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Good Vibrations - Aneros Vice Review
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    The Aneros VICE is the first product release in HIH's new V series (V for vibration) line. The VICE demonstrates all of the characteristics that have established Aneros' reputation in the past: style, innovation and quality and raises the bar significantly higher in each of these areas. At first glance the VICE's profile may seem familiar to some, roughly like that of a Progasm. Indeed the two are of similar form and dimension overall, but in the area of prostate massage, subtle variations in size, shape and contour make all the difference. The difference between responsiveness vs. sluggishness and focused vs. more diffuse stimulation for example. The specifications on the VICE are as follows. (These measurements were made using digital calipers and are shown alongside the Progasm's specs. for comparison).

    VICE / Progasm

    Overall length 4.75" 4.75"

    Tip (width) 1.30" 1.20"

    Tip (thickness) 1.15" 1.25"

    Midsection (width) 1.27" 1.30"

    Midsection (thickness) 1.23" 1.03"

    Base (width) .985" .72"

    Base (thickness) .67" .52"

    Vibrator 4" X .5"

    As the specs make clear, the VICE is larger in some areas and smaller in others vs. the Progasm. What these numbers don't adequately illustrate is the difference in conformation between the two models. For that matter neither do any of the images shown on the website thus far. When examining the two models side-by-side one can see that the VICE tilts ever so slightly backwards (towards the K-tab) while the Progasm appears nearly upright by comparison. Most of this occurs at the midsection, which is contoured differently than the Progasm. The P and K tabs on the VICE are also different with far thicker arms with a slightly different angle of engagement.

    The VICE is the first Aneros model made of silicone which gives this device a completely different feel from anything else in the product line. This new material affords the product with a give that none of the other massagers have; yet it is rigid where it needs to be. The vibrator that comes with the VICE is a true engineering marvel. Made of stainless steel and measuring in at 4 inches long and a half an inch in diameter, it is a slender cylindrical torpedo shaped unit designed to slip up through the center of the massager. One look at this vibrator will tell you that this is a high quality, precision-made piece of gear rarely seen in adult appliances. What appears to be one unit is actually 3 parts, a tip, midsection and cap. In fact I only became aware of this after I was told about it, the tolerances between the sections are that small! The end cap serves dual functions as access for the battery compartment (1 AAA) and power/control button. The vibrator is a surprisingly powerful yet relatively quiet unit that features 4 patterns of varying durations : 1) Ramp up - two secs., 2) Ramp down three secs. , 3) Ramp up and down - four secs. and 4) Pulsing - 1 sec. The device is turned on or off by holding the button down for two seconds. Once on, you can cycle through the patterns by a short push of the button.

    My initial explorations with the device were made without the vibrator. First off, the matte silicone finish of the VICE is soft, silky and sensuous to the touch; it seems to beckon you to take it in! And taking it in is easier and far more pleasant owing to this material. Upon insertion all of the subtle conformational differences in this unit are immediately apparent. I have to say that this product is the nearest thing to a custom fit that I have ever encountered. It seemed like it was made for me! The prostate engagement is focused but has gentleness to it as well, almost as if ones prostate is being firmly nudged and cradled as one contracts and releases. The response is firm and immediate though I'd say a little slower than the Progasm given that it is less rigid. The feel of the silicone is positively delicious! The give factor of the silicone also opens up several very unique possibilities as well.

    The WIGGLE

    Although I have generally encouraged more passive uses of Aneros products (employing contractions alone), I found that the VICE could be used more actively in several ways. One method involved lying on my back on a bed with knees bent. By simply moving my pelvis from side to side in this position I could affect the movement of the VICE inside my rectum. I would never advise this with one of the other Aneros models (too pokey and of questionable safety), but with the VICE, guys, I got to tell you, it feels marvelous! The tip of the VICE moves from one lobe of the prostate to the other providing delightful sensations all along the way. I've experienced numerous Super O's and several near hands free orgasms by this method. I would attribute this to two things, first, the softer material, and second, the VICE is almost a quarter of an inch larger in thickness.

    The THRUST

    Thrusting produces direct and more intense stimulation and can be used in combination with the WIGGLE. Again this is something that is not comfortable (and inadvisable) with one of the more rigid units.


    The VICE is the first Aneros model that can be used comfortably for sitting on. Putting matters of safety aside, the rigid models make this nearly impossible with their hard P and K tabs (ouch!). Sitting on the VICE is a blast, the stimulation is exquisite, and I actually found myself grinding down onto the P and K tabs. Of the latter, I was able to affect a different kind of orgasm from the stimulation to the K-spot. No need to modify the device in the least, it's ready to go right out of the box. Guys, I tell you I sat there grinding and gyrating, having orgasm after orgasm until my arms gave out! The VICE is the Holy Grail for chairgasms! HELLO!


    For many users the prospect of using the Aneros during intercourse has been a bit daunting. Granted, several models provide nice stimulation, but it's generally been necessary to utilize a smaller unit to avoid overdoing it. The softness of the VICE makes a high level of stimulation possible and combines it with a rectal fullness that makes for one corker of a happy ending!


    The VICE is the first Aneros that could be said to be wearable. While this has never been my thing, many users have long desired an Aneros that could be taken out in public. In actuality the prototype that gave birth to the VICE was conceptualized with this activity in mind several years ago. In my estimation it's size will make it easy to retain. The silicone will ensure that it's not irritating for retaining for longer periods of time and the tabs will be no impediment to movement. *I would strongly advise that you do this without the vibrator however. (Should the power button be inadvertently'll have some 'splainin' to do!)

