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Which model to try after helix?
  • InfyInfy
    Posts: 2
    So I'm looking for a second aneros toy besides the Helix. Have any suggestions? Any to avoid?
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    The most variety (when compared to Helix) --> a Beginners Set of Peridise toys. Great during sex, traditional masturbation and some of us pack one to the gym. (adds meaning to yoga and tai chi). If anal stim isn't important, consider a Vice with a dj wondervibe. (however it's large tabs can do some cool anal stuff)

    What's to avoid? Don't know of anything.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    I''m assuming you've got some good responses and feelings going with the Helix and if it's at that point you're considering a second model, and though there's certainly "none to avoid", you might want to give consideration to a Eupho. I wouldn't suggest that to beginners, but at the point you are experiencing and recognizing some good feelings, that one can certainly put you over the top. It was the one that took me past what I could do with the Helix (also my starting model) and is still my favorite for producing the most intense orgasms.
  • If you want a fuller experience, consider the Progasm.

    For more subtle, yet direct stimulation with more motion - MGX (or Eupho, which I've not yet tried).

    I also started with a Helix, and still love it. Depending on my mood I'll switch between the Helix, MGX, and Progasm. Or all three if I've got the time.
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 223
    Out of the 5 models I have, right now my two favourites (and most dependable workers) are the MGX and Progasm.

    People say the Helix is more aggressively shaped than the MGX, but I find the MGX is more aggressively on-target. I'd describe the Helix as a big thumb and the MGX as a finger, if that makes sense. Maybe it's just me, but the MGX fits me a lot better, it lands in just the right place and acts with precision.

    The Progasm has a lot of presence, and the rounded tabs are way more comfortable than the other models. I find it a deeper, slower experience.

    The Eupho and Maximus are my other models, which have fallen out of regular use after some dud sessions.
    These two are wild-cards though, when they work; oh my GOD do they work.

    I don't regret buying any of them. They each have their own distinct feel, and each one is an education.
    The great thing about having a number of different models is being able to dust one off that you haven't used in a long time, forgetting what to expect and just going with it. Those unpredictable and unfamiliar sessions can really catch you off guard in the best way.

    Which is what happened last night with my Maximus. I had the most amazing sensations the first time I tried it, but that was followed by probably 10 dud sessions, so I stopped using it. Then last night I take a chance on it and had my best session ever. Maximus is coming out of retirement! :rolleyes:

    I don't think you can go wrong what ever model you buy, all 5 of my aneros' have each spent time as my favourite one. If one isn't working wonders for you at one point, come back in a few weeks and it might.

    Although, I stand by my choice of MGX and Progasm as the most no-nonsense models.