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First Movember Contest is up!
  • We want to get the word out about prostate health - and about the Movember fundraiser. You can help us do that.

    Share the "Ready, Set - GROW!" post on our Facebook page -


    you can tweet: is fundraising for @Movember Join the team #Movember #teamaneros

    Tomorrow at 4pm Pacific time we'll pick a random winner and announce it here on our forums, on our Facebook page and on twitter.

    Can't get any easier than that, can it? You help us help a great cause - and you get the chance to win an Aneros goodie bag that will include the Aneros MGX!
  • So this is all good and fine, and obviously its just smart marketing for you to get us the users to do advertising for you.

    But will thees public displays be the only way to enter the contest?

    I'm just saying you do realize this is a very personal device and personal practice and for me posting ANYTHING about it on face book etc, is never going to happen.

    Maybe I'll create a entirely fake dummy account for this and only this purpose, because there is NO WAY ill be doing this on my real Facebook account.

    I am sure that there is a large portion of people that feel this way also.
  • I had this long, lovely explanatory post all ready to go for you - stepped away for a while - and lost it because the forum timed out. *sigh*

    Suffice to say that - No - we will have several different ways to win during the month, many of which will allow you to remain completely anonymous. And yes we do realize that for a lot of people this is a very personal thing. Others are comfortable talking about it, (like here on the forum) under a pseudonym, and some are perfectly fine shouting it from rooftops. We intend to make sure everyone can participate somewhere. :)
  • A twitter follower won our first contest - Congrats @MrMasquerade on your MGX goodie bag!