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The ART of Aneros
  • Good day all, and Happy New Year 2012...can you believe it?

    I hope this is a burgeoning thread. We all have our stories to tell, especially for the benefit of those still moving on their journey to Aneros bliss. I'd like to begin with a thought on the ART of Aneros, vs the mechanics (like lubes and techniques and yada yada). As anyone can tell you, if you've read my posts over the years, I firmly believe that there is a strong spiritual side to Aneros use that far, far transcends the physical experience alone, or at least adds a dimension to the physical that, together, results in significant self-realization and a vastly superior emotional/physical state.

    My contribution to start this thread has to do with a basic function: inserting the Aneros. Now, regardless of your preparation routine and all that, there is, ultimately, that point at which you insert your Aneros. We don't make much of this process, other than to say, "put it in". But, whoa, now...maybe, just maybe, there's something to be gained here.

    What I've begun doing is making the insertion of my Aneros an event in and of itself. I don't use a great deal of lubrication. Like Ten_s_nut, I use a light coating of Vaseline with some Astroglide X (this is NOT a lube thread, I'm simply reporting here!) and because this is a very adhering (is that a word?) preparation, it's easy to do the next bit:

    I INSERT IT VERRRRRRY SLOOOOOOLY! What I'm getting at here is taking advantage of both the physical and the emotional/spiritual experience of Aneros use. By putting constant forward pressure on my Aneros, and very slowly inserting it, the anticipation and building desire is almost overwhelming! By slowly, I mean, even with my little skinny Eupho, I take 5 minutes or so, I lie in bed, covers's cold here in Cold Country, USA...on my back with my right leg bent, foot on the bed, and gently, firmly and steadily and slowly push that little wonder into my rectum. Man, I can only report the results for me, a fully rewired dude, that process is so erotic and stimulating that by the time it's fully inserted, I'm already cruising!

    So...that said...what are you doing to enhance the ART of Aneros? What small detail do you use to heighten and already arousing experience? I think this is worth exploring. For some reason, most new users are completely obsessed with having something happen NOW! Perhaps the more seasoned users out there can add some wise counsel that can help move them along more quickly if they realize that the HOW (with profound thanks to Dov Seidman) of Aneros is as, if not more, important than the WHAT.

    Bring it, boys.

  • Cockadoodle, I believe this can be another great thread that can clarify the picture for many users in all stages of their journey. I love the idea that the ART of the Aneros is being enjoyed. Truly, every aspect of Aneros is an art. Many facets of life is art. I view Aneros as much philosophy and practice as physical product and device.

    With that being said, I'm going to explain my ART of PREPARATION. I, like Cockadoodle, am not creating an end all be all method of prep, but how I fully enjoy the time and detail I take in preparing for a session. For me, I like to be as empty as possible before a dedicated Aneros session. I am also a very anal person. I enjoy anal stimulation in various stages and aspects. I state these facts so that one may know my mindset. I take this long and spend this much time doing what I do because I enjoy it and am very aroused.

    My preparation for a session always starts with a long, hot shower. I have a shower head that is a massager wand. This lets me take the shower head down from the wall mount and move it all over my body. I let the heat and steam from the shower loosen me and warm me up. My blood gets going, my senses start to heighten. The water running all over my body is very arousing. I do the usual soap and shampoo/condition full on shower. When I'm done with getting physically cleaned up, I feel more relaxed. It's like cleaning the body is also cleaning the mind. I'm letting my body know I'm getting ready for something because I only take a shower when I get ready to do something, work or clean for example. In this case, the extra heat and erotic nature of the shower lets my body know it's about to have some very enjoyable time. Once all of the normal shower part is over, I put the massage part of the shower on stream and focus it directly on my anus, after cooling the water a little so I don't scald myself! I use extra soap and just tease myself. I rinse off and finger myself. I feel each nerve ending respond and react. I start to get very loose and open. For me, once I reach a certain point of anal stimulation, I get anally demanding. I open up and want, nay, need something in me. Instead of just jumping out at this stage and throwing an Aneros in me, I really begin my anal cleaning.

