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weird issue..
  • recently l have noticed that when not using Aneros popping one off by hand just doesnt seem to be a fun as it used to.. and that when l get to the point of no return all that comes out is slightly white watery fluid rather than a few jolts of thick white cum like l used to..

    when using one of my Aneros(s) l find things much more fun, l do feel like lve made progress and have felt allot of interesting sensations but nothing close to a super-o, so l usually end up finishing off by hand after an hour or two.. l also get much harder when its in and sometimes feel like fluid wants to come out but doesnt and l believe lve been having less precum in sessions recently.

    what lm wondering is if this is normal or if there are things l can do to help.. lm currently using unrefined organic shea butter, and water based lube but due to the area lm apprehensive of going to my local doctor because lm slightly embarrassed to tell him/her l use prostate massagers.
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    Try never "finishing yourself off". Have your session and if you don't have a hands free orgasm, don't finish off. It was hard for me to do at first, but I decided that I would "earn my orgasms"... started having hands free wet os and am very close to dry os now. As for the lack of cum, this may help that- otherwise that's something in which I lack knowledge.
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    In addition, if it were me, I would suck it up and tell my doc.
  • l am contemplating visiting, but l was interested in what peeps here had to say.. especially if there were things others experienced and did to rectify the issue.. as ld rather not show up at my local surgery and be told l was worrying about nothing lol.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,087

    The consistency of semen can change over time and may be influenced by many factors including one's diet and age. Watery semen is not abnormal in and off itself. I too have noticed that my more productive ejaculations occur as a direct result of my level of arousal. For instance, most times if I was to simply masturbate to ejaculation I would see something very similar to what you've described, particularly if I had ejaculated a day or so prior. On the other hand, if I were to precede that (traditional) orgasm with 2 or more Super O's, the volume and viscosity would be quite different. I've often attributed this to a much higher production from my seminal vesicles with the upgraded orgasm. You see, the milky, watery constituent of semen is actually prostate fluid. The viscous fluid that comprises 50% to 70% of semen by volume is seminal vesicle fluid.

    Again, I don't think that there is anything to be concerned with here, but if you continue to be....give your urologist a call. Ask him if there is any reason to be worried about fluctuations in the consistency of semen.

    BF Mayfield
  • the only reason l really ask is because its not as fulfilling pulling one off without the aneros in than it is with it in.. in fact its only recently when lve not had time to do the whole routine with the aneros that lve noticed.. l used to masturbate allot but since lve been practising with the aneros lve been mostly focusing on that, which is why l havent really noticed until recently.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 529
    Auroken, nothing you've described warrants medical attention in my opinion, particularly if you're a younger guy and otherwise healthy. Of course, men over 50 or over 40 with personal or family histories of prostate issues should visit a urologist yearly.

    As has been mentioned, during sessions, avoid penile touching or traditional penile stimulation of any kind. But when you do have a traditional ejaculatory orgasm, having an Aneros inside usually causes the orgasm to feel more intense than otherwise due to the stroking effects of the massager on the prostate gland during the contractions that occur with ejaculation, so this observation is not abnormal.
  • so the fact that outside aneros usage when l ejaculate it only seems to be a watery white'ish dribble isnt an issue?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 529
    Never heard of that as a medical issue of concern and can't imagine Aneros use being related to it, but if, even absent Aneros use you continue to observe this, you could ask a urologist about it. I'd give it a while first though to see if your ejaculate returns to normal on its own.
  • lm wondering if l should stop using the shea butter for a spell as well as l dont think l had the issue before.. but its so hard to tell considering l never really paid much attention until l just finished myself off without the aneros because l didnt have the time to spend with it in.
  • in my oppinion if theres no blood theres no problem. no pain no problem feels good keep doing it. what i believe to be your case is your causing more prostate fluid to come out via aneros adding more liquidation to your semen causing it to be milky. if your scared stop using aneros for a week jerk off daily see if returns to normal. and then you will have your answer... asfor your real question. the reason why regular masturbation has lost its fun is simply because its not that fun to begin with. for many years i would just masturbate to releave buildup. now its all about the sensations and positive mindset. i mean i dont even watch porn anymore. i am finally able to get myself off from simply myself which is awsome. but yeah dont be afraid of yoru doctor thats why there there. and if they tell anyone you can sue them for millions. doc patient confedintiality. dont mind the spelling.
  • [QUOTE=Auroken;101397]so the fact that outside aneros usage when l ejaculate it only seems to be a watery white'ish dribble isnt an issue?

    Stop being paranoid please. And just listen to the members.
  • lm not being paranoid, lm just fishing for other comments on the subject. besides others might find the information useful imho.
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    Yup, if you have a question, ask it- that's what the forum is for!
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Aneros only, focus on the prostate.