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MGX help - relaxing
  • Hi everyone,

    So I decided last night to take the plunge and buy my first Aneros. I purchased the MGX. I'm only 21 years old, but I'm comfortable with myself and have always been curious about anal play. After taking a shower and giving myself a rinse, I laid out a towel, lubed up and inserted. the initial pinch wasn't bad at all.

    I'm having trouble getting into the proper mindset, I think. I tried using it again this morning and it seemed a bit better, but I think the problem is adjusting my expectations and patience. I did contractions and really tried to focus on the feeling but wasn't feeling much. This morning I did have precum when I finally went to touch myself, but I wasn't hard at all.

    Does anyone know if the tape is a good help to get into the proper mindset? I know that I should really be striving not to touch myself at all and orgasm but I just feel like its impossible. After 30 minutes or so I just get impatient and end up masturbating while doing the contractions. Mind you, the orgasms I had were still far better than I'd ever given myself without an Aneros, and I felt completely drained afterwards.

    Any tips on how to properly relax and get the desired sensations would be very helpful as I begin my journey to the super-O. I already feel like I've found something special and that this will change my life over the next days, weeks, months, and potentially years.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355

    you are in exactly the same place as most newbies. the biggest trap of all is to rush the process. using the aneros is like falling asleep. you simply cannot force it to happen. your pelvic floor muscles must discover it themselves. all you can do is give them the opportunity. yes, the hypnoanerosession CD is very helpful. but before laying down the cash, try doing it yourself. accept that you will NOT have an aneros orgasm for at least a month. if you accept that, and then look forward to your sessions as a time of relaxation, with hints of pleasure to come, you will be heading the right way.

    just insert the device w/ adequate lube, and try to float to a different place. if absolutely nothing happens, that is OK. if you do any contractions at all, just do very very gentle ones every once in a while. or do none. try things like quiet erotic moaning. or use some visualizations, like lying on a beach and having the warm waves gently washing over your legs, while some desired partner is massaging your scalp.

  • Deep controlled breathing would probably help a lot as well as being aroused beforehand. Slow insertion, try just laying there and not moving but instead focussing on the way it feels in the area - it's mere presence. I know for me one thing that often got in the way of sessions was getting too caught up in the "contractions" to the point where it would distract me too much from the pleasure I am already feeling. It sure can be frustrating especially after hearing all the great things from others but patience is key, things only get better as you progressively become more sensitized and obtain greater strength and control over your muscles (through the sessions themselves and kegels).

    I'll admit that starting out I would sometimes get so horny and impatient that I would finish with traditional stimulation and it was I really only do it every once in a while, like less than once a month. But really it is important to train your body to respond positively to prostate stimulation alone (or linked regions such as nipples, perineum, navel area - just not the penis). Sometimes there will just be dud sessions or a point where things go stale and you get caught in a cycle of frustration (no feelings/feelings stopped -> frustration -> try to force it along -> fail -> more frustration -> repeat). In almost all of the situations in which this occurred I found that if I tried to continue on past 15ish minutes, it would just be a big waste of time leading to further frustration and stronger urges to just masturbate.

    And you have indeed found something special - the pleasures that too many people are ignorant of or choose to ignore. The amount and type of pleasure experienced is unlike anything that can stem from traditional masturbation and can even develop to arise out of sheer will. Since aneros traditional stimulation has become more sensual as well. While it can take a while (some more than others), it will soon get good and then continue to get better.
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,355
    good post allinthemind!

    one thing you touch on that might really help jacko and other new guys, and that also came up in these two threads:

    is to start a session by spending about, say, 10 minutes using the aneros just to erotically massage the butt hole, before inserting it. with time the hole will become very sensitive to this. with practice, the hole will start trying to swallow the aneros, and the whole butt will be charged and eager to go. most of us veterans can have orgasms with this alone.

    but, since it is manual, it is amenable to newbie practice without needing the involuntary contractions which can be a bit out of reach at first, and it primes the way for them, which is to get the anus reacting erotically without involving the penis.

  • Thanks for the tips guys. So i really should just lay there without doing contractions at all? I guess i'm just wondering what may come of this if anything. Will my body start doing them automatically if I relax enough? I'm going to avoid masturbating with the aneros, if i can't get anywhere and get frustrated I'll take it out and have a regular masturbation so the two don't become joint habits. i'm getting the tape and I'm going to do my next session with it, probably tomorrow night since i'm staying at my girlfriends tonight. I haven't told her about owning this, I just mentioned that I was looking at ''toys that can give males super orgasms'' and left it at that, because she's a little conservative and I want to find a way to break it to her without her making irrational judgments about my sexuality.

    I will say that I was so energized today by the idea of finding something like this that I dragged her to the bedroom which she loved. I dont know what caused it because I wasn't even using it, but this thing really just gets my mind going and makes me feel excited.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, jacko.

    Send your GF to this site: Prostate Massage, Prostate Massagers, Prostatitis BPH Treatment

    It's all health, no sex. After a month or two, mention that the massager feels good as well.


  • Thanks for all the help everyone. Had another session tonight. Tried out using the hypnotherapy tape. Seemed to help a bit, I was much more relaxed and less impatient. At one point I was so into my fantasy (I imagined getting pegged by my girlfriend) and I actually felt like I was going to orgasm, but then once I consciously realized that, the sensations died. Does anyone else have that problem? Obviously its going to take a lot before I reach an orgasm with it, let alone a super-o, but each session i'm moving in the right direction which is good!
  • ClenchyClenchy
    Posts: 224
    [QUOTE=jacko1345;103173]felt like I was going to orgasm, but then once I consciously realized that, the sensations died. Does anyone else have that problem?
    Yeah, I've interrupted myself so many times by thinking "Oh wow, this is new and interes-- uh -- nope, gone".
    Eventually I got used to the feelings, the more times I experienced it, the less surprised and distracted I was by them.
    Every once in a while I'll hit a new peak of pleasure that'll throw off my concentration, "Oh shit, how am I doing this? Quick, let me study it!" (in an instinctual, involuntary way) but I think I always get used to it eventually, so when it hits the next time I can just sail through it and savor it.
  • Gonna have another session in a bit so I hope I can ignore that consciousness when I start to feel that and just enjoy it. I felt like i was so close to having a hands free orgasm!

    Told my girlfriend about the toy too and her reaction wasn't bad at all. She said she'd rather have me tell her than her find it on her own, because finding it would lead her to question my sexuality, according to her. She's pretty conservative but I'm hoping now that she knows this is something I like, I can push her to give me reach arounds or even pegging, although that's a long shot.