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Aneros Webcam
  • I discovered the cam4 website a short time ago and really get off on "getting off" in front of strangers. I did it once with my MGX and ended in a traditional orgasm to HUGE effect, really milked. Recently, I've wanted to do it again, wih my Anero Vice, have been planning it out for a few days. Has anyone else ever done this? I know there's a likelihood of having my broadcast recorded, but I'm okay with that as long as I don't show my face. The idea of doing this and being watched is an incredible turn on to me. Are people interested in seeing this?
  • I am a regular viewer of web cams on cam4, I even have an account (aneros14), but only have broadcasted a once or twice (without aneros). Just didnt' really get into it. I think if I could get some viewers it would be a lot of fun. When do you typically show off?
  • I go on at totally random times, but I'm planning a big one ;) tomorrow, January 10th at 10am est.
  • what is your username on Cam4?
  • Oh yeah,
  • I did it, and it was GLORIOUS. Came via vibe tho, not totally hands free, but boy did it make a mess! ;)