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Ready, Set.... Grow! Movember at Aneros
  • At Aneros, we're serious about prostate health, so Team Aneros is shaving down and mo’ing up for Movemeber!

    Want to grow an epic ‘stache and help us fundraise? You can join Team Aneros here - . One of the prizes we’ll be giving out this month will be for fundraising. Oh, we didn’t mention the prizes yet? Yep – We’ll have all sorts of prizes to be giving away this month and you’ll have lots of opportunities to win, so stay tuned and grow that mo!
  • rumelrumel
    Posts: 2,492
    Team Aneros,

    Wonderful, count me in! I have started growing my 'Mo' as of today!

    This is a great way to help spread the word and help our brethren around the world toward a more healthful and satisfying life.

    [CENTER]Get 'Mo'tivated, get 'Mo'ving and get growing that 'Mo'[/CENTER]
  • Fantastic Rumel! Thanks for that - and thanks for joining the team!

    Everyone else - are you following us on Facebook and Twitter? We'll be posting a lot of info in both places during the month. We'd prefer to leave just the one sticky here rather than spamming the forum with tons of new posts. Especially posts about prizes - don't want to miss THOSE in the shuffle...

    To like us on Facebook - go here -

    ANEROS | Facebook

    To follow us on Twitter -

    Aneros (@Aneros) on Twitter

    PRIZES! ;)
  • Hello, all.

    New information as of 12 October 2011:

    A very thorough medical study of 35,000 men over a 10-year period showed conclusively that regular supplemental doses of Vitamin E will increase your chances of getting prostate cancer by 17%.

    Quoted: "Conclusion: Dietary supplementation with vitamin E significantly increased the risk of prostate cancer among healthy men."


    Vitamin E and the Risk of Prostate Cancer, October 12, 2011, Klein et al. 306 (14): 1549 ? JAMA

    I just threw my bottle of 400 unit E capsules into the trash.


  • Thanks for that, Dave!