I slept earlier in chair, having been on my way to a chairgasm, waiting for sam to report in.
    [04:30:04] Human Being: what does 1130 mean?
    [04:30:04] bsmith14: ok, snipe give us a report
    [04:30:22] twlltin: @HB: There's only thee and me in UK at the moment.
    [04:30:28] artform: and the great plateau is that where you can allow your observer to function naturally in the world...
    [04:30:51] Human Being: oh i thought bsmith, oh wait hes east u.s
    [04:30:56] artform: without causing great orgasmic energies to shut down or fade......!!!!
    [04:31:13] Human Being: just you an me then
    [04:31:19] Human Being: coolz
    [04:31:29] artform: 11:31 pm here in EST land
    [04:31:41] snipetownsam: just a sec
    [04:31:54] artform: I'm southern Ontario Canada HB.
    [04:32:04] Human Being: 4.31am here
    [04:32:17] artform: understand
    [04:32:19] Human Being: west midlands here
    [04:32:50] artform: my ancestors were from Stoke-on-Trent area
    [04:33:13] Human Being: how aboot that
    [04:33:31] rook: we should hold early reveille on Pommie (AUs) and Voyager (Thailand) to encircle the globe
    [04:33:48] artform: indeed rook!!
    [04:34:11] Human Being: how many timezones across the u.s?
    [04:34:30] artform: As with the planet-circling p-waves of our Full Moon Club!
    [04:34:38] ten_s_nut: 5, counting Hawaii
    [04:34:46] rook: six if you include Hawaii, Alaska and the small amount in the Atlantic zone
    [04:35:08] ten_s_nut: oops, forgot Alaska; 6
    [04:35:29] Human Being: wow thats nut's, unimaginable
    [04:35:44] Human Being: whoop, whoop!
    [04:36:03] Human Being: just realised it's friday, been paid
    [04:36:12] rook: makes for quick-easy phone calls since we're all in one country-code
    [04:36:15] Human Being: can go an get some tobacco
    [04:36:19] artform: :laugh:
    [04:36:43] Human Being: what is it 555 --- ---
    [04:36:49] snipetownsam: hey boys
    [04:36:57] artform: yes....
    [04:37:01] Human Being: thats how it is on the movies
    [04:37:02] rook: hey snipe...sam
    [04:37:19] snipetownsam: how are you all doing this splendind evening
    [04:37:20] Human Being: hey snipe, ok?
    [04:37:29] Human Being: fine
    [04:37:34] artform: elevated
    [04:37:36] snipetownsam: im ok i was videochatting with gf
    [04:37:51] Human Being: tobacco deficient, but ok
    [04:37:54] artform: very nice
    [04:38:03] rook: cool -- nice to remember her rite now
    [04:38:10] snipetownsam: progasm is still in my rectum!!
    [04:38:22] artform: cozy eh
    [04:38:23] snipetownsam: been 2 hours straight
    [04:38:37] ten_s_nut: cool
    [04:38:41] Human Being: gonna go garage, back soon, and happiest of tidings to you snipes
    [04:38:48] snipetownsam: thank you
    [04:39:18] artform: so your choice was wise
    [04:39:51] snipetownsam: i had dry o's
    [04:40:08] rook: so, is this just a, "...been there, done that, no big thing, can take it or leave it.." ???
    [04:40:11] artform: right out of the box!
    [04:40:25] Human Being: grr, he's doin better than me L O L
    [04:40:25] rook: figured that wud happen when you reported the penis tingle
    [04:40:30] snipetownsam: 1 sec im pulling it out
    [04:40:56] artform: right on rook!!
    [04:41:42] snipetownsam: brb
    [04:41:47] rook: --- beat my time to dry-Os by seven months
    [04:42:00] artform: :laugh:
    [04:42:11] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [04:42:21] ten_s_nut: It's not a race, dude
    [04:42:36] artform:
    [04:42:44] Human Being: ok has anyone seen my other shoe?
    [04:43:01] artform: :laugh:
    [04:43:07] Human Being: ah there it is
    [04:43:10] rook: OGG, how did that get here ??
    [04:43:42] Human Being: L O L speek in a bit
    [04:44:04] artform: Welcome to the Special Spatial Temporal Games!!
    [04:48:01] snipetownsam: i felt like cumming but id contract and it wouldnt happen
    [04:48:50] snipetownsam: my butt took the progasm fairly well...the tip was the hardest part and after the tip it slid right in
    [04:48:57] artform: during session or while taking it out?...
    [04:49:18] snipetownsam: putting it in and taking it out...session it felt fine
    [04:49:24] artform: great sam!!
    [04:49:39] ten_s_nut: Good start, bro
    [04:49:57] snipetownsam: i pulled it out and was like why is it still feeling weird....i only got over the first hump L O L the biggest part still need
    [04:49:59] snipetownsam: ed to come out L O L
    [04:50:17] snipetownsam: wait an hour for what?
    [04:50:22] rook: grand session -- may they all bit as grand
    [04:50:45] snipetownsam: had poop on it after i wasnt thrilled L O L
    [04:50:51] artform: It is a two humped camel man!! hmy: hmy: :laugh: :laugh:
    [04:51:03] snipetownsam: yes it is L O L
    [04:52:01] snipetownsam: any other questions about the session?
    [04:52:04] ten_s_nut: sam; that's why I douche first
    [04:52:32] snipetownsam: wasnt bad tho
    [04:53:10] snipetownsam: i had one twitch
    [04:53:21] ten_s_nut: I like it pop out clean and neutral-smelling
    [04:53:34] artform: after that length of time it can have a suppository effect and draw things down
    [04:54:00] artform: speaking from some experience
    [04:54:10] snipetownsam: my knee twitched
    [04:54:47] artform: nice
    [04:54:53] ten_s_nut: that's a start, sam, assuming you want the thrashing business
    [04:55:07] snipetownsam: yes
    [04:55:43] Human Being: my first session, i thrashed too much, nearly flew off me bed
    [04:55:56] artform: :biggrin:
    [04:55:58] Human Being: that would've hurt
    [04:56:25] imperium: I clean before all my sessions also, helps to get in that state of mind beforehand. It's all personal preferance...
    [04:56:35] artform: Congratulations and welcome snipetownsam!!!
    [04:56:41] rook: treat this as a banquet --- plenty of actions to pick and choose from --- give 'em all a try
    [04:56:43] snipetownsam: thank you <3<br />[04:56:54] artform: Good Night All!
    [04:56:57] Human Being: trying to take a somewhat calmer aproach now
    [04:57:15] artform: Sweet Dreams and After Effects!!
    [04:57:22] rook: nite all --- and for snipe: nice dreams guys
    [04:57:29] snipetownsam: if i didnt just scrub put it back in L O L
    [04:57:35] Human Being: your right rook, after three sessions i'm still bewildered by the range of sensations
    [04:57:39] snipetownsam: after effects????????
    [04:57:50] rook: snipe: tomorrow give us a report on "Butt
    [04:57:53] rook: Buzz"
    [04:57:55] Human Being: nite rook
    [04:58:03] artform: The choice between Active-Body and Still-Body is a great cjoice to have.
    [04:58:07] snipetownsam: butt buzz??
    [04:58:19] artform: and more
    [04:58:20] ten_s_nut: TTFN, rook
    [04:59:09] artform: chairgasms etc... BUTT: no expectations, just be open to whatever might happen :biggrin:
    [04:59:13] snipetownsam: what is butt buzz?
    [04:59:38] artform: See the Glossary in the Wiki :laugh:
    [04:59:42] snipetownsam: ok
    [04:59:47] artform: bye for now
    [04:59:54] ten_s_nut: sam; it's the echo effect the next day

    12:00 am EST 2/17/2012

    [05:00:21] Human Being: i've been having sometimes, real nice spasms
    [05:00:52] Human Being: or when a stretch, and my skin feels sensitive
    [05:01:12] Human Being: really comforting
    [05:01:47] Human Being: elevated moods sometimes
    [05:01:55] Human Being: nice surprises
    [05:02:25] ten_s_nut: sam; you may feel a kind of "humming" in the prostate area
    [05:02:40] ten_s_nut: ...or pulsations
    [05:02:45] imperium: There have been times that I have gotten adreanile rushes from other sources such as snowboarding ETC & then
    [05:03:06] imperium: all of a sudden out of nowhere a little chain of mini o's comes on from nowhere,
    [05:03:27] imperium: it sees the excitement the rest of my body is in and "OHHH OOH OOHHH let me join in on the fun"
    [05:03:42] snipetownsam: hehe
    [05:03:43] ten_s_nut: exactly
    [05:03:55] snipetownsam: anyone else have difficulty getting the head of the progasm in?
    [05:04:16] ten_s_nut: Vice, here, and , no.
    [05:04:18] imperium: Practially everone has that difficulty sam
    [05:04:35] Human Being: i have difficulty with my sgx, never mind that
    [05:04:42] imperium: vice is softer, not quite the same dyanimic.
    [05:04:55] snipetownsam: after the head it was easy
    [05:04:57] ten_s_nut: The Fun Factory Duke on the other hand is one messy bastard to insert.
    [05:05:19] snipetownsam: L O L it was funny i pulled it out and i was like OMG HOW MUCH IS IN THERE felt like an eternity haha
    [05:05:22] Human Being: i'm guessing thats a biggie
    [05:05:26] imperium: It will become less difficult as you get more used to relaxing and expecting it, to some degree.
    [05:05:38] ten_s_nut: HB; yes.
    [05:05:49] Human Being: inches?
    [05:05:56] snipetownsam: 4.5
    [05:06:18] imperium: The toy ten's reffering to is an even more crazy shape than the pro & i can imagine how wierd it is to insert. >.<<br />[05:06:35] ten_s_nut: HB: FUN FACTORY Vibratoren | Dildos | Smartballs - Kategorien
    [05:07:04] ten_s_nut: Hey, carla!
    [05:07:22] snipetownsam: goodnight
    [05:07:52] Human Being: wow exotic tens
    [05:07:54] ten_s_nut: Nite-nite, sam
    [05:09:06] ten_s_nut: HB; same effects as Vice, except deeper. I can't recommend it due to difficulty.
    [05:09:12] Human Being: i had this one Bad Boy Vibrating Prostate Massager - Free UK Delivery on Male Prostate Toys at Lovehoney
    [05:09:52] Human Being: prefer my sgx though, alot! though that wasn't bad at all
    [05:11:16] ten_s_nut: I'm back. Yeah, read a lot of poor reviews on that one, HB
    [05:12:02] Human Being: it wasn't cofortable
    [05:12:34] ten_s_nut: That's what I've read and that it won't stay in place by itself.
    [05:13:01] imperium: Iver heard poor things about the "bad boy & rude boy also"
    [05:13:05] Human Being: nope, and past the big bump seemed too far
    [05:13:39] Human Being: sgx rules
    [05:15:17] ten_s_nut: I don't have SGX. Mine are Vice, Helix, Eupho, and Peridise Advanced.
    [05:15:41] Human Being: i got sgx because i'm only 5ft tall
    [05:15:49] Human Being: it's perfect
    [05:15:57] ten_s_nut: Makes sense.
    [05:16:39] Human Being: when i first saw it, i thought hmm this is small, but it is absolutely perfect
    [05:17:07] Human Being: i enjoy it alot
    [05:17:20] ten_s_nut: Glad to hear that
    [05:17:33] Human Being: and the unexpected benefits that go with
    [05:22:02] Human Being: i'm guessing twlltins gone back to sleep
    [05:22:24] ten_s_nut: I hope so. Kinda late for you guys
    [05:22:27] imperium: mgx, pro & now tempo is my collection.
    [05:22:44] ten_s_nut: imp; Like the Tempo?
    [05:22:58] Human Being: i'm intigued by the tempo
    [05:23:08] Human Being: intrigued*
    [05:23:17] Human Being: might be my next one
    [05:23:20] imperium: It's vastly different from pro & mgx thats for sure.
    [05:23:22] ten_s_nut: fuck typos
    [05:23:37] Human Being: yeah!
    [05:23:40] ten_s_nut: Super-O with it?
    [05:24:01] imperium: No not yet, some crazy fun O's tho.
    [05:24:15] imperium: it has a whole different movement from the others
    [05:24:25] ten_s_nut: Does it reach your prostate?
    [05:24:30] imperium: feels like its going back & down, not up & forward.
    [05:24:56] imperium: reach & contact noticably? No
    [05:25:34] imperium: does it do that delightfull light tickle every so often that has you guessing if id did it or if i imagined it? yes, absolute
    [05:26:31] imperium: The cool steel takes much longer to warm to body tempature also, which is new.
    [05:29:10] ten_s_nut: It's been nice chatting, gents, but I've gotta go. Cheers!
    [05:29:31] ten_s_nut: (...and lady)
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 12:30am EST 2/17/12 through 6am EST 2/17/12

    [05:30:07] MultiOrgasmMan: Evening all
    [05:30:18] imperium: Take care ten.
    [05:30:23] imperium: Evening Multi
    [05:30:41] Human Being: bye tens
    [05:30:54] Human Being: evening mom
    [05:31:13] Human Being: or should i say morning?
    [05:31:13] MultiOrgasmMan: What's up?
    [05:31:26] imperium: HB, just now finidhes class work & sitting down to read your 1'st post.
    [05:31:46] imperium: So you kno you are not the only young user active, I'm 22 also
    [05:32:07] imperium: Wait erhm i mean 23 now, that first few days you always forget ya know....
    [05:32:13] Human Being: ok cool thats nice to know thnx
    [05:32:35] MultiOrgasmMan: Imp how was your initiation to the tempo?
    [05:32:59] imperium: It was fun, different for sure, but fun no doubt
    [05:33:14] imperium: the motion it makes is way different from the others
    [05:33:17] MultiOrgasmMan: Fun?
    [05:33:29] imperium: like a down & back rather than the u[ & foreward in used to...
    [05:33:44] imperium: *up & foreward.
    [05:34:07] MultiOrgasmMan: Sensations?
    [05:34:15] MultiOrgasmMan: O's?
    [05:34:28] imperium: O's yeah, super, no
    [05:34:52] imperium: it triggers that light tickle sensation often
    [05:35:17] imperium: a sensation i only ever get from the others when i am about to finish by a "hands on " approach
    [05:35:26] MultiOrgasmMan: In a good way?
    [05:35:50] imperium: the 1st time that sensation cam out of nowhere i was a little worrid i was goin go HFWO & grabbed the towel in
    [05:35:53] imperium: perperation
    [05:36:00] Human Being: ive written something else aswell imp, it describes my first two sessions with sgx PM you?
    [05:36:11] imperium: Yes in a good way, just not at all waht i expected.
    [05:38:48] Human Being: i'll send it now, just go to your inbox imp
    [05:39:47] imperium: Indeed.
    [05:40:32] imperium: Looks like multi Dropped his connection... thats waht u get for trying to run this chat on a ipod toutch's web browser....
    [05:42:48] Human Being: have you read my 1st post then, any thoughts?
    [05:44:49] Human Being: my IExplorer struggles with this, i'm in google chrome at mo
    [05:44:53] MultiOrgasmMan: Back
    [05:45:08] Human Being: hey dude
    [05:45:35] Human Being: browser dropped out?
    [05:45:44] imperium: WB
    [05:45:49] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi Human Being nice to meet you
    [05:46:34] MultiOrgasmMan: Thanks IMO
    [05:46:52] Human Being: you too dude
    [05:46:55] MultiOrgasmMan: Imp
    [05:47:41] Human Being: just goin on forums a bit to peruse
    [05:47:49] MultiOrgasmMan: What you guys been chatting about tonite?
    [05:48:43] imperium: Not much I'm reading HB's 1st post (hes kinda new) so that i may have any insight to give him
    [05:48:55] imperium:
    [05:49:29] MultiOrgasmMan: I lost the forums in the hack so I can't get them unless I have a link
    [05:50:03] MultiOrgasmMan: That sucks
    [05:50:27] Human Being: hold on is bigguy, linghaman?
    [05:50:53] imperium: Nope
    [05:51:05] imperium: He's listed as bigguy on thic chat room
    [05:51:22] imperium: Finished reading your post HB.
    [05:51:27] MultiOrgasmMan: I'll read it and brb
    [05:51:40] Human Being: yup, thoughts?
    [05:51:50] imperium: you asked for insight or advice, mine is to make you sessions like you would if you were drumming.
    [05:52:31] imperium: im sure timt to time you find a little riff that's entertaing even tho it's easy to do & not rreall good prectice but for
    [05:52:51] imperium: some reason playing that little rif is fun and enteratingin in a way you cant describe.
    [05:52:57] Human Being: just focus on one thing at a time would be my aproach to that
    [05:53:19] imperium: anseros is the same way if you ever stumble uppon something you like, then really learn it and know why it is you like it.
    [05:53:27] Human Being: singularity breeds competance and confidence
    [05:53:42] imperium: doing your best to note little reilizations on the way is the real key to unlocking the big picture.
    [05:53:44] Human Being: makes sense
    [05:53:59] Human Being: like figuring out texas blues
    [05:54:03] Human Being: LOL
    [05:54:32] imperium: I suppose, idk i'm not that big on musical knowedge.
    [05:54:39] Human Being: you have to learnt why it works though, often playing it is the easy part
    [05:55:19] Human Being: well i'm gonna start a blog and draw from my musical experience, alot seems analogous
    [05:55:27] Human Being: to playing the drums
    [05:56:30] Human Being: i've sent a message to your inbox aswell, so you can see how i'm gettin on
    [05:56:38] imperium: It is, and as you progess furthur you will no doubt find more usefull paralells
    [05:56:45] Human Being: brines a cool guy
    [05:57:37] imperium: The paralell i always wind up comming back to is that of meditation and of yogic philosiphy.
    [05:57:52] Human Being: there's a hell of alot of parrelels, i think it's good because i may be able to explain a bit more
    [05:58:10] imperium: practically every day i wind up reading somehting in one text or another & it makes SOOOOOO much sence to me, from aneros
    [05:58:14] Human Being: and help the new guys starting out such as myself
    [05:58:29] imperium: practice then i go to class to discuss them with others and they are lost ant in
    [05:58:52] imperium: and it never ceases to ammaze me how much i understand without actuall;y having learned such things.
    [05:59:10] imperium: its all "intuitiave" as you could say.
    [05:59:48] Human Being: yup, but i would say that there is a major difference to understanding and actually doing it
    [05:59:58] Human Being: big difference
    [06:00:05] imperium: yes
    [06:00:39] imperium: Like for the longest time when i started aneros i thought everything i was dong was wron og or that i would label any feeling
    [06:01:16] imperium: i got immeidatly, under the nothin that A>B>C>D>E>F>G & so on
    [06:01:30] imperium: thus is what i experincing is A then i sghould see B next.
    [06:01:42] imperium: When in reality it does not work that way.
    [06:02:16] imperium: in fact some people wind up crazy "llucky" and start @ Z with a huge super O, then have no clue how they got there.
    [06:03:29] Human Being: all i can say from my own account is no matter if i don't get closer to orgasm, i learn something new
    [06:03:36] imperium: the expectation that a given sensation was next was killing my progess, and whn i finally learned to let go and forget about.
    [06:03:59] imperium: naming yet learned how to note origins of feelings that was the bigest breakthrough.
    [06:04:00] MultiOrgasmMan: I'm back again
    [06:04:09] imperium: WB
    [06:04:17] MultiOrgasmMan: Nice post HB
    [06:04:29] Human Being: alright dude, thnx
    [06:04:36] Human Being: thoughts?
    [06:05:01] MultiOrgasmMan: Have you used your sgx yet?
    [06:05:17] Human Being: yup 3 times
    [06:05:47] MultiOrgasmMan: Tell me what it's like for you
    [06:06:05] Human Being: on my second, it felt like the thing was fucking me, brilliant
    [06:06:30] Human Being: thought i was close to orgasm, then it just kept building
    [06:06:41] Human Being: and building
    [06:06:49] Human Being: and then i lost it
    [06:06:57] MultiOrgasmMan: And then?
    [06:07:27] Human Being: not much, after awhile called it a night
    [06:08:02] Human Being: i'm a drummer, and usually i can tell which mental ball i drpped
    [06:08:07] Human Being: not then
    [06:08:08] MultiOrgasmMan: How were the feelings, the sensations?
    [06:08:10] Human Being: though
    [06:08:51] imperium: Knowing when your mind does & does not have the ablility to focus on the session is a great tool to have.
    [06:08:55] Human Being: great, very enjoyable, i was moaning alot, bucking about
    [06:09:10] Human Being: it was good
    [06:09:38] imperium: If you feel you've lost it and have the time on your hands, i encourage you time to time to just rest with it in after you
    [06:09:47] Human Being: it took me awhile to realise that it was just extrenuous thoughts that got in the way
    [06:09:56] imperium: drop the ball, it lets your body integrate what it has learned as it calms down.
    [06:10:12] Human Being: okies
    [06:11:00] Human Being: your conscious mind can only tolerate a couple of thoughts at once
    [06:11:06] MultiOrgasmMan: And you learn those sensations and enjoy each one
    [06:11:14] imperium: And a huge part (for me at least) of keeping that ball rolling when you feel it slow down is to fantasize.
    [06:11:45] imperium: pick a fun fantast and let it play out in your mind, it may bring you back into it furthur than before.
    [06:11:45] Human Being: thats why it's so important to focus because you unconscious mind is linked
    [06:12:12] Human Being: i don't really have fantasies i don't think
    [06:12:26] Human Being: hot blonde possible
    [06:12:29] MultiOrgasmMan: I just keep going without fantasizing , just enjoy each sensation
    [06:12:39] imperium: Exactly it's like the mucle memory of drumming, your body needs the practive of knowind where the drums and symols are so
    [06:12:53] imperium: that your mind can focus on reading the musc sheet ETC.
    [06:13:49] Human Being: yes exactly, if you yourself try an exert too much control, it's like putting thoughts in there that cut the links
    [06:14:03] imperium: if any of my countless typos confuse anyone let me know & ill clarify, i fail @ typing i know LOL
    [06:14:46] Human Being: don't worry i understand (just LOL)
    [06:15:15] imperium: Spoiled ass youngsters using computers all the time getting lazy with thier typing LOL
    [06:15:16] MultiOrgasmMan: Just to let you know a little about me, I learned about mmo by a different method, then I discovered the aneros toys.
    [06:15:37] Human Being: yup go on
    [06:15:47] MultiOrgasmMan: I've been using both for about 10 years now
    [06:15:56] imperium: Multi is a great teacher, one of his insighes got me beyond a hurdle i was stuck on long ago.
    [06:16:58] MultiOrgasmMan: Really imp. What was that?
    [06:19:44] MultiOrgasmMan: I guess I'll never know:-)
    [06:19:52] imperium: Was @ a stopping point in my progress, happened to stop by chat room when you were here.
    [06:20:04] Human Being: yeah may help me dude
    [06:20:42] imperium: You took me throu a KSMO excersize for Pernium based pleasure, i learned to focus on it more and shortly after i began
    [06:20:52] MultiOrgasmMan: Glad to help anyte
    [06:21:11] imperium: gettin O's from aneros consistantly, on que rather than randomly & unexpectedly.
    [06:22:17] MultiOrgasmMan: I remember that night, I'm glad I could help
    [06:22:30] imperium: Slow responses i know, sorry, once again its a prouduct of my generation.
    [06:23:00] imperium: literaly do NOT have the ability to not do multiple things @ one time... made even worst when on a PC.
    [06:23:15] MultiOrgasmMan: You were pretty frustrated with your lack of profess if I remember correctly
    [06:23:25] imperium: Born multitasking, gonna die doing it too.
    [06:23:46] Human Being: on a side note, mental focus itself has not become any easier over the years,
    [06:23:56] imperium: I'd been in & out of good stages, but that time was definatly a period of low water so to say.
    [06:24:06] Human Being: but the abilaty to exercise it has
    [06:24:44] Human Being: we're men, we don't multitask
    [06:24:56] Human Being: we multi orgasm LOL
    [06:24:57] MultiOrgasmMan: Practice and patience and relaxing
    [06:25:18] imperium: LOL hb
    [06:25:20] Human Being: yup exactly
    [06:25:43] MultiOrgasmMan: I luv it. HB
    [06:26:36] MultiOrgasmMan: Can I quote you on that?????
    [06:26:53] Human Being: yup ofcourse
    [06:28:15] Human Being: ok gonna peruse forums for little while, see if i find owt interesting
    [06:30:06] MultiOrgasmMan: I think I'll write a song with that title. "we're men. We don't multi task. We multi orgasm"
    [06:31:03] MultiOrgasmMan: And the guy who came up with the title can play drums
    [06:31:45] imperium: LOL
    [06:34:04] MultiOrgasmMan: I think we lost him
    [06:35:06] MultiOrgasmMan: How goes your journey now imp? Sounds like its going pretty well
    [06:36:34] imperium: I've been to the ends of the earth so to say.
    [06:36:48] imperium: just trying to figure out tempo more now.
    [06:37:00] imperium: & perhaps get into that thrashin super state.
    [06:37:05] MultiOrgasmMan: Cool!!
    [06:37:23] imperium: calm seas have sadly become a bit of a thing of the past.
    [06:37:38] MultiOrgasmMan: Been there before?
    [06:37:58] imperium: body retains too much energy theese days to settl down into those low enegy stated of bliss.
    [06:38:58] MultiOrgasmMan: I LOVE the the thrashing o's!!!!!!
    [06:40:41] MultiOrgasmMan: I haven't experienced the low energy ones either
    [06:41:11] imperium: For the longest time no matter what i would end up in the calm seas.
    [06:41:39] imperium: but since then my sessions have taken a development and there is little down time, it all melds into 1 seamless expereince
    [06:42:00] imperium: no longer do i hit thoose low & calm staes of being
    [06:43:26] MultiOrgasmMan: The high energy ones are so great, why try (for now)?
    [06:43:58] Human Being: hey, i don't just play drums, i can play guitar, piano an harmonica
    [06:44:19] Human Being: though sadly not all at the same time LOL
    [06:44:44] MultiOrgasmMan: An all around great musician!!
    [06:45:18] Human Being: sortof, have you read the fucking poem? i forget who wrote it
    [06:45:44] Human Being: i was thinking putting some chords to it
    [06:45:58] Human Being: would be cool
    [06:46:18] Human Being: the songs i write are mainly just for fun anyways
    [06:46:30] imperium: Yes multi i've given up on trying to get where i was before, i'm confident that i'll get back there eventually it's just a
    [06:46:32] MultiOrgasmMan: I can play a harp, dobro, mandolin, native American flute, guitar and of course --- a kazoo!!
    [06:46:44] imperium: constant change of state of being, just like life.
    [06:46:57] Human Being: wow another musician, brill!!
    [06:47:29] imperium: gotta deal with it as it happens the more you regret or long for the past, the less you experince what's currently happening.
    [06:47:49] MultiOrgasmMan: Yes imp we all go through our journeys and stages of things
    [06:48:20] MultiOrgasmMan: Well said sir!!!!
    [06:48:33] Human Being: imp, i think the experiences your having you should be content with, it's more than most men experience
    [06:48:43] Human Being: in thier lives
    [06:49:31] Human Being: i wish i was having a calm seas o or dry o
    [06:49:58] Human Being: but from what i've felt so far, i'm confident i'll get there
    [06:49:59] MultiOrgasmMan: And you can get there too HB of you have the time and patience and relaxing
    [06:50:33] MultiOrgasmMan: How's this color?
    [06:51:05] Human Being: nice
    [06:51:17] Human Being: hows this?
    [06:51:40] Human Being: as to our little song multi
    [06:51:48] Human Being: it goes like this
    [06:52:16] MultiOrgasmMan: Focus on the sensations and they will get stronger as you learn your technique
    [06:52:20] Human Being: 2 whole nots in twelve eight A min
    [06:52:31] Human Being: notes*
    [06:52:44] Human Being: two whole notes E sus
    [06:52:53] Human Being: 1 bar G
    [06:53:05] Human Being: thats all i got for now
    [06:53:29] MultiOrgasmMan: I'll try it in the morning
    [06:53:45] Human Being: oh and 2 bars Cadd9
    [06:53:53] Human Being: repeat
    [06:54:21] imperium: HB you will indeed get there. just a mater of dedication.
    [06:54:24] MultiOrgasmMan: Cool
    [06:55:10] MultiOrgasmMan: Do you know the definition of relaxing?
    [06:55:22] MultiOrgasmMan: HB?
    [06:55:23] Human Being: whats that?
    [06:58:04] Human Being: yup whats the definition of relaxing?
    [06:58:41] MultiOrgasmMan: Don't try to do anything, just let your body go. It will know what to do. If you dtry to do things you'll be limiting your
    [06:58:55] MultiOrgasmMan: Wildest dreams!!!
    [07:00:09] MultiOrgasmMan: *ability to have orgasms beyond your wildest dreams
    [07:00:20] Human Being: that's gonna help me, relax? too exited, and also cause i had a quick look at linghamans log
    [07:00:31] Human Being: boy that guy can write
    [07:00:59] MultiOrgasmMan: He's awesome!!!
    [07:01:46] MultiOrgasmMan: Just use that definition of relaxing
    [07:02:18] Human Being: i don't know how he does it, that tome of writing i ca do, but it takes alot of effort
    [07:02:35] Human Being: and time correcting things
    [07:03:02] Human Being: o.k just relax, gotcha
    [07:03:45] MultiOrgasmMan: And your body will learn how to shake and spasm and moan and have nonstop orgasms for hours
    [07:04:09] Human Being: sorry kinda being stuck on loop on my guitar playing razorlight america
    [07:04:47] imperium: Ok gent's im going to be off for the evening, catch you another time.
    [07:05:15] MultiOrgasmMan: Relaxing just means don't try to do anything
    [07:05:22] imperium: HB if you have any questions / concerns feel free to PM any of us you like.
    [07:05:26] imperium: Take care guys.
    [07:05:27] Human Being: good night dude, sweet dreams
    [07:05:28] MultiOrgasmMan: Nite imp
    [07:05:48] MultiOrgasmMan: Thanks , nice chatting
    [07:06:34] Human Being: what's your favourate instrument?
    [07:07:08] MultiOrgasmMan: Guitar
    [07:08:10] Human Being: i've only been playing it a year, but i really enjoy, though not as much as drums or piano
    [07:08:16] Human Being: it*
    [07:08:19] MultiOrgasmMan: I've got mostly acoustics butt a couple of electrics, and one dobro/ resonator
    [07:09:06] Human Being: i've got one gibson electric, and i don't get on with acoustic guitar
    [07:09:17] Human Being: too big
    [07:09:42] Human Being: your favourate guitar?
    [07:10:52] MultiOrgasmMan: About 17 years ago I bought a really nice acoustic -- the nicest sounding guitar I've ever heard
    [07:11:26] MultiOrgasmMan: And it sounds better all the time. It's a Taylor 710
    [07:11:58] MultiOrgasmMan: That's my favorite
    [07:12:03] Human Being: i'll look it up, sounds a bit like when a cello warms up
    [07:12:59] MultiOrgasmMan: You can listen to some instruments on the Taylor website I think
    [07:13:07] Human Being: who's your influences, who you sound like?
    [07:13:27] MultiOrgasmMan: Indian rosewood sounds beautiful
    [07:14:25] Human Being: never heard of it, then again in shell manufacturing theres not many used
    [07:14:30] MultiOrgasmMan: I love bluegrass, and reLly good acoustic music
    [07:14:52] Human Being: do you like simon and garfunkel?
    [07:15:19] Human Being: thats my fave acoustic, i even play a few
    [07:15:47] MultiOrgasmMan: They're ok
    [07:16:17] MultiOrgasmMan: I haven't played any of their songs in a long time
    [07:16:18] Human Being: o.k any fave acoustic of yours? i'll give it a listen
    [07:16:47] Human Being: i'm always on the lookout for new music to fill my head with
    [07:16:48] MultiOrgasmMan: Doc Watson
    [07:17:07] Human Being: okies checkin it out now
    [07:17:46] Human Being: have you seasick steve?
    [07:17:50] MultiOrgasmMan: Great guitar voice smooth as silk
    [07:18:23] MultiOrgasmMan: All that and he is blind
    [07:19:07] Human Being: i like this, deep river blues
    [07:19:33] MultiOrgasmMan: What should I listen to of your faces?
    [07:19:39] MultiOrgasmMan: Who?
    [07:19:56] Human Being: the blind bit makes sense, when i close my eyes, it seems to create more space in my head
    [07:20:04] MultiOrgasmMan: Awesome tune
    [07:20:44] MultiOrgasmMan: Where do you live?
    [07:21:01] Human Being: i can't tell you much of my acoustic since i don't listen to alot, west midlands u.k
    [07:21:26] MultiOrgasmMan: Electric
    [07:21:38] Human Being: one of my fave songs is, forever autumn by moody blues
    [07:22:34] MultiOrgasmMan: I'll check it out this weekend Nite HB. Nice chatting
    [07:23:01] Human Being: thnx, right back at ya
    [07:23:12] Human Being: you off now?
    [07:23:59] MultiOrgasmMan: Remember don't try to do anything. You body will learn well
    [07:24:07] MultiOrgasmMan: Yep
    [07:24:13] MultiOrgasmMan: Nite
    [07:24:29] Human Being: okies thnx for all the advice, night
    [07:26:14] MultiOrgasmMan: Send me a PM or look for me on the chat room usually from about 6am to 9am your time
    [07:26:29] Human Being: okies
    [07:26:45] MultiOrgasmMan: If you have any? S
    [10:17:46] twlltin: morning HB
    [10:18:53] Human Being: morning dude
    [10:19:20] twlltin: carla's probably forgotten she's logged on
    [10:19:40] Human Being: been, drinkings a bit, so if my typing crap u know why
    [10:20:02] twlltin: I must read the history from last night to see how it ended up with sam
    [10:20:09] Human Being: she may have done in her sleep, she logged on last night and didn't put any thing
    [10:20:14] twlltin: But I get the impression he did well with the Progasm
    [10:20:23] Human Being: it went good
    [10:20:39] twlltin: carla is usually quiet unless you ask her a direct question.
    [10:21:38] Human Being: i'm kinda tydying up at mo, so if no reply
    [10:21:56] twlltin: No problem.
    [10:22:22] Human Being: did i mention i been drinkin
    [10:22:30] Human Being: oh yup did
    [10:22:34] Human Being: LOL
    [10:22:55] twlltin: You'll probably need to be sleeping soon too.
    [10:22:55] Human Being: think i might get my hair done today
    [10:23:12] Human Being: nope feel awake
    [10:25:33] Human Being: i slept till bout half three am
    [10:26:01] Human Being: then been on here, met imperium and multi orgasm man
    [10:27:56] Human Being: i came up with a song too
    [10:28:11] Human Being: men don't multi task
    [10:28:23] Human Being: the multi orgasm LOL
    [10:28:28] Human Being: they*
    [10:28:42] twlltin: Interesting... the admins are posting up logs of this chat room.
    [10:28:49] Human Being: got some chords down too
    [10:28:59] Human Being: yeah where?
    [10:29:09] twlltin: in the forum
    [10:29:33] twlltin: They're not caught up to last night, but theres about 3 days worth.
    [10:30:21] twlltin: It shows you how mundane much of the chat here really is.
    [10:31:41] Human Being: whoop whoop! i'm on there!
    [10:31:48] Human Being: i feel famous
    [10:31:51] Human Being: LOL
    [10:34:06] Human Being: wonder why they've put that stuff up?
    [10:34:36] twlltin: dunno
    [10:36:43] Human Being: multis a musician too, twas cool we had something to talk aboot, we both play guitar too
    [10:37:37] twlltin: My sister plays guitar. Not that well nowadays -- lack of practice.
    [10:38:01] Human Being: i don't play that well period
    [10:38:10] Human Being: only played a year
    [10:38:19] Human Being: i play piano better
    [10:38:38] twlltin: She's got some nice guitars. Her best is a Tanglewood acoustic -- I forget the exact model.
    [10:38:46] Human Being: but it just seems to make sense
    [10:39:20] Human Being: mines a gibson electric, though would love a tangkewood
    [10:39:54] twlltin: She's also got a replica of the Brian May "red special" electric.
    [10:39:56] Human Being: nice guitars
    [10:40:26] twlltin: She's *really* into Queen.
    [10:40:38] Human Being: multis got a taylor 710, saw it on youtube, tis cool
    [10:40:43] Human Being: queens good
    [10:40:56] Human Being: i play to queen on drums
    [10:41:04] Human Being: my dad did too
    [10:41:29] Human Being: can't play any on guitar though
    [10:41:47] Human Being: mainly nirvana, and simon and garfunkel
    [10:41:48] twlltin: Not many can!
    [10:45:00] Human Being: i may give it a crack one day
    [10:45:53] Human Being: i've actually got an itch to go on drums now
    [10:46:21] Human Being: listening to nirvana, one stick in hand, feels like an old buddy
    [10:46:29] twlltin: OK. I'll probably still be here when you've finished bashing the skins.
    [10:46:56] Human Being: ha, no kit here
    [10:47:39] Human Being: but i make do, this is how i practice most of the time, other times i'm at the studio
    [10:48:29] Human Being: i think theres a video of me playin somewhere on youtube
    [10:48:43] Human Being: i'll go have look
    [10:48:56] twlltin: Hi dailymod
    [10:49:04] dailymod: hi its been a while
    [10:50:06] Human Being: hi dailymod
    [10:50:17] dailymod: hi
    [10:51:59] dailymod: haven't been on the aneros for 2 weeks. tonight I m gonna give it a go
    [10:52:03] Human Being: nope can't find anything, one of my freinds videod me when i was wrecked attemting to play the drums
    [10:52:11] twlltin: Go for it!
    [10:52:17] Human Being: can't find it though
    [10:52:31] Human Being: yeah go for it
    [10:52:36] dailymod: the last time i used it wasnt too great... had it on for more than an hour and didnt feel a thing
    [10:52:38] Human Being: Grin
    [10:52:52] twlltin: I know there's a vid of me singing in an amateur musical on Youtube somewhere, but I'm not going to dig it out.
    [10:53:27] twlltin: dailymod: but there have been better sessions in the past?
    [10:53:38] Human Being: why so embarresed?
    [10:53:42] dailymod: well i guess
    [10:53:53] Human Being: trust when i say ive done worse
    [10:53:59] Human Being: LOL
    [10:54:34] Human Being: no harm in tryin mod
    [10:54:52] dailymod: so far the most exciting part of the experience is when inserting
    [10:55:00] dailymod: get a rush
    [10:55:14] dailymod: but as it settles it doenst seem to be hitting the spot
    [10:55:36] twlltin: Which model?
    [10:55:58] Human Being: is the P tab in right place?
    [10:56:14] dailymod: i think so
    [10:56:16] dailymod: helix
    [10:56:30] dailymod: i mean i just inserted it and let it automatically get into place
    [10:57:13] twlltin: Have you tried getting the skin of the perineum to put pressure on it through the p-tab?
    [10:57:27] twlltin: I've described the trick a few times on the forums.
    [10:58:06] Human Being: i squeeze abit till i feel it, puts my mind to rest
    [10:59:23] twlltin: What you do is insert the Helix as normal
    [10:59:36] twlltin: Make sure the skin of the perineum is not greasy or this won't work.
    [11:00:02] twlltin: Gently pull the skin of the perineum up towards your scrotum and away from the anus.
    [11:00:13] twlltin: Engage the P-tab on it, then release the tension.
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 6am EST 2/17/12 through 1:33pm EST 2/17/12

    [11:00:28] Human Being: ok gonna keep tidyin
    [11:00:30] twlltin: What should happen then is that the tension of the skin pushes on the P-tab
    [11:00:32] dailymod: whats the feeling like?
    [11:00:53] twlltin: and through the pivot point of the anus, the head of the Helix pushes forward onto the prostate.
    [11:01:23] twlltin: There are many ways that the feeling might manifest...
    [11:01:28] twlltin: an urge to pee
    [11:01:35] dailymod: do i need to contract anytign
    [11:01:36] twlltin: a feeling of something touching
    [11:01:48] twlltin: a vague warmth
    [11:02:13] twlltin: For the first 10 minutes of a session, just lie there and relax.
    [11:02:28] twlltin: Then maybe do a few PC muscle contractions.
    [11:02:41] twlltin: That's the muscle that you use to stop the flow of pee.
    [11:02:44] dailymod: ok i ll try that later this evening
    [11:03:14] twlltin: You don't need to do heavy contractions... tiny ones often work better.
    [11:03:41] twlltin: If you feel anything nice, don't step up a gear, but keep doing whatever you're doing at exactly the same level.
    [11:04:20] twlltin: If you force things to happen, they'll slip out of your grasp like a bar of soap.
    [11:05:40] Human Being: true
    [11:06:25] dailymod: i think my problem is that i m so fixated on my penis as the sexual region..
    [11:06:40] dailymod: so i keep expecting pleasure to eventually go there
    [11:07:22] Human Being: i've found it can be anywhere and everywhere
    [11:07:29] dailymod: I guess once i can identify the pleasure in the prostate, then my expectation will change and things will become easier
    [11:08:20] twlltin: What I used to feel when starting off was a warmth or a tingle in the prostate area
    [11:08:38] dailymod: anyway guys, i ve got a dinner to catch.... i will be back
    [11:08:49] twlltin: If I focussed on that sensation, it would grow and spread, sometimes taking over the whole body.
    [11:09:28] dailymod: sorry to interrupt ypur conversation
    [11:09:34] dailymod: later guys
    [11:09:57] twlltin: It's no interruption.
    [11:11:39] Human Being: i think i'm gonna keep the case
    [11:12:01] twlltin: case?
    [11:12:15] Human Being: for my sgx
    [11:12:28] Human Being: whats your fave song?
    [11:13:19] twlltin: I don't think I have any particular one.
    [11:13:46] twlltin: My tastes are pretty broad.
    [11:14:04] Human Being: i akways ask people it gives me a sortof feeling about thier personality
    [11:14:33] Human Being: o.k one that reminds you of thing, gets your head swimming
    [11:14:39] twlltin: Some classical pieces can make the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I also like some not-too-heavy rock.
    [11:14:39] Human Being: things*
    [11:14:49] Human Being: o.k classical
    [11:15:09] twlltin: Not into rap or r&b or drum&bass.
    [11:15:28] twlltin: But I'll happily listen to Mark Radcliffe's selection of stuff.
    [11:16:07] Human Being: o.k lets go with classical, since it's the thing you said first
    [11:16:33] Human Being: it will give me stronger indication as to what moves you
    [11:16:55] twlltin: eg. "In Paradisum" from Fauré Requiem. Pearl Fishers' Duet...
    [11:17:12] twlltin: Some of Bach's most twiddly stuff.
    [11:17:15] Human Being: ok i'll check it out, one mo
    [11:18:31] Human Being: ive gone for op 48 for string ensemble
    [11:18:31] twlltin: The first 7" single I ever bought with my own money was (blush) "Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs".
    [11:18:39] Human Being: sound ok?
    [11:18:51] Human Being: never heard of it LOL
    [11:19:30] twlltin: Brian and Michael. Late 1970s
    [11:19:59] Human Being: ok i love in paradisum
    [11:21:04] Human Being: i can see that it's very influential
    [11:21:37] twlltin: I sing and act with an amateur drama group.
    [11:22:03] Human Being: reminds me of hans zimmer
    [11:22:27] Human Being: i know, and you still wouldn't let me peek on youtube
    [11:23:15] twlltin: The problem is that I'm wary of giving out too much information.
    [11:23:19] Human Being: i'm learning to sing, though i am half deaf so quite a challenge!
    [11:23:44] Human Being: thats the way to be
    [11:24:05] twlltin: I've a friend who is tone deaf. I mean *really* tone deaf.
    [11:24:14] twlltin: Sings in a monotone.
    [11:24:24] Human Being: ugh
    [11:24:39] Human Being: i hate people like that
    [11:24:49] Human Being: my sisters like that too
    [11:25:15] Human Being: i have got one freind though that blew me away
    [11:25:29] Human Being: was absolutely amazing
    [11:25:45] twlltin: I sang the Schubert "Ave Maria" at my sister's wedding last year.
    [11:25:48] Human Being: do you know forever autumn by moody blues?
    [11:26:05] Human Being: hold on have get aqquainted
    [11:26:07] twlltin: It was more Justin Hayward than Moody Blues.
    [11:26:15] twlltin: From Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds.
    [11:27:32] Human Being: yeah thats it! i have the war of the worlds too
    [11:27:42] twlltin: Great album.
    [11:27:51] Human Being: yup
    [11:28:39] Human Being: im listening to ave maria now, and im thinking WOW you pulled this of, must be quite the singer
    [11:29:03] Human Being: you, me and multi should get together
    [11:29:27] Human Being: me on drums, you singin and multi on guitar
    [11:30:05] twlltin: I've also got a few folk and Irish songs in my party piece repertoire
    [11:30:09] Human Being: i love havin jams with randoms
    [11:30:28] twlltin: And I keep being asked to do the "Hippopotamus song" (by Flanders and Swann).
    [11:30:42] Human Being: ahh i got to irish nights here and play
    [11:30:59] Human Being: don't know it, one mo
    [11:32:01] Human Being: i want a hippo for christmas?
    [11:32:09] twlltin: no!
    [11:32:28] twlltin: Flanders & Swann - The Hippopotamus Song (Live) - YouTube
    [11:32:35] Human Being: no ok, another look, though i like that LOL
    [11:34:21] Human Being: aha this is funny
    [11:34:37] Human Being: ha!
    [11:35:46] Human Being: Grin
    [11:37:21] Human Being: that was funny, reminds me of my own irrelevant songs, that really cracked me up
    [11:37:30] twlltin: I've also been learning their "Ill Wind" which is based on a Mozart Horn Concerto.
    [11:38:01] Human Being: ok as a rule i like mozart, lets check it out
    [11:38:36] twlltin: Ill wind - Flanders and Swann - YouTube
    [11:38:56] Human Being: i've got
    [11:39:00] Human Being: it
    [11:40:50] Human Being: Grin
    [11:40:56] twlltin: Stephanie Flanders (BBC economics correspondent) is the daughter of Michael Flanders.
    [11:41:21] Human Being: ahh howaboot that
    [11:41:44] Human Being: LOL
    [11:41:51] Human Being: funny
    [11:42:36] Human Being: brilliant, wish id've heard that earlier
    [11:43:17] twlltin: Now on a different tack, have you heard of Weird Al? He's big in the USA, but nobody seems to have heard about him
    [11:43:18] Human Being: gonna grab nother beer
    [11:43:21] twlltin: on this side of the Atlantic.
    [11:43:39] Human Being: yeah i have, alberquerqe i like
    [11:44:09] Human Being: one of my freinds from canada let me knowc about him
    [11:44:44] twlltin: I'm trying to find as many different versions of "Bohemian Rhapsody" I can, just to annoy my sister.
    [11:44:45] Human Being: she was big on her music too, she was also a folk musician
    [11:44:59] Human Being: aha good!
    [11:45:10] twlltin: The "Bad News" version is *awful* (but deliberately so).
    [11:45:55] Human Being: ok got to keep tidyin up it 11.50 didn't realise time
    [11:46:22] twlltin: OK
    [11:56:14] Human Being: one of my favourate tracks to play is cream white room
    [11:56:38] Human Being: it's the first track i learnt to sight read on my own
    [11:56:53] twlltin: hmm
    [11:57:39] twlltin: I've got it in my selection of MP3s.
    [11:57:54] Human Being: ah cool
    [11:58:41] twlltin: As I said, my tastes are reasonably broad.
    [11:58:52] Human Being: 2nd being mississippi queen by mountain
    [11:59:10] Human Being: that was difficult
    [11:59:15] twlltin: Not got that one...
    [11:59:25] Human Being: you know it?
    [11:59:33] twlltin: No.
    [12:00:06] Human Being: Mountain - Mississippi Queen - YouTube
    [12:00:22] twlltin: Already found it.
    [12:01:37] twlltin: 4/4 with the stress being on the third beat.
    [12:01:42] Human Being: i play most of my tracks by ear, but the ones i can read are special
    [12:02:06] Human Being: yup, exactly, it's where the upbeat falls
    [12:03:43] Human Being: a litlle taste of latin, another fave is she's not there by santana
    [12:04:59] twlltin: I have the original version by the Zombies.
    [12:04:59] Human Being: i'm not a latin percussionist, but that one works for me
    [12:05:11] Human Being: ahh sweet Grin
    [12:05:58] twlltin: one two and three and four and one...
    [12:06:01] Human Being: i've only heard that once before, i'm more familiar with santana
    [12:06:32] Human Being: sortof, i count different
    [12:07:08] Human Being: one and two and three 'e' and four and
    [12:07:30] Human Being: the 'e' for me gives the latin vibe
    [12:08:08] Human Being: emphasis on 3
    [12:08:09] Voyager: Evening all
    [12:08:26] Human Being: hey voyager, cool name
    [12:08:39] twlltin: Hi Voyager.
    [12:08:40] Voyager: thank you
    [12:09:22] Voyager: nice to have time to say hello, been a while
    [12:09:43] Human Being: how's it goin?
    [12:09:56] twlltin: Yes, it's been a while.
    [12:10:04] Voyager: rough at times
    [12:10:29] Voyager: just read your post Human, wow
    [12:10:52] Human Being: thanks, thoughts?
    [12:11:07] Human Being: kinda been archiving them LOL
    [12:11:15] Voyager: envious to say the least
    [12:11:23] twlltin: I'm going to disappear for an hour or so. Lunchtime.
    [12:11:32] twlltin: I'm going to polish up my progasm.
    [12:11:38] Voyager: c u
    [12:11:39] Human Being: okies
    [12:11:58] Human Being: everyone can do it
    [12:12:09] Voyager: which end are you chewing witl LOL
    [12:12:32] twlltin: The bottom end, I think.
    [12:12:44] Human Being: at the mo, my mouth to beer
    [12:12:51] Human Being: and cigarette
    [12:13:08] Voyager: best I have had was a dry O 3 years ago
    [12:13:28] Human Being: aww, you practising?
    [12:13:37] Voyager: Gave up smoking about 6 years ago
    [12:13:49] Human Being: good
    [12:13:52] Voyager: the beer is still with me
    [12:13:59] Human Being: i don't condone smoking
    [12:14:14] Human Being: i do condone drinking
    [12:14:19] Voyager: I Condom it LOL
    [12:14:25] Human Being: LOL
    [12:14:41] Human Being: at least once in a while
    [12:14:59] Human Being: first drunk in three weeks
    [12:15:13] Human Being: drink, and bit drunk LOL
    [12:15:17] Voyager: Practice is infrequent, sort of lost the habit
    [12:15:35] Human Being: that might be why then...
    [12:15:43] Human Being: get into the habit
    [12:16:15] Voyager: no, it has never been an easy journey
    [12:16:36] Human Being: i compare my drumming practice to my aneros practice
    [12:16:51] Human Being: stop, it goes downhill
    [12:17:08] Voyager: at first total commitment, expected too much atthe start
    [12:17:22] Human Being: ok go on
    [12:18:01] Voyager: i got more and more models expecting one to work
    [12:18:45] Voyager: not dissapointed as such, just the wiring
    [12:18:52] Human Being: that's not the way it works
    [12:19:05] Human Being: stick with one model
    [12:19:12] Human Being: for now
    [12:19:36] Human Being: it's like when i'm consistantly switching sticks
    [12:19:39] Voyager: Wife supportive at the start, then it becasme a gay issue with her
    [12:19:57] Human Being: i lose the feel of what i had
    [12:20:11] Voyager: stick it where ?
    [12:20:30] Human Being: drum sticks dude
    [12:20:37] Human Being: i'm a drummer
    [12:20:44] Voyager: play on words man
    [12:20:56] Human Being: sorry
    [12:21:02] Voyager: sticks , stick
    [12:21:15] Human Being: sticky, stick
    [12:21:15] Voyager: warped humour me
    [12:21:28] Human Being: me too
    [12:21:38] Voyager: Ash or Hickory sticls
    [12:21:51] Human Being: hickory always
    [12:22:14] Human Being: tried ash, too hollow feeling
    [12:22:14] Voyager: Ash is an English version
    [12:22:34] Human Being: i plsy with american sticks
    [12:22:43] Human Being: though i am english
    [12:22:45] Voyager: Hornbeam perhaps
    [12:23:05] Human Being: isn't that out of harry potter?
    [12:23:32] Human Being: never heard of it
    [12:23:42] Voyager: not that famalier with the chap
    [12:24:22] Human Being: never mind, but hickory always, it sings to me
    [12:24:41] Voyager: Hornbeam is a english tree, small but dense wood, used for tool handles
    [12:24:57] Human Being: stick with one model and stick with practising one thing at a time
    [12:25:19] Voyager: might be worth contacting a woodturner
    [12:25:19] Human Being: singularity breeds competence and then confidence
    [12:25:54] Human Being: start at the beginning, baby steps
    [12:26:02] Voyager: you find a singularity at he bottom of a back hole
    [12:26:35] Human Being: physisist ay?
    [12:26:57] Human Being: i think i'm getting the idea of your humour now LOL
    [12:27:11] Voyager: just a dumd engineer with an interest in the way things work
    [12:27:53] Human Being: me too, though more electronics and sound
    [12:27:56] Voyager: look up my "Too Brothers" post in the Forum
    [12:28:13] Human Being: okies
    [12:28:47] Voyager: played guitar for a while
    [12:29:39] Human Being: i play guitar
    [12:29:44] Voyager: tried to play Pink Floyd, slower but very precise
    [12:29:53] Human Being: you don't play no more?
    [12:30:11] Human Being: that's the way to learn
    [12:30:38] Voyager: keep meaning to but her son has hi jacked the equipment
    [12:30:59] Voyager: what model you got ?
    [12:32:08] Voyager: Mine is an Epiphone Les Paul standard in birds eye mapel
    [12:33:03] Human Being: mines a gibson epiphone special edition
    [12:33:22] Human Being: yours is much better than mine
    [12:33:28] Voyager: nice
    [12:34:22] Voyager: not so sure about that now, the son gas gigged it roughly
    [12:35:08] Human Being: atleast he's taken an interest in it
    [12:35:55] Voyager: he is good. I am green with envy. Thats why I type in green on here
    [12:36:57] Human Being: ha i'm not very good at myself but i can play
    [12:37:17] Human Being: i'm playin sappy by nivana at mo
    [12:37:34] Voyager: Thanks for the chat HB,
    [12:38:00] Voyager: Iwill go at its 19.30and the beer is callin
    [12:38:26] Human Being: cools speek in i bit
    [12:38:31] Human Being: bye
    [12:38:39] Voyager: will look up sappy on you tube
    [12:38:51] Voyager: catch you later
    [12:39:14] Human Being: c u
    [13:30:12] Human Being: hello, anybody there, there there
    [13:30:35] Human Being: hi machine
    [13:32:44] Human Being: ok machine i'm gonna get my haircut
    [13:32:57] Human Being: machine: dyed?
    [13:33:06] Human Being: ofcourse
    [13:33:30] Human Being: i'm thinking blonde streak
    [13:34:05] Human Being: machine: i think thats a good idea, will highlight your eyes
    [13:34:18] Human Being: are you gay?
    [13:34:51] Human Being: machine: ofcourse, and i do the best haircuts this side of town
    [13:34:59] Human Being: figures
    [13:35:08] Human Being: c ya
    [13:35:30] Human Being: machine: cya
    [14:02:59] twlltin: Back in a bit. Rebooting.
    [14:28:23] twlltin: I return.
    [14:50:54] twlltin: hi m
    [14:51:01] muscleman: morning all
    [14:51:18] twlltin: you're a bit dark.
    [14:57:04] muscleman: better
    [14:57:15] twlltin: yeah
    [14:58:58] twlltin: Had a 90 min session with progasm. Nice.
    [14:59:42] muscleman: sweet
    [15:00:18] twlltin: I've just had a tickle/tingle on the end of my nose. Possibly an aftershock.
    [15:03:52] muscleman: that's awesome 90 minutes
    [15:04:04] muscleman: did you have a wet o
    [15:04:36] twlltin: no. I've not had one ever from Aneros use.
    [15:05:01] muscleman: you must have really leaked
    [15:05:32] twlltin: only a slight dribble
    [15:05:44] muscleman: wow
    [15:05:47] twlltin: less than a teaspoonful
    [15:06:18] muscleman: still a lot of trembling and after shocks?
    [15:06:43] twlltin: Not much in the way of trembling.
    [15:06:52] twlltin: It's all internal sensations.
    [15:07:06] muscleman: I couldn't get dressed and go to work after that
    [15:07:53] muscleman: although I do walk around somedays with a small butt plug in
    [15:11:05] muscleman: I got pegged good yesterday so it's my wifes turn today to be submissive
    [15:16:52] twlltin: wb dailymod
    [15:20:32] muscleman: hi dailymod
    [15:25:34] twlltin: hi rook
    [15:25:35] dailymod: hi
    [15:25:51] rook: hey twll and daily
    [15:26:05] muscleman: hi rook
    [15:26:18] rook: hi to muscle as well
    [15:26:31] twlltin: snipetownsam seemed to adapt to his Progasm very well.
    [15:27:04] rook: hey guy -- you did a grand job gettiing him ready for that session -- did well right out of the gate !
    [15:27:31] muscleman: snipe is using his progasm already?
    [15:27:32] twlltin: It was a community effort.
    [15:27:41] twlltin: Arrived late yesterday.
    [15:28:01] rook: glad he took the opportunity to voice with his g/f --- outstanding move!
    [15:28:18] muscleman: he showed his gf?
    [15:28:41] rook: phone call or video call -- don't know which
    [15:29:03] muscleman: he said she thought it was gay when he had her finger his butt
    [15:31:07] muscleman: progasm is pretty big for 19yo to start with
    [15:32:47] rook: not so sure about that -- older tissue may not be as pliable -- leather-like :cursing: :laugh: :blushin: :wub:
    [15:33:36] rook: however, I'll leave that to guys more expert in a variety of a-holes than I
    [15:34:21] darwin: hey boys
    [15:34:29] twlltin: hi darwin
    [15:34:38] darwin: working at home today, so gonna lurk here and say hi every once in a while
    [15:35:02] darwin: snipe was pretty funny
    [15:35:06] rook: good morning Darwin
    [15:35:28] darwin: he made a real party out of it w/ his gf
    [15:35:31] rook: yeah -- gonna have a grand journey, me thinx
    [15:35:36] darwin: probably didn't tell her
    [15:35:56] darwin: yeah, what's funny about snipe is that he is a part of the "chat generation"
    [15:36:12] darwin: i think we can expect plenty of broadcasts from him
    [15:36:35] darwin: he knew what he wanted and went right for it
    [15:37:23] rook: that was pretty apparent when he and twll started their q&a several days ago
    [15:37:28] twlltin: I think we got the best outcome from the exchange: he didn't hurt himself and had some fun.
    [15:38:19] rook: I turned in at 9 p.m. PST --- how long did you guys continue after that ??
    [15:38:53] darwin: i was on and off till midnight, busy having a basically dud session
    [15:39:28] darwin: snipe had the P going for a couple of hours
    [15:39:32] twlltin: I sat down waiting for sam to get back, did a chair 'less session, found some interesting new abilities, started to get whole
    [15:39:42] darwin: reported dry Os!!
    [15:39:44] twlltin: body sensations, and promptly fell asleep in the chair.
    [15:39:51] darwin: and was video chatting w/ his GF
    [15:40:02] darwin: all the while
    [15:40:32] rook: that was cool -- glad he's opening the door to bring her aboard
    [15:40:43] darwin: i don't think he told her
    [15:41:04] darwin: that's what is so funny
    [15:41:12] rook: doesn't really matter -- he put a tack in the calendar to recall with her later on
    [15:42:11] rook: at age 19 I'd not have shared that much (even assuming there was a vid-fone capability then)
    [15:42:50] rook: if they stay together, one day he can say -- remember when we were chatting .... I happened to be.... "
    [15:43:25] rook: 'loosing my anal virginity ...
