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"Blue Balls"
  • Otherwise known as vasocongestion or epididymal hypertension - the painful condition of tenderness/soreness of the testicles (well slightly above/behind) resulting from "being in a state of high arousal with no release". Blood and fluids pool up and stagnate, causing very uncomfortable pressure and pain in the testes.

    Now being in a high state of arousal for long periods of time without ejaculatory release is normal for aneros use. However much more recently I have been experimenting with KSMO and trying to adopt more of a taoist approach in my sexual behavior (have been using the male deer exercise for a few months with wonderful results, and attempting to exercise control over my breathing and energy flow). This of course includes the practice of semen retention.

    In general I absolutely love the practice of conserving my fluids and when I masturbate, limit it to edging or caressing other hot spots to rev up my arousal higher and higher. The benefits of this being that my body almost constantly really sensitive and aroused, and that I don't get that "sexually drained feeling" that lasts for hours or a day or two. Recently however I have had a lot more time to myself to play (with and without aneros), and have been conserving my fluids for longer about 2 weeks on average. Unfortunately once last week, and both yesterday and today I have had vasocongestion which not only hurts, but completely nullifies any pleasurable activities I may wish to accomplish that day.

    My question for you all is does anyone else who regularly practices semen retention experience "blue balls"? If so, is there a way to get around it, prevent it, alleviate symptoms. I went to bed last night with some pain still woke up today just fine, so I inserted the helix for an hour and a half and had a wonderful session. An hour later though the symptoms came back (high arousal - no release). Do I just have to masturbate more and not try to withhold it for much longer than a week? Any input would be much appreciated, while medically it is a non serious, self correcting condition, it is very undesireable.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,460

    You may wish to consider occasional Prostate Milking as a pleasurable way of relieving your symptoms during these "blue balls" periods. You can read a pretty thorough treatise on prostate milking technique and issues from Lady Lubyanka. There is also a well written blog by Andr. titled HOW TO MILK A BULL which gives step by step descriptions of the process.
    If you limit your massage activity to milking the prostate only, whilst leaving the seminal vesicles & ampula alone, and you only milk the prostate sufficiently to get a few drops of prostate fluid, you should be able to obtain the relief you are looking for without having to resort to a full masturbatory ejaculation with its attendant drawbacks.
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 574
    I think some guys experience the retrograde fluid pressure buildup from inside (the prostate and related structures) down into the testicles (hence, "blue balls") more than others. I experience that during periods of abstinence, (typically waiting on my wife to get interested in sex) especially if I edge some while waiting to keep my interest and erectile responsiveness up, more in my prostate gland than in my testicles. After about a year now of success with dry orgasms and super-O sessions I've tried to see what impact this has on that.

    From my experience, it seems that Aneros massage and dry orgasms help as I go longer into periods of abstinence, but that at about the week and a half mark, nothing seems to help anymore (in fact, it even becomes harder to have dry orgasms at that point) and the best thing I can do then is have traditional sex and a good healthy ejaculation. Interestingly, as early as the very next day, I can have dry orgasms with the Aneros much easier and the whole "cycle" starts over again.
  • Thank you, those links about prostate milking were very informative. I decided to give it a go this morning using the bulbous end of my fun wand after warming up for almost an hour with the maximus. All in all it was really nice, felt pretty good and though I went on for about 40 minutes I believe I got a better feel for it towards the last 10. I don't believe I secreted any prostatic fluid though, eprhaps 2-3 drops of precum. Felt nice for hours after that then I hit a little bit ago I just decided to release and am feeling relieved now. I will persist it attempting to milk my prostate though, it sounds like a useful technique.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    The congestion is not healthy for your testicles, you need to release it rather than absorb it. For the sake of comfort if anything.
  • Didn't feel good haha. But now I release every 1-2 weeks, do not really lose arousal anymore - or rather it returns very quickly and back to peak in 1-3 days. Things still continue to get better so no need to go to such great lengths :P. Haven't had the issue since, yah it seems that past 2 1/2 weeks is too much for the bad way.