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Progasm question
  • Hi, all. I am having great success with the smaller aneros models (well, actually, the helix is perfect, anyway) but I thought that I'd like to try a bigger one (I'm 6'3" and around 250 poiunds, so I am a bigger one, ya know?).

    At any rate, I like the wy the progasm feels (no discomfort at all) but...

    ...the durn thing won't stay in. I just sort of squirt it out. I had the same problem with one of the smaller models, so I figured that the progasm would be a non-issue. Any suggestions? I would sure like to see if this thing takes me certainly feels like it could.

    I tried sitting on a pillow, and it stayed in, but there was no room for it to work. Am I stuck (and a lovely place to be stuck it is) with the helix?

  • Sorry I just posted almost the same question before reading this thread...hopefully we'll get an answer from a more experienced member. At least we're not alone lol
  • No worries, Valhalla. Good to know we are not alone. I did some homework, and the best suggestion I saw (and I didn't try it yet) is to rubberband it to my dick and balls. Go figure. I also tried a differrent manufacturer's larger device and IT pops out too. Wonder what we are missing?
  • hulahula
    Posts: 234
    I had the same problem. The answer is counterintuitive, you are not using enough lube. Get your rectum clean and well prelubed, then your Progasm will stay in much more easily.
  • BadgerBadger
    Posts: 765
    And if all else fails, put on some underwear (briefs, not boxers - it's obvious); it'll keep the Progasm from sliding out. I have that problem with mine, and even with two shots of Slippery Stuff Gel and some Vaseline on the Progasm, it still slips out if I don't clamp down on it, or physically hold it or push it back in. I'll have to get some rubber bands and try that other trick, though. Interesting.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    when I use the progasm, I like to start by only putting it in over the first bulge. (about half way) I get some great sensations this way. It will usually pop out after a while unless I hold it in place. I find it distracting to hold it so I take a towel, or sheet or something like that and wad it up and put it between my legs (I'm on my back) to help hold it in place. I don't have the issue of it popping out when it is inserted all the way, but maybe you should give that a try.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Hello Fellows,

    Sorry to hear about your troubles with keeping the Progasm inserted. Please keep in mind that to the best of my knowledge and experience, these devices are designed to stay in place once inserted properly. You should not need to sit on it, which I do not recommend with this model anyways, wear underwear, or use some sort of rubber band device. You really don't want to hurt yourself. Those are tender inner parts that can be damaged easily.

    The Progasm model due to it's size and shape does not insert simply and easily like the smaller models. The only reason I'm aware of it popping out without pushing it out with a rectal muslce squeeze, is because it is not inserted correctly and all the way in. This is quite common with new users of this model that I also experienced early on. What happens is the curved tip of the Progasm never makes it over the prostate, or even worse, never makes it past the inner anal sphincter, which really is uncomfortable/painful. The Progasm is inserted with the curved tip pointing towards your front such that the prostate should nestle in the inner curve of the Progasm just past the tip.

    You may wish to do a brief rectal rinse to remove any fecal matter that may be in the way. Sometimes this is a problem that can cause discomfort that seems to be be only specific to the larger Aneros models. But is certainly not required. (I did not do this for years and only experienced a handful of times that I experienced discomfort caused from fecal matter in the way.) Make sure you've pre-lubed first. Meaning inserted lube into your rectum. In my experience, the Progasm due to it's size, requires more lube internally than the smaller models. Lube your Progasm and insert it in a scooping motion with the handle end more towards your front. At this point, you should have the initial larger end inserted in your anus, but it is not inserted properly and all the way yet and still wants to pop out. Do not use any force at this point. What we are trying to do is make sure the tip has made it past the inner anal sphincter and over the prostate. What you are going to do is gently rock the handle of the Progasm back and forth (in relation to your body – front to back) while gently pushing to encourage the tip to find its way. Once it has found it's way in properly, you will know because it will seat it self quite securely with the P and K tabs pushing into you somewhat firmly. And it will not pop out without pushing it out with a rectal muscle squeeze as if you were moving your bowels. Hope this Helps.

  • Thank you very much for the well reasoned and described answer, Love_is. I appreciate it. I have been very faithful about cleaning my bowels (in thruth, it adds to the experience, I guess its part of the ritual). I also insert lube, so got that going for me. I'll give your technique a try and here's hoping. Goodness knows, I am actually quite happy with my helix, so I guess I am only out a few bux if it doesn't work out. However, it keeps drawing me back, so...

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    I have to be lie really still with the Progasm in and let the involuntary contractions (which are very intense for me with this model) bring on the orgasmic sensations. For me the Progasm moves very little, in contrast to the Eupho that dances all around inside.
  • Love_isLove_is
    Posts: 1,778
    Your welcome. I hope this works out for you. :)