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Short guy and got the Helix...should it work?
  • Im on the second session with my helix, and im feeling some kindve pleasure, not exactly sure what, my penis feel pretty good right now, i have an urge to pee, but im worried that the Helix is maybe going further than my prostate. Im 5' 4", im pretty short. Im not exactly sure if my prostate will be further down or not. Any comments on how i can make it feel better or any tips?
  • I'm on the short side too (about 5'4") and both the helix and progasm work great for me. You should be fine, those feelings should eventually magnify as you become accustomed to the stimulation.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    The Helix has some 'self-adjusting' capability. So, don't get hung up on a numbers game retarding your height and canal length.

    Unlike the older toys (MGX, SGX etc.) the stem (aka base) is smooth and can slide outward a few millimeters so that the 'contact pressure' on your prostate is similiar to what you would experience if you had a somewhat longer canal length.

    You might find though that you can improve the "forward tilt" and "hug" of the Helix by padding the p-tab with the the small rubber bulb from an inexpensive medicine dropper. Here's a link to the applicable reference. -- Getting Started - Aneros Wiki --

    Occasionally, do some gentle self-massage with your finger and compare those sensations with what you feel from the Helix.

    Suggest you stick with your Helix for at least a month or two. Then, consider adding an SGX to your toybox.

    enjoy !