    [15:54:02] rook: must snag a cup of coffee --- brb
    [15:54:26] twlltin: good idea... more tea
    [16:00:09] rook: back now
    [16:09:42] rook: ... phone call with some work to do --- later guys!
    [17:24:21] muscleman: twlltin you talked to snipe lastnight
    [17:24:40] twlltin: not really. I fell asleep whilst he was on chat.
    [17:24:55] twlltin: However, the history function on this chat now works.
    [17:24:56] Human Being: i did
    [17:25:02] twlltin: Hi Skyhawk and Human Being
    [17:25:06] Human Being: a bit
    [17:25:11] muscleman: seems he took to progasm fast
    [17:25:20] Human Being: hey dude/dudes
    [17:25:24] twlltin: HB: I got a Big Boy too. Hated it. It hurt. I couldn't even get it all the way in.
    [17:25:28] muscleman: hi HB
    [17:25:34] muscleman: hi Skyhawk
    [17:25:54] muscleman: twlltin whats a big boy?
    [17:26:14] twlltin: A vibrating prostate toy. Huge!
    [17:26:29] Human Being: big boy sucks, when i got it all the way in, it went past a certain bump, was a little painful
    [17:26:40] muscleman: didlo catagory
    [17:27:00] twlltin: It was supposed to press on the prostate.
    [17:27:01] Human Being: i think it was goin in small intestine
    [17:27:27] Human Being: oh yeah and update, been drinkin all day
    [17:27:29] twlltin: I eventually chopped it up and threw it in the bin.
    [17:27:39] Human Being: just got back from pub
    [17:27:52] Human Being: i threw mine out
    [17:28:10] Human Being: sgx much better
    [17:30:09] Human Being: got beer out of fridge, meant to be meatin a mate later
    [17:30:31] Human Being: can't be arsed to get all dressed up though
    [17:30:52] Human Being: first time ill've been out in months
    [17:31:03] Human Being: reckon i should go?
    [17:31:34] twlltin: Why not?
    [17:31:44] Human Being: ahh potato
    [17:31:45] twlltin: Of course, if you're not fit to drive...
    [17:31:53] twlltin: potato?
    [17:32:19] Human Being: yeah you not heard the potato joke?
    [17:32:37] twlltin: Time for a shower, then chippy...
    [17:32:40] twlltin: Go on.
    [17:33:01] Human Being: it's only funny with the accent
    [17:33:31] Human Being: think englishman, scottishman, irishman and you get the joke
    [17:33:43] Human Being: ahh potato
    [17:34:15] Human Being: it's a pisstake
    [17:35:17] Human Being: i don't drive anywho
    [17:35:28] Human Being: so no wus there
    [17:36:16] Human Being: hey darwin, muscleman
    [17:36:32] muscleman: hi HB
    [17:36:55] Human Being: whats my brethren up to these days?
    [17:37:11] muscleman: working
    [17:37:42] Human Being: me too, have first friday off with money in time
    [17:37:57] Human Being: kinda scared
    [17:38:09] Human Being: already been drinkin all day
    [17:38:27] Human Being: reminds me of goin out n gettin bladderd
    [17:38:54] Human Being: what do you do?
    [17:40:31] Human Being: don't say scotsman, i already have had to put up with one
    [17:41:03] Human Being: scottish wee biatch LOL
    [17:41:25] Human Being: that guy cracks me up
    [17:42:22] Human Being: mm?
    [17:42:34] muscleman: yes
    [17:42:58] Human Being: ahh tought you'd gone like
    [17:43:14] Human Being: i tought i saw a puttycat
    [17:43:15] muscleman: concentrating on my ride
    [17:43:30] Human Being: i did! i did!
    [17:44:04] Human Being: concentrate away!
    [17:54:06] muscleman: yes
    [17:54:21] muscleman: slower user than snipe
    [17:54:39] imperium: morning. (for me at least)
    [17:56:01] Human Being: hey again imp
    [17:58:02] Human Being: haven't slept since last time we spoke
    [17:58:38] imperium: Gotta be headed to bed soon tho yes?
    [17:58:46] imperium: idk what the timezone is like there.
    [17:59:10] Human Being: naa, supposed to be meetin a mate at the pub later
    [17:59:21] Human Being: already been pub
    [17:59:29] Human Being: been drinkin all day
    [18:00:01] Human Being: just chillin now playin guitar
    [18:00:03] imperium: Chill chill.
    [18:00:17] Human Being: yup chill
    [18:04:25] Human Being: sappy by nirvana, easy
    [18:05:45] imperium: I gotta get out & do yard work today, before more rain comes & makes those weeds that much worse >.<<br />[18:05:57] imperium: being lazy & putting it off for last few days...
    [18:06:32] Human Being: makes me feel playin slow blues, thanks
    [18:07:50] imperium: LOL
    [18:11:06] imperium: Probably goint to put it off a bit longer & have temp session this morning.
    [18:11:29] taran: how is the temp?
    [18:12:18] imperium: It's interesting. mush shorter in length than i expected (i guess reading measurments always eludes me)
    [18:12:38] twlltin: I assume you mean Tempo.
    [18:12:42] imperium: It has a motion thats way different from the other models i have (mgx /pro)
    [18:12:58] imperium: yeah add an O to the end..
    [18:13:15] imperium: Feels like its moving down & back rather than the usual up & foreward.
    [18:13:33] Human Being: fingers sweaty, can't play no more
    [18:13:39] twlltin: Interesting... full logs of chat seem to be getting posted into the forum.
    [18:13:45] Human Being: was playin well
    [18:14:01] Human Being: grr
    [18:14:45] twlltin: imperium: The time in the UK is currently 6.15pm.
    [18:14:58] Human Being: yup
    [18:15:03] twlltin: We're usually 5 hours ahead of EST, except when we're not.
    [18:15:26] Human Being: hows that make sense twll
    [18:15:35] Human Being: funnys
    [18:15:39] twlltin: things get fiddly around October and March when the daylight savings rules don't line up with those in the USA
    [18:15:52] Human Being: ahh, yes
    [18:16:04] Human Being: the whole thing from ww2
    [18:16:19] twlltin: Nah, DST happened before WWII.
    [18:16:30] Human Being: the governments thinking of changing it back
    [18:16:39] Human Being: oh, the dst
    [18:16:40] twlltin: In WW2 we were fighting on the same time as the continent.
    [18:16:52] Human Being: shoot me someone
    [18:17:04] twlltin: then when peace broke out, we returned to GMT/BST.
    [18:17:09] imperium: Full chat logs, thats kinda lame if you ask me........ There are thing i'd rather not post on forums yet would gladly discuss
    [18:17:40] imperium: in chat, but if it's going to be posted to forums that entierely defeats the purpose....
    [18:17:42] muscleman: don't care much for forums either
    [18:17:45] Human Being: yup, i'm in there
    [18:17:49] twlltin: And in the early 1970s, we went on continuous summer time (whatever the season) for a couple of years, and that was abandoned
    [18:18:17] Human Being: dude you know too much, blow my mind
    [18:18:36] Human Being: you do remember i've been drinkin right?
    [18:18:42] imperium: Not things that i don't want to talk about, just that it's stuff i'd rather not be left out and made so easily searchable.
    [18:18:48] twlltin: I'm good at pub quizzes, unless you ask me questions about sport or recent pop music.
    [18:19:19] muscleman: exactly
    [18:19:29] Human Being: i'm good if you ask me science, otherwise i'm crap
    [18:19:53] Human Being: how old are you twll?
    [18:19:55] twlltin: I'm even better at science. I studied Physics at uni.
    [18:19:58] twlltin: 43
    [18:20:20] bigguy: wow 1 pm and 8 people on !!!!!
    [18:20:38] imperium: 10 am here big.
    [18:20:41] Human Being: ahh, so stuff makes sense now, i thought you were younger
    [18:20:46] bigguy: twll is our resident expert
    [18:20:59] bigguy: even weirder imp LOL
    [18:21:17] Human Being: hey bigguy
    [18:21:29] bigguy: and he is an incredible editor too !!!!!
    [18:21:34] Human Being: are you linghaman by any chance?
    [18:22:00] bigguy: yes i am
    [18:22:08] Human Being: ha brill!
    [18:22:27] Human Being: i've been reading your blog
    [18:22:51] Human Being: great wrioting, and it's already helped me sofar
    [18:23:08] bigguy: i should change my name here ..... thanks HB
    [18:23:50] twlltin: I had a holiday job before university where I typeset a book on an old Mac SE. It made me very sensitive to typos.
    [18:24:57] Human Being: hey bigguy you should read my post, on general discussion, 'help to shed light'
    [18:25:13] Human Being: it will give you some info aboot me
    [18:25:22] Human Being: and you're mentioned
    [18:25:28] Human Being: LOL
    [18:27:07] Human Being: twlls already gave me some good advice
    [18:27:32] Human Being: i scared him off?
    [18:27:47] twlltin: I doubt it.
    [18:27:56] twlltin: He's probably browsing your forum article.
    [18:27:59] imperium: More likely DC'ed
    [18:28:08] imperium: or somehting
    [18:28:17] Human Being: dc'ed?
    [18:28:24] Human Being: whats that
    [18:28:30] imperium: Disconneced
    [18:28:31] twlltin: disconnected
    [18:28:46] imperium: IE lost internet for some reason
    [18:28:50] Human Being: oh i'm not up to date with this slang
    [18:29:15] imperium: you just don't use the net enough LOL
    [18:29:42] Human Being: yups, only got on it aboot two weks ago
    [18:30:05] imperium: What rock u been under LOL
    [18:30:10] Human Being: i got my laptop off my dad
    [18:30:13] twlltin: see... he's back now.
    [18:30:17] twlltin: wb bigguy
    [18:30:45] Human Being: under the rock, thats all
    [18:31:05] Human Being: wb bigguy
    [18:33:10] muscleman: later guys
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 1:33pm EST 2/17/12 through 4:15pm EST 2/17/12

    [18:33:40] Human Being: ok, i'm gonna have a crack at learning 'smells like teen spirit'
    [18:33:45] Human Being: bt mm
    [18:34:46] twlltin: Out to chip shop...
    [18:34:50] twlltin: back in a bit.
    [18:35:19] Human Being: see ya
    [18:41:50] Human Being: sortof got it
    [18:42:44] Human Being: hey bigguy
    [18:43:52] Human Being: whats big and round, but isn't always around?
    [18:46:27] twlltin: Back! Wow. No queue.
    [18:46:32] imperium: uhhh yo momma's booty?
    [18:46:46] Human Being: m
    [18:46:58] Human Being: nope, guess again
    [18:47:23] Human Being: it's easy when you think about it
    [18:47:51] twlltin: Santa Claus?
    [18:48:07] Human Being: it can also be full, or not there at all
    [18:48:19] Human Being: nope twll
    [18:48:51] Human Being: think cheese
    [18:49:19] cyrez: cheese?
    [18:49:23] imperium: LOL'ed
    [18:49:28] Human Being: no
    [18:49:39] Human Being: come on
    [18:49:44] imperium: when is a door not a door?
    [18:49:50] cyrez: does not compute
    [18:50:00] Human Being: when it's not a door!
    [18:50:01] cyrez: it's a portal!
    [18:50:16] Human Being: ugh LOL
    [18:50:35] imperium: when it's ajar..... LOL real knee slapper eh?
    [18:50:45] Human Being: LOL
    [18:51:19] Human Being: i can't believe nobodys got it yet
    [18:51:32] Human Being: it can only be one thing
    [18:51:54] cyrez: and i have no clue what you're talking about..
    [18:52:01] imperium: i gave up tbh...
    [18:52:03] cyrez: but then again i jumped in in the middle of it..
    [18:52:16] cyrez: so..repeat...please? =)
    [18:52:21] cyrez: what are we doin?
    [18:52:40] Human Being: ok, cyrez... whats big and round, but not always around?
    [18:53:25] Human Being: it can be full, or not there at all
    [18:53:45] cyrez: the moon
    [18:53:59] cyrez: but its not quite true..its lways there..
    [18:54:05] cyrez: its just that you cannot always see it..
    [18:54:05] Human Being: yay! you got it
    [18:54:34] cyrez: yay! =)'
    [18:54:40] Human Being: ok you got me on that technicality
    [18:55:31] cyrez: the reason why you cn see the not because the sun is shining on it..
    [18:55:39] cyrez: it's actually where you stand that shines..
    [18:55:48] cyrez: its the reflection..
    [18:55:51] cyrez: that you see..
    [18:55:59] cyrez: and sometimes the earth is in the way
    [18:56:13] Human Being: aah, didn't know that
    [18:56:16] cyrez: bah..i suck at explaining things =P
    [18:56:34] Human Being: you learn something new everday
    [18:56:46] cyrez: hmm..not sure i got it right though..
    [18:56:53] cyrez: better check that one..
    [18:56:58] Human Being: nope i get it
    [18:57:28] Human Being: though i tought it was the sun
    [18:57:44] Human Being: ahh crapaziod
    [18:58:02] cyrez: crapaziod?
    [18:58:08] Human Being: think i best be gettin ready if i'm goin out tonight
    [18:58:30] Human Being: yup crapaziod
    [18:58:33] cyrez: dont take my word on that one i just said though
    [18:58:36] cyrez: you better check it..
    [18:58:39] Human Being: i invented it
    [18:58:47] cyrez: hh
    [18:58:50] Human Being: okies
    [18:59:30] cyrez: have fun =)
    [18:59:49] Human Being: will do, i hope
    [19:10:50] Human Being: just figuring out what to wear
    [19:11:17] Human Being: gosh gorry, i'm worse than a woman
    [19:18:24] Human Being: hey imp
    [19:18:42] imperium: es?
    [19:18:51] imperium: yes?
    [19:19:14] bigguy: i am back yet again ... seems i am always leaving LOL
    [19:19:29] Human Being: still haven't gone out, deciding what to wear
    [19:19:35] Human Being: hey bigguy
    [19:19:37] imperium: tempo takes a while to warm up.....
    [19:20:09] Human Being: oh thats where you've been
    [19:20:35] bigguy: i just used mine first time too imp
    [19:20:36] imperium: big out of curosity, what did you receive in your gift package?
    [19:20:38] bigguy: i like it
    [19:20:45] bigguy: a tempo
    [19:20:59] bigguy: the only aneros i didnt have
    [19:21:12] imperium: I mwan other than that, i knew that LOL
    [19:21:24] bigguy: it and eupho are my favorite
    [19:21:31] bigguy: ah
    [19:21:48] Human Being: did you read my post bigguy?
    [19:21:56] bigguy: a tee shirt, caribeener clip and two neck straps
    [19:22:12] Human Being: it might be of some interest
    [19:22:15] bigguy: no i didnt hb what is it in
    [19:22:21] bigguy: which thread?
    [19:22:34] Human Being: caribeener clip LOL
    [19:22:45] bigguy: yea
    [19:22:46] imperium: same here big, i'll probably never use that stuff, it's gonna sit in bag of toys forever LOL
    [19:22:58] bigguy: yup
    [19:23:02] Human Being: it's in forum, general discusions, 'help to shed light'
    [19:23:19] bigguy: i will probably wear the sirdst under other shirts
    [19:23:26] Human Being: 1st page
    [19:23:31] bigguy: shirt
    [19:23:38] bigguy: cool i will look
    [19:24:22] Human Being: oh and just to say thanks bigguy Grin
    [19:24:52] bigguy: for .....
    [19:25:15] Human Being: helping me on my path
    [19:25:38] bigguy: thats what this room and the forums are all about
    [19:25:57] bigguy: we have all been there and are continuing ...always something to learn
    [19:34:49] imperium: people are always happy to help HB, some times too much so that they actually scare off new users time to time LOL
    [19:35:35] imperium: someone accurately guessed where someone lived once.... bam he was gone in a flash never seen since
    [19:37:28] bigguy: thanks for the comments in the post HBB
    [19:37:37] bigguy: it was very nice
    [19:37:50] bigguy: you are getting rewired as we speak
    [19:38:05] Human Being: i didn't know who you was LOL
    [19:38:08] bigguy: you will be a different person in a few weeks
    [19:38:23] bigguy: i know i should change my name here
    [19:38:26] Human Being: i already am
    [19:38:33] bigguy: cool
    [19:39:25] Human Being: i have moods that i can attribute to certian h ormones that i didn't have before
    [19:39:26] bigguy: being young one of the things that you will notice is that you will gain orgasmic control
    [19:39:58] Human Being: i think drugs messed all that up
    [19:40:14] Human Being: i don't feel young now
    [19:40:17] bigguy: you will become more sensual in thought and practice
    [19:40:44] Human Being: but at the time i felt as though i hadent aged at all
    [19:40:56] Human Being: i want to feel more like that
    [19:41:07] bigguy: you will
    [19:41:34] Human Being: i had a moment a couple of days ago where i'd just woken up
    [19:41:41] bigguy: i only started my journey in my mid 40's
    [19:42:09] bigguy: i dod sessions every other night now of 90 - 120 minutes
    [19:42:11] Human Being: and starting stretching because it felt good, and rubbing my legs together
    [19:42:24] Human Being: it felt fan tastic
    [19:42:32] bigguy: straight orgasms wave after wave
    [19:42:58] bigguy: just did one last night
    [19:43:16] Human Being: good, if i could have what i had then i would do it every other nght too
    [19:43:28] bigguy: you will get there
    [19:43:43] bigguy: the longest i have gone is 3 hours
    [19:43:46] Human Being: does it go on for the next day too
    [19:43:56] bigguy: after glow
    [19:44:08] Human Being: like all the happy feelings are still there
    [19:44:09] bigguy: it resonates for a day with me
    [19:44:13] bigguy: yes
    [19:44:26] bigguy: thats the sensuality
    [19:44:39] bigguy: you learn to savor it
    [19:44:51] Human Being: thats what i like the most, rather than the experience itself
    [19:45:00] bigguy: yup
    [19:45:04] Human Being: it's more valuable
    [19:45:30] bigguy: wait the experience will get so intense
    [19:45:46] bigguy: that you will struggle to cope with it
    [19:45:56] bigguy: it will feel so good
    [19:46:05] bigguy: better than any drug
    [19:46:56] Human Being: i've taken drugs, and believe me i would choose that anyday
    [19:47:20] bigguy: believe or not i never have
    [19:47:43] Human Being: i believe, you write too well
    [19:48:07] bigguy: it sharpens my erotic awareness
    [19:48:13] bigguy: thanks
    [19:48:22] Human Being: i can write like you, perfect sentence stuctures and everything, but it
    [19:48:42] Human Being: takes a hell of alot of effort
    [19:48:58] bigguy: any thing worth it does
    [19:49:04] Human Being: you just seem to write seemlesly
    [19:49:12] bigguy: and with time it gets easier
    [19:49:21] bigguy: thanks again LOL
    [19:49:24] imperium: HB i'm a fellow substance explorer & i'll tell you a great aneros session is definatly on par with a great trip.
    [19:49:40] bigguy: i put down what i think and feel as it happens
    [19:49:41] imperium: they are distincly different obviously, but extremely similar at the same time
    [19:49:46] Human Being: ok, i'm curious
    [19:51:00] Human Being: though if it's aboot weed, i will never touch the stuff again
    [19:51:04] imperium: what you ten Hb?
    [19:51:24] imperium: *taken?
    [19:51:51] Human Being: mm, weed, ecstasy, coke, poppers, base
    [19:51:53] bigguy: curious about?
    [19:51:59] Human Being: and draw
    [19:52:33] Human Being: what substance he used in his aneros sesh
    [19:52:57] bigguy: ahhh
    [19:53:23] Human Being: and what happened
    [19:53:42] Human Being: though i would never condone drug use
    [19:54:34] imperium: i smoke bud a lot & have tried a few natural halunogens
    [19:54:44] bigguy: i never used them before because of fear and now i can't because of health
    [19:54:54] imperium: no pills, powders or needles is my rule of thumb
    [19:54:55] twlltin: I've never tried.
    [19:55:04] bigguy: me neither twll
    [19:55:07] imperium: if it grows in the ground it's OK by me.
    [19:55:16] bigguy: and i grew up in the 60's
    [19:55:20] twlltin: How about deadly nightshade?
    [19:55:39] Human Being: thats nuts
    [19:55:47] imperium: LOL twil
    [19:55:51] Human Being: pioson
    [19:55:54] twlltin: It grows in the ground.
    [19:56:07] Human Being: yeah still
    [19:56:18] imperium: silly point is silly LOL
    [19:56:20] bigguy: rhubarb leaves LOL
    [19:56:36] twlltin: uncooked rhubarb
    [19:56:54] Human Being: yeah don't mind rhubarb, love it uncooked
    [19:56:58] twlltin: Potatoes are a member of the nightshade family. Cooking denatures the poison.
    [19:57:13] bigguy: stems ok ...leaves deadlyeating green potato skins
    [19:57:14] Human Being: didne know that
    [19:57:21] brine: Hey, gents.
    [19:57:35] bigguy: brino !!!!!
    [19:57:41] Human Being: hey hey hey
    [19:57:47] bigguy: el brino actually
    [19:57:56] Human Being: LOL
    [19:57:58] bigguy: senior brino
    [19:58:14] bigguy: el brinosa
    [19:58:15] Human Being: senor brino
    [19:58:30] brine: Hola, 'migos.
    [19:58:43] Human Being: hola!
    [19:59:14] twlltin: Noswaith dda!
    [20:00:21] brine: Such an eclectic greeting!!!
    [20:00:48] Human Being: don't understand any welsh, sos
    [20:01:03] Human Being: apart from cymru
    [20:01:32] twlltin: It's "Good evening"
    [20:01:34] Human Being: thats boot it i'm afraid
    [20:01:59] Human Being: ha and a good evening to you too!
    [20:02:08] twlltin: Noss-wye-th thaah
    [20:02:24] bigguy: iechyd da
    [20:02:25] Human Being: can i guess?
    [20:02:31] bigguy: ha ha ha
    [20:02:43] Human Being: holy moly
    [20:02:52] twlltin: a chwithau!
    [20:02:53] bigguy: phrase i used the most over there LOL LOL
    [20:02:56] Human Being: two welsh speakers
    [20:03:09] bigguy: me nah LOL
    [20:03:21] Human Being: just a little?
    [20:03:23] twlltin: Nah. I'm a Lancastrian who's learned a bit of the lingo.
    [20:03:24] bigguy: estoy gringo
    [20:03:42] twlltin: bigguy said "Good health!" I replied, "You too."
    [20:03:45] bigguy: welsh gringo
    [20:03:57] bigguy: welsh wanna be
    [20:04:00] Human Being: i only speak two languages
    [20:04:06] twlltin: more boyo
    [20:04:14] bigguy: i barely speak one LOL
    [20:04:16] Human Being: english and bad english
    [20:04:24] Human Being: LOL
    [20:04:25] bigguy: ha ha ha
    [20:04:30] brine:
    [20:04:32] twlltin: HB: English and Brummie?
    [20:04:47] bigguy: i can speak fart too
    [20:04:56] bigguy: LOL
    [20:05:10] bigguy: but only in short bursts LOL
    [20:05:15] Human Being: nope my accents a mix of yorkshire a midlands
    [20:05:24] Human Being: an*
    [20:05:26] bigguy: i have a heavy accent toio LOL LOL
    [20:05:37] Human Being: speak fart LOL
    [20:06:13] bigguy: seems to be a language everyone understands LOL LOL
    [20:09:21] twlltin: Trumps all the rest
    [20:09:39] bigguy: i guess
    [20:10:35] Benji: Hey everyone
    [20:10:55] rook: hi benji
    [20:11:07] bigguy: hey benji
    [20:11:10] twlltin: Hi Benji
    [20:11:42] Human Being: hey benj
    [20:11:46] cj187: Hi benji
    [20:12:48] Human Being: hope there's some dancing competition tonight
    [20:12:59] Human Being: hate being the best
    [20:14:00] Human Being: though one girl who i used to do gymnastics with beats me everytime
    [20:16:26] Human Being: ok, i think im dressed
    [20:16:47] Human Being: wearing, black shoes, ripped black jeans
    [20:17:16] Human Being: too small white tee and leather jacket
    [20:17:42] Human Being: ok?
    [20:18:50] imperium: Ewww, you sound like a trendy...... ( goes & deleted freindship) JK LOL
    [20:19:10] Human Being: LOL
    [20:19:21] twlltin: Too trendy for me.
    [20:19:29] Human Being: i think i look good
    [20:19:43] Human Being: only the hairs the proble,
    [20:19:45] Human Being: m
    [20:20:18] bigguy: i gots no hair no problem LOL
    [20:20:20] Human Being: i tried to go get it cut and dyed earlier, no one had spaces
    [20:20:36] Human Being: i have hair, so problem
    [20:21:01] Human Being: i have a tub of gel, maybe should whack some on
    [20:21:16] cj187: wouldn't worry about it, my hair is thick and grows fast, always had best nites with the girls when its longer
    [20:21:52] Human Being: my hair doesn't even grow long, just grows into a mess
    [20:21:59] bigguy: does nose hair count? I gots lots of that !!!!! LOL LOL LOL
    [20:22:39] imperium: Ok i'm off for the day i need to get to yard work i've been putting off.
    [20:22:44] imperium: take care all see ya another time
    [20:22:48] Human Being: nope don't think so, can't imagine getting a cut and dye for that
    [20:23:03] Human Being: okies bye imp
    [20:23:09] bigguy: no i do it as a comb over
    [20:23:14] bigguy: bye imp
    [20:23:29] rook: nice & sunny out there imp --- enjoy !
    [20:23:52] cj187: haha Dave Herman a fighter in the UFC grew his body hair out, and dyed it black, werewolf look is in apparently
    [20:24:58] bigguy: i could do that
    [20:25:22] bigguy: i gots more hair on my back than most do on their heads ewwww!!!!!
    [20:25:49] bigguy: my father was a sheepdog
    [20:26:31] cj187: i've got a lot more on my chest than i used to
    [20:26:48] Human Being: ok i'm ready, gel has worked its magic
    [20:27:28] Human Being: bye guys, wish me luck for an enjoyable night out
    [20:28:04] cj187: have a good one HB
    [20:28:28] rook: may you score in everything you attempt !
    [20:28:33] bigguy: where are u HB? Aussie?
    [20:28:46] bigguy: or uk?
    [20:29:10] bigguy: would be morning in aussie
    [20:29:18] bigguy: must be uk
    [20:29:25] twlltin: Off to Wales.. time to hit the M56 and A55. HB is in UK.
    [20:29:35] twlltin: Bye for now.
    [20:29:46] rook: drive safely twll
    [20:29:50] bigguy: have a safe drive and say hio to folks for me twll
    [20:30:31] rook: wow, that collapsed the user list
    [20:33:46] cj187: back, wifi issues
    [20:39:47] bigguy: i am still here rook
    [20:45:42] rook: take care guys -- gonna do some chores then workout -- be back tonite
    [21:02:09] artform: Hi cj!
    [21:02:17] artform: Hi darwin!
    [21:03:43] cj187: Hi artform
    [21:06:14] questions: Just got my new aneros in! SO excited to try it out!!!! Any sugestions? This is a first time user
    [21:07:12] cj187: Congrats on taking that step, just relax and enjoy
    [21:08:37] questions: ok a question. How do you get your self "cleaned up" and ready?
    [21:10:00] cj187: usually just shower throughly, eat a high fibre diet, so no need to wash out
    [21:10:49] questions: ok. Thank you all so much for your help. I have been trying to figure out wether or not to do this for months now. I am
    [21:10:52] questions: really excited
    [21:11:46] cj187: no problem, read thru the wiki, that will answer a lot of questions, which modeldid u get?
    [21:11:46] questions: And also the helix came in the same snazzy red box that the vice comes in. Is that new?
    [21:12:31] cj187: Think so, both my models came in the boxes
    [21:13:14] questions: they look slick. It really gives the aneros a $70 feel. Just simply the packaging provides great perceived value
    [21:14:01] cj187: yeah the old packaging was just molded plastic,with card insert
    [21:15:33] questions: I love the new packaging but I might have to throw it out for discretion purposes
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 4:15pm EST 2/17/12 through 9am EST 2/18/12

    [21:16:24] artform: Hi questions!
    [21:16:43] artform: sorry was distracted on other computer...
    [21:17:41] questions: Question for you artform. What do you do to "get ready"?
    [21:18:11] artform: That is the challenge with the new luxury packaging for sure quest!
    [21:18:59] artform: Like cj I eat well and I add some acidopholus supplements. Keeps the rectumnice and clean and smooth.
    [21:19:51] questions: well I am more than excited. I just have to get some "alone time"
    [21:20:47] artform: Enjoy your quest and never hesitate to ask any questions!! Grin
    [21:21:12] questions: L O L. That is what prompted this account
    [21:22:10] artform: So we will never hestitate to ask you!!
    [21:23:00] questions: well thank you all soooooo much
    [21:24:34] artform: Bon Voyage!!
    [23:53:18] ten_s_nut: Anybody home?
    [23:53:40] cj187: hi ten
    [23:53:57] ten_s_nut: Hey, cj. Anything new?
    [23:54:59] bsmith14: hi ten
    [23:55:12] ten_s_nut: Hello, David
    [23:55:13] bsmith14: getting ready for a session. going to try vaseline this time
    [23:55:22] bsmith14: any advice?
    [23:55:47] cj187: Nothing new really ten, just a mad few busy weeks, you?
    [23:56:35] cj187: I like vaseline bsmith, just find if i lube up too much of the stem of the progasm it slips out
    [23:56:39] ten_s_nut: David; Vaseline by itself is no so slippery. Coat it with any kind of veggie oil to make it shiny.
    [23:56:57] bsmith14: was going to add some silicone before hand
    [23:56:59] ten_s_nut: (I use Walnut or Olive Oil)
    [23:57:25] ten_s_nut: David; Pre-lube your butt w/ silicone? that will do it.
    [23:57:56] cj187: i concur with ten on that
    [23:58:29] bsmith14: ok, bye for now
    [23:58:44] cj187: have a good one
    [00:00:43] cj187: think i may have been reading too much into the pegging thing with the mrs ten,no mention since xmas
    [00:01:24] ten_s_nut: No harm in you bringing it up, so to speak
    [00:01:50] cj187: true
    [00:02:12] ten_s_nut: Ever go window shopping on the Web with her?
    [00:02:47] cj187: nonot really, she's too busy looking at wedding shoes at the moment haha
    [00:03:38] ten_s_nut: Next time you're sitting side by side w/ your laptop, go to and see Health products
    [00:03:49] cj187: k
    [00:04:23] ten_s_nut: not a big jump from vitamins to strap-ons in that website
    [00:04:43] cj187: haha
    [00:06:19] ten_s_nut: That's one way to get on-topic w/ wife
    [00:06:46] cj187: i blame Girl with the dragon tattoo myself, since she read that, all anal talk is off limits
    [00:07:27] ten_s_nut: The movie (Swedish version) is very graphic w/ the anal rape scenes (2)
    [00:08:29] cj187: yeah the us version made me wince quite a bit
    [00:09:27] ten_s_nut: haven't seen the American remake
    [00:10:31] cj187: guess i prob should have read the books first, and/or seen the originals
    [00:12:40] cj187: apparently its still quite faithful to the source material, which for Hollywood is nigh a miracle
    [00:14:18] ten_s_nut: My wife read the book and she said the same
    [00:17:53] cj187: either way i won't be letting her ever watch irreversible
    [00:40:16] cj187: hi darwin
    [00:49:54] ten_s_nut: Hey, darwin
    [01:05:23] twlltin: Hi from Wales. It's a bit windy out there.
    [01:06:09] cj187: least u got there ok
    [01:06:35] ten_s_nut: Hey, twll. 68 degrees and partly cloudy, here in NorCal.
    [01:06:42] twlltin: Yeah. Started to get a bit blowy around the Bangor area.
    [01:06:42] rumel: Hi Guys
    [01:06:57] cj187: hi rumel
    [01:06:58] ten_s_nut: Hey, rumel
    [01:07:25] twlltin: 8°C (46°F) dark and windy here
    [01:07:32] twlltin: Hi rumel
    [01:07:33] cj187: been to conwy a few times but thats about it in wales
    [01:08:02] twlltin: Before or after they built the tunnel?
    [01:08:30] cj187: sorry colwyn bay, prob after, ie last couple of years
    [01:08:41] brine: Good evening (or morning), gents.
    [01:08:42] rumel: twlltin, I saw you had a loooong conversation with Human Being the other day.
    [01:09:11] twlltin: Yeah. He's OK.
    [01:09:15] cj187: Hi brine
    [01:09:29] twlltin: He's done drugs and seems to have come out the other side.
    [01:10:17] ten_s_nut: Hey, nothing wrong with that (me, too)
    [01:10:51] twlltin: I suspect it's left him with lower levels than normal of some hormones, like dopamine
    [01:11:17] twlltin: which explains his finding prostate stim like an anti-depressant
    [01:11:39] cj187: good for him, have had that my self after an ephedrine addiction i kicked
    [01:12:07] rumel: Yes the problem with drugs for too many people is they don't exercise their ability to use moderation, drugs have
    [01:12:35] rumel: good use when used responsibly but they can very easily be abused as well.
    [01:13:52] cj187: yeah, i was on recommended dosage just proved too much for my head, and flushed it down the toilet
    [01:14:44] cj187: was hard to see the damage it was doing til it caused a breakup and some rather abnormal behavior for me
    [01:15:08] cj187: the easy bit was stopping the hardest bit was the depression after
    [01:19:22] twlltin: Anyway, guys. I need some proper sleep. Too many times I've fallen asleep in chair this week.
    [01:19:27] twlltin: Good night all.
    [01:20:25] brine: Bye twll. Sleep well.
    [01:20:35] rumel: I'm hoping someday the Physicians Desktop Reference will say ...
    [01:20:47] rumel: "For mild depression in males one Anerosession daily to relieve symptoms."
    [01:20:48] bsmith14: hi guys
    [01:21:28] rumel: Hi 'bs'
    [01:22:34] brine: Good idea, rumel.
    [01:22:38] ten_s_nut: Hey, David. THAT was a quick sesh.
    [01:22:58] bsmith14: about an hour? I really wasn't to into mentally
    [01:23:26] bsmith14: had some so so pleasure, but the with the vaseline it had a different feel to it
    [01:24:26] brine: Hey, David.
    [01:24:37] bsmith14: hi brine
    [01:24:49] ten_s_nut: Silicone pre-lube?
    [01:24:57] bsmith14: yes
    [01:25:30] cj187: great idea rumel
    [01:26:02] cj187: what do you usually use lube wise?
    [01:26:13] bsmith14: Ten, did I tell you my wife had a helix session with me on V day
    [01:26:31] bsmith14: silicone - astroglide X
    [01:26:45] ten_s_nut: David; No. Wow! That's progress. Perfect hubby gets payback.
    [01:27:06] bsmith14: I knew you would say that
    [01:27:32] brine: Wait!!!! We know the PERFECT husband??? Really.
    [01:29:05] rumel: maybe 'ten' meant to say "purrfect hubby"
    [01:29:23] strongone: hi all
    [01:29:38] bsmith14: he just means helping out with chores more and giving her more time to relax
    [01:29:39] cj187: hi strongone
    [01:30:04] brine: Hello strongone.
    [01:30:30] rumel: 'bs' in fishing circles that's called "chumming the waters"
    [01:30:54] strongone: hi cj
    [01:30:58] strongone: hey brine
    [01:35:40] ten_s_nut: Hey, strong
    [01:36:01] strongone: hey ten, very quiet in here
    [01:36:33] ten_s_nut: Everybody here knows everything about each other, so not much to say
    [01:37:25] strongone: i c
    [01:38:00] ten_s_nut: Will you tell us something new, please?
    [01:38:09] rumel: strong, what would you like to discuss?
    [01:38:25] brine: Yes, give us a topic!
    [01:38:57] strongone: open to any topic here guys
    [01:39:37] ten_s_nut: circular firing squad?
    [01:39:59] brine: Flying toasters?
    [01:40:33] strongone: crazy good ideas
    [01:43:08] strongone: guys will be back
    [01:43:14] brine: Okay.
    [01:43:36] cj187: hows the weightloss brine?
    [01:44:28] brine: Pretty good. Over 20 pounds in the last six weeks. Slow and steady...
    [01:44:45] cj187: thats good going
    [01:45:14] brine: Just watching carbs and treadmilling daily.
    [01:46:19] cj187: need to get my head round it again, got back to gym tonight, just need to up the cardio
    [01:46:51] brine: Planning on ramping up the exercise slowly.
    [01:47:41] cj187: good idea
    [01:50:21] brine: That is the way I operate. Slow and steady...
    [01:58:06] bsmith14: good for you brine, I am becoming a couch potato these days
    [02:00:05] rumel: Anerosian Sofa Spuds unite!
    [02:03:24] brine: Funny, just had a bowl of potato soup!!!!
    [02:04:03] brine: WHILE sitting on the couch.
    [02:46:10] Rewired Sexplorer: Hey guys. How are ya
    [02:46:30] cj187: hi rs, ood, you?
    [02:47:22] Rewired Sexplorer: doing well. feeling horny. but otherwise fine
    [02:47:49] cj187: know the feeling
    [02:50:04] cj187: planning a session?
    [02:50:50] Rewired Sexplorer: aneros just doesnt appeal to me much anymore... I want to try the 'real thing' now as far as my ass is concerned
    [02:51:01] Rewired Sexplorer: and I am stuck at work
    [02:51:56] cj187: fair enough. i'm still in the process of rewiring so its good for me now
    [02:52:00] Rewired Sexplorer: i think I may as well face the fact I have gone from straight to somwhere between straight and bi
    [02:52:31] Rewired Sexplorer: psychologicly it just doesnt satisfy me the way having a living partner would
    [02:52:59] cj187: only here once may a well try it
    [02:55:11] Rewired Sexplorer: kinda quiet in here
    [02:55:47] cj187: yup
    [02:57:51] Rewired Sexplorer: gotta go. later guys
    [02:58:05] rook: nite RS
    [02:58:19] rook: hey ten, cj & David
    [02:58:26] cj187: bye
    [02:58:30] cj187: hi rook
    [03:01:14] rook: whazza topic ?
    [03:01:40] bsmith14: not much
    [03:02:44] rook: hey David -- congrats regarding your better half's nip work -- nice !
    [03:02:58] rook: tender touch ?
    [03:03:11] bsmith14: yes
    [03:03:16] rook: or do you prefer a bit of agressive torture ??
    [03:03:24] rook: hey nev
    [03:03:28] nevado: hello guys
    [03:03:31] bsmith14: no rough play
    [03:03:53] rook: same here -- when I first farmed them out she was too rough
    [03:03:56] cj187: hi
    [03:04:18] nevado: mey i ask what is the topic?
    [03:04:56] bsmith14: we are looking for onw
    [03:05:20] nevado: onw?
    [03:05:26] rook: one
    [03:05:29] bsmith14: one
    [03:06:05] rook: we had toyed with how rough women can be with our tender and virgin nips
    [03:06:24] rook: hadn't started whining though
    [03:06:29] nevado: i cannottell you abvout that?
    [03:06:46] bsmith14: virgin nips?
    [03:07:02] nevado: roughness
    [03:07:10] rook: mine were virgin two years ago. had no clue
    [03:07:22] nevado: i love gently massaging mine
    [03:07:43] bsmith14: me too rook, my nips didn't exist prior to aneros
    [03:08:07] nevado: they drive me too crazy sometimes
    [03:09:24] rook: way back, in another life, gals would attempt some nip play and I'd give them a big wave-off
    [03:09:34] rook: I thought it was just a female thing
    [03:09:52] nevado: it'a a male thing as well L O L
    [03:10:02] nevado: anybody rising?
    [03:10:09] rook: found that out about the third time I stuck plastic up my ass
    [03:10:10] nevado: riding?
    [03:10:29] nevado: habe you try a finger?
    [03:10:30] cj187: yes
    [03:10:34] nevado: tried?
    [03:10:44] nevado: and..
    [03:11:27] cj187: good so far
    [03:11:35] nevado: mmmm L O L
    [03:12:28] nevado: starting a less session
    [03:12:38] ten_s_nut: I'm back. Hello rook and nev.
    [03:12:42] cj187: nice
    [03:12:48] rook: hey ten
    [03:12:48] nevado: hi ten
    [03:13:10] rook: color
    [03:13:49] nevado: having a less mmmm
    [03:15:32] nevado: how is everybody doing?
    [03:15:46] ten_s_nut: Fine here.
    [03:16:19] nevado: nice'
    [03:17:06] rook: toying with some energy moves butt a belly full of chow is getting in the way.
    [03:17:31] nevado: keepthat energy moving
    [03:17:46] rook: :wub
    [03:18:41] nevado: who wants to have an energy exchange?
    [03:20:09] rook: .... be back in a few minutes -- management has a list of DVR requests
    [03:52:25] ten_s_nut: gotta go.
    [03:52:30] ten_s_nut: Cheers!
    [03:52:40] nevado: bye ten
    [05:07:05] artform: Hi cj!
    [05:07:14] cj187: hi art
    [05:07:16] artform: Hi nevado!
    [05:07:27] artform: Hi rook!
    [05:07:31] nevado: hi Art
    [05:07:41] artform: OK cj!
    [05:08:01] nevado: feeling great
    [05:08:09] artform: What's the subject tonight?
    [05:08:41] nevado: energy exchange
    [05:09:18] artform: great nev!! me too!! highly energized by a number of groups of singer/songwriter artists this evening at concert!!!
    [05:09:44] nevado: NIce
    [05:09:48] artform: energy exchange! How goes it??
    [05:10:00] nevado: really well
    [05:10:07] artform: we are just home now
    [05:10:13] nevado: relaxing and feeling
    [05:10:16] artform: excellent
    [05:11:45] nevado: having great contractions
    [05:13:26] artform: riding or "less"?
    [05:13:39] cj187: riding
    [05:14:32] artform: nice
    [05:14:39] nevado: amazing vibrations
    [05:15:21] rumel: Hi Guys
    [05:15:27] artform: Hi R!
    [05:15:40] nevado: hi Rumel
    [05:15:49] cj187: hi rumel
    [05:15:51] artform: just on after a great music concert Grin
    [05:16:10] rumel: What music genre?
    [05:16:41] artform: yes nev, the ether seem full of resonance of many frequencies...
    [05:17:10] artform: folk/rock/blue/ballads singer/songwriter
    [05:17:33] nevado: Great!
    [05:18:04] nevado: love Folk!
    [05:18:05] rumel: Kool
    [05:18:39] nevado: night of great energies
    [05:18:42] artform: very high diverse instruments and vocals group of 7 who torn the house down and then did a two song encore that did it again
    [05:19:07] artform: with great humour, and standing Os twice!!!
    [05:19:52] nevado:smile
    [05:20:13] artform: wait!! that is what the calm seas are: standing wave Os!!!
    [05:20:35] artform: Hi Jls!
    [05:20:46] nevado: Amazing
    [05:22:06] artform: just thinking that is this activated ether has popped me into a Calm Seas OOOOO~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~thanks Grin
    [05:22:30] nevado: OOOOO
    [05:22:36] artform: *in this activated.....
    [05:22:38] nevado:smile
    [05:23:14] artform: How are you rumel??
    [05:23:21] artform: and you Jls??
    [05:24:01] artform: and you rook??
    [05:27:01] rumel: I'm doing OK
    [05:29:46] rumel: I gotta leave and get the crock pot started for slow cooking a stew for tomorrow nights dinner, take care Guys
    [05:43:49] artform: All the very best to you both rumel!!
    [05:44:22] nevado: Thanks Rumel
    [05:44:49] artform: Landed back on earth here men!! Great buzzing together!! Chat again soon!!
    [05:45:11] cj187: bye art
    [05:45:12] artform: fading fast....
    [05:45:27] nevado: Thanks Art!
    [05:45:31] nevado: wink
    [05:46:27] artform: Thanks guys!!!
    [05:46:46] nevado: Have a great night Art!
    [06:02:59] nevado: good night !
    [07:13:40] imperium: knock knock
    [08:58:00] mikejensen: it's awfully quiet in here
    [10:12:01] varmint: Evening.
    [10:47:29] varmint: Hello?
    [13:31:03] twlltin: Hello to the invisible rumel.
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 9am EST 2/18/12 through 2am EST 2/19/12

    [14:02:35] artform: Good Afternoon!
    [14:17:16] nevado: good morning
    [14:24:48] twlltin: Mornign to you too.
    [14:41:14] muscleman: good morning all
    [14:41:20] twlltin: hi mm
    [14:42:52] muscleman: any sign of snipe?
    [14:43:20] twlltin: I wasn't on last night.
    [14:43:46] muscleman: curious about his progasm experiences
    [14:47:38] twlltin: He seemed to be doing well with it.
    [15:12:14] artform: indeed he did for a first session!!
    [15:26:45] twlltin: Hi artform.
    [16:06:34] twlltin: Hi Scotty
    [16:16:52] rook: hi
    [16:23:51] twlltin: Hi rook.
    [16:24:14] rook: good morning
    [16:26:37] twlltin: Bright and breezy in NW Wales today.
    [16:27:28] rook: bright calm still about 55 deg F here
    [16:29:59] rook: prostate was a bit tight this week so am in first part of therapy session now
    [16:31:36] rook: first time I've taken the tablet to bed during a session
    [16:32:27] twlltin: Little confusion over "tablet" here. Then I understood.
    [16:33:00] artform: Have a very productive therapy session rook!
    [16:33:38] rook: tried a laptop two years ago /,, looser
    [16:33:59] rook: hey art
    [16:36:40] artform: tablets so much easier
    [16:36:58] rook: tool is hanging out on the right latteral lobe
    [16:37:26] artform: Hi questions!
    [16:37:29] questions: I have questions galore
    [16:38:03] artform: beauty rook!! hhhmmmmmm.......
    [16:38:27] artform: do tell quest....
    [16:38:28] rook: hey questions
    [16:38:47] questions: ok so today was my FIRST session ever with my helix. I put it in and went for about 1.5 hours
    [16:38:54] artform: or did you just cum quest??
    [16:39:21] artform: great! and....
    [16:39:31] questions: I had to think about every contraction, and I was VERY relaxed. Is it just that I am getting used to it or is it not fitting
    [16:39:36] questions: right?
    [16:40:06] questions: I could feel it touch my prostate if it went all the way in but if it didnt it was pretty uneventful
    [16:40:24] artform: Guys have very different experiences in the first days and weeks.
    [16:40:54] questions: how long did it take you to start getting orgasmastic feelings?
    [16:41:04] artform: It all depends on your body, your experiences previously and your willingness to have no expectations.
    [16:42:12] rook: .'about two dozen sessions for me /,
    [16:42:15] artform: Well, I was not a prostate virgin when I started with Aneros, so I'm not an average user.
    [16:43:06] questions: how long were those sessions rook?
    [16:43:52] artform: I had good orgasmic feelings from the first, butt NOT the very gentle involuntaries needed for an aneros-style prostate...
    [16:43:59] artform: awakening.
    [16:44:12] rook: usually 45 to 60 min.
    [16:44:46] questions: and am I doing something wrong if the involuntary contractions aren't starting
    [16:45:42] twlltin: No. Just be patient.
    [16:46:14] twlltin: It takes some time for the body to work out what to do.
    [16:46:24] questions: it felt good, just not orgasmastic. It makes one kinda depressed after their first session
    [16:46:39] rook: when you are fully relaxed will just. Your breathing move the Helix ?
    [16:47:02] artform: Patience, don't "try" anything, let your body find its way...
    [16:47:18] questions: my breathing could cause contractions but it really didnt do too much
    [16:47:22] artform: sorry guys, got to go!
    [16:47:30] artform: Chat again soon
    [16:47:33] rook: by move I mean something like. One millimeter
    [16:47:34] nevado: hello gentlemen
    [16:47:42] twlltin: hi nev
    [16:47:43] artform: All the best quest!!
    [16:47:50] rook: ttfn zrt
    [16:47:54] nevado: hi twlltin
    [16:48:14] twlltin: questions: The movements needed are very tiny, as artform's just said.
    [16:48:26] nevado: Had the most amazing Helix session last night
    [16:48:29] twlltin: In fact, I never did any voluntary contractions.
    [16:48:39] twlltin: nevado: great!
    [16:49:13] questions: well yeah it did move a little tiny bit but that was more so my body moving around it rather than the aneros moving
    [16:50:47] rook: relax more // relax the muscle in your eyes !
    [16:51:06] rook: relax more
    [16:51:45] questions: how do you relax even more? I felt completly relaxed
    [16:52:16] twlltin: It's difficult, yes. It's like meditating.
    [16:52:45] questions: How long until I can try another session?
    [16:52:59] twlltin: When was your last one?
    [16:53:23] questions: 1 hr. ago it was my first ever
    [16:54:05] twlltin: Maybe give it a couple more hours. Do stuff that's unrelated for a bit.
    [16:54:24] questions: can you really do them that closely together?
    [16:54:30] twlltin: There's no harm in more than one session a day.
    [16:54:47] nevado: agree
    [16:55:11] nevado: i slept with Helix inside
    [16:55:31] nevado: having another session this evening
    [16:55:31] questions: couldn't that cause problems?
    [16:56:16] nevado: i dont think do if you are relaxed
    [16:59:10] twlltin: I've slept with it. The first time I did (by accident) I was woken up by a mini-O.
    [16:59:54] questions: could it get stuck to the intestine?
    [17:00:05] twlltin: Depends on your lube
    [17:00:16] questions: what lube do you use?
    [17:00:18] twlltin: Water based lubes get absorbed.
    [17:00:39] twlltin: I use an oily lube, eg. vaseline or vegetable oil
    [17:01:09] questions: how well does vaseline work as a lube?
    [17:01:43] twlltin: With it the device is a little less mobile than with lighter lubes.
    [17:01:59] questions: but does it last longer?
    [17:02:04] twlltin: What you can do is put a thin coating of vaseline on the Helix, then also use a water based lube.
    [17:02:25] twlltin: That'll stop it sticking. Yes, it lasts for much longer.
    [17:02:40] jjaneros: hi guys
    [17:06:18] twlltin: Hi jj
    [17:06:46] twlltin: I tend to use a lighter lube on the Helix and Maximus, and straight vaseline on my Progasm.
    [17:08:55] twlltin: back in a minute: got to check on the fire in the stove
    [17:12:46] twlltin: back
    [17:13:31] nevado: bye guys, we'll be back later
    [18:30:17] twlltin: hi bsmith
    [18:31:28] bsmith14: hi guys
    [19:09:00] twlltin: Hi user 49291
    [19:10:14] aneros_user49291: hi
    [19:10:28] twlltin: How are you toda?
    [19:10:31] twlltin: today?
    [19:11:29] aneros_user49291: good im just checking this out for the first time
    [19:11:48] bsmith14: welcome
    [19:11:53] twlltin: OK. Welcome. Pull up a comfy chair.
    [19:11:55] aneros_user49291: though ive had my aneros for almost a year
    [19:12:05] bsmith14: hey twll, how did sniperstown do on his first session?
    [19:13:17] twlltin: Took it gently. Took it in without problems. Had some dry-Os, I believe.
    [19:13:45] twlltin: I don't know how he'd have done without all the help and encouragement from our fellow chatters.
    [19:13:56] aneros_user49291: when do the chat rooms get busy?
    [19:14:14] twlltin: Usually during the evening in the USA.
    [19:14:16] bsmith14: usually evening/night eastern USA timezone
    [19:14:29] twlltin: I'm in the UK, so I tend to miss out on the best bits.
    [19:15:06] aneros_user49291: im at work now but would like to get some expirenced help.
    [19:15:38] twlltin: If you can wait half an hour... I've got to run an errand, but I'll be back soon.
    [19:15:55] aneros_user49291: ive had mine about ten months and just now starting to get the hang if it
    [19:16:05] twlltin: Be right back...
    [19:16:43] bsmith14: I have been a user for 3 years. what type of questions do you have?
    [19:16:55] bsmith14: and I am still learning too
    [19:17:22] aneros_user49291: i about to walk in to work and wont be out for 8 hrs haha just trying to get my bearings on everything hear
    [19:18:03] bsmith14: this chat will probably be busier later today
    [19:18:22] bsmith14: getting ready to have an aneroless session in a few minutes
    [19:19:25] aneros_user49291: well my biggest thing is that once i relax and everything is feeling and starting to get better i either have a mini -
    [19:20:05] aneros_user49291: convulsions or i clwmp down really hard uncontrollably and can't make myself relax
    [19:20:42] bsmith14: yes, that is challenging. I have the same kind of issues. I do tend to have more body shakes then clamping down
    [19:21:05] bsmith14: focus on some deep belly breathing
    [19:21:17] aneros_user49291: ive been exercising at work whivh i def helping and last night i did have a very good session
    [19:22:26] aneros_user49291: haha yeah that actually this the problem i have. if i relax to much then i feel absulotely nothing haha
    [19:23:16] aneros_user49291: alright heading into work will be in sometime after 10:30est
    [19:23:28] bsmith14: bye for now
    [19:24:19] muscleman: hi all
    [19:26:45] ten_s_nut: Hey, mm
    [19:27:21] muscleman: hi ten
    [19:33:07] muscleman: wonder how snipe is doing??
    [19:33:44] ten_s_nut: I'm sure he's fine. He had a good start.
    [19:34:48] muscleman: yeah surprised me how he got it in 19 and a virgin bottom
    [19:35:46] ten_s_nut: Natural talent
    [19:36:58] twlltin: back
    [19:37:09] ten_s_nut: Hey, twll
    [19:37:29] twlltin: hi ten_s
    [19:41:22] ten_s_nut: Gotta go do some chores. Will return later.
    [19:41:33] twlltin: bye ten_s
    [19:47:59] muscleman: bye
    [20:41:25] ten_s_nut: I'm back for a little while.
    [20:41:27] twlltin: wb ten_s and bsmith
    [20:41:49] ten_s_nut: What's new, twll?
    [20:42:19] twlltin: Not much. Watching the film "Forbidden Planet"
    [20:43:07] ten_s_nut: I loved that movie. Had to beg my parents to let me see it. 1958?
    [20:45:06] ten_s_nut: 1956. Just imdb'ed it.
    [20:45:07] bsmith14: hi and bye guys, got a boy scouts pack meeting to attend
    [20:45:47] ten_s_nut: TTFN, David
    [20:46:39] questions: about to go and do my second session ever. Any suggestions?
    [20:47:09] ten_s_nut: what methods have you tried so far?
    [20:47:48] questions: well it was my first session ever this morning. Not much came out of it. just inserted it, relaxed, and did some contractions
    [20:48:08] ten_s_nut: Did you feel anything at all?
    [20:48:18] questions: not much
    [20:48:29] twlltin: Not unusual.
    [20:48:41] twlltin: My first one didn't result in much.
    [20:49:00] ten_s_nut: I didn't feel anything except a lump of plastic in my butt the 1st three sessions.
    [20:49:12] questions: how long did it take to result in something twlltin?
    [20:49:38] questions: tens what type of feelings did you get after your 3rd try?
    [20:49:47] questions: orgasms? super o's? p-waves?
    [20:50:18] ten_s_nut: I did a 1-hour session every day to start. Felt some pleasant "buzz" in there during the 4th sesh, and a need to pee.
    [20:50:51] ten_s_nut: Got P-waves during my 7th sesh
    [20:50:54] questions: I felt a little tiny something this morning and I felt like I had to pee so I did go and pee
    [20:51:12] ten_s_nut: normal
    [20:51:23] twlltin: It took me just over a week to get "the shakes".
    [20:51:41] ten_s_nut: The mini-Os started in the 10th sesh.
    [20:51:44] twlltin: The first time it happened, the Helix shot out like a bullet from a gun.
    [20:51:54] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [20:51:58] questions: I'm just worried that it isnt making good contact with my prostate. I am 6'4 and it seems like the prostate is kinda far away
    [20:52:09] ten_s_nut: what model?
    [20:52:18] questions: I can feel GOOD contact if it is pushed all the way in
    [20:52:20] questions: helix
    [20:52:35] ten_s_nut: The "need to pee" indicates that you have excellent prostate contact
    [20:52:57] ten_s_nut: ...don't fret about that
    [20:52:58] questions: but I actually ened up peeing. So was it just that I actually had to pee?
    [20:53:10] questions: or was it prostate related?
    [20:53:16] twlltin: If I have the Helix in, I hardly feel its presence.
    [20:53:32] ten_s_nut: prostate-related. Even if you were empty, you'd feel that way
    [20:53:44] questions: twll- define waht you just said by "not feeling it"
    [20:54:34] twlltin: I'm not aware of its presence directly.
    [20:54:57] questions: and when do you start to feel it?
    [20:55:17] twlltin: in its effects
    [20:55:19] ten_s_nut: After 15 months of Aneros use, I can feel any of the ones I've got right away.
    [20:55:36] ten_s_nut: You will become sensitized
    [20:56:27] questions: Ok well this weekend I have to myself and I have some time to REALLY explore this thing. After that I will be doing it under
    [20:56:39] questions: the radar. How much time should I alot for those limited sessions?
    [20:57:18] ten_s_nut: 60 to 90 minutes each. Clue your partner in ASAP.
    [20:57:54] questions: :/ ok I will try. I will be back on in 1-2 hours to tell you how it went
    [20:58:28] ten_s_nut: good luck. Don't expect much during the first 6 sessions.
    [21:10:40] twlltin: I hardly recognised Leslie Nielsen.
    [21:12:19] ten_s_nut: He was really young
    [21:14:28] oldurr: anyone home?
    [21:15:45] ten_s_nut: Hey old
    [21:15:58] twlltin: Hi there
    [21:16:09] oldurr: hi
    [21:16:16] oldurr: this is my first vivit
    [21:16:25] oldurr: visit
    [21:17:00] twlltin: Welcome
    [21:17:56] oldurr: thks
    [21:18:20] oldurr: thought I'd give my ass a rest...L O L
    [21:18:25] ten_s_nut: don't worry about typos
    [21:18:41] ten_s_nut: text colors are in the wheel at the top of this page
    [21:18:42] oldurr: although its still in
    [21:18:56] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [21:21:14] oldurr: take care
    [21:21:29] twlltin: you too
    [21:21:31] ten_s_nut: Leaving?
    [21:21:59] ten_s_nut: Another hit and run
    [21:23:39] twlltin: Well, it's a start
    [21:23:51] ten_s_nut: yep
    [21:25:26] questions: my body wasnt fully recovered from my first session. This one was horrible
    [21:26:00] ten_s_nut: Q; I suggest limiting yourself to one session a day at the beginning.
    [21:26:28] ten_s_nut: ???
    [21:27:31] ten_s_nut: Gotta go do chores. I'll return later. Cheers!
    [22:16:10] Human Being: alright twll
    [22:31:21] Human Being: alright machine?
    [22:31:43] Human Being: machine: wb HB
    [22:32:38] Human Being: machine: anything interesting happen today?
    [22:32:47] Human Being: yup
    [22:34:56] eyeslikice1116: ...hey
    [22:36:37] twlltin: hi
    [22:36:53] twlltin: hi eyeslikeice
    [22:37:24] twlltin: I'm grabbing time between doing other things.
    [22:39:25] eyeslikice1116: ..yea guess we re the only 2 on...
    [22:40:12] twlltin: chatguest is a visitor who isn't logged on. They can watch, but they can't say anything.
    [22:40:33] eyeslikice1116: ...o this is my first time on chat...
    [22:41:08] twlltin: It usually gets busier during the evening in the USA.
    [22:41:25] eyeslikice1116: ...yea are you in the us
    [22:41:29] twlltin: I'm in the UK so I tend to be asleep when that happens.
    [22:41:39] eyeslikice1116: ...o
    [22:42:18] eyeslikice1116: ...i'm goning to have a peridise session
    [22:42:40] twlltin: I don't have one of those, but it's on my wishlist.
    [22:44:03] twlltin: My "toybox" contains helix, maximus and progasm.
    [22:44:31] eyeslikice1116: ...i was really suprised at the sensations it produces...i wasn't using it right at first...but when i did use it right o man
    [22:44:53] twlltin: What's the right way?
