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Can't get it in all the way, sometimes.
  • Hi,

    I recently received the aneros helix and I have used it afew times so far. I have already begun feeling some pretty nice sensations, however I'm having trouble getting the aneros in the whole way.

    Most of the time it seems to stop 1cm from being fully in and I can't seem to push it in further. Then, at random short periods of time I am able to get it in the entire way and it starts to feel amazing. But then very soon after it slips out again by 1cm and I can't get it to go back in no matter how big of a contraction I make.

    I don't know if it's the angle I'm inserting it or what. Sometimes I can get in the whole way, other times its just kind of stuck on the outside. I've noticed it feels best when it's in the whole way so I'm assuming that's the way its meant to be.
    It could be not using enough lube. So far I have tried cheapo water based lubricant but that seems to be too thin and watery and sometimes seems to sting and I also tried some olive oil but it also stung a bit at first and then seemed to absorb within a couple minutes.
    Is vaseline a good lube?, I feel like I need something thicker perhaps.

    Any tips to help?
  • I'm under the impression that that's how its supposed to work.

    When its fully inside its making full contact with the prostate, and when it starts going back and forth without you having to do it yourself is when the fun starts. Don't manually adjust it, I'm pretty sure the final ridge isn't supposed to be inside you at all times like you think.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    The Helix isn't designed to go all the way in. It has a neck which is supposed to allow the anal sphincters to grip it.

    There's no harm in trying Vaseline. The way to apply it is to put a blob on your finger, push the blob into the hole, and work the finger around so that you distribute the lube as far in as you can reach. Then apply the Vaseline evenly to the Helix. Insert the Helix gently, and make sure the P-tab touches the skin.

    Experiment with posture. Some positions allow the Helix naturally to touch the prostate. It depends on your body which position works best for you. If you're lying on your back and find the Helix's handle is getting caught on the sheet or towel, perhaps arrange two pillows under your bottom and lower back, perhaps in a V shape, so that you're raised off the bed and the Helix is free to move.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Assuming your rectum is generally empty when you're trying inserting it, and usually that's the case for anyone with typically regular bowel movements, at least for several hours after your last movement, the Helix, and particularly so for this model with the relative thickness of its body compared to its thin stem, will "settle in" to place simply as your anal sphincter wants to grip it. Pushing it farther manually will accomplish nothing.

    The involuntary movements that pull it further inward (that's where the fun feelings spoken of start) will pull the P-tab firmly against your perineum and will constitute the farthest inward position it can take but it's almost impossible to duplicate this position by manually pushing it there or by "pulling in" yourself with voluntary anal contractions. Choice of lubrication won't make a big difference here but the stinging feeling you have with cheap water based lubes is common. Though I use a tiny amount of water based lube on the tip of my Aneros I do so only after applying a light coating of Vaseline to the entire inserted surface of my Aneros and to my anal canal. Lubrication choice however, you will soon find, is subject to much discussion and individual preference here.

    And if you're like most, starting with a lying on your back knees up with a small pillow under your hips is a great position to get started with.
  • Thanks for the advice guys.

    Unfortunately though, my latest attempts have been pretty disappointing :(.

    It's almost like I get too tired to do any contractions, I have the urge to just kind of lay there doing nothing, but if I do that then that's literally all that ends up happening. It doesn't really feel like it's hitting the spot. The first time I used the aneros there was a brief moment where I DEFINITELY hit the spot. So I know what it feels like, the problem has been trying to recreate that.

    Sometimes it feels like I may be building up to something, and I will start to get a strong erection. But, it seems then the erection itself somehow stops the ability for me to contract as easily and I just end up kind of 'flexing' with the aneros and not actually getting much movement after that point.

    My latest session also had very little pre-cum, which is odd, because the first and second sessions (where I managed to magically hit the spot very briefly) had me excessively pre-cuming.

