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Sleeping with aneros
  • I've tried doing the contraction exercises with the aneros in but haven't gotten a lot of results yet. After about 45 minutes I get kind of impatient and bored so I usually end the session and move on to something else. I've heard that a few people had success when they slept with the aneros inserted, so i tried it for the past two nights. In the morning when I'd wake up I could barely tell it was still inserted. I've noticed though that whenever I sit down I have a kind of pleasurable itching coming from my prostate/anus. Is sleeping with the aneros in going to yield any benefits or do you need to be consciously doing contractions to get results?
  • tairytairy
    Posts: 51
    It works for some people, not so much for others. I've done it a handful of times with my modified Helix (tail removed) and never really noticed any kind of feeling. Same thing when I once tried it with the Progasm although I did have some mild discomfort. So for me it's a bust but for others it's led to waking up to p-waves and more. I imagine the amount of rewiring that's taken place has an impact as well, maybe it works better if you're further along in the journey.
  • Hi, ryan93 and welcome to the forum. You'll find answers to almost any question about Aneros here.

    At your point of your journey, I wouldn't suggest sleeping with an Aneros in place. You're just beginning to get the hang of this, and you need to progress a bit farther before moving on to more advanced uses, IMO.

    Early on in most guy's journey, that's what we call the Aneros experience, you probably won't be feeling much "feedback" from your prostate. It's just starting to wake up so to speak. And even if you're not really cognizant of the progress, every session actually does move you along and help your prostate to begin to respond.

    There are many techniques as there are users, but I would suggest that in the early going, you may want to just insert your Aneros, lie back and just relax. Don't do contraction exercises, don't thrust or wiggle...simply allow the Aneros to move...almost by itself...and gently massage your prostate, even if you cannot really "feel" it happening. The shape of the Aneros is perfect to do a nice gentle massage, and over time, (that's the key here...time) you'll begin sensing the stimulation.

    IMHO, you need to be quiet and sensitive to the early, very quiet, feedback from your prostate. It is rare to experience a significant "bam" effect when using Aneros product...more of a slow steady progression toward "success" if you want to call it that.

    Overnight use of an Aneros can actually do more harm than good as it puts a lot of pressure on your prostate for an extended period of time rather than gentle stimulation during a shorter session. If you really want to try it, I suggest a smaller Aneros, maybe Eupho, as the tool for the job. As a very successful user, I can tell you that the secret of Aneros is patience and practice. Remember, whether you "feel" it or not, every session has a purpose, every session takes you farther down the road to aneros bliss...and bliss it is. I'm so addicted to the damn thing, that I can't wait for the next session...

    So, try taking it very very easy as you start. All the "wanting" it in the world won't make it go a bit faster. Patience, practice and trust, trust that what you're doing will eventually bear fruit. It's worth the practice, it's worth the wait.