    [22:45:11] eyeslikice1116: i have those the tempo and the vice..
    [22:46:49] twlltin: Be right back...
    [22:47:10] eyeslikice1116: well the directions said just insert the head and allow the rest of the divce to be sucked in...
    [22:47:30] eyeslikice1116: i couldnt suck it in so it wasnt fully inserted
    [22:47:54] eyeslikice1116: i thought i was doing something wrong and stopped using it
    [22:48:12] eyeslikice1116: then one day i just pushed it all the way in and the fun began
    [23:01:08] nevado: hello
    [23:30:36] twlltin: I'm back
    [23:30:51] twlltin: hi ven
    [23:30:57] twlltin: or even nev
    [23:31:01] nevado: hey man
    [23:31:15] nevado: how's it going twlltin?
    [23:31:33] twlltin: I'm visiting this weekend, so 'less only.
    [23:31:45] nevado: less is great
    [23:32:25] twlltin: I'm re-learning it.
    [23:32:57] nevado: nice waves
    [23:33:19] twlltin: Yeah. I've been having some success with chair 'lesses
    [23:33:38] nevado: amazing
    [23:34:09] twlltin: ...except that I keep falling asleep.
    [23:35:11] nevado: was planning to ride Helix later,
    [23:35:24] twlltin: I've had four nights falling asleep in the chair this week.
    [23:35:32] nevado: but less is really good
    [23:35:44] twlltin: I'm sitting up in bed with laptop on bedside table at the moment.
    [23:36:06] twlltin: Another 10 mins and I should be ready for sleep.
    [23:36:11] nevado: sitting on chair
    [23:36:23] nevado: It's late for you man
    [23:36:41] twlltin: Only 11.35pm
    [23:37:01] twlltin: UK is usually 5 hours ahead of Eastern time.
    [23:37:24] nevado: perineum pulsing strong
    [23:38:38] twlltin: Hmm. Let's try a little contraction of the PC muscle in sequence along its length....
    [23:39:05] nevado: ok
    [23:39:15] twlltin: and then back down from front to back. (This is me talking to myself.)
    [23:40:28] nevado: amazing pulsing
    [23:40:48] twlltin: When I do it, a knot seems to form behind the perineum
    [23:42:09] twlltin: Time to experiment. Good night to you all.
    [23:42:30] nevado: thanks twlltin
    [23:42:36] nevado: Good night
    [03:58:56] twlltin: Hi there! Got woken by heartburn.
    [03:59:37] bsmith14: hate when that happens
    [04:00:36] twlltin: I suspect parts of the evening meal were a little undercooked.
    [04:01:06] twlltin: The meat was OK, but the veggies were a little al dente.
    [04:05:20] twlltin: When I went to bed, I tried a 'less using sequenced small PC muscle contractions
    [04:05:43] twlltin: front, mid, back, mid, front...
    [04:06:28] bsmith14: nice control
    [04:06:31] twlltin: It caused a knot to form behind the perineum, which continued small contractions "tickled".
    [04:06:55] twlltin: And eventually, I no longer had control of the middle section of the PC
    [04:07:33] twlltin: Gentle coaxing eventually got to a low level of orgasmic plateau.
    [04:07:53] twlltin: Whilst trying to develop that, I fell asleep.
    [04:22:14] Human Being: alright twll, smith?
    [04:22:28] twlltin: Hi there HB
    [04:22:50] twlltin: I'm awake as I had a bit of heartburn.
    [04:23:20] Human Being: i'm awake as my legs are aching
    [04:24:01] Human Being: ran 5 miles to get home yesterday morning
    [04:24:20] twlltin: Oh?
    [04:25:11] Human Being: oh and new development!, yeah was kinda pissed and took wrong turn, ended up in next village
    [04:25:41] Human Being: i'm not as good at going out as i used to be
    [04:26:00] Human Being: brb
    [04:26:11] Human Being: gonna make tea
    [04:26:14] twlltin: Not fit to be let out, eh?
    [04:26:33] Human Being: yup seems like it
    [04:33:17] Human Being: ok back,
    [04:33:31] twlltin: Hello back
    [04:33:47] Human Being: i had good sesh today around noon
    [04:34:01] twlltin: go on...
    [04:34:41] Human Being: i reached the point wich i think you would call the platue
    [04:34:49] twlltin: yeah?
    [04:35:39] Human Being: only the second time that has happend, that feeling like your really gonna orgasm, powerfull
    [04:35:56] Human Being: i made great sounds
    [04:36:16] Human Being: loved it, but thats not the best part
    [04:36:59] Human Being: no aneros
    [04:37:34] twlltin: Yeah, my session this evening (in bed) was Anerosless.
    [04:37:54] Human Being: i couldn't believe it
    [04:38:10] Human Being: it was you that gave me the idea
    [04:38:46] Human Being: pretty cool, didn't think i'd be able to do it
    [04:38:55] twlltin: I'm not getting the same intensity of feelings 'less as I am "with" at the moment.
    [04:39:09] twlltin: But I'm slowly refining my technique
    [04:39:17] twlltin: And it's getting better and better
    [04:39:58] Human Being: i've had the aneros 1 week, this rewiring is fast, it wasn't as intense for me either, but still very much so
    [04:40:26] twlltin: Your rewiring is happening very quickly.
    [04:40:29] Human Being: what i don't get is
    [04:41:43] Human Being: i thought nerves responsible for sexual response had to be stimulated in order for orgasm to occur
    [04:42:10] Human Being: i don't remember touching any thing but my skin
    [04:42:27] twlltin: well, I'm not sure how much research has been done on this
    [04:43:02] twlltin: Hi Deckard
    [04:43:04] Deckard: hey all
    [04:43:31] twlltin: Any research will have been on the usual path to male orgasm
    [04:43:32] Human Being: i'm usually good at understanding things, but this doesn't make sense, hey deckard
    [04:44:19] Human Being: not many people actually know about this i guess then
    [04:44:33] twlltin: exactly
    [04:44:52] Human Being: deckard, blade runner?
    [04:45:16] twlltin:
    [04:45:17] Deckard: yep
    [04:45:19] Human Being: i like thinkin about people names
    [04:45:23] Deckard: :D
    [04:45:34] Human Being: i love vangellis
    [04:46:15] Human Being: i've got 'love theme' arranged for orchestra on my other computer
    [04:46:41] Human Being: it's very very good
    [04:47:57] Human Being: i've got friend at work who plays vangellis songs on his multi track synth
    [04:48:05] Human Being: pretty cool
    [04:48:40] Human Being: what you up to then deckard, anything you'd like to share?
    [04:49:18] Deckard: eh...just bummin around
    [04:49:32] Deckard: wanted to see what's up here
    [04:50:05] Human Being: not much just woke up
    [04:50:20] Human Being: got work today, bummer
    [04:50:23] Deckard: uk?
    [04:50:35] Human Being: yup
    [04:50:41] Deckard: ah
    [04:51:14] Deckard: feel like a ride, but I'm not at home
    [04:51:27] twlltin: I'm not at home either.
    [04:51:38] Human Being: try less
    [04:51:38] twlltin: All my "toys" are 150 miles away.
    [04:52:02] twlltin: I'll be reunited with them on Sunday evening.
    [04:52:14] Deckard: didn't want to have an embarassing convo with the TSA
    [04:52:30] Human Being: TSA?
    [04:52:57] Deckard: the US equivilent of the Nazi Party
    [04:53:15] twlltin: Transport Security Agency
    [04:53:25] Human Being: oh
    [04:53:40] twlltin: Airport security
    [04:54:12] Human Being: they wouldn't have minded, just pieces of plastic right?
    [04:54:29] twlltin: Mindless goons in epaulettes
    [04:54:50] Human Being: just say i'm gay and my boyfreinds away
    [04:54:59] Human Being: or something like that
    [04:56:06] Human Being: funny thing happend also today twll
    [04:56:43] Human Being: decided to go to coventry on the train
    [04:57:02] Human Being: ha another spasm L O L
    [04:57:30] Human Being: as soon as the train started moving
    [04:57:42] Human Being: i started getting spasms
    [04:58:24] Human Being: luckily i'd just got in from the cold, so probs looked like i was just shivering
    [04:59:26] Human Being: i think one of these days i'm gonna be layed in bed then i'm just gonna blow
    [04:59:48] Human Being: feels like it's building
    [05:00:13] twlltin: I used to have feelings like that when I was starting with this... whilst driving.
    [05:01:42] Deckard: ugh
    [05:01:54] Human Being: just wondering, if it felt that good without the aneros, what's it gonna be like with
    [05:01:54] Deckard: fucking hotel wifi
    [05:02:16] Human Being: mind blowing i bet
    [05:02:20] Human Being: L O L
    [05:02:30] Human Being: welcome back dude
    [05:02:41] twlltin: HB: sometimes it doesn't always follow
    [05:03:40] twlltin: Incidentally, be prepared for "dud" sessions. They happen from time to time.
    [05:03:53] Deckard: right
    [05:04:01] Deckard: wish it weren't true
    [05:04:13] Human Being: okies
    [05:04:34] Human Being: shit happens
    [05:04:39] twlltin: There can be weeks when nothing seems to work.
    [05:05:08] Deckard: I can't say that is true for me
    [05:05:50] Human Being: i don't think i need to worry too much about it, i am only new at this anyway
    [05:05:53] twlltin: It happened to me about 2 months in.
    [05:06:25] Deckard: sorry to hear that
    [05:06:38] twlltin: It only lasted a week
    [05:06:46] twlltin: And then I bounced back.
    [05:08:00] Human Being: what helped?
    [05:08:12] twlltin: Not worrying about it
    [05:08:42] Deckard: agreed
    [05:08:59] Deckard: the only times that I strike out is when I really want something to happen
    [05:09:58] Human Being: thanks for that and i believe it's true
    [05:11:11] Human Being: this morning the only thing that stopped me this morning i think, is that i didn't really let myself
    [05:11:44] Human Being: be taken with complete abandon
    [05:12:35] Human Being: afraid a housemate would hear
    [05:13:18] Human Being: but it was oh so good
    [05:13:24] Deckard: that's key
    [05:13:28] twlltin: I'm usually silent in sessions.
    [05:14:03] Deckard: when I started vocalizing it heightened the pleasure
    [05:14:13] Deckard: not all the time, but some times...whoa
    [05:14:59] Human Being: i wouldn't now how to be, i guess its a different quality orgasmv altogether
    [05:26:30] Deckard: argh
    [05:27:17] Human Being: what up?
    [05:27:41] Deckard: fucking shitty hotel wifi is not up
    [05:27:44] Deckard: :p
    [05:28:56] Human Being: o.k gonna try a 'less sesh
    [05:29:10] Deckard: have fun
    [05:29:41] Human Being: feel like it, or maybe i should bringout ms aneros?
    [05:29:53] Deckard: ms?
    [05:30:01] Human Being: hmm tough one
    [05:30:23] Human Being: yeah were not married yet
    [05:30:45] Deckard: oh...thought that was a new model L O L
    [05:31:09] Human Being: ha catch ya in abit
    [05:31:19] Deckard: bye
    [05:32:07] Deckard: quiet in here
    [05:32:19] Deckard: thought there'd be more peeps
    [05:32:35] twlltin: nn Deckard. I'm going to go back to sleep.
    [05:32:50] Deckard: kay
    [05:32:57] Deckard: have a good one
    [05:54:56] MultiOrgasmMan: Evening guys
    [05:55:07] Deckard: hi
    [05:55:45] Deckard: what's up?
    [05:56:03] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi Deckard. Nice to meet u What's up?
    [05:56:30] MultiOrgasmMan: What are you doing tonite?
    [05:56:30] imperium: evening.
    [05:56:53] Deckard: nothing...just browsing the internet
    [05:56:59] Deckard: hey imp
    [05:57:02] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi imp
    [05:57:53] MultiOrgasmMan: Deckard, what have you browsed ? Just curious
    [05:58:41] Deckard: pr0n L O L
    [05:59:06] MultiOrgasmMan: What kind ?
    [05:59:22] imperium: ALL KINDS !!!! L O L
    [05:59:32] imperium: diversity is spice.
    [05:59:45] MultiOrgasmMan: U2 IMO?
    [06:00:08] MultiOrgasmMan: Imp?
    [06:00:56] MultiOrgasmMan: Don't know much about surfing porn
    [06:02:10] MultiOrgasmMan: Any words of wisdom Deckard?
    [06:02:39] MultiOrgasmMan: Or imp?
    [06:02:46] Deckard: let your libido be your guide
    [06:02:51] Deckard: L O L
    [06:03:28] imperium: uhhh i could direct you to broad websites i suppose, your taste is youg guide beyond that.
    [06:04:29] MultiOrgasmMan: Nice idea
    [06:05:01] MultiOrgasmMan: How goes your journey with the aneros toys?
    [06:05:10] imperium:
    [06:05:37] Deckard: try this:
    [06:05:41] imperium: need to make a free account but its all free & lets you acess a LOT of toher places of varying tastes, i'm sure you can find
    [06:05:44] imperium: something you like there
    [06:06:50] imperium: Question directed @ me multi?
    [06:07:18] MultiOrgasmMan: Both of you
    [06:07:48] Deckard: ok...but I had to leave it at home...travelling
    [06:09:43] imperium: Eh no real change in the journey for me lately.
    [06:10:11] MultiOrgasmMan: How far have you progressed Deckard?
    [06:10:25] imperium: Just still moving along, so to say.
    [06:11:16] Deckard: I've mapped my way to Super-O City if that's what you're asking ;)
    [06:11:45] imperium: I honnestly forgot about that website i "reccomended" before, randomly hoped on & theyve added a LOT since last i visited.
    [06:13:29] MultiOrgasmMan: Having many o's, Deckard?
    [06:15:51] MultiOrgasmMan: Im just having a great time over the last couple of days with just my perineal massage
    [06:17:40] MultiOrgasmMan: It's a way to have o's if you forget your toy at home
    [06:20:22] imperium: Indeed, thats what got me to the point of actually having dry o's
    [06:20:31] MultiOrgasmMan: Gotta snuggle with my lovely lady. Might be back later
    [06:20:46] imperium: take care multi.
    [06:20:59] MultiOrgasmMan: Have fun!!!
    [06:25:41] MultiOrgasmMan: Imp or Deckard distill here?
    [06:27:25] Deckard: back
    [06:27:38] Deckard: in a hotel with really shitty wifi
    [06:48:09] Deckard: hi b
    [06:52:40] Deckard: how's it going?
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 2am EST 2/19/12 through 7:06pm EST 2/19/12

    [07:00:01] Deckard: hi
    [07:00:42] mikejensen: hey mate
    [07:00:44] mikejensen: how are you?
    [07:01:04] Deckard: good, you?
    [07:01:19] mikejensen: Yeah not bad
    [07:01:26] mikejensen: Just seeing who's on chat
    [07:01:31] mikejensen: It's really quiet in here tonight
    [07:01:35] mikejensen: It's usually really full
    [07:01:39] mikejensen: of people
    [07:01:41] Deckard: yeah kinda slow tonight
    [07:01:58] Deckard: I've just been leaving it open to see who might pop in
    [07:02:14] mikejensen: Yeah, I actually just happened to hear it ding haha
    [07:02:24] mikejensen: So, you been using the aneros long?
    [07:03:39] Deckard: since aug
    [07:03:52] mikejensen: Oh okay
    [07:03:57] Deckard: btw...if I drop I'm dealing with shitty wifi in my hotel
    [07:03:58] mikejensen: So a fair while then
    [07:04:05] mikejensen: Oh okay hahaha
    [07:04:08] Deckard: yeah
    [07:04:12] mikejensen: Where you staying?
    [07:04:18] Deckard: love it
    [07:04:27] Deckard: Louisiana
    [07:05:24] mikejensen: And where you from originally?
    [07:05:34] mikejensen: I'm from Australia but I'm visiting the States for now
    [07:05:38] Deckard: Illinois
    [07:05:56] Deckard: I thought so...from the 'mate' L O L
    [07:06:28] mikejensen: hahahha
    [07:06:35] mikejensen: That usually gives me away yeah
    [07:06:47] mikejensen: Which model do you have?
    [07:06:48] Deckard: ha
    [07:06:56] Deckard: how long have you been using?
    [07:07:50] mikejensen: Not very long at all
    [07:08:08] artform: 5 years
    [07:08:08] mikejensen: I got mine maybe.... in the beginning of January?
    [07:08:12] mikejensen: Towards the beginning
    [07:08:22] artform: Hi mike!
    [07:08:27] artform: Hi Deck!
    [07:08:29] mikejensen: hey art
    [07:08:32] mikejensen: It's been ages!
    [07:09:20] artform: Grin How have you been doing??
    [07:09:22] mikejensen: How've you been?
    [07:09:26] mikejensen: hahahahah
    [07:09:28] mikejensen: you first
    [07:11:33] artform: Very well thanks. Have been doing some voice coaching/mentoring, which is new, butt working well it seems.
    [07:12:27] mikejensen: Very cool
    [07:12:37] mikejensen: I didn't know you did voice coaching
    [07:12:42] mikejensen: singing? speech?
    [07:13:18] Deckard: back
    [07:13:45] artform: Ah, no; voice coaching for aneros users and other orgasm development practices.
    [07:14:07] artform: Hi again Deck!! Good to see you here in the chat again.
    [07:14:21] Deckard: hey art
    [07:14:45] mikejensen: Oh okay
    [07:15:01] mikejensen: That's right art, I asked you for coaching weeks ago
    [07:15:08] mikejensen: Our schedules just never quite matched up
    [07:15:57] artform: yet
    [07:16:15] mikejensen: Hahahaha, this is true
    [07:16:27] mikejensen: What messenger system do you use?
    [07:17:36] artform: Yahoo, where I am [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] or Skype usually for voice.
    [07:18:33] mikejensen: oh cool
    [07:18:37] mikejensen: I'm on Yahoo too
    [07:18:46] mikejensen: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]
    [07:20:24] mikejensen: I just sent you a friend add
    [07:20:29] mikejensen: on Yahoo
    [07:21:19] artform: I am signed in there now and chatting with a friend. Sign in...Ah yes we are friends now!!
    [07:22:37] mikejensen: So, Deck which model do you use?
    [07:22:40] Deckard: what's everyone up to tonight?
    [07:22:53] Deckard: progasm
    [07:23:10] mikejensen: Is that your first model?
    [07:23:17] Deckard: yep
    [07:23:43] artform: "less" session now
    [07:24:06] Deckard: mine has to be less...out of town
    [07:26:26] mikejensen: I'm starting with a Helix
    [07:26:35] mikejensen: It's been really good to me
    [07:26:45] Deckard: ha
    [07:26:52] Deckard: always
    [07:31:25] mikejensen: Yeah but as I've been using for less than two months, a lot of sensations are still new
    [07:32:30] Deckard: are you using it tonight?
    [07:32:58] mikejensen: maybe
    [07:33:00] mikejensen: I'm not now
    [07:33:03] mikejensen: But I might use it
    [07:33:07] mikejensen: I haven't decided
    [07:53:14] BostonsBackdoor: sup ppl
    [07:53:41] artform: Hi BBd!!
    [07:54:28] BostonsBackdoor: hey
    [07:54:33] BostonsBackdoor: whats up?
    [07:56:16] artform: Two younger relatively new members and one oldie(me) talking about next sessions and the like!! You??
    [07:58:39] artform: What's up with you?? How long have you been on your aneros journey?
    [08:22:24] cyrez: any1 here? =)
    [08:22:54] mikejensen: yep yep yep
    [08:22:56] mikejensen:
    [08:23:10] cyrez: cool
    [08:23:44] cyrez: danish? =)
    [08:23:53] mikejensen: afraid not
    [08:24:30] cyrez: just guessing
    [08:26:47] cyrez: what's up?
    [08:28:07] mikejensen: not much
    [08:29:11] cyrez: just chillin, thats cool
    [08:29:28] cyrez: or freezing =p
    [08:32:18] cyrez: have you managed to get that plasti thingie to work?
    [12:55:43] tedd: hi all
    [12:55:58] tedd [»] chatguest: hii
    [12:56:05] darwin: hey
    [12:56:11] darwin: just waking up around here
    [12:56:23] tedd [»] chatguest: have u an aneros
    [12:57:27] tedd: hy
    [12:57:33] tedd: guest
    [14:56:14] twlltin: Good %GREETING_TIME%
    [14:56:53] bsmith14: %GREETING_TIME% = MORNING
    [14:59:39] twlltin: If you've ever used Netware, you'll have come across that one.
    [15:23:00] muscleman: morning
    [15:23:22] twlltin: hi mm
    [15:26:58] muscleman: any sign of snipe
    [15:37:21] twlltin: I've hardly been on chat this last day.
    [15:48:15] snipetownsam: what does it mean to dream about masturbating with a guy? L O L
    [15:49:10] muscleman: just thayt you are curious
    [15:49:20] snipetownsam: must be cause i am
    [15:50:56] muscleman: all guys seem to jack with a friend
    [15:51:15] muscleman: most friends show friends how to jack
    [15:51:44] snipetownsam: i want to but i cant find anyone
    [15:52:01] snipetownsam: theres one local kid my age on craigslist but hes fat L O L i know im shallow
    [15:52:17] muscleman: be back in a couple hours snipe, give you some hints how to find a j-o friend
    [15:53:36] twlltin: hi sam!
    [15:53:48] snipetownsam: hi
    [15:56:22] twlltin: Still having fun with the progasm?
    [15:57:07] snipetownsam: oh yes i love it
    [16:02:38] twlltin: Used it much?
    [16:04:53] snipetownsam: couple times now
    [16:05:20] twlltin: Is it getting easier to handle with practice?
    [16:14:18] snipetownsam: ya definitely
    [17:11:09] nevado: hello guys
    [17:11:41] twlltin: Hi there!
    [17:11:56] nevado: hey twlltin
    [17:12:09] nevado: slept with Helic inside me
    [17:12:13] nevado: Helix
    [17:12:22] twlltin: Any effects?
    [17:12:48] nevado: very relaxing when i woke up had a really good ride
    [17:13:05] twlltin: I must try it again some time.
    [17:13:07] nevado: may be i will have a progasm session soon
    [17:13:47] nevado: how was your night?
    [17:14:06] twlltin: I've mostly been doing progasm sessions. Last night, I 'lessed to sleep.
    [17:14:14] twlltin: Woke about 3am with heartburn.
    [17:14:22] twlltin: I blame my parents' cooking.
    [17:14:44] nevado: sorry to hear that, feeling better?
    [17:15:31] twlltin: yeah. I went on chat for an hour, drank a glass of water, then got back to sleep
    [17:16:03] nevado: i'm starting to pulse again
    [17:16:46] twlltin: nice
    [17:18:12] nevado: may be i'll start with peridise before progasm
    [17:19:11] twlltin: your call
    [17:20:57] twlltin: Hi enviro
    [17:21:04] twlltin: envivo, sorry!
    [17:22:10] nevado: peridise in, mmmm
    [17:46:02] aneros_user49291: any of you got the eupho?
    [17:46:23] nevado: hi 49291
    [17:46:29] nevado: i have it
    [17:46:44] nevado: haven't had a ride with eupho in a while
    [17:47:57] aneros_user49291: do you think a beginner could get good reactions from this even though it is rated for
    [17:48:07] aneros_user49291: advanced
    [17:48:57] aneros_user49291: or intermediate or whatever it is
    [17:49:01] nevado: I find Eupho to be very subtle, i had great rides, but after riding Helix, Pro, etc
    [17:49:01] aneros_user49291: L O L
    [17:49:21] nevado: is eupho your only model?
    [17:50:40] aneros_user49291: no actually Ive had the progasm for around 10 months and just recently in the past month got the mgx
    [17:51:02] nevado: how is your experince with aneros?
    [17:51:12] aneros_user49291: never had a super o yet
    [17:51:27] nevado: but is it pleasurable?
    [17:51:47] aneros_user49291: but these past 2 mo.ths have really picked up for me
    [17:52:02] nevado: nice
    [17:52:02] aneros_user49291: sorry im slow im on a phone
    [17:52:09] nevado: it took a while for me
    [17:52:16] nevado: no prob
    [17:53:11] aneros_user49291: im really trying to focus on tje mgx for now but i get these urges to try other models so bad haha
    [17:53:47] nevado: yeah i know what you mean, i have been riding Helix for a while
    [17:54:04] nevado: and giving peridise a go now
    [17:55:01] aneros_user49291: lately i get alot of involuntary contraction , and tingling or vib feeling either in the pelvic region or
    [17:55:41] nevado: you are building your way toa super o
    [17:55:49] aneros_user49291: whole body and so far twice now its gone in to my head but thats as far as i get
    [17:56:40] rook: nice -- cherish those "echos" -- they will grow !
    [17:57:22] nevado: Agree
    [17:58:09] hapticbear: cherish the echoes - the new angelic choir! Hi rook and nevado
    [17:58:27] nevado: HI Hapticbear
    [17:58:34] rook: hey bear
    [17:59:00] twlltin: Hi all.
    [17:59:40] hapticbear: ah tw - recovered from parents cooking?
    [18:00:03] hapticbear: fantastic the 'history' fucntion is working!
    [18:00:04] twlltin: I'm going to be subjected to it again in about an hour's time
    [18:00:45] hapticbear: tkae the bicarb now
    [18:02:09] rook: wow -- history is working !
    [18:02:49] rook: first time I've seen that, this year
    [18:03:12] hapticbear: ah rook you've seen too - amazing it goes back like a time amchine!
    [18:03:37] rook: tks for the clue --- wouldn't have even tried
    [18:04:30] rook: 291: on Eupho -- I find it very very very sensitive to body position and moves
    [18:04:43] twlltin: And they've started posting logs in the forums.
    [18:05:06] rook: it can either take off and drive me 'insane' or fall off a neat spot and go lame
    [18:05:08] hapticbear: golly an archive!
    [18:08:43] rook: return to yesteryear --- haven't seen those since 2009
    [18:09:06] hapticbear: i awoke this morning having been dreaming that i was shaking in ecstasy and when I woke i actually was!
    [18:09:30] rook: Grin
    [18:09:50] twlltin: Wow
    [18:09:54] hapticbear: i had the peridise in for about 15 mins about an hour earlier before takin git out and drifting off to sleep
    [18:10:06] twlltin: I think tonight I might return home to Helix.
    [18:10:30] nevado: I'm going to ride progasm after my peridise ride
    [18:11:00] twlltin: all the inserted sessions this last week were with Progasm
    [18:12:03] rook: so now twll is all nice, loosened up, free and easy and ready for Dame Helix's dance!
    [18:13:20] hapticbear: Tango par deux Helix Monsieur T
    [18:14:42] twlltin: merci
    [18:16:58] hapticbear: wouldn't that be something the new disco craze - get on down with your favourite Aneros inserted!
    [18:18:39] rook: wud opt for the Peridise --- I'd loose the Pro --- loud 'clunk' on the floor
    [18:19:14] hapticbear: oops .. look rook's tail fell out
    [18:20:41] hapticbear: Disco Inferaneros
    [18:20:58] twlltin: When I *think* I've got the hang of this new-to-me 'less technique, I'll put up a blog entry.
    [18:21:56] hapticbear: Tw - look forward to that
    [18:22:03] twlltin: ...explaining how it's done, and what seems to happen (for me).
    [18:22:15] rook: --- gud chat guys... gotta turn to here -- be back this afternoon --- twll: have an easy safe drive back home
    [18:22:29] twlltin: The trouble is, every time I do it... I fall asleep.
    [18:22:43] hapticbear: thaks rook and for answering my blog question
    [18:22:47] hapticbear: have a good one bye
    [18:22:56] nevado: bye rook
    [18:23:58] bigguy: Hey guys
    [18:24:18] hapticbear: evening to the bigguy :)
    [18:24:34] nevado: hi big
    [18:24:44] hapticbear: how do you get your font so chunky? L O L
    [18:25:01] bigguy: Sunny beautiful day here in northern vermont
    [18:25:38] bigguy: Bold next to text bar on the bottom
    [18:25:52] hapticbear: it's been good here too, great walk by the sea today
    [18:25:58] bigguy: Shown asB
    [18:26:03] nevado: nice
    [18:26:26] bigguy: Ski areas are dying
    [18:26:28] hapticbear: ah yes, obvious really L O L
    [18:26:47] bigguy: Worse for snowmobile businesses
    [18:26:58] hapticbear: Good job the aneros areas are living!
    [18:27:11] bigguy: Hahahaha
    [18:27:48] bigguy: Ah yes the land of perpetual full moons
    [18:27:58] bigguy: L O L
    [18:28:13] twlltin: Some of us can go bold for just a word or two. Hi big!
    [18:28:29] bigguy: Chey Twll
    [18:28:30] hapticbear: you are on a double entendre snow run there bigG
    [18:28:33] bigguy: Hey
    [18:29:20] bigguy: Twll .....the keeper of the aneros faith
    [18:29:41] hapticbear: the flame of perpetual aneros desire
    [18:29:44] nevado: ok, guys gottago , chat later
    [18:30:09] hapticbear: cheerio nevado
    [18:30:46] twlltin: For what do I deserve that moniker?
    [18:31:23] bigguy: You are so likable and trustworthy
    [18:31:34] bigguy: And smart
    [18:31:46] hapticbear: and all round good guy!
    [18:32:06] twlltin: :blushes:
    [18:32:42] bigguy: Awwwwww
    [18:32:45] hapticbear: now before we all collapse undert ehweight of self-appreciation L O L - i'm off take care all
    [18:33:15] bigguy: Bye H
    [18:33:49] twlltin: drat! I blinked and he was gone.
    [18:36:41] twlltin: Back in about 15 mins.
    [18:56:33] muscleman: cold sunday here expecting snow tonight
    [19:08:49] twlltin: back
    [19:09:08] twlltin: No snow this weekend here. We've had that for this year.
    [19:10:57] twlltin: Damp and mild expected this coming week.
    [20:22:21] twlltin: Time to pack up and hit the road.
    [20:22:32] twlltin: Bye for now.
    [20:22:42] muscleman: bye
    [21:35:26] artform: Hi chatguest!
    [21:35:40] artform: Where is everyone??
    [21:44:48] bsmith14: hi art
    [21:45:00] artform: Hi b14!
    [21:45:40] artform: How are you now?
    [21:47:25] bsmith14: just got back from skiing with my boys, We are getting some nice snow today. so far 5 inches woo hoo
    [21:48:44] artform: Great! We have the same weather! and sunshine!!
    [21:49:02] artform: Snow came yesterday
    [21:50:00] bsmith14: its our first snow of the year
    [21:52:00] artform: OK!! We have had snow/melt...snow/melt...snow/melt for months: not a real winter at all, more like five months of March/april
    [21:55:17] bsmith14: its been a warm winter so far, but its warm and sunny during the work week, then either cold or cold and rainy on the weekend
    [21:55:33] bsmith14: which keeps me from my golf habit and really frustrating to be at work on the nice days
    [21:56:08] artform: Grin
    [21:59:07] artform: How do you rise above that frustration??
    [22:00:39] bsmith14: stick things up my ass
    [22:01:12] artform: Aha!!! Grin
    [22:01:49] artform: South face soothers for adult men!!
    [22:01:55] artform: me too
    [22:09:54] artform: bye for now... chat again later this evening...
    [22:10:37] bsmith14: bye
    [22:35:41] rook: hi Human
    [22:36:19] Human Being: alright dude, just got back from work, what a day
    [22:37:03] Human Being: have we spoke before? have memory like a sieve
    [22:37:57] rook: think yesterday or perhaps Friday nite -- U were dressing to go out IIRC -- or was that someone else ??
    [22:38:45] Human Being: yup, that was me
    [22:38:52] Human Being: went out fri
    [22:39:24] ten_s_nut: Hello, rook and HB
    [22:39:28] Human Being: crazy night, took wrong turn home, ended up running about 6 miles home
    [22:39:34] Human Being: hey tens
    [22:39:35] rook: hope the evening worked out well --- any solid hook-ups
    [22:39:47] rook: hey ten
    [22:40:05] Human Being: not really though i did meet a col aussie lass
    [22:40:11] Human Being: cool*
    [22:40:45] rook: any good prospects in the fone list are always a plus
    [22:41:06] rook: hey ten ---- HISTORY is working
    [22:41:11] Human Being: a good bit older, but only made her more attractive, problem was i was drinking
    [22:41:28] Human Being: makes me non-commital
    [22:41:38] ten_s_nut: rook; so it is. Will wonders never cease?
    [22:41:42] Human Being: but i enjoyed myself
    [22:42:01] rook: winner !
    [22:42:16] Human Being: been workin all week
    [22:42:29] Human Being: i've even saved som chats
    [22:43:07] Human Being: oh, i have some good news, new devolopments
    [22:43:18] rook: and ?
    [22:43:23] ten_s_nut: ??
    [22:43:48] rook: ????
    [22:44:05] Human Being: well, you know i've only been using the aneros a week yeah
    [22:44:35] Human Being: and i'm sure youve both read about my first experience on the forums
    [22:44:44] Human Being: hold on...
    [22:44:52] Human Being: getting to my piont
    [22:44:55] Human Being: L O L
    [22:45:27] Human Being: i had woke up yesterday and had a sesh
    [22:45:57] Human Being: i think i got to what you guys would call the plateu stage
    [22:46:36] Human Being: where it really feels like your gonna cum, was very intense, i loved the nioses i made
    [22:46:53] Human Being: thats not the best bit though...
    [22:47:37] Human Being: think i've held it in long enough...
    [22:47:43] Human Being: no aneros
    [22:47:55] Human Being: thats it, no aneros at all
    [22:48:05] Human Being: surprised the hell out of me
    [22:48:07] rook: ah early morning 'less session cool !
    [22:48:24] Human Being: yup my first
    [22:48:52] Human Being: i tried it again today, but was a bit scary today
    [22:49:03] Human Being: o.k was alot scary
    [22:49:50] Human Being: when it came on i was litterally crying for mercy
    [22:50:07] rook: in what respect, .... scary ? uncertainty? ... terror at the gates ?
    [22:51:17] Human Being: just with the intensity, i really really wanted to be given mercy and to be tipped over the edge
    [22:51:43] Human Being: i've only ever heard girls sound like the way i did
    [22:52:11] Human Being: i think i know what it feels like now, i could hardly stand it
    [22:53:21] rook: nice --- now you know that there's no reason for panic .... just allow yourself to 'fall through'
    [22:53:40] Human Being: i really don't think i have a choice wether to do it again
    [22:54:15] Human Being: my bodys just going to do it, i've been having spasms all day
    [22:54:18] rook: good! No choice really. Just do it.
    [22:54:54] Human Being: i did try something cool aswell
    [22:55:34] Human Being: which really surprised me, when i started spasming and contracting on my bed
    [22:56:13] Human Being: i remembered reading about playig with you nipples, so i tried it
    [22:56:33] Human Being: and wow! set me off straight away
    [22:56:58] Human Being: i could't believe it, my body reacting like that
    [22:57:14] Human Being: bit of a shock
    [22:57:39] rook: sweet ---- welcome to the world of orgasms that aren't stopped by ejac.
    [22:58:43] Human Being: i actually watched some porn yesterday and how the woman was reacting reminded me of my own reactions
    [22:59:06] Human Being: actually you could say they looked just the same
    [22:59:25] Human Being: this is a what a womans orgasm is like?
    [23:00:41] ten_s_nut: HB; Sounds like you've "got it."
    [23:00:48] rook: yup --- my wife and I do have much the same responses to g-spot orgasm.
    [23:00:51] ten_s_nut: Congrats!
    [23:01:54] Human Being: Thanks L O L . theres two things i don't understand though, if you may enlighten me
    [23:02:06] rook: much faster progress than most guys have.
    [23:02:25] Human Being: thats one thing i was going to ask about
    [23:03:00] Human Being: i didn't think your body could be that quick at setting up nueral connections
    [23:03:55] rook: I think it's a matter of how hard the penis-orgasm wiring is.
    [23:04:34] ten_s_nut: HB; Some guys are very adaptable, others not.
    [23:04:55] Human Being: o.k understood
    [23:05:01] Human Being: next thing
    [23:05:12] rook: I had nearly 60 years of penis/ejac orgasms and it took me about 7 months to generate my first dry Os
    [23:05:37] rook: it was another 5 months to reach an intense Super-O
    [23:05:42] Human Being: o.k i'm 22, i think i see where your going
    [23:06:56] rook: When I was in my late teens and 20s I could feel my orgasm start then enter ejac response, sometimes 20 -30 seconds later.
    [23:06:57] Human Being: i was under the impression that for orgasm to occur, the nerves responsible for sexual response
    [23:07:15] rook: As I aged, the two merged and blurred
    [23:07:32] Human Being: had to be stimulated, but i only remember touching my skin
    [23:08:02] Human Being: sorry rook i don't quite understand the statement
    [23:08:22] ten_s_nut: HB; Your nervous system includes your brain, which can generate orgasmic responses to almost anything.
    [23:08:29] rook: we've got guys in the forum who orgasm from a variety of stim points
    [23:09:07] Human Being: so orgasm can be created in the brain?
    [23:09:17] rook: bingo!
    [23:09:35] ten_s_nut: HB; Every perception of everything is created in the brain.
    [23:10:05] Human Being: hmm, completey goes against everything i've ever learnt, but i certainly see that your right
    [23:10:30] Human Being: very interesting
    [23:11:13] Human Being: o.k another question
    [23:11:27] ten_s_nut: Additionally, the brain is connected to the physical world by other means we don't understand, yet.
    [23:12:00] Human Being: i think it is actually understood alot
    [23:12:20] ten_s_nut: Nope: See...Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
    [23:12:21] Human Being: through quantum physics
    [23:12:36] Human Being: okies
    [23:13:01] ten_s_nut: HB; The mechanisms are not understood at all when it comes to humans and objects
    [23:13:29] Human Being: ok first paragraph makes sense, electical right, such as our brains
    [23:14:14] ten_s_nut: HB; those folks spent 17 years trying to find the mechanisms for the effects they proved. No dice.
    [23:15:21] ten_s_nut: total fail
    [23:15:30] Human Being: they proved the effects, but couldn't prove the mechanics, though they had sound enough theory?
    [23:16:05] ten_s_nut: They have no theories, only failed hypothesis
    [23:16:56] Human Being: o.k i'm gonna have to read more of this later, will make for very interesting conversation. thanks guys!
    [23:16:56] ten_s_nut: I can see why they quit.
    [23:17:22] rook: we all vary genetically as well
    [23:17:30] Human Being: i'm am interested in this kind of stuff myself
    [23:17:52] Human Being: yup
    [23:18:02] ten_s_nut: Me, too. Been studying the topic for more than 40 years
    [23:18:23] rook: some of us experience vivid visuals --- some of us trigger stuff resembling migraine (with and without pain) and others have
    [23:18:32] rook: responses resembling eplipsey
    [23:19:57] Human Being: it's all good though, other wise your body naturaly wouldn't react to it
    [23:19:57] rook: so it's tough to generalize where an orgasm will go. Good news is that no one dies from orgasm.
    [23:20:07] rook: Grin
    [23:20:15] ten_s_nut: (yet)
    [23:20:16] Human Being: it tries to stay away from harmful things
    [23:20:23] ten_s_nut: L O L
    [23:20:56] Human Being: that's good, makes me feel alot better rook L O L
    [23:21:25] Human Being: right i'm gonna go make a cuppa, brb
    [23:21:51] ten_s_nut: On the other hand, HB, if you become the first person killed by Aneros, you'll be famous.
    [23:22:53] ten_s_nut: rook; I've gotta go do chores. I'll return later. Cheers!
    [23:23:10] rook: A couple of nights ago I definitely approached my max Cardio rate. Just considered it a good cardio exericse.
    [23:27:49] Human Being: i definately, feel like, my body gonna attack me when i'm at my mentally weakest point, it feels like it's buiding
    [23:28:45] Human Being: i've never felt like this before, actually thats how it started
    [23:28:54] Human Being: i'd just woke up
    [23:29:31] Human Being: it was only after i'd gained some control i'd realised what happend
    [23:30:04] Human Being: hmm, do you feel fitter with all this?
    [23:30:28] rook: Jack Johnston (of KSMO fame) has written well about the 'terror-at-the-gates' feeling. Some guys balk at that point.
    [23:30:44] rook: Sounds like you have slipped through quite nicely.
    [23:31:02] Human Being: terror at the gates is?
    [23:31:21] rook: the feeling of freight as the orgasmic energy builds
    [23:31:30] rook: ^fright
    [23:31:40] Human Being: i didn't have any fright per se
    [23:32:11] rook: cool -- nice risk taking !
    [23:32:15] Human Being: just felt like crying because i couldnt take it, i really wanted to come
    [23:32:50] Human Being: the build was intense, i can see what they mean by agony now
    [23:33:13] Human Being: on the other hand i may not even have a clue
    [23:33:17] rook: that's one of the reasons most guys recommend that while a newbie is 'training that they not ejac and live with the feeling
    [23:33:31] rook: of the session for at least an hour after they remove an aneros
    [23:33:51] rook: U did this, Anerosless which was really cool !
    [23:35:38] Human Being: yeah it was, but i am kinda gonna have to keep practising
    [23:35:38] rook: After you are dependably orgasmic you may find that ejac during sex or just a quick J.O. will spike your orgasmic capacity
    [23:36:00] rook: So that you don't have to enter an orgasmic session in a very Horny state
    [23:36:32] Human Being: ahh i see, makes sense
    [23:36:45] rumel: Hi rook and HB
    [23:36:57] Human Being: so your not struggling against a wet orgasm so much
    [23:36:59] rook: Hi rumel
    [23:37:06] Human Being: hey rumel
    [23:37:20] Human Being: how are you this fine evening?
    [23:38:17] rumel: Good I just responded to a post that addressed the above topic rook just mentioned.
    [23:38:57] Human Being: o.k i'll have a read
    [23:41:52] Human Being: that's a very good and informative post, with plenty of threads to check out, thankyou rumel
    [23:42:10] rook: taking a quick break --- be back in 10-20 min ...
    [23:42:22] Human Being: okies
    [23:43:50] rumel: HB, there are many really good threads contained within the electronic vaults of this Forum
    [23:44:37] rumel: unfortunately most guys aren't willing to go search them out, I try to point people to ones I know are
    [23:44:55] rumel: worthwhile but I can't make them read them.
    [23:45:06] Human Being: i have been doing some reading, i'm learning something new everyday
    [23:45:29] Human Being: but i will be checking yours out, on on that topic
    [23:46:19] Human Being: is there any threads you could point out, on affirmations or things to tip you over the edge
    [23:47:06] Human Being: feels way too intense at the mo, really, really need to be tipped over the edge
    [23:47:23] rumel: I've read every post on this Forum since I became a member nearly 5 years ago, and I've read most of the posts before that
    [23:48:05] Human Being: today it felt like i couldn't take any more, it was frustratingly intense
    [23:48:25] rumel: as well, so I can't recall all the ones that are important other than to point you to the "Cherry Picks" group
    [23:48:30] rumel: listings.
    [23:48:43] Human Being: okies
    [23:49:11] rumel: What do you mean by "over the edge"?
    [23:49:44] Human Being: like actually orgasm intead of being very close
    [23:50:34] Human Being: i was crying for mercy, it felt very good though!
    [23:50:49] rumel: How do you define orgasm?
    [23:51:35] Human Being: you feel at least some sense of release, i know i definately did not orgasm
    [23:51:56] Human Being: i'm as sure as i could ever be sure of anything
    [23:53:02] Human Being: aha, spasming just thinking about earlier
    [23:53:06] rumel: Do you recognize that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing?
    [23:53:17] Human Being: yes
    [23:53:39] Human Being: i'm not new to anal play though
    [23:54:10] Human Being: i just haven't taken it in this sortof direction till recently
    [23:54:25] rumel: OK do you recognize that ejaculation causes release of certain hormones to generate that sense of relief?
    [23:54:37] Human Being: yup
    [23:54:46] Human Being: i know this
    [23:55:07] Human Being: nother spasm L O L
    [23:55:32] rumel: OK then if you don't ejaculate you can orgasm without gaining that sense of release.
    [23:56:01] Human Being: i can describe my first experience as orgasmic, even though it was just one wave
    [23:56:42] Human Being:
    [23:57:10] rumel: The Super-O may be one or more orgasmic events that still do not give you the sense of release that an
    [23:57:14] Human Being: but nothing since, just feels like a build thats all
    [23:57:31] rumel: ejaculatory orgasm will give you.
    [23:57:59] Human Being: yes i believe this from my experience on the post
    [23:58:12] Human Being: they are not the same at all
    [23:59:23] rumel: I read you very nice inital post and can empathize with what you experienced I think you are on the cusp of letting
    [23:59:38] rumel: go to experience the thrill of the Super-O
    [23:59:43] Human Being: i've not had any sense of release at all since then, just feels like it's still building, even as i'm sat here
    [00:00:17] rumel: Yes I know the feeling
    [00:00:31] Human Being: i haven't had the experience of that since then
    [00:00:52] Human Being: kinda got the jitters i think, felt too good to be true
    [00:01:39] rumel: Sounds like a "mind noise" problem maybe.
    [00:01:55] Human Being: hmm you can tell me off if you like
    [00:02:10] Human Being: mind noise?
    [00:02:13] rumel: Why would I want to do that?
    [00:02:45] Human Being: because i haven't tried to go for that same experience again L O L
    [00:03:07] bigguy: relaxing and letting it happen
    [00:03:28] bigguy: clearing your mind of everything and welcoming the pleasure
    [00:03:56] bigguy: without worrying if it is going to happen or not
    [00:04:26] bigguy: for me it helps to project erotic thoughts too
    [00:05:59] Human Being: guys, i've been consistantly humbled by your patience, your support and kind words on here
    [00:06:14] rumel: "Mind Noise" is being distracted by you ego indulging in thoughts of anything other than the pleasure you seek.
  • This post contains the temporary Chat Room discussions from 7:06pm EST 2/19/12 through 11:35pm EST 2/19/12

    [00:06:23] Human Being: i really do feel like i've fell into a sort of comunity
    [00:06:59] Human Being: thats exactly how i would describe it. EXACTLY
    [00:07:15] rumel: We are a very supportive community.
    [00:07:41] Human Being: except i've kinda forgotten how to spell exactly, bugger
    [00:07:45] bigguy: indeed, be back in a bit men
    [00:08:58] Human Being: see ya in a bit bigguy
    [00:09:27] rumel: HB you are not going to be ostracized from the community for poor spelling or grammar!
    [00:10:42] Human Being: it's, not that.... it bugs me, my spelling is usually so good, i got top in my class once
    [00:11:09] Human Being: probably cause i haven't written properly in ages
    [00:11:13] rumel: I think I need to add the term "mind noise" to the WIKI Glossary
    [00:11:27] Human Being: good idea
    [00:11:40] Human Being: and another thing
    [00:12:06] Human Being: theres an unfilled section about 'swithing it off'
    [00:12:22] Human Being: wich i think i could find usefull
    [00:13:03] rumel: Where's that? in the WIKI?
    [00:13:12] Human Being: i kept having spasm even when i didn't want them
    [00:13:14] Human Being: yup
    [00:13:44] Human Being: it was when my mind wasn't occupied on anything
    [00:14:38] rumel: Can you recall where in the WIKI you saw that?
    [00:15:14] Human Being: i'll just have a look now, may have been taken off?
    [00:16:55] rumel: HB I don't know if you can literally switch on/off these parasympathetic nervous system effects/sensations
    [00:17:24] rumel: without irreparably denying future access to them
    [00:17:52] Human Being: so once it's there it's there?
    [00:18:45] rumel: It takes most men some time to learn to allow these sensations to emerge to begin with I don't want to shut them off
    [00:18:51] Human Being: now you put it that way, my body definately is more sympathetic to my thoughts
    [00:18:59] rumel: they might not ever return to me.
    [00:19:36] Human Being: makes sense, if had to choose, i say it stays
    [00:20:06] Human Being: it is exiting
    [00:20:18] Human Being: exciting*
    [00:20:58] rumel: I think as you learn to accept these "echo effects" as part of your normal everyday life they are actually welcome
    [00:21:26] rumel: pleasant interludes in our more mindane existences.
    [00:22:07] Human Being: thats good i feel that they may have that potential for me also
    [00:22:43] rumel: I don't find them bothersome at all but litlle welcome bundles of pleasure to please and tease me throughout my day.
    [00:23:04] Human Being: it's just so new thats all, i'm struggling to take it all in
    [00:23:42] rumel: and nobody is any the wiser except the grin on my face revealing anything.
    [00:24:30] Human Being: yeah i found that when no one was around outside at the smoking shelter, i played around a bit and let some shudders go
    [00:24:41] Human Being: pretty cool
    [00:25:56] Human Being: just tried it now L O L
    [00:26:13] rumel: Cool indeed to know you posess this magnificent ability to experience pleasure almost anywhere.
    [00:26:23] Human Being: wasn't a shudder though but big contraction, wow! crazy
    [00:26:51] Human Being: i know what you mean now
    [00:26:59] Human Being: really enjoyed it
    [00:27:04] Human Being: brill
    [00:27:43] Human Being: big grin
    [00:28:39] Human Being: the human body is truly remarkable
    [00:28:56] rumel: Yes indeed
    [00:29:34] rumel: Have yo checked out the "cherry Picks" group
    [00:29:55] Human Being: nope got link?
    [00:30:10] rumel:
    [00:32:01] Human Being: thanks, added to faves
    [00:32:20] Human Being: will go through it at some point
    [00:32:59] Human Being: there is a hell of a lot of reading material to go through
    [00:33:14] Human Being: i think i'm going to enjoy it all
    [00:33:46] Human Being: i like reding anyway, i actually have lots of books
    [00:34:02] Human Being: read nearly all of them
    [00:34:35] Human Being: at least i have something to read now that will benefit me
    [00:34:50] Human Being: maybe more than my other books
    [00:35:23] rumel: It may seem like a lot of reading but it reads pretty fast and the info is really good for newbies to have.
    [00:35:43] Human Being: i still have only read a percentage of the wiki
    [00:36:33] Human Being: i've learnt so much this past week and a half
    [00:36:41] Human Being: it's been amazing
    [00:36:53] rumel: I helped put the WIKI together and it was a time consuming but very rewarding as well.
    [00:37:41] Human Being: that's great, parhaps i may even be a future contributer in the making
    [00:38:48] rumel:
    [00:39:21] Human Being: it's funny, but i wouldn't be lying if i said that it was the aneros wiki that kicked this whole ride off
    [00:40:34] rumel: How did you first encounter the Aneros WIKI?
    [00:40:55] Human Being: so thankyou rumel, and others that made this a reality
    [00:41:23] Human Being: i'm not sure, i think it was on an information binge
    [00:41:56] rumel: You are very welcome, it was a labor of love and care by BF Mayfield and darwin as well.
    [00:41:57] Human Being: learning about the male sex response and stumbled upon it, about a year ago
    [00:42:31] Human Being: but it literally kicked things off about a week and a half ago
    [00:42:48] rumel: I'm glad you did and I'm confident your life will forever be different as well.
    [00:42:58] Human Being: then i had to get myself an aneros
    [00:43:14] Human Being: it is different
    [00:43:18] Human Being: iv
    [00:43:45] Human Being: i haven't felt this well in years
    [00:44:27] Human Being: yesterday i ran further than i've ever run in my life
    [00:44:37] kenny3201: here just ordered an mgx
    [00:44:44] rumel: Endorphins are fun chemicals to have flowing around your body consistently.
    [00:45:03] kenny3201: do you guys have any advice
    [00:45:20] Human Being: though that may have something to do with having been a bit drunk, and yes the endorphins were fun
    [00:45:22] rumel: Hi kenny, welcome to the Chat Room
    [00:45:28] Human Being: hey kenny
    [00:45:37] Human Being: and yes
    [00:45:51] Human Being: or he does i'm sure
    [00:45:55] Human Being: L O L
    [00:45:58] kenny3201: i cant wait to try my aneros
    [00:46:22] Human Being: i know how you feel
    [00:46:50] kenny3201: is there wnything i dhould know
    [00:46:54] rumel: kenny, if you'll hang around a few minutes I'll send you a PM with a lot of links and info.
    [00:47:02] twlltin: Good morning
    [00:47:08] Human Being: what made you decide to buy one, if you don't mind me asking?
    [00:47:17] kenny3201: ok thanks!
    [00:47:23] Human Being: hey twll
    [00:47:56] kenny3201: just looking for a new experience i guess
    [00:47:58] twlltin: I survived the A55, M56 and M60...
    [00:48:00] Human Being: we have kenny here who has just ordered an mgx
    [00:48:14] twlltin: Welcome kenny.
    [00:48:18] Human Being: you back home now?
    [00:48:32] twlltin: Yes, back.
    [00:48:45] kenny3201: i just split with my girl and a while back i saw this video on xtube and it looked really intense
    [00:48:48] Human Being: twll, rumel has helped me loads today
    [00:49:15] twlltin: Ah. Don't expect to experience anything like that video. Those show extreme reactions.
    [00:49:32] twlltin: That's one end of the spectrum.
    [00:49:38] Human Being: helped me develop more in just couple of hours, and rook too
    [00:49:49] bsmith14: hi guys
    [00:49:55] twlltin: Others have little movement, but intense internal sensations.
    [00:49:56] kenny3201: i really have no expectations...i am vry excited to try though
    [00:49:59] Benji: Hey everyone
    [00:50:00] twlltin: Hi bsmith
    [00:50:01] rumel: OK kenny I sent you a PM click here -> to view it.
    [00:50:03] Human Being: yes he's right, i know from experience
    [00:50:05] twlltin: And Benji
    [00:50:06] bsmith14: we have 7.5 inches of new snow here in Virginia today
    [00:50:11] ten_s_nut: I'm back.
    [00:50:25] Human Being: hi benji, hi smith
    [00:50:34] Human Being: hey tens
    [00:50:35] kenny3201: thanks rumel
    [00:50:53] Benji: thanks human and trlltin
    [00:50:59] Benji: twlltin
    [00:51:20] Benji: hey
    [00:51:23] twlltin: HB: Do listen to rumel. He's been around here longer than many.
    [00:51:27] Benji: i was wondering i had a
    [00:51:42] Benji: wierd expierence not sure what to call it
    [00:51:53] twlltin: Try to describe it, Benji
    [00:52:34] Human Being: it's not just that, he's helped to appreciate more what i've got and get more enjoyment out of it
    [00:52:45] Human Being: to*
    [00:52:58] twlltin: Great. I'll have to look back through the chat history.
    [00:53:10] Human Being: please do twll
    [00:53:27] Human Being: ok im interested now benj
    [00:53:50] ten_s_nut: White text guys; the colors are in the wheel at the top of this page.
    [00:53:56] Benji: i was using my tempo and i felt like i was coming and when i came i ejaculated like tons L O L and it last for about like 3 may
    [00:54:02] ten_s_nut: (light colors work best)
    [00:54:11] bsmith14: ten, I was waiting for you to say that
    [00:54:23] Benji: maybe 3- 4 mins i lost tract of time
    [00:54:27] Benji: L O L
    [00:54:29] ten_s_nut: I'm the Color Cop
    [00:54:38] Human Being: blue, nice
    [00:54:48] ten_s_nut: cool
    [00:54:58] Human Being: thnx
    [00:55:03] rumel: Sounds wonderfull Benji
    [00:55:17] bsmith14: @HB, was readying the history about your nipple discovery. the nipples are an incredible source of pleasure
    [00:55:45] Human Being: yeah didn't have a clue till then L O L
    [00:55:52] Benji: what would that because it wasnt a dry o and cause i cum everywhere and after it felt like just touch my skin i would cum L O L
    [00:56:19] ten_s_nut: Benji: Wet O
    [00:56:30] Human Being: posible dry o after?
    [00:57:19] Benji: well after that i came and was about just a much more so much i had to like hurry up in jump in shower
    [00:58:03] Benji: it was amazing L O L
    [00:58:20] rumel: Benji, orgasmic states ARE altered states of consciousness so heightened periods of sensitivity are not surprising.
    [00:58:40] Benji: oh ok
    [00:59:02] bsmith14: @benji, did the orgasm feel like it was just streaming out of you?
    [00:59:29] ten_s_nut: ...or shooting?
    [00:59:52] Human Being: or both L O L
    [01:00:02] Human Being: ok don't listen to me
    [01:00:12] Human Being: one of those moods L O L
    [01:00:21] Benji: it felt like my body was orgasming like i i kept coming and it wouldnt end and i didnt want it to
    [01:00:21] Benji: L O L
    [01:00:28] bsmith14: thats true I get both sometimes, feels like peeing or streaming into a hard contractions orgasm
    [01:00:32] Benji: wasnt like once place was all over
    [01:01:36] Human Being: one*
    [01:01:42] Benji: yeah L O L
    [01:01:50] Human Being: full body experience?
    [01:02:02] Benji: yeah pretty much
    [01:02:11] kenny3201: rumel thats alot of reading...thanks i am going to study some. thanks for the warm welcome talk to you guys when i have somet
    [01:03:08] kenny3201: something to report
    [01:03:14] Human Being: reminds me of once a couple of years go experimenting with with weed, and pleasuring myself
    [01:03:42] Human Being: just felt like it was all over streaming out of me
    [01:04:02] Human Being: can't smoke the weed now though
    [01:04:09] Human Being: bad for me
    [01:04:26] Human Being: sounds like a great experience benji
    [01:04:34] Benji: yeah i never thought something could feel so good
    [01:04:35] Benji: L O L
    [01:05:01] Human Being: f in brill!
    [01:05:05] bsmith14: it feels awesome. how long do you think it lasted?
    [01:05:20] twlltin: OK. Caught up with reading the history.
    [01:05:55] rumel: To paraphrase Will Rogers - "I never met an orgasm I didn't like!"
    [01:05:57] Benji: probally like 3-4 mins was like every time i felt like i would move i would keep coming
    [01:06:05] Benji: maybe 5 i lost tract of time
    [01:06:05] Benji: L O L
    [01:06:16] Human Being: rumels awesome, easy to chat too, and rook
    [01:06:17] twlltin: And of course reading it has caused me to go into the early phase of chair 'less...
    [01:06:39] Human Being: L O L!
    [01:06:46] Human Being: go for it!!!
    [01:07:06] twlltin: Flushed face... slight tingling in limbs.
    [01:07:21] Human Being: whoop!
    [01:08:10] twlltin: I now need to relax into it. Like trying to get a spark to catch light to a bundle of kindling.
    [01:08:13] Human Being: while you while away a bit, i will a while, take a while to make a cuppa! L O L
    [01:08:22] rumel: Well twll, we're just happy to thrill you into a lump of quivering orgasmic KY jelly! :laugh:
    [01:08:42] Human Being: yup
    [01:08:49] twlltin: If I fall asleep, I'll blame you.
    [01:09:31] rumel: Go ahead, people blame me for stuff all the time
    [01:10:09] twlltin: Every single time I've tried a chair 'less this week, I've ended up falling asleep.
    [01:12:41] bigguy: I am back
    [01:12:58] bigguy: Aren't you thrilled?
    [01:13:26] Human Being: no i'm HB
    [01:13:36] Human Being: L O L
    [01:13:50] bigguy: L O L
    [01:14:34] Human Being: gonna go shop to get sugar, will be back on soon guys!
    [01:28:49] Human Being: o.k back, where'd everone go?
    [01:29:18] Human Being: as soon as they saw me comin they left
    [01:29:20] Human Being: L O L
    [01:31:19] Human Being: ha ha never heard it better, shit happens L O L
    [01:34:54] bsmith14: talk to yourself much
    [01:35:10] Human Being: yup, always
    [01:35:34] Human Being: internal thoughts, duel personality
    [01:35:44] Human Being: a stranger to reality
    [01:36:05] Human Being: wahay, a poet and i didn't know it L O L
    [01:36:28] bsmith14: L O L
    [01:37:02] bsmith14: well, don't get into any heated discussions by yourself, I am out of here for a bit
    [01:37:17] Human Being: okies
    [01:59:29] Human Being: hmm interesting
    [01:59:57] Human Being: haven't had that mentioned in a while
    [02:00:13] Human Being: machine: what's that HB?
