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How do you call this feeling ?
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 135
    I'm still quite early in my journey, although I get leg shaking regularly, without effort. If I want, even outside sessions.

    In one of my best sessions I had a curious feeling. I was lying on my back in "two right angles" position - right angle in my knee, right angle in my hip. Then it started getting very pleasant. Each contraction made me inhale deeply and wiggle with pleasure. The feeling intensified, and soon I was making very silly noises, arching my body, sobbing and crying like an animal. Very unmanly sounds. When the feeling starts, my penis usually goes very hard, and I can raise it (almost) like my hand. It may be accompanied by increased leaking, or whole body shakes, but it's largely independent. Yet it's quite hard to remain still, I feel the urge to wiggle on the ground and touch myself all over.

    What is this feeling ? Does it have any name ? Is this the fabled "pleasure wave" ? It felt much like a wave in that it grew stronger with each contraction and eventually faded away like a wave, too. Don't give me that "Everyone is different" thing, just say you don't know. I want to underline that it's closely related to contractions, it doesn't happen when I'm lying still and relaxing.


    Today I got a good session. It wasn't amazing, but very enjoyable. I was able to trigger 3 or 4 such "waves", whatever they are. I usually don't get full body shakes during these waves, but if I do they're much more pleasant than usual. They're getting more common and I wonder if they lead to anything.
  • While not exactly answering your question, I would like to share that when I was just starting with the aneros I actually had unique sensations that were not pleasurable or un-pleasureable, and have not had them since...both occurred within the first two weeks. I had the involuntary leg shaking two or three times (specifically the right leg) which I felt quite indifferent to (kind of happy it is not consistent with my sessions now). And once on either my second or third use, I had a wave of warmth just wash over my entire body - it literally felt like my whole body got hot for just a a couple seconds which actually alarmed me quite a bit. The latter never happened to me again since, and while at the time I didn't receive any "pleasure" from it, I don't think I would mind experiencing it again.
  • artformartform
    Posts: 1,488
    Hi airbag and AllInTheMind!!! :D :D :D

    There are no unmanly sounds in this realm!! Don't get hung up with old male clich├ęs ;)

    IMHO airbag, you are getting a good workout from your system testing you in early rewiring. The effects you describe experiencing are like a mild run at an Active-Body Super-O!! And it seems to be being triggered by a significant p-wave(s). All a possible normal variation among the many many possible.

    What model were you riding then?

    My wife gave me my first, and one of my best ever, Active-Body Super-Os when riding my rampant erection cowgirl style one night!! She slipped her hand down between my butt cheeks and slid her finger into my auto-lubed eager hole... wow!!! and when she hit my prostate WOW!!!!!!!!! I was suddenly convulsing, heaving, shaking limbs, laughing/crying, moaning/growling, deeply breathing, and soon breaking a great sweat!!! She dismounted, keeping her finger inside and then cradled me as this continues for a couple more minutes and gradually settled, me in a lathered heap of high high ecstasy!!!

    My mixed practice of Aneros and KSMO had Key Sounding really rapidly elevating the power of the p-waves I was getting!!! I have chronic pain from some old complex injuries, and soon my body chose to go the Still-Body Super-O route into Calm Seas, floating bliss and great universal peace!!! However I can still enjoy the occasional Active-Body SOs too, although I do not miss them and love the great Still-Body ones.

    AITM, you seem to experiencing an entry into the energies spectrum in the middle range of Chi/Qi or the general life-force, as compared to the Jing orgasmic, semen, life essence earthly end of the spectrum. Do not be disappointed that the expected sex-related pleasures were not there. Others have had this same neutral experience early too. Others have come in at the spiritual other end of the spectrum and been frightened or overwhelmed initially. P-waves are you early awakening to consciousness to the energies flows in/through your body physical and your larger energies body that contains and surrounds your physical body. That warmth is something to deeply enjoy anytime!! You will get into the full spectrum as your rewiring continues to develop. Relax and enjoy every stage!!

    Each of us is different and our bodies in their wisdom, test us during rewiring and settle on what is likely our best pathway(s), without foreclosing all others completely.

    all the best to each through all the random varied effects that can pop up and can go flaccid too during your early and lifelong rewiring all

  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    Airbag, the position you use is what works best for me and it sounds like you're experiencing P-waves that over time will grow into full blown dry orgasms. What you describe seems to be an early rewiring stage prodrome of what I feel having now been rewired over a year, a warm pleasurable feeling from inside my pelvis (it helps to tickle my nipples to bring this on) accompanied by a rapidly stiffening erection and a wave of orgasmic pleasure that surges out into my penis with ultimately an intensely hot ejaculating feeling that can last from one to three minutes which then gradually recedes and is then followed by 5 to 7 more cycles of the same thing about each 2 to 3 minutes until the waves become weak and finally don't come anymore. Throughout this I'm completely dry and by the end of it (it lasts 20 minutes or so total) I'm fully relaxed. Doing this a couple times a week when my wife's not interested in sex helps my performance on nights she is.
  • rckrck
    Posts: 32
    [QUOTE=slimjm;101758]. Doing this a couple times a week when my wife's not interested in sex helps my performance on nights she is.

    Slimjim, how do these dry O's or Pwaves help your performance in sex with your wife?
  • slimjmslimjm
    Posts: 575
    By helping me control and prolong traditional orgasm more satisfyingly and by improving erectile performance.
  • airbagairbag
    Posts: 135
    I use Helix.
    That's a dirty wife you have. Congratulations ! By the way, cowgirl is one of my favorite positions, I'm always happy to hear more about stuff like that. Some girls balk at my a bit bigger than average penis, and this position allows them to adjust.

    Actually, I don't think it's the same. I had a great session today (more in other threads soon) and it felt distinctly different. Stronger "wiggle factor" and more groaning, but less erection and precum dripping. I am normally quite humble but occasionally very vain, and love to see my dick go hard and drip time and time again.

    My last several sessions were duds of a sort, but they made me discover some strange forms of massaging prostate... if it was prostate at all ! It could have been some sort of anal massage. You see, the pressure didn't seem focused on my front side. I didn't really feel the pressure below my balls, where prostate (roughly) is. I don't know how to describe it, but humps on my Helix were rolling over something, I could count each hump go by. Notably, after sessions, I didn't feel like masturbating would give me a super-T. There were pleasant after-effect, but more subtle.

    My today's session was definitely a classical case of good prostate massage, it was decidedly different. The highlights felt a bit more subsided, but a lot more consistent, varied (precum, lots of boners) and were a lot easier to reproduce. The "on my back" sessions were more focused (few boners, no precum although on one occasion I had LOTS it). But the gasp factor was amazing. Anyway, after today's session, contracting makes me shake, go "aah", and is very pleasant. I think it's linked to the number of mini-O's I have. "On my back" sessions produce fewer.

    Long story short, switching positions can be eye-opening. I got some experience with "on my back" position and applied it on my side. Then switched to a new experimental kind of "on my back" position, and it worked amazingly. It was stupidly simple to pleasure my prostate. More in the new thread I'm about to create.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    Reverse cowgirl (RCG) is not comfortable for me, when standing mine points to the clouds and that leverage the RCG puts on the base of my shaft is grueling to say the least. Dog is good as well the other 106 standard positions I am accustomed to...