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Another model-suggestion request
  • I realize that there are many such questions on the board, and realize that there are already model-comparison stats (dimensions, etc), but would like to have someone suggest based on experience, if possible. I've been trying different models over the past 6 months and have yet to find something satisfying. I am hoping someone can help. My experience, thus far:

    MGX Classic: difficult to insert (regardless of lube type amount) and is made even less comfortable, once in, by the fact that the p-tab does not even come close to hitting the spot. The p-tab just digs in on each contraction to the point where I just have to stop.

    SGX: easier to insert and more comfortable and p-tab comes a bit closer to the spot (though only brushes up against it in certain positions), but is not long enought to reach my prostate.

    MGX (more recent version): same issues as "classic", though the p-tab comes closer (but like the sgx, still does not hit the "mark").

    Have been thinking about the Eupho, based on the fact that it is long and thin and has a new type of p-tab...although the size and "sharpness" of the p-tab might prove to be even less comfortalbe, unless it is able to hit the mark.

    Any suggestions/thoughts? Thank you all in advance, sincerely!!
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    you can modify the tab to your liking.
  • Thank you for your suggestion, Legace. How would I go about "modifying" the tab? Can you please point me to a thread(s) or web page that has instructions for this? Also, would you agree that the Eupho might be a better choice due to my past experiences? Again, thank you for your time.
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,484

    I recommend you read the Modifications to the Aneros section of the Aneros WIKI for information on this topic. If you employ the SEARCH function using "P-tab modifications" as Keywords you will get a list of threads nearly six pages long which can provide additional information as well.

    I've got a full stable of Aneros models some with mods some without, I've also experimented with creating some alternative models. If you intend to modify any of your models, I would recommend using the hot air gun on the minimum setting. The acetyl plastic used in most of the models goes from solid to liquid quite rapidly along the P-tab arm, therefore, apply the minimum heat needed to slightly soften and gently bend the arm to your optimal position.
  • Thank you, rumel, for your reply and suggestions! Reading some of those pages and they look very helpful. Was hoping that there might be an ideal model ("out of the box") for me...without having to spend more money and effort to modify...but I suppose things that are worth achieving will sometimes require one to go that extra mile. By the way, is the Eupho an item in your "stable"? If so, how do you like its p-tab?

    Thanks again!
  • Well, the reality is that you'll never know until you try. Every model is different for everybody. Some people think the Helix is hands down the best, while others swear by the Eupho or the Progasm etc. I own almost all the models, plus a whole bunch of other toys and dildos, and every one of them (the good ones that I've kept around...and that includes all my Aneros toys!) have given me some amazing super Os. I swear after each time a toy makes me have a bunch of delicious orgasms I think that it is the best toy ever, that is until I use another toy. My point is to not get fixated on what toy is going to be the best out of the box. If you have not had a super O or been on the path to having one, then I doubt that you are going to find that just getting a different model is going to all of a sudden make things happen for you. I owned a MGX, Helix and Eupho all before getting to Super O territory, and I felt the same frustrations that you're talking about. Once I got there and I really figured out what I needed to do to have these sensations, all of my fixation on the ergonomics of one device over another disappeared. All of the Aneros products are well designed in an ergonomic sense. The same can't be said for a lot of other toys aimed at massaging the prostate, so in my experience since being "rewired" it is pretty obvious when a toy is just not right.
  • I can remember as a newbie, having pain from the p-tabs of various models. Somewhere in the rewiring process, this all went away. Also, I remember getting caught up in the p-tab placement as discussed in a myriad of posts. My point is that before you go to making modifications, some of which might be irreversible, I would suggest that you give it time. Celebrate new sensations as small victories instead of feeling unsuccessful when ending a session without hitting the 'super-o'. BTW, I used to use a folded tissue on the p-tab to minimize the discomfort. I haven't had to do this in months, but remember the issue as a distant memory. Good luck!
  • PommiePommie
    Posts: 1,008

    Here's my two pennuth!

    Like you, I started out with the MGX and SGX and, while I had P-waves fairly early in the journey, I too found the P tabs a real distraction. Managed to solve the problem by covering the P tab on each of them with the rubber bulb from an eye dropper.

    I later moved on to the Helix and the Eupho and had no problems with their P tabs. Later still, I tried the Maximus, which has a P tab similar to those of the MGX and SGX, but had no problems with that one either. On going back to the MGX I had no further problems with its P tab so I'm thinking that the P tab issue solves itself with time and exposure.

    I should also mention that I have modified all of these models by cutting off the curly portion of the tail handle. I'm not sure whether that has affected the P-tab issue or not, but removing the curly bits has the effect of allowing me to lie in any position (including on my back) without the tail interfering with the rest of the tool.

    I must also add that, after an hour or so on one side, if I roll over onto my other side, I usually find that the P tab has lodged on one side of my perineum and needs to be adjusted, but that is a minor problem.

    Hope that helps.
  • Thank you, Redman and thanks to you too Pommie. You've given me motivation to try by best to stick it out a bit more, and see if it is possible to get used to the p-tab (regardless of where it may hit).

    Thank you waverider. What you say makes sense. I think I was focused more on relying on a particular object as opposed to focusing more on the goal. I think I will begin trying prostate massagers and/or butt-plugs from other companies (as well as continuing to try to find a workable aneros solution)...and hopefully as I increase my experience with more and different kinds of products, I'll be able to increase my pleasure! :)
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90

    I see you've already got a lot of good advice in this thread. I had the same frustration with my MGX, but I took some advice given to me, which was stick with one model for a year. Once you've learned the subtleties of what these toys do, sensations start to flower. I remember the p=tab hurting too, and I think it has to do with contracting too hard. I've found the most powerful sensations come when you maintain deep relaxation and let the "flutters" happen on their own. It's easy to start contracting hard when you start getting excited, but don't... Just keep a steady breath and ride the pleasure. In fact I find that if I focus on NOT contracting, the most intense sensations become easier to notice.

    I also thought the MGX wasn't coming close to my prostate, but then realized that it wasn't fully "awake" yet! As time went on, I started noticing the little nudges and squirms of my prostate against my MGX, and before long my prostate was wide awake to the point of having involuntaries while driving, while sitting on the couch, etc... And I always disliked inserting the MGX too, but now that sensations are all awake down there, my ass begs for it- I often let a soft moan escape as I put it in!

    Celebrate each iny step in progress and stay positive!