    THE V-I-B-R-A-T-O-R

    While it is true that I have strongly discouraged the use of vibrators in the past I have done so primarily on the basis that static/continuous vibration (seen in standard vibrators) effectively desensitizes the prostate. When the company first started looking at developing this kind of product, they understood my concerns about this. Consequently we had some discussions where I emphasized the need for a smart vibe, one that was designed for multiple patterns, patterns that were of varying intensity. Providing varying intensity delivers more stimulation while minimizing the desensitizing aspect of vibration. Of the VICE's four patterns I found the Pulsing and Ramp Up the most interesting. I would suggest that users try them all, because they all produce wonderful sensations. The Ramp up Down combo is quite different, if one were to look at a graphic representation of output of this setting I suspect that it would look much like a circus tent ; one large peak in the center with two smaller peaks on either side of it, (ramp up to a small peak, hold for a fraction of a second than up to a larger peak, hold, then ramp down in the same way).

    In short order I determined that vibrator could be used in two ways: passively (pop in the VICE, turn it on and go about your business, and actively, using contractions along with it. The passive approach is more suited to those that are concerned with traditional uses, i.e. as an amplifier for simple masturbation or along with intercourse. For this application the VICE can be used right out of the box, with little effort. For those who have crossed-over the VICE is a delightful way to mix things up. This is where is gets interesting, while it is true that there are just 4 vibrator patterns, there are actually 2 ways to experience them actively: in phase, contracting with the peaks, and out of phase releasing your contractions at the peaks. When you consider intensity of your contractions you can add yet another parameter to mess around with. It's endless, and it's fun. This approach further minimizes desensitization as your prostate is responding to constantly changing stimuli.

    Who is the VICE for?

    The VICE is the ultimate Aneros for experienced users who appreciate larger fare. It is not an anal newbies model, although those who are familiar with anal play (and are new to the Aneros) will certainly find something to enjoy here. On the question of whether this will be the unit to push you over the edge (to a Super O) I would say that if it is it will be as a result of the VICE's shape and responsiveness, not the vibrator. While it is possible that the vibrator will work this way for some users, I'm doubtful that this will be the case for most people. This is not to say that one won't have Super O's with the vibrator, (I've had countless Super O's with it), just that it will likely be with users who are already experienced with Super O's. That said, I think it's possible that some experienced users may find this a key to a hands free orgasm.... it's nearly happened for me several times (put the vibrator on Pulse...sit on the VICE and get grinding!).

    There is no doubt that the VICE is a premium product (and is priced accordingly). But when you see the quality of this device and begin to appreciate all that it can do, I think you'll agree that it is not a typical Aneros. The craftsmanship and innovation that are reflected in this product are consistent with high-end brands like LELO and WEVIBE. The VICE also comes in it's own custom designed case, a first for Aneros.


    The VICE is a very versatile larger scale massager that can be appreciated on many different levels: actively, passively, wiggling, thrusting, sitting, with intercourse, out on the town...and all of these with or without one of four vibrating patterns! The vibrating patterns can be approached in any number of ways as well. The VICE feels absolutely wonderful, and frankly from the very first time I used it...I never wanted to remove it! It is the only Aneros that I am using nowadays.

    Pros: A very versatile device for experienced users and those who enjoy larger fare. A must for Aneros collectors, those who appreciate premium products and those who have been waiting for a vibrating Aneros.

    Cons: Not for anal or Aneros newbies, considerably higher cost than other Aneros models.


    BF Mayfield


    Only water based and natural oil based lubes should be used with this device.

    As with all larger Aneros models copious amounts of lubrication should be used for optimum results.

    On the battery life, although I don't have any stats on it, I can say that I've used it for 3 hours continuously and it was still going strong.

    Clean up is a snap with soap and water. For the more fastidious users, boiling in water for 2 minutes is generally acceptable for silicone products. Although I haven't checked with HIH, I suspect that it is dishwasher safe as well (top rack only, put in a nipple cage to avoid it falling to lower rack). ALWAYS REMOVE THE VIBRATOR FROM THE VICE PRIOR TO CLEANING. NEVER IMMERSE THE VIBRATOR IN WATER! The vibrator can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    One important user tip that I failed to elaborate on in my review concerns lubrication. While it is true that one can use just about any lube with the VICE (with the exception of silicone based products, silicone lubes should NEVER be used with silicone toys), the fact is that thicker, gel type of preparations will be far better choices. The issue here concerns the physical properties of viscosity and adhesion. As slick and slippery as a personal lubricant is, it will not be effective if it won't stay on the surface of the massager. In my tests, thin lubes such as ID Glide and KY liquid beaded off the surface of the VICE like rain water running down a pane of glass! Not that the VICE is as smooth as glass mind you, it's just that this kind of non-porous surface requires a thicker, slower flowing product to ensure that it remains covered at all times. With prostate massage, the last thing you want are dry areas on the massager, it hampers mobility and can be downright uncomfortable, particularly with a device that has matte finish like the VICE.

    If you have a preference for water based products my recommendation is to go with a thin liquid type (eg. ID Glide) for starters (as a prelube to prevent dehydration) and chase it with the VICE liberally coated with a gel product such as KY jelly, Maximus or Slippery Stuff. If you have a "Lube Shooter" or a wide mouth syringe it may be possible to use the gels for your prelube as well. If your preference is oil based lube the best choice would be the Natural Jelly recipe found in the forum.

    On another topic, if you happen to be fairly hairy down there (in the perianal area), you might want to consider a little housekeeping prior to your VICE sessions. The reason is that the softer matte finish of this model will tend to tug and pull on hair a little more than with the rigid devices. This may lead to discomfort and actually slow the unit down as well. This is not a requirement....but I'm just saying. Besides that, the VICE feels really good on bare skin.