    I use the streaming water at high pressure to clean out my anus and rectum. I put the water right against my opening and let the water fill me up. I remain ready to jump out of the shower and run to the toilet to expel what pressurized water will expel. This part is dirty, but I know I'll clean up when all is done. What is important to me during this stage is feeling the water fill me to the brink. Then the inevitable expulsion is very much anticipated. I love the feeling of the water rushing out of me. All the sensations and nerve endings that were stimulated are once again stimulated as my body's own mechanics is applying the pressure. It's fairly orgasmic in and of itself. Opening my anus to receive after a much enjoyed, relaxing shower, and then opening myself once again to take the opposite role and explode is one of the greatest parts of my session, which hasn't even started yet. My prostate is already warmed and excited from the water itself, but also the contractions used to perform both the accepting of water, holding it as I move across the bathroom, then pushing everything out is magnificent. I repeat this process until everything is clear and evacuated. It's a mixture of hygiene, erotic body massage, and anal masturbation, all before my Aneros is even inserted. Once I get everything cleaned up and am ready to insert my Aneros, I'm already in a relaxed state of bliss and joy. I'm open and able to receive the Aneros with ease. There is also peace of mind knowing that the Aneros has all the room it might need to move freely and in a way that my body allows.

    This is my ART of PREPARATION. I do hope that this is in the spirit of Cockadoodle's intent. I look forward to other member's own personal input and ART. :)
  • I have become an anally awakened person only since i began my journey with aneros. I work in medical imaging and developed an "art" of opening an ass over the years ... encountering frightened patients - often in some physical pain ...
    so when i got my progasm i used my techniques on my own somewhat reluctant anus ==> i start with a warm shower and an empty rectal vault - i live a healthy lifestyle and eat a healthy diet, and i have very regular bowel habits
    ... initially i never douched as i was clean and so was my anus and rectum.

    But once or twice i did notice a bit of the brown on my white progasm after a session so i have taken to using a two or three ounce anal douche of warm tap water ...
    this always leaves my rectal mucosa clean and silky smooth - i generally check with my finger which is part of my gentle dilatation procedure ...
    after the shower i dry off and then sit on our bidet using a jet of very warm water to massage and relax my anal sphincter which i also massage gently with a finger and very dilute foamed dove soap - i stretch my sphincters to the right then the left then forward toward my dick root and prostate then aft toward the coccyx
    ... all the while advancing my finger - and then adding a second.

    All this time i am also soaping and caressing my balls and boner - generally stripping out strings of precum from my dick and applying it to my relaxing ass ...
    Still using the warm bidet i coat my progasm sparingly with petrolatum (vaseline) and then usually also add both some more precum and some hyaluronate gel
    ... i gently caress my ass lips with the lubed progasm and find that my hole relaxes further in a kind of welcome to its lover.

    The stretching and expansion of the sphincters as the progasm enters is no longer at all uncomfortable - but rather quite sensuous and arousing ...
    and the feel of it compressing the root of my erection is also exciting.

    By now my libido and arousal are raging ... and my prostate responds almost immediately to the pressure from its visitor ...
    so i pat dry and go to bed to enjoy the passive pleasures of progasm.

    - rip
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 308
    Terrific thread.

    Here's me:

    Love taking my time. I'm into body grooming. I do it weekly, if not more. It is relaxing and energizing at the same time.

    I shave my upper chest, shoulders, butt cheeks, abs, and back with my electric groomer shaver. Then I jump in the shower, shampoo, condition, body wash with loofa, then finish the manscaping by shaving my butt crack, balls, penis, and pubes. Those delicate areas work best with a nice, new blade and Nivea shave cream. I then let the warm/hot water massage my smooth, sensitive skin. I LOVE the feeling of my smooth body being soaped up and rinsed. The loofa invigorates my naked skin. I usually wash my body a couple of times with different soaps. Then a LONG time in the warm water, relaxing all my muscles. I make sure my ass is clean, squeaky clean.

    I jump out and do a vigorous towel rub down. I brush my teeth. And rub lotion on my aroused skin. I then do two or three douches until the water released comes out clear. I love the feeling of being so clean, fresh, smelling good, invigorated. Then I prep for inserting. I use a syringe to put some silicone lube inside. Then I dribble the head of my Helix or Eupho. I gently press the head against my relaxed anus. I slowly slip the toy inside of me. The initial contact always turns on a switch.

    I then move to my prepared bed. Pillow, towel in the center of the bed. My headphones and iPod ready with my special selections. I turn on the fan to keep the air moving. I close all the window and doors (I get a bit loud). I lay down and my session begins.

    When I take my time to prepare like this, the satisfaction begins with the preliminaries and continues through the next hours...

  • I agree, this is a great thread! For me, my aneros journey has gone way beyond a quest for the coveted super-O. My aneros awakening has become intertwined throughout each day of my life. Having had several surgeries and chronic health issues, physical discomfort was becoming a way of life --- with little if any hope of the physical pleasures of youth resurfacing. My aneros journey has shown me different --- physical pleasures can STILL be a part of our aging frames AND the resulting spiritual heights and closeness with my Creator have gone beyond anything I have ever known. I have come to joy in every aspect of my aneros use.

