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Okay, some issues \ basic questions...
  • First, hello. This is all new to me as you'll soon learn, and as much as I think I'll probably be one of those that have to work toward the Super O, as I'm reading, it's more than worth it. Especially considering that at almost 30 my orgasms are so so, and that's WITH a flesh light!

    So my first issue is this... Hemorrhoids! Don't worry, their internal, although I don't think that makes it any better. Now I know I should probably ask a doctor, but like, I'm not going to do that honestly. My hope is that someone with my similar issues will be able to help me. So again, I have internal hemorrhoids, some bleeding on occasion, but no pain and no protrusion and what not.

    Second issue is a question. What do ya'll do about the poo issue? I'm a bit OCD, and more or less a germ-aphobe. So obviously once I'm done with it I'll be prompt to have it sanitized but again, I am curious about what \ when to use it regarding having to do 2. I take it it's best to do it after?! You tell me.

    So there, more than you ever wanted to know about a stranger yet, here I am, and there you are. So any help would be great.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 301

    I have internal hemorrhoids too. No problems at all. In fact the massage the Aneros provides actually reduces the inflammation and size of the hemorrhoids. In essence, the Aneros has another side effect, treating hemorrhoids.

    Regarding "poo" - Have a bowel movement before your session. Then, cleanse your rectum. I use a rectal syringe (any good drug store has these: CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid). I use luke warm water ONLY. For me, it takes two or three douches (about 6 ounces each) with the rectal syringe until the water coming out runs clear. Only hold the water in for about 15 seconds. Your rectum will be clean, and the Aneros will come out clean!

    Don't ever worry about your questions being a bother. You will find that this online community is generous and helpful. You should consider logging into the chat room once in a while too. The men who frequent the chat are extremely helpful and patient. We are all here for each other.

  • There are gentlemen far more experienced than I am in this whole thing, but I'll give you my ideas anyway. As for your first mention of so so orgasms: I am 76, diabetic, and virtually impotent for some years. Actually Aneros and the whole anal and prostrate experience is the perfect answer for me. Now I do manage sometimes to get an erection that I can usually hold with a cock ring, but often using a pump is necessary for me to get the erection. The point is that, as you often see mentioned, an erection isn't necessary to experience the prostate and anal orgasms. In fact there is sometimes mention that the feelings involved in the hands-free movement of Aneros can be lessened if the penis is getting some of the attention. On the other hand it is said, and is my experience, that the traditonal masturbatory organisms (intercourse is not in my experience since I am single and alone, so I can't say, but would think) are much greater than I ever experienced before using Aneros. I definitely agree that the patience involved in the whole Aneros experience is worth it. I wish I had experienced it many, many years ago.

    As for the internal hemorrhoids, again blessedly not my experience, but if I had them I would definitely ask a doctor. Bleeding is not good, and especially in the bowel with the grave possibility of infection.

    The poo issue is well addressed in the forum and blogs. Get as cleaned out as possible before inserting Aneros. An enema with plain water can help. I just don't have a session if I can't get the bottom bowel cleaned out. Now admittedly, quite often when I remove the Aneros there can be a bit of poo on it, and more that comes out with any lubrication (I always remove it sitting on the toilet.) I think the very nature of the stimulation involved in a session has a tendency to cause some intestinal movement. I just wipe the Aneros off with some toilet tissue, and then wash it with anti-bacterial soap. If all or any of this helps you, it is my pleasure to have anyone experience the pleasures I am experiencing with Aneros.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 565
    Internal hemorrhoids are extremely common, Curious, and for me as with other guys that have them, regular Aneros use provides good therapy for them. Just be sure if you're anywhere in the middle to older age ranges where you're supposed to start getting your colon regularly checked out that you do so with a physician for all the obvious health related reasons.

    As to the rectum being the obvious conduit for fecal passage and concerns for hygiene, you can do the small rectal rinse if you feel better with it. I don't like it nor go to the trouble and like most individuals have a generally if not entirely empty rectum for several hours following the last good formed bowel movement and with simply lubing the anus and the Aneros I have no problems. Unless you have unusually loose fluid stools there'll not be any "surprise" when you slip your Aneros out after a session. With my routine having sessions at night before retiring, I slip out my Aneros and wipe it and my anus off with tissue and hang my "toy" in the shower where first thing next morning I wash it thoroughly while showering.