    Lastly, shortly after I posted my review I received a question from a user regarding the safety of silicone products. While it is true that there has been some controversy about silicone gels used in breast implants in the past, it should be noted that the VICE is composed of a completely different material. The VICE is made of a Class VI medical grade silicone, a solid, inert substance that has been rigorously tested for use in health care applications. In tests this material has proven highly resistant to vigorous forms of degradation (chemical and high temperature), in fact it can even be autoclaved (steam sterilized)! So use it with confidence, keep it clean and have yourself a ball.

    BF Mayfield
  • My Vice arrived in the mail today and I was eager to take it out for a quickie. Here are my initial impressions.

    The Vice looks quite similar to my Progasm, with the obvious difference of the head being pulled back to less of an angle than the Progasm. Initial insertion was alot easier due to the fact that the material allows for alot of give. Without the bullet inserted it is really quite flexible. With the bullet it is not so flexible, but still spongy.

    With my Progasm, I like to bear down on it, and then draw it back in. Due to the difference in shape of the Vice, I noticed that if I push down on it the Vice will start to eject itself. The Vice feels notably different inside than the Progasm.

    I briefly played with all the vibration modes of the bullet. Unfortunately, every mode takes the vibration up to a very fast frequency, which for me is too fast. The most stimulating mode, for me, was one where the bullet held a low rumble for a moment before accelerating to full frequency. I found myself wishing that I could stay with it in the low rumble mode because it felt so good! After about 20 cycles up to the full frequency I could feel that I was getting a bit desensitized and turned the vibrator off. I was glad to see that I regained full feeling of the Vice after about 3 minutes of turning off the vibrator.

    I should also add that the soft material makes sitting on the Vice feel very nice. However, the sponginess makes contact with the prostate feel a bit less "electric" if that makes any sense. Just my opinion.

    I've only played with the Vice for about 30 minutes. Who knows what usage patterns I will eventually settle into, so it's way too early to pretend I can "review" this thing. I just thought I would share the info for anyone looking for an early field report on the new device outside of what has already been posted.

    I hope that new bullets will be offered in the future that will give the option of running it at a nice lowfrequency. In fact, I am looking forward to the battery draining a bit to see how that goes!

  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    I agree, I too would like to see a lower rev mode for the vibrator. Perhaps that's something that HIH may make available down the line. In the meantime you might try pulling the vibrator about half way out of the massager. (On mine it fits pretty snugly, so it seems to stay in that position with no problem). This makes the vibration slightly less prostate focused and more anally focused.

    BF Mayfield
  • Thanks BMayfield:

    That is a great idea. I look forward to trying that out. Made me think of sticking that bullet into the backend of a fleshlight as well. Who knows?

  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Hi Guys,

    I received my early Christmas present yesterday - a new Aneros VICE massager. Here are my early impressions.

    It is pretty obvious, just from the unique packaging scheme, this is definitely upscale packaging for an upscale product, classy and appropriate, sensual and simple. This is a perfect package for a wife to give to her husband as an Anniversary, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day or whatever day present. It's also a great present for a man to give to himself. The red cardboard display box even has magnetic catches to hold the lid flap in place.

    I did of course excitedly open the packaging to check out this newest massager and the vibrator. Upon initial inspection the feel and quality of the silicone massager is wonderful. I ran my fingers over all the curves and didn't detect any flaws or seam lines, which is great. The matte surface has a silky smooth finish, which has a natural, organic, sensual feel unlike the hard plastic of their other massagers. This silicone formulation is firmer than the squishy soft silicones encountered in other sex toys. IMHO, it strikes a good balance between appropriate stiffness and comfortable flexibility. On initial inspection, I noticed a somewhat acute prominent ridge line running along the anterior and posterior sides near the base where the anal sphincter muscles will compress it. I was concerned this might lead to some soreness similar to that which I had experienced from being a bit stretched by the Progasm's thick base, fortunately that is not the case here. The inherent flexibility of this material makes it very comfortable and even after a 2 hour session with it, I did not feel anywhere near the soreness I would have experienced with my Progasm.

    The vibrator is a real gem! It feels, looks and performs as a quality engineered item, this is the BMW of small vibrators. I absolutely love the fact it has multiple vibration settings. I was testing it out in my hands and marveled at the quietness and powerfulness it possessed, great job on this. I could see the potential to use this exact vibe in re-engineered versions of the Progasm or Maximus, plus whatever future versions of 'V' series devices Dr. T designs. The choice of using a standard AAA battery versus some odd rare type is absolutely sound judgment. I am curious however why the recommendation against rechargeable batteries? In the interest of employing more energy efficient technologies as well as reducing production of toxic waste products, what might need to be changed to allow the use of 'rechargeable' batteries? Better yet, perhaps future versions could incorporate built-in rechargeable batteries like those used in cordless toothbrushes. While I did enjoy the power and variations of this vibrator, I concur with 'Abulafia' about the duration of the frequency needing to be longer, the cycle time between peaks should be extended (at least doubled, IMO). After about 5 minutes on each setting I could feel myself becoming desensitized and needing to switch the pattern. A future version with a user controlled variable intensity, variable frequency and random pattern of settings would be ideal. What is really nice here though is the VICE feels great even with the vibrator off, it is very comfortable, I may be giving this model my full attention in the upcoming weeks.