    [02:00:25] Human Being: oh hey machine
    [02:00:37] Human Being: machine: hey HB
    [02:00:50] Human Being: long time no see
    [02:01:06] Human Being: gahr can't keep it up
    [02:06:58] rumel: :laugh: HB your externalizing your internal "mind noise" aren't you?
    [02:08:05] Human Being: oh no, just having a little fun is all
    [02:09:02] Human Being: just reading some posts, and ive read whole body/whole mind
    [02:09:27] Human Being: done the MBTI personality test
    [02:09:40] Human Being: im an INFP
    [02:10:09] Human Being: was quite surprised, the description actually matches very well
    [02:10:47] Human Being: oh and it was salvia extract
    [02:11:22] Human Being: or diviner sage
    [02:11:27] Human Being: s*
    [02:11:50] Human Being: tried it once, wierd drug
    [02:16:28] Human Being: could anyone tell me what the abbreviation IMHO means?
    [02:20:51] bsmith14: In My Honest Opinion
    [02:21:08] Human Being: yes go on
    [02:21:14] Human Being: L O L
    [02:21:20] Human Being: LMAO
    [02:22:46] bsmith14: L O L, are you on any drugs currently?
    [02:23:15] Human Being: nope not at all
    [02:23:23] Human Being: just a good mood
    [02:24:01] twlltin: In My Humble Opinion
    [02:24:13] Human Being: yes go on
    [02:24:21] Human Being: L O L
    [02:24:28] Human Being: LMAO
    [02:25:43] twlltin: Oi! Look after your A.
    [02:26:29] Human Being: hasn't run away yet
    [02:26:48] Human Being: nopes still there (grabs bum)
    [02:27:25] Human Being: hey you didn't fall asleep then?
    [02:27:39] twlltin: I did!
    [02:27:52] Human Being: aww
    [02:28:06] Human Being: ahh well
    [02:28:38] twlltin: I need to do it when not tired.
    [02:28:52] Human Being: might work
    [02:29:16] Human Being: ok have you seen my lighter?
    [02:29:54] twlltin: (OK I'll fall for this one too) No, I haven't.
    [02:30:28] Human Being: good caus that'd be just wierd L O L
    [02:30:44] Human Being: found it!
    [02:31:44] Human Being: ahh, i was just thinking of putting some music to distract me from these spasms, any reccomends?
    [02:33:21] twlltin: "Over the hills and far away"
    [02:33:31] Human Being: okies
    [02:34:22] Human Being: led zep, i have the ramasters
    [02:34:32] Human Being: remasters*
    [02:35:12] twlltin: Johnnie Walker played the whole of Stairway this evening. He must have gone for a loo break.
    [02:35:50] Human Being: johnnie walker?
    [02:36:00] twlltin: Radio 2 DJ.
    [02:36:06] twlltin: "Sounds of the Seventies"
    [02:36:24] Human Being: ahh, don't listen to radio much
    [02:37:31] Human Being: this is the first time i've heard this track, it's gettin my foot goin, very familiar bonham
    [02:38:54] Human Being: suitably dristacting
    [02:39:06] Human Being: nope there back L O L
    [02:41:02] Human Being: it's a shame living lovin maid isn't on the remasters
    [02:41:42] Human Being: really like it, it's one of the few songs i know that i can play very properly, note for note
    [02:42:09] twlltin: Time to crawl upstairs to bed...
    [02:42:32] Human Being: go for it, good night
    [02:56:37] rumel: HB where abouts in your body are you having those spasms?
    [02:57:27] Human Being: mainly abdoninal, but it shakes my whole body, but when
    [02:58:01] Human Being: let myself have a big contraction it's contraction all over
    [02:58:24] Human Being: but origanating first from that
    [02:58:33] Human Being: and it's more pelvic
    [02:58:52] rumel: Are you sitting in a chair?
    [02:59:04] Human Being: on my bed
    [02:59:29] rumel: lying or sitting?
    [02:59:46] Human Being: but would be more comfortable to let go more laying down, or on my front, and i'm sitting
    [03:00:05] Human Being: sorry to not give full answer
    [03:00:32] twlltin: Night all!
    [03:00:47] rumel: 'nite twll
    [03:00:59] bsmith14: morning twll
    [03:00:59] Human Being: nite twll
    [03:02:56] rumel: HB if you want to stop the spasms you might try this, while sitting in a chair, get you feet on the floor,
    [03:04:32] rumel: put your hands on your thighs, sit up straight, practice some long deep belly breathing, slowly inhale,
    [03:05:24] rumel: and then while pursing your lips exhale while telling yourself to "relax and release this energy".
    [03:06:24] rumel: try about 15 repetitions and see if that helps.
    [03:08:05] Human Being: ok much calmer
    [03:08:13] Human Being: thankyou
    [03:09:22] Human Being: apparently marilyn monroe had never had an orgasm
    [03:12:40] rumel: Well she never had the opportunity to spend the night with me.
    [03:13:11] Human Being: ha nice one L O L
    [03:14:53] rumel: HB are you also a Jimmy Hendrix fan?
    [03:15:31] Human Being: i'm learning hey joe on the guitar at the moment, so yeah kinda
    [03:16:37] Human Being: i'm playing a gibson instead of fender, but doesn't sound too far off
    [03:16:48] rumel: Have you heard 'The Cure's cover version of Purple Haze?
    [03:17:31] Human Being: nope, and my uncle actualy got asked to play for the cure
    [03:17:50] Human Being: shame i don't remember him
    [03:18:40] rumel: It's got a very hypnotic effect -> The Cure - Purple Haze - Jimi Hendrix Tribute - YouTube
    [03:20:27] Human Being: sweet
    [03:22:28] Human Being: they've drawn it out to a much different affect, but it works. like it
    [03:24:04] Human Being: do you play?
    [03:25:03] rumel: NO unfortunately I never tried to learn a musical instrument.
    [03:25:50] Human Being: it can be very liberating
    [03:26:11] Human Being: even on something as simple as the hrmonica
    [03:27:18] Human Being: it's never too late too not learn and just have fun with an instrument
    [03:27:35] rumel: Well I did produce the "HypnAerosession" recording
    [03:28:47] Human Being: oh yeah i checked out the samples for it, forgot about that
    [03:29:25] Human Being: unfortunatly the american accent just sounds distracting to an english dude
    [03:29:51] Human Being: though i could with a bit digital trickery soften out a bit
    [03:30:22] rumel: If you're interested you can check out some of the musical pieces suggested by Aneros users to use in their
    [03:30:54] rumel: Anerosessions here ->
    [03:31:21] Human Being: plus cause i'm into my sound engineering i noticed that it hadn't been de-essed to it's full extent, was this intentional?
    [03:32:12] rumel: What do you mean by "deessed"?
    [03:33:07] Human Being: a de-esser softens out the harsh silabenses in natural recorded speech
    [03:34:15] Human Being: for example the S and T sounds that have a very high percieved pitch/frequency character too them
    [03:34:29] rumel: No that was not done but it wasn't option available to me in my recording software.
    [03:34:52] Human Being: in recordings, you don't want to get rid, but soften
    [03:36:15] Human Being: it's quite distracting for me, but probably because it is only noticable to me, though i'm sure the effect would be better if
    [03:36:21] Human Being: softened out
    [03:37:04] Human Being: you could use a noise gate with E.Q on a separate bus
    [03:37:25] Human Being: that might do the trick also
    [03:37:39] ten_s_nut: I'm back.
    [03:37:53] Human Being: it wouldn't stop me from buying it, i have all software here anyways
    [03:37:58] Human Being: hey tens
    [03:38:37] ten_s_nut: HB; give up on blue?
    [03:39:01] Human Being: what software are you using for mixing? if you don't mind me asking
    [03:39:13] Human Being: i forgot about it tens
    [03:39:18] rumel: Audacity
    [03:39:22] Human Being: i'd logged out
    [03:39:32] ten_s_nut: same thing I use, rumel
    [03:39:36] Human Being: ahh, yes the free one
    [03:39:57] Human Being: was very interesting to learn on
    [03:40:07] ten_s_nut: Also have an older version of SoundForge, before Sony bought them out
    [03:40:14] Human Being: because you couldn't do any chains on it
    [03:40:31] Human Being: soundforge is better
    [03:41:24] Human Being: i used to try and master with audacity, because of it's simplicity it's better for training your ears and chaining teqhnique
    [03:42:00] rumel: What do you mean by "chaining"?
    [03:42:01] derek1975: Hi guys!
    [03:42:04] Human Being: though i did still get some very unexpected results
    [03:42:23] ten_s_nut: Hey, derek
    [03:42:34] Human Being: well on audacity, you do one affect then apply
    [03:42:53] Human Being: then next affect then apply
    [03:43:03] derek1975: Hi ten
    [03:43:15] Human Being: but when you can chain effects
    [03:43:32] Human Being: you can go back through any in real time
    [03:43:57] Human Being: and they are completely moduler, it makes for great creative flow
    [03:44:24] Human Being: they are usually also set out in a moduler format
    [03:45:16] Human Being: the products where you can do this though tend to be more proffesional
    [03:45:51] Human Being: you can still do most things with audacity, but takes more time and a lot more skill
    [03:46:06] ten_s_nut: ...not to mention, you need a lot of DRAM and processing power for that
    [03:46:41] Human Being: sortof, for a decent effect certainly
    [03:47:16] Human Being: so it doesn't sound massively colord by EQ ect
    [03:47:18] ten_s_nut: Try running reverb, flange and chorus at the same time on 16 tracks.
    [03:48:23] Human Being: that'll do it, but with someone who knows what they're doing that would almost certainly never happen
    [03:48:52] rumel: I had my hands full with the 8 tracks of "HypnAerosession"
    [03:49:30] Human Being: and you didn't even use duel compression L O L
    [03:50:04] Human Being: turn that 8 tracks into 16 busses
    [03:50:31] Human Being: thats sortof like 24 tracks to handle
    [03:50:44] Neuro: i think isabella valentine should hire your expertise rumel
    [03:50:49] Human Being: thats the sortof thing i'm talking about
    [03:51:10] Human Being: then you've got to do you mixdown
    [03:51:19] Human Being: and then master it
    [03:51:26] Human Being: phew!
    [03:52:35] rumel: @Neuro, I like her voice but I don't desire to have her own me, thank you very much
    [03:53:08] Human Being: hi neuro, cool name
    [03:55:33] Human Being: sounds like it's alot of work rumel, but the mixing process actualy becomes alot easier
    [03:56:15] Neuro: haha i understand
    [03:56:44] Neuro: yeah be your own man haha
    [03:56:53] rumel: Well I learned a lot from "HypnAerosession" so the next recording should go a bit easier.
    [03:57:31] Human Being: that's the way it should go i think
    [03:57:36] Neuro: i wonder if you could write scripts for her...that would be wonderful....let her do all the mixing work
    [03:58:37] Human Being: you always learn something new when doing things like that, thats why i love doing it
    [03:58:47] rumel: Neuro, I think she is a lot like Nikki Fatale, I doubt she would accept leadership from a male.
    [04:00:08] Human Being: i don't know these girls
    [04:00:15] Human Being: should i?
    [04:00:34] Human Being: hey rumel still calm
    [04:00:54] rumel: They are both hypno-Doms doing erotic hypno-recordings.
    [04:01:35] Human Being: hypno-doms like it L O L
    [04:02:06] ten_s_nut: Yeah, next thing you know you're emailing your account numbers to them
    [04:02:23] Neuro: ahhh i bet your are right rumel, good point!
    [04:04:29] Human Being: gahr need to get some sleep
    [04:05:06] Human Being: bye peeps, and thanks rumel for tonight
    [04:05:53] ten_s_nut: TTFN, HB
    [04:05:56] rumel: My recording with 'Alana' was meant to empower men to their orgasm, not to have 'Alana' take ownership of it.
    [04:06:12] rumel: 'nite HB
    [04:12:08] Neuro: so alana is not a Dom then i guess
    [04:12:26] rumel: No she is not.
    [04:12:47] Neuro: what has she been up to? does she have a website?
    [04:13:46] Neuro: i have really been enjoying getting away from porn as an arousal amplifier and turning toward music and hypnosis/relaxation
    [04:13:52] rumel: She is a very talented voice artist who is sympathetic to the ends of Tantric Sexuality
    [04:15:07] Neuro: how has your joinery been progressing?
    [04:15:21] Neuro: i have not read many posts from you in some time
    [04:15:32] Neuro: journery*
    [04:15:36] rumel: Good for you Neuro, 'Alana' has her own website but not under that name, she wishes to remain anonymous
    [04:15:52] rumel: at this time so I will just keep it that way.
    [04:16:25] Neuro: oh ok. well if you feel it is ok, please PM me the site and I will keep your secret
    [04:16:34] rumel: Neuro, hmmm, well I just posted twice today.
    [04:16:52] Neuro: hahaha well i guess i have been slacking on my reading then
    [04:17:18] Neuro: do you have any desires to make a video?
    [04:17:35] Neuro: ie: articwolves, artform
    [04:18:50] rumel: I have discussed this with 'BF Mayfield' and it is something we would like to collaborate on developing in conjunction with his future Aneros Manual.
    [04:19:22] Neuro: great do a great job of referencing previous posts
    [04:19:40] rumel: Thanks
    [04:19:45] Neuro: very helpful for newbies and vets alike
    [04:20:23] Neuro: i'm sure you talk to the company reps from time to time....i wonder if they have thought about designing a special piece
    [04:20:47] Neuro: of aneros furniture designed to get the body in the best position
    [04:21:03] rumel: I would really like to develop a truly educational video for sale that would cover much of the WIKI info.
    [04:21:25] Neuro: like something that allows to put your feet up and bum off the bed
    [04:21:44] Neuro: i think whatever you do it will be a wonderful addition
    [04:22:30] Neuro: a video with commentary would be great for people to understand the mindset that one should aim for
    [04:22:30] rumel: Neuro, I have been thinking about a special lounge chair for that purpose, as far as I know the Aneros Co.
    [04:22:46] rumel: is not thinking along those lines at all.
    [04:23:06] Neuro: yeah it would be a nightmare to ship i would imagine
    [04:23:54] Neuro: personaly i have had some great success with the TOTAL PILLOW which is a flexible beanbag type pillow shaped like a donut
    [04:24:14] Neuro: great for sitting in a chair or under your low back when lying in bed
    [04:24:26] rumel: Bf Mayfield and I may start a website to offer Aneros related items that the company is not interested in selling.
    [04:25:25] Neuro: also attached the TRX training system to my ceiling and hook my feet into it....kinda acts as a swing/support for my legs
    [04:25:42] Neuro: if i can help in anyway, please let me know
    [04:26:12] Neuro: glad you guys are doing pioneer work behind the scene
    [04:27:27] rumel: Well we would like to take it very much ON the SCENE!
    [04:27:53] Neuro: haha yes indeed!
    [04:28:34] rumel: First we need product to do so!
    [04:29:16] Neuro: we really should organize an aneros retreat
    [04:29:30] rumel: I've got "HypnAerosession" to start with but that's just one product, we'll need way more than that.
    [04:29:40] Neuro: with everyone's different background, i'm sure you could find someone that can help
    [04:30:23] ten_s_nut: rumel; I know many guys here want a male version of your CD
    [04:30:32] Neuro: L O L i'll design a mattress with an aneros slot
    [04:30:44] rumel: What would you in-vision for an "Aneros Retreat"?
    [04:31:21] Neuro: well just a workshop for everyone to learn about the products and the MMO practice
    [04:31:27] rumel: @ten that's in the works already.
    [04:31:41] Neuro: people can exchange ideas...make friendships....etc
    [04:32:07] Neuro: i'm not suggesting mutual aneros sessions
    [04:32:45] Neuro: i think the company would grow enormously if they sponsored an event like this
    [04:32:53] Neuro: imho
    [04:32:57] rumel: N, that idea has been thrown before but how would that be any different from the info already available here on line?
    [04:33:32] Neuro: i think the learning would be much faster as it could be more visual and immediate
    [04:33:49] ten_s_nut: Neuro; Considering that Aneros is a sex toy for the most part, the only people who would show up for a group event...
    [04:34:15] rumel: With it available here everyone can obtain it anonymously whereas setting up a workshop a person will lose
    [04:34:20] ten_s_nut: ...would be the small group of folks who are comfortable with group sex.
    [04:34:23] Neuro: i think most guys do this in secret so it would be a great way to come out and meet likeminded people
    [04:34:23] rumel: some of that.
    [04:34:42] Neuro: yeah
    [04:35:08] Neuro: just a thought, as i know KSMO has organized a retreat in the past
    [04:35:42] ten_s_nut: Most Aneros users are solo or half of a couple and limit sex to themselves and partner.
  • Chat Room Log from 11:35pm EST 2/19/12 through 1:26m EST 2/20/12

    [04:36:17] rumel: I have the idea of making the Super O Society as a information outlet that can start desseminating this info
    [04:37:18] rumel: without having to be tagged as an Aneros shill and thus also destigmatizing the prostate massage taboo.
    [04:37:43] Neuro: perhaps better yet!
    [04:38:00] Neuro: as super O is definitely not tied to the aneros per se
    [04:38:52] rumel: The Super O Society supports all methods of reaching that wonderful state and both men and women could
    [04:39:22] rumel: support it equally without being stigmatized as anal fetishists.
    [04:39:55] Neuro: it could really be a group that focuses on the joys and possibilities of full-body orgasm
    [04:40:11] rumel: Exactly
    [04:40:18] Neuro: great idea
    [04:41:02] Neuro: better start writing your book haha
    [04:41:06] ten_s_nut: Great idea. The S.O.S. I like it
    [04:41:40] Neuro: i could see you writing one and then doing public speaking events
    [04:44:20] rumel: I already have a certificate designed see
    [04:44:24] rumel:
    [04:45:20] ten_s_nut: Have to be a group member to see the pix
    [04:46:58] rumel: Well I'll allow you to join!
    [04:47:01] Neuro: very cool!
    [04:47:20] ten_s_nut: OK
    [04:48:59] ten_s_nut: Nice chatting, gents, but I've gotta go. Cheers!
    [04:49:26] Neuro: gnite
    [04:49:30] rumel: 'nite ten
    [04:50:13] rumel: Hi 'a'
    [04:50:52] artform: Good Evening rumel and Neuro!!
    [04:51:18] artform: What's new tonight??
    [04:52:03] rumel: No much 'a'
    [04:53:56] artform: Just reading History... amazing that it is more reliable recently!
    [04:55:04] Neuro: hello sir!
    [04:55:29] artform: And you too Neuro!!
    [04:55:29] Neuro: got ur message earlier A....was out and about sorry i missed ya
    [04:55:56] Neuro: busy watching the devils beat up on the canadiens
    [04:56:07] artform: no problem... there is serendipity in all this!!
    [04:56:57] artform: Great that you have been accepted as a member of the Super-O Society Neuro!!
    [04:57:01] rumel: Oooo I love serendipitous events please elaborate.
    [04:57:44] artform: I fully support that new membership Chairman Rumel!! Grin
    [04:58:21] Neuro: honered to be included thank you Super Rumel-O
    [04:58:58] Neuro: i will specialize in WAVE Development
    [04:59:21] rumel: Guys everybody who pursues their advanced orgasmic potential is automatically a member of the SOS!
    [04:59:49] rumel: Men and women alike
    [05:00:29] artform: we just need to make it more widely known in the best way possible
    [05:01:11] Neuro: more people need to catch the WAVE
    [05:01:11] rumel: This may be the most egalitarian Society ever conceived.
    [05:02:06] artform: I think your WAVE initiative is excellent Neuro!
    [05:02:24] artform: agree that is the great potential R!!!
    [05:05:11] artform: Rumel, how many members have we now in SOS?
    [05:06:34] rumel: millions posibly billions, they just don't know they're automatically members.
    [05:07:22] artform: Yes, well, that is what I was getting at. Grin
    [05:09:58] Neuro: i am going to retire to my warm bed for the night friends
    [05:10:22] Neuro: Rumel great to talk with you and hear about your ideas for the future
    [05:10:30] rumel: OK Neuro thanks for dropping in
    [05:11:00] artform: Great catching up again Neuro!! Sweet Dreams!!
    [05:11:01] Neuro: thank Artform....glad i can contribute
    [05:11:17] rumel: Might be delusions of Grandeur at work here
    [05:11:31] Neuro: goodnight! Happy waves to you
    [05:11:46] rumel: 'nite N
    [05:12:09] artform: All the very best N!
    [05:12:16] Neuro: neuroplasticity of the brain is where i am focusing my attentions to next
    [05:12:27] Neuro: sky is the limit
    [05:12:38] rumel: Good on you, go for it
    [05:12:40] brine: Hey gents.
    [05:12:54] Neuro: human body is an amazing creation
    [05:12:56] Neuro: gnite
    [05:13:10] rumel: Hi Brian
    [05:13:18] artform: Rumel, mrs a. and I have have had a great weekend at the new music festival here this weekend.
    [05:13:27] artform: Hi brine!!
    [05:14:13] brine: Hey art and rumel.
    [05:14:16] rumel: 'a' Yes it sounds like you've had a lot of fun, nice.
    [05:14:58] artform: Last night out 'til 1:30 am snacking on nachos and escargots and not as energeticv as usual tonight
    [05:16:21] rumel: Well naturally, you know the saying "you are what you eat"-> escargot are not the most energetic creatures on earth!
    [05:16:44] artform:laugh
    [05:17:10] artform: but SO delicious!!!
    [05:17:54] brine: I, too, wouldn't find art and Mrs. A analogous to snails either!!
    [05:17:55] rumel: Yes and they aqre meant to be eaten s l o w l y.
    [05:17:58] artform: Feeling any better brine??
    [05:18:02] brine: Except for the delicious part.
    [05:18:19] brine: Finally turned the corner on my bronchitis. Now it's mostly lodged in my vocal chords as laryngitis with a bit of a cough.
    [05:19:13] artform: Still nasty then! Heal my friend, healing to you!!
    [05:19:21] brine: Being ill certainly turns certain "switches" off!!!
    [05:19:42] artform: can do indeed
    [05:19:48] brine: Looking forward to being switched "on" again soon!!
    [05:20:12] rumel: When is 'brine' not fully human? When he's 'horse'
    [05:20:28] brine: Oh, rumel...
    [05:20:42] brine: I'd laugh out loud, but no one would hear!!!
    [05:20:46] rumel: I know ...... ewwwwwwwwwwwww
    [05:21:37] rumel: I can't help it I love puns, they are jokes at nobody's expense.
    [05:22:18] brine: Yep, and they cost little!
    [05:22:57] artform: indeed
    [05:23:04] rumel: and sometimes worth half what they cost, but I still like 'em
    [05:23:20] brine: Me too!
    [05:24:09] artform: fading faster now my friends...... and so thanks for catching up and chat again here soon!!!
    [05:24:33] artform: Good Night and Sweet Dreams
    [05:24:37] rumel: I do wish you well though Brian it is no fun being sick.
    [05:25:07] brine: Understood. Thankfully for our first President, I have tomorrow off, another day to heal up before returning to school.
    [05:25:17] brine: Good night, art.
    [05:25:26] rumel: 'nite 'a' Sugary Dreams friend.
    [05:25:50] brine: I'm going to sign off also. The meds are keeping me in slumber land!
    [05:26:07] rumel: OK 'nite brine
    [05:26:34] brine: Bye art and rumel. Sleep well friends.
  • [10:43:14] varmint: Morning
    [10:45:36] twlltin: Good morning varmint
    [10:48:08] varmint: How's it going?
    [10:48:19] twlltin: Not bad.
    [10:48:24] twlltin: And you?
    [10:48:38] twlltin: I slept with Helix last night... and I slept well.
    [10:49:04] twlltin: Woke up and had a short session, which for the first time in ages actually worked
    [10:49:25] twlltin: I'm not usually a morning person
    [10:50:33] varmint: Cool!
    [10:51:43] varmint: Did a Helix session two days ago. First time in awhile. Been a bit of a Progasm addict. It was a REAL nice change of pace!
    [10:52:13] twlltin: I'm similar. Have been concentrating most on Progasm these last two weeks.
    [10:54:13] varmint: It was more sublime and I'd forgetton how much the Helix moves around!
    [10:55:04] twlltin: It's more sublime, true.
    [10:55:37] twlltin: After Progasm, the Helix feels like you have nothing in.
    [10:57:13] varmint: True, but I was still getting good Prostate pressure. Wish Helix had round P-tab though
    [10:58:10] twlltin: you mean a ball type, like the pro?
    [10:58:26] varmint: Yes
    [10:58:52] varmint: The flat head can hurt when not positioned just right
    [10:59:45] twlltin: maximus is worse
    [11:03:23] varmint: The ball type is just right, figured they would backfit. See a lot of mods to make older models ball type
    [11:10:23] varmint: Also interesting, during session my cock hardness was all over the place. Mostly semi-rigid, but varied from flaccid to rock
    [11:10:38] varmint: During Pro Session, I'm usually hard the whole time
    [11:11:44] twlltin: I'm never sure what state I'll be in from minute to minute.
    [11:11:57] twlltin: Even with Progasm
    [11:16:59] varmint: The constantly changing state was one big hang-up I had to get over on way to Super-O
    [11:17:14] twlltin: I mostly ignore it.
    [11:19:40] varmint: I do now, but during early days it took me awhile to stop focusing on my cock
    [11:22:54] twlltin: Back in a moment... browser upgrade.
    [11:23:45] twlltin: I return
    [11:27:55] varmint: Best part of the Helix session was the slow build-up. Pro always blows me away. Helix took its time, but when I got there!
    [11:33:58] twlltin: Yeah. I think I'll concentrate mostly on Helix this week.
    [11:34:40] varmint: I couldn't hold off. Riding Pro now
    [11:43:03] twlltin: I'm doing a low level chair 'less at the moment. I'm not sure if I consciously started it or it just started on its own.
    [11:46:06] varmint: Love that about when you leave it in for awhile, you're just along for the ride!
    [11:46:18] twlltin: yeah
    [11:47:48] varmint: Ever do any manual stim while riding?
    [11:48:12] twlltin: Not often. I find it distracts sometimes.
    [11:50:01] varmint: I only do with Pro. Sometimes, I'll take it to the edge and then let the Pro take over for an awesome dry-O.
    [11:50:06] varmint: W/ Helix always hands-free
    [11:55:46] varmint: Damn! constant drip going
    [11:58:44] twlltin: Good morning rook
    [11:59:41] rook: hey twll & varmint -- away reading hisory brb
    [12:00:22] twlltin: sunrise for you is not for another 2½ hours.
    [12:04:46] rook: awoke promptly at 3 a.m., hard as a rock -- started a 'less session but gas pains from last night's split pea soup hit.
    [12:04:56] rook: now enjoying a cup of coffee
    [12:05:41] twlltin: I've had my first ever morning session that worked this morning.
    [12:06:05] rook: ah, welcome to the 'breakfast club'
    [12:06:27] twlltin: Don't you mean the "before breakfast club"?
    [12:07:14] rook: yeah, that's a better description -- did eat a small container of yogurt though
    [12:08:32] rook: looked through the history. I think I've been all over the map on tools/toys the last month.
    [12:08:51] rook: I like the idea of focusing on just one toy for awhile but haven't done it.
    [12:09:49] rook: might just keep it simple with Helix, visiting 'old times' with an old friend.
    [12:13:33] twlltin: Trip back last night was uneventful... except that it was 10 miles longer due to Sunday evening motorway closures.
    [12:13:37] twlltin: (for maintenance)
    [12:14:43] rook: ah, "motorway" .... is that the reason for the "M" prefix on the route numbers ?
    [12:19:45] rook: hey vamint: you single, married, or partnered ?
    [12:19:59] twlltin: yes.
    [12:20:13] twlltin: M = Motorway.
    [12:20:27] twlltin: About the equivalent standard of an Interstate in the USA.
    [12:21:25] rook: makes sense. which we prefix with "I" except in Hawaii where that class of road is designated "H"
    [12:24:25] rook: ... like bsmith14 I've become entangled with games to better involve my wife with Aneros play and have neglected my own
    [12:24:42] rook: 'development and maintenance'
    [12:28:09] rook: ... have been sort of forcing a strategy that didn't have strong mutual support from it's inception. Some 'cute stuff' like
    [12:28:59] rook: the Vice-vibe game got some nice laughs and were fun but it lacked staying power, enthusiasm-wise..
    [12:30:16] twlltin: Well, maybe put that idea away for a few months, then suggest it again.
    [12:30:39] varmint: Have come back down to earth.
    [12:30:52] rook: I think that's a gud idea
    [12:31:08] rook: welcome back to being 'grounded' varminnt
    [12:31:51] twlltin: You don't want it to become perceived as routine and commonplace.
    [12:32:34] rook: no chance of that. Don't even own an iPhone.
    [12:33:10] twlltin: beg pardon?
    [12:35:46] varmint: Rook - married
    [12:37:24] rook: great -- got jealous of the pegging crowd and tried to accelerate my wife into more anal action -- ran out of successes and
    [12:37:38] rook: ideas early-on.
    [12:38:05] rook: Have you gotten into that game ??
    [12:38:55] rook: I've been inserted for foreplay and sex for three years but we haen't developed any 'active' routines that we've really
    [12:39:04] rook: appreciated ... any suggestions ??
    [12:39:25] varmint: No, my wife is still adjusting to my love of anal play
    [12:39:54] twlltin: What's her current attitude to it, varmint?
    [12:39:59] rook: "adjusting" --- cool term -
    [12:40:45] varmint: Concerned, wondering if I'm more focused on Anal pleasure then sex with her
    [12:41:33] rook: nice observation --- good question for me to bring up
    [12:42:11] varmint: She does like watching me go crazy and the kinky aspect. I'm pretty strait-laced so this is new twist
    [12:43:05] rook: I don't get a lot of attention when she is with me and I'm doing a solo session for orgasm
    [12:43:38] rook: ... benign accompaniment
    [12:45:13] rook: she does go along with Aneros and foreplay and can compare it to a vibe or g-spot toy
    [12:46:57] varmint: Same here. With prep shower, she'll finger me during foreplay. I'm not really into Aneros during sex, I lose focus
    [12:48:24] rook: We initially bought the helix as a foreplay toy and I didn't get into solo sessions for nearly 4 months
    [12:49:30] varmint: I bought on the sly and had a hell of a time introducing it.
    [12:50:49] rook: understand ... was lucky on that count. At the time, we bought a new g-spot toy for her and a doc johnson p-spot vibe
    [12:51:49] rook: for me (that was my first serious anal toy). The D-J vibe wouldn't stay in and we went shopping. Counter clerk guaranteed
    [12:52:33] rook: that the helix wud stay inserted. So she had seen it in the store before it came into the bedroom.
    [12:53:15] varmint: Kind of funny, my wife woke up my anal feelings constantly teasing me until one day in the shower I let it ride...
    [12:53:26] varmint: But, she was against a toy!
    [12:54:31] rook: strange contrast.
    [12:57:08] rook: I've been anal for decades -- long before I got sexually active.
    [12:58:57] varmint: I was to, just took a long time to get over hetero male stereotyping...
    [13:00:13] rook: that was a monster factor. Was heavily 'molded' into the stereotype before I got into my teens.
    [13:01:32] rook: then became a 'member of the choir' during military service in my 20s and 30s
    [13:03:49] varmint: Not that far, just wifey and me.
    [13:03:56] rook: No clue as to how women tolerated me sexually when I was in my late teens and early 20s. really played out the
    [13:04:05] rook: DOM-alfa male role
    [13:07:46] rook: ... Aneros has given me a far better understanding of female response. However that understanding is probably more
    [13:08:16] rook: 'intellectual' than 'empirical' at this point.
    [13:11:29] varmint: Same here. Have much better understanding why it needs to be just so. I think its helped love-making. I'm more patient and
    [13:12:27] varmint: my wife has noticed increase in intensity and volume of my orgasm
    [13:13:27] rook: ... yeah definitely more understanding here. I can appreciate what's happening with her when foreplay hits a brick wall and
    [13:14:37] rook: we are better at 'recovering' and encounter and finding another path to take. SGX of Peridise is my usual tool for
    [13:14:39] twlltin: Hi snipetownsam
    [13:14:45] snipetownsam: hi
    [13:14:51] rook: foreplay and it's made a change for the better.
    [13:14:56] rook: hey snipe
    [13:15:47] varmint: Anyways, up too late tonight. Twit & Rook - great conversation. Aloha!
    [13:16:05] twlltin: twit? -
    [13:19:31] snipetownsam: progasm is where its at haha
    [13:19:53] twlltin: I guess you're still having fun, then.
    [13:20:07] rook: glad to hear that you haven't 'sworn-off' yet.
    [13:22:21] snipetownsam: nope i love it
    [13:23:48] twlltin: Good to hear.
    [13:28:08] twlltin: Morning bsmith
    [13:28:41] rook: hey bs14
    [13:32:25] twlltin: Hi Spydey
    [13:34:51] bsmith14: hi guys
    [13:35:17] bsmith14: had to different sex dreams last night
    [13:35:52] rook: you have really opened up to dreaming -- what were these about ?
    [13:38:13] rook: ... pee call combined with coffee refill -- brb
    [13:38:27] bsmith14: well, one ended up being a gay sex dream. me receiving anal from a guy. I remember it feeling very good
    [13:39:23] bsmith14: the next one was with my boss -, she is a very cute 29 year old, she rode me in cowgirl and did some face sitting
    [13:46:38] rook: :wink: :smile:
    [13:49:59] rook: don't reliably recall my dreams but have fantasized getting anal, usually during a Progasm play session if I get on my belly
    [13:51:24] rook: ghat can get pretty intense.
    [13:53:27] bsmith14: I do remember them. the anal was intense, I am suprised I didn't end up with a wet dream
    [13:53:47] bsmith14: maybe my aneros experience is keeping some of these dreams as dry-os
    [13:54:08] bsmith14: I still get the occasional wet dream too (about 1-2 a month)
    [13:54:34] rook: hadn't considered that before --- wud be pretty cool :smile:
    [13:55:35] rook: wet dreams are seldom here -- about once a year here, tops.
    [13:56:27] rook: age is probablly the major factor and I'm usually wide-awake and hard, before a dream develops
    [13:58:09] bsmith14: I tend to wake up as the cum starts to flow and I ride it out in pure bliss
    [13:58:35] bsmith14: I have had as many as 2 in on week recently
    [14:00:02] rook: that and sex once a week wud be right at my max capacity
    [14:00:32] muscleman: morning guys
    [14:00:57] muscleman: once a week?
    [14:01:26] bsmith14: I get wet dreams even if I just had sex the night of the dream sometimes
    [14:01:27] rook: good morning muscle -- gee the whole state of Virginia is awake !
    [14:01:39] rook: pardon --- Commonwealth
    [14:01:43] bsmith14: get any snow MM?
    [14:02:06] muscleman: ha ha, just rain camp swampy here
    [14:02:30] muscleman: yes we are a commonwealth
    [14:02:40] twlltin: hi mm
    [14:02:48] muscleman: hi twltin
    [14:03:17] muscleman: I have 1-2 wet "O" s day
    [14:03:56] rook: ...surroundede by young studs once more
    [14:04:09] rook: :wub:
    [14:06:52] muscleman: young 64
    [14:07:05] muscleman: you got 3-4" smitty
    [14:08:00] bsmith14: I am up at Wintergreen, we got 8 inches. at home the last I heard we were up to 5 and it was still snowing
    [14:08:20] muscleman: oh wow that's snow
    [14:09:29] bsmith14: it was cool, we were skiing for several hours while it was snowing pretty hard. it was fun
    [14:13:50] muscleman: whoi was talking about wet dreams
    [14:14:50] bsmith14: me
    [14:14:50] rook: bsmith was recounting a recent dream --- hey muscle ..... history is working now
    [14:15:45] muscleman: I had so many wet dreams as ateenager, my mom would get so mad when I spermed my sheets
    [14:21:17] rook: yeah -- jacking off every evening wasn't enough to prevent the early morning wet one. I laundered mhy own sheets and
    [14:21:41] rook: mattress pad two or three times a week.
    [14:23:08] twlltin: I tended to wear my underpants to bed.
    [14:23:21] rook: was lucky ... had an older bro who set a good pattern for me
    [14:23:38] muscleman: well my mom's nose could tell before I woke up, doctor suggested I sleep naked, that didn't help and as a teen jerked off ev
    [14:25:18] muscleman: alot of embarrassing times as a teenager waking up with cum on me and everywhere
    [14:26:07] macca89: afternoon gents
    [14:26:51] rook: hey macca89
    [14:27:04] macca89: just got my first aneros in the post :D
    [14:27:31] twlltin: hi macca
    [14:27:38] rook: macca: have you scrubbed it off yet and given it a test fligh ?
    [14:27:40] twlltin: MGX is it?
    [14:27:50] twlltin: Hi artform!
    [14:27:56] rook: hey art
    [14:27:57] macca89: scrubbed it off?
    [14:28:18] macca89: yeh i couldnt get a helix here in the UK everywhere sold out, so had to opt for a MSX copy
    [14:28:18] twlltin: It's a good idea to give it a thorough wash before use.
    [14:28:28] twlltin: I remember now.
    [14:28:30] macca89: it really is the same
    [14:28:34] macca89: oh ok thanks guys
    [14:28:41] macca89: so glad i came on here before trying it
    [14:28:48] macca89: hot soapy water ok?
    [14:28:57] rook: sure
    [14:29:14] macca89: ive got the cd too
    [14:29:23] rook: someone may have sneezed on it
    [14:29:48] macca89: very true
    [14:30:13] artform: or chewed it....
    [14:30:15] rook: might be good to put the CD aside for a few sessions.
    [14:30:20] macca89: haha]
    [14:30:28] macca89: oh?
    [14:30:50] artform: ASE – Adult Soother Effect
    [14:31:06] rook: are you anally experienced ... dildos or live actin ??
    [14:31:07] artform: Good Morning All!
    [14:31:18] macca89: no im a noobie you see rook
    [14:31:43] rook: just keep this simple at the start
    [14:31:45] macca89: my girlfriend used a thin clitoral stimulator on me once a month ago and i loved it
    [14:31:52] macca89: ok thanks
    [14:32:17] rook: nice action from the g/f
    [14:32:31] artform: indeed!!
    [14:32:40] macca89: yeh shes great, was really horny at the time, so was almost begging for it
    [14:32:56] macca89: just need to get myself really horny now to be able to do it myself
    [14:32:59] artform: you or her??
    [14:33:16] macca89: i was practically begging her haha, not that i had to
    [14:33:42] artform: great fun
    [14:34:16] macca89: any tips on the best time to use it? like knowing if your rectum is empty enough?
    [14:34:23] rook: prep up, get lubed then a touch of tease with the tip of that MGX and you'll be goog-to-go
    [14:34:43] macca89: thanks rook
    [14:34:53] twlltin: I offer a gottle of geer to rook
    [14:34:57] rook: do you intend to douche out or just have a bowel movement and wait a few minutes
    [14:35:14] rook: .... make mine a bitter
    [14:35:31] macca89: well im not fully desensitised yet to messing about with my anus, so i dont like the thought of doing a douche yet
    [14:35:44] macca89: i did have a bowel movement a little earlier
    [14:35:50] twlltin: What have you got in the way of lube?
    [14:35:58] bsmith14: I vote for the douche
    [14:36:19] macca89: maximus water based anal lube
    [14:36:43] macca89: ive just seen its got parabens in it though, which i dont like, but i will use it once or twice till i get a better silicon l
    [14:36:44] twlltin: I've used that. For me, it gives a stinging sensation.
    [14:36:45] macca89: *lube
    [14:37:13] macca89: is it ok to use once? im really eager to try the aneros out
    [14:37:31] rook: sure
    [14:37:42] twlltin: I've used it, yes. It's OK, but my body prefers other types of lubes.
    [14:37:50] rook: same here
    [14:38:01] macca89: i know the douche is more hygenic and more desirable, just im really funny about the idea of using one at the moment
    [14:38:08] macca89: im sure a couple of goes on the aneros and ill be fine
    [14:38:20] twlltin: I suggest working some lube into your anus using your finger before doing anything else.
    [14:38:41] twlltin: Don't rely on the tool carrying the lube in there.
    [14:39:01] twlltin: The "massage" will probably also loosen you up.
    [14:39:02] macca89: ah i see
    [14:39:08] macca89: thanks
    [14:39:36] macca89: so apart from using a douche, is it best to go soon after youve had a bowel movement?
    [14:40:04] rook: about 20 minutes shud work better than "right away"
    [14:40:17] twlltin: What I'd say is... if you can't feel any faecal matter with your finger when you're working the lube in,
    [14:40:24] twlltin: you're not going to need a douche.
    [14:40:25] rook: just have a nice "empty" feeling
    [14:40:35] macca89: i do at the moment
    [14:40:39] macca89: feel empty
    [14:40:46] twlltin: Try and get the finger in as far as you can reach.
    [14:40:47] macca89: was anyone else funny about using a douche?
    [14:41:05] twlltin: Nah. I've used it from the start.
    [14:41:30] twlltin: You need a little lube to get it in if it doesn't want to go in naturally.
    [14:41:48] twlltin: I've got one of the rubber bulb ones.
    [14:42:00] twlltin: Oddly, the tube part of it glows in the dark.
    [14:42:04] macca89: ill have to look into it
    [14:42:12] macca89: what you been eating?!
    [14:42:23] twlltin: It's not essential to douche, no.
    [14:42:27] macca89: plutonium? :P
    [14:42:36] twlltin: Not with the smaller tools.
    [14:42:45] macca89: ok thanks
    [14:42:45] rook: phosphorescent fish and chips
    [14:42:48] twlltin: With the bigger ones like progasm, it does help.
    [14:42:52] macca89: yeh this is the smallest you can get i think
    [14:42:56] macca89: 2 inches insertable
    [14:43:08] macca89: 3
    [14:43:15] twlltin: rook: must have been caught in the Irish Sea off Cumbria...
    [14:43:30] macca89: haha rook is from uk im guessing
    [14:43:37] macca89: by the fish and chips reference
    [14:44:27] rook: actually rook is in southern calif but does partake of fish, chips and mushy peas when visiting the U.K.
    [14:44:45] macca89: excuse my presumptiousness
    [14:44:54] rook: no sweat !
    [14:45:10] macca89: when in england.... as that old saying goes
    [14:46:44] macca89: well im gonna go and get prepared
    [14:46:55] macca89: thanks for your tips and advice gents
    [14:47:08] macca89: ill be on in due course to let you know
    [14:47:59] artform: have great relaxed fun macca89!!
    [14:48:19] macca89: thanks art, next stop, ANEROSLAND!
    [14:48:19] Human Being: heeey peeeps!
    [14:48:42] macca89: hopefully get somewhere close to what people say has happened to them in the forums
    [14:48:43] rook: hey HB
    [14:48:44] macca89: bye for now
    [14:50:31] Human Being: hey rook rumel helped me get rid of my spasms last night
    [14:50:43] Human Being: kind a miss them
    [14:51:00] Human Being: i'm what they call a plonker in the uk
    [14:51:03] rook: gud.... U got the cream of the crop in advice and coaching
    [14:52:07] Human Being: yeah you could say that, also he was actually working on a post pertaining to what i was experiencing so that what pretty coo
    [14:52:08] Human Being: l
    [14:52:52] Human Being:
    [14:53:05] rook: tks for mentioning that --- forgot to read it last night -- will venture over there and do a read now.
    [14:53:13] Human Being: cools
    [14:53:32] rook: brb --- someone please remind macca to have 'zero expcectations'
    [14:53:37] Human Being: though he was right, i should just try and accept it
    [14:54:25] Human Being: i had a whole day of energy building, or thats what it felt like and threw it out the window
    [14:55:05] Human Being: ahh well at least i know for nxt time, though he did try to tell me
    [14:56:22] twlltin: Don't worry about the spasms. They can reappear if you're tense.
    [14:56:51] twlltin: By spasms I mean "muscle spasms"
    [14:57:33] Human Being: mainly abdominal
    [14:57:53] Human Being: but with big contractions, it's all over
    [14:58:00] Human Being: pelvic too
    [14:58:29] twlltin: Abdominal is normal. I occasionally get them en route to a super.
    [14:58:37] Human Being: but it's not as pleasurable since last night, cause whatever it was i threw out
    [14:58:58] Human Being: thrilling though!
    [14:59:26] twlltin: It's also quite usual to find the sessions following the first few to be a bit of a let down.
    [14:59:41] twlltin: Don't worry about it.
  • [15:00:56] twlltin: hi jj
    [15:01:11] rook: hey jj
    [15:01:30] twlltin: HB: If you try to chase the elusive O, you'll fail.
    [15:02:24] Human Being: i'm not chasing it, it's just what i had, kinda not so much there
    [15:02:44] Human Being: the tension built up over the whole day
    [15:03:01] Human Being: so was very nice when i let myself go
    [15:03:50] Human Being: i suppose it'll come back, just got to learn how to contain it
    [15:04:17] Human Being: and not just put up with it, but invite it in
    [15:04:19] jjaneros: hi guys
    [15:04:20] rook: I get leaps and bounds -- some backward, some sideways, some forward some just 'curious'. I accept them all,
    [15:04:47] rook: hey jj
    [15:05:16] Human Being: yeah some times when i get these 'mild' ab cramps it shakes my whole body
    [15:05:35] Human Being: ha nother one
    [15:05:50] Human Being: i'm not so worried now
    [15:05:58] twlltin: HB: quite normal... relax when they happen and they'll be less of a nuisance.
    [15:05:59] Human Being: ha again!
    [15:06:43] twlltin: In one of my early sessions, I had an abs cramp that doubled me up for about 15 seconds. It was painful, and I couldn't
    [15:06:45] twlltin: breathe.
    [15:07:21] twlltin: I'd just had a good mini-O too.
    [15:07:27] rook: Once I got into the mini-O state those assorted cramps and shudders were with me for about two weeks. I wondered if my life
    [15:07:36] rook: wud ever be 'normal' again.
    [15:08:12] twlltin: A little further on, I got a "blue balls" feeling in my prostate that couldn't be relieved, not even by ejaculation.
    [15:08:40] twlltin: ...but when that passed, I found sessions were much better.
    [15:09:24] Human Being: it's just taking me a little time to adjust to all this
    [15:09:43] Human Being: it's only been a week an half
    [15:09:57] twlltin: I think you're doing exceptionally well.
    [15:10:00] rook: nipple stim, once well established posed another issue. I'd be in public and start craving a session. Unconsciously I'd
    [15:10:03] Human Being: since what happend to me at work, things are goin fast
    [15:10:12] rook: reach up and rub my left nip through my shirt
    [15:11:34] Human Being: you worked through it?
    [15:11:39] rook: started carrying a pen in my shirt pocket to have something to grasp.
    [15:12:22] Human Being: good idea, reminds me of a while back when i tried to quit smoking
    [15:12:37] Human Being: i was in town one day, had coffee
    [15:12:38] rook: I still have some nip-lust.
    [15:13:12] Human Being: then before i knew what had happend i'd ended up bach at the coffee shop with acig in my mouth
    [15:13:35] Human Being: mind gets what it wants sometimes
    [15:13:38] rook: stopping smoking is tough
    [15:14:09] Human Being: yups
    [15:14:35] Human Being: nip-lust yeah thnx, just made me aware of my own -
    [15:14:49] twlltin: They say nicotine is more addictive than many of the "hard" drugs.
    [15:15:24] Human Being: i'm not sure it's just the nicotine itself
    [15:15:48] Human Being: it's comforting just to have it in your mouth
    [15:16:02] Human Being: felt like that once using patches
    [15:16:17] Human Being: strange feeling
    [15:16:17] rook: yes. can recall waking up in the middle of the night without any cigarettes and searching through coat pockets in the
    [15:16:19] rook: closet
    [15:16:51] rook: then finding a stale, three month old, dried out pack of cigs. Relief !
    [15:18:12] rook: looks like we lost macca89 to Dame MGX.
    [15:19:11] rook: ...OTOH he may have discovered the joys of a good, thorough lube job !
    [15:19:41] rook: :laugh:
    [15:22:48] rook: gotta bring in the paper and hang out the flag for President's Day. bb in 5-10 minutes.
    [15:23:01] Human Being: okies
    [15:24:16] twlltin: hi Jls1715
    [15:24:43] twlltin: /me whistles "Hail to the Chief"
    [15:26:23] artform: Family Day here in The Great White North!! (and we actually have a bit of snow and cold in this whacky non-winter!!
    [15:26:31] artform: )
    [15:28:37] twlltin: I think we've had it for winter now this year.
    [15:31:05] artform: indeed
    [15:31:31] Human Being: i've never had blue balls
    [15:31:40] artform: Loved the "blue balls prostate"!!! Indeed
    [15:31:47] twlltin: The UK is getting predominantly westerlies and souwesterlies for the next week at least.
    [15:31:56] Human Being: but i think i know what you mean now
    [15:32:09] twlltin: And then we'll be into March.
    [15:32:34] Human Being: just been for a shit, and i've still got that feeling around my prostate area
    [15:32:44] artform: and the Ides of...
    [15:32:52] Human Being: i though it was cause i needed a shit
    [15:32:55] Human Being: -
    [15:33:14] Human Being: interesting
    [15:34:09] Human Being: feels like its a little pocket of air
    [15:34:28] rook: OH yeah, I remember that phase. Was sitting on the pot one morning during week two. Passed a pretty solid chunk and my
    [15:34:40] rook: feet started pounding on the floor.
    [15:36:12] Human Being: i just got a tingle that went quicly from warn to cold spread through my body, but in a nice way
    [15:36:43] twlltin: HB: Those are great
    [15:36:50] darwin: hi brothers in ass pleasure
    [15:36:53] twlltin: some call those p-waves
    [15:36:59] twlltin: Hi darwin
    [15:37:01] rook: all part of the butt-buzz syndrome
    [15:37:10] rook: hey Darwin
    [15:37:27] Human Being: hi brother in ass pleasure
    [15:37:55] Human Being: i like that, gonna start a new cult
    [15:38:11] Human Being: i actually scrap that
    [15:38:23] Human Being: we already got one
    [15:39:12] Human Being: dawin, charles darwin?
    [15:39:29] Human Being: rook, chess?
    [15:40:02] rook: shogi chess -- japanese g/f years ago gave me that handle
    [15:40:10] darwin: i have been toying w/ a crazy idea
    [15:40:25] darwin: 'straight guys ass exchange'
    [15:40:37] rook: muir 2012 reunion again ??
    [15:40:57] darwin: a way for straight guys here on the forum to find each other if they want to experiment with a real fucking
    [15:41:12] Human Being: they say that the way you play chess can be a good indicator of personality
    [15:41:23] rook: so, to qualify, there's no mutual attraction, just some plain old lust and desire
    [15:41:39] artform: Hi darwin
    [15:41:47] darwin: rook, yes
    [15:42:07] darwin: its just to provide a safe venue for guys to feel the ravages of an eager dick in their ass
    [15:42:10] artform: (sitting in on chat while working mostly on other computer)
    [15:42:30] Human Being: guy guys may want to get involved too
    [15:42:40] Human Being: gay*
    [15:42:49] darwin: the idea is for it to be safer then picking up gay guys on craigslist, etc
    [15:42:55] artform: Butt Buzz Syndrome indeed rook!!
    [15:43:05] Human Being: can't be descrimanative these days
    [15:43:14] Human Being: ahh i see
    [15:43:16] darwin: on the theory that guys who routinetly indulge in anon sex are more OK w/ STDs then straight guys
    [15:43:24] rook: so to insure there's no mutual attraction what do we do, perfume our bods with cow manure ?
    [15:43:30] darwin: or married guys
    [15:43:39] darwin: mutual attraction is fine
    [15:43:44] Human Being: sounds good -
    [15:44:28] darwin: my idea is to provide a venue on the forum for guys to exchange geographical info to find each other
    [15:44:36] Human Being: we use eu de cow?
    [15:44:52] darwin: what do you think: BAD IDEA? or GOOD IDEA?
    [15:45:03] artform: eau de vache
    [15:45:03] twlltin: Not sure.
    [15:45:39] twlltin: It would have to be an area that was not indexed by search engines.
    [15:45:42] rook: we already have the Personal Message tool as well as the whisper tool in chat
    [15:45:58] darwin: one concern i have is that you could imagine some zealots getting a hold of it and using it to make claims that the aneros
    [15:46:00] darwin: makes guys gay
    [15:46:13] artform: It is challenging one darwin in many ways.
    [15:46:15] darwin: the problem is that chat does not cast a wide net
    [15:46:16] rook: most of the erotic forums do have ad-space though
    [15:46:18] darwin: nor does PM
    [15:46:22] Human Being: i think if people follow, the safe usage of the internet and are responsible, don't see why not
    [15:46:50] darwin: there is no way for the thousands for forum members to know, eg, that i am in the northeast and have an interest
    [15:46:53] artform: Even as it addresses an emerging expanding phenomenon here.
    [15:48:04] twlltin: darwin... chat is logged nowadays
    [15:48:23] darwin: yes, i know that
    [15:48:27] rook: perhaps 'whisper' isn't
    [15:48:34] darwin: whisper is not
    [15:48:47] darwin: only your own whispers
    [15:48:57] rook: whoa. that was a 'definitive' response
    [15:49:22] rook:
    [15:49:33] Human Being: then by proxy the other person?
    [15:49:40] twlltin: whisper shows in one's own history... so it probably is.
    [15:50:16] artform: Is this new??
    [15:50:45] rook: I'm not crusin' but do believe that, over time, I've seen enuf of other gents here that I'd know who to trust and who to
    [15:50:46] artform: Where does one look up one's own history??
    [15:50:58] rook: avoid from jus forum and chat posts.
    [15:51:33] artform: Understand rook.
    [15:51:49] rook: That does ignore the other 49,500 aneros users though
    [15:52:08] darwin: to see chat history just click the History link at the top of this page
    [15:52:44] darwin: it goes back for some number of days
    [15:52:58] rook: An advertising area might not facilitate my knowledge of another guy's profile sufficiently to develop much trust
    [15:53:17] artform: There is a sense of an amorphous Gebtlemen's Club in the regular chat/forum participants.
    [15:53:38] rook: yes
    [15:54:16] Human Being: yup
    [15:54:37] artform: Wow!! I have never had History work like this before!!
    [15:55:01] artform: pardon my typos....
    [15:55:03] darwin: i think its relatively new
    [15:55:04] bsmith14: the history feature is finally working
    [15:55:11] Human Being: fuck typos!
    [15:56:12] Human Being: just out of interest what was the typo, reads fine to me
    [15:56:16] Human Being: -
    [15:56:48] artform: And there is already an amorphous Energies Exchanging Gentlemen's Club that is quietly functioning and growing as others join
    [15:57:32] twlltin: "Gebtlemen's"
    [15:57:34] Human Being: i don't care aboot tyypoos or speling mistakes
    [15:57:37] rook: HB: you must also pardon artform for being anal about his appearance here ... :laugh:
    [15:57:43] artform: where the incredible effects can be shared non-physically.
    [15:57:53] artform: :biggrin: :laugh:
    [15:57:57] darwin: so, what are things that are bad about trying to help find guys who want to feel a real dick find each other
    [15:58:23] twlltin: artform is our philosopher, a purveyor of flowery prose.
    [15:58:48] Human Being: yeah, i used to to be bi curious. now just bi
    [15:59:06] Human Being: i like that twll
    [15:59:11] rook: aka hetero-flexible
    [15:59:15] artform: Just the communications format, privacy and infor theft safeguards.
    [15:59:19] Human Being: though i don't fancy men
    [15:59:33] Human Being: yeah thats the one rook
    [15:59:44] darwin: art, can u elaborate?
    [15:59:55] artform: OK T! I will lossen up and toughen up man!
    [15:59:59] darwin: info theft is unlikely as all handles on this forum are anonymous
    [16:00:30] artform: yet traceable when cross-linked in other sites
    [16:00:35] Human Being: blue-s
    [16:01:08] darwin: well, one way i'd set it up is to use me (PM or email) as a under-cover dispatcher
    [16:01:19] rook: art's point is germane to the current evolution goiing on with Firefox and Google chrome
    [16:01:40] darwin: guys who are interested could write to me w/ vague geographic info, like "northeast" and i can put them in touch
    [16:01:46] artform: I think healthy men are hetero-flexible indeed rook!! - -
    [16:02:33] Human Being: frued did say we that we are all essentially bi anyways
    [16:02:45] rook: so Darwin. You are posposing a database, probably restricted to just handles ??
    [16:03:09] darwin: not a database
    [16:03:18] rook: locations now more specific than we use in our profiles
    [16:03:18] darwin: just eg a thread on the forum
    [16:03:21] rook: ??
    [16:03:44] darwin: guys can just write and say "im interested and from the NE, drop me a PM"
    [16:04:26] rook: I've not thought this through yet but it might be well to bring Brian Mayfield aboard on your thoughts before going forward
    [16:05:02] artform: no problem there, unless AnerosHIH has objections for legal reasons as the owner/operator of this site.
    [16:05:18] darwin: yeah, that is kind of what i was wondering
    [16:05:21] artform: agree rook
    [16:05:30] darwin: something about the reputation of the forum
    [16:05:54] rook: bingo -- some of the gay fetish sites do have reputations primarily as "body exchange" venues
    [16:06:09] artform: "soliciting across state lines" or some such for you guys in USA
    [16:06:31] artform: as an eg.
    [16:06:49] rook: hadn't considered that -- particularly with HIH being located in Texas
    [16:07:54] rook: most of the overt body exchange sites I've run across are sited in San Francisco or are on foreign soil
    [16:09:47] rook: I've not been 'propositioned' directly even by guys I've considered, "on the hunt" here on the Aneros site
    [16:10:36] rook: .... has anyone experienced a direct approach for other than Chat, phone or vid 'coaching' ??
    [16:12:40] Human Being: ok red?
    [16:13:07] rook: better
    [16:13:18] Human Being: gonna start on my blog, hellofaloff info to put up gonna take a while
    [16:14:11] Human Being: ok bloggy blog blog, here i come!
    [16:15:07] muscleman: wow nodded off
    [16:16:31] artform: Hi mm!
    [16:16:44] artform: OK
    [16:17:07] rook: OK muscle: you are openly non-monogamous -- how often do you get propositioned by someone from the Aneros forum --
    [16:17:13] rook: no names plse
    [16:17:15] muscleman: hi artform
    [16:18:37] twlltin: Yeah. mm, remember that whatever is said here is now appearing in the forum a day or so later.
    [16:18:38] artform: Yearnings yes rook, no direct approach, and I regularly make clear I am NOT interested in physical contact.
    [16:21:15] darwin: twil, what do you mean, on the forum?
    [16:25:54] twlltin: You'll notice that the last few days of chat has been copied into a forum thread.
    [16:26:40] darwin: which forum thread?
    [16:26:47] darwin: and who copies it?
    [16:26:57] twlltin: admin
    [16:27:20] twlltin:
    [16:27:21] artform: AH!
    [16:27:22] rook: I assume it's an automatic logger file
    [16:28:18] artform: That too then is a response to various request for chat improvements, and too you UnOfficial Chat format/services T!!!
    [16:28:31] rook: whenever I'm logged into twll's IRC (#aneros) chatroom, my computer automatically generates a log file
    [16:28:33] artform: Congratulations!!! and THANKS
    [16:30:22] artform: ...and how are Whispers treated in these chat logs?
    [16:32:40] twlltin: they're not shown
    [16:33:55] muscleman: how long is the logs going to be kept
    [16:34:05] Human Being: Crazy I am like the birds and the bees. Crazy? What it is to be free!
    [16:36:39] Human Being: how do you do that rook? create an automatic log?
    [16:38:47] rook: mm: I would guess that logs have always been kept if for no other reason than to check on possible legal issues. No clue
    [16:39:15] rook: on what the statute of limitations is on patent infringement or defamation might be.
    [16:41:03] twlltin: macca! How went the session?
