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Bout ready to give up
  • AcistAcist
    Posts: 4
    i have been trying the aneros for like 2 weeks now. And i have been unsucessful everytime. I have reading and following all the steps on the website and forums and i have yet to reach any orgasms at all. Anyone have any last minute suggestions?
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    Don't give up. Keep trying. It may take a while. It took me three months to succeed.

    Try lying on your stomach. I had tried unsuccussfully to use the Aneros while on my back and my side. One night I laid on my stomach, relaxed, and began doing contractions. After about ten minutes I experienced a dry orgasm. I continued to do contractions and experienced three more long and intense orgasms.

    I don't know why lying on my stomach worked but it did. My guess is that that the once the aneros was properly postioned my anal muscles did the rest. It also allows you body to relax. Imagine you are receiving a massage and allow your body to relax.

    Once I succeeded on orgasming on my stomach I was able to orgasm on my back. Once you learn what muscles are involved, you body will learn to accommodate the aneros and you will be able to achieve orgasm more easily.
  • leol can you tell me how fast you contract your muscle?
  • LeoILeoI
    Posts: 10

    Originally Posted By: ailiton
    leol can you tell me how fast you contract your muscle?


    I use this method: contraction, hold for 4-8 seconds, relax 4-8 seconds. Mine are usually 4 seconds.

    However, I think the overriding factor is to get the Aneros to stop near the prostate. Locating the prostate is crucial. Remember, your gluteus maximus (Butt) has a lot of different muscles. Try using different muscles in the area. Once the aneros has tounched your prostate a few times you should encounter some involuntary contractions. That's the area to concentrate on. Have your contractions return the aneros to that area.

    As for the contractions, I'll use this analogy. Imagine your sphincter muscle is your hand. A closed fist is a full contraction, the hand complete open is your sphincter relaxed. The contraction to use is somewhere in between. Close your hand part ways. Bend you fingers slightly to half way and you get an idea of what you have to do with your contractions.