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Are Black Friday and/or Holiday sales typical?
  • I'm looking to get another model after not being completely satisfied with the MGX. Maybe I just need to give it more time/patience but I'm getting frustrated. Thinking about the Vice but it's so expensive I'm hoping there might be a huge markdown for Black Friday/Cyber Monday and/or Christmas. Either that or I might go with the Helix that I originally was going to get but talked myself out of. What would you guys recommend?
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 311
    Helix has been very good to me.

  • am i right it that it has been said
    that it also is a good idea to take your height into account (ie) if your a tallish fella 5"11 +
    then the Helix or Vice is a better model as for me to get any real pleasure (from the MGX) is to be sitting down , rather than lying down legs bent etc. as i am thinking of an upgrade for myself in the new year
  • Well, looks like there IS a Black Friday sale...and the 30% off means I've got a choice to make. I could get the Helix or Progasm AND a Peridise set for about the same price as the Vice. What do you guys think? Please, particular I need more info about the Peridise, such as can it induce involuntary orgasms? Remember I'm looking for something more effective then the MGX cause I've had it for nearly 6 months and no o's yet...

    P.S. I'm 6' even
  • Where is everyone?!
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    [QUOTE=sensitiveguy22;102247]Where is everyone?!
    There was a problem with the website earlier, and also it's the weekend after Thanksgiving. Lots of guys will be doing other things.

    The shape of the Helix will hit your prostate in a different way to the MGX (or the Maximus, which has the same basic shape). The Progasm is different again -- it's huge in comparison. I have no experience of the Peridise, but others say it's great. (The UK suppliers only sell it in the pack of four, so it's expensive in comparison.)
  • Ok, so are you suggesting Helix should be the next step as opposed to jumping to the huge Progasm or Vice? (which look essentially the same other then the material and vibe capability)
  • Anyone know exactly when the sale ends?

    It says expires the 28th but does that mean midnight tonight or at the end of cyber Monday? Seems silly that it wouldn't extend into Cyber Monday, the biggest online savings day of the year. I think maybe I'm just having a brainfart right now but it doesn't say expires 11/28 at 11:59 PM so I'm a bit confused...
  • Seems the sale does extend through the end of today but I finally made up my mind and purchased! I actually went with the new Progasm BLACK Ice, Helix, AND advanced Peridise Set all for 118 bucks with free shipping! I was strongly tempted to get just the Vice for about the same price but was advised against it by some members that said it's better for users that are more experienced with the use of the aneros prostate massagers, so yeah 3 for the price of 1 instead, lol. Can't wait until they arrive! Luckily parents will be out of town for over a week...