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One day, it just clicks!!!!
  • I bought the Helix about six months ago. While it gave modest pleasure, it was nothing like what other people described. I used it fairly regularly, hoping that it would rewire me as described.

    Then one day about six weeks ago, I pulled out the Helix and slid it in. Within 10 minutes, I was suddenly and unexpectedly on a rollercoaster of pleasure and had my FIRST SUPER ORGASM! It was truly an emotional and life transforming experience! As soon as the pleasure subsided, I rolled over and gave myself a traditional orgasm, cumming longer and harder than I had in ages.

    Since then, I have been fortunate enough to find a hot, petite 24-year-old girlfriend who is open minded enough to allow me to in corporate the Helix into our lovemaking. (I'm 44 years old, so I've really hit the jackpot.) I find that my erections are longer and stronger, and orgasms more complete, with the Aneros in place.

    Luckily, she is open to anal play as well. Over Christmas, she pegged me with her dildo and then I returned the favor -- getting her in the ass with my cock with the Helix in place. It was mind-blowingly superb!!

    Then, this weekend, we took the next step: She brought her 26-year-old male friend along, and I got the urge to do them both with the Aneros in place. I did, and I came SO HARD in both their asses that I swear it shot all the way though them and out their throat!

    I never expected a small device to open my eyes to such new experiences, but the orgasm that this thing will give you while making love to men AND women is just amazing.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Aneros!
  • That is a pretty crazy story
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    Wild story indeed! A delightful illustration of one of the lesser known attributes of Aneros devices in that they can be used right out of the box to optimize more traditional encounters (activities where ejaculation is the end result). Oh, and the
    not so traditional traditional ones as well. LOL Keep us posted.


    BF Mayfield