    [16:41:43] macca89: not great
    [16:41:48] rook: macca89: wb
    [16:41:55] macca89: thanks
    [16:41:58] Human Being: aww great the blog didne save, lost it sorry, will try again later
    [16:42:05] Human Being: sorry macca
    [16:42:27] macca89: was glad that i soon got desensitised to putting it in
    [16:42:35] Human Being: just missed you eirlier, read history, chin up there's alway next time
    [16:42:38] twlltin: macca: that happens. My first session was totally a washout.
    [16:42:45] macca89: but didnt really feel like it was hitting the prostate i dont think
    [16:43:16] macca89: do i have to position it precisely? or will my body take care of all that?
    [16:43:19] Human Being: hey mm
    [16:43:39] rook: hey macca -- remember that expectations are usually a session killer and that can be very
    [16:43:52] rook: your bod will handle the positioning.
    [16:43:57] macca89: thats true,ive read all the forums and was expecting alot
    [16:44:00] bsmith14: macca, very common response. your body has to learn what it feels like to touch the prostate
    [16:44:02] macca89: ok cool
    [16:44:13] rook: only thing is to have the p-tab fairly well centered, right-to-left
    [16:44:16] macca89: it kinda felt like i needed a poop
    [16:44:27] rook: normal
    [16:44:33] macca89: yeh i did that, felt a bit tight sometimes
    [16:44:36] macca89: oh is that normal?
    [16:44:45] bsmith14: also very common at first
    [16:44:54] rook: if that continues, seriously consider doing a small douche
    [16:44:55] macca89: oh im so glad
    [16:45:18] macca89: ill have to look into it
    [16:45:32] macca89: im glad i was able to put it in myself without freaking out or anything -
    [16:45:32] artform: You are naturally on your way Macca89!!
    [16:45:39] macca89: feel quite confident in doing it now
    [16:45:54] rook: grreat !!
    [16:45:57] macca89: i did have a few distractions too, i think i was just rushing it
    [16:46:11] bsmith14: wonderfull, it will even start to feel good to insert it
    [16:46:22] macca89: i might try again tonight when im more relaxed, not expecting too much either
    [16:46:40] rook: that's why I suggested leaving the CD to a later session
    [16:46:50] macca89: look forward to that, still a bit tight, and with a lot of lube, but not uncomfortable or painful
    [16:46:53] rook: get free and easy with the basics
    [16:47:00] macca89: i understand why you said that now rook
    [16:48:40] macca89: think i was hoping to be one of those people who roll around on the bed on their first go -
    [16:48:49] macca89: im patient though
    [16:49:13] rook: right now you are surrounded by a bunch of anal sluts -- we don't know abou 'chatguest' though since he's a closet case -
    [16:49:33] macca89: i must seem such the noob, sorry guys haha
    [16:49:36] rook: few more sessions and you'll be swimming on your own !
    [16:49:39] Human Being: -
    [16:49:58] Human Being: no macca, i'm a noob too
    [16:50:12] twlltin: Remember that it took most of us (HB excepted) a good few sessions before our bodies "got it".
    [16:50:13] rook: we have no 'sorry' her and nothing is 'wrong'
    [16:50:16] macca89: oh cool, good to have a fellow newbie
    [16:50:23] Human Being: yout not the only one, there plenty of people starting out here
    [16:50:38] macca89: thats good to know -
    [16:51:10] Human Being: i'm learning alot too, but it all adds up
    [16:51:33] Human Being: just take it as it comes, and don't be a stranger
    [16:51:41] macca89: is it essentially to be horny before putting it in? or can you just pop it in and it turns u on?
    [16:51:54] twlltin: yes and yes. -
    [16:52:03] Human Being: i've got much info out of the chat with these guys
    [16:52:07] macca89: haha good answer
    [16:52:26] rook: my first try with Helix was 15 minutes -- that was preceeded by 30 minutes trying to douche without making a mess over
    [16:52:27] macca89: yes this chatroom is a great resource, only got mine today in post, but been on last few weeks or so
    [16:52:28] rook: the toilet
    [16:53:07] macca89: loads of kids outside screaming and bashing wheelie bins probably didnt help!
    [16:54:17] macca89: there were a few involuntary movements though that felt good
    [16:54:45] twlltin: macca: Lovehoney have Helix back in stock.
    [16:55:03] Human Being: thats it! just focus on the enjoyment aspect
    [16:55:52] macca89: cheers man, the mgx is still slightly a bit tight, so might use it for a lil bit before upgrading
    [16:56:27] twlltin: MGX is about same size as Helix.
    [16:57:10] macca89: will have to wait till i get paid
    [17:00:03] muscleman: big group on chat today
    [17:00:39] twlltin: yeah
    [17:02:20] Human Being: yup
    [17:02:47] Human Being: gonna be slightly smaller, my housemates are downstairs
    [17:03:12] Human Being: gonna jion them for a bit of socializing
    [17:03:18] muscleman: just riding my progasm here , had been watching the price is right to
    [17:03:21] Human Being: by guys
    [17:03:27] macca89: ok take it easy HB
    [17:03:39] Human Being: thats a picture muscleman -
    [17:03:49] Human Being: bye
    [17:04:04] macca89: i notice when i lay on my back, the handle presses against the bed a bit
    [17:04:23] macca89: will this move the aneros away from my prostate?
    [17:04:32] rook: HB: ttfn and have a good one !
    [17:04:38] muscleman: usually on my knees chest to the bed
    [17:04:44] twlltin: it might. Try a pillow under your bottom
    [17:05:00] macca89: was on my side mostly though
    [17:05:34] rook: agree -- small lumbar pillow shud do the trick -- later on we'll talk to a 'tail-ectomy' -
    [17:05:35] macca89: had it in for a good hour to try to relax and get used to it
    [17:06:05] rook: relaxation will come in stages
    [17:06:07] nevado: hello gentlemen
    [17:06:11] muscleman: takes me 15 minutes with progasm to get relaxed
    [17:06:13] macca89: true rook
    [17:06:22] rook: hey nev
    [17:06:25] macca89: i underestimated the relaxation aspect of things
    [17:06:28] macca89: hey nevado
    [17:06:43] nevado: hi macca89
    [17:07:47] muscleman: hey nevado
    [17:07:55] rook: macca: relax the muscles that aim your eyeballs so that they go limp
    [17:08:14] nevado: hi mm
    [17:08:16] macca89: thanks
    [17:08:53] rook: macca: then your toes, then everything in between.
    [17:09:11] darwin: i have a new relaxation and "opening" trick
    [17:09:21] macca89: oh?
    [17:09:23] rook: ???
    [17:09:28] darwin: i relax, and do deep breathing
    [17:09:30] darwin: but...
    [17:10:00] artform: Hi nevado!
    [17:10:07] darwin: with the inhale i imagine an eager partner's finger is being drawn inside me
    [17:10:16] darwin: and with the exhale, it goes out again
    [17:10:21] darwin: in and out with each breath
    [17:10:31] macca89: sounds good
    [17:10:53] macca89: do i need to do anything physical? like clench or thrust? or does it happen automatically?
    [17:11:17] darwin: macca, who are you asking?
    [17:11:39] darwin: by the way, i do this with no aneros inside
    [17:11:39] macca89: anyone who knows i guess hehe
    [17:11:48] darwin: aneros-less
    [17:12:01] rook: there is the 'do-nothing' approach and the
    [17:12:14] rook: contract to fatigue-a-bit approach
    [17:12:14] darwin: anyway, macca, clenching or thrusting should be kept to a minimum
    [17:12:18] darwin: i think
    [17:12:31] macca89: ok, i thought as much
    [17:12:36] artform: varies with each person, deeply relaxed and open to even the slightest whispers from your body works wonders for me and other
    [17:12:51] macca89: because i did get some pleasant involountary action
    [17:12:52] rook: either will work with the MGX --- my preference is someting very close to "do-nothing"
    [17:13:54] macca89: and just to make sure, its pretty impossible to put it in wrong?
    [17:14:04] macca89: p-tab where it should be ofcourse
    [17:14:28] rook: for MGX, that would be backward, with the tail tickling your balls :lauth:
    [17:14:40] rook: -
    [17:14:44] macca89: hahaha
    [17:15:18] macca89: but once its fully in, i dont need to accurately position it or anything?
    [17:15:47] rook: as the MGX enters, you should feel it being pulled inside -- nice time to tug on it a bit and tease your ass
    [17:16:04] rook: no need to adjust
    [17:16:22] artform: medically/scientifically designed to "get there" - -
    [17:16:29] macca89: ok thanks, just making sure im doing it right, dont want to pick up bad habbits in the early stages
    [17:16:51] rook: clean and lubed, it will find it's spot --- for the first few sessions you may not have yet awakened the sensory nerves on
    [17:17:04] rook: your prostate -- that awakening will come with time
    [17:17:43] artform: exactly rook
    [17:17:50] macca89: thanks rook
    [17:17:58] macca89: i did have my prostate aroused last month
    [17:18:02] macca89: im pretty sure
    [17:18:05] rook: you will also slowly and subtely, "muscle up" throughout your perineum
    [17:18:10] artform: wait patiently for your body's whispering macca...
    [17:18:43] macca89: i feel like a 'full body orgasm brat' haha
    [17:18:44] rook: plan on that happeneing without any clearly noticeable effects over about 6 weeks
    [17:18:45] twlltin: Incidentally, lovehoney seem to stock HIH's PS-New (aka Classic) now.
    [17:19:24] rook: luv those "nibs"
    [17:19:54] macca89: as long as its normal to feel like you need a poop the first time -
    [17:20:40] rook: all your life, you've interpreted a full rectum as a 'need to poop' -- there's nothing new about that feeling
    [17:20:55] rook: as you relax into the tool, that feeling will slowly vanish
    [17:21:33] macca89: oh good
    [17:21:42] nevado: it will become more of a gentle pulling in motion
    [17:21:54] macca89: its not an unpleasant feeling though, i kinda like that feeling if anything haha, just not when i want to body orgasm
    [17:21:57] rook: yum yum
    [17:22:23] rook: forget 'want'
    [17:22:49] rook: meditate and affirm --- have confidence --- no fear
    [17:23:22] nevado:
    [17:24:42] rook: for now, after you insert the p-tab, body of the tool and the neck of the tool is all you may feel
    [17:25:07] twlltin: Hi user 49291
    [17:25:09] macca89: i like it
    [17:25:31] rook: after a dozen or so sessions, the p-tab, tool body and your prostate feelings will merge into just a single ball of pleasure
    [17:25:39] nevado: the p tab was really giving me so much stimulation on my perineum during my last ride
    [17:25:57] rook: that's the 'glowing orb' that Alana speaks to on track one of the CD
    [17:28:34] rook: MGX does a nice job of sort of 'cradling' the prostate between the p-tab prressure point and the mid-ridge on the body.
    [17:29:07] rook: the extra bulk in the lower body does a good job massaging the cowpers and the penis root
    [17:29:41] rook: the circular ridges on the stem provide a very stable anchor for MGX --- these qualities make it a super beginning tool.
    [17:30:08] artform: cradling~~~~~~~carressing~~~~~~~~rooting~~~~~~~~~~~ - - -
    [17:30:35] macca89: wow thats better than any review or any product description on any website
    [17:30:37] nevado: how about mgx for more experienced users of other models rook?
    [17:30:44] macca89: are you an aneros salesman rook?!
    [17:30:44] rook: .... you can either choose to recognize these qualities on some sessions or just relax and let them 'blend' together
    [17:30:47] artform: Agree completely rook!!! MGX was my only model for first nine months!
    [17:31:21] macca89: has anyone had a super O on a MGX?
    [17:31:59] artform: Nevado, I went back to MGX after ignoring it for almost two years... and MGX was a great rediscovery and HIGHLY effective!!!!
    [17:32:01] rook: nev: I learned with Helix and am more into it than to MGX. I do use an SGX for sex though
    [17:32:45] nevado: thanks Rook. I'm in love with my Helix, but my other models must be jealous -
    [17:32:53] rook: nev: If you've got the height you might give Classic (PS-New) a tumble
    [17:33:55] rook: It's got the same anal ridges so contractions drive it. Also more length so it's got more 'reach' and those two
    [17:34:05] rook: tiny nibs on the nose do send a message !
    [17:34:20] nevado: i'm tall , but my prostate is very close to my rectum, sometimes i wonder if i need a model that has not been created
    [17:34:27] rook: P-tab is also larger and spaced further way from th anus
    [17:35:26] rook: It's also inexpensive compared to the "advanced" toys
    [17:35:42] macca89: is there a big difference between the mgx and sgx?
    [17:35:59] twlltin: size
    [17:36:19] rook: somthing like 1/2 or 3/4 of an inch --- 1.5 cm perhaps
    [17:36:22] macca89: but pleasure wise
    [17:36:49] macca89: because i think mine is actually an SGX, looking into it
    [17:37:05] rook: good for foreplay and sex if you are into rather athletic moves where something like Helix might uncomfortable
    [17:37:46] rook: checkout the measurements in the Aneros store. The MGX is definitely longer
    [17:38:38] macca89: well due to stock issues in the UK i had to get a copy, and it seems to be in between and mgx and an sgx measurement-wise
    [17:39:33] rook: hmm, might make for an interesting toy.
    [17:39:55] macca89: will be sure to keep you updated
    [17:40:27] rook: that might make for an interesting blog entry so that it wud have some history
    [17:40:55] macca89: yeh i tried doing a blog, its not working for me
    [17:41:45] artform: agree rook!! re Classic and that delightful double-lobed knob!!
    [17:41:49] rook: sometimes takes a week or two for all the member & registration stuff to be done
    [17:42:41] macca89: oh ok
    [17:42:45] bsmith14: @macca, you say you got a "copy" is it not a branded aneros model?
    [17:44:01] macca89: only because i couldnt find any in stock in the uk websites
    [17:44:22] macca89: seems there is a website that now has helix in stock, which i wish to upgrade too sometime
    [17:44:59] macca89: its made from medical grade material and is the exact same shape
    [17:45:54] aneros_user49291: hi sorry had this running in the background
    [17:54:32] aneros_user49291: so i just spent the last hour using hot glue and a candle creating a p tab similar to the progasm
    [17:54:49] aneros_user49291: for my mgx
    [17:55:07] aneros_user49291: much much better!
    [17:55:17] nevado: sculpting -
    [17:55:18] macca89: good work
    [17:55:46] aneros_user49291: the dime sized p tab on the mgx just digs to hard on me
    [17:55:46] fmc321: morning all
    [17:55:54] twlltin: hi fmc
    [17:56:07] fmc321: questions for the room....anyone have a vice that the vibe no longer works?
    [17:56:22] aneros_user49291: no
    [17:56:50] macca89: i find mine digs in too hard
    [17:56:51] aneros_user49291: arent progasm and vice the ssme? in size
    [17:56:59] muscleman: how old is the Vice
    [17:57:04] macca89: morning fmc
    [17:57:29] muscleman: hi fmc
    [17:57:45] aneros_user49291: ive used the candle method where you can heat up the p arm snd bend it back some
    [17:58:05] aneros_user49291: i used the case as a guide
    [17:58:06] fmc321: was bought jan 2011.....
    [17:58:08] muscleman: good idea
    [17:58:15] fmc321: gift from the wife....
    [17:58:18] macca89: really good idea
    [17:58:42] muscleman: thats a bummer fmc
    [17:59:03] rook: for the Vice, buy a Doc Johnson, 7-function Wondervibe
    [17:59:37] rook: Usually sells for 8 to 13 bucks at Amazon
    [17:59:51] muscleman: buy your wife a strapon
  • [18:00:22] fmc321: would love the wife to purchase a strap-on.
    [18:00:38] muscleman: pleasure for both and requires no batteries
    [18:01:18] fmc321: still working on her for that.....
    [18:01:20] aneros_user49291: so now my p arm is back far enough to really tease when things get going but like i said it was still digging so i added
    [18:01:30] aneros_user49291: the glue ball
    [18:01:41] fmc321: msucle....your wife have strap?
    [18:01:53] muscleman: oh yes
    [18:02:23] fmc321: what type?
    [18:02:39] aneros_user49291: i want mine get the feel doe! amazing device!
    [18:02:50] aneros_user49291: would love to try it
    [18:05:25] aneros_user49291: how many of you tried pegging?
    [18:05:46] fmc321: haven't yet, but dying to try pegging.
    [18:06:38] muscleman: I have, love getting pegged
    [18:08:40] aneros_user49291: so ive noticed that its easier to enjoy a sesion better if its done in the evening, at least to me.
    [18:09:18] aneros_user49291: when do you.notice the most response for your toy(s)
    [18:09:26] artform: bye for now here again later
    [18:10:03] rook: ttfn art
    [18:11:13] macca89: laters gents, dinner needs cooking
    [18:11:36] rook: dine well macca
    [18:11:57] twlltin: I've a pizza in the oven.
    [18:12:22] twlltin: a_u49291: Early evening has been best for me.
    [18:14:08] aneros_user49291: yeah me too. cant quite get the enjoyment i want out of it in the mornings which driving me crazy haha
    [18:17:12] aneros_user49291: so could use some expiranced advice on the mgx or in general.. but ive noticed i really have to do alot of manaul work
    [18:17:47] nevado: bye guys, take care
    [18:17:50] aneros_user49291: before the involintaries start and then i can sit back and enjoy
    [18:17:57] aneros_user49291: bye
    [18:18:59] aneros_user49291: never felt a super o, never really felt the clam seas or waves of pleaser
    [18:19:32] twlltin: Perhaps you're trying too hard?
    [18:19:39] aneros_user49291: but i do get tingling and vibrating through the whole body
    [18:20:02] twlltin: That's a good sign. What do you do when that happens?
    [18:20:10] bsmith14: do you do manual contractions to get things going?
    [18:20:34] aneros_user49291: and some times it goes into my head
    [18:20:38] aneros_user49291: yes
    [18:21:19] aneros_user49291: well when that happens i sit back and enjoy it but ...
    [18:21:51] aneros_user49291: i enjoy it so much that i relax so much and then feel nothing
    [18:22:22] aneros_user49291: yes manaul till things start going on their own
    [18:22:59] rook: how about trying a remote stimulation like a gentle touch to your balls or a bit of nip stim ??
    [18:28:01] aneros_user49291: nip stim only works when the fiance does it haha
    [18:28:18] rook: she sounds like a 'keeper'
    [18:28:27] bsmith14: I did the manual contractions and that would start the fast fluttering spams in the muscle right under the balls...
    [18:28:29] aneros_user49291: have noticed a new spot though
    [18:28:38] bsmith14: now I can just sit back and relax and they start on there own
    [18:28:58] aneros_user49291: just above the sack at the base of the penos
    [18:29:47] rook: I have one of those, dime sized on the right nut --- super button for a gentle caress
    [18:29:59] aneros_user49291: i tap it lightly once.or twice and thats enough to excited things again but not actually get the ball rolling
    [18:30:58] aneros_user49291: thats so funny/weird where the different spots are
    [18:31:20] rook: see if you can find a small point on a nip to go along with that nut-spot. Also try some male deer to expand the energy
    [18:31:26] rook: into your belly chakra
    [18:31:43] rook: aka Dan Tien
    [18:32:07] aneros_user49291: ehats male deer?
    [18:33:35] rook: here's a typical link --- Google for "male deer exercise" though and sample a few sites
    [18:33:38] rook: Male Deer Exercise: Simple Sexual Qi Gong for Men's Vitality, Sexual Health, and Pleasure
    [18:33:42] twlltin: male deer? That'll be a buck.
    [18:33:57] aneros_user49291: ive been pretty thorough in the nip stim i think its something ill have to come back to
    [18:34:11] rook: OGG. twll's on a roll again -
    [18:34:32] aneros_user49291: once ive had a few super o's
    [18:38:43] rook: you might look to gentle nip stim as part of a path to whole bod events
    [18:39:36] rook: find a very tiny area (perhaps just a millimeter or smaller) and apply the most gentle caress to it -- something lighter than
    [18:39:49] rook: your g/f does
    [18:40:46] rook: check for a stim point on the soul or a foot -- have the g/f test it with a pointed object (knitting needle) when you are
    [18:40:51] rook: inserted with the MGX.
    [18:41:12] rook: if that works, try it with the opposing toenail when you are solo.
    [18:41:39] aneros_user49291: i'll try the male deer thing i ve done the belly shakras and ive gotten some stim out of that but it mention ithat the male
    [18:42:16] rook: gud show and the most of blessing in that endeaor
    [18:42:24] rook: endeavor
    [18:42:29] aneros_user49291: deer can take you the hair trigger feeling allowi.g you to slide into the feel body
    [18:43:34] aneros_user49291: sorry full body expirence
    [18:45:27] rook: .... hey guys cool chat this morning -- must turn to and do some call-backs to folk
    [18:45:52] aneros_user49291: i think part of the problm for me is that ive had a few sensitivy convulsion episodes
    [18:46:58] aneros_user49291: and im nervious about letting go completely haha
    [18:47:15] aneros_user49291: later rook thanks for the help
    [18:53:18] cyrez: hi
    [18:56:59] cyrez: looks like i missed the party =/
    [19:01:37] cyrez: hi
    [19:29:08] tedd: hiiall
    [22:16:04] tewil1966: any tips?
    [23:01:46] twlltin: Hi there tewil
    [23:01:55] tewil1966: hey
    [23:02:21] twlltin: How are you?
    [23:02:46] tewil1966: ok, thanks.
    [23:03:09] twlltin: You asked (about 45 mins ago) for tips. Which model did you get?
    [23:04:01] tewil1966: had it for so long really don't know anymore sorry.
    [23:04:30] twlltin: How long have you had it?
    [23:05:23] tewil1966: a couple of years, had forgot about it, then came across this website, then remembered it.
    [23:07:05] twlltin: OK. Have a look at the pictures here: Prostate Massagers, Prostate Milking, Prostate Orgasms
    [23:07:46] tewil1966: i would say the helix
    [23:08:11] twlltin: That's a common one to start with. That's the one I started with.
    [23:08:29] twlltin: Right... how far do you think you've got with it?
    [23:09:15] tewil1966: last tried sat from 2-4pm felt nice but nothing special
    [23:09:42] twlltin: So, what are you doing when you "try"?
    [23:10:42] tewil1966: insert, contract pc muscle, try different positions.
    [23:11:18] twlltin: How long do you lie there just relaxing? Do you start the contractions immediately?
    [23:12:01] tewil1966: always just started right away
    [23:13:00] twlltin: Have you heard of the "do nothing" approach? (It's slightly mis-named)
    [23:13:09] twlltin: I'll tell you what I do...
    [23:13:24] tewil1966: ok
    [23:13:51] twlltin: I lie on my back, arms and legs straight. (If the Helix's handle is catching on the bed, a pillow under the lower back to
    [23:14:03] twlltin: raise up slightly)
    [23:14:16] twlltin: I then relax and breathe in a certain way:
    [23:14:28] twlltin: I do belly breathing.
    [23:14:34] twlltin: Have you heard how that works?
    [23:14:47] tewil1966: no
    [23:14:51] twlltin:
    [23:16:00] tewil1966: printed
    [23:16:06] twlltin: What happens is that as the diaphragm muscle is moving, so do the areas round the lower torso, including inside the rectum
    [23:16:26] twlltin: What that does is gently rock the head of the Helix back and forth across the prostate
    [23:16:33] twlltin: You'll probably not feel it at all.
    [23:17:05] tewil1966: ok
    [23:17:08] twlltin: BUT... after a while you might get an urge to pee, or a feeling of a tickle or prickling in the area, or some other sensation
    [23:17:20] twlltin: That's the start of the prostate reacting to the stimulation.
    [23:18:02] twlltin: Oh, and don't hyperventilate, just breathe at your normal resting rate.
    [23:18:02] tewil1966: ok
    [23:18:43] twlltin: If you do start to get a sensation, don't react by trying to force it to grow. Just keep doing the same as you were before
    [23:18:46] twlltin: it happened.
    [23:18:56] tewil1966: ok
    [23:18:57] twlltin: Chasing sensations means that you'll lose them.
    [23:19:08] tewil1966: gotcha
    [23:19:18] twlltin: A lot of this doesn't make sense when you try to explain it.
    [23:19:32] tewil1966: i'm with ya
    [23:19:47] twlltin: Do bear in mind that it can take a few sessions before you start to feel things.
    [23:20:06] twlltin: My first couple of weeks with near-daily sessions with the Helix didn't get me much.
    [23:20:18] tewil1966: ok
    [23:20:32] twlltin: Luckily I came across someone on this chat who helped a lot.
    [23:20:43] twlltin: That was just over six months ago.
    [23:21:32] tewil1966: ok
    [23:21:36] twlltin: Unfortunately, I've lost touch with him. This sometimes happens when everyone's anonymous.
    [23:21:50] twlltin: Anyway, back to you.
    [23:21:58] twlltin: When do you plan your next Helix session?
    [23:22:19] tewil1966: tonight
    [23:22:54] twlltin: Which lube do you use? (Sensations can vary depending on the lube and how it's applied.)
    [23:23:05] tewil1966: vaseline
    [23:23:30] twlltin: That could be a little thick for use with Helix. However...
    [23:23:39] twlltin: A trick for using vaseline:
    [23:24:08] twlltin: Get a lump on the tip of your finger, insert finger in your anus, and move it around to grease as far as you can reach with
    [23:24:11] twlltin: your finger.
    [23:24:23] tewil1966: ok
    [23:24:26] twlltin: Then put some on the Helix and insert.
    [23:24:35] tewil1966: gotcha
    [23:24:39] twlltin: There's no need to inject lube if you do that.
    [23:25:18] twlltin: If while you've got your finger up there, you feel some faecal matter, you might need to douche.
    [23:25:26] twlltin: Otherwise, you're good to go.
    [23:25:57] twlltin: In the session, if nothing happens after 30 mins, do a few GENTLE contractions of the PC muscle.
    [23:26:12] tewil1966: ok
    [23:26:17] twlltin: Then wait. See if there's an echo or a "buzz" following them.
    [23:26:43] tewil1966: ok
    [23:27:07] twlltin: If you don't get any sensations at all in the session in the position you were using (back/side/front) try a different
    [23:27:33] twlltin: position in the next session. Experiment with the way your legs are positioned.
    [23:27:46] twlltin: What works for one guy doesn't work for everyone.
    [23:27:47] tewil1966: ok
    [23:28:06] twlltin: And if nothing happens, don't worry.
    [23:29:47] twlltin: There's usually more here at this time of the day/night.
    [23:29:57] twlltin: I'm in the UK, so it's 11.30pm for me.
    [23:30:10] tewil1966: 5:30 pm here
    [23:30:25] tewil1966: have you had a super O?
    [23:30:49] twlltin: Eastern time, then.
    [23:31:01] twlltin: I've had what's called a "calm seas" super orgasm.
    [23:31:22] tewil1966: how long should i make each session?
    [23:31:23] twlltin: It's the type that doesn't have shaking and spasming.
    [23:31:35] tewil1966: oh
    [23:31:59] twlltin: To start with, between an hour and 90 mins. If the session's going well, ignore the clock.
    [23:32:24] tewil1966: any model better than another?
    [23:32:51] twlltin: Not really. It depends on your body.
    [23:33:20] twlltin: I've got three models, and my body switches which one is the favourite about every two weeks.
    [23:33:52] twlltin: As I said, I started with Helix. Just over a month later I got a Maximus, then in December I got a Progasm.
    [23:33:53] tewil1966: gotcha
    [23:34:11] twlltin: They work slightly differently.
    [23:34:27] twlltin: Progasm is like using a sledgehammer. Helix is a toffee hammer.
    [23:34:45] twlltin: They all "touch" much the same place.
    [23:35:11] tewil1966: ok
    [23:36:17] twlltin: Welcome back Human Being
    [23:36:27] Human Being: hey guys
    [23:36:42] Human Being: just got to chech something
    [23:36:50] twlltin: Go on...
    [23:37:00] tewil1966: thank you
    [23:37:29] twlltin: You're welcome. Be sure to come back soon and tell us how you got on.
    [23:37:53] twlltin: The others here have different approaches and different advice to give.
    [23:38:25] Human Being: holy crap, it's over six hours, since i was last on here
    [23:38:47] Human Being: yo twll,
    [23:38:49] twlltin: Only six hours? -
    [23:39:08] Human Being: i think i experienced my first dry o
    [23:39:23] Human Being: felt like two actually
    [23:39:29] twlltin: Can you describe it?
    [23:40:17] Human Being: it's gonna take a bit of writing
    [23:40:34] Human Being: but i suppose i'm not going any where
    [23:41:16] Human Being: after i got off the computer, i must have only been downstairs about two hours
    [23:41:55] Human Being: i had one beer, and smoked some THC with my friends, curious as to
    [23:42:03] Human Being: what effect it had
    [23:43:01] Human Being: when i was downstairs on the laptop, checking out past girlfriehornynds, and started feeling horny
    [23:43:16] Human Being: girlfriend*
    [23:44:09] Human Being: by the time i went back upstairs, my mates were wondering why i was shakin
    [23:44:11] twlltin: girlfriehornynds -- interesting word you just cooked up
    [23:44:35] twlltin: I thought you'd given up weed?
    [23:44:38] Human Being: i still feel high comon give me a break
    [23:44:47] Human Being: yeah i have
    [23:45:10] Human Being: i know i can go without now anyway, it's been a while
    [23:45:37] Human Being: so i got upstairs, put on some porn
    [23:46:54] Human Being: and started shaking and having contractions, this kept up for a good while, i reallly did notice pleasure waves from this
    [23:47:00] twlltin: tewil1966: one more thing... perhaps sleep one night with the Helix in... you might be surprised what happens.
    [23:47:19] tewil1966: will do
    [23:47:52] Human Being: it was you who gave me a clue to amplify these pleasure waves
    [23:48:05] twlltin: oh?
    [23:48:32] Human Being: yeah when i mentioned about going for a shit earlier
    [23:48:52] Human Being: you put well some might call that a P wave
    [23:49:42] Human Being: anyways i started using a breathing technique
    [23:50:09] Human Being: and it actually worked like crazy
    [23:50:18] Human Being: stokin!
    [23:50:51] twlltin: ah yes, the hot/cold shiver
    [23:50:59] Human Being: i remember having very pleasurefull contractions
    [23:51:13] Human Being: yeah thats it
    [23:51:29] Human Being: i realised thats it's just sensation
    [23:51:40] Human Being: P wave
    [23:52:06] Human Being: kinda mke just grasp the idea
    [23:53:12] Human Being: anyways i had this one contraction, and it felt so good after it finished, it's then i new i was orgasming
    [23:53:47] Human Being: i don't know how long i carried on after that
    [23:54:09] Human Being: i remember feeling a kind of assgasm
    [23:54:35] Human Being: but i felt great all the way through
    [23:55:06] Human Being: i think i only stopped because i was getting tired
    [23:55:50] Human Being: and know what you mean now, that your aware of time, but it doesn't matter
    [23:56:19] Human Being: thats just how it felt, i could have stayed there forever
    [23:56:38] Human Being: it was great just playing around mostly
    [23:56:43] twlltin: Yes. Sounds like you're having fun.
    [23:57:08] Human Being: and at one piont i put my hand accross my belly
    [23:57:36] Human Being: expecting that i must have came everywhere
    [23:57:57] Human Being: and was surprised
    [23:58:10] Human Being: when entered my brain 2 things
    [23:58:26] Human Being: one that these where dry os
    [23:58:38] Human Being: and that i was indeed dry
    [23:58:48] Human Being: fantastic!
    [23:59:45] Human Being: i'm gonna have to be carefull though, thats addictive!
    [00:00:40] twlltin: So you had a feeling like ejaculation but nothing came out?
    [00:01:00] Human Being: no it was more a
    [00:01:21] Human Being: i must be ejaculating, it feels so good
    [00:01:45] twlltin: ah. I see.
    [00:02:09] twlltin: Sounds like at least a mini-O.
    [00:02:33] Human Being: yeah, thats possible
    [00:02:49] Human Being: thaey wern't earthshattering
    [00:03:06] Human Being: but where just very pleasurefull
    [00:03:27] Human Being: working with my own body to that degree
    [00:03:48] Human Being: just feels great, like you really have control
    [00:04:13] twlltin: -
    [00:05:05] Human Being: time became irrelevant aswell
    [00:05:13] twlltin: It's bin day tomorrow (glass and paper). I'd better put the bins out before I forget. (That's trash for our friend in USA).
    [00:05:19] Human Being: strange feeling
    [00:05:48] Human Being: ours is wednesday
    [00:05:50] twlltin: yeah, it's not stopped, but you don't really give a toss about it.
    [00:06:39] Human Being: yeah, thats it. you could stay there forever
    [00:10:38] Human Being: i feel sated too
    [00:10:56] Human Being: i havent even we od yet!
    [00:11:04] Human Being: wet*
    [00:12:06] Human Being: it feels like everythings been released now
    [00:12:47] Human Being: strange, but this seems to be agreater sense of relief long time
    [00:13:08] Human Being: long term*
    [00:16:14] Human Being: i think the weed just quietend my mind
    [00:16:30] Human Being: and get rid of the expectation
    [00:16:41] Human Being: got*
    [00:17:18] Human Being: if your having expections, then your not 'in the moment'
    [00:17:31] Human Being: i realised that i control it
    [00:18:27] Human Being: intead of trying to force control, i just let it be effortless
    [00:18:49] Human Being: as though it where the most natural thing in the world
    [00:18:58] twlltin: Back
    [00:19:00] Human Being: and it worked
    [00:19:20] twlltin: Well done!
    [00:20:16] Human Being: i feel like i could do it again, but dpn't feel the need to
    [00:20:45] Human Being: but i'm sur i'll get a craving in a couple of days!
    [00:21:39] Human Being: i didn't even have the aneros in too
    [00:22:15] twlltin: Great. I'm still working on that one. I think I'm very close.
    [00:22:28] twlltin: I can get up to a nice buzz very easily now.
    [00:24:49] Human Being: yeah i remember feeling that when they said why are you shakin
    [00:25:06] Human Being: they said i was shakin like crazy
    [00:25:26] Human Being: i just told them that i was fucked from the weed
    [00:25:47] Human Being: i was actually having P waves then
    [00:25:59] Human Being: i felt great
    [01:19:36] twlltin: welcome back snipetownsam
    [01:19:43] snipetownsam: hi guys
    [01:20:01] Human Being: heya snipes
    [01:20:26] snipetownsam: hey
    [01:21:04] Human Being: what've i missed snipes, anything new?
    [01:21:35] snipetownsam: nah not really...still loving progasm tho
    [01:21:38] snipetownsam: gonna try it in shower
    [01:23:59] snipetownsam: anyone do that?
    [01:24:25] twlltin: Careful. If it drops out on a hard surface, it might break.
    [01:24:31] Human Being: nope not yet, might though
    [01:26:15] snipetownsam: is it ok to use it in a bath or could water up my butt be bad?
    [01:26:52] twlltin: Bath should be fine.
    [01:27:05] twlltin: Water up butt is equivalent to a douche.
    [01:27:17] snipetownsam: ok
    [01:28:15] snipetownsam: i need to get a mirror so i can see progasm going in me
    [01:38:11] rook: hi guys
    [01:38:20] twlltin: hi rook
    [01:38:36] Human Being: hey rook
    [01:38:52] Human Being: new developments
    [01:39:24] rook: snipe: It's educational to use a webcam and vid yourself -- provides some good timing information -- I discovered I was
    [01:39:35] rook: making a lot more vocal noise than I had imagined.
    [01:39:58] rook: HB: what's new ?
    [01:40:17] Human Being: check ou history
    [01:40:26] Human Being: i'm all blue
    [01:40:52] snipetownsam: maybe ill do that rook
    [01:49:41] rook: HB: that dark blue is tough on my laptop but it read like a very nice ride. Congrats on the new feelings.
    [01:50:47] Human Being: thanks dude
    [01:51:10] Human Being: i wnted to stay ther forever
    [01:51:43] rook: really compelling isn't it ?
    [01:52:04] Human Being: yeah
    [01:53:49] rook: One reason for early morning sessions -- hunger for breakfast -
    [01:54:40] Human Being: yeah i had to stop, just because i was getting really thirsy
    [01:54:48] Human Being: thirsty*
    [01:55:02] Human Being: and i was getting tired
    [01:55:23] rook: am gone for awhile to fix snax to go along with the wine wench's offering.
    [01:55:41] Human Being: okies
    [02:02:53] snipetownsam: any challenges for me tonight? -
    [02:04:49] snipetownsam: i wanna get rid of my happy trail but im tired of shaving it all the time...what should i do?
    [02:15:23] darwin: hey
    [02:16:32] Zipperking: hellp
    [02:16:54] darwin: what's up zipper
    [02:16:54] Zipperking: my trail gets so many compliments. you should keep it. manly.
    [02:17:12] darwin: what is a happy trail?
    [02:17:28] Zipperking: hair that goes from belly button down abdomen to pubes.
    [02:17:35] darwin: ah
    [02:17:47] Zipperking: ::lifts up shirt::
    [02:17:48] darwin: really who compliments it?
    [02:17:52] Zipperking: -
    [02:18:03] darwin: oh! nice!
    [02:18:10] darwin: (i guess i do ha ha)
    [02:18:32] Zipperking: i don't have many pics posted online, but the ones i do...people keep saying they like it.
    [02:18:40] Zipperking: i used to shave it but stopped.
    [02:18:44] darwin: aha
    [02:19:00] darwin: personally i prefer au natural
    [02:21:02] Zipperking: i shave sac and crack. anything i want licked. -. sorry. TMI
    [02:21:44] darwin: lucky to get your crack licked
    [02:21:47] darwin: jealous
    [02:22:10] Zipperking: yeah....gotta go with the 'guy' route to get that to happen....and gotta keep it clean and nice.
    [02:30:52] Billoz: hi all
    [02:31:12] Zipperking: hello bill
    [02:31:50] Billoz: Hi Aipper
    [02:31:55] Billoz: Zipper
    [02:32:10] Billoz: 1.32 pm here in Australia
    [02:34:22] Billoz: Zipper, you on
    [02:36:37] darwin: hi billoz
    [02:38:10] Zipperking: yeah
    [02:38:12] Zipperking: thats me
    [02:41:20] Zipperking: though everything is old
    [02:41:24] Zipperking: in way better shape
    [02:42:07] Zipperking: who are you in
    [02:52:26] snipetownsam: hey boys
    [02:55:28] darwin: hi snipe, how's it going!
    [02:56:07] snipetownsam: just finished up another i love the feeling of that progasm in my butt...started moving it like a dildo
    [02:56:10] snipetownsam: its so beefy
    [02:56:58] darwin: yeah, it really fills you up
    [02:57:03] darwin: any orgasms?
    [03:02:28] snipetownsam: found one online but idk about him
    [03:02:32] snipetownsam: no orgasms yet
    [03:03:18] Zipperking: i only orgasm from aneros when im face down...and its really because im shaking and there is stimulation on my penis
    [03:03:28] Zipperking: it feels awesome buti don't think its what you guys claim is a super o
    [03:05:58] darwin: no super Os are dry
    [03:06:07] darwin: and you have multiple Os in a row
    [03:06:43] Zipperking: damn. would love that.
    [03:07:11] snipetownsam: im horny too
    [03:19:54] MultiOrgasmMan: Evening guys
    [03:20:38] MultiOrgasmMan: Be back soon
    [03:21:27] Zipperking: yeah im off. g'night
    [03:22:37] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi there
    [03:33:12] snipetownsam: sorry guys gotta go
    [03:53:52] ten_s_nut: Hello, gents
    [03:54:30] ten_s_nut: Anybody home?
    [03:58:00] ten_s_nut: Guess not. Bye!
    [04:51:27] fmc321: hi room
    [04:56:03] fmc321: anyone here?
    [06:06:43] MultiOrgasmMan: Evening all
    [06:07:30] MultiOrgasmMan: Anybody here?
    [06:07:50] MultiOrgasmMan: Be back soon
    [06:09:05] fmc321: hi
  • [07:33:21] taran: hello
    [10:00:07] twlltin: Good morning tewil
    [12:40:40] twlltin: Good morning rook.
    [12:41:00] twlltin: I've cemented my membership of the BBC (Before Breakfast Club)
    [12:41:37] rook: good morning -- cereal bowl now empty and I'm still working on warmed over coffee
    [12:42:37] twlltin: Hi macca
    [12:42:39] rook: no session this morning even though there was a lubed Helix under my pillow
    [12:42:55] macca89: hey all
    [12:42:57] rook: hey macca89
    [12:43:18] twlltin: macca: could you remind me which model you actually bought?
    [12:44:01] macca89: yeh i had to get a copy, due to stock issues, its exactly halfway between an sgx and an mgx
    [12:44:20] twlltin: You had a link to it.
    [12:44:35] macca89: yeh the link is too big to fit in this chat though :(
    [12:44:57] twlltin: ah. I'm sure you put it up before.
    [12:45:23] twlltin: Maybe use to shorten it?
    [12:46:47] macca89: oh ok let me try
    [12:47:24] macca89: it has a picture with the dimensions too
    [12:48:06] macca89: Male Prostate Massagers Beginner LeLuv Nero Nexus Curved Slim Fit With Handle | eBay
    [12:48:08] rook: that sounds like an interesting breed of cat. I like something shorter than the Helix for sex and as a riding toy butt the
    [12:48:39] rook: SGX doesn't have enough reach to make it above the lower medial lobe on my prostate
    [12:48:53] rook: tks macca brb
    [12:49:37] macca89: slightly longer than a sgx
    [12:49:45] macca89: same width though i think at 15/16
    [12:50:39] twlltin: yeah, it looks like a copy of either MGX or SGX.
    [12:51:25] twlltin: Hi snipe!
    [12:51:35] snipetownsam: hi\
    [12:51:45] macca89: yeh its got the same width as the SGX, and just under the length of the MGX
    [12:51:51] macca89: hey snipe
    [12:52:07] snipetownsam: hi macca
    [12:52:18] rook: good morning snipe.
    [12:52:46] macca89: did you check out the link rook?
    [12:52:53] snipetownsam: good morning
    [12:53:10] rook: tks macca --- tried to order but wasn't logged in to ebay UK. book marked it and will sort it out later on.
    [12:53:28] snipetownsam: is anything larger than progasm?
    [12:53:34] macca89: oh cool, its quite good value
    [12:54:25] rook: snipe: you might check with ten_s_nut or artform regarding the Duke made by 'fun factory' in Germany
    [12:54:48] snipetownsam: im googling it
    [12:55:25] rook: ten has spoken of insertion being a bit more difficult than the Vice -- no clue whether that's the shape or the bulk that
    [12:55:36] macca89: Fun Factory Duke Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager - Free UK Delivery on Male Prostate Toys at Lovehoney
    [12:56:12] rook: poses an issue for him. --- perhaps "difficult" was a poor choice of words -- i think he was referring to it being
    [12:56:14] rook: time consuming.
    [12:56:55] macca89: still a bit tricky for me to get my sgx in and out haha
    [12:57:11] rook: -
    [12:57:39] macca89: only used twice, hope it isnt too long before its easier
    [12:58:06] snipetownsam: try progasm haha its fun getting out ive only used it twice
    [12:58:30] macca89: haha wow wow, i need to walk before i can run :P
    [12:58:49] macca89: im a bit of an anal virgin
    [12:59:06] rook: If hyou are interested in the Duke, shop about. I've seen the price vary from just over $ 70 on upward to $95.
    [12:59:12] rook: couble check shipping.
    [12:59:21] snipetownsam: i was an anal virgin too and started with progasm
    [12:59:37] snipetownsam: duke isnt wide enough
    [12:59:37] macca89: oh right
    [12:59:37] twlltin: Interesting thing last night when lubing up...
    [12:59:44] rook: macca: "Virginity is its own reward".... anon
    [12:59:50] macca89: go on
    [13:00:13] twlltin: I did a "push" movement of the rectum, and actually felt the sphincter at the top end of the rectum.
    [13:00:15] macca89: very philosophical rook
    [13:01:08] twlltin: Good lunchtime HB.
    [13:01:35] Human Being: godd lunchings to you too
    [13:01:55] rook: twll: as a mild discomfort ? what were you reacting the force against -- the Progasm ?
    [13:01:57] Human Being: anyone seen my baccy?
    [13:02:10] macca89: i pinched it sorry
    [13:02:24] Human Being: damn
    [13:02:32] rook: -
    [13:02:37] macca89: golden v?
    [13:02:41] twlltin: rook: my finger
    [13:02:46] Human Being: yeah!
    [13:02:57] macca89: nice
    [13:02:59] twlltin: I was trying to reach all the surface of the rectum with a lubed finger
    [13:03:26] rook: Wow, long finger -- or you were really 'scrunched' down.
    [13:04:55] rook: Half Bro has been playing with a DOM g/f for a couple of months. He related her demonstrating an 18" x 1.5" silicone dildo
    [13:05:17] snipetownsam: should i slide in progasm while doing homework or wait til im done
    [13:05:22] rook: that slides thru that sphncter --- she tells him that he's, "Next in line"
    [13:05:30] bsmith14: hi guys, nice full room this morning
    [13:05:37] macca89: hey smith
    [13:05:44] macca89: slide it in man
    [13:05:45] rook: good morning bs14
    [13:05:55] Human Being: good afternoon smith
    [13:06:25] Human Being: reminds, me of last night rook
    [13:06:36] twlltin: I *think* that the progasm's angled tip sometimes nestles in that sphincter
    [13:06:40] Human Being: kinda came up in fantasy
    [13:06:46] twlltin: Hi bs14
    [13:06:50] rook: snipe: suggestion... stick with the Progasm for your Anerosorgasmic sessions and find another distinctly different
    [13:07:16] rook: toy for party style riding -- try to not confuse your brain for a few weeks
    [13:07:31] macca89: can kinda feel my prostate asking for some attention, with all this talk
    [13:07:35] snipetownsam: like a dildo?
    [13:07:37] macca89: and im not even horny
    [13:07:48] twlltin: macca: that's usual
    [13:08:10] Human Being: can't remember who put it, i think it was in mind/body connection
    [13:08:21] Human Being: or something like that
    [13:08:32] Human Being: might have been artform
    [13:08:36] rook: twll: I've wondered about that tip getting up into the sigmoid. Sometimes I'll insert the Pro and it seems to 'lock in'
    [13:08:48] macca89: slept with mine in last night
    [13:09:03] rook: perfectly. hadn't considered though if it might be getting in that far.
    [13:09:05] Human Being: said you've really got to enjoy it
    [13:09:37] snipetownsam: should i try laying on stomach with it in?
    [13:09:40] twlltin: Perhaps it "locks in" when you "bear down" on it.
    [13:09:43] Human Being: not that i'd do it in reality, but the idea sure stoked the fire
    [13:10:04] rook: snipe: whatever you like that is somewhat different from your primary orgasm toy.
    [13:10:36] rook: make your party-play different from your 'orgasmic play'
    [13:10:37] Human Being: yeah i imagined a hot blonde doing me
    [13:10:55] Human Being: never would have thought of that before, but it worked
    [13:11:21] Human Being: i lost hours, for the first time
    [13:11:37] Human Being: truly self loving!
    [13:11:53] rook: -
    [13:12:18] Human Being: i still feel sated
    [13:12:49] Human Being: i havent had a tradition ejac in three days
    [13:13:04] rook: snipe: I like party positions any-which-way.
    [13:13:05] Human Being: don't even feel like it
    [13:13:49] rook: HB: U couldn't have said that a month ago could you?
    [13:14:13] macca89: what model do you have again HB?
    [13:14:24] Human Being: no, not that i'd experienced a session of self loving
    [13:14:38] Human Being: people joke about masturbation that way
    [13:14:58] Human Being: but to actually experience it is different
    [13:15:10] Human Being: and it was anerosless
    [13:15:25] Human Being: never had it in the whole time!
    [13:15:40] Human Being: SGX is mine
    [13:15:41] bsmith14: @snipe, how have your sessions been going? I wasn't around after your first session the other day
    [13:15:56] rook: always an amazing discovery.
    [13:16:21] macca89: cant wait to feel something from mine
    [13:16:26] macca89: SGX too HB
    [13:16:52] Human Being: yeah, that your own pleasure doesn't need to be propagated by anybody else
    [13:16:59] snipetownsam: same ben close but no cigar
    [13:17:50] Human Being: why'd you go for the SGX macca
    [13:18:14] macca89: well i originally wanted the helix, but no stock in the UK at the time
    [13:18:40] rook: he likes the cute heart symbol on the p-tab - :tongue: :ohmy:
    [13:18:42] macca89: i think the SGX is better for me at the moment whilst im still a tight noob
    [13:18:51] Human Being: ahh, must be popular, I got mine cause i'm only 5ft
    [13:18:56] macca89: hahashhh dont tell everyone
    [13:19:15] Human Being: yeah an i'm a shortarse
    [13:19:33] Human Being: yup, don't tell everyone -
    [13:19:52] macca89: about me liking the heart symbol -
    [13:20:24] macca89: slept with it in last night to get more used to it
    [13:20:51] Human Being: i haven't got a heart symol on mine
    [13:21:14] macca89: oh i pasted a link earlier of the one i bought, its a copy
    [13:21:31] macca89: because i couldnt find an "aneros" one anywhere
    [13:21:48] macca89: same width as the SGX but slightly longer
    [13:21:55] Human Being: aww, you should try a real one
    [13:22:23] macca89: there is an online store in the UK that has the helix back in stock now
    [13:22:27] Human Being: hih all the way
    [13:22:36] Human Being: love honey?
    [13:22:49] macca89: just gonna practice on my SGX first for a bit, and havent got the money yet -
    [13:22:54] macca89: yes thats it
    [13:22:59] Human Being: that's where i got mine, fantastic service
    [13:23:07] Human Being: okies
    [13:23:08] macca89: good to hear
    [13:23:12] Human Being: no rush
    [13:23:17] snipetownsam: anyone use dildos? pm me
    [13:23:58] twlltin: Yeah. I can't fault Lovehoney's shipping.
    [13:24:22] Human Being: no need to PM
    [13:24:42] Human Being: look, if you feel you want to try it out just go for it
    [13:24:56] Human Being: if it brings you pleasure
    [13:25:02] macca89: the helix looks like it would hit my prostate bang on
    [13:25:23] Human Being: it's whatever
    [13:25:31] macca89: ive had my prostate stimulated once before
    [13:25:43] twlltin: The other one to look at is the Pro-state PS-New (That should be from HIH, Aneros's parent company.)
    [13:25:43] Human Being: (one of may fave qoutes)
    [13:25:44] macca89: but dont really feel it being touched by the SGX
    [13:25:48] Human Being: or
    [13:25:57] Human Being: if it works (another)
    [13:26:01] Human Being: or
    [13:26:06] Human Being: shit happens
    [13:26:25] Human Being: good answer snipes?
    [13:26:35] rook: some takes time to 'awaken' the nerve endings
    [13:26:49] macca89: oh thats ok then
    [13:27:25] twlltin: The nerve pathways are dormant, unused, neglected in most males.
    [13:27:34] Human Being: i did actually try with one of my girlfriends dildos
    [13:27:40] rook: PS-New is a fit of a different horse --- not a 'costly lay' either
    [13:27:46] macca89: even though ive once felt my prostate aroused?
    [13:27:48] rook: ^bit of a
    [13:27:48] Human Being: stuck it in me the *** -
    [13:28:18] Human Being: though twas enjoyable
    [13:28:19] twlltin: For some guys it takes a lot of practice for the nerve pathways to open up and be recognised as pleasure sources.
    [13:28:35] macca89: i understand
    [13:28:45] macca89: anything i can do? or just be patient and it will come with time?
    [13:29:14] twlltin: Patience, relaxation and practice.
    [13:29:26] twlltin: Oh, and experiment.
    [13:29:43] twlltin: Posture, type of lube, things like that.
    [13:29:44] macca89: thanks
    [13:30:27] twlltin: It took me a lot of attempts to work out a combination that worked for me.
    [13:30:39] twlltin: Yours is likely to be different.
    [13:30:51] macca89: yeh horses for courses
    [13:31:29] twlltin: "You're all individuals." "We're all individuals." "(I'm not.)" "Shush!"
    [13:37:12] macca89: will just have to try again now
    [13:40:58] snipetownsam: post a link for a larger anal dildo you'd like to see me use on cam and ill buy it
    [13:41:45] snipetownsam: inexperienced 19m wants stretched -
    [13:43:15] Human Being: -
    [13:43:31] snipetownsam: come on guys
    [13:45:51] Human Being: Coal Chamber - Loco - YouTube
    [13:46:09] Human Being: just looking for shock reaction
    [13:47:46] snipetownsam: yea
    [13:48:14] Human Being: worked?
    [13:48:35] macca89: not easily shocked sorry :P
    [13:48:53] Human Being: gahh
    [13:49:10] Human Being: okies i'll try again
    [13:49:18] macca89: do they sell porn versions of those glasses though?
    [13:50:09] rook: now that Google has chocked that one up to my IP, I've got to watch 18 church services to balance things out -
    [13:50:29] Human Being: -
    [13:50:43] twlltin: I remember ViewMaster 3D
    [13:51:21] Human Being: i've no idea macca, maybe
    [13:51:50] muscleman: morning
    [13:52:25] rook: good morning muscle -- topic is dildos -- any suggestions for a nube ??
    [13:52:32] macca89: nope, im an athiest, nice try HB :P
    [13:52:43] macca89: morning muscle
    [13:53:08] Human Being: ha, agnostic. but still doubt it is actually hell
    [13:53:26] muscleman: many dildo for sale and so many sites
    [13:53:48] snipetownsam: should i get a realistic looking cock dildo or one of those thinner 18" deals?
    [13:55:05] muscleman: not familiar with 18" deal
    [13:55:25] muscleman: wife pegs me with a realistic dildo
    [13:55:29] rook: generally, with silicone, the diameter increases in the longer models -- to make them strong enough.
    [13:55:44] macca89: noob question, is it safe to wee with a sgx in?
    [13:56:02] rook: sure
    [13:58:34] rook: I'm no expert on large diameter toys --- my wife discarded a rabbit several years ago.
    [13:58:49] snipetownsam: So Real 6" Dong | Dildo
    [13:58:56] snipetownsam: should i go for this or 8"?
    [13:58:57] twlltin: macca: yes
    [13:59:17] rook: I inherited it and find it downright hurtful. Some guys in the Forum do accommodate a rabbit with pleasure and ease
    [14:00:36] snipetownsam: should i get this or go to 8?
    [14:00:40] artform: Once experienced, it is safe and FANTASTIC to wee or have intercourse with your partner with your progasm Ice in!!!
    [14:01:19] Human Being: Meytal Cohen - Toxicity - YouTube
    [14:01:29] Human Being: alright another shocker?
    [14:01:42] rook: I'd go for 8" which gives you a couple of inches for grasp to angle it about. the 1-3/4" would be a deal breaker for me.
    [14:02:31] macca89: shocking for all the right reasons HB
    [14:02:51] rook: the Progasm is a relative piece of cake for me -- save for twll's comment on getting into the sigmoid -- am gonna check
    [14:02:57] Human Being: i love maytel, fit
    [14:03:04] rook: myself out on that
    [14:03:17] Human Being: and it's one of my fave songs to play on the drums
    [14:03:31] Human Being: she's my match made in heaven
    [14:03:31] twlltin: I *think* it just touches the sigmoid.
    [14:04:03] rook: so, a 1" dildo is about the same fit going in as the Progasm
    [14:05:42] twlltin: hi artform, darwin
    [14:05:54] artform: Hi T!
    [14:06:02] darwin: hey, good morning
    [14:06:10] Human Being: hey artwin, darform
    [14:06:13] darwin: just tuning in a little to the chatter
    [14:06:46] artform: -
    [14:07:14] artform: Thanks for the energetic musical interlube HB!
    [14:07:33] Human Being: no probs
    [14:07:48] rook: 1-3/4 dildo is about equal to the penis tip on the rabbit. I hit a brick wall with that toy at about 3" of insertion.
    [14:07:50] artform: slick
    [14:08:09] rook: gotta split for a few minutes --- machine needs a reboot
    [14:08:11] artform: sounds nasty rook
    [14:09:07] Human Being: how artform and darwin, new deveps!
    [14:09:31] darwin: nothing new
    [14:09:42] darwin: just been working on my "opening" strategy
    [14:09:51] Human Being: no me, just realised that don't make sense
    [14:10:01] Human Being: i have new developments
    [14:10:03] artform: I do not have the size obsession with trying ever bigger things to shove inside. I resisted Progasm and anything larger than
    [14:10:19] artform: my MGX for many many months...
    [14:10:34] darwin: oh, what's that?
    [14:11:05] Human Being: i had a session last night after smokin a bit of thc
    [14:11:25] macca89: i think my prostate is beginning to awaken
    [14:11:30] Human Being: and my mates where sayin what are you shakin for
    [14:11:35] darwin: oh yeah! weed rules
    [14:11:40] artform: ...until ICE appeared and the aesthetics won me over and I have not regretted, in fact thrilled. BUTT I need nothing larger
    [14:11:49] Human Being: the said i was shakin like mad
    [14:11:55] Human Being: they
    [14:11:59] darwin: what mates?
    [14:12:00] artform: great HB
    [14:12:06] macca89: after your session HB?
    [14:12:12] Human Being: to be fair this had been building all day
    [14:13:00] Human Being: well, i started my session by putting on some porn, and i'm not sure how many hours later i had to stop
    [14:13:13] Human Being: because i was hungry/thirsty/tired
    [14:13:24] Human Being: i wanted it to go on forever
    [14:13:38] Human Being: i orgasmd twice i think
    [14:13:38] darwin: yeah, it becomes very addictive
    [14:13:53] Human Being: one felt like a deep assgasm
    [14:14:00] darwin: beware of loss of sleep and reduced effectiveness in work, etc
    [14:14:09] darwin: HB, that is great!
    [14:14:19] Human Being: it's the first time it's happend to me
    [14:14:24] muscleman: guess snipe left
    [14:14:26] darwin: sweeeet
    [14:14:30] artform: excellent
    [14:14:35] Human Being: oh and
    [14:14:43] Human Being: no aneros!
    [14:14:52] darwin: well, wow!
    [14:15:00] artform: all this was "less"?
    [14:15:01] darwin: yeah, weed really can put you over the top
    [14:15:07] Human Being: i felt on my tummy, and completely dry
    [14:15:16] darwin: that happens to me every time, i go into a whole other world of insane eroticicm
    [14:15:35] Human Being: i felt like 'but it was so enjoyable i must have cum'
    [14:15:37] artform: great
    [14:15:45] Human Being: yup 'less
    [14:15:50] artform: without
    [14:16:02] Human Being: i've had better results without so far -
    [14:16:19] artform: you are a natural then
    [14:16:23] snipetownsam: im getting a dildo!!!!!!
    [14:16:38] artform: Hi sam!
    [14:16:44] muscleman: wise decision snipe
    [14:17:40] Human Being: thats what it felt like darwin, just pue self love, and erotic, fantastical fantasizing
    [14:18:09] macca89: feels like my anus is trying to push my sgx out
    [14:18:15] Human Being: if it works
    [14:18:24] macca89: that just thenormal motion??
    [14:18:33] Human Being: hold on it
    [14:18:41] artform: that is a normal early reaction macca
    [14:18:51] Human Being: or try andrelax
    [14:18:57] macca89: sorry if too much info
    [14:19:05] Human Being: nopes
    [14:19:12] artform: You are in ano-rectal muscle training mode
    [14:19:24] macca89: its not actually coming out though, p tab still tight, just that sort of sensation
    [14:19:55] artform: repeat as above
    [14:20:29] darwin: HB read this post by me: "This is my fucking poem" straight from the mind of weed
    [14:20:32] darwin:
    [14:21:01] darwin: This is my fucking poem
    [14:21:27] macca89: feels good though, like my body is thrusting it on its own
    [14:21:32] artform: when your muscles and signalling nerve networks there are fully trained, strengthened and rewired, you will be auto*F-ing...