    These days, almost all of my aneros sessions are in the quietness of early morning. After a good night's sleep, I'll make my usual trip to the bathroom; and, in the process, I'll moisten my middle finger with saliva, insert it slowly (enjoying eack sensation in the process) into my rectum and do a quick finger sweep. Upon returning to bed, I'll have my regular prayer time --- a peaceful time of praise and petition. Then, I'll lightly massage my nips until the first tingles develop behind my scrotum. At that time, I move my fingers down to the area at the top of my bush --- moving them gently back and forth with light pressure. As the surges develop further and radiate outwards, I move my two middle fingers into the depression just above my penis and massage this area gently. By this time, O's are developing; and, I soon move the palm of one hand and place it firmly upon my perineum --- with one finger pusing firmly into the sweet spot at the base of my scrotum. Minutes pass until I pull my hand back over my anus and push on the sweet point just in front of my anus. After several strong contractions, I lube my middle finger and slide it slowly through my sphincters and eventually into my rectum --- coming to rest at the base of my prostate. These are joyous moments! My anal sphincters close hard around my finger as my prostate repeatedly orgasms. The feel of my body's pulse against my finger in reaffirming the life coursing thoughout my body. After I eventually withdraw, I am usually ready to lube my eupho and anus with KY Sensative and begin my aneros session in earnest. Insertion is SLOW; and with the coolness of my eupho pressing against my prostate, I am ready another journey of praise --- and it usually starts with a BANG!

    Hopefully this thread will continue, allowing us to share and compare the many dimensions of our aneros sessions and glowing effects upon our daily lives following our sessions!
  • rikaaim:

    i'm not sure if you realize that filling your rectum using a pressurized shower head is very risky?

    if you go to any website with enema information they will tell you not to do this as it could tear something and lead to an embarrassing trip to the emergency room.
  • Sum:

    I was not aware. I appreciate the advice. I do have a regular Colt anal douche. I'll use that exclusively from now on.
  • Hi gents,

    Yes, using an anal douche nozzle with even short bursts unrestricted city water @40psi is dangerous. (40psi is roughly equivalent to elevating one's douche bag to height of 90 feet. (Water - Pressure and Head)

    My shower diverter feeds a Sanicare Bidet manifold which, in addition to a on-off valve includes a flow control valve:

    Hand Bidet Inline Control Valve

    While it's not a pressure regulator, it's easy to set the flow rate to a steady 1 or 2 ounces per second. With practice, this slow flow makes it easy to sense when the rectum is mildly distended. Then, pull the nozzle out just before the sigmoid sphincter opens.

    A good alternative to this rig is the Streem master StreemMaster | The Ultimate Anal Douche. This is totally safe since hydrostatic height is constant. (Plan on some finishing of the molding seams on Streem master nozzles.)

    Be safe and take care all
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    Gotta echo STARR's reflections upon closeness with our creator relative to sessions. A busy schedule with many responsibilities keeps me from relaxing with body grooming to the extent brine can, so keeping the front and back yards mowed clean and close with a body groomer device and enjoying frequent showers (up to three a day in our hot humid summers here) and occasional rub downs with lotion--none of which are directly related to having a session--apply in my case. A diet conscious of veggies and bran cereal help the rectum empty well with defecating so that enemas, which I don't enjoy anyway, aren't necessary.

    Relaxing with my Eupho comes at bedtime, two to three times a week. Lubing the anal canal with a small dollop of Vaseline on a Q-tip sensitizes and relaxes while Eupho is being warmed in a cup of hot tap water. After a quick thin wipe of water soluble lubricant on the toy, it's off to bed where a sloooww insertion, taking even up to 3 minutes for the thin stemmed Eupho, relaxes and warms me from within.

    Then it's on my back snug under the covers relaxing in anticipation that I spend time reflecting upon our Creator's goodness, His intelligent design of our marvelous bodies so fearfully and wonderfully made. Reading devotional passages in my Bible reveal His majesty and His love and purpose for every one of us. Then, things put aside and the lights turned out the adventure into orgasm land begins. Gentle touches over my thighs and belly and finally to my nipples bring hard fast orgasms, one surging after and building upon another until peaceful calmness ensues with a desire for restful sleep.

    Though not a spiritual experience as such, I'm ever reminded of my Creator's goodness to me, His provision for physical strength, and His steadfast care to direct my steps. I'd want the same thing for anyone.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 308
    Beautifully put, slimjm.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,807
    The art of aneros, my breathing...

    Once cleansed, lubed and inserted, my body rolls onto its right side and with legs bent relaxes into the foam covered floation-bed beneath me. I adjust my knees and relax further, feeling my brain and body sink into this secure cocoon.

