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Am i having super o's ?
  • Hi guys,

    New to all this and have been reading the forums extensively, I want to know if im having super o's. The feelings i get when i think im having one is like oh my god i can't take this anymore, and a ringing in my ears (like waves), it almost feel like it's too intense and like im going to pass out, my cock goes hard and it feels like it is going to cum but never does, the feelings seem to last as long as I can take them for, when i've had too much i go for a t-orgasm, does this sound familiar chaps ?


  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492

    Congratulations on having such early success but please understand, no one here can make the determination of whether or not you are having Super-O's, only you can do that. With that having been said, what you have described certainly fits within the general Super-O definition.
    As a little challenge for you, why not forgo the Super-T ending and extend your Anerosession to see what new realms of experience may be available to you?
  • valliantvalliant
    Posts: 120

    I think rumel is right,i did this a few times when i had evening sessions and would wake up a little later then when i ended the session.
    I wanted so much to relief myself and i did but this made me go back instead of progressing further i felt.
    So no more t-orgasms for me soon after a session,i don't care how horny i am.
    Maybe i should continue the session to see what happens?