    [14:21:35] Human Being: yeah i read it!
    [14:21:41] Human Being: loved it
    [14:21:50] artform: ...yourself whenever!!!
    [14:21:55] Human Being: gonna put some guitar chords to it i think
    [14:22:24] artform: Great HB!! Then do it on UTube!!
    [14:22:26] snipetownsam: here it is guys Pleasure Skin Realistic Dong
    [14:22:39] artform: and share
    [14:22:49] Human Being: okies
    [14:22:52] Human Being: will do
    [14:23:26] darwin: snipe this is the dildo i have:
    [14:23:27] darwin: VixSkin Mustang Silicone Dildo By Vixen
    [14:24:14] darwin: HB, that is funny
    [14:24:33] darwin: i have posted all kinds of crazy stuff when on weed
    [14:24:51] snipetownsam: wheres the link?
    [14:24:53] darwin: like my famous and controversial prison rape fantasy
    [14:25:38] darwin: snipe, what link?
    [14:25:40] snipetownsam: what is the progasm width at the head?
    [14:25:46] artform: darwin the intrepid
    [14:25:50] Human Being: u'm
    [14:25:55] snipetownsam: you said snipe: this is the dildo i have:
    [14:26:06] darwin: yeah, its right there
    [14:26:12] darwin: VixSkin Mustang Silicone Dildo By Vixen
    [14:26:14] Human Being: just picked my guitar up and can't get much sense out
    [14:26:18] darwin: there it is again
    [14:26:20] darwin: do you see it?
    [14:26:29] Human Being: of it the way the poems set out
    [14:26:53] Human Being: do you give me any artistic licence artform?
    [14:26:59] snipetownsam: ya darwin is it hard to get in at first?
    [14:27:15] darwin: for me it is
    [14:27:23] darwin: cause i am kind tight
    [14:27:27] snipetownsam: even now?
    [14:27:35] Human Being: sorry darwin
    [14:27:43] darwin: yeah i don't use it that often
    [14:27:46] Human Being: heads gone an a tangent
    [14:27:54] snipetownsam: i just bought a bigger one -
    [14:28:43] snipetownsam: what do u guys think? : Pleasure Skin Realistic Dong
    [14:29:57] snipetownsam: just bought this
    [14:30:52] darwin: snipe, what i think is that you are turned on by being opened wide
    [14:30:59] darwin: or the idea of it
    [14:31:04] darwin: so that is gonna work for you
    [14:31:07] snipetownsam: yes
    [14:31:33] Human Being: i used to be, but no cigar now
    [14:31:45] snipetownsam: will i be able to take it?
    [14:32:14] darwin: yes, but like always you have to go extremely slowly and safely
    [14:32:20] darwin: listen to your body
    [14:32:24] snipetownsam: ok
    [14:32:56] darwin: as you probably know some guys are into fisting, which demonstrates how wide that area can open
    [14:33:10] darwin: but i thing that has some real health dangers
    [14:33:13] Human Being: hey darwin, you know something that really helped last night?
    [14:33:21] darwin: what
    [14:33:22] darwin: ?
    [14:33:41] muscleman: late breakfast back later
    [14:34:08] Human Being: i learnt, of a tantric beathing exercise, and it just seemed to keep stokin from that
    [14:34:29] darwin: hb, yes
    [14:34:38] darwin: that is what i am working on, my opening exercise
    [14:34:39] Human Being: really hot, then really pleasurefull
    [14:34:52] darwin: imagining that a finger is going in and out w/ every breath
    [14:35:06] darwin: what was the tantric breathing you were doing?
    [14:35:53] Human Being: hmm, mine was deep breath in through the nose, concentrating on drawing the energy in
    [14:36:12] Human Being: to the lower tummy/pelvic region
    [14:37:01] artform: great!! then imagine you are exhaling out down and through your anus!
    [14:37:04] Human Being: and deep breath out through an open mouth while flowing this energy through the heart and burning it up
    [14:37:17] twlltin: hi carla
    [14:37:37] artform: That sounds great too HB!
    [14:37:41] Human Being: my went the opposite way, but i found i could choose where i wanted it
    [14:38:03] Human Being: so for assgasm, if i wanted it i could have it, and did!
    [14:38:37] artform: excellent
    [14:38:56] artform: you seem to be an energies adept already
    [14:39:06] artform: how long have you been doing this?
    [14:39:57] Human Being: i've heard, the aneros described as the tantric training wheel, and it's just a culmination of abstract ideas i guess
    [14:40:33] Human Being: like it's sortof just an expansion on what i've already learnt
    [14:41:10] Human Being: the thing was last night, i realised that it doesn't have to be hard work
    [14:41:26] Human Being: i control it, so it should be effortless
    [14:42:14] Human Being: trying to force it in the first place implies that you don't have control of your emotional state
    [14:42:47] Human Being: it was just a realisation that got me there
    [14:43:28] Human Being: this whole thing kicked of about a week and a half ago
    [14:43:43] Human Being: things are goin quick
    [14:44:39] twlltin: very quickly
    [14:45:58] Human Being: would like to have the same experience without the THC though
    [14:46:19] Human Being: i think i'll be able to
    [14:46:21] snipetownsam: anyone wanna pm me about dildos?
    [14:47:02] twlltin: no
    [14:47:11] twlltin: :tongue:
    [14:47:36] rook: here you go snipe: Item #17, a speclum to help with the larger diameter toys.... -
    [14:47:39] rook: The 25 Most Disturbing Sex Toys |
    [14:47:53] macca89: p tab digging in a bit
    [14:48:52] rook: nice choice you made --- suggest using it with a condom to isolate the material from your inside tissue
    [14:49:02] Human Being: this is brill rook
    [14:49:05] rook: shud feel nice from the git-go
    [14:49:07] bsmith14: @snipe, weren't you an anal virgin just last week? must be really enjoying the toys
    [14:49:22] bsmith14: @macca, the p-tab on the mgx would also did into me a lot
    [14:49:44] snipetownsam: wow -
    [14:49:49] snipetownsam: ya i was last week i love this stuff
    [14:50:15] macca89: i might do the candle trick aneros-user did and bend it back a little bit
    [14:53:02] snipetownsam: want my new toy - switch between that and progasm
    [14:53:25] rook: just bought my ever-luvin' a new glass toy: 50/50 chance I 'inherit' this
    [14:53:27] rook: Don Wands Pink Bent Graduate: Don Wands: Health & Personal Care
    [14:54:39] bsmith14: looks like fun rook
    [14:55:16] rook: ten provided a review a couple of weeks ago. he mentioned that one end was gud butt the other was just so-so.
    [14:55:39] rook: if my wife decides to keep it, I'll have to buy a second one.
    [14:56:19] rook: "Testing is fun."
    [14:56:44] snipetownsam: Who wants to bet ill be crying like a biznitch and not be able to get my dildo in haah
    [14:57:11] rook: Not taking that bet
    [14:57:29] snipetownsam: i would if i were u -
    [14:58:01] rook: My opinion: You'll be able to lay it on the bed next to your ass and pure mental power will cause it to suck right in -
    [14:58:03] snipetownsam: ill go on cam and send u guys a link when i put it in -
    [14:58:59] rook: will that be before or after you have 'slut' tattoed across your buns ?
    [14:59:15] snipetownsam: b4
    [14:59:58] rook: seriously though sam. looks like a good starting choice..
  • [15:00:13] Human Being: monsier harmonica has come to my party
    [15:00:15] snipetownsam: really? 2" in diamater is huge -
    [15:00:23] Human Being: lovin it
    [15:00:43] Human Being: it gonnaa streetch
    [15:01:03] Human Being: but i think you'll like
    [15:01:33] snipetownsam: im gonna stretch is an understatement...progasm stretches me way out and is it even an inch?
    [15:02:59] Human Being: it's probably not so far off the progasm
    [15:03:08] rook: the key to Progasm is the positioning of the contours. Nice design job as the curves both facilitate insertion and also hug
    [15:03:11] rook: the prostate.
    [15:05:26] snipetownsam: whats the key to my dildo?
    [15:06:30] rook: lube, relaxation, patience and a willing g/f to cheer you onward
    [15:07:17] rook: don't bruise a tonsil
    [15:09:07] snipetownsam: who wants to watch when i get it?
    [15:09:40] Human Being: me, not particularly
    [15:13:50] snipetownsam: come on
    [15:14:00] snipetownsam: i hope this toy satisfies me
    [15:14:53] Human Being: it will, but maybe not in the way your hoping
    [15:15:08] snipetownsam: what do u mean?
    [15:15:21] Human Being: somtimes when a fantasy gets satisfied, thats it
    [15:15:40] Human Being: thats all it may be, a fantasy
    [15:16:36] Human Being: thats just my experience anyways, sorry if i sound too cynical
    [15:16:49] macca89: ill politely decline thanks :P
    [15:18:32] rook: gud to remember David Carradine as an example of a guy chasing the ultimate fantasy
    [15:19:05] snipetownsam: ?
    [15:19:26] artform: National Get Stuffed Day being declared here and now!
    [15:20:04] snipetownsam: wait another day til i get my dildo
    [15:20:09] artform: busy day here! Have fun safely men! chat again soon
    [15:22:26] snipetownsam: 7" x 6"
    [15:22:45] rook: Carradine: David Carradine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -- section on "Death" is germane
    [15:25:55] artform: And you can all experience all of this non-physically through pure energies development and sharing too!!!
    [15:26:16] Human Being: yeah he's not the only guy/girl to die from accidental asphysiation
    [15:26:26] artform: See the VMI plus discussion section of ten_s_nut's Poll: What are your anal erotic practices?
    [15:26:49] Human Being: i'm not going to attemp another spelling of that
    [15:27:37] artform: not related to your comment HB!
    [15:27:59] Human Being: just testing out you smilies?
    [15:28:32] Human Being: your*
    [15:29:00] Human Being: bugerry, buggiggiginess of bugger
    [15:29:19] Human Being: damn keyboard
    [15:30:59] artform: bye for now men
    [15:31:08] artform: chat again soon
    [15:31:16] rook: ttfn art --- have a good one
    [15:31:46] twlltin: bye for now art
    [15:32:04] Human Being: bye dude
    [15:32:41] twlltin: I suspect that "your" → "you" happens because of the cross over from one hand to the other on a QWERTY keyboard
    [15:33:17] Human Being: yup i thinks
    [15:33:46] Human Being: i don't hit the keys properly sometimes too
    [15:35:41] rook: so many buttons --- decisions decisions
    [15:36:33] rook: stumbled on someone using a Dvorak in the Forum --- was that you twll ?
    [15:37:39] Human Being: Meytal Cohen - Duality by Slipknot - Drum Cover - YouTube
    [15:37:58] Human Being: what i'm up to at mo
    [15:38:54] twlltin: No, I'm strictly QWERTY
    [15:41:08] rook: my nipple fingers twitch sometimes when I'm typing -- I blame it on toast crumbs in the lower key row
    [15:43:36] twlltin: rook
    [15:50:14] rook: am back now
    [15:50:43] rook: just ventured off to the U.K. ebay page and bought the toy that macca suggested.
    [15:51:12] rook: surprising thing was that my I
    [15:51:22] rook: D worked like a charm on the U.K. site
    [15:51:54] rook: then it dumped me out to one of your toy stores --- gad -- U brits are really KINKY !
    [15:52:21] rook: we are such a young country -- not nearly as well 'developed'
    [15:53:06] twlltin: You think we're bad. You want to see what the Germans get up to.
    [15:53:10] Human Being: so my freind from new england says to me
    [15:53:24] Human Being: ever seen GGG?
    [15:54:37] rook: hmm, a few hundred years ago some of my ancestors were working coal mines in the winter and stomping grapes in the summer in
    [15:54:51] rook: Germany -- must be where I got my itchy prostate
    [15:55:28] Human Being: ok anyone seen my filters?
    [15:57:01] Human Being: sqiuriously i canne find em
    [16:00:36] Human Being: found em!
    [16:03:50] rook: ah the gremlins didn't make off with them after all.
    [16:05:02] rook: assume "filters" = sunglasses or 'shades' --- so you can now appear in style
    [16:05:25] Human Being: gremlins? i swear that's the second time they've popped up today
    [16:05:53] twlltin: I suspect they're for his roll-up cigarettes.
    [16:05:56] Human Being: damn techno warriors and travelers
    [16:06:45] rook: filter tipped hand rolled cigs? Now that's class.
    [16:07:08] Human Being: nope it's art
    [16:07:22] Human Being: been rolling for years
    [16:07:56] Human Being: wouldn't smoke anything else
    [16:09:28] rook: rather amazing here. Have seen a lot of zig-zag cigarettes but never any with filters. Always good to learn something new
    [16:09:38] rook: gotta go get coffee brb
    [16:10:18] Human Being: we've had filters in this country for years
    [16:10:35] twlltin: I had a friend who wouldn't smoke "tailormade" cigs because of the extra additives.
    [16:10:40] Human Being: mine are swan extra slim, 120 pack
    [16:11:17] twlltin: eg. the saltpetre that keeps them from going out
    [16:11:19] Human Being: yep, there's one particularly nasty one to help it burn quicker
    [16:11:30] Human Being: thats the one
    [16:12:09] Human Being: rolling papers have it too
    [16:12:24] Human Being: thats why i smoke extra slim ones
    [16:16:39] rook: back now
    [16:18:34] rook: macca: tks for the link to the toy. opted for the purple one -- which one did you get ?
    [16:35:47] Human Being: o.k got to go, got work to go to
    [16:35:58] Human Being: bye
    [17:00:08] muscleman: hi all
    [17:00:21] twlltin: hi mm
    [17:00:23] muscleman: snipe ordered a dildo now?
    [17:02:17] bsmith14: yes he did
    [17:04:23] muscleman: amazing
    [17:06:59] snipetownsam: talkin about me?
    [17:07:25] muscleman: yeah
    [17:07:51] snipetownsam: tryin to get order changed to the "Great American Challenge" dildo its 15 inches long and 3 wide
    [17:09:33] snipetownsam: haha
    [17:09:55] snipetownsam: probably already shipped tho
    [17:10:20] muscleman: stay with the first one 15 x 3 is too big
    [17:10:31] snipetownsam: ya?
    [17:10:31] twlltin: yeah!
    [17:10:40] snipetownsam: what about 9x2.5
    [17:11:15] muscleman: still too big
    [17:12:16] snipetownsam: 7x2
    [17:12:18] snipetownsam: ?
    [17:12:44] muscleman: it will be tight
    [17:12:56] snipetownsam: i already ordered it
    [17:15:12] muscleman: you like the progasm
    [17:15:36] snipetownsam: ya but i need the whole thing to feel as big as the head
    [17:16:09] snipetownsam: i like being stretched
    [17:16:42] bsmith14: just keep in mind those dildos will not hit the prostate
    [17:17:06] snipetownsam: i know
    [17:17:28] snipetownsam: stil use progasm for that
    [17:22:09] muscleman: try the dildo
    [17:22:15] snipetownsam: i want to
    [17:22:25] snipetownsam: what is the widest one you have mm?
    [17:22:42] muscleman: 2 "
    [17:26:03] snipetownsam: sounds like im right up there then
    [17:27:48] muscleman: just ake it slow
    [17:28:01] snipetownsam: ill have to
    [17:34:16] muscleman: progasm in now
    [17:35:00] snipetownsam: sexy
    [17:40:39] twlltin: Hmm. I wouldn't mind having another go on the progasm this evening.
    [17:47:27] snipetownsam: talk to you guys later
    [17:51:36] twlltin: bye for now.
    [18:15:19] snipetownsam: hi
    [18:15:33] twlltin: hi
    [18:36:24] rook: hi anyone home ?
    [18:36:38] bsmith14: I am here
    [18:37:09] rook: U back home or still up in snow country ?
    [18:37:44] bsmith14: back home, working
    [18:38:00] bsmith14: or supposed to be working
    [18:38:07] rook: was looking back over history on snipe's dildo acquisition.
    [18:38:28] rook: yeah, running spreadsheets here on a modeling project
    [18:40:08] rook: guy is really aggressive -- or has a lot of experience that he didn't mention
    [18:41:12] bsmith14: yep
    [18:43:20] rook: aside for some anal stretching I did a year ago to loosen up with Progasm, I've not had the patience to accommodate seriously
    [18:43:23] rook: large toys
    [18:44:05] bsmith14: I have no desire to do it
    [18:46:41] rook: rumel and I once kidded about the ratio between discomfort and pleasure. (D:P)
    [18:47:44] bsmith14: not to derail this topic, but lately, I have been getting frustrated with my sessions
    [18:48:07] bsmith14: its either not much going on, or I end up with a hfwo too soon into the session
    [18:49:01] rook: U were doing all 'less for about a month then returned to toy (Helix ?) a few weeks ago --- rite?
    [18:49:37] rook: then got into nip play from your better half ??
    [18:50:06] bsmith14: ye[
    [18:50:09] bsmith14: yep
    [18:51:32] rook: being older I may have forgotten but wonder if you are carrying too heavy a semen load into these toy sessions.
    [18:52:16] rook: might a bit more frequent ejac settle you down ?
    [18:52:37] rook: until you re-adapt to the toy and get off this plateau ?
    [18:53:10] bsmith14: that may be an issue
    [18:53:34] bsmith14: I had a ejac on saturday morning
    [18:53:41] bsmith14: so 3 days
    [18:53:55] rook: hyped now ?
    [18:54:30] bsmith14: well, just had an hfwo about 30 minutes ago
    [18:54:32] rook: I usually hype on the second or third day then taper back down to sort of 'bored'
    [18:54:49] bsmith14: did try something new, I tried to resist the body shaking that I normally get
    [18:55:18] rook: flexing against it? rather than ignoring it and relaxing ?
    [18:55:32] bsmith14: that sounds about right
    [18:55:42] bsmith14: hard to ignore it
    [18:56:16] rook: I burn a helluva lot of energy when I resist -- and can fatigue rather quickly if I don't let go and just sink down into it
    [18:56:56] bsmith14: if I totally try and just let go, my body really starts to shake/spasm/flail around
    [18:57:51] rook: U've got a lot more fascia muscle reserve than I do -- might be worth comparing what you get with someone closer to your age
    [18:58:07] rook: and conditioning ten, Darwin or twll wud be good choices
    [18:59:49] bsmith14: I just hope that I can rewire awsy from the hfwo, I think I need to be able to have more frequent sessions
    [19:01:11] bsmith14: I was making progress toward consisten dry-o's and calm seas, but has turned from that to hfwo's
    [19:01:11] rook: sort of like wiring up as a nube in the first month or so ?
    [19:01:21] bsmith14: could just be cyclical
    [19:03:20] rook: I don't hfwo more often than once or twice a year and that's always been with the Maximus when I use it too long before I
    [19:03:25] rook: swap down to Eupho.
    [19:05:32] bsmith14: I think I need to lessen the amount of nipple play. tone it down to a teas
    [19:05:34] bsmith14: tease
    [19:06:19] rook: interesting --- the first hfwo I had (couple of years ago) was when I first started nip play. I'd pulled out the Helix at
    [19:06:47] rook: the end of a session and got the urge to play nip games. That's when I had the first hfwo
    [19:07:34] rook: I'd only been into nips for a couple of weeks when that happened.
    [19:08:14] bsmith14: I used to play with nips from start to finish during a session...
    [19:08:41] bsmith14: I tried going to only playing with them a little bit every 5-10 minutes...
    [19:08:58] bsmith14: which worked well, I think maybe, I am creeping back up to more playing with them
    [19:09:20] bsmith14: hard to believe my nipples are that sensitive
    [19:10:09] rook: so, to look at it objectively, ---> 1) increase number of toy sessions per week 2) intro nips later
    [19:10:28] rook: in a session and be more casual about them.
    [19:10:48] rook: U want an implementation plan ? GANTT chart to sub-task ?
    [19:11:20] bsmith14: nope, got it, hopefully, the fog of war won't change my plans
    [19:11:30] bsmith14: I am slut for my nips
    [19:12:34] rook: I've managed to stay very tender and gentle -- when they start hurting a bit I know I've been too agressive
    [19:13:01] bsmith14: my nips are well conditioned, they never hurt anymore
    [19:14:01] rook: ...twll dropped one on me this morning -- thinks he got the knob on his progasm up to or into the sigmoid sphincter.
    [19:14:43] bsmith14: how did he do that?
    [19:14:43] rook: that got me wondering if Progasm was designed to work just that way using the knob as an inner "anchor"
    [19:15:18] rook: he managed it by "pushing" on it -- I assume downward with a pelvic or ab flex.
    [19:16:07] rook: I occasionally have a Progasm insertion when it seems to 'click' into place and is absolutely solid for the whole session.
    [19:16:50] rook: ... most times though i don't have that feeling of stability that I get from smaller toys.
    [19:18:00] bsmith14: I felt that once with the helix, it felt like it was locked into position
    [19:20:27] rook: Helix is quite stable -- it's either on my prostate or I can roll on my back and do the posterior of my canal and rectum --
    [19:21:03] rook: the later sometimes feels like it's going to punch through my spine and exit my bod around L3 or L4.
    [19:21:12] rook: luscious!
    [19:22:46] rook: U don't have a Progasm do you ?
    [19:24:11] rook: --- bb in a minute -- have to reload test data
    [19:25:35] bsmith14: I have a progasm (first model) . didn't do much for me and still don't like it very much
    [19:25:36] muscleman: where's snipe?
    [19:25:59] bsmith14: hasn't been here lately
    [19:26:52] muscleman: surprised he started with progasm
    [19:27:29] bsmith14: seems to like it, and wants something bigger to play with too
    [19:28:05] muscleman: yeah wonder if anything else has been there
    [19:29:39] bsmith14: he said he was new to anal play
    [19:29:53] muscleman: that big dildo will feel great on his prostate
    [19:32:50] rook: back now
    [19:33:12] muscleman: hi rook
    [19:33:41] rook: hye mm & bs14
    [19:34:11] rook: I think snipe has class about this time of day
    [19:34:44] muscleman: he's in college or high school
    [19:35:21] rook: age 19 wud probably be a Freshman in college
    [19:35:37] muscleman: should be anyway
    [19:36:12] rook: perhaps Sophmore
    [19:36:22] muscleman: perhaps
    [19:37:57] muscleman: really into his progasm and now a dildo
    [19:40:38] rook: nice age to get established in high-order orgasms --
    [19:41:40] muscleman: yeah I got an early start too
    [19:42:05] bsmith14: I started playing at around 25
    [19:42:36] muscleman: I was swimming nude at 10yo at YMCA
    [19:43:06] rook: not I -- just hetero sex and masturbation for 60 years -- then found this three years ago
    [19:43:59] muscleman: had my prostatte massaged at 12-13
    [19:44:18] rook: wow --
    [19:45:40] rook: dodged two very deliberate passes from guys a bit older than I during my teens and twenties.
    [19:46:25] rook: Gals I was bedding with weren't into anything other than conventional sex so I stayed rather dumb.
    [19:47:27] muscleman: just us naked guys in the pool
    [19:47:40] muscleman: YMCA then was just young men
    [19:49:25] macca89: im back
    [19:53:40] bsmith14: hi macca
    [19:53:56] macca89: hey smith
    [19:54:24] muscleman: anyone riding besides me
    [19:54:34] macca89: i was earlier
    [19:56:11] bsmith14: nope, but have had 2 aneroless sessions already today
    [19:56:19] muscleman: progasm feels great
    [19:56:34] macca89: can i ask what an anerosless session entails?
    [19:57:53] macca89: just using a toy that isnt an aneros?
    [19:58:26] bsmith14: lots of orgasms
    [19:58:53] bsmith14: everything that an aneros session includes except nothing is inserted.
    [19:58:55] macca89: just using your mind?
    [19:59:09] bsmith14: plus no prep or clean up (unless you have an hfwo)
    [19:59:35] bsmith14: mostly, and nip play and same body positions
    [19:59:48] macca89: wow
    [19:59:52] bsmith14: and involuntary contractions
    [19:59:52] macca89: you sir are a guru
    [20:00:22] bsmith14: not quite, but they are fun once you get to the point where your body is capable of doing it
    [20:00:30] bsmith14: I still have helix sessions too
    [20:00:41] macca89: thats really good
    [20:02:13] muscleman: never had one but enough with progasm and multi's when pegged
    [20:05:15] rook: back now --- had a data failure here so was scrambling
    [20:05:36] macca89: hey rook
    [20:06:07] rook: I'm also into 'less sessions mostly early in the morning
    [20:06:41] rook: when it's cold and I don't want to get out of bed.
    [20:07:29] rook: usually good for a couple of dry-O chains.
    [20:07:55] rook: I do need a mental and physical recharge from an inserted session a couple of times a week though
    [20:08:16] macca89: one day
    [20:08:32] rook: ... like an electric car -- needs plugging in every once in a while
    [20:09:53] rook: mm: yeah, remember the naked swims in the 'Y' during the '50s.
    [20:09:57] bsmith14: I have limited time to have a session, so I have adapted to the 'less sessions
    [20:11:01] rook: retirement and sub-contracting at home does have some fringe benneys
    [20:11:38] rook: having kids and grandkids located over a thousand miles distant makes it easier too.
    [20:11:45] muscleman: retirement sure does, just work part time
    [20:21:04] rook: gotta couple of quick chores to do and run to the grocery store -- then will attempt to reach twll here after his work sked
    [20:21:13] rook: bbl later guys
    [20:26:25] muscleman: ok
    [20:42:11] twlltin: I return after a 90 min progasm session
    [20:43:31] bsmith14: fun?
    [20:56:32] muscleman: good session
    [20:56:55] twlltin: yes
    [20:57:20] muscleman: you too twltin?
    [20:57:41] twlltin: yep
    [21:14:45] muscleman: quiet guys
    [21:15:05] twlltin: yeah. I'm sorting out evening meal
    [21:16:50] bsmith14: trying to get motivated to do a work out
    [21:17:11] tewil1966: i've got a new toy coming, has anybody had any experience with it?
    [21:17:32] twlltin: Happy Pickle!
    [21:18:10] muscleman: looks awesome
    [21:18:17] twlltin: Unfortunately, Pickle couldn't understand the instructions and gave himself an experience like riding an electric fence.
    [21:18:53] twlltin: "Proceed with caution." is the advice that the experienced e-stim guys said.
    [21:19:11] twlltin: tewil1966: the person you need to chat with is ten_s_nut
    [21:19:45] tewil1966: will watch for him
    [21:31:39] muscleman: I never tried any e-stim
    [21:34:42] tewil1966: i will let you know how it goes
    [21:37:41] darwin: hey tewil, be sure to post a review in the forum
    [21:37:52] darwin: at the same time, i caution you to use veryverygentle current
    [21:38:04] darwin: you don't want to fry any nerves
    [21:40:09] tewil1966: will do
    [22:20:54] twlltin: I am now fed up.
    [22:21:47] twlltin: A lump of rump, onion rings and oven chips (US:fries), and a bottle of Hobgoblin.
    [22:34:31] bsmith14: back from my workout
    [22:34:42] twlltin: wb
    [22:49:41] muscleman: back from a late lunch
    [23:12:34] muscleman: hello
    [23:13:13] twlltin: wb mm
    [23:15:27] muscleman: thank you twlltin
    [00:10:37] taran: hi
    [00:11:39] rook: hi gents
    [00:11:51] taran: hey rook
    [00:12:21] pulse42a: hi guys
    [00:13:10] taran: hi pulse
    [00:16:13] rook: hey pulse
    [00:25:19] rook: what's up guys any topic?
    [00:29:46] rook: twll can you once again relate how you got Progasm's knob up near or in your upper sphincter ? Curious wud like to try that
    [00:39:22] rook: looks as though twll's turned in for the nite
    [00:39:55] rook: hi lerskates
    [00:40:09] lollerskates: hey rook. how are you?
    [00:40:29] rook: well tks
    [00:40:42] rook: and you?
    [00:41:12] -lerskates: pretty good. trying to get back into coming around here and using aneros on a more consistent basis
    [00:42:29] rook: consistency really helps me
    [00:43:22] -lerskates: i thought i would hear that. i've mostly done 1 month binge, get discouraged, stop for 2 - 3 months for the past year and a
    [00:43:23] -lerskates: half
    [00:44:14] rook: three weeks off last year cost me a slo-going "plateau"
    [00:45:17] -lerskates: when i think about how much time i've taken off, I feel i shouldn't really be surprised i havent made too much progress
    [00:45:37] -lerskates: last night was first night back in quite some time, i actually felt some sensation, which is really cool
    [00:46:06] rook: I was feeling "lost"
    [00:46:47] rook: getting it back somewhat---
    [00:47:53] rook: was swaggering about in the grocery store earlier today
    [00:49:08] -lerskates: so you wound up having a string of dud sessions?
    [00:49:37] rook: was rubbing my belt buckle across my lower abs like doing male-deer --got nice vibes
    [00:50:15] rook: ---year January was pretty much dud sessions
    [00:50:43] rook: ^yes, Jan....
    [00:51:28] rook: sorry for slo typing --- on a tablet rite now
    [00:51:59] -lerskates: no worries
    [00:54:02] -lerskates: last night during my session i intermittently felt pressure shoot to the head of my penis
    [00:54:14] -lerskates: similar to the very beginning build up of a traditional o
    [00:54:18] rook: hey guy, all the best for re-building those vibes
    [00:55:05] rook: sounds like dry-Os are on the way!
    [00:55:24] -lerskates: i imagine that would be heaven
    [00:55:42] -lerskates: they were short lived and i only felt them 3 times maybe. but any sensation is progress in my eyes
    [00:55:45] rook: in spades !
    [01:04:10] -lerskates: Must go for now. Will be back later.
    [01:06:47] rook: ttfn -ler
    [01:18:06] rook: time to flirt with my wife. --- c you guys later
    [03:10:25] Rewired Sexplorer: watsup
    [03:11:49] Rewired Sexplorer: ...quiet room...
    [03:17:59] strongone: hi guys
    [03:22:06] [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]: hey how yall doing
    [03:45:13] strongone: hello all
    [03:46:11] strongone: quiet in here
    [04:17:33] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi guys
    [04:18:02] twlltin: ,morning
    [04:19:20] MultiOrgasmMan: Morning
    [04:19:52] MultiOrgasmMan: What's up?
    [04:20:09] MultiOrgasmMan: Besides you
    [04:20:18] twlltin: Nothing much. Fell asleep in chair again after a good feed.
    [04:20:42] MultiOrgasmMan: Life is good
    [04:21:11] twlltin: Last two nights I've slept with Helix and woken to a short session.
    [04:22:33] MultiOrgasmMan: How did that go?
    [04:23:08] twlltin: OK. Level one "calm seas"
    [04:25:24] MultiOrgasmMan: Gotta go for a bit be back in a little
    [04:55:48] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi all
    [04:56:08] twlltin: Just us two, I think
    [04:56:26] MultiOrgasmMan: Still up Twlltin ?
    [04:56:51] twlltin: yeah
    [04:57:07] MultiOrgasmMan: So how is sleeping with an aneros?
    [04:57:30] twlltin: If it's a small enough model, it''s OK.
    [04:57:52] MultiOrgasmMan: Anything special?
    [04:58:18] MultiOrgasmMan: Compared to a normal session?
    [04:58:51] twlltin: Falling asleep to a low level buzz, and then waking in same state
    [04:59:10] twlltin: then shifting position and going into full session mode.
    [04:59:52] MultiOrgasmMan: Gonna keep doing it?
    [05:00:57] twlltin: Yeah. Not tonight, but at least until the end of the week.
    [05:01:32] twlltin: I'm inspired by ten_s_nut doing it as part of his normal daily routine
    [05:02:46] MultiOrgasmMan: Be careful. If you notice any problems with your belly or your poops , think about stopping it -- just a gut feelig I have
    [05:03:20] twlltin: Yeah. I've been douching beforehand. All seems well so far.
    [05:04:24] MultiOrgasmMan: I meant when you dont have it in. I could easily be wrong on this guess
    [05:05:02] twlltin: No problems so far, but I've only done it twice with my Helix.
    [05:05:14] twlltin: I certainly would get no sleep if it were the progasm
    [05:05:15] MultiOrgasmMan: Just think about it if any problems like that happen over time
    [05:06:08] MultiOrgasmMan: What are you planning for the weekend?
    [05:06:31] MultiOrgasmMan: Anything special?
    [05:06:42] twlltin: Nothing at the moment.
    [05:07:10] twlltin: Hi ten_s
    [05:07:23] ten_s_nut: Hey, twll and Multi.
    [05:07:25] MultiOrgasmMan: I get the house to myself for the daytime 2 days in a row!!!!
    [05:07:35] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi ten
    [05:07:50] twlltin: I've joined the "Before Breakfast Club"
    [05:08:02] MultiOrgasmMan: A rare time indeed!!!!
    [05:08:34] MultiOrgasmMan: I like the sound of that.
    [05:08:46] ten_s_nut: Sounds like you're planning a solo orgy, if that makes any sense, Multi.
    [05:09:30] MultiOrgasmMan: I just might do that. Thanks for the idea
    [05:09:50] MultiOrgasmMan: Just kidding
    [05:09:54] ten_s_nut: Just you and your toys
    [05:09:59] twlltin: I had a "Mardi Gras" this evening. A session with Progasm and a steak supper to follow.
    [05:10:17] MultiOrgasmMan: Yep ten
    [05:10:30] MultiOrgasmMan: Nice Twlltin
    [05:10:39] ten_s_nut: twll; and you showed your nips and the neighbors threw beads?
    [05:11:32] brine: Hey, gents.
    [05:11:42] ten_s_nut: Hey, Brian
    [05:11:58] MultiOrgasmMan: Hi brine
    [05:12:34] brine: Hi Dave and MOM.
    [05:12:47] MultiOrgasmMan: A nice chat group
    [05:14:19] brine: Yep.
    [05:14:41] brine: Twll, are you there still?
    [05:14:53] MultiOrgasmMan: Anybody know how to contact the support guys for the site?
    [05:15:43] brine: There's the "Feedback" tab to the right of the forum page. That's what I have used.
    [05:16:04] brine: Sorry, to the left!!!!1
    [05:16:51] MultiOrgasmMan: I totall have lost any input to the forum since the hack a few months ago
    [05:16:52] twlltin: yes
    [05:16:57] twlltin: I'm still here
    [05:17:04] brine: Hi twll.
    [05:17:54] brine: Really, that's not cool, MOM.
    [05:19:08] ten_s_nut: MOM; You're sure it's not your PC, right?
    [05:20:05] brine: Or your browser?
    [05:21:26] MultiOrgasmMan: Im pretty sure . I might just have to unsubscribe then start again
    [05:23:33] MultiOrgasmMan: I especially love chatting with great guys like you
    [05:25:12] MultiOrgasmMan: And learning a lot
    [05:26:05] MultiOrgasmMan: How goes the journey ten?
    [05:28:10] MultiOrgasmMan: Or brine?
    [05:29:49] brine: Been on the "wagon" for the last week dealing with severe bronchitis.
    [05:30:12] MultiOrgasmMan: That sucks
    [05:30:16] brine: Went to the doctor today for a new round of meds. They seem to be helping already.
    [05:30:35] MultiOrgasmMan: Which ones?
    [05:30:46] brine: Prednisone has opened up my lungs for the first time in about nine days.
    [05:31:05] brine: Z pak of antibiotics.
    [05:31:11] MultiOrgasmMan: Magic medicine!!!!!
    [05:31:17] brine: Advair inhaler.
    [05:31:21] ten_s_nut: Multi; Journey has kind of maxed out, in a good way.
    [05:31:27] MultiOrgasmMan: Prednisone
    [05:31:38] brine: Well, it seems to making a difference.
    [05:31:51] twlltin: prednisone - a steroid
    [05:31:52] MultiOrgasmMan: How so ten?
    [05:31:56] ten_s_nut: Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, Brian
    [05:32:40] brine: Yes, a steroid.
    [05:32:42] ten_s_nut: Multi; Aneros works great for me and I don't see how it could get better.
    [05:32:49] MultiOrgasmMan: I love that medicine!!! Glad you're feelig better
    [05:32:59] brine: Awesome, tens.
    [05:33:04] brine: Thanks, MOM.
    [05:33:23] MultiOrgasmMan: Fantastic ten!!!
    [05:34:35] MultiOrgasmMan: I get to use prednisone 3 times a year for my neck and it feel wonderful
    [05:35:02] MultiOrgasmMan: But my wife calls it my grumpy pills
    [05:35:44] brine: It makes me grumpy! It's a liquid and tastes horrible!!!!!
    [05:36:02] brine: But only take it for four days.
    [05:36:18] MultiOrgasmMan: Try the pills next time
    [05:36:49] brine: The liquid is supposed to act more quickly. It is!
    [05:37:02] MultiOrgasmMan: Great
    [05:37:44] brine: For the first time in more than a week I'm breathing without wheezing, fluid, etc.
    [05:37:52] brine: Enough sick talk!
    [05:38:17] MultiOrgasmMan: I had a bad neck time over Christmas so I took it -- and no grumpiest!!!
    [05:38:37] MultiOrgasmMan: Well and sex talk now
    [05:39:02] MultiOrgasmMan: Sorry about the sick talk
    [05:39:33] MultiOrgasmMan: It's what I do most of my waking hours
    [05:40:17] MultiOrgasmMan: Maxed out on the aneros, ten?
    [05:40:18] brine: Understood!
    [05:40:40] brine: It is amazing how being under the weather influences the libido.
    [05:41:36] MultiOrgasmMan: Have you tried KSMO, Dave
    [05:41:48] MultiOrgasmMan: ?
    [05:43:05] MultiOrgasmMan: ey do teach how to use it in comb
    [05:43:24] MultiOrgasmMan: Combo with the aneros
    [05:44:52] MultiOrgasmMan: It really allows some greatly different and intense o's
    [05:45:22] MultiOrgasmMan: How about you brine?
    [05:46:00] MultiOrgasmMan: When you're not sick
    [05:46:07] brine: I haven't tried it. Kind of a spendy product for my budget. But I do understand the principles behind it.
    [05:46:47] MultiOrgasmMan: What's the price now?
    [05:47:05] brine: Haven't checked in a while.
    [05:48:16] MultiOrgasmMan: I checked it out for a fellow anerosarian a few months Ago and it was about $70
    [05:48:54] MultiOrgasmMan: For the basic cd instructions
    [05:49:58] ten_s_nut: Multi; Sorry, my wife wanted to talk to me for a few. Nope, no KSMO and not interested either
    [05:50:06] MultiOrgasmMan: OR..... If you're interested?
    [05:50:28] MultiOrgasmMan: Brine
    [05:50:56] MultiOrgasmMan: Understand perfectly Dave
    [05:51:13] brine: I wouldn't mind giving it a try. But, honestly, I'm so satisfied with the wonderful things that are happening to me, that at
    [05:51:32] brine: this moment, I feel no need to add anything. But, who knows what the future holds.
    [05:51:34] brine: ?
    [05:52:26] ten_s_nut: Gotta go. Nice chatting with you. Cheers!
    [05:52:29] MultiOrgasmMan: That's great you're doing so well . Really.
    [05:52:40] brine: Bye, Dave.
    [05:52:51] MultiOrgasmMan: Nite Dave. Nice chatting
    [05:53:40] brine: I think I'm going to turn in too, guys.
    [05:54:05] brine: Need to get a good night's sleep, need to continue to heal.
    [05:54:07] MultiOrgasmMan: If its working great , don't fix it at all :-)
    [05:54:36] brine: True. Looking forward to chatting again with you, Will. I always enjoy it.
    [05:55:00] MultiOrgasmMan: Nite Brian. Think well thoughts And remember....
    [05:55:08] brine: Yes?
    [05:55:19] MultiOrgasmMan: Breathe!!!!!!
  • [06:55:09] cyrez: i wonder when i'll get to the happy evw
    [06:55:32] cyrez: happily ever after part
    [07:08:33] Human Being: anybody out there?
    [10:49:45] twlltin: hi
    [10:50:03] twlltin: hi jebamg
    [10:50:06] jebamg: good morning..whats going on?
    [10:50:23] twlltin: It's a bit quiet here at this time of day
    [10:50:38] jebamg: nothing wrong with quiet
    [10:54:03] twlltin: I've just read your only forum post.
    [10:56:29] twlltin: Are you still having spontaneous anerosless super-Os?
    [11:01:30] jebamg: hey....sorry ...getting kids up for school soon..yes...i can tap the getting better at handling it....body
    [11:01:36] jebamg: orgasms are intense
    [11:01:56] jebamg: amazing change in my life over the last 6 months
    [11:02:38] twlltin: I started myself 6 months ago.
    [11:03:11] jebamg: with or without?
    [11:04:16] twlltin: With. I can do without, but I'm still working on the "without" sessions, trying to give them a focus.
    [11:05:21] twlltin: If I don't, they gravitate to my head, which isn't good.
    [11:05:35] jebamg: its all about the core and center...there was a push/pull method that i read on the wiki that totally focussed me on how to
    [11:05:37] jebamg: pop it
    [11:05:53] jebamg: i still have head problems as well
    [11:06:09] jebamg: keep on breathing and meditating after the session
    [11:06:25] jebamg: i always end with a traditional O too and it helps a little with teh pressure
    [11:06:35] twlltin: What I've been doing recently is running a light contraction from
    [11:06:56] twlltin: anus to scrotum and back again repeatedly
    [11:07:03] twlltin: PC and BC muscles
    [11:07:04] jebamg: the problem now is if i pop over for a few not in a real session i generate a headache
    [11:07:32] twlltin: I then get a knot forming behind the perineum
    [11:07:48] twlltin: which then can be worked on
    [11:21:40] twlltin: Hi snipes
    [11:22:29] snipetownsam: hi
    [11:23:44] twlltin: How's it going?
    [11:25:59] snipetownsam: good how abou u?
    [11:26:28] twlltin: I had a great progasm session yesterday evening
    [11:33:16] snipetownsam: awesome
    [11:34:05] twlltin: I stopped about the 90 min mark
    [11:34:38] twlltin: A good meal and a bottle of beer (5% ABV) meant that I fell asleep in chair.
    [11:36:25] snipetownsam: im in for a nice anal stretching today
    [11:37:25] twlltin: I saw. You've gone for a dildo?
    [11:37:46] snipetownsam: oh yes
    [11:39:00] snipetownsam: supposed to be two inches wide so im excited for the stretch
    [11:42:04] twlltin: That's big!
    [11:42:16] snipetownsam: real big???
    [11:42:25] twlltin: I couldn't get 2 inches wide inside me even if I tried.
    [11:43:37] snipetownsam: 2 inches doesnt sound bad tho...guess ill find out maybe i wasnt being realistic
    [11:44:13] twlltin: It's about the diameter of a golf ball
    [11:44:41] twlltin: actually, wider.
    [11:45:10] snipetownsam: omg - my tiny little hole cant take that
    [11:48:32] snipetownsam: why dont i think about these things b4 i buy -
    [11:49:04] twlltin: You should have seen the first anal toy I got.
    [11:50:59] snipetownsam: yeah...why's that?
    [11:51:40] twlltin: It was a "Bad Boy" . I couldn't get it fully in, and even what I could get in caused me great discomfort bordering on pain
    [11:52:15] snipetownsam: i debated on getting one of those when shopping for my progasm
    [11:52:53] twlltin: Progasm is an order of magnitude more gentle.
    [11:53:42] snipetownsam: was bad boy too wide for u?
    [11:54:43] snipetownsam: its roughly an inch and a half wide whereas my new toy is gonna be 2
    [11:55:38] twlltin: The lowest "blob" wouldn't go in at all.
    [11:57:29] snipetownsam: ...and mine's a half inch hole is in for it haha
    [11:57:40] snipetownsam: hope i can get it in
    [12:00:33] snipetownsam: ill come to chat here when i try for emotional support -
    [12:01:33] snipetownsam: think ill get it in?
    [12:01:41] twlltin: Guys vary. I'm a tight arse.
    [12:02:33] snipetownsam: well so am i
    [12:03:00] snipetownsam: head of progasm seems huge to me however big that is?
    [12:03:24] twlltin: All you can do is try it. Don't force it and do yourself an injury.
    [12:03:41] snipetownsam: i kno
    [12:04:41] snipetownsam: inch and a quarter width on progasm...3/4 more -
    [12:07:35] snipetownsam: why is stretching myself such a thrill?
    [12:07:59] twlltin: I don't know.
    [12:08:43] snipetownsam: can you get bad boy all the way in now?
    [12:09:31] twlltin: I threw it away.
    [12:13:13] snipetownsam: check out "Great American Challenge Dildo" - its 15in long x 3 inches wide haha
    [12:23:46] twlltin: That's huge
    [12:24:01] twlltin: Like trying to stuff a coke can up your fundament
    [12:26:12] snipetownsam: haha
    [12:27:10] snipetownsam: 2 inches is gonna be tough enough tonight
    [12:33:50] macca89: hey guys
    [12:33:57] twlltin: hi macca
    [12:34:50] macca89: noob question
    [12:35:12] macca89: just to make sure... is it important to use a douche to get rid of any lube after a session?
    [12:59:13] rook: hi gents
    [12:59:26] macca89: hi rook
    [13:00:34] rook: hey macca -- looks like the rest of the world hasn't awakened yet
    [13:00:57] macca89: or busy riding -
    [13:01:34] rook: cud be -- or perhaps sleeping in after a late mardi gras party last nite
    [13:01:44] macca89: oh was it mardi gras?
    [13:02:18] macca89: that definitely seems like a party worth travelling to america to
    [13:02:21] rook: yup -- my bod is no longer up to competitive drinking though so my head is nice and clear this morning
    [13:02:46] macca89: so many will envy you today haha
    [13:03:34] rook: had a nice 'less session that lasted close to an hour rite after I woke up
    [13:04:00] rook: ... no dry-Os but nice waves in a cozy warm bed
    [13:04:17] macca89: sounds bliss
    [13:04:44] macca89: noob questions sorry,, but do you know if its important to douche after a session? to get the lube out?
    [13:04:48] macca89: just double checking
    [13:05:04] rook: it took a path more intense than I'd like for some calm seas or pure bliss.
    [13:05:51] rook: I only bother with a post-session douche if I've used a glycerin lube -- which is quiet rare.
    [13:07:09] rook: I usually get enough fiber in my diet that the lube is pretty well carried away within 6 hours after a session.
    [13:08:57] macca89: ok thats good to know thanks
    [13:09:00] macca89: will check mine
    [13:09:25] macca89: water based, no glycerin
    [13:10:30] rook: only about 1/3 of the guys here report an adverse reaction to glycerin lubes and fewer are sensitie to the glycol-parabens
    [13:10:33] rook: lubes.
    [13:10:41] snipetownsam: tonight....-........Pleasure Skin Realistic Dong
    [13:11:13] macca89: omg
    [13:11:34] snipetownsam:
    [13:12:02] macca89: wow man 2 inches
    [13:12:24] rook: ...go sloooooooooooooooooooowly guy
    [13:12:32] snipetownsam: is 2 inches big?
    [13:13:00] macca89: compared to an aneros i think
    [13:13:04] rook: IMHO......... yes
    [13:13:08] macca89: but it is made of silicon i guess
    [13:13:15] snipetownsam: progasm is like an inch and a third
    [13:14:17] rook: tip: removal can be as challenging as insertion or more so.....
    [13:14:21] snipetownsam: whats another 2/3 of an inch
    [13:14:37] snipetownsam: why so rook?
    [13:15:38] rook: when the fake glans starts tugging on the inner sphincter, I get into spasm and my inner ring clamps onto the glans
    [13:15:59] snipetownsam: i see
    [13:16:09] rook: seems to be an instinctive reaction like when a *** dog clamps onto the stud dog
    [13:16:11] snipetownsam: i should insert it into my fleshlight - like artificial sex
    [13:16:36] rook: (the filter caught b-i-t-c-h dog
    [13:17:09] snipetownsam: it has a suction cup so im putting it on my shower wall and riding it back and forth
    [13:17:30] rook: cool
    [13:18:19] rook: just lube your inner sphincer.... thoroughly and lube the dildo
    [13:18:30] snipetownsam: is another 2/3 inch gonna be that much tougher???
    [13:19:00] rook: go slowly when you're finished and pull it out with pauses whenever necessary
    [13:19:26] rook: I'm very inexperienced with anything over 1/5 inches.
    [13:19:43] rook: Finally pitched the rabbit about a month ago.
    [13:19:53] rook: (no guts, no air medal)
    [13:20:25] rook: that shud have been 1.5 inches not 1/5
    [13:20:54] rook: 1-3/8 inches is about my play limit
    [13:21:28] twlltin: macca: Mardi Gras = Shrove Tuesday
    [13:21:42] snipetownsam: if i can handle this dildo is it safe to say I could handle a real cock?
    [13:23:32] snipetownsam: ?
    [13:23:33] rook: I've not paid heed to the bell shaped curve for girth on "Thunder's place" ... I've got a bud though that claims that even
    [13:23:45] rook: the super magnum condoms are too tight on him.
    [13:24:53] snipetownsam: UPS: Package out for delivery!
    [13:24:59] rook: I would guess that a real cock has enuf senses that the top guy can help with the go-easy part of pulling out
    [13:25:45] rook: snipe: you are always thinking ahead to the next step --- cool
    [13:25:54] rook: -
    [13:26:03] snipetownsam: i can almost guarantee this thing goes in pretty easy....progasm did
    [13:26:55] rook: Age might be a factor -- nice resilient sphincters
    [13:27:14] snipetownsam: idk 2 inches i might stay loose -
    [13:27:39] rook: hey jebamg good morning
    [13:29:26] rook: there are not many gents in the forum that have gained control over their autonomically controlled muscles
    [13:30:05] rook: like the inner sphincter. A gent in Georgia (either Pan or Pam) comes to mind
    [13:30:12] snipetownsam: i might buy an all american challenge dildo next haha
    [13:30:34] snipetownsam: was that a "Step Brothers" joke, rook? -
    [13:31:21] rook: not enuf personal knowledge to really call it as a joke or not.
    [13:31:58] snipetownsam: are you saying Pan?? hahaha OHHH There's a "D" at the end...that was the confusion...(great movie)...
    [13:32:21] macca89: hellooo pretty lady
    [13:32:37] snipetownsam: Get out of my office!!!!! -
    [13:32:44] rook: nah -- guy does some way out stuff with an Aneros and his brain. real master
    [13:32:54] snipetownsam: I'm gonna put my nutsack on your drumset!!
    [13:33:13] rook: -
    [13:34:26] snipetownsam: can i be considered an experienced anal person if i get this dildo up there and like it?
    [13:34:30] macca89: its like wanking in a time machine
    [13:34:55] snipetownsam: haha
    [13:35:18] snipetownsam: boats 'n hoes!!! I actually have that song on my iPod
    [13:36:02] rook: The "manufacturer" (as B.F. Mayfield says) gives no prizes or awards for anal achievements -- however the Oscars are cumming
    [13:36:09] rook: up soon -
    [13:36:36] snipetownsam: haha
    [13:37:46] rook: snipe: are you building up a pretty constant case of butt buzz now ?
    [13:38:09] snipetownsam: yeah haha
    [13:38:27] rook: [probably a dumb question since you are craving that 2: monster]
    [13:38:53] snipetownsam: you're over reacting 2" is nothing
    [13:39:15] macca89: you using it tonight snipe?
    [13:39:37] macca89: grizzly
    [13:39:38] rook: I'm not over reacting at all -- just know which doors are marked "EXIT"
    [13:39:51] snipetownsam: ya tonight
    [13:40:52] macca89: wrong window sorry (grizzly) playing red dead with a friend -
    [13:40:59] snipetownsam: you think anyone could get that 15" x 3" dildo in?
    [13:42:42] macca89: i think people about to have anerosless orgasms are the realy experienced ones
    [13:42:47] macca89: not necassarily size
    [13:43:34] snipetownsam: ok i get that but macca dont you love the stretched feeling?
    [13:44:56] macca89: not yet, im a bit of an anal noob, got my first the other day, not had anything up there before
    [13:45:15] snipetownsam: i was in your shoes 2 weeks ago -
    [13:45:44] macca89: seems youve come a long way in that time
    [13:45:57] macca89: anything that gets my prostate stimulated really
    [13:46:40] rook: I believe we have what the gay community refers to as a budding, "Size Queen" on our hands. -
    [13:46:54] macca89: oh hehe
    [13:47:50] rook: snipe: we gotta get you into the 'joys of Dame Eupho" before you start looking at 6" water main pipes. -
    [13:48:36] snipetownsam: im day i may have the 15"x3" dildo
    [13:50:52] rook: have some chatter with ten_s_nut on pegging with bulkier toys --
    [13:51:07] snipetownsam: i understand width is the hardest part of anal penetration but will the 8" be more difficult too im only used to 4 with proga
    [13:51:10] snipetownsam: progasm
    [13:51:13] snipetownsam: ?
    [13:53:01] rook: my wife discarded an 8" x 1-3/4" tapered vibe in silicone. It's got a nice taper but I tend to spasm and 'balk' when I get
    [13:53:43] rook: much over 3 iinches of it into me. there is some relationship between diameter and insertion that I don't fully understand
    [13:53:56] rook: tomorrow, you will be able to enlighten me perhaps
    [13:54:06] snipetownsam: perhaps -
    [13:55:32] snipetownsam: i will talk to you all later i gotta go to school...wish me luck...2 exams and a speech...then go to work...come home...and
    [13:55:40] snipetownsam: tiny 2" width dildo goin up the rectum
    [13:55:52] macca89: haha
    [13:55:53] snipetownsam: haha
    [13:56:04] rook: have a good one snipe:
    [13:56:33] snipetownsam: too!!!
    [13:56:39] rook: blessings on the exams -- know that the speech wil be a piece of cake for you
    [13:56:56] rook: No fear !!
    [13:57:04] snipetownsam: aww thanks...i should do my next speech on Aneros hahaaha
    [13:57:45] twlltin: back
    [13:58:08] twlltin: Will read back through history
    [13:58:18] rook: hey twll: U got time to review that possible sigmoid venture ?
    [13:58:23] macca89: bear up here
    [13:58:35] macca89: omg sorry wrong window
    [13:59:03] rook: macca --- we're gonna give you two monitors
    [13:59:10] rook: -
    [13:59:34] macca89: haha sorry guys
    [13:59:48] rook: no prob no sweat
    [14:03:26] twlltin: rook: Yesterday evening's progasm session didn't have any feeling of sigmoid contact
    [14:03:39] twlltin: But then again, I'm not sure whether that happens.
    [14:03:55] rook: U got something last week though ?
    [14:04:23] twlltin: It *might* be that the tip of the progasm can "plug" the sigmoid sphincter.
    [14:04:44] rook: after you mentioned it my slow brain began to wonder if that was the designer's intent
    [14:04:59] twlltin: Depends on whether you do "bearing down" movements.
    [14:05:37] rook: when you did that was the base of the progasm 'grounded out' on a solid surface ?
    [14:06:33] twlltin: I never do that. I'm always on my back.
    [14:06:51] rook: got it.
    [14:07:16] rook: the knob on the progasm with that rather curious neck has me interested
    [14:08:16] rook: some progasm sessions the tool seems to "engage" me and it's rock solid for the session.
    [14:08:47] rook: on other sessions though I don't get that and wind up with the mid ridge occasionally sliding down to the inner sphincter
    [14:10:06] rook: today is housekeeper day and we've got a full schedule getting Lent started so won't have time to really, 'do it right'
    [14:10:53] rook: .. also am quite gassy this morning.
    [14:12:09] rook: twll: any thoughts on lube ?
    [14:13:01] twlltin: I'm currently on Vaseline for the progasm and natural jelly for the smaller two.
    [14:14:13] rook: two = two sphincters ???
    [14:15:43] twlltin: two devices: Helix and Maximus
    [14:15:56] rook: got it
    [14:16:33] twlltin: The consistency of the latest batch of natural jelly is slightly lighter than vaseline
    [14:16:43] rook: OK, plan is pretty much in place -- tks for the thought
    [14:17:29] rook: I've scrapped the beeswax and am sticking with bullets of Shea+coconut oil
    [14:18:27] rook: when Xochi published his 'suppository' thread I found four old ice cube trays in our 'beer box' that weren't being used.
    [14:18:42] rook: Same trays he had in the foto
    [14:19:02] twlltin: I'm still using beeswax.
    [14:19:29] twlltin: Last batch was grapeseed oil + beeswax + shea butter + cocoal butter
    [14:19:43] rook: yum
    [14:19:57] twlltin: cocoa butter
    [14:20:36] rook: do your sense fragrance from that mixture ?
    [14:20:48] twlltin: no
    [14:21:40] rook: I can usually smell a lube somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes into the session.
    [14:21:58] rook: Coconut oil is floral and walnut oil is 'woody'
    [14:23:22] rook: more absorptive than most guys and the atrial heart defect bypasses enough of the esters away from the lungs.
    [14:23:53] rook: I've never sensed a disagreeable smell though
    [14:24:58] rook: being a chocolate junkie I'm curious about the cocoa butter.
    [14:25:30] twlltin: It doesn't have much of a smell, and I didn't use much.
    [14:26:06] twlltin: in the mix
    [14:26:17] rook: anyway, tks for the thoughts on the Progasm session and I'll give it a go with a large wad of Vaseline and a good rehearsal
    [14:26:25] rook: with my long probe
    [14:26:52] rook: gonna have that sphincter loose.
    [14:28:01] rook: gotta get ready for 0730 mass w/breakfast following. also must clean the house so the housekeeper can clean the house -
    [14:28:22] twlltin: Remember man that thou art dust...
    [14:28:39] rook: .... what are you giving up for Lent this year ?
    [14:29:04] twlltin: not sure yet
    [14:29:31] twlltin: It's not always a matter of giving up... it can be doing something extra.
    [14:30:29] twlltin: One year I decided to go to daily mass at every opportunity for the duration of Lent.
    [14:30:30] rook: hmm, was indoctrinated into the deprivation thing.
    [14:31:22] rook: perhaps I'll give up MGX -- however if I were to choose that, I would have had to have recently used it.
    [14:32:05] rook: could give up the Rabbit ... but I tossed it with the trash a couple of weeks back
    [14:33:45] rook: Shellfish !
    [14:34:58] rook: Shellfish it is.
    [14:35:50] rook: Gotta wake my bride, shower, shave and venture off.
    [14:36:09] rook: C U all much later.
    [14:37:13] rook: might miss snipe's two-inch report but will cabbage it off the archive. hope he doesn't tear himself a new one!
    [14:37:29] rook: will offer up a prayer for his success. a quiet prayer !
    [15:02:39] nevado: hello guys!
    [15:03:21] twlltin: hi nev
    [15:03:45] nevado: any good rides?
    [15:04:41] twlltin: I had a great progasm 90 minutes yesterday evening
    [15:05:30] nevado: YES
    [15:05:58] nevado: please tell me more about your experience last evening
    [15:08:08] twlltin: It was pretty much the usual: calm seas at several intensity levels.
    [15:08:31] nevado: Grear.
    [15:08:35] nevado: TGreat
    [15:08:47] nevado: cannot type sorry -
    [15:09:17] nevado: I will go for a progasm ride tonight
    [15:12:16] nevado: Hope your heart burn is gone by now
    [15:22:52] twlltin: It went several days ago.
    [15:23:04] twlltin: I blame my Dad's cooking.
    [15:23:39] nevado: good
    [15:38:24] macca89: ride timr
    [15:38:29] macca89: *time
    [15:38:39] nevado: nice
    [15:40:03] nevado: what model macca?
    [15:40:38] twlltin: SGX clone, IIRC
    [15:41:01] nevado: going to ride Progasm tonight
    [15:41:18] macca89: bit longer than SGX, but same width
    [15:41:26] macca89: im a noob, just got it few days ago
    [15:42:06] nevado: have you tried it?
    [15:42:25] macca89: few times
    [15:42:30] macca89: my prostate is slowly waking up
    [15:42:39] nevado: sweet
    [15:43:01] nevado: just remember to relaz as much as you can
    [15:43:22] macca89: cheers man, still pretty tight at the mo
    [15:43:36] nevado: Rook gave us a very good advice about relaxing the eye muscles and lids completely
    [15:43:41] twlltin: Indeed. Let the timid animal come to you.
