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Is there a limit to the intensity of Super-Os?
  • Is there? Someone told me there is NO limit to the intensity of your Super-Os. The only limit is your own skill. Is this really true? If it am speechless in excitement.!!!!!!!!!!
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi thecandy!! And welcome to the rides of a lifetime!!! :D :D :D

    See mog's blogs at KSMO (How to Last Longer in Bed... Way Longer... Orgasms after Orgasm | Help for Premature Ejaculation + Female Multiple Orgasms and Male Multiple Orgasm) and his posts here!! The gentleman is in his 70s-80s in his mixed Aneros/KSMO practice and he has found no limit!!

    In a sense, nor have I!! My experience is that p-waves, properly appreciated, can open you to the full spectrum of the Taoist energies tradition ranging from semen oriented life essence, through the life-force, into unlimited astounding spiritual realms above and beyond all!!!!!!!!!

    This includes miracles like totally dry energetic VMI that in a sense completes an infinite loop of these energies!!! Eros merging with Agape and all loves completely!!

    See my blog here:

    all the best mapping for rapid risers all

  • grayfoxgrayfox
    Posts: 81
    I don't think it is ever possible to answer this question because the only way to answer it is to find the limit. If you don't, you can't rule out the existence of a limit because it might lie beyond your scope and even if you do find something which looks like a intensity limit you can't exactly tell if it really is because it might just be a plateau (possibly large sized)
    Besides this you can't generalize aneros experience over different people so why not just try to find or not find your own limit?
  • LinghamanLinghaman
    Posts: 231
    My experience is that refraining from MMO for a week or more (which is hard for me to do LOL) results in stronger orgasms when I start up again. The first ones after each hiatus seem to be stronger than the first ones after the previous hiatus. I am amazed that I keep finding new heights.

  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,833
    I agree with bigguy over the longer term. However over a period of a couple of months there is a variation I attribute to a sort of Lunar cycle, amount of rest, variations in mental stress and nutrition.

    Although the 'theme' is much the same from one to the next, the variations are great enough to make it impossible to score one as more intense than another. Possible perhaps if one measured the amount of body fluids produced (pre-cum and sweat) along with a running data stream of vital signs (bp, respiration, eye movement, brain waves, temperature etc.).

    The problem I have is:
    -- remembering accurately what transpired. While a personal video helps, it only shows movement with no cues on what's happening inside.
    -- being overpowered in several regions of my body at the same time and only being able to focus on one at a time. (that's when the shouts and groans commence -- perhaps measuring the 'moan factor' would be the most revealing number.)
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    Hi thecandy!

    >Someone told me there is NO limit to the intensity of your Super-Os. The only limit is your own skill. Is this really true?<<br />
    I've been successful with the MMOs for several years and, amazingly, have yet to encounter a definite and sustained plateau. On so many occasions I've said to myself "..they can't get better than that!" but they do. And they continue to do!

    I can't remember the place but I remember Jack Johnston saying that the orgasmic and erotic sensations can become "as much as you can stand".

    I now know that to be true. Sometimes, in a successful session one can reach an unprecedented level of sensation and when this happens you can be overwhelmed by a sudden Terror. But if you can avoid a bad panic and carry on what I find is that same level can be reached in subsequent sessions with complete equanimity. Such is progress along the MMO trail! They do, in fact, continue to get better and better!

    Good luck,

  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Beautiful mog!!! :D :D :D

    Just SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!............................................................................................
  • mogmog
    Posts: 183
    >Beautiful mog!!!<<br />
    I say! Steady on, old chap!!