    I agree with 'BF Mayfield' and the manufacturer, this model in vibration mode is not appropriate for newbie users. The strength of the vibrations can easily mask the low intensity, subtle sensations generated by ones prostate to such an extent as to interfere with the re-wiring process and actually retard the necessary learning steps. However, that being said, long time 'grinders' who have, heretofore, not progressed well may find the occasional added stimulation helpful in maintaining their interest and desire for continuing the learning process. For others, who are not focused on obtaining Super-O's, the use of the 'VICE' is likely to produce some rather profound Super-T's. All in all, the 'VICE' is a great new product from Aneros and one veteran users are likely to enjoy for years to come!
  • enigmaenigma
    Posts: 90
    I have only used my Vice once so this is not a proper review.
    Insertion was slightly easier than the Progasm, just laid still without vibe for about 15 mins, inserted vibe, went through the four modes I liked the second one the best, had some very nice waves from prostate, finished off by hand only a few strokes to ejaculate, felt very good.
    Unlike others here I liked the vibe.
    If you were to insert vibe backwards you can't turn it on and off or scroll through the modes.
    Re Brians review, on the subject of lube I used Maximus and had it in for about 45 mins in total, and when I took it out the head part was completely dry as if it had absorbed the lube.
  • Just got mine today. Gave it a quick whirl. Never had used a vibe before and the stimulation was very intense and pleasurable.... at first. Then I became quite desensitized. I enjoyed using it and quickly achieved a "Super-T" doing so. However, I would not suggest using this to try and achieve a super orgasm if one hasnt already. I felt it numbing down the sensations. However, by itself its a completely different story. Without the vibe the Vice feels fantastic, and is quite a perfect fit. I found the progasm to be too much for me to handle and would often experience pain with use. The vice however (at least with my first effort) felt quite snug and comfortable.

    Would definitely recommend this to those that want to have some great super Ts and those that want something bigger that couldn't quite handle the progasm.

    I'll update as I use it more, as this is not a proper review, and just initial impressions.
  • Well, this seems as good a thread as any to fill with vice impressions so here are my straight forward impressions:

    -Very light compared to progasm. I like this a lot but it may be a turn off for some.
    -Very strong vibrator and surprisingly seamless and compact considering there are multiple settings.
    -Have yet to go numb from vibrations, although my body does still adapt and the vibration sensations weaken, although not the sensation of the aneros itself.
    -Feels great even without any movement or manual concentration.
    -A box! This needs to become a standard!
  • Thanks B Mayfield,

    I'm ordering mine today. Hope to get it real soon, can't wait to try it out.

    Good Vibes,
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008
    I have just today received my Vice. I haven't had a chance to used it yet but I feel I must make a couple of initial comments.

    For probably the first five minutes after unpacking it, I was sure I had been supplied with a dud bullet. Since I was a small child every battery-operated device that has required cells to be inserted in series, the positive terminal has always been at the top of the device. It took me some time today, and just by way of experiment, to discover that, counterintuitively, the battery cell for the bullet has to be installed upside down! Why this is the case I have no idea.

    When I did run the bullet, I found that there is nothing discrete about this baby. There is no way you could wear this to bed without your partner and possibly those in a next door bedroom from knowing it. Before I even discovered Aneros, I had stumbled across an opposition vibrator-equipped "G Spot Massager". Admittedly it is powered by only a button cell, which doesn't last long, but it is almost silent by comparison with the Vice's bullet. I doubt I will be using this bullet much but look forward very much to an upgrade which is not as powerful but delivers several less decibels.

    As it is, I am now going away for a short holiday at the beach and staying in a B&B (Bed and Breakfast) house. I'm sorry, but my Vice will be staying at home, so I won't have the chance to give it a workout until next week.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year to everyone!
  • Mayfield,

    Thanks for the review.

    I imagine that during the development of Vice, Aneros held competitive product trials of one sort or another, if only to figure out the price/performance target. Did you participate in that process? If so, I'd like to read your analysis of the category and other products as they compare to Vice. Or maybe you did such comparisons informally?

    Cheers, and Happy New Year!

  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    used my vice for the first time today and I will give it a thumbs up. the vibrator is very well made but I do wish it would operate at a slower speed.
    I enjoyed the vice even without the vibrator. the material is very different than the plastic models and I thought it gave a more fuller feeling
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    Thanks for the review.

    I imagine that during the development of Vice, Aneros held competitive product trials of one sort or another, if only to figure out the price/performance target. Did you participate in that process? If so, I'd like to read your analysis of the category and other products as they compare to Vice. Or maybe you did such comparisons informally?

    Cheers, and Happy New Year!


    Bumped to get an answer.
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140
    Dave, thanks for the bump, I missed your post the first time around!

    Over the years I have had some involvement in the development of products with Aneros, providing user input. I have never participated in the pricing process however, although if I ever had any concerns about it I could make them known. With respect to my review of the VICE I did indeed do some informal price comparisons of my own. As I stated, the price of the VICE is consistent with other original high-quality vibrating adult devices made of silicone that are currently on the market.

    BF Mayfield
  • Well my first impression would be that it is not worth the 140 dollars, since the vibrating bullet came out the package not functioning at all. Now I have to pay to mail it back in and hopefully receive a replacement sometime in the near future...not exactly what I was expecting for my money.
  • dingding
    Posts: 16
    I initially felt the vibrations were too strong and desensitized my prostate. I continued to use the Vice without the vibrator and enjoyed the size and the feel very much. I usually use it after having used the Helix for a time.
    The other day I tried the Vice with the vibrator after a 3 hour session when I figured I was about finished and would give it a try again.
    I experienced extreme pleasure with the vibrator on, trying all the modes, enjoying the second one the best. I was rewarded with several strong intense orgasms and then the vibrator started to dull the intensity but that was OK because I was finished anyway.
    The interesting is that I have experienced prostate waves and mini-o's for about 36 hours since.
    Driving in my car, sitting in a chair, on the couch watching TV.
    This has been my best session so far and I am exited to try it again.
    Love that Aneros Vice!!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Have you tried installing the battery upside down?

    Like you, I thought I had a dud but it turns out that the battery must be installed upside down. Try that before you return the bullet.
  • Hello, all.

    I've been at this Aneros thing for 4 months, using a Helix and a Eupho. I sleep with the Eupho almost every night. If I'm away from home on business overnight and just want a quick session, I use the Helix for an hour or so. My partnered experiences are told in that thread, below.