    [15:44:27] nevado: slide it in very gently very well lubricated
    [15:44:48] macca89: does anyone find it makes you falsely need a wee sometimes?
    [15:45:01] nevado: sure
    [15:45:30] macca89: that eye muscle trick just sorted me out
    [15:45:41] nevado: just let go and breath fully all the way to the belly
    [15:46:08] nevado: I find it very useful
    [15:46:54] twlltin: the "want to pee" feeling is a good sign that prostate contact is happening
    [15:47:20] macca89: oh good
    [15:47:25] macca89: its more just as im sliding in
    [15:47:32] macca89: not so much when its fully in
    [15:47:54] nevado: i get that when it's fully in
    [15:48:22] nevado: involuntaries just started happening
    [15:48:34] macca89: nice, you riding too?
    [15:48:53] nevado: Anerosless
    [15:49:09] macca89: lucky devil
    [15:49:20] nevado: what position are you in
    [15:49:38] macca89: still experimenting with that
    [15:49:44] macca89: on my back
    [15:49:48] macca89: knees up spread
    [15:50:14] nevado: are you giving enough space to the handle no to touch bed
    [15:50:15] nevado: ?
    [15:50:32] macca89: yeh ive got a pillow under my lower back
    [15:50:41] nevado: very good
    [15:50:58] nevado: are you going with the do nothing aproach?
    [15:51:31] macca89: yeh pretty much, not had a great deal of success yet, but getting more the more i use it and get used to it
    [15:51:42] macca89: some involuntary thrusts last night
    [15:52:04] nevado: do you want to try an exercise and see what happens?
    [15:52:27] macca89: if noones minds, thanks
    [15:52:40] nevado: OK
    [15:53:45] nevado: please close your eyes and take a deep full belly breath visualizing the air going all the way to your lower belly
    [15:54:31] nevado: as you exhale do a gentle contractionof your pc muscle visualizing
    [15:54:42] macca89: can feel myself tense a little on the aneros as i do
    [15:54:47] nevado: your prostate moving towards your belly
    [15:55:33] nevado: if you feel tense then i think it's better just to relax and let it happen by itself
    [16:00:15] nevado: how are you doing?
    [16:00:40] macca89: definityl causing some involuntary reactions
    [16:00:53] nevado: GREAT
    [16:01:01] macca89: can feel the nerve endings in my prostate slowly awaken after a lifetime of no use
    [16:01:13] macca89: everytime i use it, ive felt a little more sensitivity
    [16:01:45] nevado: my less session is really feeling good
    [16:05:34] twlltin: No problem, macca! I do 'less too.
    [16:11:39] nevado: are you going less now twlltin?
    [16:12:18] twlltin: yes
    [16:12:29] nevado: nice
    [16:12:43] nevado: three men riding and connecting
    [16:13:32] nevado: perineum contracting
    [16:40:52] nevado: how are you doing?
    [16:41:06] twlltin: tingles
    [16:41:31] nevado: very relaxed, whole body buzzing
    [16:41:56] macca89: i got greedy, had the most intense orgasm ive had in my life
    [16:42:09] nevado: @twlltin, do you keep your eyes closed
    [16:42:18] twlltin: not at the moment
    [16:42:20] macca89: will be more self disciplined next time
    [16:42:22] nevado: CONGRATULATIONS!
    [16:42:36] twlltin: I'm keeping it at a background level at the moment
    [16:42:39] muscleman: morning all
    [16:42:42] macca89: it was ejaculatory though
    [16:42:43] nevado: did you ejaculate Macca?
    [16:42:46] macca89: morning mm
    [16:42:50] twlltin: hi mm
    [16:42:53] nevado: hands free?
    [16:42:57] nevado: morning mm
    [16:42:59] muscleman: hi macca
    [16:43:04] macca89: combined with penis masturbation im afraid
    [16:43:21] twlltin: macca: It happens. Don't worry.
    [16:43:29] macca89: lacking the discipline at the moment as ive only used it a few times and this was my first time where i really felt it
    [16:43:29] nevado: it's ok, next time try to leave your penis alone
    [16:43:39] twlltin: Try not touching next time.
    [16:43:39] macca89: my whole body shook so bad, every muscle
    [16:43:43] macca89: definitely
    [16:43:43] muscleman: yeah I wind up masturbating too, the progasm does that, lose control
    [16:44:47] macca89: every muscle just cramped up, muscles in places i didnt know there were haha
    [16:45:02] nevado: Amazing
    [16:45:20] muscleman: anal muscles?
    [16:45:54] macca89: just sucked the aneros in as i came yes
    [16:46:02] macca89: and was right on the spot
    [16:46:34] macca89: think i underestimated relaxtion and breathing
    [16:46:52] macca89: i thought i was relaxed, until i reached next level relaxation with breathing
    [16:47:02] macca89: eyes relaxed and closed
    [16:47:10] nevado: It's great to be able to let go and allow things to happen by themselves
    [16:47:28] macca89: then the aneros was just constantly moving by itself, felt like it was going round in circles
    [16:47:48] nevado: i love when that starts happening
    [16:52:42] twlltin: as the feelings become more intense I need to relax into them. maybe close eyes
    [16:53:23] nevado: good idea twlltin and when you close let that energy expand
    [16:54:07] nevado: It was great sharing gentlemen, have to go for now
    [16:54:30] macca89: take it easy nev
    [16:54:52] nevado: thanks Macca
    [16:54:57] nevado: bye
    [17:20:55] muscleman: nice
    [17:24:30] muscleman: later guys
  • [20:07:15] twlltin: hi tarn
    [20:07:19] twlltin: taran
    [20:07:57] taran: hey twlltin
    [20:33:20] muscleman: ho twlltin
    [20:33:41] twlltin: wb mm
    [20:33:57] twlltin: hi tewil
    [20:34:11] muscleman: hi tewill
    [21:35:29] rook: hi gents
    [21:36:50] rook: away
    [22:06:16] muscleman: hi
    [22:06:29] twlltin: I'm still here
    [22:13:12] muscleman: hi
    [22:13:17] twlltin: wb
    [22:14:09] muscleman: thanks
    [22:29:55] muscleman: hi 7th floor
    [22:30:21] 7thFloor: Hey Muscle, how are you today?
    [22:30:35] muscleman: great
    [22:32:53] Human Being: hey guys
    [22:33:09] Human Being: hey twll how's it goin?
    [22:33:19] Human Being: mm
    [22:34:04] 7thFloor: hello
    [22:34:23] Human Being: hey 7thfloor,how are you?
    [22:34:44] 7thFloor: Great, you?
    [22:35:27] Human Being: o.k just got back from work, got an urge building, to let go
    [22:37:35] 7thFloor: Yeah, I can relate
    [22:37:38] Human Being: sorry dude, accidentally opened fave in same window, you new on here?
    [22:38:07] 7thFloor: Been on here only a few times.
    [22:39:18] Human Being: how are you getting on so far in your 'journey'
    [22:40:11] twlltin: Hi all
    [22:40:15] 7thFloor: I think I'm doing pretty well. Every time it gets a bit better, but I also think I've got a way to go
    [22:40:27] Human Being: hey twll
    [22:40:39] 7thFloor: hello twilltin
    [22:40:42] twlltin: Just putting together a snack.
    [22:40:44] Human Being: blue?
    [22:40:46] cj187: Hi
    [22:40:52] twlltin: Tomato soup and bread rolls.
    [22:40:57] twlltin: Hi cj
    [22:41:06] twlltin: HB: a little lighter?
    [22:41:08] Human Being: naa pink
    [22:41:19] twlltin: Better!
    [22:42:26] Human Being: had a funny thing happen yesterday twll, keep up the good work 7th
    [22:43:22] 7thFloor: thx
    [22:43:38] Human Being: thinking that 'i've got a way to go' could also be a self fulfilling prophecy
    [22:43:50] Human Being: so keep that in mind
    [22:44:20] Human Being: it's not so bad, your'e enjoying it right?
    [22:44:46] 7thFloor: Oooooh yeah.
    [22:45:24] 7thFloor: Don't get me wrong, it's very enjoyable. I'm probably still too new to know exactly what to expect
    [22:45:36] Human Being: hmm sounds like your probably doing very well to me
    [22:46:04] 7thFloor: I think so, I just haven't seemed to reach that protracted half an hour blowout that some people report
    [22:46:10] Human Being: i'm pretty new at this too
    [22:47:03] Human Being: half an hour blowout? i think thats not really what you should be aiming for
    [22:47:14] Human Being: one thing at a time
    [22:47:28] Human Being: any progress is progress
    [22:47:42] 7thFloor: I'd just like to merge the individual high points together as it takes me a while to reach them.
    [22:47:44] Human Being: atleast that's what i've found out
    [22:48:57] Human Being: wouldn't know too much, my high points only occurred the other night after smoking a bit of THC
    [22:49:33] Human Being: I tried yesterday morning, but was tired and decided it was best to get some sleep
    [22:49:43] 7thFloor: Ha. I have no problem getting there, just takes time and relaxation
    [22:50:13] 7thFloor: Then I kind of come down from that point and have to build back up, not that it's a bad thing
    [22:50:29] Human Being: i think my problem, is i 'go there' too soon
    [22:50:48] Human Being: intead of working myself up to it
    [22:51:13] 7thFloor: Ah, OK. I can see that. I usually get a really big rush when I start, but then it subsides and takes 45 minutes to build up
    [22:51:57] Human Being: aah thnx, this will help me i think
    [22:52:31] Human Being: are you having 'less experiences?
    [22:52:57] 7thFloor: less as in less sessions or ...
    [22:53:44] Human Being: anerosless
    [22:53:51] Human Being: no aneros
    [22:54:01] 7thFloor: I'd say so.
    [22:55:20] 7thFloor: If I use the aneros, it's usually at least a full day, sometimes two, before I'm in that mood again
    [22:57:06] Human Being: yeah it's strange, this is the first time i've experienced this, i felt satisfied, even though at the time i want to stay
    [22:57:12] Human Being: there forever
    [22:57:49] Human Being: i still feel like that now, i haven't had a wank in three days!
    [22:57:54] 7thFloor: Something tells me that's kind of normal. I have to break away from it once I get in the zone
    [22:57:55] Human Being: neat
    [22:58:46] Human Being: yeah the only reason i broke away was because, i got hungry/thirsty/tired all at once
    [22:59:10] Human Being: it was all i could do was go feed myself the sleep
    [22:59:47] 7thFloor: Right, that's what usually breaks me away from it too. I get really tired after a while
    [23:00:45] Human Being: i still don't know how many hours went that night
    [23:01:48] 7thFloor: it's easy to lose track of time too, I've noticed
    [23:04:12] Human Being: i think i may have a crack at it again tonight, possibly with the aneros and without THC
    [23:04:55] Human Being: i've only used my SGX three times, i'm doing better without it?
    [23:05:21] Human Being: i should probably keep using it
    [23:05:56] 7thFloor: Which one is the SGX? I only have a Pro
    [23:06:08] 7thFloor: I'd like to try some other one too though since this one seems to be pretty good!
    [23:06:12] twlltin: SGX is the smallest
    [23:06:19] 7thFloor: aha
    [23:06:25] Human Being: SGX is the one for shortarses like me
    [23:06:30] 7thFloor: -
    [23:06:50] Human Being: heya twll
    [23:07:35] Human Being: i had a funny thing happen yesterday twll
    [23:07:49] twlltin: Oh? What was that?
    [23:08:27] Human Being: well you know i worked twelve hours last night?
    [23:09:09] Human Being: i found that i'm a bit of an exibitionist (just a little though)
    [23:09:26] twlltin: and?
    [23:09:48] Human Being: i was practising my triggers, the only way i can desribe it
    [23:10:43] Human Being: anyway i was stood by the wrap machine and i got this contraction and thought i was gonna completely lose control
    [23:11:07] Human Being: but that only made it more thrilling, not like me at all
    [23:11:27] Human Being: i did manage to calm down though
    [23:12:17] twlltin: I've squirmed a little in the office when I've been in...
    [23:12:49] Human Being: i did manage to keep getting p waves pretty consistently through the shift, made it less mundane, twas fun
    [23:14:27] Human Being: also when i finaly got in from work i was just stood in the kitchen and these big contrations
    [23:15:09] twlltin: You've really got this!
    [23:15:11] Human Being: was trying to keep my vioce down, thought i might pass out
    [23:15:48] Human Being: was a chain of them
    [23:16:35] Human Being: i tried in bed for a session but was too tired, i got close i think, but took too much energy out of me
    [23:16:46] Human Being: so decided to sleep
    [23:17:26] Human Being: do you think i should still keep using my aneros regularly?
    [23:17:48] twlltin: Do what you think best.
    [23:18:02] twlltin: I'm not going to say either way.
    [23:19:10] cj187: Is there any art to a 'less session, i'm abroad next week so no access to aneros or gf
    [23:19:13] Human Being: i think it might make me better, even if idon't get as much enjoyment out of using it
    [23:19:58] Human Being: i'm not sure myself how i do it exactly
    [23:20:21] Human Being: but fantasy helps, even wierd fantasys to me
    [23:20:35] Human Being: that don't even make sense
    [23:20:51] artform: cj it like meditation in a way, and deep relaxation and sensing your body/mind desire without expectations can launch you
    [23:20:53] Human Being: cj
    [23:21:05] artform: Hi Gentlemen!! Great crowd!
    [23:21:16] twlltin: Hi artform!
    [23:21:25] 7thFloor: hello!
    [23:21:25] artform: Hi T!
    [23:21:26] Human Being: hey artform, greetings
    [23:21:33] artform: Hi 7th!
    [23:21:41] artform: Hi HB!
    [23:21:42] cj187: thanks HB, artform
    [23:22:00] artform: y/w
    [23:22:15] cj187: a whole week of 'less sessions,should be good
    [23:22:18] Human Being: let me just say cj 'if it works'
    [23:22:41] Human Being: so just find out what works for you
    [23:22:58] twlltin: I was anerosless over Christmas/New Year holiday with varying success.
    [23:24:09] Human Being: i kinda wished i hadn't tried with THC
    [23:24:31] Human Being: because now i know what to expect
    [23:24:35] cj187: yeah it could be a rough transition, but i'm keeping open-minded as always
    [23:25:04] Human Being: it kinda, doesn't help with the having no expectations bit
    [23:25:11] artform: I have been able to go anerosless for over three years now, and once this door opens for you, you can travel orgasmically far
    [23:25:22] artform: and wide at will!
    [23:25:33] twlltin: cj187: are you able to do gentle PC contractions?
    [23:25:42] Human Being: YEAH!
    [23:25:50] twlltin: Not in the scrotum area, but further down as well?
    [23:25:56] cj187: yeah
    [23:26:02] Human Being: i'm discovering the benefits myself
    [23:26:14] cj187: usually get a tingle when i do
    [23:26:38] twlltin: Well, if you can do PC contractions in the anal and perineum area and alternate them, you might
    [23:26:40] Human Being: -
    [23:26:46] twlltin: stimulate the prostate in doing that.
    [23:27:02] artform: Great T!!
    [23:27:06] artform: Yes.
    [23:28:50] Human Being: pizza time
    [23:28:56] Human Being: yum
    [23:29:03] cj187: ah another lightbulb moment for me there
    [23:29:28] artform: Ultimately, you won't need any deliberate muscle actions, gentle intent will get you anywhere anytime.
    [23:29:29] Human Being: what the pizza?
    [23:29:48] Human Being: yeah it's a brill idea -
    [23:30:57] artform: We are all building muscle memories of these orgasmic and energetic events as part of our rewiring!! This is it!
    [23:31:28] cj187: trying to run before I could walk with this sometimes
    [23:31:54] twlltin: I sometimes imagine a feather tickling the underside of the prostate.
    [23:32:09] cj187: pizza is always a great idea HB, unless your like myself and Brine trying to get the lbs off
    [23:32:24] artform: 7th, after reading History of convo before I joined, I have to ask re your question about SGX vrs your Progasm,...
    [23:32:45] twlltin: I could do with losing a few lbs myself. Too much sitting around.
    [23:33:31] 7thFloor: sure, what about it?
    [23:33:56] artform: ...are you getting good gentle involuntaries and prostate massage from your Pro?
    [23:34:03] artform: me too T!
    [23:34:14] 7thFloor: Definitely.'
    [23:34:32] twlltin: I;ve decided to walk a mile each day (rain permitting).
    [23:34:33] 7thFloor: Although it feels like I could be getting more prostate contact, but maybe they are all like that?
    [23:34:43] twlltin: I used to do so when we had a dog.
    [23:35:31] Human Being: i'm lucky, i don't put wieght on, only in muscle
    [23:35:55] Human Being: hence i eat crap sometimes
    [23:35:56] cj187: good going twll
    [23:36:16] twlltin: HB: Wait until you're past 40.
    [23:36:36] Human Being: okies
    [23:36:56] artform: -
    [23:37:00] cj187: ahh i eat alright, just predisposed to fat gain, tho the flipside is I also put on muscle very easily
    [23:37:07] twlltin: I'm slim, high metabolic rate, but I'm carrying about 7 lb more than I'm happy with.
    [23:37:48] artform: 7th, had you previous anal and prostate massage experience before Progasm?
    [23:38:05] 7thFloor: never any prostate massage experience at all
    [23:39:02] 7thFloor: Some anal experience but was never really enjoyable. This is different... MUCH different
    [23:40:46] artform: OK, great. Just asking because Pro for some newbies is a bit too big to give the muscles a chance to set up the more...
    [23:41:11] artform: ...long-lasting involuntaries for early development.
    [23:42:10] 7thFloor: Maybe I should order a smaller version. This one is good--I get full body orgasms, but I'm unsure if I should try a differen
    [23:42:14] 7thFloor: model
    [23:42:45] artform: How long have you been on this journey?
    [23:42:56] 7thFloor: September or October
    [23:43:08] 7thFloor: So about six months.
    [23:43:26] 7thFloor: It took me a little while to really get anything out of it.
    [23:44:25] artform: And when you say full body orgasms, you are talking about active body arms and legs moving torso too?
    [23:45:18] 7thFloor: It's the whole thing. Hard to describe but my whole body is involved--tenses up starting down there and spreads out into my
    [23:45:23] 7thFloor: chest, arms and legs
    [23:46:39] artform: Great, or is it more big p-waves of energies buzzing and tingling strongly as they are moving through?
    [23:47:29] 7thFloor: Definitely not P-waves. I get those too. This is liek the whole body tenses up and lets go... it varies too sometimes
    [23:47:37] 7thFloor: shaking and all of that
    [23:50:27] Human Being: my freinds just shown me this girl he's chattin too
    [23:50:42] artform: OK thanks again; you are making excellent progress with your Pro then!!
    [23:50:43] Human Being: she's 23, fit as hell
    [23:51:08] Human Being: ans she's got a cock bigger than mine!
    [23:51:56] Human Being: if she asked me to bed, not sure i'd say no -
    [23:52:14] artform: Be sure to Vote in the Poll here about your responding to T-girls!!
    [23:52:36] Human Being: ok
    [23:52:54] Human Being: will do now4
    [23:53:05] 7thFloor: Great, I'm sure I have a long way to go too and looking forward to it
    [23:54:17] artform: y/w 7th!! All the best!
    [23:54:27] Human Being: i think the definition posted of T-gitls is incorrect and offensive
    [23:54:45] artform: in the poll?
    [23:54:53] Human Being: yes
    [23:54:55] 7thFloor: thank you
    [23:55:18] Human Being: T-Girls, defined as Gay males who have adopted some female features
    [23:55:49] Human Being: thats what i don't agree with, having met a 't-girl' myself
    [23:56:05] Human Being: it's not a gay male
    [23:56:16] Human Being: she's litteraly female
    [23:56:28] Human Being: but in a mans body
    [23:56:39] artform: Ah! I think you will find the author of the poll has since met one two and changed his point of view.
    [23:56:45] Human Being: defined 'transexual'
    [23:56:48] artform: I agree with your point.
    [23:57:19] Human Being: T-Girls, defined as Gay males who have adopted some female features, defined 'transvestite'
    [23:57:54] Human Being: i hope the author has had a change in view
    [23:58:25] artform: I have been and advocate for and fundraiser for surgery for an m>f trans friend. She is now happily vagina'd -
    [23:58:59] Human Being: thats brill, she enjoying her new vagina?
    [23:59:07] twlltin: A colleague is about 6 months pre-op.
    [23:59:29] artform: T-girls are a fascinating variant on the transition spectrum.
    [23:59:47] Human Being: unfortunatly the ops are very expensive
    [23:59:53] Human Being: ?
    [00:00:03] Human Being: transition spectrum?
    [00:00:10] artform: Yes and enjoying her growing acceptance as a female in our conservative community
    [00:00:42] twlltin: The conversion is NHS funded here. The cosmetic surgery needed to change bone structure isn't.
    [00:00:50] Human Being: oh, we don't tend to have that kind of thing in our community
    [00:01:41] Human Being: america and england are very different
    [00:01:48] artform: Not all trans people can or want to make the total set of transition surgeries, not just for financial reasons.
    [00:02:16] Human Being: yeah i've heard the full op can be risky
    [00:02:29] Human Being: and very painfull
    [00:03:17] artform: A Conservative government here in Ontario Canada "delisted" SRS as a funded medical procedure about 12-15 years ago, and...
    [00:04:15] artform: ...a Liberal government relisted it about three years ago, but only SRS, not the ancillary suregeries and therapies needed...
    [00:04:23] artform: ...for full transition.
    [00:04:43] Human Being: ahh, that sucks
    [00:05:53] artform: My friend had to go through torment and Human Rights fights, and we finally got her swift approval once the relisting was...
    [00:06:45] artform: implemented. Had her full SRS at the clinic in Montreal. Several Americans were in the clinic at the same time...
    [00:07:52] artform: ... including a m>f in her late 70s from Texas.
    [00:08:53] artform: Had lived as female for decades and was about to be moved into a retirement home, and did not want to be discovered...
    [00:09:08] artform: ...having a penis et al!!
    [00:10:07] Human Being: wow, i couls just make love to this pizza!
    [00:10:29] twlltin: what sort of pizza is it? Was it delivered?
    [00:10:43] artform: Interesting thing anatomically is that the new vagina in a trans m>f after SRS terminates at the prostate gland!!
    [00:11:11] artform: So the male gland remains and is the new woman's G-spot!!
    [00:11:15] twlltin: Or just beyond it.
    [00:11:45] Human Being: nope, goodfellas loaded cheese, with even a personnaly added load of chedder
    [00:12:26] Human Being: so the origanal g-spot, would not get stimulated during penatrative sex?
    [00:12:29] artform: Tried to encourage her to try aneros to be able to massage both ways! :wink: - Yes T, or just beyond.
    [00:13:21] Human Being: it's in the same place? accesed in the same way?
    [00:14:02] artform: The "original g-spot" in a birth woman is what moved to become the male prostate, so a trans woman has her g-spot...
    [00:14:04] darwin: hi all
    [00:14:16] 7thFloor: hi darwin
    [00:14:21] cj187: hi darwin
    [00:14:28] Human Being: hey darwinism, how you doing?
    [00:15:17] Human Being: ha darwinism -
    [00:15:37] darwin: i am good
    [00:15:44] Human Being: can i call you charles from now on?
    [00:15:56] darwin: nope
    [00:16:02] darwin: you can call me mr. rewels
    [00:16:07] darwin: that is my last name
    [00:16:11] darwin: darwin is my first
    [00:16:35] artform: ..., not on the roof of her vagina like the birth woman, but down around where the cervix would be, but isn't.
    [00:17:16] mikejensen: Wow, it's been a while since the chat room has been this full
    [00:17:25] Human Being: thanks, mr. rewels :grin:
    [00:17:27] twlltin: Hi mike
    [00:17:53] Human Being: thats very informative artform, thnx understand more now
    [00:18:05] mikejensen: hey twlltin
    [00:18:10] mikejensen: afternoon, everyone
    [00:18:29] Human Being: don't think i could imagine anywhere else i could have these sorts of conversations
    [00:19:01] 7thFloor: definitely informative
    [00:19:12] mikejensen: This is a pretty awesome place to be frank about a lot of topics
    [00:19:27] Human Being: yups dude!
    [00:20:22] artform: Hi mikej!
    [00:20:56] mikejensen: hey art
    [00:21:03] mikejensen: good to see you on here
    [00:21:11] mikejensen: good to see everyone actually
    [00:21:14] artform: you too
    [00:21:16] mikejensen: muscleman, it's been a while
    [00:22:13] mikejensen: what have we been discussing?
    [00:22:49] artform: great progress by new men here
    [00:23:18] artform: and the anatomy of transgendered m>f women
    [00:23:33] mikejensen: Ahhh okay
    [00:23:48] mikejensen: I don't think I've ever been around for a discussion quite of that nature before hahaha
    [00:23:51] mikejensen: But that's cool
    [00:23:55] Human Being: were having a party
    [00:24:17] Human Being: i even have beer and pizza -
    [00:24:53] artform: and we are all savouring the teleported aromas!!
    [00:25:05] artform: - :bigtongue: -
    [00:26:25] Human Being: gah my body so wants to launch, keep spasming
    [00:26:35] mikejensen: Hahaha
    [00:26:40] mikejensen: I haven't had pizza and beer for ages
    [00:26:43] mikejensen: at least, not together
    [00:26:58] mikejensen: I'm kinda riding right now actually.
    [00:27:07] Human Being: -
    [00:27:12] Human Being: frank
    [00:27:28] mikejensen: Just for purposes of feeling great. Not trying to get really down and dirty with it haha
    [00:28:24] Human Being: ahh, i like my spasms and subtle p waves, kinda shifts your perception a bit
    [00:30:28] mikejensen: Yeah
    [00:30:35] Human Being: does anyone else get that? a shift in perception?
    [00:30:36] mikejensen: Just kinda on my hip, leaning against the couch
    [00:30:39] mikejensen: watching a movie hahahaha
    [00:31:55] Human Being: sounds good, im sat here listening ti nirvana, and spazing right out every twenty minutes or so
    [00:32:23] Human Being: woo! there i go again
    [00:32:36] twlltin: I'm watching the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures
    [00:33:09] Human Being: what's that?
    [00:33:15] mikejensen: I'm watching The King's Speech
    [00:33:18] twlltin: Titled "Meet Your Brain"
    [00:33:26] artform: Indeed HB yes and delightful shifts in perception!!
    [00:33:42] twlltin: It's a set of science lectures aimed at kids.
    [00:33:51] artform: Grea topic here T!!
    [00:34:14] Human Being: yeah, for me it's always different though, different qualitys, dependent upon
    [00:34:24] artform: Not everyone here is neurologist either -
    [00:34:28] Human Being: the slightest thing in your head
    [00:34:38] Human Being: i was
    [00:35:06] Human Being: got fired for poking around in someones brain literally
    [00:35:11] Human Being: -
    [00:36:14] Human Being: i was also a midwife
    [00:36:45] Human Being: got fired for trying to deliver a baby by using a deffibrilator
    [00:36:55] Human Being: waaa
    [00:36:56] artform: :ohmy:
    [00:37:28] Human Being: i thought it' just kinda like pop out yaknow?
    [00:37:40] Human Being: -
    [00:37:43] twlltin: Reminds me of a Tom Lehrer quote, "[Hen3ry] specialised in animal husbandry until they caught him at it."
    [00:37:57] artform: Really enjoyed The King's Speech!! excellent!
    [00:37:57] Human Being: -
    [00:38:41] mikejensen: Yeah, it's at the part where he's practicing the massive war time speech
    [00:38:46] mikejensen: The climax of the movie, so to speak
    [00:39:17] artform: Tom Lehrer is extraordinary!! Have his complete recording CD pack with book; a real treasure!
    [00:39:53] twlltin: me too
    [00:39:56] Human Being: never heard of him, i'll check it out
    [00:40:05] twlltin: Well, I have the three main albums on CD.
    [00:40:19] Human Being: tommy cooper for me
    [00:41:30] twlltin: Just like that?
    [00:41:44] questions: is it okay to have the aneros in and sit down?
    [00:41:53] twlltin: # Don't jump off the roof, Dad... #
    [00:41:55] questions: like on a chair for an extended period of time?
    [00:41:58] Human Being: yeah just like that -
    [00:42:07] twlltin: questions: only if it's comfortable
    [00:42:19] twlltin: Might be difficult if the tail's still on it
    [00:43:39] mikejensen: You know I've read a lot of things in the forums where they say they remove the tail
    [00:43:42] mikejensen: Why is that?
    [00:44:10] twlltin: Mainly to allow you to lie down with the device in, and it not drag on the sheet or towel you're lying on.
    [00:44:44] Human Being: yeah it's a pain in the ass
    [00:44:54] Human Being: scuse the pun
    [00:45:13] macca89: thinking of curling mine a bit
    [00:45:18] twlltin: I can sit on my tail-less Maximus without much discomfort.
    [00:45:40] twlltin: Not actually tailless, just trimmed back
    [00:45:47] artform: Your butt will tell if that is good.
    [00:46:21] mikejensen: macca, I'm guessing yours finally arrived? Was it you who was waiting for it a week or two ago?
    [00:46:29] Human Being: butt: hey i know you can here me!
    [00:46:34] artform: bye guys... date with the missus!! back later...
    [00:46:42] Human Being: butt: this feels good!
    [00:46:47] Human Being: -
    [00:46:49] macca89: yeh thats right mike, got it a few days ago and have had a few introductory rides
    [00:47:02] Human Being: bye art
    [00:47:03] macca89: laters artform
    [00:47:18] mikejensen: later art
    [00:47:34] mikejensen: So you haven't used it with time with your girlfriend yet?
    [00:47:41] questions: macca, how has it been?
    [00:48:08] macca89: not yet, just wanted to get confident with it myself first
    [00:48:39] macca89: i started to feel something today, and had the most powerful orgasm ive ever had i think
    [00:49:01] questions: -_-
    [00:49:10] questions: I am just starting too and so far I havent had much luck
    [00:49:18] macca89: first couple of goes didnt do much for me, but probably wasnt relaxed enough
    [00:49:20] 7thFloor: that was quick if you just got the thing!
    [00:49:39] 7thFloor: It took me a while to get anything out of it at all
    [00:49:39] macca89: it was combined with masturbation though
    [00:49:48] mikejensen: I really didn't start feeling anything decent until about my fourth or fifth time in
    [00:49:58] snipetownsam: wow full house!
    [00:50:02] 7thFloor: aha... that definitely makes a difference
    [00:50:04] mikejensen: But yeah, with either sex with my girlfriend or masturbating, it's an entirely different story
    [00:50:13] macca89: my prostate nerve endings are slowly awakenening to the new sensation
    [00:50:14] questions: I am on my 5th and still nothing. It feels good but nothing orgasmastic
    [00:50:31] snipetownsam: my dildo arrived today
    [00:50:39] Human Being: macca, try not to masturbate during sessions
    [00:51:00] macca89: yeh i got a bit greedy, was the first time it started to feel good
    [00:51:00] Human Being: oh hey snipes, so?
    [00:51:08] macca89: will refrain next time
    [00:51:14] questions: I actually have mine in right now. I dont expect anything but I am trying to get accustomed to it
    [00:51:18] twlltin: snipe: have you drilled a new hole for yourself yet?
    [00:51:21] Human Being: good
    [00:51:26] snipetownsam: im not so eager to try it....looks too big
    [00:51:32] macca89: yeh thats what i was like questions
    [00:51:46] questions: what model macca?
    [00:51:50] macca89: ive never had anything up there before, so took a while for me to get comfy with it
    [00:51:59] snipetownsam: no twll
    [00:52:01] snipetownsam: -
    [00:52:15] macca89: SGX copy, its slightly longer than the SGX, but same width
    [00:52:20] macca89: yourself?
    [00:52:31] questions: helix.
    [00:52:39] macca89: nice choice
    [00:52:57] macca89: i wanted that, but wasnt any in stock in the UK at the time, theres an online shop that has it in stock now though
    [00:53:04] macca89: looking to get it over the summer
    [00:53:11] Human Being: just go for it snipes, you'll probably enjoy trying to get it in
    [00:53:44] macca89: felt pleasure from it for the first time today, and was due to relaxing meditative breathing
    [00:53:47] 7thFloor: I agree, the things look more intimidating than they are
    [00:53:53] questions: my prostate right now feels almost tender. Is that normal or should I go and take this out?
    [00:54:36] Human Being: does it still feel good overall, questions?
    [00:54:37] 7thFloor: that could happen if you are new to it... I kind of had that, q
    [00:54:49] 7thFloor: never feel thtt way any more though
    [00:54:57] questions: I really dont feel much of anything. I am new
    [00:55:19] snipetownsam: should I do it in my bed or in shower???
    [00:55:34] Human Being: ok if you're getting uncomfortable, take it out
    [00:55:41] macca89: just the nerve endings awakening after all those years of not being stimulated i think
    [00:55:45] Human Being: there's always next time
    [00:56:02] Human Being: if not, carry on
    [00:56:18] macca89: big reason why it can take several goes to start feeling pleasure
    [00:56:59] Human Being: makes sense
    [00:57:18] macca89: 2 inches not sounding so small now snipe? :P
    [00:57:38] snipetownsam: hey were right...ok? -
    [00:57:59] macca89: well slow and steady wins the race
    [00:58:09] snipetownsam: opening the box was so sobering...went from real cocky to OH SHIZ -
    [00:58:21] questions: this is actually beginning to feel very good
    [00:58:21] Human Being: give me that two inches, i'll take it
    [00:58:36] questions: this is the first time I have had involuntary contractuons
    [00:58:38] macca89: thats good questions
    [00:58:39] snipetownsam: hey human...should i try inserting it on my bed or in shower? It has suction cups
    [00:58:44] Human Being: show how it's done boy!
    [00:59:01] Human Being: either
    [00:59:10] snipetownsam: tell me hehe
    [00:59:26] Human Being: just make sure try to relax as it's going in
    [00:59:50] twlltin: "If it hurts, stop"
    [00:59:58] snipetownsam: dare me...shower or bed? or bedroom wall?
  • [01:00:08] Human Being: don't force it too much, your arse is designed as an outy, not an inny
    [01:00:22] Human Being: use plenty of lube
    [01:00:35] Human Being: umm bed
    [01:00:42] Human Being: and yup dare ya
    [01:01:01] macca89: and to think my SGX can still be a bit tight -
    [01:01:39] Human Being: yeah listen to twll, kinda goes without saying for me, not new to this kindof thing
    [01:01:50] macca89: after no movements before, the thing felt possessed today, it was great
    [01:02:07] Human Being: brill macca!
    [01:05:34] snipetownsam: here goes nothing
    [01:05:45] macca89: no rush man
    [01:05:50] questions: well I have had this in for 1+ hr. I think it is time to go "finish up" and be done with this
    [01:06:10] Human Being: don't finis up yet!
    [01:06:10] macca89: glad you started to get something out of it questions
    [01:06:21] questions:
    [01:06:29] Human Being: wait, at least an hour
    [01:06:30] macca89: stick with it!
    [01:06:36] macca89: im getting ride envy
    [01:07:08] Human Being: to seperate, the act of using your aneros to masturbation
    [01:07:20] Human Being: for your rewiring
    [01:07:30] macca89: good point
    [01:07:47] Human Being: i do the same when playing drums
    [01:08:09] Human Being: i only mix styles when it's absuolutely intention
    [01:08:13] Human Being: al
    [01:08:26] macca89: i slept with mine in the 2nd time i used it
    [01:08:28] Human Being: breeds better definition between
    [01:09:06] Human Being: whats the deal with sleeping with it in?
    [01:09:25] macca89: i saw a few forums on it
    [01:09:26] Human Being: i don't sleep with sticks in my hands
    [01:09:40] Human Being: or up my arse
    [01:09:45] macca89: people waking up in the middle of the night in ecstacy
    [01:09:45] Human Being: -
    [01:10:06] Human Being: i'll check it out, any to note?
    [01:10:26] twlltin: I slept with Helix in the second week, woke up to a building mini-O.
    [01:10:40] macca89: can try and find, nothing personally, was more just to get used to it really
    [01:10:49] macca89: and naive high expectations
    [01:10:49] Human Being: hmm might try it
    [01:10:50] twlltin: Your muscles move differently in sleep.
    [01:11:21] snipetownsam: is butt buzz when you start contracting randomly?
    [01:11:32] Human Being: iteresting thing happend this afternoon
    [01:11:32] macca89: if the aneros best friend is relaxation, then relaxation doesnt come much more concentrated than when asleep
    [01:11:35] twlltin: Breathing in sleep includes more movement of the lower body.
    [01:11:48] Human Being: my alarm went off to wake me up
    [01:12:18] Human Being: and as soon as i was awake i was spazing out llike mad!
    [01:12:32] Human Being: no control, just happend
    [01:12:51] Human Being: must have been dreaming about it,maybes
    [01:13:23] Human Being: yeah breathing more naturally from the tum
    [01:14:08] Human Being: wonder how snipes is getting on
    [01:14:45] snipetownsam: lubing up now
    [01:14:46] twlltin: He's probably getting bored.
    [01:15:23] macca89: thats it, gonna have to do something about this ride envy -
    [01:15:38] Human Being: he's probably expecting it to be brilliant
    [01:15:51] Human Being: hey i'm not riding
    [01:16:08] Human Being: just feel like i might be
    [01:16:24] Human Being: go for it macs
    [01:17:00] macca89: looking forward to the helix, feel i could do with something a bit more aggresively shaped
    [01:18:42] twlltin: Hi Billoz
    [01:18:50] Billoz: hi all
    [01:18:59] Human Being: hey B
    [01:19:13] macca89: hey bill
    [01:20:12] Billoz: noticed mac is looking forward to his Helix
    [01:21:08] macca89: yeh, upgrade from a SGX (newbie)
    [01:21:12] Billoz: I have the Helix and Eupho, both great
    [01:21:28] Billoz: and in my sessions I use both
    [01:21:36] 7thFloor: hey bill
    [01:21:37] macca89: not heard a bad word about the helix
    [01:21:51] Billoz: I am a fan
    [01:21:55] Billoz: -
    [01:22:45] snipetownsam: struggling with the head
    [01:23:45] macca89: careful if the gland of the head is noticibly wider than the shaft, could be tricky getting out mate
    [01:24:00] macca89: obviously is will be, but u know
    [01:24:01] Human Being: it'sok take a break, or relube and try again
    [01:24:18] Billoz: about relaxing, try some thing smaller first, then build up
    [01:25:51] snipetownsam: my dick is twitchin
    [01:25:52] Billoz: any Seniors here able to give me some insights on my journey so far?
    [01:26:23] Human Being: nope, but i'm a junior
    [01:26:28] Human Being: any good?
    [01:26:50] twlltin: I'm a six month-er.
    [01:26:58] Billoz: dont know, looking for a regular Super O person with experience
    [01:27:00] Human Being: darwins somewhere
    [01:27:04] Human Being: or twll
    [01:27:27] Human Being: not me then -
    [01:27:55] Billoz: thanks any way -
    [01:28:06] snipetownsam: i keep contracting and it pushes out
    [01:28:32] twlltin: I *might* be able to help.
    [01:28:42] Human Being: well then you know what to do
    [01:28:56] Human Being: don't contract!
    [01:29:02] 7thFloor: six months here, I don't know if that counts as much expertise
    [01:29:13] Human Being: relax that arsehole
    [01:29:52] twlltin: I started in August. Got my first "super" of the calm seas type in mid-September.
    [01:29:52] Human Being: i said RELAX!!
    [01:30:07] Human Being: DON'T THINK THAT'LL HELP -
    [01:30:23] Human Being: should be more like reeelaaaax
    [01:30:45] snipetownsam: its so big
    [01:30:51] Billoz: thnks 7th, I guess I have in mind some one with few years, and with a depth of knowledge and assisting other newbies
    [01:31:11] Human Being: err it's so big... i'm so squeemish
    [01:31:11] Billoz: with no disrespect to your kind offers -
    [01:31:21] Human Being: get ahold of youself -
    [01:31:24] twlltin: Pose your question, Bill. Maybe we can help.
    [01:31:42] Human Being: i've had bigger up my arse
    [01:31:49] Human Being: (i think)
    [01:32:17] Billoz: -, the other conversation is more fun right now
    [01:32:37] macca89: Master HB in the house haha
    [01:32:53] twlltin: You mean snipe trying to fit a large thing inside a small thing?
    [01:32:55] Human Being: i've dared him to get this dildo up his arse
    [01:33:29] Human Being: h has to
    [01:33:38] snipetownsam: ya -
    [01:33:47] Human Being: it'd wasted money otherwise
    [01:34:16] snipetownsam: you're a dildo expert right human?
    [01:34:43] 7thFloor: have a good night all... off to the gym here
    [01:34:49] Human Being: i even went so big as to try getting something up ther that would'nt
    [01:34:54] macca89: take it easy 7th
    [01:35:04] Human Being: even fit between my pelvic bones -
    [01:35:13] 7thFloor: see ya
    [01:35:20] Human Being: bye 7th
    [01:35:36] rook: nite 7th
    [01:35:45] Human Being: you think you know big?
    [01:35:46] rook: color
    [01:36:23] twlltin: wb rook
    [01:36:25] Human Being: haven't tried anything like that in a long time though
    [01:36:43] Human Being: actually first for years was my SGX
    [01:37:00] Human Being: hey rook dude
    [01:37:13] rook: hi HB:
    [01:37:45] rook: just x'ed history -- take it that snipe is in the, "take a deep breath mode"
    [01:38:06] Human Being: yeah would seem like it
    [01:38:38] Human Being: i honestly can't believe some of the things i tried up there when i was younger
    [01:39:13] snipetownsam: got a good technique im gettin deep
    [01:39:39] rook: one of our first toys was an inflatable butt plug. never quite got that one "right"
    [01:39:50] Human Being: ok just take it as you are, nice and slow
    [01:40:44] rook: we're with you snipe. nice and easy !
    [01:40:45] Human Being: remember trying coke can
    [01:41:12] Human Being: it was litterally too big, my pelvic bones too small
    [01:41:27] Human Being: crazy little teenager
    [01:42:03] Human Being: what am i talkin about. i'm still little!
    [01:46:24] snipetownsam: half way\
    [01:46:42] rook: nice and easy guy
    [01:47:04] Human Being: might feel like your halfway
    [01:47:18] rook: remember to occasionally lube yourself as you advance it
    [01:47:40] Human Being: but thats no indicator to how far in actual fact you are to getting it in
    [01:48:15] Human Being: takes a bit of experience to know
    [01:49:36] Human Being: could be closer than you think, or further away
    [01:52:25] snipetownsam: feel like im hitting a wall or something
    [01:53:28] snipetownsam: looking in asshole is huge -
    [01:54:05] rook: know that wall -- u might try relaxing then some minor re-posturing
    [01:55:28] cj187: Jeez just had an epic session, my cock has never ever moved that much of its own volition
    [01:55:43] rook: -
    [01:57:20] Human Being: yeah
    [01:57:42] taran: hey guys
    [01:57:47] Human Being: just try again, and eventually somethings gotta give
    [01:58:41] Human Being: though i well say make sure its not your ring that gives, f'ing painfull
    [01:58:51] cj187: Relubing and going back in -
    [01:59:23] snipetownsam: i accept defeat tonight...
    [01:59:26] Human Being: snipe, where do you feel like this wall is
    [01:59:42] Human Being: your aus or around it?
    [01:59:49] snipetownsam: in my ass
    [02:00:14] Human Being: it not elastic enough?
    [02:00:36] Human Being: that how it feel?
    [02:00:52] darwin: snipe, don't force it!!!!!!!!!!!
    [02:01:11] darwin: your spincters need to relax and open
    [02:01:18] snipetownsam: ya
    [02:01:19] darwin: if you force you will tear them
    [02:01:26] snipetownsam: hard to relax with something in it
    [02:01:29] snipetownsam: im done for tonight
    [02:01:35] darwin: good
    [02:01:38] darwin: that is smart
    [02:01:44] Human Being: yeah thats right, like darwin says, and i have had a tear before
    [02:01:52] Human Being: painfull!
    [02:02:05] darwin: please don't be "hole macho"
    [02:02:05] rook: good choice !! Congrats snipe on gud judgement.
    [02:02:05] taran: ouch thats not fun
    [02:02:13] darwin: it is not a contest
    [02:02:22] rook: As you back out, remember that the corona on the glans may hang on a sphincter
    [02:02:23] darwin: or a competition
    [02:02:35] snipetownsam: overall i liked it but was a lil frustrated i couldnt continue
    [02:02:43] rook: go easy backing out -- relax and breath
    [02:02:52] rook: breathe
    [02:02:56] darwin: snipe, remember how i said to take 15 min to get the progasm in
    [02:03:03] Human Being: nope taran, only just remembered actually because of this whole thing
    [02:03:06] darwin: well, this might take a lot longer, and over many attempts
    [02:03:13] darwin: your hole needs to get used to it
    [02:03:24] snipetownsam: yeah
    [02:03:24] Human Being: ha! whole thing
    [02:03:26] darwin: and the only way it is is if it enjoys it
    [02:03:30] snipetownsam: i went fast on the tip and loved it
    [02:05:30] snipetownsam: should i put progasm in now or will i be too messed up?
    [02:06:00] darwin: you can try, and see how if feels
    [02:06:03] darwin: pain is a red light
    [02:06:54] darwin: snipe, was there any blood in the dildo when u took it out?
    [02:07:03] snipetownsam: no
    [02:07:10] darwin: ok
    [02:07:16] cj187: Can't believe how mobile my progasm is tonight, never had this much movement
    [02:07:43] Human Being: cj good man!
    [02:08:03] snipetownsam: progasm in now
    [02:08:07] rook: nice when it's loose
    [02:08:23] darwin: cj, what kind of lube?
    [02:08:37] darwin: snipe how does it feel, safe?
    [02:08:45] cj187: Mixture of silicone and Vaseline
    [02:08:46] snipetownsam: safe
    [02:08:52] snipetownsam: went in easy -
    [02:08:55] darwin: ok
    [02:09:20] cj187: What I usually use. Wondering if it's the bath ihad earlier
    [02:09:49] snipetownsam: so much lube inside my hole -
    [02:09:59] Human Being: i always feel good after a bath or shower
    [02:10:28] Human Being: better mood better ride?
    [02:10:42] snipetownsam: ya
    [02:11:08] cj187: Usually just have a shower, this is so much better
    [02:11:11] snipetownsam: progasm feels like its pulling in and im not contracting yet
    [02:11:29] darwin: snipe that is good
    [02:11:32] taran: thats great snipe
    [02:11:36] Human Being: yeah i prefer bath too
    [02:11:42] darwin: shouldn't really need to contract
    [02:11:58] Human Being: only problem is time constraints
    [02:11:59] darwin: cj, same position as usual?
    [02:12:15] snipetownsam: what does it mean??
    [02:12:33] cj187: Yeah, btw back and side
    [02:12:44] darwin: ok
    [02:13:03] darwin: well, let's hope snipe and cj float into la la land
    [02:13:24] Human Being: yeah!
    [02:13:52] snipetownsam: im already in love with my progasm
    [02:14:40] Human Being: how are you feeling?
    [02:15:38] darwin: i think we lost them
    [02:15:42] Human Being: he's gone
    [02:15:47] snipetownsam: leg just twitched once
    [02:15:56] darwin: sucked into the world of pleasure
    [02:16:06] cj187: Still here, getting new feelings
    [02:16:29] taran: what kind of feelings?
    [02:17:04] cj187: Tightening up everywhere
    [02:17:37] darwin: cj, relax everything
    [02:18:00] darwin: breath deep into bottom of your abdomen
    [02:18:36] darwin: feel the energy circulating down your legs and out your feet
    [02:19:07] bigguy: hey guys!!!!
    [02:19:14] darwin: hi big
    [02:19:15] taran: hey bg
    [02:19:19] twlltin: hi blogguy
    [02:19:26] Human Being: hey dude
    [02:19:26] cj187: Holy shit
    [02:19:32] darwin: snipe tried to get his new fat dildo inside, and is gonna defer
    [02:19:34] snipetownsam: ???
    [02:19:34] bigguy: just got back from 5 days on the road
    [02:19:42] darwin: cj and snipe are progasming
    [02:19:45] bigguy: he he he twll
    [02:19:48] taran: what happened cj?
    [02:19:53] darwin: cj, gooood!
    [02:19:53] bigguy: ahhh
    [02:20:13] snipetownsam: trying progasm on my stomach position
    [02:20:18] cj187: Feels incredible
    [02:20:20] darwin: more relaxing and breathing cj
    [02:20:27] Human Being: they both good by looks of things
    [02:20:34] darwin: snipe, i like that position very much
    [02:20:47] darwin: but, beware of stimulating your weenie
    [02:20:59] snipetownsam: i wont touch it
    [02:21:01] Human Being: i like that too
    [02:21:01] snipetownsam: i promise
    [02:21:12] darwin: cj, let the energy fill your chest and radiate out your nipples
    [02:21:25] snipetownsam: i feel something going up my spine
    [02:21:29] cj187: It feels like its already getting the stim it needs from the inside -
    [02:21:32] darwin: snipe breath with that
    [02:21:50] bigguy: will check in tomorrow guys ...hope you are all good
    [02:21:51] darwin: let the energy flow up to your head
    [02:22:03] bigguy: i am gonna take a shower and unpack
    [02:22:23] Human Being: good night dude
    [02:22:30] darwin: i think maybe snipe and cj are exchanging energy
    [02:22:33] bigguy: nite
    [02:23:00] snipetownsam: my legs are twitching
    [02:23:03] darwin: snipe let your ass cheeks totally relax
    [02:23:20] darwin: and let them feel warm
    [02:23:37] darwin: (i hope this is helping you guys!?!)
    [02:23:43] snipetownsam: yes
    [02:23:52] Human Being: yeah me
    [02:23:59] cj187: Yes
    [02:24:06] darwin: ok!
    [02:24:12] bsmith14: hola
    [02:24:34] Human Being: hola! smith
    [02:24:36] darwin: hey bs, snipe and cj are floating along w/ P's insinde
    [02:25:02] bsmith14: nice, wish I was
    [02:25:06] darwin: cj, snipe, you guys want to try a gentle contraction, with a hold?
    [02:25:25] darwin: hold your hole very slightly
    [02:25:26] snipetownsam: how long should i hold?
    [02:25:39] darwin: 5 sec
    [02:25:44] Human Being: gah i'm twitching now thinking about this
    [02:25:55] snipetownsam: ok
    [02:25:58] cj187: Will do
    [02:26:03] darwin: and while you do it, imagine leaking precum
    [02:26:08] snipetownsam: just once?
    [02:26:13] darwin: a few times
    [02:26:30] darwin: just let the precum come out
    [02:26:32] darwin: let it
    [02:26:55] darwin: you can feel it (even if you are still dry)
    [02:26:58] snipetownsam: im on my belly is there precum?
    [02:27:04] snipetownsam: ok -
    [02:27:19] snipetownsam: i feel throbbing inside me
    [02:27:22] cj187: Can def feel it
    [02:27:40] snipetownsam: heart much faster
    [02:27:51] darwin: feel how nice and deep the P feels
    [02:28:06] snipetownsam: im so horny
    [02:28:10] darwin: its poking you deep inside, yearning to touch you deep in there
    [02:28:26] Human Being: ok really have to lay down now and be taken
    [02:28:48] snipetownsam: feels like its moving on its own
    [02:28:51] darwin: while its also touching your hole in the most tatalizing way
    [02:29:03] darwin: yes, snipe it is, ever so gently
    [02:29:04] darwin: let it
    [02:29:11] snipetownsam: ok
    [02:29:32] darwin: when it does that just relax and breath
    [02:29:48] darwin: and maybe think about leaking
    [02:30:04] darwin: getting wet with excitement
    [02:30:17] darwin: opening to the excitement
    [02:30:35] darwin: try spreading your legs a little to open up to the feelings
    [02:30:49] darwin: of the progasm wanting to take you
    [02:32:02] snipetownsam: i wanna twitch -
    [02:32:18] darwin: good
    [02:32:33] snipetownsam: i mean i want to i dont feel like it yet
    [02:32:48] darwin: oh, you can't make it
    [02:32:48] Human Being: that feels so good, gonna put sgx in, and join
    [02:32:53] darwin: it will come when it does
    [02:33:16] darwin: let go of wanting that and enjoy what you do have now
    [02:33:28] darwin: do you feel the tabs?
    [02:33:40] snipetownsam: mostly the k-tab but yes
    [02:33:46] darwin: good
    [02:33:53] darwin: the k-tab is awesome
    [02:34:05] darwin: once you really notice what it is doing
    [02:34:06] snipetownsam: tingly lower back
    [02:34:12] cj187: Just ptab
    [02:34:16] darwin: let it touch you
    [02:34:32] darwin: either tab
    [02:34:54] darwin: is beckoning you open yourself up
    [02:35:06] darwin: and want the progasm
    [02:35:36] darwin: want to do so more gentle contractions?
    [02:35:49] snipetownsam: yes
    [02:35:54] cj187: Oh yeah
    [02:36:05] darwin: gentle for 5 sec
    [02:36:14] darwin: leak
    [02:36:37] darwin: feel the progasm inside you, on the back wall
    [02:36:54] snipetownsam: i feel it there
    [02:36:58] darwin: feel how warm and hard it feels
    [02:37:06] darwin: it wants to be in there
    [02:37:08] snipetownsam: feels like its moving
    [02:37:48] cj187: Twitching
    [02:38:21] darwin: feel its gentle pressure on the front of you, that's your prostate
    [02:38:33] darwin: its touching there so delicately
    [02:38:39] snipetownsam: ok
    [02:38:41] darwin: but insistently
    [02:38:54] darwin: just keeps on touching a little bit
    [02:39:06] username: Anyone know if the vice has the same money back guaranty as the other products?
    [02:39:19] darwin: yes, it does not
    [02:39:22] twlltin: I don't think so
    [02:39:31] username: Kinda reluctant on dropping that amount of money if for whatever reason i dont like it
    [02:40:13] username: Damn
    [02:41:22] Human Being: jusytffv ccasnt keepnb sttill
    [02:41:25] cj187: Hmmmm ticklish
    [02:41:31] darwin: snipe, cj, if things subside
    [02:41:42] darwin: then return to relaxed breathing and just wait
    [02:41:52] snipetownsam: ok ive subsided
    [02:41:57] darwin: let it come back to you
    [02:42:25] darwin: you can't turn it on like a switch
    [02:42:35] darwin: just relax and stay open
    [02:42:39] darwin: drift along
    [02:42:44] Human Being: that's better relaxed now
    [02:42:52] darwin: feel the warmth
    [02:43:05] cj187: Ok relaxing
    [02:43:12] darwin: HB were you quacking?
    [02:43:18] darwin: quaking
    [02:43:44] Human Being: qaking, yeAh like crazy
    [02:44:01] darwin: that was funny your typing was quaked
    [02:44:15] darwin: did you have pleasure w/ the quaking?
    [02:44:30] darwin: or just random quaking?
    [02:44:37] snipetownsam: im having like a feeling of i wanna cum then it subsides and comes back
    [02:44:39] Human Being: yeah after a little while
    [02:44:53] Human Being: but random quaking to beging
    [02:44:58] darwin: snipe, that is so great
    [02:45:01] cj187: Hello pulsing
    [02:45:17] darwin: snipe feel how full your penis feels
    [02:45:30] darwin: feel how its getting fuller and fuller
    [02:45:39] snipetownsam: how full my penis feels?
    [02:45:48] darwin: hard
    [02:45:57] darwin: does it feel hard
    [02:45:57] snipetownsam: im not hard now
    [02:45:58] darwin: ?
    [02:46:02] darwin: ok
    [02:46:16] darwin: because sometimes that feeling of cumming goes w/ being hard
    [02:46:20] darwin: and sometimes it doesn't
    [02:46:44] darwin: when that feeling of almost cumming arrives
    [02:46:48] darwin: don't try to cum
    [02:47:03] darwin: just let that feeling sit there and go away if it wants to
    [02:47:11] darwin: and breath
    [02:47:12] snipetownsam: ok
    [02:47:36] Jls1715: Thanks for this lesson darrwin... Gives me a better idea of how to proceed
    [02:47:47] darwin: jls, sure
    [02:47:51] darwin: my pleasure
    [02:48:06] cj187: Getting some movement again -
    [02:48:34] snipetownsam: is it normal for progasm to feel "bigger"?
    [02:48:45] darwin: yes snipe that is good
    [02:48:53] darwin: does it feel good?
    [02:48:59] snipetownsam: ya im getting hard
    [02:49:00] darwin: that it is bigger?
    [02:49:04] darwin: right
    [02:49:16] darwin: nice and hard
    [02:49:22] snipetownsam: ya
    [02:49:22] darwin: inside and out
    [02:49:31] cj187: Me too
    [02:49:35] snipetownsam: feels like my progasm is growing inside me
    [02:49:55] darwin: nice
    [02:50:02] snipetownsam: whats a short feeling in my belly near belly button
    [02:50:09] darwin: its getting excited
    [02:50:13] snipetownsam: quick whoa u know
    [02:50:26] snipetownsam: im breathing faster
    [02:50:45] darwin: good snipe
    [02:50:53] darwin: go with it
    [02:51:03] snipetownsam: faster and faster
    [02:51:14] darwin: don't forget to feel how good your hole feels
    [02:51:38] darwin: let yourself leak
    [02:51:39] cj187: So much good tingling
    [02:51:39] snipetownsam: subsiding....whooo...
    [02:51:54] darwin: good cj
    [02:52:19] snipetownsam: my eyes are twitching
    [02:52:25] darwin: take a survey, starting with tabs, then hole, then slowly up the P front and back
    [02:52:40] darwin: feel all the good feelings from each spot
    [02:52:57] darwin: snipe let the energy go up your spine and into your head
    [02:53:01] snipetownsam: touch those spots?
    [02:53:11] darwin: in your mind
    [02:53:17] snipetownsam: ok
    [02:53:44] darwin: also, feel how good your balls feel
    [02:53:50] darwin: how loved
    [02:53:53] snipetownsam: ok
    [02:54:37] darwin: they are getting all the love they always wanted, all the warmth and touch and holding
    [02:54:45] snipetownsam: im closing my eyes
    [02:54:54] darwin: they are relaxing into getting pleasure
    [02:54:56] darwin: ok, shipe
    [02:55:01] darwin: snipe dothat
    [02:55:18] darwin: its too bad this can't be voice
    [02:55:27] snipetownsam: or cam
    [02:55:30] darwin: so you guys could drift off with your eyes closed
    [02:55:39] cj187: Cock is rock hard again, tingling has got much more intense
    [02:55:54] darwin: cj, that's great
    [02:56:26] darwin: breath and let the hardness go up through your ass into your spine
    [02:58:01] cj187: K
    [02:59:10] snipetownsam: arm just twitched
    [03:00:08] snipetownsam: just had a MAJOR contraction
    [03:00:12] snipetownsam: oh an other one
    [03:00:39] snipetownsam: is that normal?
    [03:00:55] darwin: snipe, cj, i am gonna give you guys a big virtual hug, and sign off
    [03:01:09] snipetownsam: ok thank you for the help
    [03:01:10] Human Being: this is the first time i've felt this soft warmth with it in, very different pleasure
    [03:01:29] snipetownsam: me too human it feels so nice
    [03:01:36] Human Being: bye darwin
    [03:01:46] cj187: Thanks Darwin, much appreciated as always
    [03:01:47] snipetownsam: bye darwin
    [03:01:50] darwin: i think you can carry on, and might want to indeed close your eyes
    [03:01:59] darwin: and withdraw into your session
    [03:02:13] darwin: ciao!
    [03:02:24] Human Being: okies willdo bye1
    [03:02:36] darwin: bye
    [03:03:30] cj187: Nipples are tingling now
    [03:05:17] snipetownsam: is my butt supposed to contract hard occasionally?
