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Should i buy another model or wait?
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129
    I was going to buy this for douching , what do you guys think?still on the fence about it, see any problems with it?

    California Exotic NoveltiesUniversal Tube Cleanser Applicator

    They have free shipping for orders over 50 bucks, but thats only 16 . So was thinking of buying an aneros to save shipping costs.

    I have the mgx now and havnt gotten really far with it . less then 10 sessions, the 9th session i did start to feel "something", all other sessions were duds. If i do buy another one i will be temtped to use it right away , from what i understand its not good for a beginner to switch back n forth.

    what do you guys think? either i stick with just the mgx and hope something happens or i change models, or go back and forth between the two.

    If i do decide to get another one, What would be the best one to get? i know everyone is different, but what has worked best for the majority ? i was thinking helix.
  • I sent you a PM.
  • movermover
    Posts: 69
    I also bought the mgx to start with and it took me a while to hit a super O - much longer than most I think.

    However, the real progress started when I learned to let go of my expectations and to let the rewiring process happen. In fact, I realize now that it will happen regardless as long as you practice.

    It's been over a year for me now, and two nights ago I had a series of super O's so intense that I was physically exhausted afterwards - and the only model I have is the mgx so far. I might also suggest the hypnaeros cd - it was a bit odd for me the first couple times, but after that it really started to move me along.

    A syringe or douche like the one you linked can be very useful, but you may want to consider giving your mind and body a bit more time to acquaint themselves.
  • I have been using aneros for a solid year and a half, my first model being the helix. Being new to this sort of stimulation and finding myself really liking it, I rushed into buying a maximus after one month of use. I would consider that a mistake and while i've had a few times where the maximus felt better than the helix I just don't think that I was experienced enough to make a different model really worth it.

    Then the tempo came around last christmas and I absolutely couldn't resist buying it, but again I don't think I was experienced enough at the time to appreciate the differences between models and only used it a handful of times with mediocre results. However, about three weeks ago I had been a little into practicing KSMO and one night out of nowhere I started having insanely powerful and pleasurable anal and PC contractions that I gladly rode (anerosless) for a good thirty minutes. While I could have kept going on as I was, I felt compelled to insert the tempo - best decision ever. It really put me in absolute ecstasy (one of my more "intense" sessions - heavy breathing, strong contractions, bodily twitches) for over an hour before I was left happily exhausted.

    A month ago I found myself with some extra money so I decided to satisfy my craving and bought the progasm ice which was actually the model I was thinking about buying for my first but opted for the helix instead because of talk about it being better for "advanced users". With the exception of that one tempo night, I used it for about three weeks straight and absolutely love it! I can relax enough for easy insertion and really appreciate the fullness and constant pressure on my prostate. The p-tab is comfortable and easily stays in place, and the k-tab lightly and pleasantly tickles my k-spot(?).

    So really to sum it up I believe that in my experience I would have been better off if I just stuck with the helix for at least the first year of my journey as getting the maximus and tempo really didn't do much more for me than the helix had been doing. Now however I feel that since about two months ago (and I attribute a large part of it to KSMO) my "skill" with aneros has reached a new level. A point where I can consistently get amazing sessions that leave me happy and fulfilled as well as have great anerosless sessions whenever I wish. Going along with that I can say that not only do I get pleasure from all my models, but I also appreciate the different sensations they have to offer me. As it stands I like to use one model for a few sessions in a row, and can just be in a certain mood for one model over another an any given night. The only exception being the maximus which at present I would have to rate as my least favorite primarily due its excessive pressure on my p-spot (to the point where I would regularly have to use a tissue to soften it) and its tendency to slide off-center (more than the helix) - I hardly use it. Also, I did get the red rectal syringe on this site along with my progasm purchase - totally beats a tiny 10ml oral syringe for cleansing and I use it before every session. I apologize for the wordiness but I hope it helps.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137

    Maybe your problem is that your toy doesn't reach deep enough. It seems to be the problem for me. However, I got quite far by using an unique position I invented. Please give it a try, it's the only position that consistently works for me.

    You lie on your back. Your knees are on the ground, NOT in the air as some people suggest; your feet are NOT flat on the bed/ground. Instead, you spread your legs (in hips) and bend your knees. Then your feet should be close to your butt and genitals. It helps me if I put hands below my lower back to elevate it.

    Please try that and say if it works (even if it doesn't). I don't like Survivor Bias :-).
  • legacelegace
    Posts: 129

    thanks, i think i have decided to hold off on another model . Ksmo just seems like mindfulness/meditation to me, (which is effective) . When you do aneroless sessions do you have to contract any muscles ?

    Any tips for ksmo which helped you?

    i`ll try it airbag :), not quite sure how your describing it though, illustration?

    im seeing this, but knees are up...


    dont know how to put knees on ground and have feet near butt.
  • Legace,

    When I do anerosless sessions sometimes I'll watch porn to build my arousal or if i'm already aroused (which seems to always be the case nowadays). I'll just close my eyes and make a conscious effort to totally relax my body and start to perform deep regulated belly breathing. From here, the pleasure will start to rise and my PC muscles will involuntarily twitch and contract. During this I might apply contractions of my anal sphincter or perineum (as in the male deer exercise) as I see fit to keep it going or add to the pleasure. Often I'll mix in the key sound, nipple play, and external prostate stimulation from the navel area.

    As for KSMO, compared to the aneros I'm quite new to it - been practicing it for a month. The best part about it is that it just works, I felt pleasure from my first go at it and it has been nothing but good since. I can't think of many tips except be relaxed when doing it, make sure you get that "rolling sound" as he says, and mentally link it to pleasure and your prostate. Key sound made me more appreciative of "moaning" and being vocal during aneros sessions as well, theres something to it. On a side I do want to start to learn more about the concept of chi and circulating it throughout my body.
  • joccojocco
    Posts: 90
    DEFINITELY invest in the Hypnaeros CDs, like no kidding! And I've only used MGX, but have found that now that I've got it working for me, I'm in love. I came up with things like "it's not hitting my prostate right" or "the p tab isn't right on my sweet spot", but after some practice, that baby knows how to push buttons! It's all about tapping into the oh so subtle sensations that, for me, were found in deep relaxation when I was barely contracting or doing anything at all.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 137
    dont know how to put knees on ground and have feet near butt.

    That illustration is close. You can cross your legs at ankle level, then you should be able to lower your knees to the ground comfortably.