    OK, my initial Vice experience from start to finish...

    Using the free shipping option, my Vice arrived in 3 business days; better than expected.

    The packaging is nice, but doesn't matter to me.

    The battery that came with the unit was dead. I put a new one in the vibrator, but did not install the vibe in the Vice.

    Insertion was easy, comparable to the Helix. Used Vaseline for lube since silicone lube is a no-no with this device.

    The pressure on my prostate produced an immediate kind of soft erection and a drip of clear fluid. I sat in a soft recliner and started reading the newspaper. Within a few minutes, my heart rate was soaring and P-waves were sweeping through me. I lay down on my bed and used controlled breathing. The super-O hit within 5 minutes -- a new record. I had to cut the session short due to other tasks, like making dinner.

    After dinner, I inserted the vibe into the Vice and lay on the bed. Very pleasurable. Next, I got in my car and drove around the neighborhood. Fortunately, there's no traffic around here or I would have been a hazard to others. It's difficult to focus on anything but the sensations -- not a good idea to drive or operate heavy machinery while using an Aneros device of any kind.

    Back home, I changed to the longest ramp vibe setting and took my dog for a walk. The only issue with walking was making sure I didn't accidentally expel the Vice during a dry-O. By the time I finished the walk (15 minutes) I could tell my prostate was getting a bit numb, so I removed the vibe from the Vice and sat down in a recliner to write this report. The Vice is still inside me, generating low level P-waves.

    I think this product, though a bit pricey is a winner.

    As soon as I have a chance to become a human vibrating dildo for my wife's pleasure, I'll report about it.


  • so im hooked on the vice. the ONLY thing i would like to see is differnt modles of the bullet and backups available.
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Hear Hear!

    I can't wait for a bullet that doesn't almost shake the bed and is quiet enough that it doesn't wake the whole household!

    As it is I am using the Vice only without the bullet. Seems a bit of a waste of a bullet.
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888

    I've seen a number of comments about the Vice being too energetic. Not for me, and my wife would actually prefer the vibes were stronger when I'm inside her with the vibe on. Great bullet!


  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, all.

    The following link is to what appears to be the first independent review of the Aneros Vice. It's in French, so most of us have to use Google to translate it.

    Nouveaux plaisirs, Aneros et SexToys: Saint Valentin : Test du sextoy Aneros Vice

    The reviewer was provided the unit for free and he has published about Aneros before. In other words, he was favorably biased before he wrote this review. Nonetheless, it's worth reading.


  • Hi All!

    Aneros stimulator is a must have!! and deserves to be well known in France.. There are top sex toys and will write a review as soon as possible regarding their products.

  • love the vice great for partners really fun and not pokie, really forgiving and great vibes too=) one thing though.. the vibe i kinda hardto take out after a good session anyway. as far as the bullet goes. great design the vibes may be strong but there not janky and very smooth wich is ticky to but well worth it. i would like future usb mod for bullet and a easier tab or a built in system. anway as far as a solo time goes i dont personally enjoy the vibe because the vibes are too distracting and i want a differnt kind of session but still super fun, deff worth the money and excited to see what upgrades are instore for us
  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 888
    Hello, all.

    I've had the VICE for three weeks and have used it almost every night, all night. Of course, most of the nighttime hours were spent sleeping, with sessions at bedtime, around 2 AM and at dawn. My wife participates in most sessions, though at least one session per night is solo. You might say I'm an "extreme" user. :)

    Note that overnight use of Aneros devices is not recommended by the manufacturer. Even with careful application of long-lasting lubrication (Vaseline covered with Olive Oil for me) it is possible that negative effects like irritation, sticking, and soreness can result. I haven't experienced any problems, but I continue to monitor health aspects intensely.

    The vibrator is very powerful when the battery is fresh. After approximately an hour of run time, the vibe level drops. During the last hour of about a 4-hour battery life, the vibrations are mild. (I'm using Kirkland alkaline batteries from Costco. Different batteries will have different use profiles.)

    My most common use of the vibe is for relatively short periods to ramp myself up to a pre-orgasmic level. Then, I turn it off, remove the vibe from the device and proceed using involuntary contractions. A few times, I've been able to leave the vibe running and get straight into a sustained series of super-Os. Typically, if I leave the vibe running, I can't get beyond P-waves.

    During intercourse, my wife asks me to use the vibe so she can feel it. She wants me to push in and not move so the vibes hit her where she prefers. In a static position like that, I can get from P-waves to a dry-O and no further. To get a wet-O or into a super-O, I have to be moving inside her. After awhile, I just tell her I need to move and take it from there. I'd say half the time the session ends in a wet-O and half the time a super-O without ejaculation. Either way, after a 2 AM intercourse session, my dawn solo session tends to be subdued: no vibe, P-waves only.

    One word of caution about using the vibe during intercourse; it can get out of control in a not-so-good way. I had to stop in the middle of a super-O and remove the VICE after it started pounding my prostate too hard. That was caused by using the 4th vibe setting, pulse-pulse, which coupled with and amplified contractions. Now, I avoid that setting during sex.

    Please consider the account above purely anecdotal and not prescriptive. Every individual's response to Aneros devices is unique to that person.


  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
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    Another impression of the Vice.

    Hi, guys. Well, after several weeks of exposure to this new toy, I have to say that it's a wonderful addition to my Aneros collection. I find it very comfortable and easy to use, with lots of extra oomph you could say, over its non-vibe partners. Very different, as well.

    First off, I have found the vibrations to be just about right. When I get wound up, rhythms 1 and 3 are very interesting. Next, I have noticed, at least for me, the Vice is not my starting toy. I find that my Progasm or Helix really gets me going nicely, and then once I'm pretty wrung out by them, I switch to my Vice and I'm good for another terrific continued session.

