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deforming progasm ice?
  • Hello all,

    Has anyone else noticed deformation or brittleness of their aneros' from boiling them? I am kinda a neat freak and definitely wash my aneros' after each use with soap and water... but i tend to like a "deep clean" via a quick 1 min dunk in boiling water. it was just the other day that I noticed the tail on my progasm ice looked like it was angled away from the body much more than the pictures here. I then pushed on it ever so slightly and SNAP the tail broke off.

    I didn't want to play with any modifications (except now I have an excuse to play with a tailess tool... hehe). Anyone else experience adverse effects from boiling? Any cool tips or ideas on how to shape the progasm now?

  • I have always washed my aneros' with soap and water twice after use...never boiled it, being on the safe side I would assume that would just be too much heat to put a piece of plastic through (metal and glass is a different story). My helix however has always been deformed with the tail being slightly off-center and it has always bugged me. Soon my lazy self happens around a wire cutter or something and sand paper i'm just cutting the tail off.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,832
    I'm a bit paranoid as well. always hand wash with soap and water before a session and scrub by hand or with a washcloth after a session. Particularly, with oil based lubes, there seems to be some residue after several sessions.

    At that point I usually send the tool to the dishwasher (upper rack) Allow it to go through the first wash and into the second but then remove them and rinse them off with warm water. That keeps the temp within reason but gets rid of the residual film. Note though that Delrin/Acetal isn't intended to endure a lot of chlorine exposure so don't overdue the dishwashing.

    Remember that the temp in a dishwasher steadily increases during each part of the cycle.

    Note; Vice (silicone) should take more dishwasher exposure if in the upper rack. Tempo can go right in with the knives and forks but put it in a niche of it's own to prevent scratching.

    hth... rook