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Advice on Involuntaries
  • Hi everyone

    So I wanted some advice on where to go next in my current progress with aneros.

    At the moment I'm very much enjoying my sessions, lots of pleasurable sensations and many dry O's! I have a progasm and and a vice (which I use without the bullet). I seem to be stuck on my journey towards to super O though.

    Currently about 20 minutes into my sessions I start experiencing involuntary contractions, which as I've heard are the final step before the super O. These involuntaries feel fantastic and I can definitely feel something building, however after about a minute they seem to slowly ebb away, which is rather disappointing.

    So fellow aneros users, what do I need to do to prolong these contractions and push me over the edge and across the finish line :)

    For some added info, I mostly use the vice and the tab doesn't seem to be touching my sweet spot, it feels like its just below it. So should I manipulate the aneros to touch the spot? Is it possible to manipulate the tab on the Vice? If not would you recommend I buy another method, if so which one?

    Sorry for all the questions! I look forward to your responses!
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    I think you're coming along fine MJ. The involuntary contraction, at least in my experience, lasts about a minute or so then slowly eases off. It's during that contraction that a strong orgasm will come and feel just like you're ejaculating intensely but nothing will come out. Mine repeat though, about 2 to 3 minutes apart for a total of about 5 to 10, i.e., the total session going about 30 minutes (though some go longer).

    I think you're simply at the stage of rewiring, and I went through the same thing, where the contraction comes but not the orgasm. Just relax with it and "train" just like at the gym, keeping steady with your sessions. Soon you should begin to feel a funny warm sensation in your pelvis with the contraction and over time it will "mature" and start to flow out into your penis. Eventually you should have your first full blown super o with a warm orgasmic like feeling flowing all the way to the end of your penis and even then with further practice it will get to the point that feeling is like you're ejaculating as hard as you ever could for a prolonged time but with nothing coming out.

    It's really neat and super enjoyable when it gets to that stage. I found it really helpful to tickle my nipples to bring the involuntary contractions on and intensify the sensations accompanying them so do this as well if you haven't discovered that yet.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    I agree with slimjim that your progress sounds just fine. I went through that stage during rewiring and for me, it lasted a couple of years so you need to be patient. I think you should be very happy to get multiple dry-o's and satisfied that you possibly could go no further. I was thrilled with myself when I got to that point. my journey was long and slow and took me over four years to have a super O. In fact, I'm not sure I have had a super O on my own.

    My strongest orgasms come with the aid of my wife. Just her gentle touch of my skin sends p waves throughout my body and more times than not, by the time she touches and sucks my nipples, I'm off to the races! You don't mention if you are married or have a partner, but if you do, I would suggest you consider involving them.

    Do you think you could distinguish the difference between a dry-O and a super O? maybe you are having them all along and don't realize it. my progress was very slow and changes never hit me like a ton of bricks. different sensations appeared very subtle and took me time to realize what was going on.

    You don't mention how long you have been at it? I would always encourage purchasing another model or two. my sessions generally involve using several models swapping them out as I feel like. the helix is a dud for me but the progasm is always a winner.