    When I try to use the Vice first, even if I'm kinda horny, I find that it's just too much to soon and I tend to turn "off" when I was turned on. For some reason the vibe, maybe it's too strong, dunno, kills my sensitive prostate yearning, fast too. But if I use it later in a session, it works better.

    How about you? Do you find that the orgasms you have with a Vice are "different" from your standard Aneros orgasm? They certainly seem to be for me. Vice orgasms come on slower, grow slower and last longer. I sometimes wait for a while, just relaxed and quiet and wait for the sensations of the Vice to grow. Man, they come on like gangbusters thereafter, and I can loll about on the bed from back to stomach and allow the Vice to stimulate different parts of my rectum and prostate, WOW, I can feel the vibrations to the tip of my penis and all the way up my back and front. Truly enjoyable sensations that just go on and on. Very nice.

    So, while it's not my first choice as an initial Aneros model, it certainly enlivens my solo evenings when I'm on the road.

    Great job, HIH.

  • artformartform
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    Vice/Vibe is an already treasured addition to my Aneros Arsenal!!! :D

    I can identify with a number of the reviews above. My practice with Vice is also a little more varied, in that I also like the Vice VERY much without the Vibe, and equally like the Vibe for other places than in the Vice!! This has become a great mix and match game and erotic response exploratorium.

    This morning I tried for the first time a session, which was originally proposed collectively in great chat some time ago. It was rumel, if I recall correctly, of the three or four of us chatting who made this suggestion. While exploring the responses with a Titan whole package ring on, and your Tempo initially inserted, (here comes rumel......) insert your Vice Vibe between your balls/sack and the Titan; explore vibe programs... ... ... ... etc... ... ... S-OOOOOooooooooOOoooOOoooooooOOOOOooooooo... etc...

    Programs 1 and 3, particularly 3, which is my all purpose, any occasion fave, are great in this application. During a fabulous run of variations after variations, my anorectal hunger had sucked the Tempo in to the max and my prostate was reaching out and polishing that great silver sceptre with ever increasing increasing vigour!!! I switched to program 4, eh!!!... of Vibe, and before you can blink I became rock hard, instead of most sessions' flaccid fellow, and into a Super-T "clear the pipes" finale! Olé!

    So, Vice/Vibe is a very versatile team. Had the erection/prostate-wet-switch not been thrown so quickly, I might well have paused for a minute and changed up from Tempo to Vice and shifted the Vibe into the Vice. I have been using the Vice with Vibe as my favourite BPH Therapy session team (vibe 3, and then 4 into orgasm) for several weeks now!!

    Having resisted until I was seduced by transparent Ice, the "fullness feeling" big Aneros models are now favourites too. The soft texture and slight give of the Vice is SO erotic and engaging: without vibe, Vice is the closest to a living cock in you from an Aneros product!! I love being able to sit up so comfortably in chairs/lounges with it in, in, IN! Vice without Vibe is the closest thing to being back in my youth bottoming, and has rekindled those memories physically.

    The great thing is that this has released more energies that I seemed to have been holding back. In a recent energies exchange-at-a-distance (more than a thousand miles), I found I was having a very powerful energies "sexual" bottoming experience that was surprisingly hugely liberating. This release of huge additional levels of orgasmic energetic joys quickly became energies that had mrs. a and I having a great higher hot energies gettogether soon after, undiminished at all by ejaculation, and they remained fully present powerfully for more than a week. They are now an elevated integrated part of the always present full spectrum energies background hum I have and love.

    However, back to the Titan–Vibe combo, which does amazing things since the tip of the Vibe goes right to my perineum P-spot and the Vibe shaft is in contact with my inner shaft from there right up onto my sack and against both balls!! It is also transmitting its Vibe buzzes through the Titan enveloping the whole package and resonating way up the vas/cremasters' canals into the heart of my torso and all the orgasmic nerve networks. Hallelujah!!! So mix it up men!!

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
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    Here's the review recently posted at Lovehoney in the U.K.:

    A fantastic new twist to the Aneros line for experienced players, 22 Mar 2011
    by Jake of Facts and Friction, a Single Straight Male from United Kingdom

    Overall Rating: 4.5

    Attractiveness: 5

    Quietness: 4

    Material & Build Quality: 5

    Ease of Use: 3.5

    Strength of Vibrations: 4.5

    Orgasm Rating: 4.5

    The Aneros Vice is Aneros's first vibrating toy, and their first to be made out of silicone - surely the finest sex toy material available to man. It takes the winning prostate massager shape and then enhances it with a fantastic bullet and a wonderful feel - both inside you, and in terms of the quality of the toy.

    The Aneros is clearly designed as a high-end toy. It comes in a red strong card and plastic box with a magnetic clasp that is perfect for storage. The box is similar to those you'd get with a luxury toy from the likes of Lelo and so on. On the outside it's nondescript (apart from being a strong, dark red) and inside it has a plastic mould to store the silicone massager and its metal vibrator separately. This box is the only one I've actually used to store a toy. With even my Lelo BOB and cockring having been liberated from their boxes, perhaps me still keeping my Vice in its box is a sign of my infatuation with it?

    So, initial impressions away, and on to the more interesting stuff. This toy is chunky! It's probably about the same insertable length as a Lelo BOB, an Aneros Helix, or a Rocks-Off Rude Boy (I did compare them all just now), but it's wider, thicker and more of a handful to insert. Obviously though, with great size comes great pleasure - the reward for those that can handle the two finger width of this toy.

