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What happens during your Aneros-less sessions?
  • View Poll Results: What have you experienced Aneros-less? Voters: 33

    You may not vote on this poll

    Nothing 2 6.06%

    P-Waves 18 54.55%

    Mini-Orgasms 22 66.67%

    Dry Ogasms 13 39.39%

    Super Orgasms 9 27.27%

    Super Traditional Orgasms 4 12.12%

    Calm Seas Orgasms 7 21.21%

    Something else (elaborate in your comments) 3 9.09%

    Some or any of the above, but ONLY solo. 8 24.24%

    Some or any of the above, with my partner. 4 12.12%

  • brinebrine
    Posts: 303
    Some users are lucky to experience prostate orgasms without an Aneros massager inserted. I was wondering what type of prostate orgasms you have experienced without the Aneros.
  • CockadoodleCockadoodle
    Posts: 400
    Nice poll, brine.

    Yes, NASs (non aneros sessions) can be just about as rewarding as ones with my toys. And like a VICE session, they're very cool, but different from a session with a toy.

    I enjoy NASs frequently, and as a nice alternative to the prep needed for a normal session.

    I start with a nice firm erection, and then use PC and anal contractions to start working on my prostate. I find that stroking the sides of the penis shaft below the scrotum, all the way down to the anus is very stimulating, as the prostate lies buried deep below.

    Great to know that I'm not alone out there!

    Share the energy, boys....

  • STARR831STARR831
    Posts: 71
    Now almost 2 years into my aneros journey, I am enjoying NAS VERY much and VERY often! I usually start by pressing gently over my bush and either making circular or back-and-forth motions with my middle and ring fingers. Other times I'll press firmly with my middle finger into the magic point on my perineum just in front of my anus. Either technique will excite my prostate into first radiating sensations at the base of my scrotum working upwards to the tip of my penis and THEN very enjoyable contractions and FINALLY full body orgasms --- always with precum oozing and surges. This morning, I awakened with the feeling of radiating at the base of my scrotum which soon culminated in a strong full body O. I feel incredibly blessed and continually thank my creator God for the awesome way He knit me together in my mother's womb! For me, NASs are another remarkable reminder of His presence in my life!
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 303
    Cockadoodle and Starr831 -

    Thank you for sharing your experiences. I too feel amazingly blessed to have NAS orgasms. Mine usually start with simple pelvic contractions, then comes the prostate buzz. From there it progresses through p, mini, dry, supers, and calm orgasms. My wife knows how to help me through the process. She knows all my "spots" and expertly stimulates them. If we do have intercourse immediately following, the traditional orgasm is pretty super too. I leak the whole time, usually leaving a nice wet spot on the sheets! She gets very aroused while she arouses me. We both enjoy multiple orgasms together! I agree, Starr. I too believe that God has made me in fearful and wonderful ways, including the ecstasy of orgasm. There is no end to the discoveries of His handiwork.

    Again, guys, thanks for sharing.

  • Ever since getting the Progasm, I've truly experienced the prostate awakening! During Non-Aneros sessions, I now get the full range of prostate sensations. So far only some Mini P Orgasms, but I can feel myself gleefully headed down the road to full Super-O without Aneros inserted!

    It's also so much better now when my wife fingers my ass! So much more sensitive and orgasmanic!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Congratulations varmint!! :D :D

    Great that all this, and your NAS opening, particularly to these energies whenever, have also spiced up your fingering by your wife!! Try the Wedding Band position for man/wife mutual prostates fingering if you haven't intuitively yet!! See my blog for details. All the best with your continuing prostate awakening!

    Thanks so much brine for this keystone poll in aneros understanding!! :D :D And thanks friends Cockadoodle and STARR831 for your expert personal reports!!!

    all the most excellent adventuring to all orgasmic energies levels via the great aneros-less route thanks to aneros prostate awakening all

  • tarantaran
    Posts: 13
    I have been starting to enjoy more of my non Aneros sessions. I usually start off with some nip stim which triggers some nice p-waves. They aren't as strong as when I have an Aneros in me but they can feel rather good.

    Another thing that is different about non Aneros session for me is that I'm more likely to touch my cock. If I get to the point when I start having dry o's, I'll go for a traditional orgasm which can be pretty intense. All in all, I prefer to have sessions with the Aneros and only have Anerosless ones when I feel lazy. They can be good but sometimes I miss the feeling of having the toy in my ass.