    I feel like I'm doing everything the same as before so I don't know why I can't hit that spot again! I guess the only difference is I have stopped trying to force it in. Forcing it in when it couldn't go in probably never helped, but occasionally I seemed to get it in further somehow and hit that spot. It's probably something to do with the angle. It also seems that unless I can get it in further then I don't feel that 'looped' feeling from the P-tab. When it's in properly I feel this euphoric loop going around my dick from the P-tab pressing in. That's what starts the awesome feeling.

    But the last session I felt almost nothing like that. It's like the P-tab wasn't aligned properly, and when it was it was too far away to give enough impact.

    I'm guessing this might have something to do with not relaxing enough. Perhaps I am too tense and that's stopping the aneros being able to enter in at the correct angle fully. I have tried to do meditative breathing but that seems to almost put me to sleep!

    Any more tips guys? I have tried in different positions. So far it has worked once with legs up full in the air and on my back, and once laying on my left side. It was very brief, but those were the positions. Maybe it is my posture... I tried putting a pillow under my lower back to prop me up a bit but it felt uncomfortable. But if I fully lay down without the pillow then the handle seems to press into the bed and feels weird, but it feels like the most comfortable position for my back. Vaseline seemed to help get the sliding in and out happening easier, but still not hitting the spot, just feels like a neverending shit lol.
    :/ I know it's normal to think "my aneros doesn't fit me" but I just hate how my progress seems to be going backwards each time I use it :(.
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    A tip with P-tab...

    Make sure your perineum is not greasy. Insert the Helix as normal.

    Gently pull the skin of the perineum up towards your scrotum and away from your anus. Engage the P-tab on the skin and then release the tension. Your perineum skin should then be pushing gently on the P-tab, and in doing so, through the pivot point of your anus, the Helix will be pushed forward onto the prostate. That might help things a little.

    The alternative to using the pillow is to trim back the tail of the Helix just enough that it no longer catches on the bed. I've done this to mine, and it made a huge difference. It's a big step though -- you can't go back once you've done this (apart from buying a new one).
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    Relax RainAndWind about your progress. It sounds to me like you're just in the very earliest phases of experiencing some sensations and you can't hurry that along. It takes weeks in most cases for good feelings to start and sounds like you're in fact already getting some. It does take time before it stops feeling like it's a hard piece of stool stuck in your rectum and your feeling this indicates you're still early in the process. Don't worry about the pre-ejaculate fluid volume. Some guys make more than others and it's not an indicator of success or progress with having orgasms.

    With relatively few exceptions, the P-tab as it comes out of the box fits almost all guys satisfactorily so I wouldn't change anything about that right now. You can cut off the tail if it gets in the way but it's simpler to lie on your back knees up with a small pillow under your hips which will also make for better contact internally with your prostate.

    The fact that you're feeling in some sessions like a "building up to something" is occurring accompanied by a strong erection indicates you are in the first phases of the basic involuntary movements that occur in an Aneros induced prostate orgasm so just relax and when you feel this come on and discover anything you can do to help amplify this feeling. I obtained the best success at that early phase in "re-wiring" by maintaining gentle PC contractions, like you'd use to gently cut off urine flow--not a pulling in contraction with the anus--while tickling my nipples.

    And don't worry if the nice building up feeling and erection come then fade away. That's the normal cycle the dry orgasms come in. By relaxing and doing the gentle PC contractions and nipple tickling you should with practice get that feeling to come back a few times in a session. That's exactly how my orgasms occur, strong buildups accompanied by an fierce erection with an intense orgasm occurring for about a minute or two, then fading away with the erection softening, then all coming back about every three minutes like that, often getting stronger and stronger as they return for a series of them.

    The "my Aneros doesn't fit me" feeling is very common at this early point in your rewiring. It will feel like it "fits" better and better as you go along. Though it's fine to get a second or third model as you go along, it's too early right now. Give yourself some time. You will be thrilled when you get the hang of it and from what you're describing, it sounds like it's not going to be very long for you.