    As I mentioned, silicone is just amazing. It's perfect for butt toys too. You can clean it just by boiling it (remove the vibrator though), it warms up to the temperature of inside you, and, perhaps most importantly, it's just so damn comfy! It's the first Aneros toy that is comfortable to use sitting down, as it's flexible so doesn't just poke you when you sit like the older, harder plastic Aneros toys. As an example of how comfortable it is, have a slightly odd story. After a night of St Patrick's Day revelry with my uni friends I came home, used the toy, then decided to go to bed. Cue me waking up with it still inside me. It was still comfortable when I woke up hungover and sleep deprived 6 hours later. This probably isn't recommended, but it means for those of you who like to wear toys 'out and about' (you naughty things!) then this should be right up your, erm, street.

    Now, onto the vibrations! This thing is a work of art. It's a solid, stainless steel, weighty, substantial feeling beast of a bullet. It's much thinner and longer than a standard bullet vibe, and it slides its entire length into the silicone body of the Vice to give it some extra strength, as well as the vibrations. Holding down the button at the end of the vibrator turns it on or off, and a short press loops through the four modes. Mode one is a slow ramping up and down in intensity, mode two is three short repeated bursts, three is a gentle buzz, then a increase, then repeated and four is four short bursts. There is no continuous mode, which is probably a good thing as it just means your girlfriend would want to steal the bullet, and also it might make you feel a bit desensitised by the constantly strong vibrations.

    I've never had any of the much talked about Super Os or any non-ejaculatory orgasms from this toy, but that's just because I haven't taken the time to master those techniques. Even without these, the Vice is still an amazing toy. With it in you, contractions feel intense, and every orgasm is stronger and harder and longer lasting. You can feel your body pumping as you ejaculate. It's a fantastic sensation, and I look forward to exploring more of these. If you are a man with anal play experience and fancy a treat, get yourself one of these.

    A five star quality silicone Aneros toy with a beautifully designed vibrator included

    Nothing, but beginners beware - it's thick (in my non-pro opinion)!

    Bottom Line
    A perfect investment for someone interested in the next step in prostate/anal play
  • When I first started using Aneros, the problem I had was with the hardness and rightness of the plastic they were made of. I just couldnt get comfortable with them. After trying the classic MGX, the Helix, and the Progasm, I gave up and they sat in a drawer unused for over a year. Then one day I received an email advertisement announcing the Vice. When I read that it was made of silicone instead of hard plastic I knew that, if one would ever work for me, this would be it. I've been using the Vice without the vibrator since I bought it on the first of May. The vibrator doesn't do anything for me. But, the softer silicone material of the Vice has made all the difference. I've had my first Super-O with it. I've noticed a lot of changes in my body's sexual responses. My sessions with the Vice are intensely satisfying.

    Not a beginner's Aneros? I effectively began on it and I've gotten a lot of good returns.

    Thank you Aneros, for giving men the ability experience this kind of pleasure and sexual health regardless of their orientation.
  • RandoRando
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    I agree with the others that the Vice with vibrator turned on is maybe a little too intense and causes me to tense up my abs just enough so that I can't quite get into that relaxed state needed for a Super O. However, I've found an amazing use for the vibrator that works incredibly well for me. I take the vibrator and 2 rubber bands and attach it to the Progasm. For some reason this works very well and the vibrations are intense enough to get incredible results while not being so intense that they cause numbness or too much tension in the muscles. I am almost guaranteed to have a Super O with that configuration whereas with some of my other Aneros's it can be very hit and miss as to how good the session is.
  • rookrook
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    This morning at about 04:30 PDT Dame Vice visited three Super-Os upon my soul. The first I'd ever experienced from this new dance partner.

    A couple of months ago I had 'relegated' my Vice to just massage for bph therapy. Modes #3 and #4 were my choice for this treatment and have rewarded me with very effective therapy sessions (thorough massage, nice vibes during the treatment, good support of masturbatory edging and improved semen output at the end of the drill.)

    Recently, to finish one of these sessions, I rolled over and experienced a couple of intense involuntaries. That triggered a few sessions to look at my dry-O possibilities with Dame Vice.

    From the start I had been rather passive with Vice... lube, insert it, lay back and expect miracles. In so doing, I had ignored a key obsevation in B.F. Mayfield's first review:

    ...In short order I determined that vibrator could be used in two ways: passively (pop in the VICE, turn it on and go about your business, and actively, using contractions along with it. ..."

    (emphasis added)

    Three major changes contributed to this morning's success:

    First, body position. I changed from the side position I use with Helix and Eupho to a belly position so that my buttocks are splayed open and there is minimal contact between my glutes and the thick abutment arm on the Vice. With that friction gone, the Vice is now free to move in response to the desires of my prostate and rectum.

    Second, breathing. I had been ignoring the basic, "...don't forget to breathe" statement that we offer all newbies. Returning to B.F. Mayfield's basic distinction between the "passive" and "active" approaches to the Vice, I've substituted breathing for voluntary contractions. (breathing details below)

    For just the Vice, I've followed Dave's suggestion to coat the Vice with Vaseline. I'm also injecting 3ml of Castor Oil. At first I selected Castor Oil because it was handy however, it's smoothness and viscosity has made it a fave lube for Vice in the 'orgasmic' role. (I will probably continue with Shea+Walnut for bph therapy)

    Third, nipples. On my belly I can't comfortably do nip stim. For now I'm substituting some mental focus on both nips and 'virtualizing' nip intensity as I slide my pecs across a pillow. Later I hope to add some gentle e-stim to season this Boulabaise of pleasure.

    About breathing. Using vibe mode #1 I start breathing with a 1:5 ratio of breaths to vibe cycles. So that I inhale during two complete rise-fall cycles of the vibe, pause during the third vibe cycle and exhale during two more rise-fall vibe cycles. This is a bit faster than I like for 'inductive meditation' in my Eupho sessions but it's close enough that I can get in 'step' with the 'dance partner' in my ass. After a couple of minutes I begin to relax into a slower breathing pattern that sort of sub-consicously drifts into an indefinite rhythm with the Vice. Although the actual peaks and valleys don't align precisely, it works for me. It's during this "blending phase' that the involuntaries become notable. My overall mood is blurred and while I'm aware of many details, they are trivia and don't really matter. This is probably analogous to the lassitude that weed users feel once they are inserted.