    [03:05:53] cj187: Yes snipe, nothing to worry about
    [03:05:56] bsmith14: mine does
    [03:06:46] snipetownsam: i mean wow it really clenchecd
    [03:07:28] cj187: How'd it feel?
    [03:07:44] snipetownsam: very tight...slight discomfort but cool at same time
    [03:08:35] snipetownsam: im thrusting
    [03:09:02] cj187: Just leaked a massive blob of precum
    [03:09:02] bsmith14: @snipe, how are you typing while doing all this?
    [03:09:43] snipetownsam: im on my belly
    [03:12:57] cj187: Thrusting now too
    [03:14:04] cj187: Feels so warm inside
    [03:16:41] snipetownsam: pulled out progasm
    [03:16:49] snipetownsam: giving butthole a rest for tonight
    [03:16:50] snipetownsam: -
    [03:18:47] snipetownsam: what color is your progasm cj??
    [03:19:13] cj187: Got the ice, u?
    [03:19:15] snipetownsam: mine is black
    [03:19:40] Human Being: i'm stillbgoin
    [03:20:04] cj187: Me too HB, how goes it?
    [03:20:41] snipetownsam: i feel weird without something in me now -
    [03:21:02] Human Being: has yielded different results in this relaxed state
    [03:21:16] Human Being: not better/worse
    [03:21:50] Human Being: but hss helped me look at it from a different angle
    [03:21:58] cj187: Position u using?
    [03:22:05] Human Being: different sesations
    [03:22:18] Human Being: on my front
    [03:27:48] cj187: Sat down, grinding now
    [03:29:19] snipetownsam: my hole is beat - between the dildo and progasm
    [03:30:10] cj187: Trying to resist the urge to masturbate
    [03:33:50] Human Being: i had a good build up of pleasure then that was different, need more practice
    [03:33:52] snipetownsam: how do i get better with this dildo? practice everyday?
    [03:34:05] Human Being: thats it i'm done
    [03:34:10] Human Being: yeah
    [03:37:24] snipetownsam: anyone give anything up for lent?
    [03:37:46] Human Being: my sanity
    [03:38:51] snipetownsam: i gave up peeing standing up cause my gf says i dont realize how convenient it is -
    [03:40:49] snipetownsam: and masturbating
    [03:40:51] brine: Hey, gents.
    [03:40:56] snipetownsam: aneros and anal doesnt count -
    [03:41:00] snipetownsam: hi brine
    [03:41:15] Human Being: ho ho heey duude
    [03:42:14] Human Being: brine i have plenty to catch you up on
    [03:42:16] brine: Hey!
    [03:42:24] brine: Oh? Cool!!!
    [03:43:11] Human Being: i'll have to send a message to your inbox though, it's a bit
    [03:43:34] Human Being: seems i am a quick learner
    [03:43:44] brine: Cool. I look forward to it!!!
    [03:43:47] brine: Yea!
    [03:45:10] Human Being: right need to calm myself down before i attempt the stairs, otherwise i might be apt to have what others might percieve as a
    [03:45:14] Human Being: fit
    [03:47:22] brine: Oh my!!!
    [03:47:38] brine: Something exciting happened just today, I guess>
    [03:48:24] Human Being: ha not just today, been happening since 'help to shed light'
    [03:48:49] Human Being: feel like i've just been dropped in it
    [03:49:09] Human Being: no warnings, no nothing
    [03:49:22] brine: Having fun with that?
    [03:49:47] Human Being: yeah alot of fun
    [03:49:59] brine: Excellent. Can't wait to hear!
    [03:50:01] Human Being: right gonaa make a cuppa
  • [04:03:18] brine: Coffee?
    [04:03:41] Human Being: yes please
    [04:03:46] Human Being: -
    [04:03:58] Human Being: nope have tea
    [04:04:13] Human Being: it's quite nice
    [04:06:14] ten_s_nut: Hello, all.
    [04:06:14] brine: Is the tea calming you down? -
    [04:06:19] brine: Hey tens.
    [04:07:05] Human Being: yeah and the writing, and the cigarette
    [04:07:13] ten_s_nut: Hey, Brian. Feeling better?
    [04:07:15] Human Being: hey tens
    [04:07:36] ten_s_nut: Good morning, HB
    [04:07:47] brine: I am feeling better. More, different, stronger drugs. I'm breathing now!!! And, that's a good thing.
    [04:08:09] Human Being: good, eve. oh no good morning. thats right
    [04:08:37] brine: Good morning/evening all.
    [04:08:43] ten_s_nut: Good evening would be correct to me. -
    [04:09:25] snipetownsam: got my dildo
    [04:09:36] Human Being: -
    [04:09:41] ten_s_nut: What model, sam?
    [04:10:20] Human Being: that, lust popped up as i looked at the screen, made me laugh
    [04:15:29] artform: Good Evening!
    [04:15:46] ten_s_nut: Hey, Art
    [04:16:05] ten_s_nut: sam said he got a dildo, then wouldn't say anything about it.
    [04:16:35] artform: Hi tens! SamD'd eh!
    [04:16:46] ten_s_nut: Good evening, carla!
    [04:17:20] ten_s_nut: Now, sam's gone. Maybe he's busy?
    [04:17:28] artform: Quiet for such an actiive illustrious group!
    [04:17:44] artform: Hi carla!
    [04:18:02] artform: hiagain HB!
    [04:18:09] carla_IL: hello
    [04:18:21] artform: Hi brine!
    [04:18:44] artform: How are you doing carla?
    [04:18:56] Human Being: hey dude, sorry just typing away, might be inactive for a little while
    [04:19:20] Human Being: hey carla
    [04:24:11] carla_IL: doing fine thanks, you?
    [04:33:46] artform: Well carla, thanks.
    [04:34:06] artform: Always new variations and experiments going on here.
    [04:35:50] brine: Sorry, took a break to straighten the kitchen. I'm back.
    [04:36:08] artform: Welcome back brine!
    [04:36:15] brine: Thanks, art.
    [04:36:17] brine: Hi carla.
    [04:41:25] ten_s_nut: Man, talk about a S L O W chat session.
    [04:43:07] brine: Sorry, multitasking research no music for an upcoming production with my little theater company.
    [04:43:17] brine: no = on
    [04:44:05] artform: indeed tens! have we stretched the bandwidth... or are many multitasking....
    [04:44:53] ten_s_nut: I've simply run out of sex things to talk about.
    [04:45:28] brine: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! We can't have reached the end of all of this???!!!!!!!
    [04:48:49] artform: - hmy: -
    [04:49:01] Human Being: ha back!
    [04:49:16] Human Being: hey brine sent a message to your inbox!
    [04:49:17] brine: Welcome back, Being.
    [04:49:52] Human Being: doo doo
    [04:49:55] Human Being: doooo
    [04:49:58] Human Being: da dee
    [04:50:02] Human Being: SEXXX!!!
    [04:50:16] brine: Some one needs another cup of tea!
    [04:50:28] Human Being: i could think of something i think
    [04:50:40] Human Being: hmm
    [04:50:48] Human Being: how about this tens
    [04:51:35] Human Being: Meytal Cohen - Toxicity - YouTube
    [04:52:02] Human Being: set me off the other niht
    [04:52:41] artform: great been there :bigtongue: :bigtongue: -
    [04:53:23] ten_s_nut: HB; Interesting band.
    [04:53:41] Human Being: she's very different from my style of drumming
    [04:53:57] artform: Welcome back sam!!
    [04:54:01] Human Being: but it would go together like
    [04:54:11] Human Being: like, cats and catnip
    [04:54:25] snipetownsam: thanks
    [04:54:46] snipetownsam: you're the dildo expert right ten?
    [04:55:03] Human Being: she's this session drummer, but she loves to play metal
    [04:55:08] ten_s_nut: We have more than a few around our bedroom
    [04:55:32] brine: Great message, Human!!!
    [04:55:35] Human Being: and the two violinists are two of the most famous classical violinists in the world
    [04:55:35] snipetownsam: i have Pleasureskin Realistic dong its 8" by 6" in circumference
    [04:55:43] ten_s_nut: ...but expert? no
    [04:55:46] Human Being: and there playing metal!!!
    [04:56:03] snipetownsam: you have any tips for insertion? I only got past the head of it
    [04:56:18] ten_s_nut: sam; we have one bigger, but I can't take it. Wife likes it.
    [04:56:52] snipetownsam: you take one around this size?
    [04:56:55] ten_s_nut: My limit seems to be 7.5 inches by 1.75 inches diameter
    [04:57:12] Human Being: thanks dude, and will sleep naked from now!
    [04:57:20] snipetownsam: how do you do more length? practice?
    [04:57:31] brine: Try it, you'll like it!!1
    [04:57:59] snipetownsam: i only took like 1/4 of it
    [04:58:03] ten_s_nut: idk. I've stopped trying for anything bigger. The 7.5 by 1.75 is big enough
    [04:58:23] artform: A little anal yoga relaxation and stretching gently... your rectum can take it once the anus agrees completely.
    [04:58:29] snipetownsam: how do you go down on it when you are new?
    [04:58:34] ten_s_nut: ...especially when attached to an enthusiastic wife.
    [04:58:52] artform: - -
    [04:59:39] Human Being: i have tried some pretty big things up there when i was younger but not for along time
    [04:59:55] Human Being: except mySGX ofcourse -
    [05:00:32] Human Being: oh i have to play that again
    [05:00:40] ten_s_nut: sam; the position of your body matters a lot.
    [05:00:52] snipetownsam: i used suction cup on wall and was bend over
    [05:01:23] Human Being: i think knees close to chest works better
    [05:01:29] ten_s_nut: Try face down on bed, ass high in the air, back swayed, legs apart.
    [05:01:44] Human Being: how to get there i can't recall
    [05:02:12] Human Being: yeah that sounds good tens
    [05:02:37] snipetownsam: will i be able to conquer this dildo eventually?
    [05:02:46] Human Being: hmm maybe
    [05:02:47] ten_s_nut: My wife managed to get her LARGE dil about 4 inches into me in that position.
    [05:03:12] ten_s_nut: ...didn't feel good, so ended the experiment
    [05:03:13] snipetownsam: i want to go balls deep so bad on this thing
    [05:03:33] Human Being: your wife must have a pretty intimidating selection?
    [05:03:49] ten_s_nut: HB; Yes
    [05:04:39] Human Being: wow, my ex girlfriend had just this little piddly thing, could hardly call it a vibrator
    [05:04:44] artform: Like you BH, I had all manner of objects large and larger in there in my youth. Sam. if you as so filled with desire,...
    [05:05:02] ten_s_nut: The 6.5 by 1.25 diameter dil feels MUCH better than anything else.
    [05:05:17] artform:'ll experiment 'til you find the right position and muscle relaxation to swallow it whole!!
    [05:05:28] ten_s_nut: ...doesn't bang up against a wall, so to speak.
    [05:05:55] snipetownsam: i hit the wall so to speak
    [05:06:12] Human Being: so to speak
    [05:06:19] ten_s_nut: Yeah, I know what that feels like -
    [05:06:30] snipetownsam: anyway to get past the wall?
    [05:06:30] artform: Sam might do well to meet Duke!!
    [05:06:38] brine: Jealous here.
    [05:06:57] Human Being: yeah duke!
    [05:07:06] Human Being: why's that?
    [05:07:21] ten_s_nut: Art; True. Duke gives that really deep, full feeling without hurting anywhere.
    [05:07:34] snipetownsam: duke?
    [05:08:01] Human Being: i swear it's on my history somewhere
    [05:08:09] Human Being: over the rainbow
    [05:08:12] artform: ...and opens up another bend in the rectum for some guys.
    [05:08:16] Human Being: way up high
    [05:08:35] ten_s_nut: Here: FUN FACTORY Vibratoren | Dildos | Smartballs - Kategorien
    [05:09:33] Human Being: And Here!! FUN FACTORY Vibratoren | Dildos | Smartballs - Kategorien
    [05:09:49] Human Being: no point i know, but giggles!
    [05:10:08] ten_s_nut: There's an echo in here
    [05:10:13] snipetownsam: i love my dildo tho
    [05:10:18] Human Being: here here!
    [05:10:28] ten_s_nut: -
    [05:11:05] snipetownsam: did you see my dildo ten?
    [05:11:25] Human Being: ok need a cuppa
    [05:12:37] artform: Sam, could you afix your DILDO to the floor and squat onto it and engulf it that way??
    [05:13:24] snipetownsam: yes
    [05:14:13] ten_s_nut: sam; I've seen that model at
    [05:14:42] snipetownsam: i go it from
    [05:14:46] artform: With generous internal lubing first, that may have your rectal canal more easily accessed!!
    [05:15:14] snipetownsam: how do u lube internally?
    [05:15:30] ten_s_nut: lube shooter
    [05:15:38] artform: rectal applicator or syringe
    [05:16:05] artform: available from aneros online store here too
    [05:16:10] snipetownsam: dont have one
    [05:16:13] snipetownsam: would it help
    [05:16:39] artform: yes
    [05:16:52] artform: this could be your "wall"
    [05:17:04] artform: lack of sufficient internal lube
    [05:17:09] Human Being: i'm a badass, never used one
    [05:17:16] Human Being: -
    [05:17:42] snipetownsam: interesting
    [05:18:24] Human Being: makes sense, i get that feeling sometimes with my sgx, i tend to just relube
    [05:18:58] Human Being: i suggest try it dude
    [05:19:18] artform: indeed
    [05:19:41] artform: you can do damage in there if you are dry
    [05:20:03] artform: ie not enough thicker mucous lining
    [05:21:08] snipetownsam: i wanna go balls deep on that huge dildo
    [05:21:40] Human Being: it might not happen that way
    [05:22:09] Human Being: like i said it might be the idea you enjoy more than actually doing it
    [05:22:47] Human Being: but go for it, though in my own experience you not missing much
    [05:23:08] artform: above all else, listen to your body ans what it is trying to tell you every centimetre of the way in man!!
    [05:23:14] snipetownsam: ill be so excited
    [05:23:15] Human Being: you go to a certain size, and anythng bigger feels about same
    [05:23:38] Human Being: though the feeling of being full in there is nice
    [05:23:54] snipetownsam: fullness is awesome
    [05:24:13] Human Being: and you will have a more intense ejac, but thats about it
    [05:24:50] artform: how full have you been to date sam??
    [05:24:59] artform: agree HB
    [05:25:32] snipetownsam: progasm and my new dildo i went approx 3 inches on...6" girth
    [05:26:24] Human Being: 2 inch diameter
    [05:27:02] snipetownsam: yes
    [05:27:19] Human Being: he couldn't get in properly
    [05:27:22] snipetownsam: 6" around
    [05:27:35] Human Being: but tried with a valiant effort
    [05:27:46] snipetownsam: thank you -
    [05:29:57] artform: squat or roll up on back legs up and fully lube and you carefully can fill yourself to your butt's and heart's content...
    [05:30:00] Human Being: Determined-Mudvayne - YouTube
    [05:31:46] snipetownsam: odd question? Any NHL fans here?
    [05:32:11] Human Being: nope, i'm english
    [05:32:34] snipetownsam: I have seats on the glass this weekend
    [05:32:36] snipetownsam: so excited
    [05:33:12] Human Being: i don't get why they fight
    [05:33:47] Human Being: seems pointless with the helmets and all that padding on
    [05:33:51] artform: sothern Ontario Canada here sam: Leafs hahaha or...... not so much
    [05:33:52] snipetownsam: refs only call things when they feel like it so players police themselves at times and it gets rid of cheapshots in the game
    [05:33:59] snipetownsam: by instilliing a lil fear
    [05:34:16] artform: agree HB!! and time to stop this maiming needlessly
    [05:34:35] snipetownsam: hey go to leafs games?
    [05:35:22] artform: until they clean things up wouldn't waste the money
    [05:35:33] Human Being: i if i had all that padding on i'd say give it your best shot
    [05:35:45] snipetownsam: im a penguins fan seeing them play the bluejackets sunday
    [05:35:55] Human Being: hell i do it without the padding!
    [05:36:45] artform: Our younger son played hockey until the level where the pointless violence gets going and he wanted none of that
    [05:37:37] Human Being: if he was good the thats a shame
    [05:37:38] snipetownsam: i understand that...fighting has its place in the game but only at times...not pointless stuff
    [05:37:43] artform: we met Eric Lindross personally as the next great hope only to see his head deliberately attacked several times;
    [05:37:50] ten_s_nut: I played until age 14, when I got high-sticked. That broke my arm.
    [05:38:15] snipetownsam: hey ten you an nhl fan?
    [05:38:31] ten_s_nut: Was Penguins, now Sharks.
    [05:38:49] snipetownsam: I am a pens fan im going to see them play sunday on glass
    [05:38:49] Human Being: i played rugby till i got knocked out
    [05:39:02] artform: now Sydney Crosby!!!
    [05:39:04] ten_s_nut: sam; cool
    [05:39:25] Human Being: didn't like being knocked out
    [05:39:26] snipetownsam: I saw the sharks play the lightning once
    [05:39:29] Human Being: -
    [05:39:56] snipetownsam: hope sid will be ok even in life not even the game
    [05:40:03] ten_s_nut: Wife calling from bedroom. I've gotta go. Nice chatting with you all. Cheers!
    [05:40:23] snipetownsam: later
    [05:40:23] Human Being: bye tens, have fun
    [05:40:24] artform: Go tens!!
    [05:40:29] artform: - -
    [05:40:30] brine: The Call of the "Wild."
    [05:40:36] brine: Heed it, tens.
    [05:41:16] artform: Heading bed now too~~~~~~~
    [05:41:18] snipetownsam: im gettin that dildo in my butt - if its the last thing i do
    [05:41:26] artform: All the best All
    [05:41:37] Human Being: bye dude
    [05:41:50] brine: Bye art!!!
    [05:41:51] snipetownsam: bye art
    [05:41:58] snipetownsam: sweet dreams
    [05:42:11] brine: Going to sign off too. Need to take some meds and slow down.
    [05:42:52] snipetownsam: im in love with stretching
    [05:49:31] snipetownsam: anybody up?
    [05:49:54] Human Being: sortof
    [05:50:13] snipetownsam: -
    [05:50:53] snipetownsam: im thinkin about using dildo tomorrow on CAM4
    [05:55:14] taran: hello
    [05:55:29] Human Being: hola
    [05:55:39] snipetownsam: hola
    [05:55:45] snipetownsam: no hablo ingles
    [05:56:20] Human Being: gutentag
    [05:57:22] snipetownsam: -
    [05:57:49] taran: how is everyone?
    [05:58:32] snipetownsam: great
    [05:58:32] Human Being: uhh, kinda piseed, keep spsming, want to sleep
    [05:58:32] snipetownsam: u
    [05:58:49] taran: good
    [05:59:09] taran: spasming?
    [05:59:15] Human Being: your tag been guten?
    [06:00:14] Human Being: yeah, i think my bodys kinda on one since it learned to have 'less experiences
    [06:01:31] Human Being: and i keep having mild p waves
    [06:02:57] taran: sounds pretty good
    [06:04:36] Human Being: it is sortoff, keep having like sinking feeling like your just going to sleep, but very quick, and then i'm thrown back up a
    [06:04:48] Human Being: little with this wave
    [06:06:47] taran: i see
    [06:08:00] Human Being: happening around other areas of the body too
    [06:08:21] Human Being: maybe i'm not tired? just relaxed
    [06:08:38] taran: maybe
    [06:13:34] Human Being: ok loggin of now, bye dudes
    [06:14:55] taran: bye
    [06:15:11] snipetownsam: bye im goin to bed
    [06:15:23] RipTheJacker: anyone chatting in here?
    [06:15:36] taran: good nite snipe
    [06:15:41] RipTheJacker: first visit in at least a coupla weeks
    [06:15:44] taran: hope to chat again soon
    [06:15:48] taran: hey rip
    [06:16:12] RipTheJacker: hey taran ... don't think we've met
    [06:16:36] RipTheJacker: any active discussion(s)?
    [06:16:41] taran: dont think we have
    [06:17:01] taran: i just got on about a few minutes ago
    [06:17:04] RipTheJacker: i'm in tampa
    [06:17:25] RipTheJacker: working family guy
    [06:17:55] taran: i hear tampa is nice around this time of year
    [06:18:26] RipTheJacker: cool at night recently but 70's to about 80 past few afternoons
    [06:18:40] RipTheJacker: grrrreat bike weather
    [06:19:30] taran: thats about the same weather as here
    [06:19:38] taran: i live in phoenix
    [06:19:39] RipTheJacker: and sunset a little later every day ... i'm f***in' LIVING for DST!
    [06:20:10] RipTheJacker: yeah - you got some nice winter weather there as wewll
    [06:20:17] RipTheJacker: ^well^
    [07:20:07] Self Stimulator: Hello gents
    [07:29:38] MultiOrgasmMan: Evening guys
    [07:30:20] MultiOrgasmMan: Back soon
    [07:30:35] Self Stimulator: stopped in here 10 min ago, but no one answered
    [07:42:04] Self Stimulator: Hope everyone is doing well. Good night.
    [08:07:51] groovin: hey room
    [08:07:59] groovin: 45 M L.A. here
    [08:33:50] twlltin: good morning
    [08:34:20] groovin: hey twiltin
    [08:34:41] twlltin: Hello to La-la land. -
    [08:35:34] groovin: haha
    [08:35:39] groovin: right on
    [08:36:05] twlltin: how are you?
    [08:36:18] groovin: real good
    [08:36:26] groovin: just finishing up a helix session
    [08:36:28] twlltin: great to hear
    [08:36:56] groovin: yeah good stuff
    [08:36:59] groovin: yourself?
    [08:37:33] twlltin: Just woken up.Not had first coffee yet.
    [08:37:59] groovin: ah. where are you that it is time to get up?
    [08:38:03] groovin: time to go to bed here
    [08:38:35] twlltin: UK
    [08:38:54] groovin: gotcha
    [08:39:10] groovin: good morning to ya
    [09:39:05] twlltin: wb groovin
    [09:39:33] groovin: thank you
    [09:39:54] groovin: did you coffee up?
    [09:40:09] twlltin: No... forgot.
    [09:40:35] groovin: forgot? got distracted i suppose?
    [09:43:19] twlltin: yes
    [09:43:36] groovin: right on
    [09:44:03] twlltin: Kettles also boil faster if you switch them on
    [09:44:16] groovin: quite true
    [09:45:39] groovin: distracting myself with some porn
    [09:53:51] groovin:
    [09:58:35] groovin:
    [10:47:16] multiples4me: hey anyone there?
    [14:22:47] muscleman: yes
    [14:24:24] bsmith14: no
    [14:33:46] rook: hi
    [14:33:52] snipetownsam: hi
    [14:33:59] bsmith14: hi
    [14:34:21] muscleman: morning snipe
    [14:34:54] muscleman: how's the new dildo
    [14:36:35] snipetownsam: good my hole is a lil sore this morning tho
    [14:39:01] muscleman: yeah mine gets sore from a deep pegging sometime
    [14:39:26] snipetownsam: should i get back on it today or wait?
    [14:40:10] muscleman: depends how sore
    [14:40:59] snipetownsam: not bad
    [14:41:31] muscleman: watch a guy using a dildo a few times on
    [14:42:28] muscleman: his hole was wide open when he pulled it out for his boyfriend
    [14:55:28] muscleman: be back after breakfast guys
    [15:08:29] twlltin: Hi all. Browser had crashed and I didn't notice.
    [16:00:16] macca89: Afternoon Gents
    [16:00:43] twlltin: Hi macca. Your text is a bit dark
    [16:01:12] macca89: hows that?
    [16:02:00] twlltin: A bit better.
    [16:02:25] macca89: Just had a ride
    [16:05:07] twlltin: Oh? How did it go?
    [16:06:33] macca89: was a relatively brief one
    [16:06:47] macca89: i know its not recommended, but conventional masturbation seems to get it moving
    [16:07:11] macca89: but not letting yourself cum
    [16:08:06] macca89: was a few times where it felt like it was spinning inside
    [16:10:36] artform: interesting
    [16:10:39] rook: gud sign macca
    [16:10:50] twlltin: Ooh!
    [16:10:50] rook: hey art gud morning
    [16:11:04] macca89: hi art
    [16:11:30] twlltin: I'm going to have to go out for an hour or so. Faulty mobile phone. (US: cellphone)
    [16:11:32] artform: Hi guys.
    [16:11:38] macca89: even afterwards, ive got this slightly twitchy warm glow as if its still there rubbing my prostate
    [16:11:44] twlltin: Bye for now.
    [16:11:47] artform: good luck with that T!
    [16:11:49] macca89: ok laters man
    [16:12:09] twlltin: It has a 24 month warranty.
    [16:12:18] twlltin: And it's T-Mobile...
    [16:12:26] macca89: should be straight forward enough then
    [16:12:39] rook: not U.S. --- Deutche Telecom
    [16:12:55] macca89: T=Mobile too
    [16:13:16] rook: plse to aim darts at the proper dartboard
    [16:13:46] rook: however, even Motorola has their handsets made in Asia
    [16:13:57] rook: :blushin:
    [16:24:10] artform: and is being bought by Google
    [16:24:23] artform: Have to leave for a bit
    [16:24:26] artform: back soon
    [16:25:19] bsmith14: hi guys
    [16:26:48] rook: hey bs14
    [16:27:48] bsmith14: just finished a 'less session
    [16:29:41] rook: nice -- some gud feelings now ?
    [16:31:19] bsmith14: it was nice, nothing earth shattering, tried not playing with nips too much and discarded any porn for the first 15 -20...
    [16:31:22] bsmith14: minutes
    [16:31:53] rook: wow -- major denial ! :ohmy:
    [16:32:06] bsmith14: trying to go back to basics and pick up on any subtle sensations I may be missing
    [16:32:30] rook: so you dodged the hfwo ?
    [16:34:16] bsmith14: yes
    [16:34:39] bsmith14: I don't get them every session, just lately its happening more then usual
    [16:34:57] bsmith14: I know, what a "horrible" problem to have -
    [16:35:24] rook: rumel calls that a, "higher order complaint"
    [16:35:35] rook: -
    [16:35:55] bsmith14: but... it does make it hard to get to the next higher level of super-o
    [16:37:23] rook: I never get into total body-frenzy from a 'less session so am probably immune to an hfwo
    [16:37:46] rook: only hfwos have been when I'm inserted or have just removed the toy
    [16:38:41] rook: my nip sensitiity has changed over the last year. Both used to be about qual. Now it's just the left and it's pretty well
    [16:38:52] rook: wired to ano-rectal-prostate
    [16:39:49] bsmith14: my nips send me into a frenzy of ograsmic pleasure withing 1-2 seconds of touch
    [16:40:36] rook: same with the left one --- wud like to wire the right one to my penis and keep the left one on my prostate
    [16:40:58] rook: started that in November but haven't made much progress
    [16:41:25] bsmith14: what dedication. not sure how you would go about that
    [16:42:02] bsmith14: I really need to have more helix or peridise sessions. just can't find much time these days
    [16:42:11] bsmith14: I plan on having one later today
    [16:42:16] rook: I wired to the prostate by co-ordiinating nip-stim with inserted contractons then refined it without a tool inserted
    [16:43:24] rook: ....more sessions is usually good. -- have you ever had enough time to split a session with a short break (30 min or more)
    [16:43:26] rook: ?
    [16:44:14] bsmith14: never done that
    [16:44:31] rook: My homestretch to the first super-O had a couple of weeks with "split sessions."
    [16:45:01] rook: do 45-60 minutes then extract the tool and go do something else unrelated to Aneros.
    [16:45:47] rook: When the lust turns into a monster, insert and do a rather 'restrained' build trying to hold back
    [16:46:43] rook: It did gat long though and ate up either a morning or afternoon.
    [16:47:25] bsmith14: I get enough time to do that every once in a while
    [16:48:31] rook: I only super-O with helix or eupho. If it's going to be Eupho, I warm up with a tailless Maximus then have 'halftime' then
    [16:48:59] rook: return with Eupho -- have a lot of meditation to calm down as much as possible then allow a slow build.
    [16:49:09] bsmith14: brb
    [16:50:42] bsmith14: back for a minute, just starting to make lunch
    [16:51:10] rook: it is chow time back there ---
    [16:52:38] rook: If I'm not lusty/horny I don't mess with spending the time on an exended session -- will just do ass play to keep my
    [16:52:43] rook: prostate interested.
    [16:54:24] bsmith14: yeah, I think my prostate needs more direct massage
    [16:55:24] rook: I'm not anywhere fully rewired like artform and probably never will be. So regular sessions seem to be a 'must'
    [16:56:20] rook: [include Darwin, & bigguy in that club]
    [16:57:12] rook: I think twll has established a nice path toward being fully rewired ---
    [16:58:19] rook: There was a point, about a year ago when I felt as though I was at the threshold to being in that club. Was
    [16:58:38] bsmith14: I had a nice run of aneroless sessions where it was building into some wonderfull pleasure. I have since hit a plateau
    [16:58:43] bsmith14: brb
    [16:59:46] rook: I got 'cognitively' uncomfortable with where I was going and slacked off. That may have set me up for the current situation
    [17:00:27] rook: wherein I need the Aneros experience to attain intense orgasm -- as opposed to just doing it mentally.
    [17:02:10] bsmith14: back
    [17:03:24] rook: so, if you want to wire into an orgasmic-ready mode of living, avoid getting cognitive or evaluative, introspectively.
    [17:04:14] rook: we always advise nubes to be very accepting. I think I broke that rule.
    [17:04:23] bsmith14: I think it comes down to having me "me" time
    [17:04:46] bsmith14: more me time
    [17:04:48] Human Being: dudes
    [17:04:52] rook: difficult with family job kids and a balanced approach to recreation
    [17:04:57] rook: hey HB
    [17:05:42] rook: HB: nice work with snipe the other nite -- U gave what I think was good advice
    [17:06:13] Human Being: no probs
    [17:06:32] Human Being: just got up
    [17:06:54] rook: welcome to thursday !
    [17:07:33] rook: beautiful day out here --
    [17:07:48] Human Being: remember a pleasent interlude,wherin i woke up with morning glory and was almost straitaway thrown into full body
    [17:07:55] Human Being: contractions
    [17:08:17] Human Being: had smile on my face when fell asleep i'm sure
    [17:08:29] Human Being: our days waning quickly
    [17:08:44] rook: U and bs14 both -- perhaps a time check is in order -
    [17:10:13] Human Being: well i have no problems, no workfor tonight, so i intnd to do whatever pleases me
    [17:10:27] rook: Gave my 'bride' a couple of new toys for Valentine's Day. Am nagging her for a demonstration run. Am being put off though
    [17:10:28] Human Being: might do some tidying and cleaning
    [17:10:38] Human Being: ha
    [17:11:00] Human Being: maybe shes already tried
    [17:11:34] Human Being: she just doesn't want you to get put off by how good they are
    [17:11:38] rook: hmm, whe was late coming to bed last night -- perhaps you're rite
    [17:11:44] Human Being: i had that once
    [17:12:21] rook: she doesn't have too many discards though :unhappy:
    [17:13:06] Human Being: right i'm gonna go hunting, a good day to you and will be back soon
    [17:13:38] rook: take a sharp bead and have a good one.
    [17:30:07] snipetownsam: gettin ready for another dildo or progasm session
    [17:30:41] Human Being: or both?
    [17:31:01] Human Being: hey peeps
    [17:33:20] snipetownsam: maybe both
    [17:34:54] Human Being: you slept?
    [17:35:45] snipetownsam: i cant it hurts
    [17:36:25] Human Being: sleeping hurts?
    [17:36:55] snipetownsam: no my hole
    [17:37:45] Human Being: thats not good, isuggest refraining putting anything up there till it feels better
    [17:38:17] snipetownsam: ok
    [17:38:23] snipetownsam: im gonna shower ttyl
    [17:44:48] twlltin: I return.
    [17:46:09] bsmith14: wb
    [17:46:42] Human Being: good evening
    [17:47:03] twlltin: Had to take my mobile phone in for repair.
    [17:51:29] nevado: hello guys
    [17:52:15] twlltin: hi nev
    [17:52:20] Human Being: hey dude
    [17:52:32] nevado: hi twlltin and Human
    [17:52:39] nevado: how's it going guys?
    [17:53:34] Human Being: pretty good Nirvana - Polly - YouTube
    [17:53:46] twlltin: not bad
    [17:54:24] Human Being: just an idea of my mental state
    [17:54:50] nevado: had a big wave of invols yesterday when i was at the bank
    [17:55:45] Human Being: ha nice, i had that at work the other night
    [17:56:00] nevado: nice
    [17:56:18] nevado: do you ride Less Human?
    [17:56:26] Human Being: didn't know i was a bit of an exibishionist till then
    [17:56:37] Human Being: i give it a go
    [17:57:05] nevado: starting to pulse,-
    [17:57:07] Human Being: i had my first really good experience a few nights after smoking a bit of THC
    [17:57:24] nevado: THC?
    [17:57:35] Human Being: weed
    [17:57:40] nevado: -
    [17:57:56] nevado: how long was your session?
    [17:58:23] Human Being: don't know, hours; maybe 3
    [17:58:31] nevado: mmmmm
    [17:58:45] Human Being: kinda a blur
    [17:59:02] nevado: but pleasurable?
    [17:59:16] nevado: how long have you been riding aneros?
    [17:59:37] Human Being: hell yeah, the first time i could say hell yeah, and was a less session
    [17:59:46] Human Being: umm lets see
  • [18:00:07] nevado: that's great Human, CONGRATS
    [18:00:17] Human Being: i got my aneros 12 days ago
    [18:00:49] Human Being: but, kinda got dropped like a house into this whole thing
    [18:01:17] Human Being: read 'help to shed light' in general discussions
    [18:01:36] nevado: wow
    [18:01:52] Human Being:
    [18:02:10] Human Being: what about you, how long you been riding?
    [18:02:50] nevado: reading your post
    [18:02:55] snipetownsam: got progasm in but wasnt very enjoyable
    [18:03:01] nevado: i've been riding for 8 years
    [18:04:16] Human Being: no wonder
    [18:04:31] nevado: may be too big? are you a beginner snipe?
    [18:04:52] snipetownsam: i just used a huge dildo last night so thats why
    [18:04:53] nevado: but i have been succesfully riding for 4 years
    [18:04:55] Human Being: no he did his arsehole in yesterday
    [18:05:07] nevado: the last year has been amazing
    [18:05:31] nevado: first time using dildo?
    [18:05:55] nevado: this less session is getting strong
    [18:05:59] snipetownsam: yes
    [18:06:02] Human Being: ahh cool, i'm getting better, but it's worth it, even though it's slow, i'm learning loads of new things
    [18:06:09] snipetownsam: 8" x 6" around
    [18:06:19] nevado: did you enjoy it?
    [18:08:14] Human Being: he couldne get it in properly, his ass is KO'd
    [18:08:29] Human Being: but it was a valiant effort
    [18:08:49] snipetownsam: liked it but its way too big couldnt get much in
    [18:09:10] nevado: try to get a smaller one to start
    [18:13:08] nevado: Amazing post Human Being, very inspiring
    [18:13:27] nevado: So glad for you, that you are taking this experinece to higher levels
    [18:13:58] Human Being: that wad just the beggining, thats how it all kicked off
    [18:14:13] Human Being: before i had my aneros
    [18:14:18] Human Being: it was
    [18:14:26] Human Being: hmm yoda
    [18:15:14] nevado: when are you going to ride your aneros next?
    [18:15:42] Human Being: not had anything close to that again, according to rumel it sounds like i was on the cusp of a super o'
    [18:16:15] Human Being: i think he's right, i couldn't imagine anything more pleasurable, maybe tonight
    [18:16:21] nevado: Just take that experinece to inspire you in your ongoing journey
    [18:16:58] Human Being: i wiill, i know i can get there, wherever that may be
    [18:17:20] Human Being: my session last night helped
    [18:17:36] Human Being: actually so have all my sessions
    [18:17:41] Human Being: all 6
    [18:17:42] nevado: You are inspiring me to have a session tonight
    [18:18:04] Human Being: it's nuts how fast the body can learn, go for it
    [18:18:47] nevado: when we allow ourselves to relax and connect with our body
    [18:19:36] Human Being: yeah, its like the hardest thing for me to learn is that it's easy
    [18:20:09] nevado: feeling great energy right now
    [18:20:13] Human Being: it should be effortless for you your mind to be intimate with your body
    [18:20:46] Human Being: but they are so far apart, but getting closer
    [18:20:54] Human Being: thats good, keep it up
    [18:21:10] nevado: thanks man, sending some
    [18:21:17] Human Being: just got a contraction and burped -
    [18:21:29] nevado: mmm
    [18:27:06] muscleman: rehi all
    [18:27:26] nevado: how's it going Human?
    [18:32:59] nevado: very pleasurable sensations on my ches
    [18:34:54] Human Being: umm, just chillin mainly, have nirvana on, just getting lots of big muscle spasms
    [18:35:28] Human Being: had one point i had great pleasure coming out the tops of my legs
    [18:35:40] Human Being: but lost it
    [18:36:16] Human Being: my perception has shifted somewhat, so feelin good
    [18:36:33] nevado: I'm so glad, feeling great here too
    [18:36:54] nevado: very lovely wellbeing state
    [18:38:17] Human Being: yeah, only very mild at the moment, but have been able to get it better in the past, guess i just like where i am
    [18:38:35] Human Being: plus i have no stars, that helps
    [18:39:49] muscleman:
    [18:40:33] Human Being: thats it, just need to be in the moment. i have a feeling mm that this is going to take me out of it
    [18:40:36] muscleman: Celebrity Camel Toes (40 pics)
    [18:41:19] nevado: being in the moment is KEY
    [18:44:02] muscleman: well I like them
    [18:44:21] Human Being: yup got it, and i am no were nere in the moment now. thnx mm
    [18:44:44] Human Being: although there are some nice pics there
    [18:45:07] nevado: thank for sharing mm
    [18:46:20] Human Being: fukin hell kiss canada!
    [18:46:24] Human Being: miss*
    [18:46:32] Human Being: and would also kiss
    [18:47:32] nevado: -
    [18:49:26] Human Being: any more? i'm in the mood for something funny
    [18:50:57] Human Being: Just wow moments -2
    [18:50:59] nevado: do you want to try some breathing exercises?
    [18:51:38] nevado: very funny
    [18:52:04] Human Being: ok, will do, not yet though, would like a cig first
    [18:52:19] nevado: ok
    [18:56:24] Human Being: ok anyone seen my lighter?
    [18:56:34] nevado: -
    [18:56:47] Human Being: its ok, was sat on it
    [18:57:11] nevado: enjoy yoyr nicotine, -
    [19:07:56] Human Being: gotta wait for mate to get out of shower, need piss
    [19:08:03] Human Being: grr
    [19:09:23] nevado: -
    [19:09:59] nevado: will have to go soon, let's do the exercise with more calm another time if you want
    [19:13:16] nevado: Bye guys, catch up later!
    [19:13:28] twlltin: bye nev
    [19:13:37] nevado: take care twlltin
    [19:13:45] Human Being: yep would lovetoo, bye dude
    [19:14:00] nevado: take care HUman
    [19:15:26] muscleman: anyone riding?
    [19:17:02] Human Being: nope, spasming alot, just listening to nirvana
    [19:17:08] Human Being: you?
    [19:17:25] muscleman: yeah I am
    [19:18:22] twlltin: I'm eating
    [19:18:25] Human Being: nice
    [19:20:17] muscleman: yeah two enemas so ready for anything
    [19:20:54] twlltin: two?!?
    [19:21:47] muscleman: yeah thrusting with strapon need to have a clean track
    [19:23:00] twlltin: Is it that long that it goes into the colon too?
    [19:24:16] muscleman: - creates a suction at times
    [19:25:58] muscleman: plus super clean can lead to some rimming too
    [19:28:32] muscleman: plus ready for progasm or something bigger with ease
    [19:30:48] bsmith14: hi guys
    [19:31:17] muscleman: hey smitty
    [19:31:22] twlltin: Hi bs14
    [19:31:22] Human Being: hey smith, how's it goin
    [19:31:47] bsmith14: good, just finished a helix/peridise session
    [19:32:08] Human Being: mmm good?
    [19:32:16] bsmith14: it was good
    [19:35:27] bsmith14: and still having prostate buzzing
    [19:35:54] Human Being: did it feel like this?
    [19:36:15] Human Being: :cursing: - :tongue: :blink: :wub: :unhappy: :unsure: :cursing: :angry: :cursing: - :bigtongue: -
    [19:36:39] bsmith14: -, damn that is pretty accurate
    [19:37:16] Human Being: pretty coolz, feels bout same for me
    [19:38:10] muscleman: being pegged will get it buzzing too and unloading a nice load
    [19:38:58] Human Being: Please Walk Away
    [19:39:15] Human Being: bein pegged by you miss righ now?
    [19:40:51] muscleman: no wouldn't be here in chat
    [19:43:50] bsmith14: @mm, what positions do you and your wife use during pegging?
    [19:45:35] Human Being: any and all i bet
    [19:45:43] muscleman: on my knees chest on the bed
    [19:45:45] twlltin: OK. Out to rehearsals...
    [19:46:08] Human Being: got the kama sutra under the mattress for expeditions -
    [19:46:14] bsmith14: so doggy style?
    [19:46:20] Human Being: bye twll, have a gu'n
    [19:46:39] muscleman: yes
    [19:46:58] muscleman: only way I take all 8"
    [19:48:44] muscleman: do her doggie too so she can take my 8, doggie style ruins a mattress too
    [19:49:39] bsmith14: well, tit for tat
    [19:50:22] muscleman: can't see how snipe will handle his new dildo
    [19:51:00] bsmith14: I have had an 8 inch dildo, wasn't too hard to get it in
    [19:51:48] muscleman: how thick. thats the problem
    [19:52:06] bsmith14: never measured that part, it was thick to me
    [19:53:26] muscleman: 1.5" is thick for me too, cock head actually enters my colon
    [19:53:32] bsmith14: you know, I have not tried another dildo since I started using aneros. I wonder if it would feel better now
    [19:55:46] muscleman: if you're not being pegged recommend one with suction cup
    [19:56:11] Human Being: no not really, tried all manner of things, aneros best for me
    [19:56:32] bsmith14: I have been thinking about that too, the 8 inch one I had didn't have that and the 6 inch one I have doesn't either
    [19:57:06] bsmith14: when I was experimenting with them, it wasn't that pleasurable, but maybe my ass has awoken to pleasure now
    [19:58:45] Human Being: possibly, i havent had anything up there for a long time till the aneros
    [20:00:15] muscleman: if you don't have a suction cup its a distraction having to limit the thrusting using your hand
    [20:00:41] bsmith14: I remember that being a problem
    [20:03:34] muscleman: I get a prosttae exam every 3 months
    [20:04:11] bsmith14: so what kind of dildo should I get then
    [20:04:33] muscleman: colonoscopy every 3, had polyps 10 years ago
    [21:09:11] STARR831: Things appear to fairly quiet this afternoon, gentlemen?
    [21:09:47] bsmith14: hi
    [21:10:04] STARR831: Greetings from Maine!
    [21:10:58] STARR831: Any interesting topics discussed today?
    [21:11:45] bsmith14: pegging and dildos
    [21:12:15] STARR831: OK guess I haven't had much experience with either one.
    [21:12:40] bsmith14: had some with a dildo, but not pegging
    [21:13:01] STARR831: Several days ago, there was a discussion of videos on the forum. did you read that one, Brian?
    [21:13:58] STARR831: One post referred to a Brazilian aneros site. It had some detailed videos of aneros use.
    [21:14:36] bsmith14: didn't see that one. btw, I am David
    [21:14:53] STARR831: Sorry about that, David!
    [21:15:20] STARR831: Is a dildo much different from the peridise?
    [21:16:18] bsmith14: I would say yes, dildos are really filling, but the peridise is meant to give you a different sensations
    [21:16:34] bsmith14: I have the peridise and like it
    [21:17:31] STARR831: I really like mine also! Seems to brush against the lower part of my prostate JUST ENOUGH to give quite a ride.
    [21:18:32] bsmith14: I get very nice anal contractions going with it
    [21:18:49] bsmith14: I have the advanced set and mostly use the smallest one so far
    [21:19:19] STARR831: Is there an opinion as to whether or not dildos/pegging use complicates the rewiring process?
    [21:19:55] bsmith14: I have not heard either way
    [21:20:57] STARR831: Seems as though when I first started my aneros journey, the advice was to stick to my aneros - mixed messages otherwise.
    [21:21:49] bsmith14: that is the general consensus, but probably not true for everybody
    [21:23:46] STARR831: Had an early morning mgx and ice session --- most enjoyable! Been sitting alot today AND my afterglow energy has been raging
    [21:24:35] bsmith14: had a 'less session and then a helix/peridise session after lunch. I am also having some nice afterglow
    [21:25:12] STARR831: quite a force to recdkon with
    [21:25:50] STARR831: just seems to roll on and on
    [21:26:18] STARR831: fortunately I don't share my office
    [21:26:29] muscleman: time for my pegging guys be back later or tomorrow
    [21:26:44] STARR831: enjoy, muscle
    [21:27:30] bsmith14: bye mm
    [21:27:31] nevado: hello
    [21:28:03] STARR831: welcome nevado!
    [21:28:25] nevado: Thanks Starr
    [21:28:27] bsmith14: hi
    [21:28:36] nevado: How's it going?
    [21:28:42] nevado: hi bsmith
    [21:28:53] muscleman: I will
    [21:29:02] nevado: bye mm
    [21:29:13] nevado: what's the topic?
    [21:29:43] STARR831: Just sharing with David that my early morning mgx-ice session left me with a raging afterglow
    [21:30:12] bsmith14: I am glowing too -
    [21:30:15] nevado: That's great man
    [21:30:25] nevado: Wonderful
    [21:30:51] Human Being: hey hey hey
    [21:30:53] nevado: I can feel your glow from here guys
    [21:30:59] nevado: Hi Human
    [21:31:04] STARR831: I think your energy has a direct link to Maine!
    [21:31:13] nevado: mmmm
    [21:31:27] nevado: instant perineum pulsing
    [21:32:19] STARR831: pulsating upward breathing slowly
    [21:33:22] nevado: Hope everybody here feels as well as I am feeling right now
    [21:33:43] STARR831: you're not alone
    [21:34:16] STARR831: feeling full and very warm
    [21:35:41] STARR831: pressure building with radiating tingling
    [21:36:22] Human Being: hmm i'll be up in a bit to join in
    [21:36:34] nevado: doing some gently contractions, echoing is dynamic
    [21:36:42] nevado: ok Human
    [21:36:52] STARR831: same here and enjoying it
    [21:37:18] nevado: My prostate is beating like a heart
    [21:37:41] STARR831: breast contracting harder and harder
    [21:38:04] nevado: expanding
    [21:38:19] nevado: great sensation in penis
    [21:38:20] STARR831: prostate squeezing and butt cheeks tightening
    [21:38:27] nevado: ooohhh
    [21:38:41] nevado: amazing man
    [21:38:44] STARR831: amazing ride
    [21:39:01] nevado: wow
    [21:39:04] Human Being: i'm just sat here giggling now
    [21:39:08] STARR831: penis pulsating
    [21:39:25] nevado: welcome human
    [21:39:32] nevado: getting hard
    [21:39:42] STARR831: contracting and pulsating
    [21:39:55] STARR831: butt cheeks tight
    [21:40:04] STARR831: legs shaking
    [21:40:06] nevado: moving neck to relax more
    [21:40:22] nevado: try to remain steady starr
    [21:41:02] STARR831: deep breath and praising God
    [21:41:14] nevado:
    [21:41:25] Human Being: doing some energy breathing through my heart, it feels red hot
    [21:41:37] nevado: great Human
    [21:41:47] STARR831: another contraction
    [21:41:57] nevado: breath in all the way with belly
    [21:42:10] STARR831: deep and full
    [21:42:16] nevado: and contract anus, perineum, etc during exhale
    [21:42:25] nevado: pulling prostate towards belly
    [21:42:36] nevado: ten times
    [21:42:57] STARR831: cock pulsating
    [21:43:07] STARR831: breast contracting
    [21:43:17] nevado: mmmm
    [21:43:37] nevado: total bliss
    [21:43:54] STARR831: amen and amen
    [21:44:43] STARR831: breast contraction and orgasm
    [21:44:48] nevado: riding together, resonating with our pulsing
    [21:45:14] STARR831: bag and balls rolling in unison
    [21:45:15] nevado: dry o here too
    [21:45:40] STARR831: again here
    [21:46:00] nevado: rocking my butt on chair
    [21:46:08] STARR831: butt tight and legs shaking
    [21:46:12] Human Being: ok gave up with breathing, went for massive contractions, i was a way off i think
    [21:46:25] Human Being: still good though
    [21:46:45] nevado: hard belly
    [21:47:11] nevado: listen to the echoe of your contractions
    [21:47:36] STARR831: an amazing experience to share
    [21:47:40] nevado: THis is amazing guys
    [21:48:09] twlltin: Hi all
    [21:48:22] STARR831: hey twil
    [21:48:26] nevado: hi twlltin
    [21:48:31] Human Being: -
    [21:48:37] nevado: we are having a major less energy exchange
    [21:48:50] Human Being: that was getting good then frted
    [21:49:01] nevado: -
    [21:49:07] Human Being: laughing too much
    [21:49:22] nevado: anal involuntary contractions
    [21:49:23] Human Being: really good
    [21:49:37] Human Being: yup
    [21:49:49] nevado: massage your belly with laugh
    [21:50:14] STARR831: still pulsating here and contracting
    [21:50:48] nevado: here too
    [21:52:12] STARR831: pulsating and tightening
    [21:52:48] STARR831: contracting and breathing deeply
    [21:53:32] nevado: chheks grounding on chair energy rising
    [21:53:48] STARR831: same here
    [21:53:53] STARR831: contraction
    [21:54:08] nevado: anus feels incredible
    [21:54:30] STARR831: on fire and trembling
    [21:54:39] nevado: mmmmm
    [21:54:48] nevado: lets's go deeper
    [21:55:04] Human Being: sat trying ti drink cuppa, body spasming, wants to go again!
    [21:55:27] STARR831: see it through and hang on
    [21:55:28] nevado: getting really hard
    [21:55:39] nevado: hips thrusting
    [21:56:15] nevado: chest expanding
    [21:56:31] nevado: anal orgasm
    [21:56:49] Human Being: nice
    [21:57:27] STARR831: rolling full and warm
    [22:00:44] nevado: sitting peacefully listening to my prostate beats
    [22:00:57] STARR831: amazing ride --- thank you for the company
    [22:01:17] nevado: always a pleasure
    [22:01:53] STARR831: must head for home now --- praising God all the way! Take care!!!!
    [22:02:17] Human Being: take care dude
    [22:02:25] nevado: Thanks Starr, take care.
    [22:02:51] nevado: how are you feeling human?
    [22:04:08] Human Being: good, that was the first time i've got so far along, listening to the echoes of the contractions works a hell of alot better
    [22:04:22] Human Being: than just trying for one or two
    [22:04:38] Human Being: it seems you would always fall short
    [22:05:03] Human Being: but if you can keep them up, feels like a chain reaction
    [22:05:54] Human Being: even though i didn't o' still left me laughing and with a big smile on my face
    [22:06:20] nevado: laughing is great
    [22:06:49] Human Being: def gonna try again soon. i take it your feeling very good now?
    [22:07:23] nevado: feeling amazing man
    [22:07:30] nevado: still pulsing
    [22:08:08] nevado: a voluntary contraction from time to time to activate the echoe
    [22:08:49] Human Being: it's kinda hard to relate, when your not actually in the state
    [22:09:01] Human Being: like i was a few nights ago
    [22:09:13] twlltin: Trying a 'less now.
    [22:09:19] nevado: but we are here now
    [22:09:27] Human Being: felt fantastic, but can't picture it in my head
    [22:09:34] nevado: Great Twlltin, going less here too
    [22:09:58] Human Being: ahh screw it, me too
    [22:10:09] nevado: stay with the sensation, try not to think about it too much
    [22:14:44] nevado: strong sensations on the pelvic floor
    [22:22:01] Human Being: the muscles around ther fatigued very quickly
    [22:22:44] twlltin: You don't do full contractions, nor do you hold them for that long.
    [22:22:55] nevado: take a break
    [22:23:17] Human Being: not going to happen for me tonight
    [22:23:17] nevado: sometimes the intention of a contractions works well for me
    [22:23:38] Human Being: ?
    [22:23:56] twlltin: Thinking about them, not actually doing them
    [22:24:03] nevado: TRy to leave expectations on the side
    [22:24:14] nevado: exactly twlltin
    [22:25:38] Human Being: oh i see what you mean
    [22:26:02] Human Being: i had the same build feeling, but no contraction
    [22:26:16] Human Being: s
    [22:26:48] Human Being: thats gonna take some getting used to, very different
    [22:27:54] Human Being: christ, i'm learning more how to enjoy myselfeveryday
    [22:29:49] nevado: i learn every moment
    [22:31:00] nevado: i'm relaxing moving the energy from the session
    [22:33:57] artform: Great nevado!
    [22:34:07] artform: Hi again HB!
    [22:34:19] nevado: hi Art
    [22:34:25] Human Being: hey dude
    [22:34:43] artform: How goes it??
    [22:34:50] nevado: really well
    [22:34:59] nevado: we had a less session
    [22:35:07] nevado: still pulsing
    [22:35:15] artform: jointly?
    [22:35:25] nevado: yeah
    [22:35:25] Human Being: relaxed
    [22:35:35] nevado: feeling great
    [22:35:37] artform: excellent
    [22:35:46] Human Being: well sortof, i gave it a go
    [22:35:57] twlltin: still at it here
    [22:36:05] nevado: i think you are doing great human
    [22:36:18] nevado: how's your less twlltin?
    [22:36:26] artform: everybody!!!
    [22:36:33] twlltin: plateau
    [22:36:52] twlltin: gently trying a bit to deepen
    [22:36:52] artform: very good
    [22:37:15] nevado: great twlltin
    [22:37:23] Human Being: don't fall asleep this time -
    [22:37:50] artform: picking it up too now and with you all
    [22:38:06] nevado: join our after glow art
    [22:38:24] nevado: perineum tingling
    [22:41:07] nevado: pulsing increasing
    [22:43:55] artform: the energies I am feeling incoming from this gathering are excaptional
    [22:45:15] bsmith14: wish I could join
    [22:45:53] artform: a varying moveable feast throughout, through-the-body travel out and about, and high hovering calm seas extraordinary
    [22:45:54] nevado: please do
    [22:45:59] artform: why not b14?
    [22:46:27] bsmith14: to many family around
    [22:46:30] artform: this is all "less" and seems to be largely still-body
    [22:46:42] artform: OK
    [22:46:52] artform: understand
    [22:47:25] bsmith14: its ok, already had a less and an helix/peridise session today. my prostate is still glowing a bit
    [22:48:09] nevado: great
    [22:48:36] artform: well man, just let some of this group exchange with you own afterglow, and no one around you will be able to tell...
    [22:48:42] artform: the difference
    [22:49:00] artform: Just warm happy hubby and dad!!
    [22:54:25] nevado: i just texted you by skype, sorry for not asking before
    [22:58:48] artform: HB, how now??
    [22:59:06] Human Being: eating cheese sandwich
    [22:59:14] Human Being: what else?
    [22:59:17] artform: twlltin getting deeper?
    [22:59:37] nevado: pulsing is really good here
    [22:59:38] artform: fine dining man!! Fine!
    [22:59:41] Human Being: feeling happy
    [22:59:53] nevado: great
    [22:59:54] artform: very good
    [23:00:10] artform: as in floating bliss?
    [23:01:10] Human Being: no wouldn't call it that at all, thouh i know what you mean, just happy, warm
    [23:01:46] Human Being: sandwich is nice too
    [23:03:22] artform: great HB
    [23:03:32] artform: real cheese or processed?
    [23:03:54] Human Being: the lower region of my body feels comfortably warm, and i have a little distorted perception
    [23:03:55] twlltin: .......
    [23:04:13] Human Being: like a little dizzy, but not
    [23:04:34] nevado: nice buzz HB
    [23:04:48] Human Being: yup
    [23:04:52] artform: HB you sound like you could be floating
    [23:07:15] artform: T is speechless in bliss methinks.................
    [23:07:53] Human Being: ha yeah
    [23:08:07] Human Being: nice one twll
    [23:08:24] twlltin: Not quite
    [23:08:42] nevado: o coming its way
    [23:08:46] twlltin: Not absolutely sure what I am.
    [23:09:11] artform: Lovely T!
    [23:09:18] artform: Lovely N!
    [23:10:04] nevado: rock hard
    [23:10:57] nevado: expanding the vibrations
    [23:12:01] artform: High High multisensory surround spectacular floating bliss with great warmth and musical vibrations tintinnabulations in...
    [23:12:54] twlltin: hotcold
    [23:13:29] artform: ...every cell and every mitochondrion and all fuzzing dissolving into all~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    [23:13:45] artform: Wow T!
    [23:13:58] nevado:
    [23:14:08] Human Being: i am listening to music now
    [23:14:44] nevado: what kind of music?
    [23:15:18] Human Being: nirvana, was just sending thoughts
    [23:15:30] nevado: great
    [23:15:35] nevado: love NIrvana
    [23:16:59] artform: Berlioz Requiem Lacrymosa running through whole body/mind~~~~~~~~
    [23:17:10] nevado: Got to go for now guys, it was great
    [23:17:28] Human Being: bye dude
    [23:17:33] artform: amazing event, thanks all
    [23:17:43] nevado: THank you all
    [23:17:44] artform: supper call
    [23:17:51] nevado: Bye HUman
    [23:17:55] artform: chat again soon
    [23:18:00] nevado: BYe Art and Twlltin
    [23:18:10] Human Being: bye art
    [23:18:47] twlltin: Comign down
    [23:18:49] artform: Best Nev HB and T!!! and b14 too!!
    [23:19:16] twlltin: I think perhaps the first hints of an anal O in that.
    [23:19:20] artform: interesting accent there T!
    [23:20:06] twlltin: It wanted to, I could feel, but the spasming was not coordinated
    [23:20:29] twlltin: Cup of tea needed now.
    [23:20:43] artform: rewiring apace so relax and enjoy
    [23:22:04] twlltin: I don't know whether that went to O state. There were some feelings like it did, and some that it didn't.
    [23:22:17] Human Being: i think if i wasn't dropped into all this in the way i was i would never hava been as relaxed about coming on here
    [23:22:54] Human Being: probs did, it's all subjective anyway
    [23:23:44] twlltin: dunno. Needs more research -
    [23:23:54] Human Being: i've noticed that some of my behaviors different
    [23:24:41] Human Being: in a good way though
    [23:26:44] bsmith14: @twll, did you have a new exeprience?
    [23:27:24] twlltin: Possibly, yes
    [23:27:34] twlltin: A chair 'less session
    [23:28:06] bsmith14: yeah, you have had those before, right?
    [23:28:43] twlltin: One that I didn't fall asleep in
    [23:29:48] bsmith14: brb
    [00:08:05] twlltin: hi spydey
    [00:09:03] Spyderman64: hi twll; what's new?
    [00:09:44] twlltin: a chair 'less session... with four of us in chat all doing much the same
    [00:10:08] Spyderman64: interesting -- how did it go?
    [00:10:38] twlltin: I think I almost got to an anal O. The twitchings were starting but uncoordinated
    [00:10:54] twlltin: Artform was effusively ecstatic
    [00:10:55] Spyderman64: first time for you?
    [00:11:57] twlltin: Not first time, but I'm only slowly developing the technique.
    [00:12:28] Spyderman64: another door opens
    [00:14:01] twlltin: maybe. More research needed. -
    [00:14:32] twlltin: Anyway, I want to get to bed at a reasonable time. I'm going to have to leave before I get sucked in again
    [00:14:41] twlltin: and spend another night sleeping in chair.
    [00:14:54] twlltin: Bye for now!
    [00:15:05] Spyderman64: take care!
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