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Slightly frustrated...advice?
  • Hey Everyone,

    I made a post a few months ago about how had been making progress with my sessions and finally started to be able to simulate some of the things I had been feeling, without having the Aneros can read that post here:

    Anyway, over the past few months, I've had less time to use my Aneros (been busy with grad school). As a result, I feel as if I've slightly "regressed" a bit. I still get pleasurable feelings during sessions, but I don't feel as if I've gotten any closer to having a super-O. Ive been using the Aneros for over a year and have been patient with it, but I'm slightly disappointed that my results have "plateaued", so to speak.

    To clarify bit more-- I'm using an MGX with the handle removed (really wanted to lie on my back during sessions so I could massage my nipples, but the handle would always get in the way). I usually pre-lube with water-based lube, but sometimes I don't. During my last session, I didn't pre-lube, and it didn't seem to matter much. As far as the progress I've made-- I'm able to insert the Aneros and relax (usually while lying on my side) and then start to feel like my body is "tingling", which can be enhanced with light contractions. It's not exactly "pleasurable", but it definitely feels good, and warm. Are those p-waves?

    Last night during a session, after I started having those feelings, I rolled onto my back and started massaging my nipples (which always intensifies the feelings) and my body started to tense up and my breathing became heavier and I started having heavy contractions (they might have been partially involuntary; I'm not sure). My body felt extremely tingly (sort of like how a limb feels when it's fallen asleep), and I was leaking a lot, and my body was shaking. It wasn't overly pleasurable, but it did feel really good having the Aneros sliding back and forth, "fucking" me. I've had this happen before, but this was the first time in a while. It also seemed to increase in intensity a bit when I brought my knees up with my feet flat on the bed (still lying on my back). Does this sound like I was having a mini-orgasm or dry-orgasm? (After about an hour, I finally called it quits and jerked off, which I usually do because I'm always horny at the end of a session)

    I was also wondering if maybe I'd do better with a Helix. I've heard you get results quicker with it.

    Also wondering if the P-tab on my current MGX model is hitting the right spot. During sessions, sometimes I massage the area between the P-tab and my butthole with my finger, which always feels really good, and I'm wondering if maybe the P-tab is too close to my scrotum.

    That's basically where I am now with my Aneros. Any feedback/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  • ten_s_nutten_s_nut
    Posts: 866
    Hello, AJ.

    Sounds like you're making slow but steady progress. The fact that you have involuntary contractions, including "auto-fuck" and it feels good means you are close to having Os of one sort or another. If you can manage it, try to get at least 30 minutes of Aneros practice every day. Your mind/body will learn what it needs to do for increased pleasure.

    There's a lot of controversy around here about whether or not what model you use makes a difference in rate of progress towards Super-Os. Personally, I doubt that the model matters much as long as you have prostate contact, which you obviously do. P-tab contact is helpful but not critical in any case.

    Best Regards,

  • Just posting an update on here of a session I had a few days ago that was probably the best session I've had so far.

    I started out lying on my side with the Aneros in, just relaxing and focusing on breathing. For some reason, my heart seemed to be beating faster than usual, so I tried to get it to slow down. Eventually, I started feeling relaxed, and started feeling good. I had a tingling, warm sensation centered around my pelvic area (a p-wave, maybe?). This lasted for a bit, and finally I decided to roll over onto my back. I put my hands on my stomach and continued breathing deeply, and I started to feel more pleasure. Finally, what put me over the edge was doing contractions while sort of pushing out at the same time. Once I started doing this, my body started to feel really good. I rolled back onto my side and started playing with my nipples, and things felt really awesome. Eventually, I stopped doing contractions, and returned to the P-wave I was having before. I then proceeded to do the same thing two more times where I increased the pleasure a lot. Don't think I had a super-O, but it was definitely the best I've felt so far.

    I felt like I had to pee a few times, and I actually did have to pee, but after I went to the bathroom, it increased the pleasure even more (I could feel it as soon as I started walking back to my bed from the bathroom). Also found that re-lubing a couple of times helped things along really well. Had a bit of a problem with the Aneros popping out a few times, though.

    Hopefully I can keep this up :D
  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    I hit a point where I felt like I was teetering on the edge of something but not quite falling over. Around this time I read a really great post (I really wish I could remember which one because it was really awesome).

    The post said something along the lines of moaning when you feel like you're on the edge - while I didn't actually moan (didn't want other people in the house to hear me) what did come out was more of a hoarse whisper or gasp. Either way it served it's purpose as I finally toppled over the edge and lost control.