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Aneros vs Butt plug
  • I have 3 aneros MGX, progasm, helix.

    I surfed internet one day that butt plug is wonderful to provide intense feeling.

    Compare butt plug to aneros, do it have a better feeling or is it the same?
  • Aneros is probably better due to the focused prostate simulation. I've never actually tried a butt plug though.
  • I've tried multiple butt plugs before Aneros. They are different anal sensations and pleasures. I have also tried multiple styles of butt plug. I've done the starter small and narrow, up to the broad and full. I've also use a plug that was spiral shaped and one that is knobs that taper. The plugs do not provide the direct prostate stimulation. Therefore, there is not intense and highly focused prostate pleasure. What I enjoy from the plugs is the feeling of being "stuffed". I can leave a plug in and sit and watch television or lay down and feel all the wonderful anal pleasures. It's one massive tease. I'm very much into anal and enjoy all the different subtle feelings and sensations though. With the spiral plug and the taper knob plug, I like to work them in and out like a dildo. They provide unique stimulation as they each excite the different spots of my sphincter and rectum. It's like my body knows the object is going to go in and out, and it's really excited about that, but the spiral doesn't exactly hit what my body thinks it will, so it's a big, pleasing surprise. Again, they are enjoyable for their own measure, but they will not be the very direct and focused pleasure of prostate massage provided by Aneros.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    After some recent experiences I've developed a hunger for anal beads. I noticed I sometimes get LOTS of pleasure when Aneros is about to fall out.
  • Good day, gents.

    I think you may be confusing things a bit. The Aneros is not, and never was, intended as a butt plug. This is not to say that it can't be used in that fashion, but t seems to me to me to be a contradiction.

    Aneros is a prostate stimulation device, pure and simple. A butt plug serves an entirely different purpose, IMHO. While both are very pleasant, I think that continued "stimulation" ie. pressure, on the prostate that you get with an Aneros may be detrimental, over time, to both the sensitivity as well as functionality of the prostate gland. I believe that constant contact with the prostate dulls it's responsiveness and actually puts too much strain on a very delicate part of your body and in so doing actually injures it's capacity to respond. Slimjim may want to weigh in on this as a physician, but I've put my Aneros ( usually Helix or Eupho) in for extended sessions, 4-6 hours, and felt that, while stimulating, the end result was a rather insensitive prostate the next "go".

    A butt plug and anything that makes contact with the anal canal is different, much different, as you're stimulating an entirely different set of sensitive nerve endings. Other than the "girth" of a butt plug, I see no real benefit to utilizing one that can't be realized from a Peridise model. On top of that a Peridise can be worn for extended periods with great stimulation and great comfort, as well.

    I guess my point here is that I believe one can utilize whatever one wants to stimulate you "down there" but IMHO the Aneros is not the device to serve as a butt plug. Remember, boys, Aneros makes love to your prostate...sweet, sensitive and's not made to pummel the little gland by extended wear. Having a Helix or Progasm in for an extended period is kinda like using a jackhammer on the poor, sweet little jewel.

    Choose your weapons, men. But keep in mind the longer term consequences.

    My $.02.

  • Cockadoodle, I fully support and agree with your statement. I hope I was making the same remark in that a plug and Aneros are different. I might get a Peridise based on your statement. I do enjoy the girth of my plugs, but am interested in the sensations of a Peridse. I would also make another caution. With plugs being different shapes and girths, pay attention to detrimental forcing. Remember, if ANYTHING feels uncomfortable, forced, or painful, STOP, immediately. I am also glad that you mention prostate "desensitization". I have often wondered about this myself. I generally don't have the luxury of using one of my Aneros devices multiple days in a row. My sessions are spread weeks and months apart in most instances. I do notice that when I had multiple butt plug sessions in close proximity, the next day or a few days apart, the ANAL sensations remained very heightened. I cannot personally say I felt anal desensitization. I have noticed that when I use Progasm, usually after a Eupho warmup, that I can feel the prostate enlarge and warm. I link this to inflammation, which may or may not be clinically correct. Thanks for chiming in. You always have some great input and insight.

    For me personally, I will again say that I use a butt plug for a completely different reason than Aneros. I was an anal man long before a prostate man. I love anal stimulation. It can be fingers, vibes, rushing water from a shower head, dildos, plugs, practically anything feels great for me anally. I know with Aneros to expect something different.
  • Hello, Cockadoodle.

    Good points about butt plugs v Aneros.

    The idea that long term, repeated use of Aneros might desensitize or damage the prostate might well be true for some men. I am not aware of any scientific or clinical studies that prove that.

    Anecdotal evidence from myself and others here on the Forum suggests that some men have no problem with everyday, extended use of Aneros. I've been sleeping with one every night for over 6 months with no detrimental effects, and plenty of beneficial ones. This is NOT a recommendation, just an observation.

    Best Regards,

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 578
    My sessions are short, maybe 30 minutes total, that is, about 10 minutes inserted doing nothing to get comfortable with it in (a pre-warmed Eupho is my favorite), then 15 to 20 minutes of dry orgasms that surge and peak very intensely about every 3 minutes or so then ease off to a really peaceful, restful state that feels great, kind of like a "glow" in the pelvis and penis where the orgasmic sensations had been surging just earlier. At that point I stop and gently expel the massager and roll over and sleep, typically all night without even awakening to pee (another great side benefit).

    I do best waiting a couple to three days before going at it again. Sometimes I've really had the desire to have another session as early as the next day, but the orgasmic sensations seem blunted by a mild tenderness inside where the massaging action of the Aneros goes on. Nothing that feels sore, just distracting enough that the orgasms if they come, don't reach the intensity and pleasure they otherwise would.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    I agree with cockadoodle. If you are still looking for different stimulations try going to a soft but firm plug and it will contour to the rectal canal. I also would be cognizant to the size, especially at first. As I have stated before to other posts, you can have different sizes. I would not recommend porn star length and girth at the beginning. Find a plug or anatomically correct device that is modest for starting out on these endeavours.