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Twice in one day/ extended use
  • couple questions first can i do two sessions in one day and get good results.

    and second is it ok to sit around for hours on end doing regular household things with the aneros in and does anyone have good success after it has been in for an extended time. It seems as though it would be fun to feel the aneros inside me for a day maybe even wear a pair of panties along with it.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435

    Welcome to the Aneros Forums,
    Jimmyboy1212 said:...can i do two sessions in one day...Yes you can, but will it really benefit you to do so? You will probably not do any physical harm to yourself having more than one Aneorsession in a day as long as you are following the manufacturers recommendations for non-manual intervention. However, prolonged Anerosessions may leave you sore and/or fatigued from practice. You may be interested in the user Polls Frequency of Use, How long to ride the Aneros? & How much is too much? for some related user information. Jimmyboy1212 it ok to sit around for hours on end doing regular household things with the aneros in and does anyone have good success after it has been in for an extended time.IMHO, "...good results." and "...good success..." are not likely outcomes from extended Anerosessions whilst trying to multitask for several reasons. First, prolonged stimulation to any part of the body will lead to increasing numbness as the nerves become exhausted and depleted of their neurotransmitters, it takes increasing amounts of stimulation to maintain the same apparent level of excitement. This is not a sustainable condition and will inevitably lead to lower levels of perceived pleasure.

    Secondly, while the concept of being in a perpetual orgasmic state with your Aneros in situ is enticing, as explained above, it won't happen on a regular basis. Because the initial Aneros generated pleasure waves are usually very subtle, you are likely to miss a significant amount of pleasure due simply to being distracted by the stimuli of concurrent activities. While panties may be an additional turn-on factor for you, I think you'll find yourself becoming rather bored with the whole experience after a certain number of hours.

    However, if you are so inclined to try multiple, extended time period Anerosessions, go ahead and try it out, there aren't going to be any Aneros Police breaking down your door to arrest you for doing it.
  • Whoo...multiple sessions in one day. Yep...I do it often, and with great success. Hey, rumel, remember when I asked you if I was Anerosing too much? What did you say? "Does a priest ask if he's praying too much" or something like that? LMAO!

    But like everything else in life, YMMV...your mileage may vary.

    For me, I can have a really good early morning go, then do a late "afternoon delight" and then have another session later in the evening. I often travel and have the luxury of a day when this works. So, it certainly is possible, believe me, to have multiple great sessions in a single day.

    Keep in mind that I use different models for each session, as they all have a little different "feel" to them.

    Good luck, Jimmyboy, and go for it. See what your body is capable of and how it works for you.

    I'll be very interested to see how it goes. Send me a PM if you want some additional advice.

  • rookrook
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    Ode to one's Prostate

    Getting to know you,
    Getting to know all about you.
    Getting to like you,
    Getting to hope you like me.

    Getting to know you,
    Putting it my way,
    But nicely,
    You are precisely,
    My cup of tea.

    Getting to know you,
    Getting to feel free and easy
    When I am with you,
    Getting to know how to play

    Haven't you noticed
    Suddenly I'm bright and breezy?
    Because of all the beautiful and new
    Things I'm learning about you
    Day by day.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,435

    Some further thoughts on this topic.
    'Rook''s quoting of the song lyrics is appropriate as you are in the process of becoming more intimately acquainted with your own body and specifically your prostate. The process of "awakening" your prostate may take some time but you need to be able to focus your attention on the many subtle feelings being generated and then gently nurture those feelings into heightened physical and emotional states. IMHO, this can't be accomplished while trying to multitask your world.

    'Cockadoodle' pointed out in another thread - [QUOTE=Cockadoodle;102753]I think that continued "stimulation" ie. pressure, on the prostate that you get with an Aneros may be detrimental, over time, to both the sensitivity as well as functionality of the prostate gland. I believe that constant contact with the prostate dulls it's responsiveness and actually puts too much strain on a very delicate part of your body and in so doing actually injures it's capacity to respond. 'Slimjim' may want to weigh in on this as a physician, but I've put my Aneros ( usually Helix or Eupho) in for extended sessions, 4-6 hours, and felt that, while stimulating, the end result was a rather insensitive prostate the next "go".
    ...I guess my point here is that I believe one can utilize whatever one wants to stimulate you "down there" but IMHO the Aneros is not the device to serve as a butt plug. Remember, boys, Aneros makes love to your prostate...sweet, sensitive and's not made to pummel the little gland by extended wear. Having a Helix or Progasm in for an extended period is kinda like using a jackhammer on the poor, sweet little jewel.I am in agreement with this. Whilst there are really no rules concerning time lines and Aneros use there is anecdotal evidence suggesting extended Anerosessions rarely provide extended benefits.

    You can use your device as frequently as you like, just remember there are probably decreasing levels of pleasure returns for increased time of usage. Balanced usage to optimize pleasure and learning is individually determined, so use good judgment, experiment and have fun.
  • twlltintwlltin
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    [QUOTE=rook;102755]Getting to know you,
    Getting to know all about you.
    Getting to like you,
    Getting to hope you like me.

    The Thing and I by Rogered and Hammertime?
  • Jimmyboy1212,
    I would agree with rumel that although both multiple and extended sessions are possible, and indeed pleasurable on occasions, gauge it by your own energy level. I have done both with my preferred combined sessions with acupressure as well as aneros, but find that you get ever decreasing returns if you overdo it. In the early stages, while I was still perfecting the technique, I was having 2 sessions per night (one evening, one morning). Also on one occasion I had a single session of nearly 6 hours. However, I felt very wacked afterwards, and found decreasing pleasure at the next session. So I side with the majority, and say once per night is usually enough, but try twice if you are feeling particularly perky. Also, up to 2 hours will satisfy me most of the time, but again sometimes feel the urge to continue the session longer. I must say that particularly on a hot summer day, I like doing jobs with my Peridise inserted e,g, mowing the lawn in the sun in a swiming costume, or going for a short walk. However, don't overdo it!
  • Hello, Jimmy.

    I'm one of the minority around here who use their Aneros for extended periods. Although my sessions tend to be about one hour, I leave the Aneros inside me when I go to sleep. I enjoy the erotic dreams it seems to generate. Then, when I wake up in the morning, I have another one hour session. After over six months of this, I haven't experienced any problems and continue to enjoy Super-Os every night and morning. Please note that this is NOT a recommendation, just an observation. Should you decide to try an overnight with Aneros, use silicone, oil or fat-based lube. Water-based lubes won't last long enough.

    Best Regards,

  • dave said it all man!
  • My experience is like Dave's. I often fall asleep with my Eupho (usually) at night, and wake up sometime several hours later with a roaring orgasm. Very cool. I like to remove it, set it aside and then re-insert it early in the morning. This usually results in an excellent morning session as I can really enjoy because I'm rested and awake! Using our Vaseline/Astroglide X lube trick really works here, as the Aneros is usually still very well lubricated. (You know I don't hold with the pre-lube thing except for VICE anyway.)

    OH, and one more thing, and as I recall now, I've not seen any mention of this before, if you do go for a morning session, try making the insertion of your Aneros an event in itself. By that I mean, DON'T RUSH IT. Lie on your side or any position that's comfortable for you, and start to insert the Aneros VERRRY SLOOOOWLY. This is SOOOOO sensual (I'm getting a woody thinking about it as I write!!!) that I cannot describe it. Seriously, guys, make this a ritual event and you'll be rewarded, especially if you, like I, am well "rewired". It's way cool. I may post this to the forum instead of just imbedding it in this post string.


    Again, this is not a recommendation, rather a report on my use only. YMMV.