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Anal sex v. Aneros
  • After several months of intense pleasure using the MGX I am really curious how this experience comparison to anal sex . Does a man's penis give a similar type of pleasure? Using the MGX has made me curious. Any experienced person care to comment?
  • i would think that prowess with the aneros would at least make it somewhat easier and pleasant to take it up the ass ...
    the rest would depend on yer partner and yer attitude and feelings towards him
    ... and the fact that he's penetrating you - bottoms, IMO, tend to find that all appealing and exciting.

    then of course there is skill and technique on the part of the fucker ...
    just as in hetero fucking i suspect relationship is of some major importance
    ... just my thoughts - i've never had a dick up my ass.

    - rip
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 874
    Hello, treadmill.

    Never had a real penis up my ass, but have had plenty of silicone dildo action from my wife pegging me. See the Pegging thread, below for more info. If you like what Aneros does for you, you might love being pegged.


  • A few months ago I bottomed for the first time since I began sporadic Aneros sessions. To my surprise... ooooh yes! ... it felt the same and boy did the dick rock my world! I had a lot of anal orgasms with the dude. He was a bit shocked. LOL. Apparently my prostate is awake and sensitive now that either does the trick. I've noticed that the guy has to be consistent though and keep on pumping. If he stops before the orgasm, pulls away or slips out, it's like going back to square one. So have fun trying it. ;)
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Perhaps a dildo that is anatomically correct would provide you with the feedback you are seeking. But I would be careful, some of this devices are porn star big and could be very uncomfortable to those who have not been accustomed to the ampleness as such.