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pre-cumming, or pre-pissing
  • hey guys. its been a while since ive been on the forums. just moved to BC so still gitting situated. anyway ive been at this for almost a year now. a few things i would like to talk about today. i have tried out alot of the models love them all in there own way but have had flaws wich each one. mgx got me super heated but didnt satisfy the right spots. progasm got the right spots but girth was an issue for me. helix has great contact but still lacking. tempo is great fun gets my gut pumping but still not idle for me. i recently bought the maximus and i haveto say for me this one is perfect in every detail never knew this was possible to find true love like this one. perfect P contact of mgx perfect girth for grip and slip. i love the node at the end for the sucking effect as the tempo has. love the slim stem makes for great movement i find it has great side to side movement. overall this is the best modle. in the past i would have moments of this streaming effect but it was short lived.. with this model that "streaming" effect lasts well more than i can handle. it gets my prostate beating like a drum. anyways i have found my love partner and now i have a few questions. i still am unable to milk myself and a little curious to why i cant even get a bead of precum. i can feel the oh shit im going to cum multiple times during my session but when i feel like a switch is flicked and i lose sensations i dont know how to handle it from there got any pointers?as for the precum or piss this is a pickle.. every once in a while i get this im going to piss but highly entensified feeling and i normally hold it back every once in a while i let it loose and im pretty sure its piss but it has a almost coffee taste to it and right after i get a real urge to piss it just confuses me i mean i know my bladder is being higly stimulated as well but what effects need to take place in order to precum via anero. so if anyone has any pointers on a technical term please give me a heads up.. like "when you feel the pulsing throbbing of the prostate and the streaming feeling I_______" etc and so on thanks yall
  • I think it's safe to say that not everyone experiences pre-cum. some men produce a high sperm/semen count, some do not. A lower count might possibly be a factor. Another might be is if you have sex and or masturbate frequently. If i go just 3 days without sex/masturbation i do experience pre-cum during a session... and a lot of it, if i miss, let's say, over a week. For some reason my body produces a almost excessive amount of semen, so much so that my balls will ache if i don't get some relief! When i drizzle a bit during a session, it just happens without waring, on it's own... I have no control over it...Truthfully, it almost doesn't matter if you do or don't. Really... If you are tapping in to Super Os, a pre-cum belly deposit might be the least of your worries ;) IMO, pre-cum is more of a external pleasure than it is internal... the wet feeling is more of an excitement enhancer! i don't think it does anything to enhance the actual pleasure.
    If you don't mind my asking? how is your semen/sperm production?

    Interesting post, Thank you!
  • i almost had the most wounderful super O last night that changed my mindset on everything. i tried a new technique which was onlet my back with one leg up/slanted and the other spread eagled if would switch legs once they got tired or i wanted to work a differnt part of my prostate. along with that i did a mild distraction technique. i would have a mild txt session so that when i would get to deep/involved with my sessions it let me take my mind off it for a few seconds giving me the time to let it take its course. and after about less than 20 or so minutes i was like oh my god.... and right at the tip of it where i knew it was going to happen a gust of wind came threw my window slamming my curtans which gave me a panic shock and i snaped out of it i was soo pissed but really excited for i know my method now and what to look for. as far as milking goes i do masturbate well quite frequently due to the fact if i go a day or 2 without i get rather bothersom daydreams whenever i see a pretty lass..
  • as far as the count i have never had it tested but a full days rest and its enough to cover my body/face sometimes quite irritating due to ow dam that burns me eyes.. i probably should get a test done but i dont know where due to i just moved.
  • hah, if your covering your body at the end of a jack session... your not going to need a semen production test :D if you got it in you to refrain from masturbation/sex for 5 or more days, you may experience pre-cum. Sometimes, usually during a busy week, I take advantage of this time and will force myself to hold off on sexual activities for 5-6 days, no less than 5. Then at first chance, after this waiting so long, my super-os are massive! not to mention my body becomes more sensitive, which heightens all the many unique pleasures the aneros provides! What a awesome invention :D In any event, give it a try... cut yourself off for 5 days and see if you get the pre-cums!
  • ever since i have started masturbating i have found it Never sneaks up on me(length of sessions differ) i had it sneak up once and it freaked me out big time. its usually a" okay to antsy sighten the legs take a deep breath and start timer". even then i can lose the urge if i relax sometimes and i end up stopping and repeating a session later. its not that its hard or anything its i think i have too much control i dont know im hoping thats the case. either way when i do its very powerful climax. it has made me scratch my head because during my sessions i have a moment that last for like 30 extremly intence seconds of holy cow im cumming and it feels as if its streaming out of me. but it never does. so so is it my body being trained to usually always jerk afterwards figuring its goign to save the load for when i blow a load?
  • so i decided to try a little experement the other day and thought id share. this time i put a condom on and when i got a sharp urge to urinate i went ahaid and let it go till the sharpness went away and it was a normal dull urination feeling. well i checked the condom afterwards and the resivwar and almost half the head holder was filled with white fluid not as thick as semen and nothing like urin so i think i have offically milked myself and have been able to from the start i just was not letting myself, because of the ammount i was mistaking it as a sharp pissing and would just stop. but when it was coming out it was an" IM CUMMINg! but pissing? wtf is going on". and now i cant even get an erection even if i wanted to and a very satisfying almost sore, released state in my body wich is way more satisfing then any masturbation or sex session before.
  • GeogioGeogio
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    I have noticed that as I aged I no longer get the "piss shivers" which used to happen occasionally. I understand why we get those shivers, which it to heat the system back up after a very slight drop in temperature when urine is released, but I don't understand why they have gone away. Increased fat as I've aged, I don't know.