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Traditional O: how many times per week/month over 50s?
  • I read somewhere, don't know if on this forum, or on the web at large, that over 50s should only have a traditional O only twice a month. Sounds a bit radical for me. I'm usually at it 1-2 times per week, and I regard that as being a bit infrequent (That's why Aneros is such a great product). Does anybody else have any medically-inspired guidelines along these lines?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 576
    I feel the need for it about once a week. Can maybe stand it close to two weeks without one if I'm having regular super O producing sessions with my Eupho (usually a couple to three times a week), but definitely by two weeks something's gotta give.
  • Bill, several years ago, I sought my cardiologist's advice concerning my inability to maintain a firm erection. His reply was "that's what happens to guys your age --- get used to it". Since that time, I've had a prostate biopsy, several ear surgeries, open heart surgery and lower back surgery. I have aches and pains, get out of breath easily, etc. etc. etc. By all indications, this body of mine is showing some real indications of getting old; but, despite all this, at the age of 62, I've never felt so sexually alive as I have these past 2.5 years --- since starting my aneros journey. My rountine schedual plans for an aneros session every other day --- with external/internal prostate massage sessions in between my aneros sessions. I also look forward to cumming once or twice each week, either solo or with my Beloved. I consider my doctors to be totally out of touch with such manly joy and satisfaction and prefer to consult and praise my Creator God instead. Go for it, Bill --- our time in these frail frames is slipping by quickly!
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    My doc has a large practice of senior guys -- lot of white hair in the waiting room. I saw a newspaper article a couple of years ago that suggested 21 per month for all ages -- not gonna happen for me. So I asked my Urologist. Turned out that's one of the most frequent questions he gets from guys over 60.

    He said that unless there are cardiac concerns, "it's like water -- satisfy your thirst" He does advise though that every guy over 60 get a blood pressure cuff and do an occasional check to make sure you're not over-boosting anything. If I could plan it out, I'd like to trim my headhorns with 3 a week. I did 'carve notches' (keep count) for a couple of months last year when I was journaling my Aneros orgasms. I underachieved at 15 ejacs in two months.

    There's a number of studies on the web. Go into Google Scholar and look for .

    Sounds like a good topic for an age stratified Community Poll.
  • Words of wisdom STARR831, thanks! Actually good stuff too from rook and slimjim. Thanks guys! Any more?
  • Hello, Bill;

    I'm 63 and see my doc about once a year. Before Aneros, when I was having aches and pains from my enlarged prostate, I asked him whether more or less sex would help/hurt. He said that given my general health, which is very good, I could have as much sex as often as I felt like it. Currently, that means about 3 ejacs a week. BTW, after 3 months of Aneros use, the prostate aches and pains went away.


  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    54 here. My per week "events" are anywhere between two and six. Lucky me! :)