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Why hasn't this site gone mobile!?
  • Liam9Liam9
    Posts: 25
    Or at least an android or iPhone app?
  • brinebrine
    Posts: 308
    Excellent question, Liam9!

  • Not to rain on the parade here, sorry I feel like a jerk saying this but its true.

    Aneros needs to address the countless concerns about thier chat room before considering any other website additions.

    If they make a mobile app before in any way addressing the chat room, that would be the nail in the coffin proving (to me at least) that they care about profit more than thier existing users.

    To be honest its just fucking insulting that they haven't even stopped by any of the chat room threads and at least made thier presence known, they are just ignoring it (or so it seems) and hope the users forget.

    A mobile website or app is a good idea, and I do support it but only AFTER addressing the chat.