    My eyes close and I begin what will be a twenty to thirty minute metamorphosis into a state of 'focused nothingness.' At the outset, my brain is alive with the sensations from Eupho's tip toying with a rectal fold. Eupho's p-tab presses urgently against my well-shaven perineum. The p-tab will soon be 'invisible.'

    I belly breath, adjusting my body posture to gain the benefits of Jack Johnston's excellent verbal treatise on the topic. The belly breathing causes further adjustment of Dame Eupho as she snuggles up against my prostate. My prostate, remembering it's brief love affair with Maximus, responds to Eupho's moves with a surge of warmth. As the p-tab, Eupho body and prostate reach a state of equilibrium I shift my focus to become mindful of only my breathing.

    Zazen breathing is, by definition (sitting), a mindful exercise practiced in a chair or Yoga Vajrasana pose. However, Kido Inoue, during his early Zendo visits was taught 'horizontal Zazen.' (see footnote) and while not accepted by Zen traditionalists, it works well for me.

    My point of breath focus is the feeling of air traveling through my inner nasal cavity as it's flow bends downward into my windpipe. I sharpen my attention to that point. I feel molecules of air changing direction as they seek out my lungs to support my life and make me feel free of concerns. Breathing also provides purification well beyond that achieved during my physical preparations for the moments that lie ahead.

    My tasks are first, to not fall asleep and secondly, when faced with 'brain noise,' to be mindful only of the air moving inside my head as I breathe. I need not worry about breathing rate or intensity. My body will automatically adjust those as it adapts to the oxygen level in my bloodstream. I only focus on the air molecules traveling from my nose down to my windpipe.

    When I'm completly absorbed in just my breathing I continue to slip into deeper levels of relaxation. I occasionally sense how Dame Eupho and my Prostate are doing -- when both are completely merged as one and I can no longer feel the p-tab, I'm ready to go into a deeper state of relaxation and await the appearance of the slightest sensation that might appear in my body. Usually that's the pulse of my heartbeat as it travels through my prostate and into the flesh surrounding my penis bulb and anus. Then, it's time to be mindful of each of those sensations and meet their demands with mental acuity and physical stimulation that will amplify each.

    As the sensations build and I feel energy in my Dan Tien, I release rhythmic control of breathing leaving it to follow the organic needs of my body. Should I 'get lost' in responding to the sensual needs of my body, I'll return to simple belly breathing to give Dame Eupho an intentional 'nudge.'


    Horizontal Zazen, The Third Day, ZAZEN - THE WAY TO AWAKENING. Inoue, Kido. Translated by Misako Nakatsuka. Edited by Gillian Coote. [], last viewed: December 16, 2011.

    Alternative linki:
  • BEEEUTIFULLLL, rook. I knew you had the juice on this. While I am not so into the tantric or Zen of it, I think it's important to illustrate to the novice out there that there is more to this Aneros thing than just shoving it in and hoping something will eventually happen. Sometimes it does, but oft times, not.

    So, inquiring novices, pay attention to the wealth of information already presented and take some of it to heart. There is a lot to learn. Recent posts that refer to the use of on-line videos and ejaculations are, IMHO, very distracting, and very narrow and penis focused.

    What we're trying to exemplify with this thread is the more serene and long-lasting effects of a more laid-back and spiritual focus, nothing at all to due with ejaculate or prurient enterprises. No, no...this is about multiple male orgasm and the almost catatonic pleasure malaise that can be achieved through appropriate practice and focus.

    As rook mentions above, one may "
    relax further, feeling my brain and body sink into this secure cocoon." I have, in past posts, referred to what I call my "bliss cocoon" or pleasure state that simply allows me to literally drift along, with little concern or care for time or place. It's really quite amazing.

    Once I begin to sense changes that indicate pleasure waves building, I try to concentrate on what I'm feeling at that very moment, rather than trying to intensify it. Intensity comes on it's own, as I truly relax and allow the Aneros to stimulate my prostate. Breath control is vital to this being-in-the-moment technique. Sometimes I actually stop breathing, either with my lungs nearly deflated, and other times with a full load of air. I try not to "push" down on my diaphragm or put pressure on my rectum while controlling my breathing. Also, one may try taking short, quick breaths which can sometimes, along greatly enhance involuntary leg movement, when/if that occurs.

    Try differing methods of breathing, whether as rook describes or less cerebrally, like me...finding what works for you will definitely aid your Aneros pleasure development.

  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    I recommend vegan diet, if only for a few days. You will be clean and craving, any craving can be redirected with practice. It helps the direction of the mind.