    My involuntaries seem to occur on every second or third breath with fairly long pauses in between. The total movement is only a few millimeters but it's sufficient to transfer the slight raspiness of the vibe signal from the posterior surface of my sphincter to my prostate, then return. This yields a marvelous blend of vibe peaks and valleys, breathing, involuntary contractions cycling back and forth; and, as my heart rate and intensity increases, pulsations in my prostate, penis bulb, eyes, along my spine and near the major joints of my legs and arms.

    This morning, as the p-waves and ab contractions rose above these underlying rhythms there was little doubt about what would be next.

    The Super-O burst forth to my head and extremities without any encouragement on my part. It was very simply an overflowing of the energy from all the rhythms. This symphony of pulses and oscillations was bridged by the very stable rise and fall of Dame Vice's own pulse. A grand dance partner!
  • artformartform
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    WONDERFUL rook!!! :D :D

    Congratulations my friend!!
  • B MayfieldB Mayfield
    Posts: 2,140

    What a terrific session! If memory serves wasn't the Maximus your fave in the large Aneros category? From the sounds of it the Max may have some competition! The VICE is a remarkably versatile device, there are so many different ways to approach it. I've been surprised to see that more people haven't explored working with the in phase/out of phase aspects of the vibrator since my initial review. I am delighted that you've made some discoveries along that line.


    BF Mayfield
  • artformartform
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    Just added a brief Vice/Vibe demo fragment from longer wonderful sunlit Vice session!!! :D :D :D

    See Artform vid 7 post in General Discussion Forum!! Quite a direct review of Vice results...

  • Hello, all.

    The Vice is now new and improved. Not the shape or materials, which are about as perfect as can be; I'm talking about the vibe bullet. For at least a few weeks now, all new Vice massagers shipped from the Aneros website store carry the second generation vibe. While the first gen certainly worked for me, the new model is way better.

    Having tested it for two long sessions last night and this morning, I would like to paraphrase the Rolling Stones' Start Me Up lyric, "Vice, you make a dead man come."

    The vibe has three vibe patterns: constant buzz, ramp up-down, and pulse-pulse. Each pattern has three intensities: low, which is quiet enough not to disturb your bed partner sleeping next to you, medium, which is about the level of the first gen vibe, and high, which I predict will make hands-free wet orgasms possible for many of the guys who've been seeking them.

    Ramp up-down tends to trigger involuntary contractions that mimic a slow and deep pegging. Pulse-pulse triggers rapid contractions for a shallow, fast, almost manic auto-fuck. Tons O Fun either way.

    Way to go, Aneros Product Development Team!


  • CA25CA25
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    Dave, thanks. I think the prior reviews about the vibrator was the only thing holding me back from the costly purchse. I'm thinking this might be a great holiday gift "to share." I wonder how we can tell if we get the correct (new) units, if purchase is made in a store. May have to buy online direct.
  • CA25CA25
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    Hey, did you try it with the wife? Really curious to know how it felt for her.
  • rookrook
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    [QUOTE=CA25;102498].... snip..... I wonder how we can tell if we get the correct (new) units, if purchase is made in a store. May have to buy online direct. not difficult. slip in a AAA batt and try the vibe capsule out. As you successively press the 'start button,' the 'original' capsule cycles through four distinct modes and new one has nine modes (arranged in three groups of three modes, each group more intense than the last.)

    I like to purchase most sex toys locally and over the counter but, due to this 'in-production' change on the vibe I strongly suggest you buy from Aneros. Their customer service is really tops and they know their product better than will a local merchant. hth... rook
  • Hello, CA25.

    Although my wife loves it when I become The Human Vibrating Dildo, I haven't tried that trick with the new vibe, yet. Maybe this weekend.

    Best Regards,

  • PommiePommie
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    My sole beef with the original Vice was that the vibe was far too strong for me.

    So far I have only really been able to use the Vice sans vibrator!

    Does anyone know if previous purchasers of the Vice can upgrade to the new version of the vibe without having to buy the whole box and dice?
  • using the #3 setting on the vibe makes the sphinster muscles react involuntary more easily and the vice seems to thrust. have not reach the super-o yet but got a lot of new feelings that i have not got before. i have the progasm and helix. both that give me great stimulation but nothing like the vice! jeff
  • sethseth
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    I got a Vice with original vibe and extra Muze vibe. While I do kinda feel ripped off, I understand the need to refinance the research that obviously went into the Muze.
    Vice with Muze is how it was meant to be, major, major improvement. You just can't put a price on bliss. Thanks for the great product!
  • CA25CA25
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    Any way to tell from the box, model number, etc... if I am purchasing the new version with the "better" vibe? I believe they have one on display at the store I will be purchasing from, so if it is powered up I will try that one. Is it 9 vibe options on the new one, and only three on the old version? Is that how I can tell? Does the actual vibe look different in any way?
  • isvaraisvara
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    Tried Vice early this morning. Yay! Yay!
    It has taken a few weeks to have the courage even to look at IT - OMG it seemed impossible. Well with lots of 'Lube' wisdom off the posts I got myself and IT lubed up. I took plenty of time getting IT into place - suddenly it sort of slid into place - it was so comfortable! I did not really use the Muze (9 choices model) just a minute or so on L#3 . I did a couple of contractions. I was quite content just getting the feel of it and relaxing. Even so I had some precum which I have not had before with the MGX/Helix. Vice is quite remarkable; it fits so well. I have promised myself to have a 'proper' session soon.