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  • I have the beginners Peridise set. Is there a noticeable difference in sensation between the beginners and the advanced set?
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    i would say no, there is not a noticeable difference. the difference would come if you had great success with the beginner set, then you might get a slightly stronger response from the smallest of the four. (you already have the second smallest. there are 4 sizes: XL, L, M, S and you have XL and M.) The theory is that once you have developed the skill to induce the pleasurable peristalsis of the rectum in response to the peridise, the smaller units require your rectum to grip harder which causes stronger peristalsis.

    my guess is you are asking this not because you are hitting the ceiling, and want to go higher, but because you haven't gotten off the ground and are trying to "solve the problem by swapping models." that is one of the newbie fallacies. it ain't the meat its the motion. in fact, i would expect the XL to be the best to get you going to start with because you can feel it the most inside.

    just like all aneros products, you need to have patience.

  • thanks for the advice but I am no newbie I bought my first aneros in 2003