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I had to throw away my Aneros due to bleeding
  • TwinkleTwinkle
    Posts: 17
    After another session resulting in bleeding I decided to throw out my Aneros. I intentionally broke the handle off before throwing it out just so I didn't have an excuse to take it out of the trash again.

    I had so much fun with it and it was very pleasurable which is why I kept going back to it, but everytime I started to bleed it scared the hell out of me. After a session I was finding streaks of blood mixed in with mucus on the tips of my aneros. When I pushed to empty my bowels to clean out the remaining lubrication I was also finding blood coming out onto the toliet paper.

    I assumed the problem was because my colon has a rapid curvature so that soon as I insert the Aneros, the tip was hitting my colon wall. I was also finding that the Aneros never stayed in the correct position, it constantly wanted to twist to the right causing the tail and handle to rest horizontally on my but cheeks instead of the vertical way it was intended. Everytime I twisted it back into the correct postiion I felt pain because it was pushing against my colon wall and I assumed this abnormality in my colon was cause of the bleeding.

    With suggestion from slimjm I finally got my rectum and prostate checked today. The gastroentologist used a flexible sigmoidoscopy, he didnt find any abressions or any visible problems. Although I mentioned to him that I possibly have a rapid curvature in my colon moving away from my prostate, he did not comment on that issue, I think he was more concerened with looking for any damage. Coincidently following the procedure I ended up with the exact same bloody mucus as I did with when I used the Aneros.

    Luckly I went to the toilet right after the procedure whilst i was still at the hospital, so I called the nurse to take a look at the blood that was on the toilet paper. She then called the doctor who had performed the sigmoidoscopy and I was told that the bleeding was due to the tube that was inserted which contacted with areas in my colon pushing against it and stretching areas resulting in the slight abression and the tiny hair like veins to crack. So coincidently I found out the reasons behind the bleeding from the Aneros by also having bleeding from the hospital procedure. So I am kind of glad in a way it was nothing more serious like perforation of the bowel.

    So I guess my question is if the colon is so sensitive that it can bleed on contact with foreign objects or from pressure and stretching then why doesn't the same thing happen to all you guys? and also I am wondering so far the beleeding was not serious but if my colon is so sensitive and easily damaged then does this mean I may also get perforation or more serious damage if I go back to using the Aneros?
  • You may be prone to bleeding, only your doctor can confirm.

    Which model were you using, and how were you using it? There may be a model that isn't as aggressive on your tissues.
  • I've never experienced bleeding with the aneros...once I witnessed a very small amount of blood and mucus after playing with my njoy fun wand a bit too rigorously (never happened again since - now that I am more accustomed to using it properly). I always use liberal lube, and and never apply manual pressure with the aneros. You could just be unlucky - the way your insides are shaped and all. I don't know what model you were using but maybe something more delicate such as the peridise or tempo would suit you better?
  • TwinkleTwinkle
    Posts: 17
    I was using the SGX and with a good amount of lube. I was careful not to apply any force after becoming aware of the bleeding, I was just using the contracting muscles to move aneros in and out which wasnt causing any discomfort, but the only times I did feel pain it was due to the changing everytime I went from lying on my backside to a different position the change in movemnt would cause the aneros to press against my colon and cause pain.

    Whenever I felt pain thats when I noticed blood, so to compensate I would take the aneros out right before moving or changing positions but then the other major problem was the aneros constantly wanted to twist away from my prostate, so everytime I corrected it back into the right position that caused pain. The most comfortable position for the Aneros was when it was sitting in the wrong angle with the tail and handle horizontoly on my but cheeks, rather then vertically where it should have been. The wrong position where the aneros alawys ended up in was innefective for prostate stimulation. In order to work on the prostate the tip has to face towards it and the tail has to face towards yout buut crack whules the other handle sits between your area under testicles but mine kept moving away from that into different areas everytime I relaxed the muscle.
  • rookrook
    Posts: 1,834
    I've seldom passed mucus unless I'm suffering a bout of Irritable Bowel (IBS). For me, that can happen due to insufficient fiber in my diet, too many Buffalo Wings or an aggressive colon cleaning. I've also had IBS if I've used Glycerin based lubes with any anal toy. (In a Forum poll, about 1/3 of Aneros users reported some sensitivity to Glycerin based lubes.)

    At its worst, it took me nearly two weeks to recover from IBS induced by Glycerin lube (I.D. Glide and K-Y Jelly in my case).

    Should you return to any anal play it might work well to:

    -- hop up the fiber in your diet.
    -- reassess how you prep for a session (choice of lube, aggressiveness of rectal cleaning etc.)
    -- consider avoiding anal play when you are passing mucus..
    -- examine the contents of the lube you are using and perhaps make a change.
    -- take AllinTheMind's suggestion regarding toy size.
    -- consider an Aneros SGX and use it with "condom lube" (see the Wiki) -- that may provide some 'cushioning' and sufficiently reduce the amount of tissue rubbing yet give you then changes in tactile sensation to stimulate your prostate.

  • The SGX is one of the smallest, Twinkle, as I'm guessing you know. They all seem to have different dimensions, however, so maybe there are still some options for you with a different model.

    Definitely check out rook's other suggestions, though. I wouldn't give up :)
  • twlltintwlltin
    Posts: 603
    The other possibility is that you try some Anerosless sessions. Totally relax, as in an Aneros session. Remember the feelings you've had from your prostate and picture it being tickled, etc.

    Surprisingly this often works.
  • GeogioGeogio
    Posts: 107
    I have bleeding from my penis once from aneros, I think I was just conjested as it went away and hasn't returned. I have heard that sometimes there is a bit of bloody discharge. But from the anus? Hmm, you might wish to visit your proctologist, have you had a colonoscopy? It might bring some peace of mind if you get an all clear from the doctor. Do not be afraid to see a specialist on matters of urology or proctology it is proactive on your part and usually results in a negative finding, which would be a relief.