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New to Aneros
  • Just recently recd. my Helix, have inserted it three times with no negative issues, it feels good! I have yet to leave it in for any length of time, just getting familiar with it. I have always loved it when my wife would play around with my anus especially penetration. What got me interested in Aneros was the fact that I started looking for info on prostate massage, my finger just does not get far enough in me to get a good massage, I am hitting the spot just not effectively. Its a great site with endless info and I am soaking it all up. Wish me success.
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Success!!!! This is an amazing journey!

  • I do wish you success! I hope this thing really kicks your ass, if I could be so crude...

    But jesting aside, the "kicking your ass" phrase doesn't really convey the way I relate to Aneros at all... I view Aneros as the most sensual, warm, sultry experience possible, rather than being rough or aggressive. Just a thought...
  • More like dragging your ass into hyperspace, no?
  • Ha, followed shortly by the rest of your body, yes...