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My Spa Getaway
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    This thread has no insight on how to better your aneros useage but it is simply a tale of my spa adventure and the aneros. I couldn't think of anyone I would want to share this with other than this forumn members and hope you enjoy it for what it is, even if it sounds like an old penthouse forumn letter.
    I have had plenty of professional massages and used the aneros during a professional massage once before, but never with the success I had this time. Things just were in the right alignment this time.
    One hour before our first massage I ate a pot brownie, so come massage time I was already flying. I was having a 50 minute deep tissue massage. As the therapist left the room for me to get onto the table, I inserted the larger peridese model and we were off.... During the massage I had orgasm after orgasm, many causing me to moan out loud. The therapist was a very cute young girl and did an outstanding job. I had to stifle my orgasms as much as I could but thought that she must know what was going on with me. I am very vocal during my sessions and felt like I was holding back some not being able to moan loudly as much as I would have liked to. Well into the massage she did this thing where she put both her hands on my back and pushed me back and forth sideways very hard and fast for a couple minutes, rocking the table sideways. THis resulted in the most intense orgasm of the session. I'm still wondering if she did that knowing full well what it would do. I was face down on the table and my weight on my cock combined with the fast back and forth motion gave me all I could do to keep from actually blowing a load. It did give me a massive boner though. When she got the massaging my feet,she did this think where she greased up my foot and moved her hands up and down like she was jerking me off, only it was with my foot and not my cock. This too brought about another intense orgasm. At the end of the hour I wasn't sure I could get off the table. I sure as hell didn't want to.
    That ended the first session. I have these sensitive areas on my back, like pressure points, that if my wife massages them real hard, it will almost always give me an orgasm. It felt like I was cheating on my wife by having this young girl put her hands all over me and bring me to several orgasms. When I told my wife about it afterwards, she didn't seem to enjoy the story as much as I did.
    After a nice dinner out we were off to a concert featuring Jorma Kaukonen. It was at this real small venue with about 100 people in attendance. We sat about 15 feet from Jorma who played for three hours.
    Why am I mentioning this in an aneros thread? I don't know... I guess the story is more about my adventure, and what a wonderful time it was, than using the aneros.

    We had another massage scheduled for noon the next day, so I enjoyed another pot brownie with my breakfast and headed to the spa. We were early so I went into the sauna (no one else there) and layed out a couple towles, layed flat on my back with my knees up, (my favorite position) and in went the peridise again. Laying there in the sauna, steam so thick I couldn't see my feet, hotter than hell, I massaged my nipples to my first orgasm of the day and prepared myself for the next massage. I didn't have the same girl as yesterday but another young , cute, but not as cute girl.
    this massage wasn't quite the hour long orgasm as the day before but was still great. There was this one point - I was on my back- where she had one of my legs uncovered all the way to my crotch, with the sheet just covering up my cock. she was doing these long strokes with both hands up and down my leg when she accidentialy brushed the head of my cock with the back of her hand. This sent shivers up my spine and resulted in an immediate hard on. As my cock was growing, I became aware that the head of my dick was sticking out from under the sheet. I did nothing to change this, nor did she. I know she could see it as she was doing strokes on my legs real close to my dick, and at least a couple of inches of cock was sticking out. I would like to think she was enjoying the view although she said nothing about it and eventually covered it up.

    It was the two greatest massages I have ever had and I attribute it to the peridese, the weed and the techniques I have learned from using the aneros.
    I would also comment on the fact that my wife and I did nothing but fuck and suck every waking moment we had. We must have fucked at least five or six times in those two days. I can't image how many orgasms I had over that time but never ejaculated once. I feel I owe that control to a few years of aneros usage.

    Again, this story has no real point or lesson - I just felt I needed to brag to someone. It was the most incredible two days of non stop sessions. It would never have been this good had I not involved the aneros in my weekend. I know there have been a few threads about using the aneros durring a massage, and I would highly recommend it given the opportunity. The preidese is the perfect model for this.
    It sure worked for me.
  • Thhn:

    There is no need for a post to have any lesson or any purpose other than to pique our sense of the erotic. I have found that just recalling erotic events is a huge turn on for me and for people that read what I have written. Certainly reading your post turned me on and had me transposing myself in your place. I have had many massages and have leaked precum on the table at various times when the massage really worked. However you got me to thinking how easy it would be to sneak a peridise into a session. My therapist keeps my crack covered at all times, even when she is doing my glutes so I could easily hide my peridise in there. Wow what a great idea!!!!!!!

    Your post is really really good. I enjoyed reading it.
  • thhnthhn
    Posts: 426
    thanks bigguy.... I have enjoyed your writings as well
    I'm glad you didn't take it like I was just blowing smoke and bragging but the getaway was like a fantacy come to life. We go to this spa a couple times a year and spend a night or two there.
    They have a honeymoon room that we viewed and plan to spend our next trip staying in that. It has wall and ceiling mirrors and a double jaccuzi right next to the circular bed. no windows... just a skylight.
    Hopefully I will have another story to tell some day.